Chapter 2

22/04/2011 16:19

The way we fell in love was like being foreseen, fate really did its work well.

But it has to work 2 times before it finally hit us...


It was a cold, but sunny spring day. I just couldn’t believe I did this, while I was on my way to the venue where he would do his show.


But I had to. I had to see him again. After 2 years, after just a short conversation while waiting for the train, we hadn’t even changed names or numbers. Just talked but never forget each other.


I arrived at the venue, felt so stupid. There only were 10 more people, hardcore fans, building up a queue in front of the venue’s main entrance. They had tickets, me not. So I strolled around the venue try to figure out where the backstage entrance is. 2 hours went by, nothing happened. I got a little bit cold.


Still thinking `Why am I doing this?`


I just was about to leave, when a little van with dark windows drove to the backstage entrance.


`Can he be in there?` I turned around, walking towards the car.


The door opened, a couple of guys drop out. I recognized them as being the members of his band. Wasn’t that Phil, his co-singer?! After him 2 big men came out, probably bodyguards. Then a small guy got out of the car, with a hat on.


`That’s him`, I thought. I walked faster.


„Bruno“, that was all I could yell.


He turned his head towards me, looked at me, started to stare at me.


Now I was about 2 metres away from him. I stopped.


I stared into his eyes, he stared back into mine. He was like frozen.


Then after about 10 seconds his face turned into a gorgeous smile. He turned his whole body towards me. Now he stood right before me.


„Hey, do I know you? You’re face it ... it looks so familiar to me. What’s your name?“, he asked me.


I replied: „Well you don’t know my name. But you better recognize me. Coz you wrote a song about me.“


He first looked confused, after a while of thinking he yelled out „Oh my good! You are the girl from Brooklyn! Somewhere in Brooklyn. Yeah, you are her!“


„Right“, I just said smiling, while my heart jumped around wild. „You pretty brought it far since this day in Brooklyn. I came here, coz... I don’t know... I just wanted... to see you again, tell you that... I’m proud of you, I never forgot you, and when I heard that song I just... was... blown away... couldn’t believe you actually... singing about... me!“


„Oh wow, that’s really unbelieveable! I don’t know what to say“, he said shocked, but happy. „You look great! Your hair changed a little bit. It’s longer now. Wow! Nice to see you... again!“


Then Phil went next to us and asked wondering: „You are the girl from Somewhere in Brooklyn? Wow if that’s no amazing surprise. Well nice to meet you. How are you?“ 


That was our 2nd meeting, the beginning of a wonderful relationship.


I smiled while thinking of this moment. I still exactly can remember the way he looked at me, like it was yesterday.


From this day on we were inseparable. Fate let us lead a charmed life. Love loved us.


At this time I just finished studying. I planned doing a little break before starting work. Only wanted to travel around and enjoy independence before the seriousness of work-life begins. No other things to do. No other man, who would made me stay.


So he took me with him on his world tour.


We had awesome weeks and months, saw so many different beautiful places all over the world. We fell in love so fast, experienced so many great things together, that made the bonds of our love so strong only after a short time.


After his tour was finished we decided to move together.


I was so blessed. It was like a dream came true!


We lived in the most gorgeous house I ever have seen. We went to VIP-partys almost every day of the week, just lived the life of the Rich and Famous. But also enjoyed awesome days alone together or with our friends.


I thought after a while it would be good to have a job, at least half-time, so I wouldn’t get too `over the top`. He was fine with that. I quickly found one.


But then unpredictable fate changed our plans, our future, our lives... and created a new life...


I close my eyes and suspire while commemorating that lovely time, not to be able to relate to how it could change to the present misery, what we are in now...


I should have known it at this time already that everything was to good to be true! No I even thought it becomes better! Because I was blind... blind of love that filled my life so much... so much that I forgot about my sins...


„If I don’t wanna come too late I’ll have to go now“, I tell Eve.


„Okay. I’ll take good care of the lil man. See ya later“, Eve responses.


I give Sammy a kiss and leave the house.

It’s a nice sunny day in January. A light wind is blowing. I take a deep breath and start walking to the lawyer’s office. It’s a short way, only about 20 minutes.


I look around. The houses really look nice. In the garden fathers are making BBQ, mothers planting flowers, children are playing and jumping around.


Lots of idyllic scenes. And what am I doing?


I’m going to an appointment with our divorce lawyer. Now only 3 months are left of our year of separation. Time to talk about issues like who is getting what. Stupid stuff.


I remember the time we furnished the house, decorated it with pictures of us and the places we visited...


„Is it right now?“, Bruno asked, while holding the big black-and-white picture of us standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris against the wall. I put it into a blazing red frame fitting perfectly to the `radical` red leather couch, his favorite color.  


„No, rotate it a little bit more to the right... stop... that’s too much... left, left... stop... don’t do it so fast!“


Bruno sighed.


„Is it too heavy for you, honey?“, I asked provokingly. „It’s almost perfect, just a lil bit more left... stop... right... right... right... stop... left... left... stop.“


I laughed out loud, just couldn’t hold it back seeing him being close to despair, while I was pranking him.


„Oh, you lil swine of a woman“, he shouted out, „you prank your man who’s gonna work so hard for you. Just wait.“


He put down the picture quickly, jumped off the couch and ran towards me.


Before I could react and run away, he caught me and held me tight.


„Sorry baby, that was just tooooo tempting. Seeing you, my lil man, stretching out so much, travailing, I just HAD to fool you“, I explained to him with a big smirk.


„Tempting, hm? Your lil man?“, he asked me with his typical kind, turned on gaze.


His head approached my ear and he whispered slowly with a deep, sexy tone: „Well, let me show ya how tempting MY little man is!“  


I shake my head. `No I don’t wanna recollect what came next.’


At that time I didn’t thought about discussing someday what thing will be mine or his. It was ours. No doubt.


Do I really want to end it like that?


No, I don’t.


But I can’t help. I’m still hurt so much.


And what about him? What does HE want?


The last time we saw each other was also at lawyer’s office right after I filed for divorce. He acted so formal. Didn’t look at me at all. Hid his emotions perfectly.


Before that he tried to call me a thousand times. But I didn’t answer. I couldn’t talk to him.


Then he again hit the road, toured all over the world. I was following him on twitter. He seemed to be happy... So I didn’t bother him.


Sometimes I sent him pictures of Sam, let him know how fast he grew and what new things he learned. How quickly he evolved into a little charming personality reminding everybody so much of his Dad.


His answers always were short.


Like `Great!` or `That’s awesome!`

With a note where he was right now. And a `I miss you both so much!` or `Hope you allowe me to see you both soon!` at the end.


Either because of hurry or lack of finding the right thing to say. That’s his way of talking. Being anxious and well-considered of his choice of words. One thing I love so much about him. One thing I miss so much...


I arrive at the lawyer’s office.


Time goes by so fast during this awkward flashbacks.


When I reach the door I hear someone behind me shouting: „Hey! Sabrina!“


I turn around....