Chapter 15+16

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I couldn’t wait to get home to tell Eric about Karri He’s gonna love her! Plus he hasn’t had a girlfriend in a while…And it’s gonna be a family dinner life we used to have. This was going so great!!

“Eric! Eric!”


“Don’t use that tone to someone who’s trying to set you up with somebody”

“Again?!?”  He rolled his eyes “Why remember the last girl you tried to set me up with??” She was really pretty though…She was just very, very clingy .

“Look bro, Im sorry but I know you’ll like this girl but if you don’t I swear I wont try anymore.”

“Ok fine I guess I’ll go with it…When do I get to meet this mystery girl”
“Tonight right here all the Martins are coming.”

“Ok I guess I gotta get ready then.”

“Ya you better…Don’t use any of my axe!!!”



“Karri you ready?”
“Yea but I’m nervous.”

“Don’t be Eric will like you and you’ll like him…You two will be the perfect couple”

“Oh yeah like you and Prince Charming”

(Scarcasticly)”Ha Ha Ha yeah”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he proposes soon you two seem like you’re really in love”

“Yeah ya think so…I never thought about that…”

“Well then don’t worry about it lets just meet the rest of the family at Bruno’s house” So we went over to his house and it looked really fixed up even better than it did at the Barbeque.

“Hey Babe”

“Hey” he gave me a small peck as usual

“Hey Travis”

“Eh where’s   Aaden I need to talk to him like right now” He had a really worried look on his face

“He’s…in the basement…go ahead.” He had a weird look on his face “Anyway..” He said still looking in Travie’s direction “Karri you ready to meet Eric?”

“Uhhh I guess”

“Alright…Eric come over here” Eric walks over and he actually cleaned up He wore a polo shirt and a nice pair of jeans..I was so proud of him!!

“Eric this is Karri” Bruno said

“Karri this is Eric” They gave each other really big smiles and the shook hands then Eric lifted her hand and kissed it and said

“Hello there” I guess the charm runs in the family :D
She giggled and said

“Hi” Then they went off into a different room and started talking”

“We are the perfect matchmakers” I said

“Ya we are”

“What’d you cook”

“Cook? I ordered pizza I worked to hard to get this house to burn it down” I had to laugh at that

“Wow…I love you”

“I love you too…As a matter of fact I have to show you something.”


“Please don’t over react at it..It hasn’t healed all the way yet.”

“It hasn’t healed?”

“You’ll see” He lifted up the sleeve to his shirt and I saw a tattoo that said

Forever and Always


That was our anniversary from when we first started dating in high school.

“Oh my God Bruno…I love it”

“I love you more than anything in the world and I want to be with you forever.”


“I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you…*he was getting down on one knee and I wanted to freak out more than I already was* Will you *DING DONG*

“You gotta be kiddin me” I said

“Really?” Then we heard the door bell ring again

“I’ll get it.” I said

“Alright just come back as fast as you can”

When I walked up to the door it was the police

“Umm hello officer how can I help you”

“Is there a Travis and Aaden Martin anywhere around here?”

“Yes..What happened?”

“They were caught stealing some radio’s at Radio Shack so we need to take them to the station”

“Wait there has to be some kind of mistake!”

“We saw them on the servaliance (sp?) cameras “

Oh my God! Why would they do that! They have ipods! Why would they need to steel!!?”

“Aaden! Travie! Get up here!!”  I heard them run up stairs laughing then their faces went blank when they saw the cop

“I’m sorry boys but you’ll have to come with me”

They didn’t look surprised at all and they didn’t even try to fight it….What’s up with them…I leave for a couple years and they change like this!!!

The police officer took them with him then I ran up to Bruno and said

“We gotta get to the police station the boys got arrested

We got Uncle Wren and Aunt Camile to come with us Macy stayed with Karri and Eric.

I really don’t know what’s gotten in to them…



So many thoughts were racing through my head like what made them do it why? WHY? How could they be so stupid!!! If only dad was..I stopped myself there I felt a tear run down my face. I whipped it away as fast as I could before anybody would notice. I was sitting shot gun while Bruno was driving with my aunt and uncle in the back…silence I just saw Bruno clench his fists on the steering wheel

I said really quietly “You ok?”

“No.” He said really sharply After that I didn’t ask him anything else

When we got to the police station We all ran out the car up to the officer at the front desk.

Uncle Wren did most of the talking. After he was done Bruno cut in and asked how much the bail would be.

“$250 each”

“Great” Uncle Wren said looking at Aunt Camile

Bruno stepped in while pulling out his wallet and said

“Don’t worry I got it”

“No Bruno don’t have to.”

“No it’s fine….family first”

“Thankyou Bruno…We will pay you back”

“You don’t have too”

“But I am.”

“Ok” He smiled but you could still tell he was really mad

The officer left and came back a few minutes later and brought the boys out. They so tired When I saw Travie he was looking down and then he made eye contact with Bruno and looked strait down again. When I looked at Bruno again he looked furious he was clenching his fists and bitting his lip The officer explained that they had to do 100 hours of community service. After he was finished explaining what they had to do Bruno blurted out

“TRAVIE BATHROOM NOW!!” Travie didn’t say anything he just followed along with Bruno…



“I’m…I’m sorry”

“No…don’t say sorry to me say your sorry to your aunt and uncle and Sadie for scaring the hell outta all of them!! Remember what I told you.”

“Ya…I had to take care of Sadie and not do anything stupid because we only have each other now..” He was tearing up now

“Dude…I care about you lil bro”


“NO! I love you like a little brother!! And even if me and Sadie ever brake up you will always be my brother” I choked up a little bit when I said that

“We gave each other a real hug then I let go and said

“Why’d you do it?”

“I..I don’t know me and Aaden were just in the store and we decided to take them both of us weren’t thinking strait…


The rest of the family went out to the car while I waited for Travie and Bruno all I heard from the bathroom was a bunch of yelling then it got really quiet for a few minutes. Then I saw the both of them walk out laughing and smiling and both of their eyes were sorta red like they were crying…I didn’t ask about it though. Then Travie came up to me and said

“Hey Im sorry for scaring you like that…I don’t know what I was thinking I just feel so bad about this…How can I make it up to you?”

“Stay outta trouble”

“Yeah I guess I can do that..” Bruno  didn’t catch up with us yet so I just had to say this

I smacked him across the head and said *whispering* “I should kill you!!”

*laughing and whispering back*” Why?”

“Bruno was about to propose!!”

“Are you serious!!! I saw that one coming.” I smacked him again “Sorry sorry”

“Yeah you better be” Then Bruno caught up with us

“Hey I already ruffed him up you don’t have too anymore” He said laughing a little bit

We all walked out to the car and Bruno dropped off my Aunt Uncle Aaden and Travie decided to go with them. Then it was just me and him in the car and he said

“You wanna me to drop you off at  your place or you wanna crash here?”

“I’ll stay here I don’t wanna leave Karri here by herself

“oh your only gonna stay cuz a Karri..She’s gonna wanna go home…are you gonna leave with her??” He was making a puppy dog face noow

“…No if you don’t want me too”

“Oh I want you too” He said very seductively

“Woah settle down sailor purity ring” I flashed him my ring  on the hand that I didn’t have our promise ring on “You’re gonna have to wait”

“Damn…You still wanna stay the night though if we wont be doing anything”

“Ya of course” When we pulled into his driveway he ran over and opened the door and took my hand and brought me to the door and leaned in and kissed me

“I can never get tired of this feeling?”

“And what is that feeling?”

“The feeling of having the most amazing girlfriend in the world who gives the most amazing kisses…”

“Well I can never get tired of looking at you and I just love it when you know just what to say”

“Well when it comes to the person I love whatever I say comes from the heart”

“Awww” Then he leaned in and kissed me again…It was longer this time…and with toung  :D Then he stopped and opened the door and we walked in the kitchen to grab some of the leftover pizza  when we walked into the tv room we saw Eric and Karri in the middle of a serious make out session me and Bruno just laughed then they both looked up at the same time

All Eric said was “Damn”

Karri just laughed

“See I told you you would like her” Bruno said then Eric and Karri blushed

She got up and said “It’s getting kinda late so imma head out you commin Sadie?”

“Nahh Im gonna stay here tonight”

“OOO…You two have fun…” I tossed her my keys and Eric  walked her to the door and we watched them kiss again…I was so happy for them

All of a sudden Bruno came behind me and said

“Do you love me “

“I do more than ever Bruno you know that”

He spun me around and got down on one  knee

“I love you Sadie more than anything I could possibly have  I’ve been waiting to ask you this for a little while now “ He pulls a box and opens it and this beautiful ring is in it. 

“So will you marry me???”

“YES!!” Then he put the ring on my finger and gave me a huge hug and spun me around.

“This is one of the most happiest moments in my life…and you caused it…I love you”

“I love you too baby”

That was the perfect ending to a not so perfect day!! :D