Chapter 1

19/04/2011 18:47

It was raining outside and I was at home anxiously waiting for the rain to stop. Today’s the day that I’ve been waiting for almost 2 years. I stared at the clock and it’s only noon. As I was waiting while listening to my favourite band, I heard a honk in front of my house.’Oh good! My ride is here.’

‘Hey Lisa!’I said, got into her car.

‘Hey, am i late?Sorry,traffics?..’

‘No, that’s okay. We still have a couple more hours. You’re pretty early I guess.’

‘Oh,really? Well , I thought you’re pretty excited about today.So,to the airport now or you want to go somewhere else first?’

‘How about we eat first. I haven’t eaten since morning and I’m starving....’

‘Okay.’, she looked at me. ‘Butterflies in your stomach I suppose?’

‘haha.u bet’.

We arrived at Burger King restaurant and got ourselves some burgers.

‘So,Did he called u last night?’,she looked at me with a sly smile of hers.

‘Yep.For just a few minutes.But he texted me this morning.’

‘So?Why put that face?’,she said pointing to me.


I don’t even know what I’m feeling right now. I haven’t seen him for almost 2 years. When he left me, I was still in high school. It was the most painful moment in my life.

‘Cat??!!!!!, Lisa said while snapping her fingers in front of my unblinking eyes. ‘Are u okay? What the hell were u thinking? Tell me.’


‘U sure?’

‘Quite sure’.

‘Okay then. Just finish your food so we can head to the airport.’


‘So,enough about you all anxious and stuff.Let’s talk about me.Wanna know what happened last night with me and Adam?...............

This is a very much typical conversation with Lisa.She talked about boys and more boys and now her new Adam guy is our hot new topic.Well,at least her hot new topic.

‘Cat??, at last she looked at me when I didn’t give her any responses.


Suddenly, she stopped her car.

‘Damn,why stopping the car,Lisa?What is up?Dude,we’re in the middle of the highway!

‘You, is what is up.I know can easily got distracted but this is serious. I’ve seen your face since u got into my car...Tell me.What’s wrong? Are u nervous? Do u even want to see him? Meet him? What’s the deal, girl?

Wow...That was a long hard question. I stopped for a moment and think.


I looked at her and I knew what she was thinking. The thing happened about 3 months ago. She’s been wondering if I’m still mad or sad.

‘I’m good,Lisa.I’m okay.Don’t worry much.Just, ,i don’t know what to think right now.’

‘Fine. You don’t want to tell me. I know you’re hiding something.Well,you’ll tell me one day’. She sighed. ‘Let’s just move and see your pretty boy.’

I smiled.’Yeah...

We arrived at the airport and Lisa dropped me in front of the departure door while she went to park the car. I went inside and looked for the ladies room since my stomach kept on making problems. I didn’t know why I am nervous.

’What am I scared of? He’s a human too. He lied to me once and he could do that again’. I shake my head.’No.No negative thoughts please. ‘

As I was walking towards the ladies room, my legs were shaking and I felt as if I’m about to collapse.

Suddenly, somebody tapped on my shoulder. I turned.

‘Are u okay?’

‘I....I...ummm...yeah.. .’.I touched my head.

‘I saw you were about to fall so i just wanted to make sure whether you’re okay.’

‘I’m fine.Just,i’m dizzy.My stomach hurts....Lots of other stuff.’

He smiled.Wow.What a beautiful smile. ‘I’m guessing you’re nervous.’

‘You’re a mind reader.hmm....Not bad.’

‘Well, I’m Bruno by the way.

‘I know you. I’ve seen your faces on the billboards on my way here.

‘Aha.’ He smiled. Again.

‘Well, I guess I better go now. Someone’s waiting for me.

‘A special someone?’

He stared into my eyes. Deeply. Man, what just happened here?

‘Bruno! Man, where have u been?

I looked at the person who just said that. He was wearing a hat and a very much nerdy-like black framed spectacles.

‘I’m here. You found me, right.’ Bruno looked at the guy.

‘This is Phil. Phil, this is..........err, what’s your name?

‘Katy. But people called me Cat.’

‘Well, looky what we have here. A tame cat just got out of the cage’, Phil said while Bruno just laughed.

‘Don’t mind him. He’s a bit woozy sometime.

‘Haha. Yeah. I have a friend who’s just like that’.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Lisa showed up.

‘Cat, where the hell were u been?’.She looked at Bruno and stopped.’ Omg! You’’re.....

Bruno just smiled and nodded. ’Hey there.’

I looked at Bruno and Phil.’ Guys, meet my woozy friend.’

‘Lisa. My name’s Lisa. Omg, can’t believe I meet u here. Big fan .


‘Anyways, as much as I wanted to talk with u guys, Cat and I should go now. Her lover is about to landed so......



The guys looked at us with no clue.’ That’s okay. We understand. A pretty girl like Cat surely has someone’s waiting for her’. Bruno said, looking at me. There’s something about those eyes that made me froze. We hugged and went our separate ways.

As i was about to sit,i felt as if somebody’s standing behind me. The smell. I turned.


‘Hey babe.’ He hugged me and kissed my cheek. ‘How are u?’


I smiled and hugged him back. A part of me wanted to hate him but I missed him so much. It’s been 2 years.2 fucking slow years. He left me and we only talked on the phone and we Skype and text but I haven’t touched him in 2 years. Pretty sad,huh?

‘What are u thinking right now, babe?’

‘Nothing. I just misses u.’

‘I miss u too.’

For one moment,  didn’t remembered anything about the last 2 years. Now is a fresh new start. He’s here and no way I’m going to let him out of my sight.