Chapter 29

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"I'm at the poolside. Meet me." Bruno read the message. He looked at the bathroom. 'She's still taking a bath..' He decided to go to the pool side and meet Chanel.

"Bruno, you came." She smiled at Bruno.

"What do you want?" Bruno asked. He walked to the dark part of the pool and Chanel followed.

"I.. came to congratulate you." Chanel looked down.

"That wasn't what you were trying to do this past few days." Bruno said.

"Bruno, you know that you're the only guy that I've loved this much. I--"

"Chanel, please, I'm married now." Bruno was serious. He doesn't want Chanel to say such things. He was now a married man, and he got married to a wonderful woman that he doesn't wanna hurt.

"Bruno.. I love you. I still do. Please... Make me your mistress." Chanel said. She was serious. She wanted to be with Bruno so bad that she was alright with being just a mistress.

"Chanel.." Bruno shook his head and looked around.

"Bruno, I love you.. Please.." Chanel said, she was now crying. "I'll be your mistress and wait until both of you get divorced.."

Bruno was surprised, he looked at Chanel. Chanel looked into his eyes and kissed him. That kiss. He can't forget. He grabbed Chanel's waist and pulled her closer, kissing her back. He felt his heart thump so fast. It felt so good. Chanel was one of the girls he's loved so much. He was confused.. Did he marry Alegria just to hurt Chanel and make her regret about dumping her? Or does he really love Alegria, that's why he married her? No, he loves Alegria, and he has to stop this. He pulled away and pushed Chanel.

"No.. No." Bruno said as he shook his head.

"I know you still love me, Bruno." Chanel said, still crying.

"No, I love Alegria. I'm sorry Chanel." Bruno said as he left Chanel and ran right back to their hotel room.

He opened the door. "Alegria?" He looked around. No one answered. He went to the bathroom. "What the.." He quickly lifted Alegria to the bed and laid her down. "Alex, wake up!" Bruno got worried. 'Her migraine must have attacked her again..' Bruno sighed. He was kissing another girl while her wife have already fainted from a terrible head ache. He caressed Alegria's cheek. 'I'm sorry.' He felt dirty. He stood up and went to the bathroom. He wanted to wash himself. Bruno saw something dirty on the bathroom sink. "She vomited? But she only drank one glass of wine.." Bruno said to himself. Bruno showered fast and got dressed. He saw Alegria open her eyes, and he put on his shirt fast.

"Alex, what happened?" Bruno asked.

Alegria looked at Bruno and sat down. She remembered what happened earlier. She closed her eyes, and tried to calm down. She breathed deep. "Nothing.. I just puked and my migraine attacked again.. Nothing to worry about." Alegria threw Bruno a fake.

Bruno noticed that Alegria wasn't acting normal. "Alegria, what's wrong? You alright?" He said beside her, and rubbed her back.

Alegria was disgusted by Bruno. She wanted to take Bruno's hands off of her, but she has to stay calm. "Yeah, I'm okay." She doesn't want Bruno to know that she saw him kissing Chanel. She doesn't wanna act immature and get easily angry at him, she still has to investigate.

"You sure? What happened? Why did you puke?" Bruno said as he caressed Alegria's cheek.

"I don't know.. I drank wine earlier.. Maybe because I'm not used to drinking wine." Alegria said. She was now calm.

Bruno stroked her hair and noticed that she's wearing a lingerie. "What's that?" He smiled.

"I saw this inside the luggage earlier. I thought I should wear it." Alegria grinned.

"You trying to seduce me, huh?" Bruno said as he leaned closer and kissed Alegria's lips.

Alegria kissed him back, but her eyes were open. 'How could he still kiss me after what he did?'

Bruno laid Alegria on the bed and took his clothes off and he took Alegria's. He started to get inside her. Alegria got disgusted. 'Asshole.' She thought. She suddenly felt nauseated again.

"Wait.." Alegria held her mouth and ran to the bathroom. She puked in the sink.

"Alex?" Bruno ran after Alegria and saw her vomit. He rubbed Alegria's back, trying to make Alegria feel better. "You didn't eat much at the reception.. But you puked two times." Bruno said.

Alegria was still vomiting. She started to cry. 'Oh.. It's because of you, you motherfucker.'

"Alex?" Bruno got curious. He wondered why Alegria cried.

Alegria washed her mouth and gargled. She went outside of the bathroom and wore her clothes. She can't do this. She cried harder.

"Alex.." Bruno took his clothes and wore it. He sat beside Alegria. 'She only drank one glass of wine.. And she didn't eat much at the reception.. She doesn't usually puke. But why is she crying now?'

Alegria breathed deep and sniffed. She was trying to stop herself from crying. She breathed again and looked at Bruno. "I'm okay. I just.. don't feel good. That's all." Alegria threw a fake smile on Bruno.

Bruno thought hard for a moment, then he spoke. "Alex, when was your last menstruation?" Bruno asked Alegria.

Alegria went blank. 'Right..' She counted with her fingers. "Oh my God.." She looked at Bruno. Bruno's eyes sparkled and he grinned. "My menstruation.. It's more than a month delayed." Alegria looked at Bruno with wide eyes. She was too busy preparing for the wedding that she didn't notice that her menstruation was delayed.

"Yeeeeeaaaahhh!!" Bruno grabbed Alegria and spun her around and kissed her over and over again. "I'm gonna be a dad!!"

"Bruno, stop." Alegria said. Her eyes were getting red again.

Bruno put Alegria down. "What? What's wrong?" Alegria and Bruno sat down on the bed.

Alegria put her hand on her mouth as she cried. 'You just kissed your ex girlfriend and you're asking me what's wrong?'

"Alegria.." Bruno tried to hold Alegria's hand.

"Dont. Touch me." Alegria glared at Bruno.

"Alex.." Bruno was confused. He held Alegria's hand, tight. But Alegria shook it off. "What's wrong?"

"You kissed Chanel, your ex-girlfriend, and then you got me pregnant. And you're asking me.. 'What's wrong'?" Alegria said. She could take it anymore.

Bruno was speechless. He didn't know that Alegria saw him and Chanel.

"It's getting harder and harder for me to breath, Bruno. Please.. Stop it already. Stop all your pretensions. Don't make me believe you love me. If you really want to be with Chanel, you could just go back with her. You shouldn't have married me if you still wanted her to be with you. Let's get divorced and by then, you can freely do what you want." Alegria said as she cried.

"No.. Alegria.. I don't love her.. I love you, and that's why I came back here." Bruno said as he looked into Alegria's eyes.

"Bruno.. I'm sick of all your lies. Please.. Just stop it." Alegria said, almost whispering.

"Alex, I kissed her back but I pushed her away. I realized I love you and I don't want you to leave me, that's why I came back here. She my past, and you're my present and my future. You know that." Bruno explained.

"No Bruno, there's no future for the both of us. You know what? Let's just stop this already." Alegria stood up but Bruno pulled her back.

"Alegria.. Please.. Don't leave me again.." Bruno said. He was now starting to cry. He looked at Alegria with pleading eyes.

Alegria's heart ached when she saw Bruno cried. She doesn't like to see him like that, crying because of her. She cried even more.

Bruno wiped Alegria's tears and looked into her eyes.. "I love you.." Bruno leaned closer and kissed Alegria's lips. Alegria tried to pull away, but Bruno hugged her tight, she couldn't escape. She felt Bruno's gentle lips, like he was saying that he's sorry. Alegria kissed Bruno back and wrapped her arms around Bruno's neck. Bruno rubbed Alegria's back gently, the grasped on Alegria's lingerie and took it off of her. Bruno took his shirt off and his pants, then his boxers. Bruno kissed Alegria's neck, licked her collar bone down to her breast, and he kissed her stomach and smiled at Alegria as he went on top of her. Alegria pulled Bruno closer to her body as he went inside her. Alegria aggressively kissed Bruno and sucked his tongue. Bruno moaned, and he went faster. Alegria wrapped her legs around Bruno as she buried herself into his neck. Bruno licked her earlobe gently and bit it. ""I won't let you go tonight.." Bruno whispered to Alegria as he kissed her neck.


Bruno touched Alegria's tummy. Alegria looked at her, smiling.

"What?" Bruno asked as he smiled back.

"Nothing.. It's just.. weird. You know.. Knowing that there's a baby living inside you.. You just can't explain the feeling." Alegria said as she looked at her tummy.

Bruno wrapped his arms around Alegria. "And you can't explain the feeling of a man who just knew that his wife is going to have a baby." Bruno kissed Alegria's forehead.

Alegria smiled and closed her eyes as Bruno kissed her forehead. The she looked at Bruno. "You really serious about naming our babies Prince Caleb and Princess Caryl?"

"Why not? We're king and queen! Our babies should be prince and princesses too!" Bruno said as he touched Alegria's tummy. "Right, royal sweetheart?"

Alegria chuckled. As he looked at Bruno. "I want a boy." Alegria said to Bruno. "I want him to look just like you."

"I want a girl though. I wanna see a little Alegria. It's going to be fun what you really looked like when you were young." Bruno grinned at Alegria as he rubbed his nose against Alegria's.

Alegria laughed and she looked at her tummy. "I still think we have to do a pregnancy test to check if I'm really pregnant.

"You wanna go to the hospital now?" Bruno said as he sat down.

"Bruno, it's like.. three or four o'clock in the morning and you wanna go to the hospital?" Alegria said.

"Well I wanna make sure if you're really pregnant. But I'm pretty sure that you are." Bruno smiled.

"How'd you know? I'm the one who's going to be pregnant, not you." Alegria said.

"I just know. It's a father's intuition." Bruno said as he laid again beside Alegria.

Alegria giggled and she cuddled towards Bruno and he hugged her tight. "We'll go to the hospital later. I'm excited to see the baby." Bruno said, smiling at Alegria as he stroked her hair.


"Congratulations, You're now six months pregnant. You're going to be a mother soon." The Ob-gyne said as he smiled at Alegria.

Alegria's jaws dropped as she looked at Bruno and smiled. "Oh my God.. It's real!"

Bruno hugged Alegria tight. "See? I told you you're pregnant!" Bruno smiled as he looked at Alegria. Bruno then looked at the Ob-gyne. He doesn't want a male Ob-gyne for Alegria, but oh well.

"Uhm.. Doc, can we already know the gender of the baby?" Alegria smiled.

"Yes, of course. We can do an ultrasound now if you want." The doctor smiled as he stood up.

"Really? Well let's go then." Bruno enthusiastically said as he and Alegria stood up and followed the doctor.

"You can lay down here, ma'am." The doctor patted the ultrasound table and Bruno helped Alegria lay down on it. Alegria lifted her shirt up, but Bruno pulled her shirt down a little bit.

Alegria looked at Bruno. "What?"

"Not too high." Bruno said.

Alegria chuckled as he looked at Bruno. The doctor took the ultrasound gel and put some on Alegria's stomach and on to the machine and he gently moved it around Alegria's belly.

Alegria looked at Bruno. She was nervous. Bruno smiled and he held Alegria's hand and they both looked at the screen.

"Wow.." The Ob-gyne said.

"What is it, doc?" Bruno was curious. Alegria kept silent, she was really nervous.

"You have twins. And.. It's a boy and a girl. Congratulations!" The doc said as he faced Bruno and Alegria.

Alegria and Bruno looked at each other, they're both shocked. "Yeahhh! Yes! Woohoooo!" Bruno said as he jumped around the room and thrusted. "I'm gonna call mom and pops and grandma and grandpa too!" Bruno took his cellphone from his pocket.

Alegria and the doctor laughed at Bruno. Alegria looked at Alegria's tummy. 'We're excited to see the both of you.' Alegria smiled at Bruno.


It was still early in the morning. Gabby went to Alegria and Bruno's house for a visit. Alegria was alone at the house. Bruno's busy on his shows and she felt lonely. Danielle and Rose were at work and Calyx have been to busy these days. She doesn't wanna come to her grandparents' house cause she'll feel even more bored. Gabby was the only person available so she called him to come and visit her.

"I bought strawberries, mangoes, kiwis and chocolates for you and the twins." Gabby said as he put the basket on the table.

"Wow, thanks!" Alegria said as she took one strawberry and ate it. "Wow.." She's never tasted a strawberry that good before. Alegria closed her eyes as she ate the strawberries. 'Oh my God.. This is the most delicious strawberry that I've ever tasted!" Alegria said.

Gabby laughed at what Alegria did.

"What? I'm serious!" Alegria said. She is serious. She's eaten a lot of strawberries before. She just didn't know why, but they're tastier now than ever. "I've got an idea." Alegria took the chocolate bars and took them out of the wrappers and she put the chocolate bars to the casserole. She turned the stove on and heated the pan.

"What are you doing?" Gabby asked.

"Melting the chocolate. I think they'd taste better when they're dipped on chocolate. Mmm.. I can taste it already! Yum yum!" Alegria said.

Gabby shook his head and chuckled. "You're weird."

"I know." Alegria smiled at Gabby. After a few minutes, the chocolate melted and she put it into a bowl. "Mmm.." Alegria licked her lips and she took the strawberries and dipped them in the chocolate and ate it. She closed her eyes.. "Wooooowwww... It's delicous!" She opened her eyes and took one strawberry and dipped it again in the melted chocolate. "Taste it." She said as she put the strawberry close to Gabby's mouth.

Gabby felt awkward. Alegria always did that when they were young, but it was different now. They're already matured people, and Alegria's married.

"Come on, open your mouth. My arms are aching." Alegria said.

"O-okay.." Gabby said as he opened his mouth and Alegria fed him. She tasted the strawberry.

"Well?" Alegria looked at him.

"Mmm.. They're really delicious." Gabby said, nodding his head.

"See, I told you they're delicious." Alegria said as she took again one strawberry and dipped it on the melted chocolate.

Gabby looked at Alegria's tummy. "You know, your tummy's too small for a three-month pregnant woman. And they're even twins." Gabby said.

"I don't know.. Grandma and grandpa said that too. But Granma told me that when she got pregnant with my mom and her twin, her tummy wasn't also that big. So yeah, I guess it runs in the family." Alegria grinned at Gabby. "Oh, by the way. I wanted you to come here so you could help me do something." Alegria said as she dragged Gabby inside a room.

"Help you do what?" Gabby said, curious.

"Paint the babies' room." Alegria said, grinning at Gabby.

"What? No, no. I'm not gonna help you. I didn't bring any extra clothes and my polo shirt would be cover with paint. I'm not gonna help you pain the room."

"Aww.. Come on! This is for the babies! And besides, you're good at drawing and painting and stuff so I know you could help me a lot." Bruno said as she took a paint brush and handed it to Gabby.

"But you're good at painting too, so you can do it yourself. I don't want my polo shirt to be dirtied." Gabby stuck his tongue out.

"Ugh. I love your maturity." Alegria chuckled. "Come on, stop acting like a sassy girl and just help me design the room." Alegria said as she started to paint.

"Ohh.. Alright." Gabby said. "But I'm only doing this for the twins." Gabby said as he took the paintbrush and some paint. "So, what design do you want me to paint?"

"Well.. A beach. A sunny beach. I want half of the room to look like a sunny beach and I want this half here to look like a beach at night time. You draw a very big sun there and I'll draw a big round moon here." Alegria instructed Gabby.

"Oh.. Okay." Gabby said as he started to paint.

"Thanks, gabby." Alegria faced Gabby and smiled.

Gabby froze for a moment. 'Alegria's smile.. Wow.' He said to himself. "No prob.." Gabby walked to the other side of the room and started painting.

He was half-way through when he saw Alegria's facial expression. She looked so happy, and so beautiful in everything she does. She was focused on painting the wall, but she looked very, very beautiful. Gabby shook his head. 'Stop it. Continue painting.' He said to himself.

"Uhh, Gabby?" Alegria said, still painting.

"W-what?" Gabby got nervous. 'Did she see me staring at her?'

"I forgot to tell you this earlier. We're gonna design the ceiling too." Alegria grinned.

'Whew.. I thought she caught me..' Gabby said to himself. "You want me to paint it? What design do you want?" Gabby said.

"I want the ceiling to be like a very starry night. Just a blue and black sky and lots and lots of stars. But don't worry, I'll be the one to paint it. All you have to do is hold the ladder for me and watch me while I paint so I wouldn't fall to the ground." Alegria said and she continued painting.

"Oh.. Okay.. But I can paint the ceiling instead. I don't want Bruno to blame me if anything happens to you." Gabby said.

"No, no. It's okay. I want to paint the ceiling myself. I wanna make it special." Alegria smiled.

"So what are you trying to say? That my paintings aren't special, is that it?" Gabby said, he acted like he was upset at Alegria.

"Of course not. I just wanna make it myself. You see, it's more special if I, the mother of my twins, would paint it instead of you, their God-father-to-be." Alegria stuck her tongue out.

Gabby just shook his head. But he got Alegria's point. So he just continued to paint the walls.

After a few hours, they were finished on painting the walls.

"Wow.. Your painting has improved." Gabby said.

"Of course. I wanted to beat you, so I practiced and practiced until I got this good." Alegria bragged.

"But I'm still better than you." Gabby stuck his tongue out.

"I would have to agree with that. Your painting looks cool." Alegria said as she looked at Gabby's work.

"I know." Gabby grinned.

"Well, let's get the ceiling painted. Uhh, Gabby, can you please get the double front ladder outside? It's in the garden. I'm pregnant so I shouldn't lift heavy stuffs." Alegria said as she grinned at Gabby.

"Ohh you lazy bitch." Gabby said as he went outside the room.

"Heyyy, watch the language. The babies heard you, you know." Alegria smiled as he watched Gabby walk to the garden. Then she looked at the time. "Oh.. It's already lunch." Alegria said. She went to the kitchen and washed her hands and cooked some omelets. She wants to get the ceiling done as soon as possible, so she would just cook something quick and easy.

"Mmm.. That smells good. I didn't know you knew how to cook." Gabby said as he placed the ladder beside the door of the babies' bedroom.

"Well, you know I'm allergic to lots of food.. So yeah, I self-studied on cooking." Alegria smiled as she cooked the omelets.

Gabby went to the kitchen to see what Alegria was cooking. Gabby laughed. "Omelets? You only know how to cook omelets?" Gabby said, still laughing.

"What? I decided to cook omelets for lunch 'cause it won't consume too much time to cook them. I want the ceiling to be finished right away, you know. If you don't want to eat omelets, then fine. I'll eat these all by myself." Alegria said.

"Oh, alright alright. I'm not picky anyway, so omelets are just fine." Gabby said as he took plates and utensils.

After a few minutes, the omelets were finished and they started to eat.

"So, where's Bruno?" Gabby asked as he ate.

"Well.. He's too busy composing and producing songs.. I thought I shouldn't bother him, so I called you to help me design the room instead."

"Oh.. I see. Don't you get lonely sometimes? You know, being alone in a large house.. I'm sure itt's not fun for a pregnant woman."

"Well.. Yeah.. But I can't demand time from Bruno. He's famous, and he's a busy person. I have to understand him if I want our marriage to work out."

"I see.." Gabby finished his food. "Come on, let's get the ceiling painted." Gabby said as he stood up and walked towards the room.

"Alright." Alegria drank a glass of water and she went to the room. She took the paint brush and paint and she climbed up the ladder.

"Careful.. Watch your steps." Gabby said.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine." Alegria said and she started painting.

Gabby locked his eyes on Alegria while she painted. He couldn't stop looking at her. She really was beautiful, whatever angle he would look at her, whatever she wears, whatever she does.. She was always beautiful.

It was already about sunset when Alegria finished painting the ceiling. "Alright. It's finished! Here, put this paint on the table." Alegria grinned at Gabby and she climbed down the ladder.

"Be careful.. Be careful.." Gabby said as he assisted Alegria.

"Don't worry, I'll be o--" Alegria took a wrong step, and she fell. Luckily, Gabby caught her, but he got out of balance, and he fell to the ground. He protected Alegria so she wouldn't get hurt as they fell. But his back hurt. A lot.

He looked at Alegria. "Are you okay?! Are you hurt?!"

Alegria was still in the state of shock. Her jaws dropped and her eyes were wide open.

He looked into her eyes. Damn, was she beautiful. The sunlight shined on her face, her eyes were sparkling. Then he looked at his lips. He was just about to lean and kiss her, but then his back hurt.

"Oww.." Gabby said as he tried to sit down.

"Oh my God.. Oh my God! I'm so sorry! I'm really, really sorry!" Alegria said as she immediately got off of Gabby. "Here, lemme help you stand." Alegria pulled Gabby off the floor and they both stood up.

"Thanks.." Gabby rubbed his back.

"I'm really sorry.. I should have been more careful.. Does your back hurt??" Alegria said as she led Gabby to the living room and the sat on the couch.

"Yeah, a little bit. But I'm okay.." Gabby said, slowly sitting down on the couch.

"Turn your back on me, I'll give you a massage." Alegria said as she started to knead Gabby's back.

"No, no, it's okay. I'm fine."

"No, it's my fault why your back is aching so bad, so I should give you a massage." Alegria said.

Gabby sighed. "Alright."

Alegria just smiled and continued on massaging Gabby.


"Bye guys. See ya tomorrow." Bruno said as he walked outside of the studio and went to his car. He was excited to go home early and surprise Alegria. He's been coming home late these past few weeks, so he wanted to surprise Alegria and go home early.

He bought some flowers and a basket of fruits and a box of chocolates and he headed straight home.

When he was just a few meters away from their house, he slowly drove his car so Alegria' wouldn't notice. Then he looked at the window. He was surprised to see Gabby in their house. Alegria was massaging him, and Gabby smiled sweetly. He fumed at what he saw, so he beeped a lot of times and immediately drove his car to the garage. He went out, and he walked inside. Alegria was there infront of the door. Gabby stood up and smiled at him.

"Bruno, you came home early." Alegria said as she smiled at Bruno.

Bruno just passed by her and he punched Gabby in the face. Gabby fell to the floor.

"Bro, what's wrong with you?!" Gabby asked, confused.

"We're not close so don't call me 'bro'." Bruno said, almost shouting. Bruno's face was red because of anger. "Don't you ever come close to my wife ever again or I'm gonna tear you to pieces!"