Chapter 2

19/04/2011 18:48

It’s 10 in the morning. I grabbed my phone next to me and read the text message that I’ve just received. Sighed. It was from Lisa. At least I was hoping for a text message from him.Maybe he’s  busy with he’s family or something. Suddenly there was a knocked on my door.


It was grandma.

‘Katy?Someone’s here to see you’.


I slipped on my slippers and walked downstairs.

‘Hey babe’.It was him.


He was standing by the door holding breakfast and putting a gorgeous smile like always,expecting me to invite him in. ‘Come on in’.

‘Granny already made breakfast. You don’t have to worry about food here, Ed’.

He put down the food on the kitchen table and pulled me to the couch.

‘You smell good today’.I said,noticing that his perfume was filling up the whole room.

‘I always smell good’.

‘Haha..yeah right’.

‘Sooooo........what do u want to do today?’

‘Hmmmmm...let me see...first probably taking my shower, then eat breakfast, then I have no idea.You?’

‘I’m meeting my guys today.BUT! I have something special for you tonight...’

‘Really?Wonder what it is...’

‘Well,You just have to wait.Anyways,I’ll see you tonight,okay?’He got up.

‘Yeahhh.Guess I just hang out with granny today.Right granny?’

‘Sure.then I can teach you to cook so that Edward here can taste your cooking’.


I lead him to the door.Before he left,he wanted to kiss my lips but I pushed him ‘I haven’t brush my teeth yet.’

‘I don’t care’.

‘Ewww...Ed.Nooo....Save it for tonight,okay?’

He gave me his flirty smile. ‘Fine then. Can’t wait for tonight’.He kissed both of my cheeks.

After I closed the door ,I sat back on the couch. Granny looked at me, concerned.

‘What’s wrong, Katy?’

‘Nothing’s wrong, granny’.

‘Really? Well, something is definitely wrong somewhere’.

‘I don’t know, granny’. I paused. ‘I try not to think the about the bad stuff but......

‘But what?’

‘Well......he left me for 2 years,3 months ago I caught him cheating behind my back, yesterday he just got back and now he can’t even spend a few minutes to have breakfast with me’.

‘You didn’t ask him to have breakfast with you’.

Sighed. ’I know....But still..........’

Granny came forward and hugged me.’’re a strong young lady.You just have to trust yourself.And,If he’s the right guy,things will work out.If not ,the right guy will show up’.

‘What do u mean?’

‘One day you’ll understand’.


After I took my shower and got dress, I walked downstairs and saw granny was sitting in front of the TV doing her cross-stitched. I walked quietly and headed to the door.

‘Where are you going?’


‘I’m thinking about taking a fresh air’.

‘Are u trying to escape from spending your day with me?’

‘God!No granny.........I just need some place to think’.

‘I understands.I’m joking.You need to smile more,Katy.You look pretty gloomy these days......’

‘Fine’.I gave her a huge smile. ‘You want me to get you anything?’

‘Hmmm.....probably some carrots since I’m making veggie soup for lunch’.

‘Okay then’.

It was a windy day outside.Thank god I wore enough clothes to get me warm. My mind just can’t work these days because of this whole Edward issues. I remembered that night. Exactly at 9 p.m I got a call from a girl saying that she’s Ed’s girlfriend and asked me to stay away from him.I was like, ‘What the hell is going on here?’.Edward denied about it but then somebody posted me pictures of them together and well,of-course I was pissed.Finally Edward confessed to me and said that she was his college mate.Yeah.He mated with her alright.

I walked into the local grocery store and grabbed some carrots for granny.As I was paying my stuff,someone approached me.


I turned.


‘Hey Katy Cat!’

‘Just Cat please’.

He laughed. ‘Fine,Cat alright.What are u doing here?’

‘Getting some carrots....’, showing him the carrots. ‘How about you?’

‘Getting some drinks???. I saw two bottles of beer in his hands.

‘So, he’s here?’,I asked. Hoping.

‘Yeah. He’s in the car. Papz is just everywhere. Wanna meet him?’


After Phil paid his bottles, we walked to the car. Bruno was inside, humming to some song. Phil got into the car and Bruno saw me. He froze.

‘Cat?’,he got out of the car.

Wow.He remembered me. ‘Yeah.I thought you’ll forget’.

‘Forget?About you?’

‘Maybe.....’ I stared at him.My heart was beating real fast.

‘Do you live here?’

I nodded. ‘Yeah.Just across the street.You?’

‘Oh,we live somewhere around here too.Phil,at least.He lives with his fiancée.I just crashed theirs’.

We were both staring at each other.Awkward.

‘Guys!Dude!Are we going to get out of here or what?’

Phil looked at me. ‘Need a lift,Cat?I can drop you home’.

Suddenly I had a better idea. ‘Do u guys want to come over for lunch?’

Bruno and Phil looked at each other.Finally,Phil spoke.

‘I got stuff but Bruno can join you’.

Bruno smiled at me, ‘Sure, I would love to’.

‘But I have to send myself home first so that Bruno here can take the car and drive both of you to your house’.

‘What happen to your car?’ I asked Bruno.It’s weird to know that he doesn’t own a car.

‘They’re at my house in New York. I barely drive’.

I got into the car and went to Phil’s house.I met his fiancée and she’s very pretty.The way they looked into each other’s eyes already shown how much they were in love.After a few minutes of talking,Bruno and i decided to leave the house.

‘Don’t flirt and drive’,Phil said.

I just smiled and got into the car.


‘So,this is it?’

‘Yep.This is my home.Come on’.

We walked to the house and Bruno pulled my hand.

‘Your granny,is she........

‘Old?Yes.Scary?Not really.So far no bizarre things ever happened.Now,come on’.I pulled Bruno inside.

‘Granny!!!!I’m back!!!!

Granny was sitting on the couch and quickly got up as soon as she saw me.

‘Katy!!!!Where have you been?I was worried that I had to call Edward and........’she stopped and looked at Bruno. ‘Well,who is this young gentleman?’

‘You called Edward?’ I cannot believe her.

‘Yes,I was worried.......’ she answered still looking at Bruno.

‘Granny,don’t stare at him like that.He’s scared’ .Bruno seems uncomfortable. ‘Anyway,this is Bruno.Bruno,meet my granny.Now,why don’t you guys talk.I need to call Edward’.

I took out my phone and dialled Edward’s number.Before I disappeared into another room,I caught the conversation between Bruno and granny.

‘Who’s this Edward?’

‘That’s her boyfriend.He just got back fromBritain,studying’.


I wanted to hear more but then I heard Edward’s voice on the other line.



‘God,you’re alright?’

‘Yep.I met an old friend so we talked.But I’m back now’.

‘Granny called me.She was so panicked’.

‘She can be a bit dramatic sometimes.....

‘You want me to come over?’

‘Where are you?’

‘I’m with Seth and Mike but I can ditch...’

‘That’s okay.They haven’t seen you in years so you should probably stick around.Besides,i’m soing to see you tonight right?’

‘Yeah..I’ll pick you at 8.Wear something pretty’.

Then the line went dead.Wear something pretty.Do I really want to look pretty?I should make up my mind .I have a hot musician in the kitchen having a friendly conversation with my granny right now and I’m meeting my boyfriend who....was not much of a boyfriend to me tonight.What should I do?I have no idea.