Chapter 21

24/01/2012 18:45

“How about this one?” “No, it’s too covered” “This one?” “Ew, it’s ugly” “Ok then, this one?” “No, I don’t like the colour” “Mid it’s as if YOU’RE gonna be the one wearing it! Can’t we just pick something and go? There’s only so much of this I can take” “No, Lex we need to pick something just right, now shut up and keep looking” “Urgh, STOP TRYING TO PICK OUT SEX CLOTHES FOR ME! When you think about it, I’m not even gonna be wearing it for very long anyway…” “AAAHH THIS ONE IS PERFECT!” “HELL NO! NO FUCKING WAY!” “Awwhhh come on! It’ll make your ass look good” “What even is this any way!? It’s just pieces of fabric stitched together to look like a G string…. “ “Fine! YOU find something. I’m taking a break… shopping with you does my head in” I go off myself looking for something, I don’t want anything too covered, but then again I don’t want anything too open. I look through racks and racks of stuff until I come across this hanger which has something perfect on. Well, I think it’s perfect. It’s basically a crystal covered white bra with matching lacy white boy shorts. I laugh to myself because I remembered that I was wearing boy shorts the first time me and Bruno did anything sexual with each other. “Oh shit. That’ll look hot, he’ll definitely wanna rip this shit off of you” Mid says out of nowhere. In the back I also find a red version too. I decide to tell Sasha that I wanna keep both of them for now. She agrees and puts them to the side. “Lex, do you think that you might be able to get Bruno and his groomsmen down here today so we can get them all measured so I can start on their suits soon?” Sasha asks. “Uhh, I dunno, let me call him, its 6 o’clock so he should be at the studio with everyone” I take my phone out and dial. “Hey baby” he answers. Ajddjskljkdjslkd God DAMN. He has the most sexiest voice when he speaks on the phone. Just hearing him makes me wanna have sex with him right now. And just to think that soon he’ll be all mine “Hello? Lex?” Shit, I forgot to speak. “Hey baby, you busy now?” “Uhh, no not really, we’re just fooling round, Ryan just got in from Hawaii” “What does he think about being your assistant then?” “He’s cool with it like I thought he’d be” “Well seen as Ryan is here too, do you think you’d be able to call up all the guys and get down here so the seamstress can take all of your measurements for your tux’s??” “For the wedding!? Of course! We’ll be there as soon as we can” “Calm down….” “Sorry” “I love you” “I love you more” You better. See you soon” “Bye baby” Even just by talking with him on the phone makes me all happy, it’s weird to think that just one man can do that to someone. I guess that’s what true love is.

They all arrive with their Ray Bans on. Oh God, they look stupid. Except Bruno. He looks so damn sexy…. fuck, why am I so horny today? He comes up to me and kisses me and I happily kiss him back. “OH MY GOD!” I hear. I think I have an idea who that might be…. “Oh my God Bruno! I’m such a HUGE fan! I can’t wait to buy your album and see you on tour and everything!” Esmee says and she rushes up to us. “Hey sweetie, I appreciate it” “Can we get a picture!? PLEASE!?” “Of course!” and they smile whilst Dre takes the picture, it’s funny how much of Bruno’s bitch Dre is. “Measurement time! Bruno, you first!” and she pulls Bruno off to the other room with a huge smile….. Well this should be interesting.

She pulls me off in to the other room to take my measurements and she has a tight grip on me. I don’t like this, I see Dre following behind us closely and I feel slightly better. She pulls me in to the room and says “Dre, I’m only gonna take his measurements, I’m not gonna rape him or anything, besides, the room is tiny anyway, no offence, but with you in there we won’t all fit” Dre thinks about what she says, nod and leaves. Fuck. It’s just me and her in here. She looks feisty. “Ok Bruno, take your jacket off please” and I do as she says. If she tells me to take my pants off then I’m screwed. “It’d also be useful if you took your jeans off too, you know, so I can get an accurate measurement” Fuck. “Uhh, do I have to?” “Bruno, it’s all professional, I promise, I may be a fan but my work comes first” Fuck fuck fuck, and I do as she says so I’m only standing in my boxers, shirt and socks. I can feel her watching me. This is awkward as fuck, but if it’s for the wedding then I’m prepared for anything. I feel her come up behind me and slowly she uses the measuring tape to measure my shoulders, I feel her fingertips gently graze the skin of my neck ever so slowly, I feel her breath on me. Think un sexy thoughts Bruno. Think un sexy thoughts. Erm.. Touring, I’m going on tour soon, that should be fun. And Lexii is coming with me. Sleeping in that one bunk on the bus with Lex, fuck we’re gonna have so much secret sex on that bus it’s unreal. I feel her mover down to my waste and take my measurements there. He face is so close to my crotch right now. Right, un sexy thoughts. Basketball. Man my jump shot really does suck I should work on that. I remember in Hawaii when Ryan kicked me in the balls and Lex had to kiss and lick it all better for me. God damn, she is so fucking hot, I can’t believe that she’s all mine either. Instantly I fell her separate my legs to take my inside leg. FUCK. She moves the tape measure up my inner thigh touching me all the way. She moves it all the way up until she can feel me poking out through my boxers. SHIT. Maybe if I take a deep breath I’ll feel better. I inhale and exhale deeply, fuck that just sounded like a breathy moan! THINK UN SEXY THOUGHTS BRUNO! Erm. Erm. DRE! Just think of Dre until she’s finished. Good old Dre, he keeps me safe, he’s a bit creepy sometimes, I don’t know why he hates Lex though, and I hope they can all get along when we’re sharing the tour bus together soon. Damn, me and Lex are gonna have so much sex on that bus I can’t wait. She cups me through my boxers. Is this some form of rape she’s doing now!? “Was that really necessary?” I ask in as calm a tone as I can manage. “Sorry, but yeah, I need to know how big to make the front of the pants, don’t wanna make it too big or too tight” I nod and let her continue. Fuck, this is taking ages, I place my hands firmly on my sides and wait for her to finish. I feel her breath on my crotch as she moves her head closer to me. I can’t take anymore. I step back and say “Ok, no offence but you’re really making me feel uncomfortable now” “Oh I’m sorry, it’s ok though, we’re done now, Sasha likes to be very thorough in her measurements, she likes to make perfect clothes for people” I heard none of what she said, I was too busy putting my clothes back on. I rush outside and pass Eric on the way as he makes his way inside to the measuring room, I just shake my head on him. I go out, find Lex and run up to her and I just place my head on her shoulder and inhale her scent. “Did she rape you?” she asks. I just laugh and shake my head. “Did she try to rape you?” I laugh again and nod. “I knew it” She lets me full on kiss her and I pull her over to the couches where everyone else is and she sits on my lap whilst I wrap my arms around her. I love sitting like this with her.

I love sitting like this on Bruno. I just feel so loved every time he wraps his arms around me like this. I lean back and smile. “Bruno, you wanna see what Lex just tried on, oh my God, I just. I can’t even. Wow” Mid says. I throw her a look to make her shut up, but obviously she doesn’t. Bruno sits up and asks “Wait, what!? What did she wear?” “You’ll find out on your wedding night” Mid says. “You showed her!? I wanna see!?” “I only showed her the picture I took wearing them, I needed her opinion” “I WANT TO SEE!” Bruno yells. I ignore him. “Phred, you and Mid owe me 100 dollars. EACH!” “Fuck! I forgot about the bet!” Phred says. “Yeah yeah, you guys have a bet. But I still wanna see this picture” Bruno says. “Man I remember when we made that bet! That was ages ago!” “What bet is this?” Jamareo asks. “Yeah, I don’t care about this bet, baby where’s your phone, let me see this picture….” As I try to pry Bruno’s hands off me whilst he searches for my phone in my jeans, I say “Well we made a bet that whoever got married first would get $100 from each of us, but we all thought Phred would get married first!” “Yeah so did I! That’s why I made it that night!” “Lexiiiiiiii…. lemme see it!!” “No, you’ll see it eventually” “Lex, you could show him the one in the colour that you’re not gonna wear” Mid suggests “Holy Shit theirs two pictures!?” I just kiss him to shut him up, he deepens the kiss and I let him. I feel something hard against my leg, it takes me a second to realise what it is, I look at him in the eyes and he bites his lips, at this I melt. I get up and pull him out of the room. On our way we pass Eric and Bruno asks him “Did she cup you?” Eric shakes his head and Bruno replies with “I feel so dirty now…” I just laugh and pull him in to one of the dressing rooms that’s empty. Let’s have some fun.