Chapter 16+17 (END)

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Chapter 16.
"No of course I don't want to forget you.." Then why are we doing this to ourselves? "Bruno I just don't want to go through it again all te tears the pain i'm not strong enough anymore and I can't handle anymore fights.." I promise you no more fight, me and you just us two remember? She smiled a little and looked down "Ok.." I put my hand on her cheek, Look at me.. She looked up and leaned in, This was it the moment I've been waiting for all this time I felt her lips on mine and I felt complete again, She pulled back smiling, Lets go to my place.. We went back to the appartment she sat down on the couch looking around "Bru I sold the house you know.." I know, we'll just get another one.. "No, I think we should take it slow step by step.." Are you serious? Why we already lived together.. "Bru don't argue with me right now I just want to take it slow" Normally this would lead to an argument but I didn't want to risk losing her again, Ok.. "Sit with me" I sat down next to her she put her head on my lap while I played with her hair a little, Does this mean we're back together? She smiled "I guess" Don't ever leave me again. "Dont give me a reason" No please Alena promise me.. "I can't Bruno.. I just can't" I was a little hurt but she was right promisses are ment to be kept and in relationships you just never know what will happen in the future. I looked at her she was falling asleep I just felt happy to have her back I lifted her up slowly so I wouldn't wake her I took her to the bed and put her down gently she suddenly opened her eyes, Shit. "Babe can I have one of your shirts?" I smiled I loved that she would call me that again, Sure.. I grabbed a shirt and gave it to her I stripped down to my boxers and got in bed she did the same but put on the t-shirt she lied down facing me "I love you you know that right?" I smiled, I do. "Good don't forget that no matter what I say I will always love you" Same counts for me babe.. I pulled her closer untill our forheads touched she looked at my lips then back into my eyes "Make love to me Bru" Not now babe.. She frowned "Why?" I'm tired.. "Oh fuck no I havent had sex in three months" She got on top of me and started kissing me "You can go to sleep i'll be fine by myself" I laughed, That's nasty "I don't care i'm horny" She started kissing me and pulling my boxers down, You just wont take no for an answer hu? "Nope" She sat up and took a deep breath, "This is boring.." What?! "I hate when your tired.." Oh so you want me to fuck you eventhough i'm tired? "Yes." But i'm tired.... "Oh really?" She started kissing my neck she knew I loved that, I know what you're doing it's not working "I think it is" I was actually really tired but I couldn't just fall asleep with her on top of me and honestly I was really turned on she stopped and looked under the sheet "HA! You're turned on" No i'm not. "Oh so what's that?" I don't know.. She laughed and took off her t-shirt revealing pretty much everything she took off her panties too and started kissing me again, "Oh my god I missed you" I grabbed her by her shoulder and rolled her over so  I was on top, I missed you too. I kissed her and entered her she kept moaning into my ear "Bru harder" I was exhausted but I was going to show her how much I missed her eventhough I would pass out afterwords " We woke up the next morning I got up and suddenly felt her grab my arm I looked at her, Hey baby.. "Hey.. Bru?" Yeah? "Make love to me again.." What?! I chuckled, Damn babe what's gotten into you? "I just want to be with you as much as I can I missed you.." But I have to take a shower first "No do that later"  I lied down next to her, Babe I have to go.. "Oh pleaseee" 
"Fine you want me to fuck you?" Yes I do, I looked him in the eyes and he smirked, He grabbed me by my waist and carried me out of the bed he pushed me against the wall and lead himself into me I wrapped my legs around him, he put his hands on my thies and lifted one of them up making him go deeper, Bruno shit slow it down.. "Hell no you asked for it" I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my head into his neck I dug my nails in his back as he started going faster, I heard some noise come out fo the livingroom but I ignored it this was feeling too good right now "Cum for me babe.." I suddenly heard the door open and Phil's laugh filled my ears but he stopped the second he saw us "OH SHIT" He closed the door as fast as possible, OH MY GOD.. "Fuck.." HOW DID HE EVEN GET IN HERE? "He has a key.." Oh my god.. "Wow this is going to be awkward." Ok let me down "Why?" You are nasty let me down oh my god! He chuckled "Fine don't freak out" He put me down and we both got dressed I stopped in front of the door and opened it expecting the worst all the guys were sitting on the couch I guess it wasn't just Phil "Wow you're still alive?" I smiled awkwardly, Mhm.. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water I sat down on the barstool Bruno came in and scratched the back of his head "Hey guys..." Hi.. So uhm I think we should never ever talk about that again and Bruno next time could you guys use a bed cause I can't get your ass out of my head." The guys bursted out laughing but me and Bruno didn't "I'll fuck my girlfriend anyway I want and excuse me but this is MY house and I was in MY bedroom and you guys could knock or atleast call. "We wanted to knock but then we heard this kind of scream we thought you were dying or something" He looked at me "That's your fault" My jaw dropped, Fuck you "You already did" he shot back, Ha-Ha very funny....ashhole. He came in between my legs and rubbed my inner thies "I'm sorry baby" He looked me in the eyes and bit his lip, "Guys get out" "We can't we're here to take you with us" "What why?" "Cause we're going to a clubopening and you have to be there" "Fuck. Baby you coming?" I don't know this black eye isn't too pretty to look at.. "You look beautiful" No I don't. "Babe don't make me sing" I want to hear you sing. "Oh really?" Mhmm.. He leaned in stopping right near my ear and whispered "Her eyes her eyes make that stars look like their not shining, her hair her hair falls perfectly without her trying she's so beautiful and I tell her everyday." I smiled and kissed him, you're too cute.. "Oh my god can you guys get dressed and stop mind fucking in front of us?" I flipped them off and continued kissing him I pulled back, You have to take me home I have to get dressed. "Why you look fine" I chuckled, Right, it'll only take ten minutes "Alright let me get dressed" He started walking towards his bedroom I talked to the guys some more "Babe can you come here?" I went to his room, What? "I dont know what to wear.." Are you serious? "Yes..." You're such a girl.. "Oh that's not what you said thirty minutes ago.." Will you stop damn you're nasty. I picked out some clothes for him, Here wear that "Thank you" He put it on and fixed his hair "Fuck it where's my fedora?" Nooo I like your hair like that.
Really? I said while grabbing the bottom of her shirt while pulling her closer, "No! Where never going to get out of this room if we keep this up" Fine with me. "Bruno get dressed and your hair is fine" I like when you talk like that I said biting my lip "Oh god you're hopeless" She walked away, You love it tho.. "Yeah whatever.." She said while chuckling I put on my clothes and grabbed my fedora anyway I went to the livingroom "Damn what did you have to put on your make up first?" Shut up Phil. I grabbed Alena by her hips and kissed her neck, I want to finish what we started later.. She smiled "Too loud Bruno." I looked over at Jam and smiled awkwardly, shit.. You guys ready to go? "We've been ready for two houres now." Oh stop nagging. We went to the car and drove to Alena's appartment "Babe come with me" Alright, you guys we'll be back "Don't have sex please we don't have time" I chuckled, we'll try. We went upstairs she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bedroom "What should I wair" Something I can easely get off. She shot me a look "Seriously." That black dress I gave you "Michelle has it." Oh.. I'll get it back.. "Mhmm.." What about the navyblue one? "I look fat in in that one." Babe you don't look fat in anything cause you're not fat. "Yes I am" Don't start you aint fat alright put it on you look great in it. And some black heels and a purse in the same color as the heels. "You could be gay." I laughed, I just think it looks hot on you and I want to fuck you when you wear it "Oh god" She grabbed the outfit and put it on she fixed her hair and grabbed her make-up bag I hated that thing I grabbed it, You don't need that crap on your face. "Bruno give it back" No seriously you don't need it you're beautiful ju- "yeah yeah just the way I am ok now give it." No. "I wont ever have sex with you again" You can't use sex as a weapon. "I just did" Fine. but don't put too much on i'm not dating barbie. "Fine" I went to the livingroom and sat at the bar waiting, babe hurryyy "I'm coming" She came in looking absolutely beautiful, Damn you look great "Auw thank you" We went downstairs and got in the car, Alright lets go.. We got to the club there were a lot of paparazzi and now that me and Alena got back together all eyes were on us, I looked around damn I was almost blinded by all the flashes I didn't even know where I was looking "Bruno over here!" "Bruno smile!" I tried doing the best I could but my jaws were actually hurting form all the smiling "Babe lets go inside" Alright, We went inside and the music filled my ears I couldn't hear Alena at all I just grabbed her hand I didn't want to lose her cause there were a lot of people here we were taken to to VIP area I went over to the bar "What can I get you? " I'll take a Gin and Tonic and ehh a martini please. "Coming right up" I looked around seeing Alena sitting with the guys laughing damn I loved when she laughed "Here you go" Thanks, I grabbed the drinks and made my way over to the guys, Here you go babe. I gave her her martini "Oh thank you babe" I sat down next to her we talked to the guys for a while I noticed a lot of guys here and they definitely couldn't keep their eyes off of her at first I didn't mind but when they couldn't keep their hands to themselves I started getting pissed off. "Babe relax their just drunk" I don't care they don't have any right touching you. "Auww look at you all protective" I couldn't help but smile a bit.
I tried to dance with Bruno but he kept getting angry when somebody was trying to get my attention I understood I couldn't blame him after what happened the other night I just told him I wasn't in the mood to dance I acutally was but it wasn't worth getting him upset we sat down he put his arm on my thigh while talking to the guys he suddenly looked at me "Are you tired?" Just a little.. "Want me to take you home?" No i'll go by myself.. "Hell no babe i'll take you" No you're having fun I don't want you to leave just because of me.. "Babe I wont have any fun without you anyway." I smiled a little, Ok.. "Alright guys we're going home" They all said their goodbye's and we were on our way, Are you going to stay with me tonight? He sighed, "Babe I don't know why we can't just live together" Bruno I told you we just got back together like literally a couple of houres ago "Yeah but we were together for six years before we broke up so why go through all of this again?" Bru don't make it so difficult.. "Fine.." We got to the house I took off my dress and changed into some shorts and a tank top and got in bed, Ugh i'm so tired.. He sat on the edge of the bed running his fingers through his hair, I sat up and put my arms around his waist, What's wrong? "Nothing it's just been een overwhelming day that's all.." Oh, just get some sleep.. He nodded I lied down with him he looked at me and smiled a little "You're so beautiful" he stroked my cheek with his hand and kissed me, I love you Bru "I love you too I don't even know how I got so lucky" I chuckled you got lucky? I think there are a million girls out there wishing they were where I am right now. "Yeah but there's only one girl I want here and she's already here anyway" I smiled and got closer to him he put his arms around me kissing my forhead "Alena?" Mhmm? "Do you ever think about him?" I opened my eyes a little shocked about what he just said, All the time. "I can't stop thinking about how our lives would be if he was here" Me neither but we have to move on.. "Do you think we'll ever you know try again?" I don't know Bruno.. "Oh" We went to sleep I already knew we were both thinking about him but I had to stop cause I was just upsetting myself and the last thing I wanted was to have to take those pills again. I woke up seeing him get dressed, Where are you going? "I have to go home babe" Why? "Cause I have to get my stuff change take a shower and got to work" Why don't you just shower here? "Cause I actually have to take a shower and I know you'll join me and I wont get to leave" I wont join you... "You say that now" I'll say it in five minutes if you want.. "Oh please if I take this shirt off I know you'll be all over me" I chuckled, You're so full of yourself.. I buried my head into the pillow, Just get up Alena.. I got up and walked over to him I started unbuttoning his shirt "Woah what are you doing?" He said laughing a little,I don't want you to go.. "Babe I have to" No you don't. "Yes I do" No, No you don't. "Babe..." Just shower with me please  "Beg for it" Please, Bru take a shower with me, please.. He bit his lip "Alright you get in the shower i'll come in a minut" I smiled from ear to ear, ok. I ran to the bathroom and took off my clothes, I got under the water I heard the door open, Come in here.. "Oh my god. This is going to be hard" What? "I have to go babe the guys just called me everybody is waiting" I pouted, Noooo.. "I'm sorry babe i'll come here after work alright?" I nodded he kissed me and left, Ugh this whole celebrity thing was actually pretty annoying but he deserved being recognized and i'm happy and proud cause he actually followed his dreams. I got out and changed I had to go to work I wasn't in the mood to go at all but I had to this appartment wouldn't pay for itself eventhough Bruno would pay if I asked but I would never do that.
I got to the studio and went inside, hey guys.. "Hey Brunz" So what did you you do last night after I left "We stayed there for a while and Phred got laid" I looked over at Phred, Tell me.. He chuckled "Just some girl I met at the club" What's her name? "Ehhmmm.." Are you kidding me man? "Lilly! Yeah it was Lilly" What's she like? "She's cool" So you think it could work out? He chuckled "Damn when did you turn into my mother? We just had sex she left before I woke up and I don't have her number." That's bullshit man girls ALWAYS leave their number. "Well she didn't." Oh so the sex was bad? "Fuck you" I chuckled, Alright whatever.. Dre and Kam came inside we all said hello and started working we just had a couple of days to go before I could finally take a break. Not that I don't love what I do but sometimes all I want is to stay home and relax.. I went over to the recording booth and started singing the words to this new song I wrote a while ago it wasn't anything special just a simple love song I put down the headphones when I finished and went back to the sitting area the guys we're all smiling, What are you guys smiling at? "Oh ehm.. I got a call from Urbana" And...? Phil looked down as if he wanted to tell me something really bad. Phil you're scaring me man what's up? "She's pregnant" It all came back to me and all I wanted to do was go home and be alone. Congrats man. I hugged and put on that smile I just wanted him to be happy.. "We gotta go celebrate" You guys can go I just have to finish something here and I'll come later "You sure?" Yeah it's alright. "Alright man" They left and I sat down on the couch.. I grabbed a drink and that one drink soon turned into a bottle and that bottle turned into two.. I put down the bottle and grabbed my phone I dialed Alena's number but she didn't pick up, I put my phone down and put my head on the pillow I closed my eyes feeling lonely and sad.. but at the same time I felt guilty I wanted to celebrate with Phil and be a friend but I couldn't this brought up so many memories that I rather just forget 
After the meeting I walked over to the car I just wanted to go home and see Bruno I felt my phone vibrate it was Phil, Hey you.. "Hi girl is Bruno at home?" I don't know I just got off of work.. "Oh alright if he is ask him if he's coming or not" Coming where? "Oh so you don't know?" No.. "Urbana's pregnant me and the guys came to celebrate Bruno said he's be here but he still hasn't showed up.." I sighed, I knew exactly where he was and what he was doing. I'll go find him and i'll let you know if we're coming or not "Alright, bye" Bye. I put my phone in my bag and drove to the studio I opened the door it was dark and all I could hear was humming it sounded like a song, Bruno? The humming stopped, I went to the couch he was laying down I saw all the empty bottles on the floor, shit.. I bent down facing him I touched his cheek, Baby? "Alena..." Hey baby, let's go home.. "I'm fine" Bru- "Alena i'm fine" I sighed, Bruno why did you do this? "It shouldn't have happened to us.. We didn't do anything wrong we didn't deserve this.." Baby please don't.. "Alena we can't ignore the fact that he's dead, MY SON IS DEAD. He got up and threw the bottle he was holding against the wall, I got up and pushed him against the wall, Bruno I didn't want this to happen but it did alright?! And all we can do is accept it and move on drinking away the pain wont help you got that?! I pointed my finger at him making it clear that I was dead serious. "He's dead.." He looked at me with pain in his eyes, I couldn't handle seeing him like this. Bruno come on please I want the old you back I can't handle seeing you in this kind of pain "What do you want me to do? Forget and after six years, WE'RE NOWHERE where is this going? Hu Alena how long will it take till you trust me and how long till you move back in with me and how long till I can call you my wife hu?!" I was speecheless, I don't know.. "Well when you do know we'll talk." Why am I the bad guy hu? Why is everything my fault?! WE JUST GOT BACK TOGETHER AND WE'RE ALREADY FIGHTING?! This is exactly what I was afraid of.. I started walking towards the door "There you go again.." I stopped and turned around, What did you say? "You always leave when I need you Alena when you can't handle me at my worst then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." I can't even talk to you Bruno look at you your best friend is going to be a father and you're here fighting with me?! I'm going home and i'm getting dressed AND after that i'm going to go to Phil and i'm going to be his friend I hope you'll do the same. I closed the door behind me I wiped away the one tear that escaped from my eyes and went home I got ready I was just hoping Bruno got his shit together and that he would just show up. I called Phil he said they were at a restaurant I remember going there with Bruno several times and those memories put a smile on my face I went outside seeing Bruno's car parked outside he got out of the car wearing a tux and holding a single rose he smiled I just fell back in love with him all over again "Hey beautiful" Hey baby, "I'm sorry." It's ok.. "I love you, you know that right?" I love you too, We got in the car and drove to the restaurant we went inside seeing the guys "Finally I thought you guys would never come" "Sorry man" "It's alright" We sat down and ordered he heald my hand the entire time even when he was eating I told him he could let go I knew he would make a mess if he ate with one hand.. 
We all talked and I laughed the entire time I missed laughing but it felt like everything was going right I had Alena back and the album was becoming a huge succes and all I wanted to do was get back home to Hawaii and see my family I missed them so much and the last time I saw them wasn't a really happy time. We went back to my place after dinner I tried convincing Alena to just move in with me but she refused I don't know why this was such a big deal we we're with eachother all the time anyway. I got in bed I was exhausted it had been a long day and everything that happened made me realize how I needed Alena in my life. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep the next morning I woke up the most beautiful face in the world.. Alena? "Hmmm.." Wake up. she grabbed her phone "UGH IT'S FIVE IN THE MORNING BRUNOO" Really? "Yes really." Oh... I stayed in bed for a while just thinking before I finally got up and went to the bathroom I started getting dressed and went to the kitchen I opened the fridge seeing nothing, Damn I need to get some food.. "Baby?" I looked up seeing her walk over to me, Goodmorning babe "Have you had breakfast?" No.. "Want me to make you somthing?" No there's no food in the house I have to go to the store "I'll go I have a day off anyway" Alright i'll leave you my credit card.. "I have one of my own" I know I just don't want you to pay.. "Babe it's fine" No really, I grabbed my card and put it on the counter, I put on my jacket "So what are you going to eat?" Nothing I guess "If you're hungry get something to eat Bruno I don't want you to pass out" I wont, I kissed her goodbye and made my way to the studio, I went inside "Hey bruno" Hey guys, "You look like you're about to pass out man" I'm hungry alright? "Oh so you have four cars but you can't afford to feed yourself?" I shot him a look I didn't have time to go to the store.. "Alright anyways I worked on some songs" Let me hear them, We talked about some stuff I heard the door open and saw Alena come inside holding a bag, I smiled from ear to ear just seeing her face, Hey baby "Hi babe" She kissed me and handed me the bag, What's this? "Food I know you're hungry" Words can't describe how much I love you. She chuckled "You're welcome babe, I have to go tho I still have to go to the store and I have to make dinner for when you get home "No it's alright we'll go later and make dinner together, I pulled her closer and entertwined our fingers, Stay here.. "No babe I really have to go and you have work to do." Alright alright, I'll see you later "No actually you'll see me tomorrow I'm going home tonight" Whyyy???? "Because I'm not paying that much money for an apartment I never use.. " So don't use it and move in with me. "We're not talking about this again" She kissed me goodbye and left "Damn Bruno you just got rejected...AGAIN" I swear I'm going mad I don't know why she's being so difficult "She'll come around" I hope so..
I got in the car feeling kinda bad I wanted to move back in with him but I really wanted to take it step by step and not rush things.. I went to the store I got some things I knew Bruno loved and he could easily make by himself I went back to the house and made him dinner knowing he'd be hungry when he got back home I made him a plate and put it in the microwave I got my coat and left I went back home I sat down on the couch and watched a movie I was feeling kinda lonely but I had gotten used to not having him around it was getting late so I decided to go to bed I turned off the lights and just as I wanted to fall asleep I heard a knock on the door, you have to be kidding me right now.. I got up and opened seeing Bruno, Babe what are you doing here? "I was lonely.." Auww, I opened my arms and he hugged me "You know I can't fall asleep without you move back in with me please....Please Alena" Bruno for the last ti- He suddenly kissed me in a way that took away my breath.. He pulled back looking me in the eyes, "Please?" Bruno no... Please wait....for me? He sighed, "Anything for you" I smiled, Now will you leave? He shot me a look "I did not just walk over here just to go home again" What? Why did you walk you have four cars and you walk? "What's up with the cars Phil told me that too today damn I just like to walk.." No you don't.. "Fine I couldn't find my keys alright?" Just take my car. ."No." Why? "Cause it's a girls car.." No it's not! "Babe it is." Fine then walk. "What about I just stay here?" Fine.. He smiled and closed the door behind him "You want to watch a movie or something?" No i'm going to bed "Alright i'll just watch some tv i'm not really tired.." Alright babe..
I kissed her and made my way over to the couch I sat down and zapped threw some channels I watched some shows I went to kitchen and tried finding something to eat when I saw a book with my name on it, I frowned I took it and sat down on the couch I opened it seeing pictures of me when I was asleep, when I was laughing I had no idea when she took these there were some of us together every single one of them put an even bigger smile on my face this was beyond cute I suddenly saw the first picture of the baby I felt my eyes burning and a tear running down my cheek but I smiled a little even though I wish it had never happened I had some good memories.. I put the book back and went to bed I pushed her a little so she would wake up "Bruno did you just push me?" I laughed, No.. "Oh so you accidentally almost pushed me out of bed?" Yep. She smiled a little "Asshole." I'm sorry I just wanted you to wake up.. "Why?" I saw the book Alena.. "What book?" That black book with my name on it.. Hey eyes widened. "Oh my god." It's beautiful babe. "Nooo i'm so ashamed.." Why? "Cause I seem like a freaking stalker." No you don't those pictures are great and it's really sweet that you're so obsessed with me.. "Fuck you" I chuckled, No really babe it's really cute.. "Thanks I guess.." We lied down and I pulled her close, I love you. "I love you too" I know the book kinda proved that. "Oh my god you're such an asshole" I'm sorry babe but I actually feel bad I want to make a book about you now. "Really?" No. "I hate you" I love you too.. I chuckled and fell asleep I woke up the next day with a smile on my face the next couple of days went by pretty fast Alena would stay with me sometimes and I would stay with her we were almost together every night. I went back home after work and sat down I heard a car park outside and the front door was slammed shut Alena walked in with a very pissed off look on her face, Babe what's wrong? "I got fired." What?! "I was fired alright?" Why? "CAUSE MY BOSS IS AN ASSHOLE." Alena babe you don't have to work i'll take care of you. "I liked my job Bruno I can't just sit home all day and do nothing.." We'll figure something out alright? "Ok.." She sat down next to me and hugged me  we talked and she would make me laugh all the time it were times like these that made me realize how much I actually loved her. "You want to go see a movie or something?" Ok.. We went to the car and drove to the cinema I put on my beanie and sunglasses I thought it would make people not notice me but I knew my fans would.. We parked and went inside I bought the tickets and some food "I miss doing this you know?" Doing what? "Just going on a date with you." I know but we'll have plenty of time to do that in a few days.. She smiled we took our seats and the movie started, "Babe what movie is this?" Scream. "WHAT?!" Scream you know the one with that guy that wears a mask and kills people "I hate you you know I can't handle scary movies!" Oh come on it's not that scary.. "If I get a heartattack and die this is so your fault" You wont. I'll protect you, I smiled at her and grabbed her arm the movie started and she would almost scream everytime something happened even when nobody was killed she would scream. Babe stop screaming "IT'S SCARY OKAY?" You pussy. "I hate you" Auw come here, she sat next to me on my seat and I heald her close she buried her head in my neck I thought she was actually really cute. 
"Babe it's over" Really? I looked at the screen and right then that killer guy popped up and stabbed some girl, OH MY GOD BRUNO YOU ASSHOLE!! He busted out laughing but I didn't find it amusing at all. I got my purse and stormed out of the theater I felt him grab my arm and pull me towards him "Baby i'm sorryyy" He said while still laughing, Yeah yeah.. "I really though it was over." Liar. "You want to go home?" Yes. I took her home I had to get up pretty early tomorrow so I went home instead of staying with her I threw my jacket on the couch and got in bed it wasn't that late but I was still tired.. I got up and dragged myself to the bathroom I was exhausted I showered, brushed my teeth and got dressed I ate some cornflakes and texted Alena 'I miss you' I got a response "I miss you too" Those four words just made my day. I went to the studio and the day went by as usual we worked on some songs and the days just flew by and I hadn't seen Alena in two days I texted her and called her a couple of times but she never had time to talk or actually text me back. I put on my jacket and drove to her apartment I was sick of just waiting for her to call I went inside and went to the bedroom she was asleep, Alena baby? "Bru?" Hey.. She got up and smiled "Hey.. what are you doing here?" I was worried and I missed you.. "Auw i'm sorry I've been busy trying to find a job.." And? She shook her head "Nothing.." Auw baby.. She suddenly started crying, Woah what's wrong? "I can't afford this apartment anymore and I have all the bills to pay and i'm so tired.." Baby, Look at me.. I'll pay for everything alright and i'll pay for the apartment don't worry ok? All I want is to take care of you.. "No.. I don't want you to pay i'm a grown up I have to take care of my own problems.. "Alena please I want to pay.." No Bruno I hate telling you this.. let alone letting you pay for it." Alena you're my everything you're my life my, my angel i'll take care of you as long as my heart beats and I refuse to let you cry for no reason. "Bruno.." No just give me the bills.." Bruno no..I can't. I sighed, Alena come on just give them to me. "Ok.." She went tot he livingroom and came back with a couple of bills I took them and put them in my pocket without even looking at them I didn't want her to feel bad anymore, You want to go out? "No.." I got up and took off my clothes she chuckled "What are you doing?" I'm getting in bed with you, if you're not going out with me you're staying in with me. She smiled "I really love you more than anything." I love you too babe so you want to move in with me? She chuckled, "Alright.." 
Chapter 17.
She kissed me one last time before she got up I just watched her get dressed, You're so beautiful. "No i'm not." Baby come on.. I got up and hugged her from behind I lead her to the mirror, Look at you you're like an angel. She looked at me and kissed me "I don't know how you can be so sweet." It's not that hard when i'm around you..  She went to the kitchen and made breakfast I sat at the bar and just watched her, "Babe what do you want for breakfast?" I don't know, eggs, bacon.. "..Pancakes and sausages.."  I smiled, You know me too well. She put my plate in front of me and we started eating, You know we have to go look for a house. "I know you want to go today?" Sure, Go get dressed.. "Alright" We went to the bedroom I put on some jeans and a checkered shirt I put on my fedora for the finishing touch, Babe you ready? "Almost I have to put on my make-up" WHY?? "Don't start with me"  Babe I don't know why you don't see what I see, You're so beautiful why do you need make-up? "I don't know.." She came out of the bathroom and smiled, I looked her up and down.. "Like what you see?" No..I love what I see. She smiled "Let's go" We got in the car I called my realtor he gave me a couple of addresses and we went to all of them "What do you think so far?" I don't know we still have one to go.. "Oh right" We went to the last one and there were a couple of people there and the owner was there too "Hi" Hey i'm Bruno and this is Alena "Oh so are you two looking for a house?" Yes we are "That's great it's a great place to raise kids you know with you two being so young i'm sure you want kids" We both froze.. I just smiled a little "Alright feel free to go inside" We looked at the rooms and the backyard and I was sure Alena loved it "Babe I LOVE it"  Yeah I like it.. "What do you think?" I think we found our house.. She smiled from ear to ear and kissed me that guy came back "So?" We'll take it. "That's great" We signed some papers "Ok sign here and the house is officially yours" I signed and shook the guys hand "I'm sure you two will me very happy here"  We went back to her place and started packing, Babe you have so much crap. "No I don't."  Fuck it we'll do this tomorrow.. "Alright it's getting late I want to go to bed.."  We got in bed and I pulled her close, You know that house is where I want to grow old with you.. "Same here babe" I closed my eyes and fell asleep the next three days we were basically packing the whole time I put the last boxes in the car and looked at the apartment one last time "Babe get in the car!" Alright i'm coming jeez.. 
He got in the car and smiled at me, "Ready to go?" Yep.. We drove to the house the furniture was already there it was just a matter of unpacking.  I put all my clothes in the closet and put Bruno's in there too after hours of unpacking we finally finished I jumped on the bed and buried my head in the pillow, I'm so tired.. I felt him lie down next to me "Babe?" Yeah... "I'm horny" He started laughing and so did I, I'm tired... "Oh come on a quickie" I laughed, No I don't do quickie's.. "You know you want all of this.." I chuckled, I sat up and kissed him he pulled me on his lap and started kissing my neck I let out a soft moan he knew exactly how to turn me on, He touched me all over my body and took off my shirt just as I was getting into it... a knock on the door "Ignore..... it" He said in between kisses, I kissed him one last time and pushed him away, I'll be right back, I put on a shirt and opened the door seeing all the guys "PARTYYYYYY" Phil what the hell? "You guys are coming with us to this new club." Bruno looked at me, Bruno babe you can go I'll stay here.. "Why come with us?" No my hairs all messed up today.. "Babe no it's not come on" Bruno no.. "Why are you being so difficult it's just a club and your hair looks fine.." I just don't want to go ok?! "Fine don't come." I wont. He went upstairs the guy all looked at the floor, I'm sorry about that you guys.. "It's alright" I went upstairs and shut the door behind me he was getting dressed, What the hell was that?! "Don't start Alena" Babe I just don't want to go why are you angry? "I'm not angry." Then kiss me. "No" Why you're not angry right? "No" Then kiss me.. "No.." I grabbed his arm and looked him in the eyes and smiled he tried nnot to smile "I'm not going to kiss you.." Pleaseee "No" Fine, I kissed him passionately "That was rape" No it wasn't you liked it.. He smiled and kissed me again, Have fun "I'll try" he left and with that I got in bed I woke up feeling Bruno get in bed with me, Bruno.. "Sorry babe did I wake you?" Yes.. What time is it? "Five" Oh..Did you have fun? "Yeah it was alright.." He lied down next to me and pulled me close I took in his scent but this time it wasn't his.. it was like a women's perfume. 
She sat up, "Bruno why do you smell like another women?" What? "You smell like flowers Bruno." Babe I was a t a club there were a lot of girls come on.. "Bruno if something happened tell me now." What? Nothing happened the guys were with me ask them and you really think I would cheat on you? "It didn't stop you in the past." I got really upset that she brought that up again. You know I came home and expected to hold my sweet, beautiful girlfriend. HAVE YOU SEEN HER ANYWHERE? "What if I'm lying please tell me Bruno are you saying you've never fucked up?! " THAT'S NOT THE POINT.. "You know I think it's best if you sleep somewhere else tonight." I can't believe this. I went to the guest bedroom and lied down I don't even know why we're fighting I swear I didn't cheat on her, I just danced with a girl but I don't think she'd mind.. I tossed and turned but I just couldn't  fall asleep after what seemed like forever I finally fell asleep I woke up and went downstairs "Goodmorning" Goodmorning. She would't even look at me she just grabbed her cup of coffee and walked past me I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back, I don't want to fight alright? "Well you should've thought of that before you danced with that whore! She threw a magazine in my face with me and some girl on the front page, Shit.. "Yes SHIT Bruno what you thought nobody would see?! And then you start lying to me I can't believe you" She shook her head and sat down on the couch.. Babe I swear we were only dancing.. You know i'd never try to break your heart.. I was just standing there and she grabbed my hand there's no need for us to fight... "You could've let go Bruno."  Babe I promise I was only dancing.. "Bruno I hate when you lie to me." I'm sorry I really didn't think you'd mind.. "You know you're my one and only, right?" She smiled "Yes.." Now gimme some love, She kissed me I ran my fingers threw her hair and lowered them to her waist I pulled her onto my lap, I kissed her neck and started removing her shirt she whispered in my ear "I want you right now, right here"  I took off her clothes and pushed her on her back I kissed her neck "Babe?" Hmm.. "Your phone's ringing" What? I looked at my phone and saw Phil's number, Oh for the love of... I answered "Hey Brunz get yo ass to my place man we need to talk" I'm kinda busy Phil.. "Busy doing what?" Something.. "Damn why are you and Alena always fucking?" We're not always fucking. "I bet you're on top of her right now" .....shut up. I got off of her and went tot he backyard, What you wanna talk about? "
I picked up my shirt and put it back on I sighed, I was tired of constantly being interrupted every time me and Bruno wanted to be intimate he was outside for a while now I was just thinking about what he was talking about with Phil when he walked in, What was that about? "Nothing just some business" What business? "Atlantic Records gave me a deadline to finish Eminem's song.." A deadline? "Yeah I have like twenty days." But.. we were thinking of going to Hawaii "Don't you think I know that?!" He suddenly got all upset and angry.. Why are you getting so mad? "Nothing I have to go to the studio" Right now? "Yes right now Alena" Bruno will you talk to me like i'm your girlfriend and not your fucking dog?! "I'm not in the mood for this right now." Fine just leave, I don't care.. I went upstairs angry but mostly hurt I got in the shower and let the water run down my body I was just thinking about me and Bruno wondering if this was all meant  to be, Of course I loved him he was my everything but sometimes the ones that you love can hurt you the most and my hearts been broken too many times I couldn't handle another heartbreak. I wrapped the towel around me and opened the door I got dressed, 7 PM... I'm just going to bed.. I covered myself up with the sheets and closed my eyes I woke up in the middle of the night breathing heavily and sweat dripping down my forehead, Bru-Bruno? I looked next to me but he wasn't there.. I went downstairs and grabbed a bottle of water I looked at the clock, 2 AM. I grabbed my phone dialing Bruno's number "Hello?" Hi, where are you it's 2 AM? "I'm at the studio something wrong you sound bad" I just had a nightmare.. "Are you ok?" Yeah i'm fine it was just a dream.. "What was it about?" Nothing.. "Babe tell me" It was about my dad.. "I'm coming home" No Bruno you don't have to.. "No I'm coming" You sure? "Yeah i'll be home in like ten minutes" Ok, bye.. I hung up and smiled I had completely forgot about the fight we had a couple of hours ago.. I sat on the couch just replaying that dream all over again it wasn't really a nightmare more like a flashback I still remember the day he put his hands on me. I'll never forget... Never. 
I got in the car and drove home I knew how sensitive Alena was when she thought about her father every time we would talk about it she would end up crying that's why I tried to avoid the subject I felt guilty I wish I had been there to hold her when she woke up, I opened the door and saw her sitting on the couch, Hey baby... "Hi.." She got up and hugged me , You okay? "Yeah just hold me.." Alright babe.. You want to go to bed? "No.." I grabbed her hand and led her outside "Bruno where are you taking me?" Just come with me.. I hugged her from behind and pointed at the brightest star in the sky, You see that star? "Yes.." It's the same star I see at the studio and every time I miss you I look at it and it just gives me a good feeling I want you too look at that star every time you need me or you miss me, okay? "Oh my god Bruno.." She turned around and kissed me I looked at her and wiped away the tear running down her cheek, "I love you so much.." I love you more babe... "Alena I can't show you how much I love you by just saying it... but I can do something else.." I got down on one knee and took the ring out of my pocket she just stared at me in pure shock, Alena from the first moment I laid eyes on you.. I knew, I knew you would be the one girl that meant the world to me, the one girl that would be there for me no matter what.. And you were and you still are Alena you're my girl and I just want to be able to call you my wife.. Alena will you marry me? She smiled from ear to ear while tears were running down her cheeks, "Yes I'll marry you Bruno"  
The end.