Chapter 25

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"So, when is the wedding day?" Alegria's grandfather asked Bruno.

"We're not sure yet, sir. We haven't planned about that yet.." Bruno answered.

"What?! You haven't planned about the wedding date?! Then why did you ask my daughter to marry you?! You should have everything planned from the start if you are going to marry my grand daughter!"

Alegria spoke in Nihongo. "Grandfather, please be kind to Bruno." Alegria spoke politely. It was clear in her voice that she was defending Bruno.

"Dear, please.. Calm down. It's not like your grand daughter is going to marry a criminal." Alegria's grandmother spoke in nihongo.

Alegria's grandfather sighed. "Alright. I want to meet your parents so we could plan for your wedding, your kids, and everything."

'Kids..?' Bruno said to himself. He was curious why he wanted to talk about their kids. Bruno just nodded. "My father will arrive the day after tomorrow."

"What about your mother?"

"I'll call her right away, sir. I'll tell her to arrive on the same day as my father."

Alegria's grandfather smiled. "Everything's settled then. Come, I want to talk to you privately."

'Oh no..' Alegria smacked her forehead. 'He's gonna show him my baby and high school pics and tell him some embarrassing stuffs about me..' She really doesn't want Bruno to see or hear about it.

Alegria's grandmother noticed Alegria's facial expression. She knows what his husband did to all of Alegria's suitors. "It's okay child. If he really loves you, he has to accept who you are. He has to know all your flaws. That is part of the marriage process."

Alegria sighed and smiled at her grandmother. She's right. If Bruno really loves her, then he has to accept everything about her. "Thanks, Oba-chan."

"By the way, where's Calyx? He is always here whenever you're going to introduce a suitor."

"Uhm.. He's.. Uh.. Busy. He's working." Alegria didn't wanna tell her grandma about Danielle. She knows that Calyx also should introduce his girlfriend to her grandparents, but Calyx didn't say anything to them. She thought that Calyx might be angry at her if she told them.

Alegria's grandmother noticed that Alegria is lying. "Tell me the truth.."

"Well... He has a date. With his girlfriend. He hasn't told you about her yet, but I'm sure he will one day. Oba-chan, please don't tell grandfather yet.. Calyx will kill me if grandfather finds out about it.." Alegria begged.

"Alright, alright.. I won't. I know Calyx would introduce her at the right time."

"Oba-chan, I'm really sorry for not telling you about Bruno before.. It's just that he's too busy and a lot of things happened.. It's too complicated.. I'm sorry, Oba-chan.." Alegria said. She doesn't normally talk a lot to her grandparents when it comes to her health or lovelife. She hasn't even told them that her medical records got mixed up and she was mistaken for having brain tumor.

"It's okay, child. I understand. You said he's a famous singer right? Well, he must be very busy." Her grandmother said.

"He really is, Oba-chan. But he said that he's not really busy this summer, so he has much time to plan for our wedding." Alegria smiled.

"Oh, I see. Well, I guess you could relax since everything's alright now. Your grandfather likes him."

"You think so, Oba-chan?" Alegria grinned. Truly, her grandfather likes him. He was Alegria's first suitor who passed her grandfather's test within just a few minutes. Even Peter has gotten tired of her father's challenges. It was a good thing that she brought Bruno now. Alegria smiled to herself.

"Yes, he likes him. Did you see the way he smiled at Bruno? Well, you know your grandfather. He doesn't give his smiles so easily. And we have to celebrate for that. Come on, let's cook something to eat." Alegria's grandmother walked towards the kitchen.

"But Oba-chan, you've already cooked dinner. We could just eat that." Alegria said.

"No, we should cook more. It's a celebration, so we should cook delicious food. Come, dear. Help me in the kitchen." Alegria's grandmother smiled as she continued walking.

Alegria smiled back. "Yes, Oba-chan."


Bruno looked around the house. It was a Japanese style house, suited to the owners. He saw the pictures on the wall and saw their family picture. Alegria was still a baby on the photo. He smiled. "Cute.."

"She's beautiful, right?" Alegria's grandfather smiled. "You want to see her pictures when she was still a baby?"

"That would be nice, sir." Bruno smiled. Alegria's grandfather led Bruno to a room and took a photo album and opened it.

"Wow.. She's so beautiful!" Bruno said. He wasn't lying, Alegria was the cutest baby he has ever seen.

Alegria's grandfather smiled as he showed Bruno more of Alegria's baby pics. He saw Alegria thumb-sucking, naked, crying, smiling, every expression was captured when she was young.

"I had this photo album after Sakura and Bernard died. Calyx and Alegria moved here after they recovered from the accident." Alegria's grandfather explained.

Alegria's grandfather showed Bruno some more pics of Alegria. Then a picture of Alegria, walking happily hand in hand with a boy.

"Who is he?" Bruno asked. He was pretty sure it wasn't Calyx.

"Him? He's Alegria's childhood friend. I can't remember his name though, but he always visited in the hospital after the car accident. He always comes in the afternoon, checking on Alegria and Calyx. He's a nice Filipino kid." Alegria's grandfather explained. "You know, he's Alegria's first kiss. He kissed her in the lips while we were at the airport. He said it was a good bye kiss." Alegria's grandfather chuckled.

"Oh.. I see.." Bruno said. He kind of got jealous of the boy. This boy on the picture is Alegria's first kiss. How he wished he had known Alegria since they were young.

Then her grandfather took another photo album and opened it. "This was Alegria when she was in high school."

'She had.. braces..' Bruno grinned. He didn't know about that. Alegria didn't tell him.

"She was a very smart and obedient girl when she was in high school. She had few friends, but she was still happy. She was contented with just us and her friends." Alegria's grandfather said. He told Bruno a lot more funny stories about Alegria and they laughed together.

"Alegria got her braces removed when she went to college. Alegria and Calyx had to move out to enter college, but we still stayed in touch. She also became mindful of her appearance. It was then that she had suitors. But of course, she had to introduce all of her suitors to me. And guess what? You're the second person who passed my test." Alegria's grandfather smiled to Bruno.

'So.. Peter really was her first boyfriend..' Bruno said to himself. He smiled to her grandfather and bowed. "I really am thankful to you, her grandparents, for accepting me as your grand son-in-law."

"Tell me your name, son."

"Uh.. My real name is Peter Gene Hernandez, sir. But I am known as Bruno Mars by most people."

"What would you like me to call you then?"

"Bruno sir, I'd be more comfortable if you called me Bruno."

"Well then, Bruno, I want to ask you something. Did you have sex with our Alegria before?"

Bruno's jaws dropped. He didn't expect Alegria's grandfather to ask him this question.

"I see in your reaction that you have. Well.. Me and her grandmother, we had sex before marriage too." Alegria's grandfather smiled at Bruno. "We got married early, and her grandmother gave birth to twins. But only one of them survived. And it was Alegria's mother. She was born during the cherry blossom season, that is why we named her Sakura. She was our only child." Alegria's grandfather said, smiling. "You know, child, you are Alegria's first."

Bruno tilted his head in confusion. "Sir, what do you mean I am Alegria's first?"

"Boy, Alegria lost her virginity to you." Alegria's grandfather smiled at Bruno.

Bruno's jaws dropped. "Really?! H-how'd you know? What about her first boyfriend, Peter?!"

"Well, I asked Peter and Alegria the same question. They said they haven't yet, and they answered confidently. Alegria didn't stutter or turn red. I know when my grand daughter is lying, so I can't be wrong about it." Alegria's grandfather explained.

Bruno couldn't believe it. He felt guilty for having sex to other girls before Alegria. And he even cheated on her. "I.. I uh.. I didn't know about that, sir.."

Alegria's grandfather laughed. "I noticed that." He suddenly became serious and looked straight into Bruno's eyes. "Bruno, what do you plan to name your first child?"

"Uhm.. I haven't thought about that yet, sir. I still have to talk to Alegria about it." Bruno said.

"I want a great grand child, fast. So you should already think of names for your first born." Alegria's grandfather smiled at Bruno.

"We would, sir." Bruno smiled at Alegria's grandfather.

"Please, call me grandpa." Alegria's grandfather smiled.

Bruno nodded. "Yes, grandpa."

"Grandpa, the food is ready." Alegria said as she walked towards Bruno and her grandfather.

Bruno looked at Alegria. She had her hair tied to a bun and she was wearing and apron. 'She's still beautiful no matter what she wears.'

"We cooked more food tonight, grandpa. Let's go eat." Alegria smiled as they walked towards the dining table.

The table was filled with delicious Japanese dishes. Yakisoba, Karaage, Korokke, Tonkatsu and Miso Soup. Most of these dishes had meat on them. Alegria opened the bottle of wine that they bought.

"Alegria, aren't you allergic to meat?" Bruno asked.

"Yeah, that's why we cooked yakisoba and miso soup." Alegria said, smiling as she removed her apron and sat down.

"Enough with the chit chat. Let's eat." Alegria's grandfather said.

"Itadakimasu!" Alegria and her grandparents said.

"Ita.. What?" Bruno smiled as he asked Alegria.

"I-ta-da-ki-mas. That's how you pronounce it. It means 'let's eat.' When it's syllabicated, it should be i-ta-da-ki-ma-su."

"Ooohh... Ita..dakimasu!" Bruno said as he grinned at Alegria's grandparents. Then they started eating. "Mmm.. Delicious!" Bruno said as he tasted the the Karaage.

"Of course. My grandmother is a great cook." Alegria said.

"Pour me a little bit of wine, child." Alegria's grandfather said as he held out his glass. Alegria then poured wine to her grandfather's glass.

"By the way, you're going to sleep here tonight. " Alegria's grandmother said. Alegria smiled at Bruno.

"Ohh.." Bruno was surprised. He didn't know that he has to stay here for tonight. Alegria didn't tell her.

"Don't worry, I bought undies, toothbrushes and sleeping clothes for the both of us while you and Grandpa were having a long chat." Alegria smiled at Bruno.

"Oh.. I see. Well, I guess staying here won't be a problem." Bruno said. He was a bit nervous. He wasn't expecting this to happen.

After a few minutes, they were finished eating and Alegria and her Grandmother cleaned the dishes. Alegria's grandfather watched TV.

Bruno called his mom and told her about the meeting with Alegria's grandparents and she agreed about it. Bruno was relieved. Everything was now settled. He doesn't need to worry about anything now. Except for the child thing. He didn't know what he was going to do if Alegria gets pregnant. He was worried. 'What if she had a miscarriage? What if the child's not healthy? What if the child died after it was born?' Bruno was worried. He didn't wanna lose Alegria or the child.

"What are you thinking, Mr. Hernandez?" Alegria said as he sat down beside Bruno. "Grandma wants you to take a bath already."

"Okay.." Bruno said as he tried to stand up but Alegria stopped him.

"Wait, Bruno.. Uhm.. I wanna ask you something.."

"What is it?"

"Uhm.. Just tell me if you're uncomfortable or you don't like the idea of sleeping here in my grandparents' house." Alegria said.

"No, it's okay. I'm good. I like it here." Bruno said.

Alegria sighed. "Okay then. Go take a shower. I've already prepared a towel for you and your sleeping clothes there. Here's your toothbrush." Alegria said as handed Bruno the toothbrush and stood up. "The bathroom's over there." Alegria pointed the bathroom.

"Aight." Bruno stood up and walked towards the bathroom. He brushed his teeth, took a shower, got dressed and went out. He saw Alegria standing beside the bathroom door, holing a towel, toothbrush and her sleeping clothes.

"I see, so you wanted to see me naked, huh?" Bruno teased Alegria.

"Of course not! I was waiting for you to be finished. I want to take a shower too, you know." Alegria said as she pushed Bruno and went inside the bathroom. Bruno just laughed at Alegria. 'She got easily pissed.'

Alegria opened the door. "No peaking!" She said as she stuck her tongue out and closed the door. Bruno chuckled. Then he heard someone laughing from behind him. It was Alegria's grandmother.

"You two look good together." She said, still laughing.

"She easily gets angry." Bruno smiled.

"I can see that you've already taken a bath. Well, your room is this way, child." Alegria's grandmother said as she led Bruno to a room.

"You and Alegria will share the same room." Alegria's grandmother smiled at Bruno, giggling. Bruno smiled back.

"What? They're not sharing the same room!" Alegria's grandfather said as he walked towards Bruno and Alegria's grandmother.

"Dear, it's just for one night. And besides, they're going to get married. It wouldn't be much of a problem anymore." Alegria's grandmother said.

"No, no, it's okay. I can sleep separate to Alegria.." Bruno said.

"You'll sleep here." Alegria's grandfather said, pointing the room beside Alegria's.

"Tsk.. Dear, let them sleep in the same room." Alegria's grandmother said, almost begging.

"No, they're sleeping in separate rooms. And it's final." Alegria's grandfather said as he walked away.

"Ohh.. That old man.. Bruno, child, I'm sorry for letting you sleep separately with Alegria.." Alegria's grandmother said.

"No, it's okay, really.. I'm fine with that." Bruno said, smiling.

Alegria's grandmother sighed. "If it's okay with you, then alright. I can't change the decision of my husband. Well, I have to go sleep now. Good night, child." Alegria's grandmother said as she walked towards their room.

"Goodnight, grandma." Bruno smiled. 'No wonder Alegria has a nice attitude. She was raised well by two good people.' Bruno said as he went inside his room. 'I guess this is Calyx's room..' Bruno said as he looked around. He sat down on the bed.

Alegria opened the door. "You alright in there?" She went inside and sat beside Bruno.

"Yeah. The bed is soft." Bruno said.

"I can heard grandpa talking while I was in the bathroom. What happened? He didn't want you to sleep with me?" Alegria said, smiling.

"Yeah, but he's just protecting you. So it's okay." Bruno smiled. "He told me he a wanted great grand child. Fast. But he didn't let me sleep with you tonight." Bruno chuckled.

"He's really over-protective. After all, I'm his only grand-daughter." Alegria smiled. "But you know, grandma told me that he likes you." Alegria said.

"Really?? You think so??" Bruno's eyes sparkled. He was glad to hear that.

"Yeah, you're the first person who pleased grandpa within just a few minutes."

"Well, what do you expect? I'm Bruno Mars and I'm amazing." Bruno bragged.

"Stupid cocky jerk.." Alegria said.

"And you love this stupid cocky jerk, right?" Bruno said as he hugged Alegria. Alegria just smiled at Bruno. Bruno then kissed Alegria's neck, then her lips. Bruno was just about to take off his shirt when someone opened the door. Bruno and Alegria immediately stood up and moved more than one meter away to each other.

"What were you doing before I came in?" Alegria's grandfather said.

"Uhm, nothing. We were just.. Uhm.. talking about you." Alegria said. She bit her lip.

"Alegria, go to your room. You both should sleep already." Alegria's grandfather said.

"Yes, grandpa.. G'night Bruno.." Alegria said as she walked out of the room with her grandfather.

"Good night.." Bruno answered as he watched them walk away. Then he closed the door. 'That was close..' Bruno said as he laid down on his bed. He stared at the ceiling for a moment. Then he closed his eyes. He suddenly heard someone open the door, and he got up. It was Alegria.

Alegria sat on the bed. "I can't sleep.." Alegria bit her lower lip.

"You should go to your room. Your grandfather might hear us." Bruno said. He was scared at Alegria's grandfather.

"Their room is sound-proof. He won't hear us." Alegria grinned as he pulled Bruno closer to her.

"What if your grandfather suddenly wakes up and checks on us?" Bruno said.

"Okay then. I guess I'll just go back to my room.." Alegria said as she stood up. But Bruno grabbed her waist.

"Wait.." Bruno stood up and opened the door and looked around. 'Clear..' Bruno closed the door and grabbed Alegria closer to him. "Come here, you.." Bruno smiled and kissed Alegria's lips as he laid her to the bed.