Chapter 29

18/03/2012 12:41

this chapter contains lightly dirty parts (at the end)... so do me a favor DO NOT read it if you're not into that and if you still read it, don't say anything about it afterwards. Thank you!... ENJOY!


When we finished eating and go back to the car Bruno drags me a little bit away from the others.

"What's up?" I ask him.

He leans in to me and puts his arms around my waist. "I missed you that's what's up..."

I smile and kiss him. "I missed you too."

"So when do I get the chance to show you how much I missed you?"

I giggle. "Soon Bru... I just don't wanna let Isa alone at her first days. But I promise you I'll get us some time."


"I really don't know...."

"Ryan can look after her. It won't be long either. 20 or 30 minutes would be enough..."

"Oh so you just plan this get in and out stuff? No boy not with me!" I grin at him.

He sighs with a smile. "Well you decided to bring Isa here, now you gotta deal with the consequences..."

I box him lightly in his chest. "You're mean! I don't deserve that for being so nice..." I say with a pouting face.

"No you're a bad girl and you need to be punished muahahaha." He says back with a fake evil laugh right before he throws his head onto my neck biting lightly in it pretending to be a vampire. I shove him away laughing and walk quickly over to the others who all stand at the car waiting for us.

"Hey, I wasn't done with you." He laughs and follows me.


The next day is Monday and I take Isabella with me to the office so that Mary can meet her. They click from the first second on. Thanks to Mary on my list is only a album release party. That means I have to work less, she says it's enough if I come 3 days a week or work from home. Bless her for the endless trust in me. I won't disappoint her. She loves the ideas I come up with only what's on my mind. I work them out a bit more while Mary and Isabella talk and 2 hours later we're on our way to the beach. Time to have some fun...

We spent the whole day at Long beach tanning, listening to music, talking and watching cute beach boys. I talk to her again about this 'I'll have my first time in LA'-plan and she still wants to do it. I sigh. Well what should I do? Forbid her? I can't be around her 24/7. The only thing I can do is pretending that I'm ok with it and let her promise that she doesn't do it with a random boy. She promises me and we work out that she at least has to date him a couple of times before and she should introduce him to me and before she does it, she lets me know. I don't feel well with all this but how I said what should I do? And somehow I understand her. I wished I could say my first time was special but it was shit as hell. If I could do it again I probably would have done it the same way like she plans. I won't tell her but her mom had hers on a vacation too in Italy with the hotel boy. I grin a bit at this thought. She's so much like her mom. I wonder how my children gonna be one day. My thoughts get interrupted by my phone vibrating. I look at it and it's a text from Bruno.

Gurl, today at 6 it's going dooooowwwwn. Ryan gonna take Isa for 1 or 2 hours shopping or whatever she wanna do... so you get the whole program... Prepare yourself ;) Meet me at the studio later... I love you!

I text back.

Uh I don't know if I should be happy or scared now ;)

Almost 10 minutes later he answers.

Be scared, highly scared... the Hawaiian lion comes to get cha ?:O <--- That's him rawring (took me 10 minutes to make it!!)

I burst out laughing. This dude is just perfect! I check the time. It's 4, so we can stay a bit more here and then go eating. Before we leave, Isa wants to go into the ocean and runs down to the water. 10 minutes later she's not back and I get up looking around. My eyes catch her soon and oh no. Right beside her stands a young black guy shirtless, only wearing glasses, a LA cap and baggie pants and they talk. I take our towels and bags quickly and walk towards them.

"Hey we gotta go now, Isa." I tell her when I reach them.

"Okay... this is Tyler." She introduces us to each other. "And this is my aunt Caroline."

I shake his hand and he says. "Aunt? I thought it's your sister." God how lame, I think but when I look at Isa she's smiling at him like a fool. 

"Okay nice to meet you Tyler, but we really have to go now." I say flatly.

"A'right... but hey can I have your number Isa?" He asks her.

"Erm... I don't have a number, I'm only here for vacation..."

"Oh ok then I give you mine and you call me when you're up for somethin, a'right?"

"Yeah... Caro can you please save his number?"

I take out my phone and type in what he says. I won't save it anyway. This guy looks totally like all this wannabe-bad-ass-rappers with a big mouth but who would be the first to run to their moms when they're in trouble. I know these guys and I for sure don't let any of those take away Isa's virginty.

We say goodbye to him and leave.

"I need my own number here!" Isa says on our way to the car.

"So that you can give it to any random guy? No!" I say back reproachfully.

"What? You don't even know him!"

"So do you!"

"He's a nice guy! He raps." I smirk. Didn't I know it? "And you heard his deep voice? I love that." I glance at her. "What? He's cute and with his sixpack..."

I glance at her with more intense. "Young lady calm down alright! You know how old he is?"


"Aha. Did he say that before or after you told him that you're 16?"

"After. Why?"

"Cause guys like him like to be the age that fit best..."

"You think he lied? No! He was really so cute. I can't wait to see him again."

"Hm I don't think you gonna see him again tho..." 

"But..." She stops and asks scared. "Hey you saved his number, right?" I shake my head when we get in the car. "What? How could you do that to me! I thought you're cool... I hate you!"

"God Isa, don't be mad. You can do better! Not a guy like this, please..."

"Paahh can I chose him on my own, please?!" She looks at me hurt. "I'm old enough to know who's good for me and who's not!"

"A'right, a'right. I won't do that again." I give in. I don't wanna start an argument now that the day was so good.

"Anyways I know how I can meet him again. He said every friday afternoon he's around here performing."

"Rather trying to rap on the street..." I say sarcastically.

"Stop it now! He's really nice and next friday we gonna come here again!"

"Okay..." I say while driving out of the parking lot and hoping she forgot until then.

After having some chinese food at Panda express we head to the studio. Now I really start to get excited and realize how much I missed Bruno and yeah getting physical with him... We leave the car and walk inside. Ryan, Dre and Ari are there, but I don't see Bruno.

"Hey guys." I greet them and introduce Isa to Dre, they haven't met yet. "Where's my man?" 

"Oh he left already. He waits at his apartment for you." Ryan says with a wink.

Great now everybody knows what we gonna do. I roll with my eyes. "Okay... so Isa please behave and don't get too much on Ryan's nerves a'right?!" I tell Isa and look at Ryan. "And you gonna watch her every second! Got me?!" 

Ryan salutes like a soldier. "Yes sir!" I glance at him an he takes down his hand smirking. "She's save, Caro. Dre will come with us as well. You can trust us."

"Okay... well then have much fun and buy you something nice..." I take out my wallet and give her 80 dollars. "That must be enough..."

She hugs me and I say goodbye to everyone. When I'm back in the car I get all my worries out of my mind, so now only Bruno and I are in it. I drive to his apartment and go the stairs up smiling big, full of anticipation. I unlock the door and step in a half dark room, slow music is playing. The curtains are closed and the lights are off, only some candles stand on the coffee table, the sideboard and the shelf next to the bed. And on the bed a naked Bruno, well almost he's only wearing tight black briefs revealing his huge package. I chuckle a bit seeing him laying on his side and leaning on his arm. He's such a poser. He smiles at me and pats the bed in front of him signalising I should come there. Although this is all too trashy I'm turned on in a second and walk slowly over to him. Then I lay down and he immediately pulls me close and starts kissing me. It doesn't take long until we're full into it and I lose my clothes piece by piece. I love caressing his naked body, it's just so perfect. He rolls on top of me and works his way down between my legs not leaving one part of my neck, chest and stomach unkissed or untouched. When he reached his final destination I feel his tongue and lips and after some minutes he adds 2 fingers. The whole program he texted earlier and he kept that promise. I come so intensely, the last time is quite a while ago. He slowly comes up again and we grin to each other.

"God I missed you." I whisper totally out of breath. 

"That was only the start babe." He says while pushing himself slowly inside. 

Although we both are so horny he takes his time and kisses my lips down to my neck and back to my lips. His hand strokes over my body softly, barely touching it and in a killing slowness leaving goose bumps wherever it went. I enjoy all this teasing and right at the perfect time he speeds up taking one of my legs on his shoulder. God I love this position. I feel I'm close when he suddenly stops and gets on his knees.

"Turn around babe." He orders me and I do so. Once again I feel him inside of me. Why does this just feel so damn good? I lift my body so that my back touch his chest lightly. Instantly he wraps his arms around me. One hand caresses my breasts and the other one strokes over my stomach in circles going further down, ending between my legs.

"I die if you continue bein so good." I breath out in between my moans which get louder and louder and lean my head back on his shoulder. He kisses my cheek and I turn my head so my lips can meet his. These kind of kisses sending chills down my spine one after another. "Yeah don't stop..." 

"I won't baby... and now we let the neighbors know you're back..." He says while pushing me to the front, grabbing my hips and making me scream on the top of my lungs.  

After round 2, lions always do two rounds Bruno lets me know, we have a shower and cuddle on the bed listening to the music. The phone rips us out of our doze. I grab it seeing it's Ryan.

"Hey Ry. Everything alright?"

"Caro! God I'm so sorry but we kinda lost Isa..."

"What?" I jump up shocked.