Chapter 17

01/07/2012 21:37

Alyssa’s POV

My sister and I went shopping for dresses and shoes. It was like our favorite past-time. My sister and I walked into Forever 21, Alice started to scan through clothes. As my sister picks out a lot of dresses, I just stood there watching her.

“Aly, you should really tell everyone you’re dating him. Come on, think about the instant popularity, the special attention, the…” She started to babble as she looks for more dresses.

“…the never ending death threats.” I continued her sentence. She glared at me and continued on her “search”.

“And come on, you can’t just hide and deny it.” She said and handed me a floral dress. I looked at it and looked back at her.

“I just don’t want to cause some controversy shit.” I said and put the dress back on the rack. My sister just sighed and paid for all the dresses she got.

“Are you even serious?” I asked her as we got out of the store.

“What?” She looked at me like I am crazy.

“Buying all those dresses, c’mon, like you can wear all of those.”  I rolled my eyes.

“Who said I’m going to wear all of these?” She laughed.

“Then who?” I looked at her confused.

“You are.” She whispered. I rolled my eyes and continued walking. My sister and I went to a smoothie bar that we used to love. I ordered a Strawberry Smoothie while my sister ordered a Mango Smoothie.

“You know what, I missed this stuff.” I said as I took a sip from my drink.

“Me too.” My sister sighed as we walked away from the bar. We walked out of the mall to wait for Gary to pick us up. Then I saw the same group of paparazzi earlier hurry towards us. Oh shit, not again.

“Seriously, Aly why are they following you?” My sister said as she pulled me towards our car that’s slowly coming to a stop.

“I don’t know! They just saw me with Bruno once.” I said through my teeth. My sister and I hurried into the car. She gently threw her shopping bags on the back so we’d have plenty of space in the middle.

“That is just so ridiculous.” My sister said as the car started to move.

“I know” I sighed.

Bruno’s POV

 “Alyssa just told me that the paparazzi found her.” I said towards Phil who’s looking through his phone while lying on my bed.

“Oh.” He said and he continued to look around his phone.

“Should I tell everyone that I’m dating her?” I asked him and sat on the chair across the bed.

“I don’t know, whatever.” I heard Phil mumbled.

“Damn man, this is serious.” I raised my voice and stood up. Phil got up from the bed and stood in front of me.

“Man, don’t ask me, am I your girlfriend? Ask your girlfriend. You guys talk about it.” Phil said.

“You’re right.” I sighed and sat back on the chair. As the night came, it was like the usual hotel nights I have these days; talking with Alyssa on the phone. We talked about how our day was and what we’re doing but neither one of us brought up the paparazzi thing.

“So, babe….” She said in a very sleepy voice.

“Yeah?”  I said and adjusted myself on the bed.

“I’m gonna sleep now, I have a busy day ahead of me. I must check up on the shop, catch up with my family and shit.” She yawned at the end of her sentence.

“Okay babe. Have a good night. I love you.” I said.

“I love you too.” She replied.

“Oh, by the way… See you tomorrow.” I said referring to my concert tomorrow where she’ll get to watch me.

“Yes, baby.” She softly giggled.

“Wear something pretty tomorrow okay?” I said and smiled.

“Okay, babe. Goodnight.” She giggled and hung up. I just stayed there and started to wonder around. I started t imagine Alyssa wearing a pretty dress and all dolled up like the usual. Before I knew it, I was dozing off.