Chapter 23

07/03/2012 22:44

"Duh just tell me where we're goooooiiing?" I ask impatiently. 

He came home today, threw my blue dress on the bed and told me to put it on and get ready. Although I'm tired a bit I did it because I love when he surprises me, he never failed to amaze me. 

Right now I'm in the bathroom and try to get some nice curls in my hair.

"Nope! Hurry up, babe." He shouts out of the shower.

It's so unfair, I know he'll be ready in about 5 minutes when I still gonna decide which eye shadow color I should chose.

He steps out of the shower and grabs a towel when he sees me looking desperate at 3 different blue-colored eye shadows figuring out which one I should take. "Gosh... I thought if I chose already your dress it wouldn't take so long..." He takes a look in the mirror and runs his fingers through his hair. Why does he always has to look so cute and sexy at the same time? "Don't stare at me, creepy woman! ... and... take this one." He says and tips on the light blue shadow.  

"Don't you touch my stuff." I reply and clap his hand. "Gimme 10 minutes and I'm ready...

After 20 minutes we head out.


"This is the most beautiful beach view ever, Bruno. Thank you so much for bringing me here!" I lean over the table and kiss him softly. 

He smiles and touches my cheek gently. "Anything for you sweetie. Plus that's not all, I have another surprise for ya."

"Another one? How did I deserve that?" 

"Cause you're amazing just the way you are..."

I smirk. His compliments are so simple but always make me blush.

The last 2 months were pretty busy. I had to do a lot at the office and Bruno and the guys had several sessions with different artists. The Flo Rida track went straight to number one. Damn that night was crazy, I've never seen them so happy before and we all were so drunk, I really wonder how I can remember so much of it. Well thanks to Flo he gets more and more known and Kalman offered them a better contract, so that everything the guys come up with is officially theirs. This is huge because it means that when someone wants one of their songs or beats or lyrics, they have to buy it directly from them and not from the label. I don't know why Kalman did that, they lose a lot of money that way. But he wanted the Smeezingtones continue working with their artists and the first contract was only temporary for 3 months, so if he didn't do it like that he'd probably lost them and he can't afford that. They're talented and build up this reputation as underground hitmakers in a short time. I'm so proud of them. But that also means that Bruno and I don't see each other much, only in the morning and evening or rather night time depending on how long he stays in the studio, which was always after I went sleeping the last weeks. But it's okay, if we still have some we-time like today I can deal with it.

He took me to this cosy italian restaurant right at the beach. The sun is about to set and all the colors it makes right above the ocean is breath-taking. After enjoying the view we finished eating and leave. Time for my second surprise...

He drives into an unfamiliar neighborhood. There are only blocks of flats everywhere, no shop, cinema, theater or else we could go to. The studio is around here. He must take me there, I think. Maybe he wanna play a new song to me?

After a while he stops at a big grey-white house. Well not the studio...

"We're there. Get out." He grins big at me when we go towards the entrance door. I think I really look stupid with my confused gaze. What is that all about? He takes a key out of his jacket pocket and unlocks the door. Why in hell does he have a key?

"So are we visting someone? You have to know somebody who lives here if you got a key."

He doesn't answer, only takes my hand and drags me up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Again he takes out a fitting key and unlocks the door to a flat. He walks inside and turns on the lights. I still stand outside when he turns around.

"Come in..." 

I step inside slowly looking questioning at him. He takes my hand again and leads me more inside, so that he can close the door. It's only one room and not so big but it's comfortable. There is a bed, a small couch with a coffee table and a sideboard. The wall where the bed stands is painted red and on it are hanging some pictures. I squeeze my eyes and go a little bit closer to see the people on them. Maybe then I know who lives here. I freeze when I recognise who's on them.

"Oh my god, Bruno why did the person who lives here hang up pictures of us and your family?" I ask curious. 

He laughs. "Baby, you don't get it! It's mine..." He spread his arms and yells happy. "Welcome to my crib!"


"Yeah I rent this flat... It's mine. I have a home again, finally!" He looks around proudly and falls down on the couch smiling satisfied.

"Oh..." I swallow, I can't be as happy as he is. "Cool!" I try to get a smile on my face but fail tremendously.

"What's up, babe? You don't look happy."

"I don't know... it's just... so surprising..."

He stands up and walks over to me. "You don't like it?"

"Erm I do it's nice but..." I hesitate thinking of why I feel so negative about it.

"But what?"

I look around and then at him. "But... you have a home... at my place... don't you?"

"Yeah but like you say it's yours..."

"It's yours too..."

"No it's not. It's yours and I lived there or rather I sponged on you... long enough..."

I roll my eyes. "You know it doesn't bother me and you could pay half of the rent..."

He sighs. "But it still would be yours. I have nowhere to go if we... I just want my own place."

"What if we? You mean if we break up or what?"

"No I wanted to say if we argue what we kinda do right now and I don't like that."

"Well excuse me but it was you who rented a flat behind my back and now you expect me to be happy that the less time we spend together which is at night or in the morning will be go down like to zero cause you're gonna sleep here..." 

"Baby I promise I won't sleep here every night."

"Oh please!!! The studio is only some blocks away and I live 30 minutes away. Of course you gonna come here after studio... Don't promise something we both know you won't keep." 

"Ok you're maybe right... Then you gonna sleep here. I'll give you a key so you can come whenever you want..."

"How you figure that? Should I carry all my stuff every day from yours to mine and back?"

"Why are you so complicated?"

"I'm not complicated. I'm realistic... I just know how it's gonna be and..."

"Please babe don't worry about how it's gonna be, just trust me... believe in us... we're not the only couple with separate homes and if it's for me you don't need to bring any clothes at all..." He chuckles a bit.

"That's not funny, Bru." I punch him lightly in his chest. "Other couples may have the same working times. See it will start already today... you said you have to go to the studio after our date and then you most likely come here and I'll be at my place..."

"But you can come with me to the studio and when you get tired you sleep here. I don't see your problem..."

"How should I stay here? I have nothing here..." I really get annoyed now. Doesn't he mind at all that we gonna see less than we already do now?

"That's what you think..." He backs up and goes to the sideboard. He opens the first drawer and takes out some things one after another showing it to me. With every one I melt more and smile like a freaking fool at the end. He bought like everything I may need if I stay here over night. A pyjama, underwear, thick colored socks which I love so much, a toothbrush, the shampoo we both use, a pink towel, lotion, even make-up remover and oh my god also tampons. 

I shake my head smiling and look regretful at him. "How can you be so sweet? Now I really feel like an idiot... Sorry for bein' so bitchy! I understand that you want to have a own crib, it's just... I liked it that we lived together..."

He wraps his arms around me. "I loved that too but I need my own place and I promise you we will see each other as most as possible ok?"

"Okay..." I kiss him softly. "And now? Studio?"

"Hm yeah but first..." He lifts me up and throws me at the bed. "...let's have a little housewarming party..."


"And it really works?" I look doubtful at Ryan. We're sitting at the couch chatting while Bruno, Phil, Ari and Brody record a demo of a new song. I'd rather just listen to Bruno's wonderful voice but Ryan keeps distracting me with bragging about this new wonder-shake-challenge thing.

"Yeah 10000%!" He answers excited. "They have so many great recipes. Today I had a carrot, banana and chocolate shake for breakfast. It was sooooo good."

"That sounds gross, Ryan!" I say back disgusted.

"It may sound gross but it was so yummy." He strokes over his stomach and I start laughing. 

"What's so funny?" Bruno asks while coming out of the booth.

"Oh Ryan tries to convince me that this 90-days-challenge-shakes are delicious even they mix like carrot, banana and chocolate..."

"Eeeeww that's really gross plus my babe had already her choco carrot today and that almost killed her. At least she was screaming like that..." He winks at me and I just cover my eyes with my hand embarrassed what makes him laugh. 

"Uuuuhhh now THAT is gross, dude. I feel so sorry for ya neighbors." Ryan says back and turns to me again. "But for real now you should try it, it's healthy, you get fit, lose some pounds and I'll go hiking with you if you do it, I promise!"

"Hm well then... ok bring me a kit the next days." 

He smiles at me satisfied.

"This shit better works or you'll lose that smile soon, Ry!" I say jokingly. 

"Ryan dude, don't you try to take away those nice curves from my woman!" Bruno yells suddenly in a dramatic way.

I giggle and imitate Ryan. "But maaan it's not only to lose weight, it's for a healthy lifestyle, bro! Just bok wit me!"

We both laugh while Ryan makes a fake pouting face what makes us laugh even more.

"Fux that health shit... whatcha think about a nice burger with fries and mac'n'cheese?" Bruno asks, leans down to me and starts to kiss my neck.

I look at Ryan who only rolls with his eyes and shakes his head. "Sounds good to me." I reply to Bruno.

"Then up up let's get it." He grabs my hand and I stand up. 

Just when we were about to get out Phil yells. "Hey yo where ya goin?"

"Gettin some food."

"Now? Man it's already 11. I'd like to get home before 1... Can't Caro get it alone?"

Bruno sighs and looks at me sadly. "That's ok. Go sing some more I'll be back in 20 minutes." I say and rub over his cheek. He pulls me close and gives me a passionate kiss. Then he turns around, whistles to Ryan and nods with his head towards the door. Ryan gets up immediately and walks to me. He opens the door and bows down a bit moving his arm towards me and then outside. "After you, lady Hooligan." 

I chuckle. "Ryan if you don't watch out you'll end up bein Bruno's bitch." I say while walking out and he follows me.

Before he closes the door we hear Bruno half yelling half singing. "And he'll love it. Heee'll loooove it, love it, love it, loooooove it." 

We all burst out laughing. Oh I love these guys!