Chapter 3+4

19/04/2011 18:38

Chapter three


i was with the man that could possibly ruin all that i've worked to do...and i couldn't feel better...all that was going through my mind was the fact that we got away... blocks from us was a man that knew he would never see me again, and here was a man that, though a breath of fresh air in my life, was also the man who i know would only complicate things in the grand scheme of my life. i couldn't go any further with Bruno. I couldn't...

'so how far do you plan on going?' Bruno said, pulling me from my train of thought.

was i thinking out loud? wait, we were still walking down the street, and, to my extreme pleasure, Bruno's hand still was tightly interlocked with mine. we ran quite a few blocks before losing speed; this was only because  my red pumps made me stumble and trip until, out of extreme frustration, i yanked the shoes off of my feet and flung them across the road, almost hitting a man in a wheelchair(who possessed  a very dirty vocabulary, might i add). Bruno looked over at me and laughed. even in the dark of the night, bruno's smile still shone brighter than any star in the sky that night. i could never get mad at this lovely stranger...

'i dunno, i never thought i would go anywhere at that point. then you came in..'

'like your knight in shining armor, babe' he said, glancing over at me, smiling.

'something like that. but look, i'll probably just catch a cab and go home, you can go back if you want...sorry for freaking out. but i don't think we can work out anymore' bruno chuckled and let pulled me around so that i was facing him straight on.

'work out? we're not a couple, or anything...just two strangers-' he took his hand and placed it on the small of my back, pulling me dangerously close to him.

'-getting to know each other' he smiled down at me, but he hadn't won quite yet; i pulled slightly away and look him directly in his deep brown eyes.

'look, kid, you're really, very sweet, and i know that some very, very lucky girl will realize how special you are and you two will be very happy together; but believe you me when i saw that i'm one stranger you don't want to get to know' with that, i walked away, hoping that the evening was finaly behind me, but he wasn't having that. he caught up with me until he was directly behind me. i stopped dead in my tracks.

'why can't you be my lucky girl?' he sounded so serious. i didn't know how close he was to me until i turned around to answer him and brushed my forehead against his lips ever so softly. i took a deep breath. i recalled all of the men i knew, the heartache i've caused, the name i've made for myself: Heartbreaker. i couldn't bear to hurt such a sweet guy. i was almost brought to tears knowing what i had to do.

'you don't know where i've been' i looked at him, hoping he would take this hint and walk away, but instead, he stayed right where he was.

'tell me'

i couldn't describe what this did to me. he wanted to know me. who i was what really mattered to this man. my heart skipped a beat, then ran at a mile a minute. i couldn't help myself. Bruno, this stranger, brought out so much in me. he made me a listener and a lover, an optimist and a visionary. i became more open than i ever was. but he also brought out something that was always horrible in me- i was selfish. i knew now that i couldn't let him go yet, i would give him what he wanted- what i wanted. i let himwalk with his arm around me and i told him about my history with older men, but only gave away so much about the endings of these relationships.

'the age differences always complicated things...'

i wouldn't dare let him know what i was truly capible of. i let my whole world unfurl before him and he just nodded and accepted the truth for what it was... at least what he thought was the truth. when we got to my apartment building, he paused and glanced at the door. i opened it and let him in. we were silent for the duration of the elevator ride to the penthouse suite. we walked down the hall to my place and he stood close over me as i unlocked the door. he cautiosly stepped in and looked around. as i turned on the lights, he came up behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist. i turned myself around to face him, and kissed him slowly, passionatly. nothing was in the way of this pleasuer this time. no purpose, no drive, just instinct taking over.our hands explored each other's bodies for some time before we were tugging at each other's clothes; just at the heat of the moment, he pulled away from me.

'if you don't want to do this, i'd understand' he huffed, ready to fight temptation for my sake

Bruno had shown me such great humanity, this was just my way of returning the favor...


Chapter 4

I awoke the next morning feeling strangely light, blissful, almost. i look over at the man sleeping next to me. not one wrinkle. i giggled to myself at the thought of bruno being old and wrinkly. no, he was perfect; with his curly dark hair dishoveled, his lovely long lashes, a veil over his eyes, and his gold necklace with most of the material collecting at the base of his neck. he was beautiful. i looked at him again. what did i know, exactly, about him? his name is Bruno Mars...that's all i had. making sure he wasn't awake, i grabbed my cell phone off of the night stand. i went to the internet icon, got to google and typed in his name(as you can probably tell, i don't know much about current pop icons,). i saw that he was a singer, and a talented one at that. the details were...typical; discovered he loved performing at a young age and since then has struggled as an artist until a certain song hit the radiowaves...

'what are you looking at?'

i shoved the phone under my pillow. 'nothing. just checking on some missed calls.'he propped himself up by his elbow and grinned at me mischiveously.

'uh-huh. let me see, then.'


' fine. have it your way...' he shoved his hand under the pillow, searching franticly for the phone. i grabbed his arm and pinned it to the bed. he grabbed me by my arms and flipped me over on my back. we wrestled like this until our ragged breathing and closeness led to other things...

'i googled you' i confessed afterwards. he laughed.

'why would you do that?'

'because i don't know anything about you. what you do, what your  real name is,' i squinted my eyes at him like i had caught a criminal red-handed

'peter. next question.'he said casualy. i giggled.

'what race you are, what-'

'hold on, since when did  race have anything to do with it?' he said.

'since i wanted to know.' i said. he rolled his eyes at me and i hit him with a pillow.

'okay stop the violence' he said 'any other questions?'

'just one more...' i said, moving closer to him on the bed.


'when do you think you'll find your lucky girl, Bruno Mars?' he looked at me, then at the ceiling. i had the worst feeling that, whatever he answered, i wouldn't be the girl.

'when she doesn't have to ask if she's the one' he said, then looked over at me. i pondered this answer. it was fair enough on my behalf. i sighed and got out of bed. i didn't know what i was going to do now. i was pretty sure i was falling for this guy and i had no one to turn to so to ask what to do next. i don't even know if he feels the same way for me as i do for him. i took a  shower, got dressed, and went to get the mail. i noticed a strange man walking down the street, but paid him no mind until he got into my line of vision. i gasped as the mail fell out of my hands...