Chapter 25-27

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Chapter 25

I’m only uploading this again because you all spammed my mentions and ask begging me to re upload it. Underneath is what I originally wrote when I first uploaded it, so, yeah….
Oh God, this is probably the filthiest chapter I will write, I only wrote it because of all you horny Hooligans asking me for it, so yeah, I should put an age rating on this chapter, but I have read worse on Tumblr before, but I don’t want to make my characters into hoe’s…. you know the drill, if you don’t like reading stuff like this, then don’t and save me the abuse, enjoy :)

I ignore the call from Jaq, he can fuck off, I can’t deal with him now anyway, and he can miss me a little bit before I go back begging for my old job. Once we all get settled in we all sit in the main part of the bus just talking, eating and joking around. Me and Bruno start to devour this tub of nutella.  Ryan watched us intensely. “What?” Bruno says. “Bro, you shouldn’t be eating all that, you need to keep fit if you’re on tour” “Shut up, I like food, I don’t wanna end up all mutant like you anyway” “Mutant?” “Come on! Who has an 8 pack!?” “Fuck yeah I got an 8 pack” Ryan says proud. “So Lex, how did you and Phred actually meet?” Kenji asks. “No, wait, I wanna know how you first got in to producing, answer that first” Eric says. Fuck, why do I have to speak and be the centre of attention? I look at Phred for support, but he just smiles at me to continue. Well ok then. “Uhh, well I always wanted to be a producer ever since I was small, I don’t really know why, but I knew that I just wanted to write music for people. I had no idea how I was gonna make it, but I knew that was all I wanted to do in life. So when I was 14 me and my mom moved in to the heart of L.A. we had no money no nothing, it sucked. Like I said, money was tight so at 15 I got a job waitressing at a gas station, it was awful, I hated that fucking job, but at the end of the day it was money. So at this point I’m 16, and one night I was working the late shift, when all of a sudden at 1am this French guy walks in and starts yelling on his phone at someone. He asked for a coffee, so I gave him one and in his hand he had this portable player of some sort and he started to play this track, whilst he was talking on the phone yelling, I was listening to this track, trying to understand the concept and the beats. He looked up and me and goes “You like this shit?” And I was all, “No, it’s awful! And all the beats aren’t in synch with each other, and the lyrics are awful, I could write a better song than this piece of crap” He looked at me confused and said “You understand about beats, and you’re right, it’s not in synch, but it’s only slightly unsynchronised, it takes true talent to be able to pick it out” He looked me up and down and said “what kind of lyrics would you use then?” and we just started bouncing lyrics off of each other, he wasn’t as uptight as he is now. So he kept coming in the gas station every time he wanted to get my opinion on a song, one night my mom was there and she joked around and said “You know, if you value her opinion so much, maybe you should hire her” and then he offered for me to come and work with him at his studio. But I was basically like his bitch!” “Oh like how Dre is to Bruno?” Ryan says as everyone laughs. “Ry, you’re more of my bitch than Dre is, now shut up, baby go on” “Basically all I did was get him coffee and do random stuff, but I got to sit in on a lot of studio sessions with huge artists, sometimes they’d ask my opinion, and sometimes I’d offer random lyrics to them, but the best part was that I learned so much from just watching. I mean I learnt how to use an MPC the correct way, and I also fully got to understand how the soundboards all word. And that’s where I met Mid too; Jaq said that he saw something in her too. I know you all hate Jaq, but I’ve got a lot to thank him for” “So how did you get involved with the Stereotypes then?” “For my 18thbirthday he offered me an official job being part of the Stereotypes, full pay and everything, then, for my 21st birthday he offered me to be his partner and become the head of the Stereotypes with him, needless to say I said yes” “Ok ok, now tell them how we met!” Phred says all excited, “Uhh, you sure you don’t wanna tell this story?” “Nope” Thanks Phred… “Uhh I met Phred in a bar…” “Ooooohhh was It some drunken love affair you two had?” Jamareo buts in. “It wasn’t a club! It was like a jazz/blues bar; it was only 5 minutes from the studio, so me and Mid would go there after work sometimes. So I walk in, and I see Phred playing his guitar and singing, and I thought he was fucking talented, and obviously Mid thought he was fuckable… but anyway… so yeah, we just started talking, and that was it. We became good friends and he would hang out at the studio with us all the time” “Then how did he become your bitch then? He was always getting you coffee” Bruno jokes. “That’s just because I’m fucking nice!!” Phred replies. Hahaha I do love these guys. After our little bonding session, we all decide to go to bed, except for Bruno. “Baby, you not coming to bed?” “No, uhm, I think I’m just gonna stay up for a bit, I wanna work on a song, I’ve got a couple of ideas” “You need some help?” “No I’ll be fine, go to bed and get some sleep” and he kisses my forehead and I leave for bed. I hate this bunk, it’s so tiny, even for one person it’s small. I close my eyes and I instantly falls asleep.

I get woken up in the middle of the night by someone playing the guitar and singing. Whoever it is, the song sounds beautiful. I listen carefully “Just like the clouds my eyes will do the same, if you walk away, baby, everyday it’ll rain…” and I recognise that beautiful voice anywhere. I slowly get out of the bunk, trying not to wake anyone up. I see Bruno sitting on the couch with his back facing me. He’s still working on a few chords so I slowly walk up to him and breathe in his ear “Hmmmmmm, it sounds beautiful” I see him smile and he turns to kiss me. Against my lips he whispers “I wrote it about you” “I hoped so” I reply. And he intensifies our kiss. His hands roam all over, not being shy about touching me, the way I want him to be, and I don’t object. I feel his tongue tracing the lines of my lips so I part them allowing his tongue access to mine. His lips move to my neck and I can’t help but let out a breathy moan. His hands gently move down from my hair, to my waist, to my ass. They just wait there. I don’t know what my hands are doing at this point. “Ohh shiiit” I faintly hear from behind me. What the fuck!? It wasn’t from Bruno because he hasn’t stopped. Then who? “You think they’re really gonna do it?” Bruno moves back up to my lips and whispers so only I can hear “Ignore them”. I smile and nod. “Wait, what?” again he whispers so only I can hear. Again I just smile and kiss him back with all the passion and intensity that I have. I fucking love this man so much that it hurts. He moves down to my neck again, and then moves down to my stomach, lifting my shirt up slightly. My back is to them, so whatever he does whilst I’m standing in this position is fine because they won’t see anything. I can’t believe they’re watching us. I slowly feel him pull my shirt as he kisses and licks his way up my stomach to my chest. My breathing gets deeper as he moves from one breast to the other; I can’t help but run my fingers through his curls, gently guiding him to where I need him. I lift his head up and kiss him on the lips again and gently push him back on the couch and sit on his lap. I grind myself against him and know he’s ready, but his lips feel so amazing that I just continue kissing him. He pulls away “Lex, baby please” I look at him in the eyes, lick my lips and smile. He smiles too, he knows what I’m gonna do. I very slowly kiss down his lips, to his sexy neck, and down his chest, undoing his buttons as I go, I reach his belly button and look up at him, his eyes are closed and his head is thrown back. I undo the zip and button on his jeans as he helps slide them down to the ground. Very slowly, building up tension as I do, I graze my fingertips gently up his thighs letting them briefly touch where he needs me the most. He lets out a breathy moan and I smile. I look up to him again and notice he’s watching me, waiting for me to continue, I kiss him through his boxers catching him off guard making him moan again. Just as I’m about to pull his boxers down I head another whisper “Is she really gonna do this?” “I bet he won’t last for long, not with the way she was kissing him” I look up at Bruno again and he raises an eyebrow at me, I hook my fingertips inside the waistband and pull his boxers down, he throws his head back, grips the sides of the couch as I go down…… as my tongue goes up and down his length, his slowly moans my name, it takes all the strength that I have not to jump on him right now, I wonder if they’re still watching us, to be honest, I just don’t give a fuck. I feel his fingers run through my hair, guiding me, making me go faster and faster. Louder he breathes my name. As I feel him reaching his climax I don’t stop. “Babyyy…” I hear him say; I look up at him but don’t stop. He’s attempting to keep his eyes open looking down at me, as if he’s asking permission. I nod and he says “Fuuucckk yessss…..” and throws his head back again. I happily swallow everything he gives me. When Bruno gets his breath back, he says “We both knew you were watching us” “Ohhhh shiiitt!!” They all reply from their beds…


Chapter 26

They don’t stop laughing, to be honest, I don’t even know who’s watching and who’s asleep. Although with the way they’re laughing they’re probably going to wake everyone up! I don’t move from where I’m sitting in front of Bruno. I wait for him to fix himself and look up and him just smiling. I can’t believe we just did that. I see bright lights flash from the corner of my eyes and realise that they’ve opened all the lights on the bus. Shit… everyone must be awake. Ryan, Jamareo, Phred and Jason roll in to the room and collapse on the floor from laugher. Bruno pulls me up next to him on the couch and he has this huge smile on his face. Idiot. “What the fuck is going on!? Why are you all laughing!?” Phil says as he walks in all sleepy. No one answers and he just looks around confused. “Yo! Let me in on the joke!!” he says intrigued. “It’s fucking 4am! This better be something good that you’re all laughing about!” Eric says as he walks in. Oh God. I don’t want Eric to find out what happened…. “Holy shit Lex and you fucking swallowed! I can’t get a girl to do that for me! High five bro!” Ryan says as he high fives Bruno. Oh shut up Ryan!! Eric looks all confused. Fuck. “Lex and you went DEEP! DAMN!” Jason says. I try to get up and leave but Bruno just holds me down. Brandon looks at Bruno and says “Err, what happened?” Finally Bruno speaks “Well all these horny bastards just watched Lex suck my dick!” Ew, he could’ve said it better…. “WHAT!? You guys are nasty!!” Eric says. “I know! I mean who would watch that!” Bruno says. “Err, no bro, I meant you and Lex are nasty!!” “Whatever guys, at least I’m getting some….” They’re still laughing. “STOP LAUGHIN!!” I yell, but they only get louder! Fuck this, I’m off to bed. Bruno runs after me, “Baby you ok?” I smile and kiss him. “Yeah I’m fine, I didn’t know you had a nasty side like that Mr Mars” He flashed me his perfect smile and deepens our kiss. “Ohhh shit!! They’re at it again!!” Ryan yells. “Fuck you” he says against my lips. I push him away and climb in to our bunk. About 10 minutes later Bruno joins me and I fall asleep in his arms.

When I wake up in the morning I see 7 more missed called from Jaq. Urgh I don’t want to speak with him. But at the same time I do. Why does everything I do have to be so fucking stressful? “Baby what’s wrong? Why are you all agitated like this?” Bruno says as we eat breakfast in the bus. “Nothing…” “Lex, don’t keep shit from me” I look at my phone and it’s him again. “Jaq keeps calling me” “So? Just ignore it and move on” I exhale. “Baby can we go somewhere private and speak? If there is anywhere private on this damn bus” I’m letting my emotions get to the better of me again. He takes my hand and takes me to the back of the bus. “Bro, leave, we need to talk in private” he says to Ryan. “Are you two gonna talk? Or are you two gonna fuck?” “Just leave!” Bruno says annoyed. “Baby, what is it? You’ve not been yourself lately” I take a deep breath and say “As weird as this sounds. I miss Jaq. Well, ok, not so much him. But I miss the studio, I miss producing like how I used too, I miss being the boss, I just miss it all” “You miss your old life? Before you met me you mean?” “What!? No baby of course not! Meeting you was the BEST thing that ever happened to me, you know this!” “Then what? You don’t wanna be on tour with me?”  “Why are you getting so defensive!?” “Well how do you expect me to react when you say something like this to me!?” “All I’m saying is that Urbana doesn’t come on tour with Phil. Eric doesn’t have Cindia with him. Phred hasn’t got that new chick Monika with him! You never asked me if I wanted to go on tour with you, you just dragged me along! I don’t like being on the bus, I hate sleeping in that damn bunk. I get bored when you go on stage every night! I don’t like being surrounded by guys all the time! I haven’t written a good song in weeks! Plus on top of that we’ve got a wedding to plan! I just can’t keep it all in anymore” “So you wanna leave? Is that what you’re telling me?” “I don’t know what I want!? I know that if I left then I’d miss you so fucking much, but if I stay then I’d be moaning all the time! I just don’t know what to do!” Before I know it I feel tears rolling down my face and Bruno’s head is in his hands. Slowly he says “If you don’t want to stay. Then feel free to leave” “What?” what did he just say to me? “You heard me. If being here makes you un happy. Then fucking leave Lex, you know I don’t wanna make you unhappy” He says in his angered tone. What the fuck is wrong with him!? Why is he saying all this stuff to me!? He gets up to leave but before he can I run up to the door and stand in front of it. “You’re not leaving. We’re working this out” I say as the tears fall. He bangs his fist against the door and I for the first time, I feel scared standing next to Bruno. “How can we figure this out Lex!? Maybe I’m just being selfish then, yeah, that’s it, it’s me that’s being selfish wanting my fiancé to be with me on tour” “Baby, we don’t have to be with each other 24/7!” “Yeah we do! Because YOU don’t trust me!” “Don’t you dare fucking bring up London again” He exhales and sits back down on the couch. He’s not touching me again, just like in Vegas. I fucking hate this. “I’m not having the London conversation with you again” I say and he just nods. His head snaps round to me and he says “Do you just wanna get married?” “What!? Like in Marry You or something?” He ignores the last part “Everything would just be easier if we were married” “What are you talking about?” He turns and looks at me. “If we were married, then, I don’t know, I’d feel better about not being with you all the time, because then I know you’d be mine and nothing can change that” “Baby I’m already yours, you KNOW this” “Lex, just humour me ok? I’ve been waiting my whole life to marry a girl as perfect as you, and the wait is killing me, I can’t wait to just put that ring on your finger and start a new life with you” I just look at him like he’s an idiot. I can’t handle his mood swings like this. I lean back on the couch and say “But I want a big wedding” “Then you’ll get a big wedding *He kisses me* soon?” He looks at me questioningly. I can’t believe I’m going to say this “You’ve got a week off in two days right?” he nods. “Fuck it, let’s just go to Hawaii and get married” He leans in and kisses me. Did I really just say that to him?


Chapter 27

Dedicated to Lucy, one of the best readers I have :)

*2 days later*

“I miss Hawaii, It’s so different to LA, and it’s so calm and peaceful” I say as I look out of the plane as we prepare to land. “Baby you don’t know how happy I am that you said yes to getting married here, it’s the perfect place” he says as he kisses my cheek. I turn to him and kiss his lips. “I love you” I say. “I love you too” “Yeah yeah you guys love each other and can’t wait to get married. We get it!” Eric says. “Dude! No one asked you to come with us. You could’ve come at the end of the week just for the wedding, if you’re gonna piss me off like this then you can leave” “Woaaahh, calm down! Fine I’ll shut up…” he says as he sits back in his chair. I love watching them fight, it’s so cute. “Yo Lex! What do you see in this guy anyway?” Eric says jokingly. Is this hate on Bruno day or something? “I don’t really know to be honest. I mean. He’s great in bed, yeah, that’s it” I say and they all shut up. “That’s my girl” Bruno says smugly as he places his arm around me. We finally land and meet Bernie outside the airport, I run up to her and give her a big hug, and I really have missed her. She’s honestly like a second mom to me. “I can’t believe you’re both getting married!”  She says as we get in the car, Eric offers to drive so me and Bruno can sit in the back. “Finally right!?” Bruno says. I just smile at his enthusiasm. “Everyone is so excited! And everything is sorted out! Ahh we just can’t wait, oh and I spoke with your mom Lex, she said she’ll be here tomorrow to help with everything” Bernie says excited, how cute is she right now. “Where are we having it?” I ask scared. I never actually asked where it was gonna be. “I know the perfect place, mom did they say it was ok?” she nods. Bruno pulls out his phone and I see him dial Ryan’s number. “Hey bro, yeah we just landed, so, did you, uhh, do what we said? How does it look? Perfect, ok I’m taking her there now” “Hey Eric, pull over here, I wanna show Lex where it’s gonna be” He nods and pulls over. We get out and start walking down the street. The cool Hawaiian air hits us as we walk, the sun is just setting and everything is beautiful.

Out of nowhere this young pretty blonde comes up to us “Bruno? Is that you!?” “Lucy?” “Oh my God is it! How are you!?” She says as they go in for a hug. Get off my man bitch… “I’m doing amazing! What are you doing these days then?” “Well we can’t all be international recording artists like you can we! You know I always said that you’d one day make it big, I always had faith in you” “Well, you know how I do” “So you never left Hawaii then huh?” “Nope, I should’ve come with you to LA when you offered, every day I regret that decision” “Well, if you wanna come, we can help you get settled” “Yeah, that’d be nice. That’d be really nice” and they both flash a smile at each other. “Yo Brunz what’s up with this fedora? This is new” As if she just called him Brunz. I feel stupid standing here like a lemon whilst they speak. “Oh you don’t like it!?” “No! I prefer the afro!” “Well I’m not growing that back, as soon as I got to LA I shaved it all off, and my head felt kinda light, I mean I had A LOT of hair remember, so I just found one of these hats and ta da!” “Man, you had a lot of hair, but it was always so soft, and so damn curly!” Wait, why was she feeling his hair? And why did he invite her to come to LA with her? What the fuck is actually going on!? I light up a cigarette whilst they go on. “Well it’s all gone now, I’m a new Bruno to the old one you remember” “Man, I missed that Bruno, we had good times together” “Yeah, we did have good times” “So what brings you back here? Aren’t you supposed to be on tour? At least that’s what Bernie told me” “Yeah, well, I’ve got a week off” Go on Bruno. Tell her why you’re back here in Hawaii. “Ohhh, what you gonna do here then?” “I’m getting married” “No fucking way!! Who to!?” “My beautiful fiancé, Lexii” FINALLY he introduces me. He pulls me in front of him and wraps his arms around me. “Lucy, this Lexii my beautiful fiancé” “Nice to meet you Lexii” “Just call me Lex” “And just call me? Lucy?” her and Bruno both laugh, ok that was not funny at all, and why is he acting this way around her? “Bruno you have to come round one day and I’ll make you your favourite meal!” “No way! Chicken Adobo!?” “Of course! Right, I gotta go off to work, but I’ll speak to you guys later, it was so nice meeting you Lex” and she hugs me as Bruno lets go of me. “Bruno, it was amazing seeing you again” “Yeah, it really was Luc” and they hug, well, it’s more like an embrace than a hug. What is up with these two!? The hug goes on for more than I would like until they finally let go and Bruno grabs my cigarette. “You haven’t stopped smoking yet!? Damn Brunz!” she says as she walks away “I’ll stop one day!” he yells after her. “Who is she?” “Uhh, she’s just an old old friend…” “Really?” “Look, it’s over here!” and he pulls me in to this, side road. Real romantic Bruno. “Where are you taking me? If I wasn’t marrying you in a couple of days then I’d be scared for rape or something” “Maybe I am gonna rape you” “Baby, I’m easy ok? You wouldn’t need to rape me because I’d enjoy it too much” “Fuck Lex, I fucking love you so much” “Where are we goiingggggg….” I moan. “Stop that, be patient” As it starts to get even darker he eventually pulls me through another side road. He grabs me and makes me turn around before I get to see anything. He places his hands on my eyes so I can’t see anything. “Trust me” he whispers and he leads me forward. I hear lights turn on. “You ready?” I nod. And he slowly removes his hands from my eyes and wraps his arms around me. I open my eyes a garden? And I see lights, small white fairy lights everywhere, what is this? As I look around I see beautiful roses scattered along the paved floor and at the end I see a huge flowing water fountain. It’s breathtaking. I can’t move. Bruno breaks away from me and runs over to the lights “I thought white lights to go with your dress, then I thought white and red roses scattered EVERYWHERE, obviously we’re gonna get more then we have now, this was just to show you what I wanted. Then I thought we could actually get married in front of the fountain whilst the water runs, and behind, is a garden, so all the kids can play if they don’t wanna watch, and we’d have to get married at dusk, just so the lights can show off just how beautiful you are. I mean, I like this spot, but if you don’t like it then baby we can just book a hotel or something,  it’s completely up to you, I’ve just had the idea to marry you here for a while, it’s perfect, like you” He just stares at me waiting for me to speak. “I… Bruno it’s perfect” I manage to get out. He flashes his perfect smile, walks up to me, and kisses my lips, but this kiss is different, it’s slow and loving. I pull back and smile at him “I love it, and I love you” “And you know how much I love you, but we gotta thank Ryan for hooking all this up, but like I said, we’re gonna get more lights and more flowers, I realise I haven’t been helping out with the wedding as much as I should be, so this is my contribution” “I love the roses, they’re beautiful” ”Of course you love them, it’s your favourite flower” I just nod and walk over to the fountain.”Wait, is that the only way in, baby my dress won’t fit in through that tiny door” “No, there’s a door that leads out to the main road, I just wanted this to be the first thing you saw” “It’s perfect, and it’s huge! What is this place?” “It’s nothing special, I used to come here at night when it was closed and work on some music, you see the back door we came though? Well at night that would be the only door unlocked, and I used to come in here with my guitar, just sit and play” “Did you always know you wanted to get married here?” He shakes his head “No, only when I met you did I know” The urge to have him right here right now is so high. “Lex. You wanna have sex with me now don’t you” He says. Damn him. “Maybe…” He comes up and kisses me. “No we can’t! Not here” “Ok then, let’s go back to the house” he suggests. “Oh yeah, and look where that got us last time!?” he just laughs. “Let’s just go back to the house, I’m sleepy” “Ok baby, let’s go. We’ve got a big day of planning tomorrow” Yeah, we do…