Chapter 20

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"Bro, you sure she knows what time she'll be here?" Eric asked Bruno.

Everything was ready. The pool had roses on it, lots of food was prepared, Bruno's family were there, and the ring from his great grandmother. It was ready to meet its new owner.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I told her she should come at nine." Bruno said, worried.

"I think she's just getting ready. You know girls.." Mommy Bernie said, tapping her son's shoulder.

"Have you told her brother and the others about this?" Jaime asked.

"No.. I wanted it to be a surprise to all of them." Bruno grinned.

"Okay, I'll go get Alegria, you all just wait here." Tiara said as she ran to the elevator.

Tiara was also nervous about it. She didn't know why, but she felt nervous for her brother. Maybe it's because she can't belive her brother was getting married, at last. She smiled as she thought about it. The elevator opened and she walked straight to Alegria's room.

Knock knock. No one answered.

Knock knock. This time, it opened. It was a worker from the hotel. She was cleaning Alegria's room.

"How can I help you, Ma'am?" The worker asked.

"Uhm.. Why are you cleaning this room? Where's the user of this room?"

"The user probably checked out already, Ma'am. We clean rooms when the user checks out so it would be ready for new users."

"What..." Tiara was surprised. 'Why did she check out?'

A man came out from the room beside Alegria's. He looked at Alegria's room and got curious.

"Where's the woman using this room?" He asked.

"Wait, are you Alegria's brother?" Tiara asked, curious.

"Yeah.. You're Bruno's sister, right? What are you doing here?"

"Well, I was gonna check if Alegria's ready and I found out just now that she checked out. Wait, didn't she tell you about this?"

"No.. She didn't.." Calyx said, confused. "Wait a minute." Calyx knocked on the door infront of Alegria's. No one answered.

"Uhm, Sir, I just cleaned that room. No one's using it now." The worker said.

"What the?! Oh no.." Calyx's jaw dropped.

"What? What about that room?" Tiara asked.

"Alexander stays in this room." Calyx said.

"Oh my God.. You mean.. He left with Alegria?!"

Calyx nodded.

"I have to tell Bruno." Tiara ran to the elevator. After a minute or two, the elevator opened and she ran straight to the pool.

"Bru..Bruno.." She said, trying to catch her breathe. "Alegria.. She's gone.."

"What do you mean she's gone?" Bruno asked, confused.

"She's not in her room anymore.. Alexander too.. We suspect she left with him.."

Bruno's heart sank when he heard about it. "No, it can't be. Everything was already fine yesterday. How could she.." Bruno shook his head as he sat down on the lounger.

"She left with Alexander." Danielle said as she popped out from nowhere. "I saw him from my balcony, and I heard everything.."

"Why didn't you tell me?!" Bruno asked.

"I was going to tell you.. But he told me he was gonna kill Alegria if I did.. And he looked serious, so I didn't tell anyone, not even Calyx.." Danielle said. She cried as she confessed.

"No.. No.. You should've just told me!" Bruno shouted, angry.

"I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry.." Danielle cried harder.

Bruno didn't know what to do. He didn't understand. 'Why did she leave with him? Why.. When everything's okay?'


Alegria could hardly open her swollen eyes. She looked around. She thought it was just a nightmare, but it wasn't. She is now living with Alexander.

Alexander saw that Alegria was already awake. "I bought you a new cellphone, new clothes and shoes while you were sleeping. I also bought you a new tooth brush, towel, and everything." Alexander smiled as he put the things in Alegria's bed. "Breakfast is ready. I cooked omelets."

"Thanks.." Alegria tried to smile. She didn't like the idea of living with him. What is she gonna tell Calyx? She's sure he won't agree to this.

Alexander noticed Alegria. He knows she doesn't wanna be with him. After all, if he didn't threaten Alegria, she wouldn't come with him. "I promise, I won't make you cry. I'll make you happy. I'll help you forget him."

Alegria just smiled at him. She didn't wanna say things like 'I will be happy living with you' or 'living with you is okay with me'. She can't hide her true feelings. She just ate her omelet and looked at the window. It's summer, but it's raining. She sighed. The sky cried for her. She didn't wanna cry anymore. She was tired.


Days went by.. Alegria was still locked in a big white room. Almost like a prisoner. Alexander didn't want her to escape. But Alegria wasn't planning to. It was better if she stayed with him, she wouldn't get into any trouble if she did. She sighed while staring outside the window.

Alexander felt guilty for not letting her go outside. "You wanna watch a movie or something?" He smiled.

Alegria's eyes sparkled. "You sure?"

Alexander nodded.

"Well.. What do you wanna watch?" Alegria said as she smiled.

"Whatever you want. Let's go." Alexander said as he took his car keys.

"Wait, I'll just get changed." Alegria smiled. Finally, she can at least watch a movie. Outside. She picked the 50's inspired black cocktail dress with a front and back fan pleat and black high heels that Alexander bought for her. She braided her hair and put on her make up. She tried to make herself look 'natural' as possible. She was so excited to get out of 'jail' so she at least wanted to look good. She took her cellphone and hanky and put it inside her bag as she went outside her room.

Alexander's jaws dropped. Alegria looked stunning.

"What?" Alegria asked.

"Nothing.. You just.. You're breautiful." Alexander said with a smile.

"The dress and the shoes that you bought for me are great." Alegria said. "Well, since I'm ready now, let's go." Alegria said as she dragged Alexander outside the house and went to his car.

They drove downtown. Alegria looked around, all excited. She remembered what she did with Bruno. She shook her head. She can't think about Bruno now. She's with Alexander, so she should think about him. She dragged Alexander to the movie theater. Alegria chose a funny movie and they bought tickets, pop corn and drinks. They sat down and waited for the movie to start.

"I haven't been able to watch a movie for ages!" Alegria said, she was really excited.

"Really? Who were you with when you last watched a movie?" Alexander asked.

"I was with.." She didn't continue. Alegria just bit her lip.

"Ohh.." Alexander understood. "The movie's about the start.." They both turned their heads to the movie screen.

Alegria remembered the time that they watched a movie. She sighed as she held her lips. She's missing him. A funny part of the movie came and Alegria laughed as hard as she can. She didn't want to think about him anymore. Everytime a funny part comes, Alegria laughs hard. So hard, that people stares at her, thinking she's over reacting. She cried as she laughed, not because the movie was funny, but because she can't forget about him. She took her handkerchief and wiped her tears.

Alexander was also laughing when he saw Alegria. "This is really funny.." Alexander said. He didn't know Alegria was crying because of Bruno.

"Y-yeah.." Alegria said as she laughed.

The movie was finished. They went out of the movie theater and roamed around. Alegria saw an ice cream stand. "I want ice cream." She smiled.

"I'll go buy some. What flavor do you want?" Alexander asked.

"Vani.. No. I want chocolate." Alegria said. She wanted to eat Bruno's favorite ice cream flavor.

"Okay, wait here." Alexander said as he went to the ice cream stand.

Alegria looked around and she saw three masked people walking towards here. She felt nervous as they came nearer.

Suddenly they grabbed her forcefully.

"Hey, hey! Let me go! Alexander, help!" Alegria shouted.

Alexander didn't hear Alegria, the ice cream stand was far from where she is and there were lots of people around, making the place noisy.

The masked men took her into the parking lot, into a red car.

"Oh no.." Alegria said. She knew who the owner of the car was. "Let me go!" She said as she tried to shook the hands of the masked men.

But the masked men were stronger than her. She was forced inside the car and she sat in between two masked men. One of them was in the driver's seat. The car started and the masked man drove it.

They took off their masks. Eric and Bruno were sitting there, Phil was the one driving the car.

Alegria sighed. "How did you find me?" Alegria said.

"We hired a private investigator of course." Eric said.

"You know, Calyx is worried about you. We can't contact you, did you change your number?" Phil asked.

"Let me go, or I'll call the police. I'm serious." Alegria said, completely ignoring Phil. She tried to sound strong and fierce.

"Hah, we know you can't do that. You already said that before, you know." Phil said.

Alegria raised an eyebrow as she took her cellphone from her bag and dialed a number but before she could finish, Eric took her cellphone and threw it outside the window.

"Hey, why the fuck did you do that?!" Alegria said. "Oh great.. Now, how am I supposed to call Alexander?!"

"You're not supposed to call him." Eric said, smiling at Alegria. "Why do you even wanna call him?"

"Because he might get worried." Alegria said.

"Didn't you think about that when you left Bruno?" Eric said. He was serious this time.

Alegria froze. She felt her heart sinking when she heard Eric say that. Bruno kept silent.

"I'm with Alexander now." Alegria said, almost whispering.

"Are you happy?" Bruno said. He didn't look at Alegria, but he was serious.

"Y-yes.. I'm so happy, I can't even remember you anymore. So don't you ever bother me." Alegria lied. Her eyes started to turn red. She didn't wanna say it, but she had to. Alegria tried to hold her tears.

"Phil, stop the car." Bruno said.


"STOP THE CAR." Bruno raised his voice.

Phil stopped the car. Eric smacked his head.

Bruno opened the car door and went out. Alegria followed. Alegria walked to cross the road. She didn't know where to go, but she wanna go back.

Bruno followed her and held her hand tight. They were in the middle of the road. Luckily, only few cars were there. "Alegria."

"What?!" Alegria turned to face Bruno. She was already crying.

"Do you love him?" Bruno asked with serious eyes.

"Do you even have to ask? Isn't it obvious already?" Alegria answered.

"Alegria, do you love him?" Bruno asked. Tears were rolling down on his cheeks.

Alegria can't hold it anymore. She cried harder. Bruno hugged Alegria tight, trying to comfort her. Alegria hugged him back. Suddenly, Alegria saw a car from behind, it was speeding up and it looked like it wasn't gonna stop. It was Alexander, he looked so angry, like he was ready to kill them. The car was already near them, and Alegria pushed Bruno as hard as she can.

"What.." Bruno said as he was thrown to the ground. He saw Alegria get hit by the car. "Alegria!!"

Phil and Eric got out of the car, shocked. "What the hell just happened?!" Phil said, looking at Alegria as she bleeded.

"Alegria.. Alegria!" Bruno said as he got up and ran towards Alegria. He held Alegria as gently as he could. "Alegria, wake up.." Bruno cried.

"The car is gone! The driver ran off! Oh shit.. I didn't see the plate number!" Phil shouted, worried and angry at the same time.

"She's bleeding infinitely! Let's take her to the hospital!" Eric said, running towards their car.

Two cars stopped to look at what happened. "Man.. She's seriously hit. I saw the car " The driver said.

The other driver noticed it was Bruno Mars. THE Bruno Mars. "Hey, you're Bruno Mars, right?!"

Bruno didn't answer. He was still in shock.

"Bruno! Let's go!" Eric said as he started the car.

Bruno stood up, carrying Alegria. He walked towards the car went inside. Phil followed. Eric drove the car as fast as he can.

"Phil, you call Calyx and tell him what happened. Tell the others too." Eric said.

"Yeah." Phil called Calyx.

Bruno didn't know what to do. He just looked at Alegria and cried.


'I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry..'


"So doc, what's my sister's condition?" Calyx said. He was so worried about his sister.

"She has some broken bones and her head was seriously hit. She might suffer from brain damages." The doctor said.

"When is she gonna wake up?"

"She might wake up after a few days."

"Is she gonna be okay?" Bruno asked. He was worried about Alegria. He thinks it was his fault that Alegria was hit by the car.

"Don't worry, she will be." The doctor smiled. "Well, I have to go now. I still have some patients to take care of." The doctor said as he left.

"Bruno, you should go home and rest. You're filled with blood stains." Calyx said.

"No, I'm not gonna leave her." Bruno said as he held Alegria's hand.

"Bruno, don't worry. She'll be fine. Danielle and I will take care of her. You go get yourself cleaned.

"I am not gonna leave her like this! Aren't you worried about her?! It's my fault, that's why she's like this! You should punch me or kill me for this!" Bruno shouted.

"Bruno, calm down. Calyx is also worried about Alegria. He just can't let himself get beaten by his emotions. He has to be strong for his sister." Eric said.

Bruno didn't answer. Eric is right. He really has to calm down. He sighed as he put his hands on his face.

"You know, let's go.. We'll get the car cleaned from blood stains and you go get a shower. We'll come back tomorrow." Eric said.

Bruno and Phil stood up and followed Eric.

"We'll be going now." Phil said as they went outside.

Fans were crowding them, so they walked as fast they can and went outside the hospital.


Bruno can't keep Alegria out of his mind. The image of Alegria getting hit by a car, he can't get it out of his mind. He didn't notice they were already home.

"We're here." Eric said as he stopped the car. "We'll come back after the car is cleaned."

Bruno went outside the car and walked towards his house. "Thanks."

"No prob. We'll bring your car back. Don't worry." Phil said as they drove off.

Bruno took a shower. He tried to stay calm and washed himself. He took some clothes and decided to get to sleep. 'She'll be okay..' Bruno said to himself as he closed his eyes.


Alegria opened her eyes and looked around. She was inside a white room and a tube was on her mouth. She tried to take it off, but her arms felt heavy. Calyx noticed Alegria had already waken up.

"Alegria!" Calyx said.

"Oh my God, she's awake!" Danielle said.

Bruno, Phil, Eric, Phredley, Kenji and Jamareo stood up in surprise.

"Thank God! You've been sleeping for days!" Calyx said as he held Alegria's hand.

Alegria mumbled something, but it wasn't clearly spoken.

Calyx took the tube off from Alegria's mouth. "Here.."

"What.. What happened?" Alegria asked.

"You were hit by a car.." Bruno said as she looked at Alegria.

Alegria stared at Bruno.

"What?" Bruno said.

Alegria turned her head to Calyx. "Is he the driver of the car?"

"What? No.. Are you kidding?" Calyx said as he chuckled.

"I'm serious." Alegria said. She looked at Phil and the others. "Who are they?"

Everyone's jaws dropped.

"Alegria..." Calyx said. "Danielle, call the doctor."