Chapter 20-24

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Chapter 20:

"Abri, what's wrong?!" my mom says, sitting next to my dad on the bed. I put my hand on my head, catching my breath. Wait.. I'm sweating! 

"I-I..." My dad hands me a cup of water. I drink some.

"Now.. Whats wrong sweetheart?" He asks.

"I just had a bad dream.. thats all."

"About..." -Mom

"Nothing. It's ok. I'm fine." I didn't want them to know I dreamt about him.

"Okayy.. then who's Bruno?"-Dad


"You were screaming, 'Bruno, Bruno!'" I blush a little.

"SOO... "

"H-he's.. my best friend's brother."

"The one you ditched with." My dad just HAD to add in.

"What was the dream about?" Mom asks.

"Uhh.. Can we not talk about this tonight?" I scratch the back of my head. "I'm really tired."

"Okay. Goodnight sweetheart."

"Nite." I say into my pillow, drifting off again.


When I wake up on Monday, I feel like crap, being as I didn't get much sleep due to another nightmare last night. It had the same concept but instead of killing me, or trying to.. it was kinda like the Thriller video..

Anyway, I walked school alone since I woke up late. At lunch I saw Bruno walking up to me.

"Hey Cinderella! Looking great!" I roll my eyes, smiling, at his sarcastic statement.

"Shut up!" He laughs.

"I'm picking you up tomorrow at 8. So be ready!"


"Seriously! I'm not doing my job if you aren't falling head over heels for me."

"Fine! But I'm still not falling for you!"

"Soon, young one, soon"


The next night, I put on a cute pink dress. Why? I felt like wearing a dress. I get the wrapped up ring pop off my desk and slip it on, slipping out the window since I'm grounded. I see Bruno pull up so I run to the Jeep and get in.


"What? How?"

"You have your own CAR!"

"How do you know this is my car?"

"Cause if I was your mom I wouldn't let you drive my car!" He laughs.

"So where are we going?" I ask after about 10 minutes of driving. He shrugs, making me smh at him. He stops driving and parks.

"Come here." He says unbuckling. I unbuckle and scoot closer to him.


"Closer." I scoot closer. "Closer.." I scoot again. When I do, he grabs my chin and kisses me softly. He moves his other hand and gently, softly, slowly, rubs my cheek, sending chills down my spine. He pulls away. I don't open my eyes, still tasting the sweetness of his lips on mine. When I do open my eyes, I see him staring at me with that all too familiar smirk.


"You loved it!"

"And why would you think that?"

"Because whenever a girl likes a kiss, she does that."

"Do what?" I say leaning in towards him,

"Bite their lip and keep their eyes closed."

"Well.. how do you know when a guy likes a kiss?" I ask in a soft, flirty tone. He smiles.

"When he starts touching you."

"How does a guy like a kiss?"

"Rough..." He thinks for a second. "And hard!" He smirks.

"Like this?"

I press my lips against his, feeling him smile against mine. As the time goes on, the kiss gets more... rough. This turned into a make-out cession, basically. I didn't notice, at first, that he had climbed into my seat, never breaking contact. My fingers were wrapped in his hair as he pushes me up against the door. His hands start going lower and lower until they were at the bottom of my dress. My breathing increased when his cold hands touched my bare skin. I pull back out of air. 

I smile. He loved it. He looks me in the eyes, breathing heavy, still over me.

"Uh Bruno, can I get up?"





Chapter 21:

"Cause what?"

"Cuz I aint done witchu!"

"And when exactly will you be 'done'?" He smirks.

"Um, no. I don't know how you were taught, but I'm not losing my virginity at 15"

"Almost 16 and no, I wasn't thinking that ya nasty!" He gets up and opens the door.

"Get out."

"RUDE!" He laughs

"No just get out." I do as told and he follows. We sit on the front of the car and look at the stars. He points at the moon.

"Full moon." He says

"I know it's beautiful." He looks at me so I look at him. 

"Can I?"

"Can you what?" I say with a laugh.

"Can I howl at the moon, without you running away?" I role my eyes.

"Go ahead!" He tries howling at the moon for a while.

"Are you done now Bruno?" 

"Yea." I laugh laying my head on his shoulder, yawning.

"I'm tired."

"Well then lets go."

"What? No I don't wanna go HOME yet!"

"What do you want me to do? Drive around all night?" I just look at him. He sighs

"Fine get in the car."

"Oh thank you!" I get in and buckle up. He gets in, does the same, starts the car then turns on the radio. "Into the Night" by Benny Mardones is on. He sings his own version as I drift off to his beautiful voice:

"She's just 15 years old
Leave her at home, they say
Separated by rules, 
that don't care what love is yea
But I want you to know,
If I could fly,
I'd pick you up
I'd take you into the night
and show you a love
like you've never seen, even seen.."


I wake up. Partly to someone picking me up. I wrap my arms around his neck.

"Mmm where are we?"

"At your house." I panic.

"Put me down," He does what I say. "I'm grounded. Walking through there is like walking to my death bed."

"Oh. Well will you go to the movies with me on Friday?"

"Sure, sure. Goodnight Bruno." I climb up to my window, climb in, put the ring on my desk, put some P.J.'s on and slip into bed. I fall asleep almost instantly. I finally get a good dream. When I wake up, I can't stop thinking about him. Am I falling fo- No no. I CAN'T be. I laugh the thought off, getting ready for school. 

When I get to school, I regretted it. It seemed as Bruno was ignoring me. At lunch, I saw him laughing with his friends at a full table. We made eye contact.
His smile dropped and so did my heart. He looked down.

I went and sat with my friends. They kept asking what was wrong and Julie kept eyeing me suspiciously. Why is it bothering me so much? When I start to play with my food, Julie says,

"Abri. I need to talk to you in the restroom. Now" I follow her.

"What went on with you and Bruno last night?"

"Nothing." I say playing with my bracelet.

"I saw what happened when we walked over there. And just yesterday you guys seemed like you wanted to.. to... make-out or something" I glare at her "Just stating the truth. Now spit it"

"I don't know, Julie! I don't know!" I say angrily but then I calm down a little.
"I really don't know. Yesterday we were fine and today he hasn't said a word to me."

"Wow. He really is a jerk." I think back to the story. He never finished it. 

"Yea... Yea he is"

"Well we are here for you and we got your back." 

"Thanks" We hug and walk back to the table.


Chapter 22:

The next day, Bruno still doesn't talk to me but he talks a whole lot to Carol. I guess everything goes back to normal. He's the guy I barely knew and the dream guy Carol repeatedly drew. No joke! She has a journal dedicated to him!

Anyway, when I was walking home after school the next day, Carol walks up to me.

"Hey!" She happily says.

"Hey" I tiredly say.

"Look I know you've been sad, for some odd reason, so thats why I'm gonna hang out with you tomorrow!" Friday... 
'Oh well will you go to the movies with me on Friday?' I replay Bruno's question in my head.

"We could have Savannah and Ambar and-"

"I can't" I say, hoping Bruno won't cancel.

"Oh c'mon!"

"I already have plans."

"Mmhhmm.." She suspiciously says. "With who?" I can't tell her! She'll be crushed! Possibly, she'll hate me.

"I'm waiting." 

"No one."

"Oh I see! You don't wanna spend time with me! You could've just said that!" She crosses her arms, stopping in her tracks.

"Carol it's not even like that! You KNOW I like spend time with-"

"Then WHO is it?"


"Abrianna Amore, if you lie to me one more time. Now I'll ask you again and again I want the truth. With-"

"BRUNO! OKAY?! WITH.BRUNO!" She stands there shocked. Her eyes start to water. She doesn't cry much so...

"Carol I'm so sor-" 

"No! How could you?! You were supposed to be MY FRIEND!"


"No Abrianna! You knew! You knew perfectly well that I still LOVED him! You don't even LIKE him! You just wanna take away the ONE THING I still care about!"
Tears were streaming down her cheeks. She shakes her head and shoves past me. She went in the direction of her house but whenever she's upset, she goes to the forest-like place where we met.

It started raining a little when I get home. I hope Carol went home this time. 

"Hi." My mom greets as I walk in. I run up to my room, ignoring her, trying not to cry. I hear a knock on my door.

"Abrianna?" My mom calls opening my door a crack.

"Go away." I say into my pillow.

"Abri what's wrong?" She obviously ignored my order. "Can we talk about it?"


"Well since you won't talk to me, I'll invite some friends over." And she leaves. My mom always thinks you need to talk things out. Ugh! They are going to interrogate me!


Later on, Ambar, Julie, Savannah, and the absence of Carol were all here.

"It'll be ok. She'll talk to you again." ~Ambar

"I know but this time was different. I could tell." I say trying not to cry, throwing my head back, hitting the headboard of my bed.

"Yea but... why did she even get mad at you in the first place?" ~Julie

"She thought I had a date with Bruno." It went silent.

"Well... did you?" ~Savannah

"No." They look at me suspiciously, again. "What? He just asked me to go to the movies with him tomorrow."

"Wow. He's a player and a jerk." ~Julie

"He's not." I say almost inaudible. 

"What?" She says back, shocked.

"He's really not. He's not a jerk."

"What the fuck are you talking about?! He fucking ignored you all fucking day!"

"Woah woah language, Julie!" Ambar and Savannah say to her. I just shrug.

"Wait. Abrianna? Are you falling for Bruno?" ~Savannah

"What?! No!" Ambar & Savannah gasp and look at Julie who then looks at me and says,


"No, I'm NOT and I'm done talking about him," I say getting up from the bed, "He's a jerk anyway." I walk to my door.

"I thought he wasn't." Julie laughs. I roll my eyes and go downstairs. I hear them follow me, laughing. I go into the kitchen and open the fridge. 

"I'm hungry. I want some Ice Cream!" I close the fridge and open the freezer, hearing them snicker behind me:

"Cravings? The first date must've went better than planned!" Turning around, I say, "Shut up!" then walk out the back door, slamming it, heading for the hammock...


Chapter 23:

I hear them walk out soon after.

"We're sorry." They say in union. I just look down, kicking my feet. They sit around me.

"But we do wanna know all about you and Bruno."

"There's nothing to know." I say with a shrug. Savannah rolls her eyes. Uh oh!

Julie: "I saw you guys hang out." My heart starts beating faster.

Ambar: "I've seen you get in his car." A little faster

Savannah: "I've seen you guys almost kiss." My heart felt like it was about to explode as I felt all 6 eyes on me. I glare at her.

"Oh you got LOTS to tell!" Julie laughs.

"No I don't" I snap back, crossing my arms over my chest as they gather closer around me. It started getting uncomfortable so I stand up.
"It's getting cold. I'm going inside." Of course, they follow me into my room, gathering around my bed as I cover up.

"So..." They keep staring at me until I broke.

"Okay, okay!" I take a deep breath and close my eyes, remembering when it all started.
"I was walking... to Eric's house and.. I-" someone's phone rings. Ambar pulls out her phone, looking at the screen and rolling her eyes. 

We watch as she talks to, I'm guessing, her strict dad. When she hangs up she says,

"I have to go home." 

'YES!' I say and do the happy dance.... in my head. On the outside I was like O_O.

"Julie lets go."~A

"No!!! Why me?!" ~J

"Because you are my ride!" ~A

"Oh. It's not that far a walk." ~J

"Julie!" ~A

"Fine! Come on Savannah." ~J

"What?! Why me?!" ~S

"I'm your ride too!" ~J

"Abri can take me." ~S

"Savy! 'Abri' doesn't have her license yet!" -_- I hate bringing it up. They laugh.
"What? They never take me driving!" I say defensive.

"Ok well, we'll go now." Julie says, pulling Savy. Yes! I'm off the hook.
"And don't think you're off the hook!!!" Julie yells back.

"Damnit!" I say under my breath, throwing myself back into my bed.


I wake up hopeful. I really want to talk to Bruno today. I hate that I want to so bad but, I do. I get ready for school and leave. 

At Nutrition, I saw Carol and Bruno talking. She saw me, rolled her eyes at me, and started smiling, talking, and flirting with Bruno again. 

I don't mean to but it's like my legs move without permission. I walk over in their direction. My heart races faster with every uncontrollable step I take. When I get there, I wreck my brain for something to say. Carol crosses her arms.

"Carol I need to talk to you." My voice, and hands, were shaky.



"The fuck Abri! I said I don't want to talk to you! Now leave me the fuck alone!" She shouts, making people stare. I hate the attention like this. I look around, getting kinda mad.

"Fine," I simply state. "I'll say it in front of everyone. WHY? Why are you ignoring me?! I thought a stupid guy would NEVER come between us! But what the fuck is happening right now, huh?! You and "stupid guy" are BOTH IGNORING ME!" 

It started raining. I shout a little louder. "But LOOK AT US! I didn't mean it Carol! I didn't mean to, in some ways, break your heart and I surely didn't mean to get involved with a "stupid guy" but it happened! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?! I SAID I'M SORRY!" 

She doesn't say anything. I shake my head. "Exactly." I say in a regular tone, turning around to be faced with a crowd all with shocked faces. No one really yells at Carol like that but.. I'm really not scared of her. 

I push my way through the crowd, feeling my cheeks go red, as I walk to my next class...


Chapter 24:

Later on that day, I go home early for being 'sick'. Technically, I didn't lie. I'm sick of all this going on. I did the homework I wanted to and went to sleep. 

I wake up and look at the clock. 7:30. I try to fall back asleep but I can't so I get and get dressed to take a walk on the beach. It helps clear my mind.

I start walking along the shore on this windy, dark, scary night. I here someone behind me but I'm too afraid to turn around. Does that make sense? 

That mysterious person whispered "Abri" in my ear, making me jump and turn around. Thank God it was just Bruno. I sigh.

"Uh... hi." Bruno says awkwardly.

"Hiii Bruno..." I say eyeing him.

"Um.. can I talk to you?"

"Talk." He takes a deep breath, scratching the back of his head.

"Abri..." There's a long pause, like he's holding his breath. Then it all spills out in that held breath. The sentence that almost killed me.
"We can't 'talk' anymore." My mind goes blank for a second as I fall to the floor, basically having a panic attack. 

"No no no no no no! This can't be happening! It was just a dream, just a dream!" I keep telling myself. Bruno kneels down by me. He holds me down which makes me even crazier. "Stop! stop it!"

"Abri! Abrianna are you okay?!"

"No! Bruno stop! My dad's gonna kill you!" He gets up, terrified and confused, as I notice my dad didn't run in, we're on the beach... and I didn't wake up.
"I-I-I'm s-sorry Bruno.." I say looking down.
"I-I just thought..."

"You thought what?" He sits by me.

"I h-had a dream that- that you were in my house and you said 'Abri we can't talk anymore' and y-you pushed me on the couch and you- a-and then you-"
He picks up one of my hands and kisses it softly.

"Did I kiss you?" He says trying to comfort me but it doesn't work.

"Ye-yes. But then you choked me and tried to stab me but my dad ran through the front door and pulls the knife from you making a scratch on my arm." He touches my arm, gently and slowly going up, sending chills down my spine at his touch. He pulls up the sleeve of my big jacket revealing a scar I hadn't noticed.

"Like this one?"

"Yes.." He looks up shocked. "But that's not all. My dad stabs you and you fall to the floor. Then he kicks you in the stomach until you're coughing up blood. You faded out and then I woke up." I look at him and he sits there shocked.

"Oh.." He hugs me. "Aw. You're shaking." He hugs me tighter and rocks back and forth for a little. When he pulls away I stare into the cutest puppy eyes I have ever seen. He stares back at my eyes and leans in.

He kisses me with the most passionate kiss yet. It felt so good, I forgot everything and basically fell on him. The kiss got more heated as he lays me down on the cold sand.

He roams to the bottom of my shirt. He starts to pull the shirt and jacket up and it's just to good to stop. He pulls them off in the dark as I put my hands back around his neck, pulling him closer to me.

'What am I doing?' I think. He starts to go down to my pants, his cold hands touching my stomach, making me jump.

"I have to stop, I just don't know how. Okay, right... right... Now!' I keep kissing him. He starts to unbuckle them.

'Okay seriously, Abri... now!'

I break away from the kiss, as hard as it was..

"Uh... Bruno I can't do this. I'm sorry." He looks away, getting off of me.

"No. I'm sorry. I went too far this time."

"It's okay. But that was our honeymoon, okay?"


"Thank you Bruno. I gotta go." I say putting on my shirt and hugging him.

When I get home, I wonder what "would have" happened and how it "would have" felt if I went through with it... Oh my..

'Stop thinking of that, Abri! You're way too young!' 

Maybe... he is changing me....