Chapter 14

12/02/2012 12:08

Bruno looks at me worried. "Why? What happened?"

"My family needs me. I was so selfish since my dad died and now everything brakes apart. I need to go there and help them." I answer.

"Ok... so when do you wanna fly?" He asks while sitting next to me and putting his arm around my shoulders. I lean at his chest. I just wanna cry right now. Isabella never runned away from home. And she said my mom cries all the time! How did I not notice that? How could I think they're doing well? I feel so terrible but now I wanna do the right thing and just make all up to them.

"As soon as possible!" I reply and stand up. There's no time for being weak now and crying. I have to be strong. "When I'm at the office, I talk to Mary and look for flights."

He nods. "But what's with the show? It's at Friday! And how long do you wanna stay?"

"I know it's Friday but it's gonna be okay. Everything's planned and Beverly will watch over it that all runs fluently. I hate to not be able to see you perform. But I'm gonna be there in thoughts. I'm sorry but my family is now more important. And I don't know how long. Maybe a week... I doubt Mary will let me stay away longer you know 'cause of the MJ show..."

"Don't say sorry! I understand that totally. I would do the same." He says comforting me. He stands up and holds me tight. Then kisses me on my forehead and looks into my eyes. "Everything's gonna be alright, ok?! You're amazing. And your family knows that too. Don't feel guilty." 

I press myself against him. It's wonderful to have him by my side now. He gives me so much strength. After some seconds we part and I get ready for work. Mary will understand that, I keep on saying to myself. Bruno goes into the kitchen and makes me eggs and toast. He's a sweetheart. I know he's tired as shit but he cares for me now when I need him and I appreciate it a lot. After breakfast I drive to the office and tell Mary everything. She understands it though she's not happy that I leave now. I promise her that I'll tell Beverly everything to make the show perfect and she hugs me telling me I should greet my mom from her. After that I call Mister Brown and he understands it as well. I promise him that the event will not suffer because I'm away. Then I look for flights. The cheapest direct ones with good times are from Sunday early afternoon to a week later Saturday night. Mary wants me to be back in 1 week so I buy them. Then I tell Beverly everything and like I thought she's more than happy that she will have the whole responsibility now. I hate it but I know she'll do a good job and that's the main thing. Then I call mom and my sister. They say they're glad to see me again and admit that they have problems. I tell them we gonna work out the best solution. I also talk to Isabella once again and she's so happy that I'll come. After the calls I go to the restrooms and have to cry a bit. I still feel terrible that I wasn't there for them earlier, but I will make it up to them now! I call Lena and tell her everything too. She solaces me a lot and I feel much better after talking to her. Then I start to give Beverly all the information she needs and what she has to do next week and during the show. This takes the whole rest of the day. Afterwards I tell Mary the most important things too. I say goodbye to her and all the others as well and around 5 I'm on my way to the studio.

The guys are very understanding too and everyone tries to cheer me up. Ryan promises me he will record the performance for me. They rehearse longer today because Bruno says he wanna spend the whole Saturday only with me. We sleep long and he brings me breakfast to bed, he even bought a small bouquet of white roses. I told him that they were my favorite ones. He's so sweet and makes me feel so special. I feel so blessed to have him. 

"How should I be able to cope without you for one week?" He says while we're eating.

"I smile at him and strokes his cheek. "I will miss you more! All of this! But it's only one week... and afterwards everything's gonny be better I hope. And we have to organise the best MJ tribute show ever." I say trying to cheer him up as well as myself. "And I will call you every day and maybe we find time to skype..."

"Skype? Is this the thing you call someone over the internet?"

I laugh. "Yes with a camera, so you can see me and I see your cute babyface." I say pinching his cheek.

"Shut up old woman." He grins back knowing exactly that this bothers me. "I don't know how to use that and even if, I think Eric's PC has no camera..." 

I look at him. He doesn't even expects that he can stay in my apartement. I think I'll never get used to this. He's so undemanding and polite. "Baby you can use my laptop of course! You can stay here. Someone has to water my plants while I'm away." I smirk at him. "And I want you to use the car too. You can drive as much as you want with it, ok?"

He stares at me but then smiles. "Really? But what if I crash it?"

I laugh. "Baby that's no problem, I have fully comprehensive insurance and I already called the insurance company today and told them your name, so you're officially allowed to drive the car. Just don't let anyone else drive it, ok?"

"Of course not! I don't know what to say... That's so dope. You are dope!" He says and throws himself on top of me. I only giggle. He's so cute when he's happy. Of course we have sex and he takes his time with me. He pleasures me fully and after it I wanna just stay in bed the rest of the day. But he says he wants to buy a new outfit for the show. He got the money from his DJing at Roxy's and wanna spend it and he wants my advise. So we drag ourselves out of bed and go the mall. After 3 hours we found a shirt, pair of jeans, a hat and a nice jacket for him. Then we go eating.

"Damn I'm so sad I won't see you perform in that outfit. You look so hot in it. I can already see how all of this 16-year-old girls will scream at you and wanna rip your shirt off..." I say jokingly but also pouting.

"Ooooooohhh baby they might say hi and I might say hey but you shouldn't worry 'cause they got nothing on you.." He says back stroking my cheek with his thumb.

"You know that sometimes when you talk it sounds like a song?" I grin at him.

He just gives me a peck on my lips. "Only when I'm with you 'cause you inspire me so much..."

"Stop kidding!"

"I'm not kidding! Ok...wait..." He says and wrinkles his forehead. I can tell he's thinking now. I love his creativity. It comes to him everywhere. One time I even heard him singing on the toilet. He starts snapping, nods his head rhythmically and starts singing. "Beautiful girls all over the world, I could be chasin' but my time would be wasted, 'cause they got nothin' on you baby, nothin' on you baby, they might say hi and I might say hey but you shouldn't worry about what they say, 'cause they got nothin' on you baby, nothin' on you.... n-n-n-n-n-n-nothin' ooooooooooonnnn yooooooouhuhuhuhuhuhu..."

I melt away totally when he hits that high notes. The other guests in the restaurant are already staring at us with big smiles and some of them even clap when he finishes. I feel a bit embarrassed but also so happy. I have an amazing boyfriend and I know some people think it might be not good but I start falling in love with him... I lean over the table, grab his head while standing up and give him a passionate kiss. I wanna say I love you to him, but I want him to say it first so I stay silent and sit down again and continue eating my pasta.

"I wanna buy you something Caro!" He says suddenly. I look up surprised, a single spagetti noddle hanging out my mouth. He immediately starts laughing and I suck it up quickly. "You can still finish eatin' babe... What you think about a dress for tonight?"

I think for a second what he means with for tonight then I remember, he's DJ-ing at Roxy's. I have to call Lena, she wanted to come with us and meet Brian. "You don't have to Bruno. I will find something nice to wear."

"No! I wanna wear my new outfit tonight and I want something nice, new for you as well."

I just nod my head and say okay. We finish eating and go back to the shopping mall. 

"What about this?" He says holding up a white and black strapless dress. It looks good so I nod. He smiles proudly and throws it over his shoulder where are already 6 other dresses. He has a good taste for fashion and even when he wears his Mickey Mouse shirt and grey sweats he looks stylish somehow. I wish I could say that about myself too. I love to dress up but 60% of my clothes don't fit anymore. I started working out again, but still I didn't lose a pound. I'm frustrated. I can't find a dress I like so I go to him and tell him I want to try on the ones he found. He nods and we go to the changing rooms. After fighting with him a bit 'cause he wants to come with me into it I win and shove him out again. He sighs and sits down on a couch next to 2 other men who look bored. One taps randomly on his phone and the other one skims through a car magazine. He lightly shakes his head and I smirk. I love that he's different. He loves going shopping and can't sit down long before he comes back to my cabine peeking through the curtain a bit. I'm just about to close the zip of the first dress and struggle when I feel his hands on my back zipping up the dress. I smile, let my head hang down and hold my hair up. When he's done he opens the curtain fully and looks at me. He takes my hand and turns me around 360.

"I like it but it's not what I want. Try on the black and white and then the blue one ok?!" He says and closes the curtain again.

"Wait!" I say and turn my back towards him. "Can you help me with the zip again?"

He doesn't hesitate and steps in the cabine. He zips it open and slowly shoves it down my shoulders stroking me. I feel his breath on my skin and shortly after his lips kissing me on my shoulder, making their way to my neck where they reach my earlob and lightly suck on it. A chill runs down my spine and I feel getting wet. He turns me on so much but we can't do it, not here. I step forward a bit and turn around. "Not here." I whisper and shove him outside before I close the curtain. Oh god he makes me so horny all the time. Why the hell does he have to be so damn sexy and sensual? I put on the black and white dress next and it's much better. It lets me look thinner. I step out the cabine and turn around 360 in front of him. The other 2 men look up and smile at me. I guess it's good then. I smile big and Bruno puts up both thumbs. Satisfied I walk back into my cabine. Maybe I don't look so bad I think I do... I try on the blue dress and it fits perfectly as well. Bruno and I can't decide what dress we should take. He looks at the prize tags and grins.

"They're not so expensive like I thought, so we take both!"

I look at him with big eyes. "What?" I shake my head. "No, Bruno that's too much! I don't want you to spend so much money at me. I like both too so I pay one and you the other."

"No! I pay both. Hey you always pay for food and I actually live with you for free. I wanna do that!"

I smile and finally agree. He buys them and we drive back to my apartement or should I say our? After having sex again 'cause he wants to finish what he started in the dressing room, we get ready for Roxy's. It's not normal how much sex we already had in this short bit of time... I call Lena and she says she gonna meet us inside. Bruno says Brian will come too and I'm kinda excited to hook them up. Bruno tells me a bit about Brian and he doesn't seem to be a player. He wants a girlfriend, Bruno says, but only meets the wrong ones. Maybe this changes tonight? I smirk to myself.

While getting ready I think I still have to pack. But there's no time left so I decide to not stay so long at Roxy's so I can do it in the morning. I can't believe I'm flying to Germany tomorrow. I'm looking forward to see my family although it's gonna be not a fun stay. And I'm gonna miss Bruno and everyone so much. But it's only 1 week! It'll go by fast and what can happen in 1 week? Nothing, right?

On our way to Roxy's we pick up Brian and Ryan. Bruno has to DJ from 10 to 1. Lena comes soon and I introduce her to Brian. I feel they connect instantly and talk or dance the whole night together. Ryan stays in the beginning with me but after an hour or so he finds a skirt he likes and runs after it. I chuckle. I'm happy I didn't fall for him and now I understand why Bruno wanted to 'protect' me from him. I look at him, he's totally lost into the music, he nods his head in the beat and runs his fingers over the desk. It's surprising that he handles all the buttons so easily but doesn't know how to use a GPS. I think of going to him but I don't wanna be the clingy girlfriend, so instead I go the bar with my drink. It doesn't take long and a man chats me up. This black and white dress really must look good on me, I think and smile at him. We talk a bit 'though he's not my type at all with his long dreads and beard. His name is Phred with 'Ph' he emphasizes, he's a singer in a band and plays guitar and piano.

"What a coincidence!" I say. "My boyfriend is a musician too." 

"Really? What's his name? Maybe I know him."

"Bruno. He's the DJ." I say, turn to Bruno and point at him. When I look at him I see that he's watching me with a serious face. I grin and wave at him. He nods back. Is he jealous?

"I can introduce you to him if you want. Maybe you both can jam someday?!" I ask Phred and he agrees. I order another drink and decide to dance a bit. I say goodbye to Phred and tell him he can come over to our drinks-free-table later. He nods and I make my way through the crowd to Lena and Brian. Bruno puts on all the music I love and I dance so much that I'm totally out of breath after one hour and sweat like a pig. I go to the restrooms and fix myself. Then I go back to our table and sit down. It's almost 1 and I relax a bit because I wanna dance with Bruno when he finishes DJ-ing. Finally it's 1 and he comes to me. He flungs his arms around me and kisses me deeply.

"Who was the guy you were talkin' to? You knew him?" He asks me after we part.

I smirk. I like that he's a bit jealous. "His name is Phred. I just met him and we talked a bit. Is that a problem?"

"No not at all. I told you that dress is a men-magnet." He says back smiling. "But you're mine." And he kisses me again. I tell him that he's a musician too and I told him to join us. Bruno has nothing against it. He always wanna meet other artist what I like very much. We start to dance tight and kiss from time to time. Then he suddenly backs away and turns his head around. I see Alex standing behind him and tapping on his shoulder. Bruno turns around fully and shakes his hand. I smile at him and hug him hello. I see a pretty girl standing behind him and smiling at me. She has long blonde straightened hair and wears a black tight dress. As much as I can see, she has a perfect shaped body. She doesn't wear much make-up, she has this natural glow in her beautiful blue eyes. She looks stunning. Somehow she reminds me of one of Bruno's song. It goes like There's no light in this room, it's ok we got you, you shine like gold... She steps beside Alex, I guess she's his girlfriend because they hold hands. I feel Bruno freezes and stares at her. I don't blame him she's a stunner. If I were a guy I would stare at her beauty too. That's why I don't feel any jealousy in me. She smiles at Bruno and then at me. Bruno still is freezing and stares kinda shocked at her. I wonder what's wrong with him. He could really now stop this before it gets awkward. Finally she holds out her hand and says to me. "Hi, I'm Mandy, Bruno's ex-girlfriend. You must be Caroline?!" Now I freeze too.