Chapter 21

14/03/2012 12:17

I just sat there, staring before me while I was eating my food. ‘Maybe I should finally accept Bruno’s offer so he’d quit bragging about it. I get some offers for modeling but still not much. And he’ll be touring again soon. What will I do then if I don’t have a shoot? Or don’t know the way? Ugh… Why do I have to suck with this shit… But what if I accept the offer, break through and become an international artist. Then I’ll be gone a lot too. Or what if my dad finds me again?’ All these thoughts just ran through my mind, from one point to another. ‘Why can’t I just relax a bit without having to worry this much?’ “Helloooo… Mars to Camilla!” Bruno said, interrupting my thoughts. “Huh, yeah?” I said slightly disorientated. “Are you okay?” he asked sitting in front of me looking in my eyes. “I’m fine, just thinking a bit.” “Sure? You looked like you were in another dimension or something.” He grabbed my left hand which was lying on the table. “If there’s anything, you can always tell me, okay?” Bruno softly spoke. “Sure, I think I just need to go out, get some fresh air.” “Really? Now?” he asked questioningly. “I guess so.” I said as I stood up and wanted to walk away. “Wait…” Bruno said as he got up and stopped me. “Where are you think you going then?” “What you do mean?” I reply confused. “It’s 8Pmdummy.” He said chuckling. “But… Just a minute ago it was still 4Pm!” I said surprised. “Listen, are you still hungry?” “A bit, why?” “Why don’t we just order a pizza and just watch some TV for the night?” “I can’t go anywhere else huh?” “Nope, you can’t.” “Fine, but tomorrow I’ll go to Julie.” “Deal!” I had a feeling Bruno was up to something but I guess I was still a bit tired or so and just ignored it. I grabbed myself a glass of water and drank half of it at once. ‘I must be thirsty.’ I thought to myself. “CAM! What do you want on your pizza?” Bruno asked when he looked over at me. “You know what I like, so quit asking every time!” I said laughing. I put my glass down and went upstairs to grab a vest. It was getting kinda chilly. When I got downstairs I saw Bruno getting us something to drink. “The pizzas will be here in 30 minutes.” Bruno said as he noticed me coming down the stairs. “Okay. Whatcha getting us?” “A glass of wine.” “But I still have a hangover from last night.” “Alcohol helps against a hangover.” Bruno said smiling. “Pfff… Yeah right.” I chuckled, not believing him. “Fine, then you don’t believe me. Anyway, what movie do you want to watch?” “Which movies do you have?” “I’ll check.” Bruno walked towards the TV and opened the cabinet with movies. “Get your ass over here then and look what movie you want!” he yelled. I walked over to him laughing. I kneeled down next to him and started looking through the movies. “What genre do you want to watch?” Bruno asked. “Uhmm… I’m kinda in a horror mood.” I said smiling. “Horror… Let me see which movie would be good.” “Should I help?” “Naahh… I know which movie I’m looking for. I just don’t know where it is.” “You have too much movies Bruno.” “I know.” He said proud with his head held high. The doorbell rang. I got up and gave Bruno a tap on his hat. “I’ll get it.” I opened the door, got the pizzas and gave the guy a tip. I turned around and gave the door a kick to close it. “BRUNO! PIZZA!” I yelled. “GIMME A SEC! ALMOST FOUND THE MOVIE!” he yelled back. Just as I wanted to walk out of the hallway I realized something, I didn’t hear the door close.