Chapter 27-END

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Chapter 27

Over the next few days we had a lot of fun. We went to all the parks and rode all the roller coasters at least 3 times. I was still in disbelief that me and Bruno were married now. Everything seemed like it happened so fast, of course we've know each other for years. It was a day before the derby and I was nervous. I never wanted to see that track ever again in my life. We had just got to our hotel and started unpacking. The race was two weeks before Bruno's concert. We ordered room service and when it came up we dug in. "Brooke? Would you still love me if I got fat? Because I love food!" I gave him a look and started busting out laughing. "Bruno, yes I would still love you, you're my chubby Bruno." When I woke up in the morning and changed into a shirt and riding pants. I left my hair down and put on a hat and my ray bans. Bruno was still asleep so I kissed his cheek and walked out. I got into my rental car and drove to the track. I walked to the barn avoiding looking at the track, I was the only jockey there, everyone else was the cleaning crew. I opened the doors and was greeted by the familiar smell of horse. I looked around until I found Farah's stall, when she saw me she started prancing around. I let her out and walked to the gates. I looked out and the memories of the last time I set foot on this grass started flooding back in. The chanting, the noises, the nerves, and the smells. I walked the track, Farah tagging along like a lost puppy. I finally got to the spot, I sat down and Farah sat beside me and rested her head on my lap. Frankie carved a cross on the post that sliced Flicka's stomach. She was a good horse, she was young, too young to die. I mostly blamed myself for her death because I should have seen the puddle, I should have known. Farah nudged my lap, I rubbed her neck and sighed. "Honestly, I'm terrified girl. I just hope I don't screw up again." "Brooke Daniels, long time no see." I jumped. "Christ! Scared the shit outta me!" I got up and turned around to see who it was. "Chantel!" He held his arms out and I hugged him. He was wearing a pink polo and tan cargo shorts, his brown hair spiked up as always. "How you been Chan?" "I've been good, I heard the news, congrats." He seemed a little disappointed. He used to jockey horses with me for a little bit but then became a firefighter after his horse died from colic, which is when a horse gets sick and since they can't puke it kills them sometimes. He's always liked me but I've never really been into him. We're just friends and he's ok with it. "Thanks, what about you? Girlfriend or anything?" "Uh..yeah actually we've been together about 2 years." "Aww, that's sweet. Still a firefighter?" "Yeah, still doing it." "Is this the next derby champ?" His green eyes flicker over to Farah. "Yeah, if the nerves don't get to me first, this is Farah." "Ahh, yes the amazing blind race horse." "She's not completely blind, she still has some vision. Hey, do you mind working the gates for me?" "No prob." I saddle Farah up and warm her up. I get into the gates and a few moments later they open and we explode out. We run the course a few times and I decided it's enough for today. I take her saddle off and wash her down. I put her back in her stall and feed her when Bruno walks in. "Hey, you looked good out there." "Thanks baby." I kissed him and Chantel walks in. "Oh, Chan this is Bruno, Bruno this is one of my good friends Chantel." Bruno smiles and they exchange hello's. "Thanks for everything today Chan." He smiles. "Anything for you Brookie." He winks at me and I give him a don't-go-there-in-front-of-Bruno look. He clears his throat and walks out. "What was that about?" "Oh, well, honestly he's crazy about me, always has been he asked me out several times but I turned him down and we're just friends. I swear." "It's fine I believe you." He kissed my forehead and we walked out hand in hand. I look at the sky and realize the suns already setting. We go back to the hotel and I check my phone. I have a few missed calls from Melody and Jessica and a text from Frankie and my mom. I grab a towel and get into the shower. I close my eyes and start washing my hair, it takes forever to wash and rinse it since it's so thick. I finally get all the soap out and open my eyes. I scream. "Bruno! You scared the friggin crap outta me!" He standing right in front of me laughing. "It's not funny! What are doing in here?!" "Taking a shower with my beautiful wife." I trade spots with him so he can get wet. I put some shampoo in my hands and wash him hair. He closes his eyes and I start massaging his scalp. "Mmm. That feels so good." He rinses his hair and we wash each other. We get out and dry each other off. I put my pajamas on and return my calls and texts. Me and Bruno slide under the bed sheets. "You nervous?" "Yeah, a lot. Kinda scared too." "You'll be fine. Everything will be ok." He kissed my cheek and wrapped his arm around me. I sighed and let sleep take me.


I woke up and sat on the edge of the bed. I looked at the clock, 6:05. "Shit!" I scrambled up and put my jersey and pants on. I put my hair in a bun and brushed my teeth. I pinned my bangs back and stopped. I was late the last time I raced, I stayed in this hotel and woke at the same time. I looked over at Bruno and he was getting dressed. "Sorry did I wake you?" "Yeah, why you up so early? The race isn't until one." "I know I have to be there early I have to make sure everything is ok and Farah is properly stretched and warmed up." He mumbled something but I didn't catch it. He came over and brushed his teeth and kissed me passionately. "Good morning beautiful." "Morning Bruno. You ready to go?" "Yeah." Bruno grabbed a gray fedora and his ray bans and we walked out holding hands. Frankie walked out the same time we did. "That's timing." He said with a smile. We got to the elevator and I was shaking so hard I couldn't press the button. Frankie pressed it for me and I held my hands out and they were shaking uncontrollably. We stepped in the elevator and I got fidgety. "Brookie, calm down." "I can't Frankie. Too many memories." "Brookie if you don't calm down you'll put Farah on edge, then the same thing might happen to her." He looked at me sternly. "I'll try, no promises." We got into my car and drove to the track. There were so many people already in the stands, it was crazy. "I'll be waiting at the finish line." Bruno say. I kissed him and we walked our separate ways, time to focus. I found Farah's stall and got her out and saddled her up. I took her over to a field and warmed her up. Frankie came over and told me it was time. I went out and was led to the gates. We got loaded up and I closed my eyes. I had to focus. All the noises slowly faded away and I heard the buzzer ring. My eyes flew open and we exploded out. We were in 8th and thats where we stayed until we rounded for the homestretch. Now or never. I let the reins loose and she ran as fast as she could. I looked straight ahead, not daring to look at the horse beside me or the finish line. I couldn't help it, I looked beside me and we were neck and neck with the other horse. We crossed over and I had no idea of we won or lost, it was just that close. The crowd went wild and I crossed my fingers. "And Farah is the Kentucky Derby winner!" The feeling I got inside is unexplainable. I was in total disbelief, I just sat there with my jaw dropped. Then everything kind of clicked. She did, she won, we won. I slid off and Frankie, Bruno and all the guys ran over to me. I jumped into Bruno's arms and the guys and Frankie surrounded us. "She did it! She won! Did ya see her! She won!" I hugged everyone and we walked to the winners circle.

 *Later that afternoon*

"Ok everything's set, now all we have to do is wait for them to leave and we have to separate them." He said. "Alright." She replied. "Do you think we wiped everything down good?" The other man that she knew as the apprentice asked. "Yes." Said the mentor. "Everything is going to go down in flames." He smiled wickedly. Something told her that something terrible was about to happen and she wasn't so sure she wanted to do this anymore. "Mentor, I don't think I want to do this anymore." He glared at her and she felt something cold get pressed against her back. She looked over her shoulder and saw a gun. "You, will do as you're told. Understood." "Yes Mentor."


 We were back at the hotel and I had showered and was getting ready to go to the store. Everything still seemed unreal, We won the biggest horse race. "Bruno I'm getting ready to go to the store wanna come with?" "Will you drop me off at the liquor store?" "Sure." We walked downstairs and got into my rental car. I dropped him off at the liquor store. "I'll be back in like 2 minutes." I drove off and went into a Publix. I picked up some food and drinks and eatery. I payed and put everything into my car. I drove back to the liquor store and my jaw dropped and my anger returned.


I walked into the store and bought some vodka, and stuff. I payed and walked outside and waited for Brooke. A lady walked up to me and smiled. "Hi Mr. Mars!" I laughed. "Hi there, you a hooligan?" "Yes sir, may I trouble you for an autograph?" She held out a pad and pen. I took it and she looked so familiar. I signed it and handed it back to her. She looked around and I saw Brooke's car. Before I could react she attacked my lips. I tried to push her off but she dug her nails into me and had a death grip on me. I was screwed.

Chapter 28

"Oh hell no!" I slung open the door and walked over to Bruno and the bitch he was kissing. I shoved her off of him and back handed him. I was running on pure anger. I looked at the girl that was kissing him and she was smiling like a fool. I punched her and heard a satisfying crack. "Brooke please..." "Don't touch me!" I screamed. I shoved him off of me and drove back to the hotel. I ran up to my room and just wanted to jump on the bed and cry my eyes out. I wasn't going to though, around him I get to mushy, I'm not gonna cry my eyes out over him anymore, I need to be strong. I needed something, I needed a shot that's what I need. It was starting to get dark out when I heard a knock on the door. "Brooke please let me explain." My anger immediately returned. I yanked the door open, he reeked of alcohol and his eyes were blood shot. Just looking at him made my eyes burn with tears again. I pulled the rings off my finger and put them in his hand. "When you.....when you know where your heart is, let me know so I won't have to suffer." "Brookie...." He stumbled forward but I pushed him back. "My name is Brooke, only people who I love call me Brookie. Goodbye Peter." I closed the door but he put his foot out to stop me. "Brooke, please listen to me." "Peter, please just go away." He pulled me in and kissed me, I tried to pull away but he just pulled me in closer. "Let me show you how sorry I am." He breathed down my neck giving me chills. He started kissing my neck and I shivered. He started messing with the buttons on my shirt and I snapped out of it. I pushed him away and he had a hurt expression. "Peter we're married, and what happened is uncalled for. If you think seducing me is a good way to say sorry, it's not. Just please go." I close the door and look at the peephole. He walks around in circles saying stuff that I don't understand. He runs his hands through his hair and leaves. I walk over and sit on the couch. I bring my knees up to my chest and wrap my arms around them and close my eyes.


I was so hot! Like burning hot, so hot it actually hurt. Then I felt something cold spray me. I woke up and started couching. I looked around and screamed. The hotel was on fire, and the fire was all over my room. I ran into the bedroom and put a pair of sneakers on. I grabbed my purse and grabbed mine and Bruno suitcases. I ran out and saw the guys running towards me with their things. We ran down the stairs and outside into the cold night air. I put my stuff down and looked around. The whole hotel was up in flames. I turned around and I realized Bruno wasn't anywhere to be found. "Where's Bruno?! Have you seen him?!" "No I haven't." Phil said. I looked back at the building and I got the worst feeling. I know I'm still mad at him but he's my best friend too. "I'm going in." I started walking off but Phil grabbed my arm. "Brooke, no you'll get killed!" "I don't care! If it means saving my best friend than I'm dammed well gonna risk my life!" I shrugged him off of me and walked to one of the firefighters. "Excuse me sir." He looked at me and it was Chantel. "Brooke thank god you're ok!" "Chan listen Bruno's still in there you gotta save him!" "Brooke I can't they pulled everyone out because the buildings unstable. I'm sorry." I looked at the entrance. "Brooke don't do it." He said sternly. "I won't." I backed up enough so he wouldn't be able to grab me and ran inside. It was so smokey I couldn't hardly see. I make my way to the stairs and go to the second floor. "Bruno!" I start couching. "Bruno answer me please!" I walk to the other end of the hall with no luck. There's 5 floors, he has to be on one of them. I do the same thing with the 3rd and 4th floors. I get to the fourth floor and the smoke starts taking it's toll, I walk on a doorframe and the metal seers my arm and side. I yelp out in pain and crawl up the last flight of stairs. I trip and fall down the stairs, at the same time part of the celling falls out and lands on my arm with a crack. A burning pain rushes up my arm and through my body. the fallen celling starts burning my arm. I shove it off and figure my arm is at least fractured or broken. I crawl up the stairs again and make it to the 5th and final floor. "Bruno!" I hear a faint moaning. I try to run over my knee gives out and I land on my stomach. I hear another crack and quickly find out it's my rib. My stomach starts burning and it's getting harder to breathe. I roll over and start brushing my stomach off but my shirts on fire. I rip it off and toss it aside. I crawl over and find Bruno. "Bruno c'mon let's go! Get up we gotta get outta here!" I help him stand but he falls back down. "Get your lazy ass up before I kick it down these damn stairs!" I drag him by his leg until we get to the stairs. "Bruno please! You have to get up!" He leans on me and we make it to the 3rd floor, but we can't go any further because the stairs are gone. I try to drag him to the other set of stairs by my body just gives out. Every part of me is burning but I can't do anything, I'm too weak. I look at Bruno and he looks at me. "I'm sorry! This is all my fault! Me and me damn anger got us into this! I'm sorry Bruno." "It's ok! It's my fault too I should have fought harder for what I loved! I tried to push her away! It was Kat, Brooke, she was the one who kissed me!" "I should have listen I'm sorry! I love you!" "I love you too Brooke." The last thing I see are his big brown eyes, then blackness


Bruno woke in a white room and to the steady beeping of a machine. I looked around and Phil, Ari, Kenji and Dre were asleep. I looked at my arms and legs and they were slightly red and had blisters all over them. I tried to piece everything together but only got bits and pieces. I getting into a fight with Brooke, then I remember a fire, and I remember her passing out but after that it's a blur. I started shaking Phil. "Phil, hey man where's Brooke?! Wake up." Everyone started stirring. "Phil where's Brooke?" Everyone exchanges glances. "Well?!" "It's not good bro." "I need to see her." I started getting up but they made me lay back down. "Let me see her!" I whined. "I thinks it would be better if you waited." Kenji said. "No. Let me see her." They let me up and I walked into her room. I turned the light on and gulped, it was bad. She was burnt all over her body, she was hooked up to a ventilator that was breathing for her, her hair was burnt and it was just like something you would see in a horror movie.

*3 months later*

"Lets finally go home!" Bruno came waltzing in with a huge smile on his face and a bouquet of white roses. The burns healed leaving only a few scars. Kat, Dan, and Tyler were all arrested after Kat came forward and confessed. I got my things together and we walked out. "Bruno?" "Yes?" "I'm sorry this was all my fault I shoulda listened to you. I think I kinda overreacted a bit." "Yeah, maybe just a bit." I playfully shoved him. "But you had every right ot be mad. I shoulda stayed at your door and told you what happened. I should have fought for what I loved." I sighed adn hugged his arm. "Let's just forget about what happened. They're all in jail and out of our lives. Let's just go and have a happy life together." "Sounds good to me." And that's exactly what they did.