Chapter 20

02/03/2012 17:05

"Jaime! What the hell?!" Bruno says harsh while stepping next to me and glancing to her angrily.

"It's ok, Bruno." I say calmly patting his shoulder. "She's right maybe I should stop breast-feeding you." I squeeze his cheek. "Myyy baaaabyy."

I hear Ryan burst out laughing and all the other one start cackling too. Everyone except Jaime, she looks kind of surprised or angry? I don't know. Why is she so unfriendly? I just hope she gonna like me with time... 

"A'right now that we all know each other, I'd say time to eat. Who wants one of E-Panda's famous premium burgers?" Eric yells cheerfully. Before I know everyone grabs his plate and storms towards him holding it under his face just like kids. I guess his burgers must be good then. I also take a plate and stand in line. His burgers are really good and Cindia and Bana are so nice and down-to-earth that it's easy to talk to them about all and sundry. Jaime avoids talking to me the whole rest of the afternoon. I only catch her a couple of times gazing at me intensely. I would like to gaze back or say something but I don't wanna start things here. In 2 days Bruno gonna leave to London for 2 weeks and I just wanna relax and enjoy the time I have with him. 

"Hey guys I really want you to look after Bana properly ok?!" Phil commands after we finished eating and went inside having a little drink. "If the baby comes earlier and I can't be here, I'll die!" He strokes over Bana's belly.

She only rolls with her eyes. "It won't, Phil. You're not here so that's the best relaxation I can get." Everybody smirks and Phil makes a pouting sad face. Bana caress his cheek and gives him a peck on his lips. Then he smiles again, puts an arm over her shoulder and pulls her near so that her head rests on his chest. I love how they interact. You can see how much they love each other, the same like Eric and Cindia. And with having a baby soon their relationships just get perfect. I look at Bruno and imagine him being a father. He definitely would be a good dad, a goofy, playful and caring dad. I shake my head lightly. I'm stupid to just let this thoughts in my mind knowing that we're only together for such a short time and him being nowhere near to think about having kids at all. 

"What are you thinking of?" He asks me. Damn why does he always have to catch me in such situations?

"Oh nothin..." I say fast and roll with my eyes. 

He chuckles a bit, takes my chin and kisses me. "I'm gonna miss ya, ya know?" He says and runs his fingers through my hair.

"I'm gonna miss you even more!" I say back caressing the backside of his neck when I see Jaime again staring at us with this doubtful look. What the hell is her problem? Doesn't she see that I really like her brother? There must be more behind her rejection towards me that Bruno didn't tell me... Or is it really just the mother-like fear of losing her brother to another woman?

After another hour we decide to head home. Phil and Bana already left earlier. We say our goodbyes and drive home. I'm really tired though.


It's only 3 days ago that Bruno flew to London but it seems like 3 years. I miss him so much but I try my best not to let myself down. I started to work out daily again and meet up with some friends I neglected the last half year. It's like I'm reborn. Now I realize how much I missed my old life and all the things I used to do. Going shopping, vernissages, cinema, swimming, just spending good time with these amazing friends I have. I meet Bana and Cindia too and I feel like we really start a wonderful friendship. They tell me a lot of stories about Bruno, Eric and Phil goofing around and pranking each other. I can't wait to make fun about it when he comes back. I decide to ask them about Jaime and why she doesn't like me.

"Oh Caro it's not that she doesn't like you. In fact she was harmless this day. I still can't believe she didn't say anything else the whole afternoon. You really must surprised her with your comment..." Bana says with a grin.

"Hm, but I don't get it. Why is she so judgemental? She doesn't know me at all..."

"She's always like that towards Bruno's girlfriends... don't worry about her. You're so nice and you're different from all the rest Bruno came home with, it's just a matter of time she'll get that too." Cindia says trying to answer my question.

"Hm okay..." I lean back. I'm not satisfied with this. I feel that's more. They either don't know or don't wanna tell me. Looks like I have to ask Bruno or directly talk to Jaime about it. I don't want anyone of his family to be against our relationship. I love him, I know now. I didn't tell him yet but I know, this 2 weeks living without him showed me and I want this relationship work. I know how much stress it can be when a family member doesn't like me. Tony's mom and sister were against me from the beginning. His dad were on our side but it felt awful not getting along with 2 persons who are the closest to him... 

"Gurl, stop worrying! Now let's go, we have to get you some sexy lingerie, so that Bruno's eyes pop out!" 

We all giggle and continue our shopping afternoon.


"Hey gurl are you ready now or what?" Lena taps nervously with her foot on the floor looking at her watch.

I glance at her and sigh. "Brian won't hook up with another girl only you're coming a little bit to late."

"A little bit???" She yells throwing her arms up. "We should have been there 20 minutes ago! And it at least takes us 30 minutes to get there, plus 10 minutes finding a parking lot, 5 more going to Roxy's, 10 more to get in! If the line isn't too long..." 

"Alright, alright... I'm ready." I response calmly slipping in my black heels and grabbing my purse and keys. I chose to wear the blue dress Bruno bought for me. I feel like he's with me now somehow. Although we almost talk through phone every day, I miss him so much. Anyways the last 2 weeks I survived pretty well and to get over the last 2 days until Bruno comes back, Lena persuaded me to go clubbing. Well more join her because she gonna meet Brian and doesn't want it to look like a date. She really seems to like him, they even didn't make out yet, beside a small goodbye kiss. This is really new for her and I love it. Brian is such a nice, handsome guy and I think they look good together. 

We arrive and line up. When it's our turn the cashier tells us the entrance is $80 tonight.

"What? Why that?" Lena and I ask shocked. Normally it's $30.

"Well there's a secret concert tonight. If it's too much for you you're free to go."

"Secret concert? Who's playing?"

The cashier laughs through his teeth. "I can't tell you, of course! Only so much... if you like Hip Hop you better stay..."

"Hm..." I look at Lena. She shrugs with her shoulder and pays. I know she doesn't wanna go somewhere else knowing Brian is in there. I also pay and we go inside. It's not so crowded as usual. I guess some people didn't wanna pay so much. We straight go to the counter and order Tequila like always. We shot them down and I order a glass of white wine. I can't drink too much knowing I have to drive home later. Lena orders a Margarita. When we got our drinks we search the crowd for Brian and Brody. In front of the stage hangs a black curtain but you see people walking around behind it, building up drums and other equipment. I lightly start to get excited. It's some time ago I went to a concert and being it Hip Hop makes it even better. Dancing in a club to live Hip Hop is the best thing ever. I just hope it's a good one. Lena grabs my arm and drags me somewhere. She must have found the guys. They sit at a table right next to the VIP lounge. When we reach it they don't even say hi. They scream at us all excited that they just talked to Kanye West who's gonna perform tonight. I freeze. Kanye? Why in hell from all rappers in the world must it be him? I bet Tony will be here then too. I swallow and look at Lena. She looks back at me knowing exactly what I'm thinking. I slowly shake my head.

"I can't stay here, Lena! You know why..."

"I know girl. But hey even he's here, maybe you don't meet him... and you paid fuckin 80 bucks... for 5 minutes?"

I keep shaking my head. "No! What if I see him or he me? I haven't seen him for 7 months... I don't wanna see him."

"Hey you don't even know if he's here! Com'on stay! Please!" She begs me.

"I... I don't know... I think... I go to the restrooms ok."

"Alright. Should I come with you?" I shake my head. She nods and I turn around. "But hey you gonna come back!"

I nod. "Yes."

A thousand thoughts run through my mind. His face is suddenly clear before my eyes, as if it's never gone. I remember his dimples, his deep brown eyes and his 3-day-old beard, I loved so much. I shake my head. I can't believe I think of him that way. What if he's here? What if I see him? Am I able to talk to him? Do I even wanna talk to him? I wash my hands with ice cold water, dry them and touch my face and neck, what calms me down. I look into the mirror and fix my hair. So what if I see him? We both live in LA there had to come a day we meet coincidentally. I'm clearly over him. I'm with Bruno now! Meeting him can't be doing anything to me! I nod to myself and walk outside the restrooms and back to our table. Just when I'm almost there the curtain to the VIP lounge parts and out steps... yup Tony! Great! Can't it be like 1 minute later then I'd sat down and he just walked by not seeing me at all. But now he stands like 3 metres straight before me, looking at me. We both freeze and just look at each other. I gulp. Time to be strong now! I tell myself and steps closer to the table. Lena sees me and makes some room for me on the couch. Then she sees Tony too and stares at us. Tony still didn't move when I walk right past him. I stop for a second and say hi to him. He doesn't say anything back and I step around the table. When I'm about to sit down, he grabs my arm. I tense up knowing he touches me. I look at his hand holding my arm tightly and then look at him serious. He lets me go and a small smile runs over his face.

"Hey! Wow!" I see his lips forming words. "It's nice seein you... Caroline."

His voice echoes in my mind. It's weird hearing my name from him.

"How are you?" 

"Fine." I don't wanna talk to him. I don't like how his presence irritates me.

"Hey Tony, man come over, it's time!" A man yells and waves his hand.

Tony nods at him and yells back. "I'm comin." Then he turns back to me. "I gotta go now. We're performing tonight, ya know... I wanna talk to you later... I mean if you don't mind..."

I only nod and he walks away. I sit down next to Lena.

"You okay?" She asks me.

"Yeah, I think. He's just my ex, right?" 


Tossing and turning around in my bed I can't sleep at all. The happenings of the night run through my mind again and again. I don't even know why I stayed so long and why I agreed to come into the VIP lounge. Tony was so nice and charming to me as if he was a changed man or better the man I used to know at the beginning of our relationship, the man I fell in love with... Gosh and he was looking so damn good... Ok stop it! Don't let him fool you! Don't forget the whole shit he put you through! You're with Bruno now! And you're more than happy! You're finally able to live and smile again without any faking and that's all because of Bruno. I won't give that up for an idiot like Tony. I guess it's normal reminiscing after I saw him after a couple of months. He was a part of my life...

It kinda felt good when he told me about all the things he did since our break-up. But typical him he didn't ask much about me. Only how I'm doing because of my dad and how my mom and sister are. Of course he also wanted to know if I'm taken. I'm glad that he asked so I could say proudly and with a big smile Yes. Acting like that doesn't bother him at all he put from time to time a hand on my thigh which I put away immediately. He tried hard to get in touch with me, complimenting how I look, my dress and so on. I can tell he was really happy to see me. A part of me too. But the bigger part didn't wanna talk to him. Luckily Lena was there and seeing me getting more and more uncomfortable she said she doesn't feel good and wanna go home. Thank god I have her! We said our goodbyes to everyone. Kanye hugged me and after him Tony. He pulled me close and whispered in my ear how much he misses me. I tensed up and got out of his arms. I told him I'm not missing him and that I'm happy how my life is right now without him. He frowned but I don't care. All I wanted to do is get out of the club back to my safe home and inside my bed I share with my new love. My thoughts turn to Bruno, where they belong. I cuddle more into the sheets imaging him wrapping his arms around me. I close my eyes and smile at this thought. I can't wait to have him back here with me. I love you I whisper and fall asleep.


"Oh god I missed you so muuuuuuuuch! My baaaabyyyy!!" I yelled hugging him tight and give him an intense kiss.

He smiled at me with his big perfect grin. "I missed you even mooooore!" 

"Not possible! I missed you more!" 

"Can we just like agree that we missed each other the same?" He asked chuckling and interrupting every word with a peck.

"Ooookay." I roll my eyes and chuckle too.

"Now let's get out of here. Some things have to get done!" He winks at me and a chill runs down my spine imaging what we gonna do when we're at home. After dropping Phil and Ari and we're alone I told him about Saturday and that I met Tony. I told him everything we talked about and my feelings. I mean Brian and Brody were there too and I'm pretty sure they'll gonna tell him about it and I wanna avoid that something comes up that I didn't tell him. He listens to me with a serious face. I know he hates to hear that but at the end knowing that I was faithful and don't let Tony effect our relationship in any way he smiles and caress my cheek.  

We go inside the apartment and he carries his bag into the bedroom when his phone rings. I put my keys and my purse on the cupboard and go also into the bedroom to change clothes. The second I step through the door I see he's upset and talking loud with the person on the other side of the line. After some seconds he hangs up and the doorbell rings. I turn around and walk towards the door when he says I should wait. I stop and look at him confused. Now in addition to the bell there's a heavy knocking on the door and a woman yells.

"Open the fuckin door! I know you're in there! I won't go until you open this fuckin door!"

My eyes get big and I stare at Bruno. It's Jaime... I recognise her voice. But what the hell does she want?