Chapter 16-19

22/03/2012 19:29

Chapter 16:
When he's really close to my face, I look at how beautiful his eyes are in the moonlight. He closes his eyes. Right when I think he's gonna kiss me, I feel something attack my stomach. I start laughing.

"Ahh Bruno! Stop!.. That..T-tickles!" I say between laughter. I kick and squirm in the sand as his fingers wildly run across my stomach. When he finally is done tickling me, I just lay there. 

"C'mon. Get up."

"I can't" I say like a baby.


"My sides and tummy hurt."

"Awh I'm sorry." He says picking me up bridal style and carrying me home. When we get there, he puts me down by the door.

"I'm not heavy to you?" He shrugs

"Eh. You could lose a few pounds." He says looking down at my stomach. I punch his arm.

"Meanie! With all that tickling I probably did!" He chuckles and gives me a hug.

"Well goodnight!" He says before walking away into the dark. I just stand there, kind of falling back on the door, as I watch his dark, shadowy figure slowly shrink in the distance. 

I turn around and slowly turn the door knob. Once it opens enough for me to squeeze in, I do. I close the door an lock it. A light comes on behind me. I turn around, scared for the worst. 

I see my mom sitting on a chair by to light. She totally planned this!

"Where were you?" She asks madly, making me jump.

"I-I was out." I state, avoiding the real question I KNOW she's asking.

"With who?" She says mad and kinda loud.

"B-by myself.."

"DON'T LIE TO ME ABRIANNA!" She basically yells at me. "I KNOW how scared you get at night by yourself. Now I'm gonna ask you one more time. If another lie comes out of that mouth of yours, I SWEAR you can say goodbye to everything a teenage girl wants or 'NEEDS'. Who. Were. You. WITH?!" 

I cringe, and stay quiet for a while. I can't lie anymore. I mean, Bruno said she knows 'everything'... 'Everything, everything..' I repeat In my head. What does 'Everything' REALLY mean? SOMEthings? I whisper where she can't here me,

"Goodbye Bruno"....


Chapter 17:
"With Bruno." I say half-minded. I look down, knowing I would probably never see him again and be in a lot of trouble. 

"The one you ditched with all week?" She says, softening her tone, soon to change when I don't answer. She's never been this mad at me.
"Damnit, Abri! Answer me! Why would you ditch, for the first time, with a boy you'd only known, what? LESS THAN 24 HOURS?!" 

Yep it's proven. 'Everything' means everything. I open my mouth to say something but all that came out was "I-I-I.." My eyes get watery and theres a knot in my throat, furthermore preventing me from speaking.

She calms down a little bit... I think. 

“You know what? Just go to your room.” She orders. “We’ll talk about this tomorrow. When your DAD gets home!” I had plans with my friends. 


“And DON’T think you are going anywhere tomorrow.” I turn back around and go upstairs. I cry myself to sleep.

I wake up. I had a dream about me and Bruno.. nevermind. It’s kinda creepy. I take a shower, brush my teeth, and all that stuff. When I open my door, the occurrence of last night smacked me in the face. I close my door, not wanting the feeling to come into my room, but it’s too late. It does.

“Well I gotta face them sometime” I say with a shrug, opening the door to walk out.

I go into the kitchen at get a bowl and spoon, sitting them on the table where my mom and brother were with the cereal and milk. I sit down and start to pour my milk first. Why? Cause I’m a rebel. My mom looks at me but I just ignore her disapproving smile. I pour the cereal into my milk, smashing it down with my spoon.

She finally clears her throat to speak,

“Your dad’s coming early today”

“Oh happy day!” I respond sarcastically, raising my hands in the air.

"You should be happy. He has been gone for months. Look forward to it."

"What's to look forward to if I'm just gonna get lectured and yelled at all day?" I rudely respond, crossing my arms over my chest, slouching in my seat.

"It's a blessing you CAN even get lectured by your dad. Some people can't get that."

"Oh yea," I start sarcastically, "Hi dad! I miss you! I can't wait to get lectured and yelled at for hours for ditching with a boy that I've barely known a week!" I say, soon after, hearing a bowl and spoon hit each other, making a loud noise behind me...


Chapter 18:
We look back to see my brother frozen, eyes wide open. There's cereal and milk running down his chin.

"Sh-she's worse than I am!" My 7-almost-8 year old "badass" brother exclaims. I roll my eyes, turning back to my mom.

"He's changing you already. Look at you. Your attitude was NEVER like this. Now you can't stop rolling your eyes!" I stop myself from rolling my eyes at her.

When we are done with breakfast, I sit on the couch already dreading whats gonna happen later. I flip on the T.V. and watch two episodes of SpongeBob before I hear the door start to open. I watch as my fairly tall, thin dad walks through the door, closing the door behind him. He smiles when he sees us.

"Hey!" He extends his arms. We get up and give him a hug. "Hey Braxton? Can you go test this new game out in your room?" My dad asks, giving my brother a new game. He gets really exited and runs upstairs.

My dad looks at me and motions toward the couch. I sit down, them right behind me.

"So whats this I hear about you ditching with some random guy?" he asks in a surprisingly calm voice. I look at my mom and they are just both staring at me.

"He's not 'some random guy'" I say under my breath.

"Answer my question," I'm quite. "Now." He says stern.

"I-I- um.." I try to explain but I just stutter. My parent raise their eyebrows at me. "Well, I-I was j- um.." I look down. I still couldn't find the words.

"Well since you can't talk, I'll do all of it." My dad says standing up.

'shit.' I think to myself.

"What in the HELL would be going through your mind to ditch with a boy that you only knew- what? a couple days?!"

'Because I didn't want this to happen' I say to myself.

"A week." I answer his last question.

"That doesn't matter. What matters is that, that little- that little HOOLIGAN changed MY daughter. My princess." He says the last part with more sadness in his voice than anger.

"I'm sorry daddy." I say, giving him puppy eyes. I hug him and soon, I feel his warm strong arms wrap around me, which means he forgives me.

"Its ok," He starts. "But you may never see him again. Understood?" 

"But daddyyyyy!"



"No buts."

"Daadddyyyy!" I whine.

"No!" He says sternly.

"Fine!" I say pouting and crossing my arms over my chest.

"Why do you like him so much?" He asks concerned.

"That's what I'm trying to tell youuu! He's my best friend's brother! I HAVE to see him!"

"Well you don't have to be his friend."


"I better not EVER catch you with him, okay?"

"Yes daddy." 

"We'll think of your punishment later."

"Ok daddy."

"You are excused." I run up to my room. I'm so glad that went better than I thought. I'm lucky I have a dad.


Later on, my dad took my mom to the hospital. She wasn't feeling well. I have to look over my brother. But I have a plan. I call Bruno. When he picks up, I quickly say 

"Hey Bruno? Meet me at the beach by my house in 10 minutes. K bye!"

I hang up. "Braxton! Get ready! We're going to the beach!" I yell up the stairs, dialing my dad's number. "Hey dad Braxton wants to go to the beach so I'm gonna take him!... Ok, I won't... Love you too.. Bye."

I run upstairs and put on a pink and blue two piece bikini with shorts and a t-shirt over it. I'm gonna have fun for the last 3 hours I have.


Chapter 19:
Braxton takes forever. He's probably getting his surfboard. He wants to be a "professional surfer" when he grows up. I go help him at the top of the stairs and we go to the beach where Bruno already was.

"Go ahead Brax" He happily runs off.

"Hey." Bruno says, inviting me into a hug as I walk over.

"Hey." I say before accepting his hug, breathing in his scent. I just want to smell him forever. Wait! That sounds creepy. He pulls away.

"So?" He say looking at me.

"Soo?" I ask back.

"What's poppin'?" I shrug.

"I was bored." We sit down on a boulder.

"So you just forget about Eric?" He smirks with raised eyebrows. I try to avoid his "question in a question" which is 'You love me so much that you forgot about Eric?'

"Soo.. you don't wanna hang out with me? Fine. I'll go spend my LAST 3 HOURS OF FREEDOM with ERIC!" I say getting up. He grabs my arm. I look back, acting like I'm mad.

"I was just playing. Please spend the everyday with me for the rest of my life?" He says with puppy eyes, looking serious. 

"Bruno, are you proposing to me?? It's so soon!" He kneels down in front of me, a smile creeping up on his face as he looks up at me.

"Yes! Abrianna um... what's your full name?"

"Abrianna Amore Julie Smith." I say with a laugh.

"Abrianna Amore... Julie Smith will you marry me? um.. for the rest of the night?" I laugh at him. 

"Psst! Say yes!" He whispers.

"Um you didn't get me a ring."

"Oh." He looks in his pockets, pulling out an individual rapped Ring Pop.

"Wow. How convenient!" I laugh once again.

"What? I love these things!" He says opening the pop, sliding it on my finger, then pulling out another for him.

"And when these run out, we aren't married anymore." I nod, licking the pop.

"Mmhhm. This one's good!" He laughs then takes the pop out my mouth.

"Savor the flavor.. and the time." 


About two hours later, we were sitting at the shore, watching the sunset. Bruno breaks our silence, looking down at his hand. "You know, I'd usually be done with 20 of theses by now.

"You're fat." I say poking his stomach.

"We haven't had a honeymoon yet." He completely changed the subject, turning to smirk at me.

"And we won't anytime soon." I say, thinking about what usually happens during... those.

"But why nooottt?" Bruno whines.


"Ok." He whispers in my ears making chills run down my back.

"Are you trying to seduce me, Bruno?" He laughs.

"Only if it's working."

"So that's a yes."

"It worked!"


"I said 'only if it's working' and you said 'Thats a yes!' haha!"

"NO- Tha- That's not what I-" He wouldn't stop laughing.
"Ugh!" I scoot closer to the water and splash him. He gasps but stops laughing, which makes me laugh. He gets up and splashes me full on in the face. I stop laughing and he dos again. I wipe my face off, splashing him all over his shirt. 

We keep splashing until Bruno picks me up and drops me in the water. He runs off.

"BRUNO!" I scream, slipping my remaining flip flop off, running after him. When I caught up to him, I jump on his back. He falls down but pushes me off and gets up. Before he runs off again, I grab his arm, getting up. I give him a "hug" rubbing the water all over him. But then I notice I was basically grinding on him so I started to stop when he grabbed my waist, whispering in my ear:

"Are you trying to seduce me, Abri?" I wrap my arms around his neck, kind of hugging him, whispering:

"Only if it's working." I smirk at him.

"So that's a yes." I laugh, pushing him, gently, away from me.

"You make me say bad things, Bruno." I turn to start walking away.
He grabs my waist from behind.

"You make me 'do' wrong things... Abri." He whispers in my ear, feeling that tingling down my spine, again. I turn around to face him.

"Like. What?" I whisper in his.

"Like. This." He grabs my face and plants his lips on Mine, making Sparks Fly (* Hehe two Taylor Swift songs!! Anyway, back to the story! Go on!*) 

When he finally starts to pull back, I feel him smile. I look in his eyes and he's looking in mine. I want to stay like this. I feel warm, safe. But when someone breaks our moment, I just wanna... deep breath, Abrianna. Deep breath.

Bruno turns in their direction, seeing my brother surf a wave, screaming, making him come colliding with the water. At first, I wanted to strangle him for ruining that but I laughed when his Tarzan attempt, failed. When Bruno turns back around, I decide we should probably get home because it's getting late.

"I should get home. My parents don't know I'm with you, I can't be. C'mon Brax!" I call over Bruno's shoulder, seeing my brother swim to shore. "Bye Bruno." I give him a kiss on the cheek, starting to walk home, Braxton close behind.

"What?! No hug?!" I hear behind me. I shake my head, silently laughing.

"Go in the house Brax. I'll be in soon." I tell him, handing him the key. He grabs is, smirking in an evil way.

"Is that the guy?" I know where this is going.

"Who?" I play dumb.

"Uh.. They guy right behind you!"...