Chapter 19

06/05/2011 19:06

I walk home in the rain. My face is wet but mainly from my tears. Ever since I’ve been with Bru, my life has just been drama filled and now, my mama abandoned me. She packed her shit and rocketed out without telling me where she was going. I finally get to the house and the door is unlocked, no ones here. I walk up the stairs and take a shower, the hot steams the room up but I feel numb. I get out, dry off, put on my pajamas and lay in the bed. I can't help that tears fall from my eyes but I make no noise. Why would mama just up and go like that? It's not like her and then for her to not like Bru the moment she seen him then to kick me out without a explanation.


“here” I said

Bru came in the room, he was drenched. He ripped off his clothes and pulled me into him.

“baby, you had me walking up and down these streets in the rain looking for you, scared for your and Linda” he said

“sorry” I said

“where were you?”


“baby, i'm so not in the mood for jokes right now”

“that's a first”

“Alicia, where were you”

“My mothers”

“your moms?”



“she was the one who knocked on the door, we talked then she left in a hurry, I went to her house to see her only to see a empty house”

He held me closer and kissed me on my forehead. I felt tears forming but I blinked them away, crying never did anything but make you have a pity party. So mama left, so what. It's time to grow up and move on.

“It's ok though, i'm fine” I said

“you sure don't look it” Bru said

“yeah but looks can be deceiving” I said with a smile

“yeah, I should of ran away when I seen you because you are crazy”

I pushed him in his shoulder but he just smiled. He kissed me and I kissed him back feeling everything he was giving me. I felt him get excited but pooka kicked me, hard. We look at each other and start to laugh. He lifts up my shirt and kissed my stomach.

“God your hands are cold Bruno”

“oh no there not”

He began to touch me all over my body. I started laughing and he brought out the piggy.

“oh no, not the piggy!” I said

“Squeal ATTACK!” Bru screamed

With his cold hands, he tickled me and tickled me. Even pooka was kicking him.


“ No (squeal) WAY (squeal)”


I felt it coming, I was squeezing so hard but the laughter was taking over my bladder. I tried to push him off of me but he started squealing harder.


I push him off of me and run to the bathroom. Oh god I almost didn't make it but I did, thank god I don't wear panties anymore. He came into the bathroom with a big smile on his face.

“So I see you are potty trained, good job! Your a big girl now” Bru said

I threw my slipper at him “shut up Bru” I said

He kissed me and I did my hand washing and laid down on the bed. Pooka was kicking me.

“yeah I know, your dad is silly”

She kicked again and I just put my hand on my belly, when a feel of anxiety came over me. I had 4 months to go. Depending on here she could be here earlier, I’ve gotten used to the whole idea of being a mother and looking like Mobey Dick but just the flashes of seeing Alisia give birth to Geno, always flashed back. The tearing, the blood, the screaming......

“babe you ok?” Bru asked

“huh, oh yeah i'm cool cat” I said “ I was just thinking about birth”

“i'm not ready for that, I don't know what to do when it all happens”

“you just tell me everything will be ok and I scream and curse at you, then I break your fingers”

He stared at me and turned green. I just started laughing, he bit his lip and smiled.

“haha so funny Alicia” he said getting into the bed

“i'm serious, mothers had tend to break fingers when pushing”


“yes suh”

“that's giving me the hebeegebe's, I need my fingers”

“to play your guitar yeah I know”

“no, to keep touching your beautiful face babe”

“awh your so sweet, Sweetie Petey”

“my grandma used to say that”

“ awh thats sweet”

“yeah your gonna love her, when you meet her”

“i hope so”

“well got a long day tomorrow”

“why whats tomorrow?”

“were going to get LJ tomorrow”

“wait what?”

“good night babe”

“wait when was this....”

“babe goodnight”

I rolled my eyes and when to sleep.

I awoke the next morning to a loud knock.

“ Bru go get it”

I put my hand on my waist and I don't feel a hand. He must be downstairs. I get up, put on my slippers and walk downstairs. When I get to the end of the steps I see LJ, dad and Bru

“she upstairs Bruno?” LJ said

“yes but she's sleeping” Bru said

“no i'm awake now” I said

“Good morning gorgeous sister” LJ said

“Good morning charmer” I said

He ran over and kissed my belly then gave me a hug.

“My niece are you awake” LJ asked

“No Pooka's night owl like Bru, do you think it's a girl LJ” I said

“I know it's girl because daddy said that you glow more when you have baby girls in your belly” he said

“That's right and Hello, Pumpkin” Dad said as he came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek

“Hey daddy-o” I said

“how are you?, he taking care of my girls?” dad said

“Johnny man you know I am” Bru said

“yeah, you made her extremely big, that's for sure” dad said


They all laughed but I didn't see what was so funny.

“it's Ok, lee lee, your amazing just the way you are” LJ said

“hey that's my line” Bru said

“well i'm going to get going” dad said

“can you at least stay for breakfast?” I asked

“sure, a meal is a blessing” he said

I just made Blueberry pancakes, & potato omelets. Bru as usually had seconds and thirds LJ tried to keep up but couldn't . Dad on the other hand, was eating like Bruno and I had my 2 servings.

“Babe, that was so good” Bru said

“yeah, I can't even think about eating anymore” Dad said

“stuffed turkey” LJ said

We all started laughing. Dad gave me a kiss on the cheek and stood up.

“well I got to go, LJ you behave now” he said

“Don't I always?” LJ said with a yawn

He gave Bru a hug and then left. LJ helped me clean up and Bru did the dishes, LJ sat on the couch just playing with his fingers. I just stared at him, what was I going to do with him for the weekend? I didn't want him to be bored but, I didn't know what kids like now a days. Especially little boys at that.

“lets go to the park?” I said

“OK!” LJ screamed

I laugh “just let me get dressed, ok”


I go upstairs and put on my baby blue sundress with my white flats. I go back downstairs and see that Bru has his guitar out and LJ has a ukelele.

“yeah now if you move your fingers here, that's the G chord” Bru said

LJ strums “G”

“Right right, now this is A” Bru said

All I could do was smile, seeing Bru teach LJ made me know that he has patience’s. Looking at LJ, he could be our son.

“You guys ready, or do you want to do music lessons all day”

“Park, Park, Park!”

“ok LJ lets go”

He puts down the ukelele grabs Bru's hand, pulls him over to me and grabs my hand too. I grab my purse and we go on our way.

We get to Gabby Park and LJ takes off towards the swings.

“push me please” LJ asked

Bru goes over and I sit on the bench, he's pushing LJ and having a blast running back and forth going in front of him to the back. This little girl comes over and gets on the swing, she tries to move but it doesn't work out.

“you need help little girl?” Bru asked her

“yes please sir” she said

When he started pushing them, I laid down laughing so hard. Bru was making funny faces at the two of them while pushing them at the same time. All of a sudden a lady came from no where and snatched up the little girl.

“what did I tell you about talking to strangers!” she said

“i'm sorry mommy but I couldn't swing mommy, so he helped me” the little girl said

I seen her look at Bru and her mood totally change, it was if all of a sudden she had and an uplifting in her attitude. Bitch please, he's taken. I was about to get up but I wanted to see how Bru would handle this.

“well hello, thank you for the push” she said

“no problem” he said

“there must be a way I can thank you?” she asked

“yeah just thank my wife over there for her little brother”

She looked over at me then my belly, I just smiled and she smiled back. Bitch, don't look me up and down. Her whole demeanor changed and she was no longer smiling.

“Oh, awh that is sweet, ok Ella lets go” she said

“but I don't wanna” ella said

“let's go!”

She pulled along ella while she was crying. Poor little girl has to live with that desperate women. Shame. LJ & Bru started running around and playing, looking at them was making me sleepy. I hated that I was always tired, pooka is a big job. I put my hand on my belly, am I ready for this?

About and hour or two later, my little curly heads ran out of energy. They both ran over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, I felt myself grow hot knowing that I was blushing.

“I'm so tired lee lee” LJ said

“yeah, I'm ready for a nap” Bru said

“alright lets go” I said

We all got up and left to go home. We get home and I sit on the couch ready to pass out. I look at the boys and see we were all about to pass out.

“OK, LJ go take a bath and come back downstairs” Bru said

LJ grabbed his suitcase and went upstairs. We heard the water running and I just smiled at Bru.

“your going to be such a good father” I said

“think so?” he said

“yeah, you were amazing with LJ”

“yeah I was pretty amazing” he said with a smile

I rolled my eyes, didn't have enough energy to reply back. I didn't realize I dosed off until I heard LJ's little voice.

“i'm so tired” LJ says

“ok but eat a snack before you take a nap” Bru said


LJ got up and sat on my lap and laid his head on my chest, he's so warm and smells like baby powder just like dad does. I laughed, he didn't even make it to the kitchen. He pulled himself closer to me and I just rubbed his back and played wit his hair. It was just as curly and soft as Bru's but a little thicker, I looked down at him and his Rosie cheeks were cute and chubby and when he smiled in his sleep I smiled too. I didn't think I was going to like LJ but he warmed his way into my heart. He's a little charmer and reminds me of Bru, with the strong smell of cinnamon I felt lips on my forehead. He scooped LJ out of my lap and walked up stairs, I followed him.

He laid him down on the bed and tucked him in, I gave LJ a little kiss and stood by the doorway with Bru.

“he makes it so easy” I said

“yeah, I can't wait till Linda’s here” Bru said

“how do you know it's not a jr?”

“ it's a philorican thang”

I roll my eyes.

“we had fun today” I said

“we sure did”

The phone rang and Bru answered.

“hey whats....WHAT?....Ok ok....ok” he hung up the phone

“whats wrong?” I asked

“ Alisia's in labor” he said


“yeah, I’mma stay here with LJ, you go ok”


I ran downstairs and grabbed my purse, when I sung open the door Phred was there. He was sweaty and he had a bloody nose. He was all shook up he didn't know what to say, so I gave him a hug. I heard Alisia in the background screaming.


So that explains the nose, we run over to the car and I get in the back with Alisia. She sitting up and sweating like a pig, she immediately grabs my hand.


Alisia stared crying and I just pushed her hair into a ponytail. I remember she was worse with Geno. She pulled one of Phreds dreads out while she was going into labor and when she pushed Geneo out, Phred fainted and the nurses had to help him back into conciseness She was screaming the whole way to the hospital and Phred was all shook up. We finally get there and we bust through the emergency room, the nurse just looked at Alisia like she was crazy. Bad move.


The nurse got up and ran somewhere. I still had Alisia's hand and she was trying to remove the one. The nurse came back with a team of hospital staff and they wheeled her into the delivery room while I followed.

“phred you stay here, you fainted last time” I said behind me

He just shook his head an sat down trembling with fear. I didn't understand it, he's been through this before, why was he still scared like that? We get into the room and Alisia has her hand out as soon as she see's me, I grab her hand. She starts shaking really bad and crying.


“i know, I know but you have to Alisia” I said

“this baby has to come out so lets go” the doctor said

Alisia starts crying harder

“come on gurl, you can do it” I said

“I WANT PHREDLY!” she said

Phred busted in the room nervousness was all over him but he was here. He ran over to her and held her hand then kissed it and her forehead.

“you can do it gurl!” I said

“NO I CAN'T” Alisia said

“Come on baby, we can do this, i'm right here no matter what, OK?” Phred said

Alisia started crying harder but she shook her head yes

“ok lets do this NOW, Alisia Push, push, push,push, push,push, push,push, push,!” the doctor said

“OK SHUT UP!!!” Alisia screamed

She pushed and screamed and pushed and screamed for an half and hour. The nurses put a cold towel on her forehead. She was a sweat machine but who could blame her, she was giving birth.

“come on Alisia, just one more, I see the head!” the doctor said

“come on babe” Phred said

“Alisia, push” I said

“UUUUGH” she screamed

Everyone clapped as her last push got the baby out.

“Girl, it's a girl! Oh congratulation” the nurse said

Phred was radiating with joy with this big smile on his face. I looked at Alisia and she was tired and her hair was everywhere but she was gleaming with joy. I put my hand on my stomach and realized all this was going to happen to me soon. I fainted.