Chapter 20

10/05/2011 17:16

I felt myself getting rocked and There was deep voice humming Earth Angle. I felt like I was a kid again. This brought back so many memories of me being upset and running to dad.

daddy he broke up with me!” I screamed

Alicia your 14 why do you need a boyfriend anyways” dad said he said with a laugh

daddy! I don't need to hear that right now”

well he's stupid to of dumped an angel”

oh daddy you always know what to say”

he just smiled at me and picked me up and rocked me singing Earth Angle”

I opened my eyes and my father was in my face.

“hey angle” dad said

“hey dad” I said

“you ok angle?”

“yeah i'm the cat's meow”


We both started laughing.

“where's LJ?” I asked

“when you were with Alisia, I went over and picked him up. He's with his mom now” he said

“when am I going to meet this wife of yours?”

“soon angle soon”

I looked around and realized I was in his arms and he sitting on a chair next to Alisia's bed. Right, we were in a hospital. I looked over at her and she was sleep but Phred was holding his daughter, talking to her. All I could do was smile.

“Can I hold her daddy”

“yeah Geneo go wash your hands” Phred said

I seen his run past to the bathroom. Wow he had grown up so much, the last I seen him was when he was 3. he came back out and stopped to look at me.

“auntie lisha?” he asked

“yeah, hey Geno” I said

“you ok, I seen you fall”

“yeah I'm ok now”

He just smiled at me then sat down in the chair next to Phred. He put her in Geno's arms and she woke up to look at him.

“hey little Auna” Geno said

“hold her head up a little more” Phred said

“like this daddy?”


“babe?” Alisia asked

“yeah i'm here”

He went over to her and grabbed her hand and kissed it. They were so in love it was sickening in a cute way. Made me think about Bru.

“you were great babe” Phred said

“yeah right, I was just as bad as I was with Geno” Alisia said

“well I don't have a bald spot this time”

“yeah” she said with a laugh

“hey did I miss the...oh”

I looked over and it was Bru in a suit, he smelled like liquor and smoke. I see he got his hair cut back into that style. When he got more famous I wonder if it'll become a hit style for just to wear.

“yeah man, you missed a crazy scene”

“dang, i'm sorry” Bru said

“no worries but how did the gig go?” Phred asked

“it went well, we got paid well too.”

“oh that's good”

Bru walked over to give him his share, my eyes bugged out. It was a whole stack of money, Phred just smiled and put the money in his pocket.

“Hey babe, John” Bru said

I got up and gave him a hug. He opened his mouth to kiss me but I could smell the liquor in his breath. So I just gave him a peck, I don't like to kiss a liquor bottle. Even if his face is beautiful.

“you want to hold her Alicia?” Phred asked

“yeah sure”

Geno gave Auna a kiss then to Phred. He walked over and handed me baby girl. She was so tiny, she had this super wavy hair, that was Alisia's, lighted skinned and just gorgeous. She started to fuss a little and Phred was there to scoop her up. She opened her eyes and grabbed his finger and stopped fussing. I smiled. She was daddy's little girl alright like I was with mine. I felt pooka kick a couple of times and all I could do was laugh.

“what's so funny?” Bru asked

“pooka kicked when Auna started fussing” I said

“who's pooka?” dad asked

“The baby” I said

“HER name is Linda” Bru said

“Well I'm not sure what it is so I named it pooka” I said

“What ever” Bru said

“son are you drunk?” dad asked

“i had a shot here and there but I know my name” Bru said

“I think you should go home” dad said

“yeah that sounds like a good Idea, babe you coming?” he asked

“no i'll walk home” I said

“Fine, Phred i'll see ya” Bru said

“take care of your self my man” Phred said

“i'm fine” Bru said

Bru gave me a hug and stumbled out the room. He was soused all up and now I had to go home and deal with it. I kissed everyone good bye and went after him.

I get outside and his bike is gone. Damn, well he better be home so I start walking home. It's a nice day out, not too windy but just enough to play with your hair. Little clouds in the sky with lots of sun. so I decided to take the long way home.

I walk pass Gi's diner and see Maria taking someones order, Caitlin, the new girl, serving food and Mrs. Gilliando making the food. She just happen to look up an see me, I wave and she blows me a kiss. I blow one back and walk away. Cooking was the only way Mrs. Gilliando could celebrate Gi gi's life without take away her's. Plus it all worked out because she knew all of his recipes by heart.

Somehow I ended up in Gabby park. I got on a swing and swag, just a little so my feet weren't touching the ground. The breeze felt good so I closed my eyes, when someone tapped me.


“He..Eric” I said

I got off the swing. I did not want to be around him. Out of all the people in the world, he always pops up into my life. I wish he would just go away for good. I start to walk away but of course he follows me. So I stop.

“what do you want Eric?” I asked

“Just to talk to you” he said

“about what, what could we possibly talk about?”

“me and you”

I start to walk away but he grabs my arm

“Alicia, hear me out”

If I snatched my arm away from him and make him mad, he'll take it out on Mr. Hernandez and I don't want that. It took me a lot to turn back around but it was only for the sake of Bru's father.


“remember we used to be friends” he said

“yeah, then you tried to rape me”

“& i'm sorry for that...i didn't...i was just so mad..”

“spit it out Eric, I don't have all day”

“why did you pick him over me, I never did anything to you but be a friend to you, open my heart to you, help you heal when he left you once again and then to played the stupid girl and choose him.”

“you can't help what you feel Eric”

“i can't help what I feel Alicia”

“and what do you feel”

“that i'm in love with you”

“whatever Eric”

“Alicia i'm serious”

I looked at him and for once, he didn't have the look of an asshole. He actually looked like, a lost sad puppy.

“I don't believe you”

“believe it”

“well I don't”


He reached out to touch my hands but I crossed my arms. He just nodded his head down. The sand started to get wet and I looked at the sky. Clear as a bell, so where....was Eric Crying. No way.

“you just don't understand, Alicia” he said

“you only knew me for two days”

He looked at me. Those bright hazel eyes, scary but you couldn't stop looking at them.

“and how long did you know him for like what 3 hours and you had sex with him”

“how do you know?”

“i didn't I just wanted to see if I was right”

I wanted to walk away, I really didn't want to stand here and talk to the one person who makes me so upset but my body wouldn't budge. I felt...guilty. When I thought about it. I did dog him out but still...

“and I know, that I did something stupid but Alicia, if I could take it back I would in a heartbeat. In a heartbeat. I'm trying to make things right”


“i had my dad sign them”

“wait...your dad signed them.”

“yeah, i'm trying to turn my life around”

“why the sudden change of heart”

“because I realized no matter how many girls I get with, they will never be you”

I didn't say anything. I couldn't say anything. I really feel as though he's telling the truth but what could I possibly do. I was in love with his enemy, having a child with his enemy, married to Bru. The damage was already done, and I was happy with it.

“Eric, i'm glad that your changing but i'm married to Bru with a child on the way. I'm happy”

“are you truly happy?”

“without a doubt”

“bet he is secretive and hard to figure out.”

“he can be at times but I always find out”

“it shouldn't be that way, no secrets like how I was with you”

“i'm not going to stand here and listen to you make yourself sound better than him. I love Bruno and that's final”

I started to walk away but Eric said something.

“what did you say”

“I said you still don't know about his mother do you?”

“she passed away”

“yeah she's gone alright”

“what do you mean?”

“Meet me right back here in 2 days and i'll tell you everything”

“why not now”

“because I want you to think about everything I said and if you don't show up they'll be cut”

What a fucked up situation I was in. the guys were so happy about making it and I didn't want to messed that up for them. Damn. I hate having their fate in the palm of Eric's hand. But the more messed up part about it was that all he wanted was me.


“ok what”

“i'll be there”

“let me drive you home” he said with a grin on his face

I got into his car and he turned on the radio. Bruno was playing and I was smiling but then I stopped. Eric had his dad sign them, so that makes me think. If I go along with Eric about everything he'll keep them signed. If I don't....well we all know how that's going to play out. Eric put his hand on mine and I didn't pull away.

“Friends Eric” I said

“i'm fine with that” he said then he said something under his breath


“I'm just happy” he said

We were quiet for the rest of the ride and we showed up at my house. Bru had parked on the lawn and the door was open. Eric got out and opened the door for me and I got out.

“remember 2 days”

“i will”

He kissed my hand, got in the car and drove off. I walk into the house and seen Bru on the living room with a bottle of whiskey in his hand.

“hey babe” I said

“what took you so long to get here”

“i'm pregnant remember”


“how did the gig go?”

“i'm celebrating it”

“so it went well”

“yeah, I heard a car outside.”

“there are cars all over the world babe”

“right, no one dropped you off”


I didn't like to lie to him but if I told him the truth, things would go to well. And in his state of mind right now. He would of ran after Eric.

“you need help getting up?”

“no the floor is fine”


I went upstairs, took a shower and put on my house clothes and rollers because I doubted if we were going anywhere. I went back downstairs and Bru was in the kitchen making a sandwich.

“oh yeah by the way were leaving tomorrow”

“wait what?”

“were going on tour tomorrow”

“and it's officially you guys tour? No back up singing”


I ran over to Bru and he picked me up. I kissed him all over his face. I'm so happy for them. They've finally made it for real this time! He took me upstairs and we packet out clothes. But wait, what about Gi's.

“Before you even ask, Maria took care of Gi's” he said

“what about the bills Bru we can't just up and leave” I said

“The owner of the record label paid everything in advance”

“what if pooka comes?”

“by time Linda..”


“Linda, Alicia i'm telling you she's a girl”

“how are you so sure Bru”

“because daddy knows”

I roll my eyes “whatever”

“don't make me attack you”

I stuck my tongue out and he stared the piggy. Here I was 5months pregnant running around the room. He finally caught me and laid me on the bed, I put my finger to his lips and he sucked on it.

“make love to me”

So we made love. After our love session, we took a shower together then got back into the bed. As Bru fell asleep, I couldn't help but think that this all of a sudden tour was Eric's idea. What is he up to?