Chapter 6-10

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Chapter 6ix: O_O You did what?!!


Man today was crazy......well just plain out insane, but the best part is I have finally let my gaurd down and is giving bruno a chance I smile at the thought. I went in the bathroom and ran me a hot bubble bath and turned on my IHome and it began to play "Skin" by Rihanna I was content and so relaxed until my cell phone rang I looked at the ID and smiled


Karri: "hey baby" smiling hard


Bruno: "what's up sexy? what you doing, I hear some sexy music in the background am I interrupting anything?"


Karri: "ugh! can you for once keep your head out of the gutter?"


Bruno: "I wouldn't be me if I did, but for you I'll try..."


Karri: "you pro....." 


Bruno: cut her off " and I ain't making no promises"


Karri: "you make me....Ooh!!!"


Bruno: chuckled "I love you too, but you never told me what you were doing?"


Karri: "I'm taking me a nice HOT bubble bath"


Bruno: "Ooh and you didn't invite me?"


Karri: laughed "you didn't R.S.V.P sorry baby"


Bruno: "you wrong for that one, but I got you don't worry"


And I knew when he said something like that I was in for it


Karri: "pfft!! whatever"


Bruno: *silent*


Karri: "bruno?, hello?"


Bruno: "I'm here"


Karri: "then why the long pause?"


Bruno: "I'm gonna tell you something, but you gotta promise me you won't get mad?"


Karri: sat up in the tub "What?"


Bruno: "as a matter of fact I'm on my way over there I explain then" hung up


Karri: "but....hello, bruno?" hung up and quickly washed up


Damn what could he possibly have to tell me this time of night I was getting kinda nervous so I put on this:


In 10 minutes bruno was knocking at my door like he's been outside for hours


Karri: "I'M COMING" yanking the door open "why are you bangin on my door like you aint got a tap of sense?"


Bruno: smiled "you don't take your time when it comes to me woman, I'm Big daddy"


I raised one eyebrow and looked him up and down


Karri: "where? tom thumb"


Bruno: "right here thumbelina"


about to unzip his pants


Karri: laughing "I don't wat to see that retard, jeez"


Bruno: put his arms around her waiste "Oh but when you do" 


he kissed me passionately and I pulled away


Karri: "uh uh don't try to get off the subject what did you have to tell me?"


he walked me over to the couch and I sat down but he didn't


Karri: "arent you gonna sit down"


Bruno: "naw I have to stand up while I'm telling you this"


Karri: confused "whatever"


Bruno: enhaled "ok remember the girl chelsey you beat up... wait let me re-phrase that...that you almost tried to kill today?"


Karri: "yeah"


Bruno: started playing with the ring on his finger "well she wasn't my girlfriend *enhaled talking kinda fast* shes actually my sisters best friend who agreed to act like she was so that I could make you jealous, exhaled"


KarrI: *silent* just stared at him


Bruno: "well did you hear me?"


Karri: scooted to the edge of the couch "MmHmm"


Bruno: "well arent you gonna say something about it?" 


Karri: bit her lip "MmMm"


Bruno: "then wha...."


He didn't see it coming I jumped on him and he fell unto the loveseat while I started pouncing on him




Bruno: balled up "how was I supposed to know that you was gonna react like that?"


Karri: stood up and started pacing the floor 


Bruno: "Baby I'm sorry I just needed a way to be with you and now I have you"


Karri: stopped pacing "yeah now I might end up behind bars because of your STUPID A** accusations"


Bruno: "No you won't she's not gonna press charges but she did say an apology and that leather jacket you just put out would look perfect on her brother"


Karri: "ugh!! fine call her up"


so he dialed her number and we settled the mess we've created and called it even


Bruno: smiled "thank you"


Karri: upset "you can wipe that silly a** smurk off your face cause you're definitley not off the hook mister"


Bruno: wrapped his arms around her from behind "I'm sorry" planting butterfly kisses on her neck


Man that was feeling good but I'm not gonna fall for it


Karri: undid his hands "still not buying it"


but when she tried to undo his hands he interlaced them so she couldn't move


Bruno: In her ear "you know you like it it's been how long for you?" 


Karri: turned around still in his arms "yes I like it, bu....."


he began to kiss her as he laid her on the couch kissing her with so much passion


Karri: trying to stop him "Bruno?"


Bruno: still kissing her


Karri: stopped him "No that is as far as it's going to get I mean we haven't even been on a date yet"


Bruno: had puppy eyes "No I wanna kissy some more I like kissing you" tried to kiss her again


Karri: stopped him "No!! but a date would be perfect don't you think?" 


Bruno: *sighed* alright fine how bout 2moroww night and I will pick you up at 8


Karri: smiled "ok, but where are we going?"


Bruno: "why?"


Karri: put her arm around his neck while the other caresses his face "cause I need to know how I should dress"


Bruno: "something sexy something thats going to make every guy and girl envy us and defenitley something thats going to hug that a**"


he smacked her on the butt


Karri: *moaned and kissed him lightly* "(seductive voice) "I got just what you need" (regular voice) "ok well it's time for me to got to bed have to work 2morrow so you needs be going ok baby?"


Bruno: shocked "damn you so sexy but ok see you 2morrow I love you baby"


Karri: moaned  "Je t'aime tres baby" sexy voice


Bruno: wide eyed "Arrrgh!! you killing me girl" hurriedly walked out the door


Karri: chuckled "nighty night time"


I walked to my bedroom and put on my pj's and laid down and it seems like everytime I get comfortable something happens...the damn phone rung


Karri: irritated "hello"


Bruno: "didn't I tell you not to take your time when it comes to me? *click* "hello...hello...hellooooo oh no she didn't"


I laughed as I hung up the phone in his face cause I could just here his a** talking sh** and with that I fell asleep!!!



Chapter 7even: First Date!!




The next morning I was up and I just felt so happy and sexy because I have one of the most sexiest man as my boo so I felt like dressing sexy cause I knew he was going to come to the store today so I got to rep mines and so I put on this:


I curled my hair loosley on the ends tucking one side behind my ear and then applied my make-up doing a smokey eye and nude lipstick that matched my skin tone. I then grabbed my keys and headed to the shop as soon as I pulled up I saw bruno car and I had a smile so big on my face so I thought to myself "I'm about to show this man the real me" as I checked myself and make-up in the morror and opened the door. I fixed my clothes and hiked by boobs up to make sure there in it's right place and put my sunglasses on and walked to the door and when I opened it the first person I see is bruno eyes wide. I smiled acting like I didn't notice and started doing my sexy model walk into the store


Karri: walking "hello everyone" then gave bruno a kiss "hey baby" smiling


Bruno: *silent* staring


Alyssa: "hey you go girl look at you. this is very different from what I've seen"


Phil: "yeah you are hot" eyes wide


Alyssa: glared at him "you better stop trippin pimpin and get them eyes back into yo sockets"


Karri: laughing "baby what's wrong you haven't said anything since I've walked in"


Bruno: still staring "dayyummm!!" mouth wide


Karri: got a tissue "ok baby you droolin it's ok" kissed him again


Bruno: "who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend"


Karri: "baby I am your girlfriend aint nothing changed"


Bruno: "Like hell it didn't baby you're HOT damn girl" walking around her


Karri: giggled "what are you doing?"


Bruno: "Shhh I'm trying to read you"


Karri: "Boy quit playing" turned to face him


Bruno: had a focused look on his face "No seriously baby I'm trying to read you what does this say" pointing at her cleavage


Karri: pushed him "Shut up!! move out my way crazy butt"


Phil: laughing "that was a good one moi goi"


Bruno: giving play "yeah I try"


Alyssa:  "so whats on the agenda today?"


Karri: um nothing really just keeping the store clean and serving custies" taking her jacket off


Alyssa: "I was talking about you and bruno"


Karri: "ohhh we are going on our first date today" sat on the counter and crossed her legs


Alyssa: "aww that's so cute where are yall going?"


Karri: "I don't know he won't tell me, but wherever it is I have to dress classy well he says sexy"


Alyssa: "Ohh but guess what?"


Karri: looking at some papers "What?"


Alyssa: excited "we're coming too bruno thought that we should double date"


Karri: just as excited "really this is going to be so much fun. what are you wearing?"


Alyssa: "I don't know don't really have any dressy clothes"


Karri: got off the counter :well we are just gonna have to do something about that arent we?"


Alyssa: chuckled "yeah"


we were still talking when bruno and phil came where we were


Bruno: "what are you ladies chit chatin about?


Karri: Oh nothing just about  this double date you guys planned on me"


Bruno: "I was trying to tell you last night but you hung up on me"


Karri: "Oops!!" put the tip of her index finger in her teeth


Phil: "you two are off the chain" laughing


Alyssa: "well it is saturday and we do close early today @6:00pm and it's now 5:30pm" hinting Karri


Karri: "oh yeah um baby we have something to do so we are going to go ahead and close up shop so we can take care of that"


Bruno: "ok we can go with you"


Alyssa & Karri: "NO" at the same time


Bruno: "ok damn" giving her the what are you up to look 


Phil: "yeah we good"


Karri: "It wont be long and we will be ready when you guys come get us ok?"


Bruno: wrapping his arms around her "you better be" and kissed her


Phil: disgusted look "woah woah can we save that for later when WE arent around please thank you, jeez"


Bruno: "you're such a hater, man" he laughed "but anyway I can't wait to see you tonight" bit his lip


Karri: "hmph!! trust me when you do, you just might not let me out the house" winked at him and started doing her sexy model walk out the door


Bruno: *sighed* "gatttt dayyummm I don't know if I'm gone make it through the night"


Phil: "Aha!! done got something you can't handle"


Bruno: "Pssh!! Ok!! watch and learn my friend"


So me and ally finished shopping and decided we would just get dressed at my house instead. we got dressed and this is what we had on:






and we did our hair and make up and then that's when the doorbell rang I rushed to my window and hollered and told them it was unlocked and we will be right down. so they came in and sat on the couch until Karri and Alyssa came down the stairs together they stood up Omg!! you should have seen there faces we were both smiling hard


Bruno: passed up Alyssa and stood in front of me "Um you guys you two can go head we are gonna take a rain check" licking his lips


Karri: blushing "and hello to you too come on lets go"


Phil: cheesing "WOW!! you look really beautiful Lyssa" 


Alyssa: blushing and cheesing "Thank you"


after about 30 minutes we made it to this upscale resturaunt. bruno parked the car while him and phil open our doors lending there hand to help us out and then there arm and we walked in. It was so beautiful we walked up to the counter and I didn't hear what bruno said but the hostess told us to follow her. when we got to our table it was outside in the middle of a flower garden and water fountains over looking the ocean and the sunset it was so beautiful 


Karri: gasped "baby this is beautiful"


Bruno: kissed her hand "something beautiful for a beautiful woman, my woman might I add"


Karri: playfully hit him "thank you I love it" kissed him softly but short


Phil pulled out a chair for alyssa while me and bruno go stand by the balcony


Bruno: hands around her waist "I love you" 


Karri: "Aww I love you too seriously I really love it this is the best thing that anyonbody has done for me" tears forming in her eyes


Bruno: catching the tear that was falling with his thumb "I want to be able to give you everything he couldn't, love you like he should have, I want you to feel my soul when I make love to you, I want to feel your heart beat when I kiss you and fill your lungs with air as I touch you I just want to be that man that helps you breathe again I won't ever hurt you and if I do I promise you can beat my a** like you did chelsey and I'm not going to fight back because I wan't to take the pain for you I will do it all


Karri: hugged him " Aww I love you so much"


Bruno: smiled "come on lets eat" he took her hand


We all ate and then went to the club where we sat in vip and had a good time. the club was over and we dropped alyssa and phil off and we made it to my house bruno walked me to the door


Karri: "I really had a great time tonight thank you"


Bruno: "you welcome" he stared into her eyes 


they kissed a passionate kiss and pulled away and looked at each other karri broke the silence


Karri: " would you like to come in?"


Bruno: smiled "not on the first date I don't believe in being intimate on the first date" *lied*


Karri: confused "ok even though I wasn't thinking about that" *lied*


Bruno: backing up "well I will see you 2morrow"


Karri: opening the front door "ok love you baby" waving goodbye


Bruno: standing by the driver side door "love you too" 


Karri walked in the house and closed the door  and then she heard bruno drive off. she walked upstairs and changed into her pj's and sat at her vanity slowly brushing her hair as she started drifting off into a deep thought replaying the words in her head that bruno was saying to her she smiled


Karri: "I am so in love" 



Chapter 8ight: Copy Cat!!


The next day it was sunday another boring day ugh!! I got up and brushed my teeth and put my close on I let my hair stay wavy from the curls I had last night and went downstairs. I sat my jacket on the arm of the couch and walked into the kitchen looking in the fridge for something to eat but nothing was looking to good I guess cause I was thinking about bruno I smiled and grabbed me a breakfast sandwhich and warmed it up but while I was eating My phone rung....


Karri: mouth full of food "hello"


Bruno: "you know it's not lady like to talk with a mouth full just swallow it"


Karri: swallowed "you just made me lose my appetite nasty A**"


Bruno: "It's alright I'm gone turn you into a pro" laughing


Karri: "OMG!! shut up, jeez what did you call me for?"


Bruno: "get dressed"


Karri: "I am dressed and for what?"


Bruno: 'we going over to phil house to chill with them and watch movies"


Karri: "ok"


Bruno: "alright bye"


so I wiped the table off and walked into the living room and put on my jacket and sunglasses when someone was knocking at the door I opened it and we both stared at each other


Karri: "are you fu**ing kidding me right now?"


Bruno: "were you spying on me?"


Karri: "No, how in the hell did this happen?"


we just couldn't believe it 






I know damn there too close hehe!!


Karri: going back in the house "I'm about to go change"


Bruno: gently grabbed her wrist "no keep it on I think it's sexy seeing my girl has the same taste as me" 


Karri: "are you sure? I mean cause this feels weird" laugh a bit


Bruno: "yes, now lets go minnie me"


Karri: raised an eyebrow "Minnie?"


Bruno: chuckled "ok twin"


Karri: "that's better like you're so much taller than me"


Bruno: "pfft!! I am, I'm 7ft tall girl you aint no?"


Karri: bust out laughing "7ft Aha!! more like 7in"


Bruno: playing sad face "damn so long to my self esteem" had his head down


Karri: laughing and gently grabbed his ears "Aww baby I'm sorry" still holding his ears as she kissed him and pulled away


Bruno: "Ooh don't stop do that again don't forget to grab my ears I like that" smiling hard


Karri: "boy come on we holding them up" getting in the car


Bruno: "Aww man" started the car up


Karri: gently grabbed his face "I'll do it again when we get over there ok?"


Bruno: bit his lip "ok" and drove off


We finally made it over there and Alyssa greeted us at the door


Alyssa: "aww you guys look so cute who's idea was it to do this?"


Bruno: "she's a peeping tom"


Karri: mouth wide "you are such a liar I am not *laughing* it was a weird mistake that's all" glared at bruno


Alyssa: giggled "oh ok"


Phil: ran up to the door "baby who is........WOAH!! Aha!! well don't you guys look like the double mint twins" letting us in


Karri: playfully pushed him "haha funny phil" 


Bruno: "so what's cooking I'm starving"


Karri: "spell starving?"


Bruno: "H.U.N.G.R.Y  starving there I spelled it"


Karri: squint her eyes "Smart a**"


Bruno: "you aint know" smacked her on the butt and ran in the kitchen where phil was


Karri: taking off her jacket "Ooh I'm gone punch him"


Alyssa: "yall are a mess. so what did you guys do after yall dropped us off?"


Karri: "Nothing"


Alyssa: "stop lying" 


Karri: "I'm not lying *whispered* he turned down my invite to come in he said I don't believe in first date intimacy"


Alyssa: "and what did you say?" whispering back


Karri: still whispering "I told him that I wasn't even thinking like that"


Alyssa: yelled "BULLSHIT"


Karri: wide eyed "Shhh I'm foreal I wasn't thin....."


Bruno: sat next to me and put his arm around me "what yall talking about?"


Alyssa: "Um" looked at karri


Karri: looked away from alyssa with her hand over mouth


Bruno: raised his eyebrow looking at karri "baby what yall talking about?"


Karri: looking down "Uhm..nothing babe just some woman talk you know" hoping he'd bought it


Bruno: looked at me "Ohhhhh" then at Alyssa who smiled at him " never mind" got up and went back into the kitchen


we laughed at the way his face looked when he finally got the point then back to whispering


Karri: "you almost got me in trouble"


Alyssa: "well you need to stop lying you totally wanted him last night"


Karri: "so what but he didn't"


Alyssa: "of course he did but you weren't being honest about It eith....." cut off cause the boys were coming back into the living room


Phil: frowning "Why both of yall looking like yall just lied to yall momma or something?"


Alyssa and Karri looked at each other then back at them after about an hour we ate and went back into the living room


Bruno: "so what are we about to watch first?" scooting karri next to him


Phil: "Good luck chuck"


one of my fav movies


so we began to watch it but when it got to the part where he's having sex with all those girls it felt kinda weird


Bruno: "you think that can happen foreal?"


Phil: "Aha!! wouldn't that be something"


Bruno: "I mean every last one of them ends up married and he's still alone that gots to suck"


while they were talking karri and alyssa was mouthing words back and forth until they heard them stop talking and karri looked up at bruno and smiled


Bruno: looked back and then at alyssa "what is going on? you two are hiding something and I want to know what it is...NOW!!"


phil: paused the movie "what makes you think that?"


Bruno: because earlier I walked in here and they were having a convo but when they saw me they froze"


Phil: looked at alyssa "what was yall talking about?"


Alyssa: "It was nothing babe I swear we were disagreeing with a question that I HAD asked" looking at karri


Bruno: "and what question was that?"


looked at karri


Karri: looked at alyssa "just asked each other how horny we get when we are on our menstru........"


Bruno and phil plugged there ears yelling for us to stop talking


Alyssa: mouthed "you liar" pointing and laughing at her


It was getting dark and they were watching "house on haunted hill 2" and man me and alyssa was all up under them which I knew they loved anyway until alyssa and phil began kissing


Karri shocked "oop uh oh now" she said lowly


Bruno: chuckled "yeah my boy"


Karri: looking at bruno then gently grabbed his face "and what are you waiting for?" bit her lip


Bruno: smiled "not a damn thing"


Karri: grabbed his ears "that's what I thougt" 


and they kissed and I mean they were all kissing there butts off lol!! phil and alyssa called it a night and karri and bruno left and took karri home


Bruno: put the car in park but didn't turn it off "well you're here"


Karri: confused "ok" gave him a peck on the mouth


Bruno: could sense something was wrong "baby what's wrong?" turning the car off


Karri: "nothing just tired that's all it's been a long day" looking out the window


Bruno: turned her head around "are you sure?"


Karri: "MmHmm" opened the car door and got out after she closed it she walked up to the front door and opened it and just when she was about to close it bruno put his foot in the door. he pulled her close and closed the door behind him and started kissing her passionatly and then pulled away


Karri: "what's wrong?"


Bruno: staring into her eyes "I just want to hold you"


Karri knodded and took his hand and led him upstairs. while she was putting on her pj's he was stripping out of his clothes leaving only his boxers (I guess that's how he sleeps) and got under the covers. she walked out of the bathroom and joined him as he pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her again staring into each others eyes


Bruno: "I love you"


Karri: smiled 'I love you too"


she yawned and turned her back to him while he held her close


Karri "Bruno"


Bruno: "yeah"


Karri: "can you put Big Daddy up?"


he laughed and kissed her neck and they fell asleep................



Chapter 9ine: You got me!! 


I woke up seeing bruno sleeping like a baby I smiled and kissed him but he didn't wake up so I took a shower and put my clothes on wearing this:




I'd rather show pics then try to explain the outfit :D


and so I put my hair into a high pony and did my make up not doing to much just a fresh face look. as I was putting on my earrings I hear bruno


Bruno: Amazed face "woah this closet is huge *coming up behind me* my closet is just a regular closet with a pole and a shelf


Karri: giggled "well when the time is right you can have the closet next to it"


bruno ran out of my closet and ran into the other which was empty


Bruno: loud "WOW!!! this is awesome" running back out to the bedroom


Karri: "I see you like it"


Bruno: "yeah so when is the right time" wrapped his arms around her from behind kissing her neck


Karri: chuckled "In due time my love" turned around and pecked him on the lips "but I gotta get to work"


Bruno: whining "whyyyyy? stay here pweeeeez " on his knees wrapping his arms around her waist


Karri: laughing "come on bruno get up"


Bruno: still in the same position "No, don't go"


Karri: still laughing "come on baby I gotta go to work and I know ally is waiting on me"


Bruno: still there "NO!!! I'm not letting go"


Karri: smiled and squatted down to where he was "I tell you what how bout we have a date with the jacuzzi tonight" winked her eye


Bruno: stood up "Ok" and went downstairs


Karri: "That little brat hmph!! he think it's going down Aha!! Imma make him beg for it"


I went to work right after bruno left and when I got there once again phil was there with alyssa they are like inseparabale they were up against the counter kissing touching I just laughed to myself 


Karri: "Ehm" standing in the back of phil


Phil: eyes wide but blushing "oh hey karri um how long have you been standing there?"


Alyssa: voice shaking "yeah I didn't hear you come in"


Karri: laughing "I just got here and I saw everything you go girl show'em how it's done" walking to her office


phil And alyssa looked at each other


Phil: "I was expecting her to be mad and what not because of you doing this on the job"


Alyssa: suspicious look on her face "yeah me too I'll be right back" walking to my office


I heard a knock on the door when it opened it was ally


Karri: looking down signing some papers "hey ally what's up?"


Alyssa: "Nooo, the question is what's up with you?"


Karri: taking off her reader glasses off "Huh? there's nothing up"


Alyssa: "karri" put her hand on her hip


Karri: "fine bruno finally spent the night last night, but nothing happened we just cuddled that's all"


Alyssa: "Aww that's so sweet but you wanted too didn't you?"


Karri: *silent* went back to signing the papers


Alyssa: got loud "Aha!! you did want to last night"


Karri: jumped up and put her hand over alyssa's mouth "Shhh you don't have to tell the whole world dang


they didn't know that phil and bruno was outside the door listening uh oh!!


Karri: "ok and yes I wanted to but I didn't want to seem easy that's all"


Alyssa: cheesing "Mmm you wanted some of that sexy man Ooooh!!"


Karri: *sighed* whining "yes I did. he got a VERY sexy body and he smelled so good and when I was up against him omg!! he is like packing some serious pubic inches


phil and bruno outside the door crackin up 


Phil: "she aint as hard as she try to act dog"


Bruno: "yeah I see that Hmm!! she got a weak spot" raising one eyebrow and bit his lip


Phil: quietly "Aha!! yeah you got an advantage now"


bruno: cheesing "yes, I do"


they gave each other dap as they continued to listen


Alyssa: "wow so what do you have planned for tonight?"


Karri explained everything to her even the plot on making bruno beg for it. so once they stopped talking they heard snickering but they don't know that the girls heard it


Alyssa: whispering "they are outside of the door listening"


Karri: smiled whispering "so that means that they heard everything Hmm, time for plan B"


Alyssa: "what do you have in mind?"


karri explained the new plan and they both gave each other some play. they then started talking loud walking slowly to the door giving them time to run back out to he floor 


Bruno: acting like nothing happened "Hey baby " kissed her


Karri: "hey when did you get here?"


Bruno: lied "just a minute ago"


Karri: "oh ok" turned around and looked at alyssa and smiled


Bruno: "well look baby me and phil about to go we gotta take care of some business and I will see you later ok" gave her another quick kiss


Karri: "leaving so soon? you jus got here" fake pouty face


Bruno: "I know baby but I will make it up to you *whispering in her ear* on our date with the jacuzzi"


grabbed his ears and passionatley kissed him for 10 sec. pulled away


Karri: sexy voice "you better" as she ran her hands down his well maintained chest and abs while biting her lip


Bruno: licked his lips "oh trust me baby I will" slapped both of her thighs 


Karri: bit her lip again "Oooh I can't wait" *in her seductive voice* 


she turned around with her back facing him and said


karri: "hit it one good time" 


Bruno: slapped her real hard on the butt


Karri: moaned "see ya Big Daddy" waving goodbye


phil: giving alyssa a hug and a kiss "see you later babe" slapped her butt on the sly


Alyssa: chuckled "ok babe" 


Karri: smiled at him "I saw that"


Phil: blushing "Oh! see ya later"


Karri: laughing "bye phil"


So they left and me and alyssa started gettin ready for their plan


Karri: excited "Ooh it is on tonight they aint gone know what hit them" grabbing her hanbag and keys


Alyssa: "sure isn't so I'm going to call you 2morrow and ask how it went because Imma make sure I tell you how it went with me and phil?"


Karri: "ok good luck"


Alyssa: "you too"


Karri: ok lets go


I make it home and got ready for the night by chilling some chocolate covered strawberries and champagne in the fridge. I ran upstairs and put on a red and gold bikini with my gold belly chain I let my hair down loosley curled it once again tucking one side behind my ear (he liked that, hehe!!) and put on some red lipstick and red stilettos I pushed play on the IHome and it began to play:


I left the door unlocked as I hear him after putting the strawberries and champagne where I wanted it and positioned myself to stand in a sexy pose hearing him call me and his footsteps inching closer to me making my heart beat 90mph I enhaled......


*Bruno P.O.V*


I walked into Karri's house hearing the music playing putting a smile on my face I began to call her as she wasn't nowhere in sight and then I see the patio door open and as I get closer I see lit candles, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, but then none of that stuff mattered anymore once I saw her standing there looking so damn sexy I felt a boner coming on but I had to keep my cool. she had on a red and gold bikini with a gold belly chain and red stilettos while her hair was the way I liked it and red lips Mmm, this girl just don't know what she's doing to me. 




I exhaled when I finally saw him come through the patio door looking like this: (make sure you vote voting ends Aug. 16th!!)


OMG!!! man he looked so sexy I felt a brunogasm coming on but I gotta keep my cool. he walked over to me and lightly placed his hands on my waist and kissed me softly and man I felt like my skin was melting off me, but I wasn't gonna let him have the best of me so I gently grabbed his ears ( like he liked it) making him moan we continued to kiss for a minute then pulled away. he sat me down in the patio chair squatted down and removed my heels one by one and placed them on the grown still holding my leg he placed a soft kiss to my ankle and gently put it down. he stood up and stepped back and slowly removed his shirt showing his chest and abs I was literally choking on the inside as he started unbuckling his belt and pulled his pants off showing his swimming trunks which made me laugh cause they were spongebob, but cute. so he walked up to me and held his hand out as I took it we walked over to the jacuzzi and he got in first then watched me get in I looked at him and he had a seductive look on his face biting his lip I smiled and sat on his lap and kissed him again. bruno grabbed the remote and skip to the next song which was unexpected because I didn't't know it was on there I bet you he downloaded it right before I got here Hmm??:


we started back kissing while he caressed my thighs I was getting chills all up my spine I couldn't help myself so I got up and sat on his lap facing him and continued to kiss him and then he squeezed my butt which made me giggle. when it got to tyga part he put his finger under my chin and started lip-sinking the verse to me with his lips being only inches away from mine (just Imagine) Awww man I thought I was going to *DIE* but I fought it, it was hard but I did. the night went smoothly as I was the first to feed him a strawberry and then he fed me one he then grabbed two champagne glasses and popped the cork and pored it into the glasses and handed me one. we crossed our arms and we took a sip but I was laughing cause when he was about to take a sip I would pull his arm away from him, drinking only mine. I sat mine down as he did the same as soon as he turned back around I begin kissing him passionately it turned into a french and boy that jacuzzi water felt like it was getting hotter we started to sweat. I felt him about to untie my bikini top and I pulled away and stopped him but in a good way. 


Karri: stood up "I'll be right back"


Bruno: "ok I'll be waiting"


Karri: walking and mumbled "yes you will" giggled


*Bruno P.O.V*


Damn this girl got me gone I sat here for a minute but it seemed like hours waiting for her to come back I looked at my watch and it was 11:30pm what the hell is she doing? she's been gone for like an hour. I got out and grabbed a towel and dried off wrapping the towel around my neck I searched the house until I got to her room which was dark I opened the door and there she was fast asleep.......WTH!! I said sorta loud I walked over to her and I saw a folded piece of paper on her night stand so I picked it up and read it: 


"Aha!! if you're reading this then you have officially been duped. I know you and phil was listening in on our conversation and that you knew about my plan and then I clearly thought to myself after you left in a hurry that you had something up your sleeve so I moved on to Plan B and you fell for it Bwahahahahaha!!! I love you baby....


*Karri xoxoxo*


Wow I admit she got me and I mean got me good that just made me love her more even though I was looking foward to making love to her for the first time but I'm glad it didn't happen because it would have been based on a game and I want it to be special. I kissed her on the forehead and walked back downstairs and grabbed my clothes and reached in my overnight bag and got me some dry underwear and put them on. I then went back upstairs and got in the bed with karri and wrapped my arms around her and said to myself: 



 Aha!! I'm so in love with this women 



Chapter 10en: Oh No!!! :O




I was the first to wake up it was 7:30am so I decided to just lay here and look at karri sleep man she was so beautiful it was like I was looking at a porcelan doll her skin, those sexy chesnut eyes, perfect soft lips, and that smile, man that smile is like fuel to me it keeps me going. I ran my finger down her nose as she twitched it frowned she finally woke up and then thought maybe I should have left her sleep :O


Karri: yawning "What time is?" sleepy voice


Bruno: looking at the clock "'s 7:45am"


Karri: frowned "WTH!! why are you up so early? ugh!! I am so about to go back to sleep" pulling the covers over her head


Bruno: laughing "ok baby I'll be downstairs" getting up


Karri: speaking but was muffled  "MmHmm" 


So I smiled and closed the door and went downstairs to the kitchen and went straight to the fridge and man for a small girl her fridge had so much food in it so it took me awhile to figure out what I wanted so I finally fixed me a sandwhich and grabbed a beer and went into the living room and turned on the tv.




About a hour later I finally got up and wondered where bruno was but then remembered he went downstairs. I got up and got in the shower and after I put on my clothes:


I put my hair into a messy bun and only put on mascara and lipgloss cause I was having a lazy day. I went downstairs and saw bruno in the living room watching tv and whatever it was he was all up into it so I snuck up behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck


Karri: little loud "Hey!!"


Bruno: jumped and screamed a little "what the......jeez karri you can't be doing that" eyes wide holding his chest


Karri: Lhao holding her stomach 


Bruno: got up "oh you think that's funny huh?" 


Karri: struggling to talk "uh huh"


Bruno: grabbed his keys "ok" and without her seeing him he left


Karri: jumped up "Bruno" looked around then ran to the door


by the time she got to it he had droved off. she didn't understand why he would get so upset over that she closed the door and  tried to call him but he wouldn't answer until after minute or so it rung and she hurried up and aswered it without checking the ID


Karri: "Hello" thinking it was bruno


Alyssa:  "hey gurly"


Karri: disappointed "oh hey"


Alyssa: "what's wrong?"


Karri: sad voice "bruno got mad because I scared him but I was just playing with him so he just up and left"


Alyssa: "aww he's just being a brat he'll get over it. speaking of bruno how did it go last night?"


Karri: "well it started out amazing he almost had me but I held my own and did what I was supposed to do and he fell for it what about you?"


Alyssa: low voice "Uh it went great"


Karri: thinking a bit "OMG!! you didn't do it did you?"


Alyssa: *silent*


Karri: gasped "ALYSSA!!! you fell for it didn't you?"


Alyssa: "ok ok I couldn't help it he was touching and kissing me so good and one thing led to another next thing you know I was on top of the table and.......


Karri: disgusted "ok ok you can stop right there that Is T.M.I" 


Alyssa: giggled "Sorry! hey what are you doing right now?"


Karri: "nothing why" flipping through the channels


Alyssa: "why don't we go shopping and to the movies or something being that phil is not here and bruno isn't there lets have a girls day out"


Karri: excited "ok I haven't been shopping in a long time I'll be over in a minute"


Alyssa: "ok" 


so I grabbed my wallet and keys and headed over to ally's house when I got there she was already running out the door 


Alyssa: got in the car "ok lets go" cheesing


Karri: raised an eyebrow "what did he do to you?"


Alyssa: about to speak "he.....


Karri: cut her off "DONT answer that" she laughed


they finally made it to the mall and headed to this store when I saw the most sexiest prettiest lingerie I was loving it and I know bruno would too but then I thought why get it when your boyfriend is not at home to see it and then that's when alyssa spoke


Alyssa: "get it anyway"


Karri: confused "huh?"


Alyssa: "you know you want to buy that for bruno" smiling shuffling through the racks"


Karri: laughed "what? I never said anything about getting that for bruno"


Alyssa: "you didn't have to say anything you were thinking it"


Karri: "So what you're mind reader now?"


Alyssa: "No, it's the facial expression you were making while you were thinking"


Karri: "I'm that obvious? jeez maybe I need to think more quietly"


So I went on and bought it even though it was going to the back of the closet because i'm never gonna wear it. after we left the mall we went to the movies to see the movie "Fright Night" which was....AWESOME!!! after it was over we went to her house and I sat in the kitchen while she prepared dinner for her and phil


Karri: eating some grapes "so you and phil living together now?"


Alyssa: smiled "yeah I love him he's so good to me I mean he waits on me hand and foot never disrespects me or ever tried to hurt me I mean we have our days but at the end of the day we just put it behind us"


Karri: "Wow!! that's great ally" started feeling jealous


and that's when phil walks through the door and greated her with a hug and the most sweetest kiss I'm guessing that's my cue to leave 


Karri: getting up "Um think I'm gonna go on and head home"


Alyssa: "no you don't have to leave"


Phil: whispered in her ear 


Alyssa: 'oh ok well I guess I'll see you tomorrow then, Maybe"


Karri: frowning but confused "okayyy!! I will see you later" 


they both said bye as I got in the car what in the world are they up too? shook my head never mind I don't think I want to know as I was driving I was listening to the radio when they started playing the song I was playing last night when bruno got there I just smiled at the thought and what was going on during that song I bit my lip but then snapped out of it


Karri: "ok karri lets just get home girl" parking into the driveway


I got out the car and grabbed my bags as I was standing at the front door I was struggling to find my keys but then my front door opened which scared me but when I looked up it was.....


Karri: wide eyed dropping her stuff on the ground "Brian"


Brian: "hello baby I'm home" 


Karri: struck off running 


Brian caught up with her and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her back to the house while she screamed for him to let go and for someone to help her once they get in the house he locked the door and pushed her unto the couch


Brian: cracking his knuckles "Now where were we?" licked his lips


Karri tried to run off again 


Karri: screaming "NO PLEASE LET ME GO" kicking and hitting him


Brian: yelled at her "SHUT UP" punched her by the eye busting it


Karri: crying and begging "please don't do this"


Brian: "it's not gonna take long for me to finish where I left off after I'm done you won't feel a thing"


he began to try and undo my belt while he held both of my hands over my head and he was sitting on top of me making it hard for me to move. as I was crying and screaming for him to stop because at that point he was kissing me on my neck and undoing my shorts I hear something break and I closed my eyes and he collapsed on me and I opened my eyes when I saw phil standing over me I pushed his unconscious body off me and ran up to phil and hugged him tight while alyssa came over to us and hugged me too while I hysterically cry in his arms.


Karri: "how did you guys know?"


Phil: "we were trying to call you to make sure you made it home ok but then you must of redialed alyssa's number by mistake because we heard you screaming and we came over to see what was going on and I'm glad I came


Karri: "me too I don't know what I would do without you guys"


after about 10 minutes the police came and arrested him for escaping prison and trying to commit the same crime and the ambulance stitch up my wound and covered it up. I was sitting on the couch under phil and alyssa when bruno came barging in yelling my name I looked up and my face turned from sad to pissed in 3.5 sec.


Bruno: "Omg!! baby you o....."




Bruno: "I know I know baby *trying to hug her* I'm sorr...,"


Karri: "NO!!!  you save your sorry I done heard that to many times in my life to believe it now. just go?"


Bruno: "Baby please" pleading voice


Karri: yelled "GET OUT I HATE you" laying back into alyssa arms crying


Phil: "come on man" 


Bruno: "no i'm not gonna leave her"


Phil: "dog you already have once today just give her some space ok?"


Bruno looked at karri and then walked out the door


Alyssa: "don't wait up I'm going to stay here with her ok?"


Phil: gave her a quick kiss "ok babe I love you call me when you're ready"


Alyssa: "ok love you too"


after everyone was gone alyssa helped me up the stairs and took me to my bedroom and I layed in my bed and balled into a fetal position


Alyssa: sat on the bed and rubbed her back "you need anything?"


Karri: "no thank you think I was a bit to hard on him?"


Alyssa: "you reacted out of anger I think he understood that you were hurt he'll get over it"


Karri: crying "he's gonna hate me now"


Alyssa: hugging her "Shhh he's already done forgave you he's just giving you some time alone"


Karri: "I hope so"


alyssa sat in the chaise cheer and we both fell asleep. the next day I woke up and alyssa was still sleeping so I got in the shower and put on this:


and went downstairs and fixed me a cup of tea cuddled up on the couch and watched tv after about 30 minutes or so alyssa came downstairs and sat next to me


Alyssa: "hey you feeling any better?"


Karri: "would I be lying if I told you I was?"


Alyssa: "well from the looks of it...yeah"


they both laugh


Karri: "I want to call him so bad but I'm scared that he might be mad at me"


Alyssa: "It wont hurt unless you try"


Karri: *sigh* "ok"


I pulled out my phone and dialed his number and after the second ring he answered


Bruno: sad voice "hey"


Karri: smiled "hi, um...*mouthed to alyssa and whispered* what should I call him? baby or bruno?"


Alyssa: "baby, so he would know that you're both still together"


Bruno: "hello karri"


Karri: "I'm here I was wondering if you would com.....hello....hello...WT!! he hung up on me"


Alyssa: "are you serious?"


Karri: "I told you it would be a bad Idea *started crying* he's mad at me"


Alyssa heard a car pulling up in the driveway and then the door opened making karri stop crying and run into his arms


Karri: crying "omg baby I miss you and i'm so sorry I shoudn've yelled at you......"


Bruno: holding her "Shhh baby stop crying it's ok I'm here I'm not going anywhere"


he walked her to the couch and they both sat down with him still holding her


Karri: "I thought he was going to succeed this time I was so scared I felt so helpless"


Bruno: "I promise you baby I wont ever leave you again It was just me being a a**hole towards you and it wont happen again"


Karri: straightend her face and wiped away the tears "damn straight" 


Bruno: raised an eyebrow "Excuse me"


Karri: "you heard me" looked at the tv "Ooh the amazing world of gumball"


I love that show


Bruno: laughing "what? are you kidding me right now?"


Karri: "Nooo, turn that up" cheesing like a child on christmas


Bruno: laughed a bit and held her close "whatever makes my baby smile" gave her a quick kiss


Karri: I love you bruno"


Bruno: "I love you too karri


Karri: sat up "even after what I did to you last night....." eyes wide covered her mouth


Uh oh I shouldn'v brought that up :O


Bruno: stood up "oh yeah about last night" walking towards her "you thought I forgot about that didn't you?"


Karri: backing away then struck off running "NO!!"


they begin running around the house like little kids until bruno caught up with her and swept her up into a cradle hold and took her upstairs into he bedroom


Bruno: threw her on the bed and stared at her "you so beautiful"


Karri: smiling breathing hard


Bruno: layed on top of her and removed the hair from her face "how would you feel if I moved in with you?"


Karri: shocked "really?"


Bruno: smiled "yeah I'm tired of visits I wanna be here with you 24/7"


Karri: excited "yes, I'm ready for you to move in" kissed him


Bruno: laughed "ok how bout we go start packing up my things and then 2morrow have the moving truck bring it out"


Karri: "ok lets go"


bruno smiled at her and kissed her very passionatley and they got up and drove to his house even though it was karri's first time seeing where he lived she was very curious of what it looked like and then they finally get there it was an apartment building looked newley renovated so they get to the door and walked in and it looked really masculine and cozy.


Bruno: "come on in" closing the door behind her


Karri: running her hand across the marbled counter top "this is nice, but why would you wanna move out I like this"


Bruno: wrapping his arms around her "because I would rather give this up to be with the woman I love that's why *gave her a quick kiss* so stop asking questions young lady


Karri: raised an eyebrow putting her hand on her hip "excuse me I know you aint talki......."


Bruno interrupted her and kissed her passionately with tongue and then pulled away


Karri: mouth wide *speechless*


Bruno: putting his hand behind his ear "you was about to say what? Aha!! that's what I thought" walking away


Karri: rolled her eyes "I let you have that moment" slapped him on the butt "Owwwww!!!" 


Bruno: "you can't be touching my goody's I'm saving that for somebody else" talking like a girl


Karri: frowned "I hope you know that didn't even sound right"


Bruno: thought about it "It really didn't huh?"


Karri: laughed "Y-yeah it didn't. come on lets get started before it gets to late"


Bruno: "ok lets start in my room" bit his lip


Karri: "wouldn't you just love that just get in the room and get to packin them boxes boy"


Bruno: "alright alright"


they started packing up the boxes when I ran across a pic of him and phil and phredley (a.k.a preesh) whom I haven't seen lately and then one other I didn't recognize and asked who he was


Karri: "baby who is this?"


Bruno: "oh that's my brother eric your gonna meet him, my mom and dad and my sisters oneday"


Karri: "damn he's cute"


Bruno: "and he's happily married with children" taking the photo from her


Karri: "damn why are all the good ones always taken" smiled and looked at him


Bruno: "haha very funny" got mad


Karri: got in front of him and wrapped her arms around him 'Aww baby I'm just joking loosen up jeez" kissed him


they finished up the packing within 2hrs. and crashed on his bed


Bruno: "dang I didn't realize how stuff much I had"


Karri: 'you telling me you pack rat? now the problem is gonna be unpacking all this stuff"


Bruno: rolled over on top of her "but it's gonna be well worth it because Big Daddy is moving in"


Karri: "Oh god" she laughed "come on lets go and get some rest because we have a busy day 2morrow"


Bruno: "we can sleep here instead of going back to your I mean our place that way we will already be here to load these boxes up"


Karri: yawned "ok nighty night"


Bruno: "I can't get no nighty night kiss?"


Karri: *silent*


Bruno: "karri?" damn she done left me hangin again" *sighed*


Karri then rolled over and kissed him for a long time and then went right back to sleep and shortly after bruno was asleep. I never knew this day would come that I would be in love and with the man of my dreams, but now the challenge is actually him staying with me because this is my first time letting my boyfriend live with me because brian didn't stay with me I guess cause after my father died I wanted to be to myself. I have never been so nervous....*sigh* but he's a sweetheart I mean, What could possibly go wrong??