Chapter 22

08/08/2011 13:16

*Later that evening*

 "You know what, we need to celebrate." Phil said. "Let's hit the club!" Bruno shouted. Everyone ran to their room to get changed. Me and Bruno ran upstairs and I started looking through my clothes. "Wear this one." He picked out a black strapless dress that had sequins scattered about. "Why this one?" "Because I think you'll look good in it." I rolled my eyes. "Doubt it, I hate wearing dresses. The last time my butt got into a dress was prom." He laughed and I changed into it. I curled the ends of my hair and put a black bow in my hair. I looked in the mirror and did a smoky eye look. I brushed my teeth and slid on a pair of black heels. I looked myself over in the mirror and the dress actually looked really good on me. It fit really good to my curves. I sighed and closed the bedroom door behind me. "I'm coming down!" I yelled from the second story landing. I heard them all stand up and I got nervous. I made my way down the stairs and walked to the door where the guys were standing. As soon as they saw me they all whistled and Bruno's eyes bugged out. I felt myself start to blush. "You" He said. Bruno was wearing a back and white stripped V-neck and a jean jacket with cutoff sleeves and the usual back converse and a pair of black skinny jeans the fit him REALLY good. He didn't have a hat on and his hair was all curly. "You ready?" "For what?" He bit his lip and smiled and looked me up and down. "Ohhhhhhhh!" Everyone said. "Peter!" He walked over to me. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He hugged me. "No I'm not." He whispered. I smacked his arm and we all piled into the limo. He wrapped his arm around me and started playing with my hair. "This dress is making it hard for me to not be all over you." He whispered. "Well your the one who picked it out!" I giggled. "Mrs. Hernandez?" I looked at the driver and smiled, he winked at me. "Where would you like to go this fine evening?" "Hmm....surprise us!" "Yes ma'am." He rolled the privacy window back up and we all started talking. "Ok, so would it be Mrs. Mars.....or Mrs. Hernandez?" "Hernandez!" Bruno blurted out. Everyone started laughing. We stopped and got out. Our driver rolled the window down. "You brought us to the Loft?!" "Only the best." "Thanks Jackson." We could hear the music pouring out of the club before we even walked in. When we did walk in I took everyone upstairs to the VIP lounge. It was super crowded up there. "Let's get a drink!" Bruno shouted over the music. "Alright!" We walked over to the bar and we both got a shot of patron. Bruno downed two more shots. "Cmon drink some more!" "No, I'm good! I figured someone needs to be responsible for 8 wasted people!" "Your loss!" He kicked back another shot. "You need to slow down! Your going to get wasted before we even get to dance!" "Well then let's go!" He grabbed my hand and we ran to the dance floor. I stood in front of Bruno and he put his hands on my hips. We started grinding together and he started kissing behind my ear and down my neck giving me chills. "I hate this dress! It needs to come off!" He shouted. "Your the one who picked it out!" I laughed. "I don't like it! It's taunting me!" "How?" "It fits you too good!" I laughed again. "I hate those jeans your wearing! They fit you too good!" He laughed and pulled me back over to the bar. He took 3 more shots of something and I took a shot of Jack Daniels. "Slow down! Your going to get so wasted Bruno!" The bartender walked over to me with another shot glass. "Compliments of the gentleman over there." I looked over and saw a man in probably his late 20's white, shaggy brown hair, nothing compared to Bruno. I look at him and smiled. I point to my ring. "Sorry! Already taken!" He walked over to me, completely ignoring Bruno. "You wanna dance pretty lady?!" "No! I'm good! I'm already taken!" I downed the shot glass and smiled at Bruno. He's got a death stare on the other guy. "Bruno, please don't do anything stupid. I get stuff like this from guys all the time and you probably get the same from other chicks." He doesn't say anything thing he just keeps staring. "Listen man, you need to back off, she's mine." "Cmon man, just a dance." "Look here, I don't know who you are but can you just please leave?" I begged. He takes his hands from the counter and puts them on my hips. "Get your hands off me!" I screech. Bruno shoves him away and the man shoves Bruno back. "Hey! Stop both of you before this gets ugly." The man sizes Bruno up and knows he has the advantage, they both stand their ground. "Bruno, let's go. Now." He doesn't budge. "Peter Gene Hernandez if you don't come with me this instant I will smack you upside your head with my heels." He knows I mean business when I call him by his real name. The other man smiles. "You, go. Find someone else to mess with." I said. "Not until you dance with me." He grabs my arm. "You best get your hand off of me before I slap you silly." "You wouldn't-"I slapped him and he stumbled backwards. I glared at Bruno. "Let's go Peter." I walk out and he follows. I start walking down the road and my clicking heels start to get on my never so I rip them off and start walking barefooted. We walk in silence until we get to the entrance of a beach. I keep walking until my feet hit the sand. "Brookie......don't let what happened ruin our evening." He put his arm around my waist. "I won't.....we just both needed to get out of there before it got bad." "I'm sorry." He says after awhile. "It's fine it wasn't your fault. Let's just not talk about it and go find something to do." I slide my heels back on and we get back on the main road. "You want some ice cream?" Bruno asked. "Yum." We crossed the street and I got a cotton candy ice cream and Bruno just got a chocolate. After we finished we kept walking trying to find something dumb to do. We walked by a mini golf course and we decided to play. We were like the only ones there, thank god, because we made complete fools of ourselves. Everything was going good until about the seventeenth hole. We had been goofing off and even the people who worked there were laughing at us. "Bruno, help me! I can't do this to save my life!" He came up behind me and started grinding himself against me. "Bruno! I asked for help!" He kissed me behind my ear giving me chills. "I am helping." He whispered seductively. I looked at him and the look he was giving me gave me goosebumps. "Dance with me?" A slow song had just came on through the speakers. I smiled and turned around. I rested my head in the crook of his neck and put my arms on his shoulders. He put his hands on the small of my back so gently it was almost as if he was afraid I would break into a million pieces. He started humming along to the song playing on the radio. I closed my eyes and we slowly started to sway back and fourth, listening to the steady beat of his heart and his humming. The song ended and I looked at Bruno and smiled. He looked at me then at my lips. I smiled and kissed him, I started twirling a curl around by his neck. "Let's go." He said when we finally pulled away. I nodded and we walled to the 18th hole and dropped our balls in. We returned our putters and walked out of the shack and started walking back to the club where Jackson was waiting. We got about half way and the whole time Bruno was trying to rush me. "Wait." I hissed. I slid my heels off. "Please hurry, your killing me."I stood back up and we started walking again when we heard someone shout. "OH MY GOD! BRUNO MARS AND BROOKE DANIELS!" "Ugh!" "Bruno! Be nice!" We signed autographs and took pictures. The fans walked off and Bruno pulled me into an alley. He pushed me up against the wall and started kissing my neck and grinding our bodies together. "Bruno! Were in public!" He kisses behind my ear and I get chills. "You know that spot gets me going." "Then let me drive ya." "Bruno seriously stop it." "It'll be quick I swear." I shoved him off of me. "Cmon Brookie, I need you." "You have a hand." I spat. We walked the rest of the way to the limo in silence. "You can't stay mad at me forever." He said once he closed the door. "Watch me." I hissed. I crossed my arms and looked out the window. I just need to act mad until we got home so he wouldn't attack me. He put his arm around me and started humming. I listen to it and realized he was singing just the way you are. I bit my tongue so I wouldn't smile. Then he started singing it put loud. "Her lips, her lips I could kiss them all day if she let me........she's so beautiful and I tell her everyday." He starts rubbing my arm with the back of his hand giving me chills. "Don't be mad at me baby girl, your leaving tomorrow. I don't want you to leave mad at me." He started rubbing me cheek, before I knew what he was doing he turned my head and gently kissed me. No tongue, no biting, just a simple, soft kiss. I pulled away and he patted his lap. I climbed on top of him and sat on the back of his legs. He grabbed my hands and laced our fingers together. "I'm sorry I attacked you, you're just so stunning I-" I kissed him with everything I had and he kissed me back. He started rubbing my thighs and it felt so good! "Mrs. Hernandez? Were here." I pulled away from Bruno and looked out the window. We got out and ran into the house. Phil and Melody were in a serious make out session in the hot tub and Kenji and Jessica were asleep on the couch along with everyone else and their ladies. We ran upstairs and Bruno closed the door behind him and pushed me up against it and slowly started kissing my neck..........