Chapter 30!!!!

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I looked over & Bru was already getting dressed. I didn't even realize that he was even awake but that didn't matter. I picked the phone back up and put it to my ear.

“Hello? Alicia?” Phil asked

“yeah, i'm sorry, where is he” I asked


“What is his condition,is he...”

“Can you put Bruno on the offense to you but I need to talk to him”


I gave Bru the phone & he grabbed it. He didn't say anything & if he did I couldn't hear what he was saying. He hung up the phone and started to get dressed.

We hopped in the Shower,got dressed, went downstairs & out the door. He ran to the back of the house & brought up his bike. We both hop on & he starts his bike.

“Mercy?” he asked

“yeah” I said

He drove off so fast I almost, fell of the bike. Holding on tighter to him we were off, Bruno was going way past the speed limit. He was driving so fast I thought that my mouth was going to rip away, but I understood why he was rushing. If one of my best friends were in the hospital I would be driving the same speed as Bruno is.

I heard sirens and looked behind us, shit is was the police. The lights flashed but Bruno didn't slow down so I squeezed on him. I felt him inhale like he was agitated he slowed to a stop and turned off the bike.

Well, well well what do we have here” the cop said

“Just give me my ticket so I can get going” Bruno said

“You better watch that mouth of yours Boy”

“Or else what?”

“Bruno...” I said

“Don't make me have to take you & this pretty lady to jail now Mr...What's your name boy?”


“Bruno what kind of a name is that?”

The officer started laughing and I felt Bru stiffen. I looked at his hands and they were squeezing the handle bars, White knuckles were always a bad sign. I just hope Bruno don't decided to do nothing stupid. We needed to get to Phred not be in jail but all of a sudden the officer stopped laughing

“Wait, you said your name is Bruno?” he asked

“Yes” Bru said

“As in Bruno Mars?”


“Well get out of town, I pulled over Bruno Mars” he said with a smile

The Officer walked back to his patrol car and Bruno turned on the bike. The officer came back with a paper pad & a pen. He had a big grin on his face & I knew we were about to get a break.

“Just to make sure, I need to see your license & registration Mr. Mars” the officer said

“Babe can you grab my wallet it's in my back pocket” Bru said

“Ok” I said

“Slowly there Miss”


I pulled out his wallet & gave it to the officer. He looked at it, pulled his information out, read it & gave it back to me. He kept looking at me & I was getting real uncomfortable.

“Well, you have 2 options, you can either, take this ticket or you can Sign my daughter an autograph”

“I'll sign her an autograph” Bru said

He handed Bruno the ticket book & Bru signed it, gave it back to the officer then Drove off before the officer could ask for anything else.

When we got to the hospital, Bru practically threw his bike into park. He hopped off & we both jogged inside. There was that same nurse at the desk and she just looked at Bruno all teary eyed and smiley. Golly gee I hope she doesn't start crying and screaming, right now is not a good time.

“Look, don't scream OK.” Bru said

“Ok.” she said

“Now I need you to tell me where Phredley Brown is now OK sweetie?”

“They moved him again?” I asked

She just smiled then looked at me & frowned. I looked at her back, damn I can't get a smile? Oh wait she probably knew I was the wife. She flipped through a book and then stopped at a page.

“He's on the 11th Floor room 1194” she said

“See was that so hard?” Bru said smiling at her

She shyly shook her head no and smiled back at Bruno, he winked at her and we both walked to the elevator had in hand. He looked at me and I just look at him back.

“What?” I asked

“I seen you giving her the eye.” Bru said

“What eye? What are you talking about Bruno?”

“It's OK babe”

“What, are you talking about?” I said with a smile

“Mmm Hmm, you know but like I said, it's ok”

“is it going to be like this all the time?”

“...I guess, I mean i'm used to it”

“Well i'm not.”

“Well that's going to have to change & I’m gonna help you.”

The elevator came and we got on. Going to the 11th floor I started to feel sick. What is Phreds in bad shape? What if he's...No I had to think positive. What the hell had happened? Where did they find him at? I had a really bad feeling about all of this. I looked at Bruno and he was calm but I could see that his hands were shaking, he was just as scared as I was. Probably thinking the same this I am.

We get off and I grab his hand and he squeezes It tight and we walk around to find the room. As we get closer and closer to the room, my stomach rolls with anticipation and fear. When we get to the room, I knock on the door. My heart beats fast, Jam opened the door with the saddest face I’ve ever seen on him. We both walk in and see Phil, with his head down, sitting next to the Bed with Maria right next to him holding his hand & a baby. Jamero sits down on the sofa, next to kenji & E is standing against the wall with his arms folded chewing gum.

“We would of gotten here sooner but, we got pulled over...Oh My..” Bruno says

“Oh my god Phred.” I whisper

“Yeah man...We found him like this.” Phil said

“Where.” Bru asked

“I went back to There house and that's where I found him & Auna” Jam said

“What made you go there” Bru asked

“I kept dreaming of their house, so I went to see what was up”

“Do you know who did this?”

“If I knew, I wouldn't be here right now...”

Bru just nodded his head and balled his fist. Jam looked at Bruno with so much anger, I’ve never seen him like this. He was always in a good mood but seeing his best friend like this...i would be just a furious. I looked back over at Phred, I didn't want to but my eye's wandered.

His face & Body was bandaged all up but you could see the swelling all around his face. His lip was all the way split open, cut's and bruises all over his face. His left eye was swollen and he had stitches on them, his leg was in a cast & held up by a sling. Damn, who the hell would do such a thing, & why.

I walked over to Maria and she gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek. I feel like I haven't seen her in ages. I looked down and seen Auna, she looked....healthy. Like she was well taken care of, she was sleeping with her thumb in her mouth. Man she looked just like Phred but lighter & Alisia's nose. Damn, if they found Phred maybe he knew where Alisia was...

“Ugh, Where am I?” Phred said

“You're in the hospital my man” Jam said

Jam walked over to Phred and sat next to him in the chair on the other side of the bed. Phred opened the eye that he could and looked over at everyone but he lingered when he got to me. So I walked over to him and Phil let me have his seat. I grabbed his hand and looked at him, anger boiled in me seeing him like this. Who the hell would do this.

“Alicia...” Phred said

“Yes, it's me” I said

“I tried to get her....i tried but...he...i tried”

“Who Phred? Who did this to you?”

“I don't know...i tried...i got to go back”

“Go back where Phred, where?”

“Back to Alisia”

Everyone gasped. He had found Alisia, but where? I had to keep asking him. What the hell had happened...

“Where is she Phred?” I asked

“I have to go get her” he said

“Phred where is Alisia”

He winced as he tried to get up. Jam held him back down and Phred started to yell.





His nose was flaring but Phred calmed down. His breathing was staggering, you could tell her was trying to hide the pain but he was really hurting.

“Do you want me to get the nurse” I asked

“No, no it's fine. I'm fine, I just need to get out of here” Phred said

“Bro just tell us where she is so we can beat the mutha fucker up & get her” Bru said

“No, I have to be the one to go get her” Phred said

“My man..” Bru said

“No, I have to be the one. If you were in my situation wouldn't you do the same?”

“...yeah, I would.”

“OK, when I get better. I will go back for her.”

“ I get it...But who did this to you?”

“I don't even know, all I remember is walking into a warehouse and getting blasted by water then, getting beat by something & I wake up here.”

“Damn, who is this mutha fucker?”

“I don't know but who found me?”

“ I did, at your house” Jam said

“My house, what the hell” Phred said

“Yeah, I kept having dream you were there so I went & there you were & Auna was asleep on the couch” Jam said

“Damn...i can't believe this.” Phil Said

“Me Either, i'm just glad your alive” Kenji said

“Yeah man, me too” E said

“...I'm not fully alive until I get Alisia back” Phred said

“How did, Auna get there?” I asked

“I was gonna ask you guys that” Phred said

“I don't even know...she was just like, there” Jam said

“Damn, what the hell...hmm” Phred said

“What?” Kenji asked

“Nothing, I just think that, I don't know” Phred said

“Do you have any idea who it can be?”

“ I think, it's someone I know but I have no clue who.”

“Damn, man this is fucking crazy”

They all looked at each other and didn't say anything. I looked around like I was missing out on something. Even Maria is looking down, I hate not knowing what's going on .

“Well who's gonna take care of Auna?” I asked

“Philippe & I will” Maria said


“Well, Let me get going. Babe you staying?” I asked

“Naw, i'm coming.” Bru said

He Hugged everyone and gave Phred a hand shake. I did the same ans we left the hospital. On our way home, I kept looking at bur. He seemed nervous about something. His hands weren't steady on the wheel while he was driving.

We got home and we got out the car, walked to the door & seen that there was a note from dad


I'm keeping the kids for another day.

They are having a Ball with LJ & I

See you soon


Love, Dad

I smiled and opened the door, Bruno put the keys on the table. I took off my shoes and went upstairs to take off my clothes.I laid down on the bed but Bru sat on the edge with his head in his hands.

I sat up and started massaging his shoulders. I knew how he felt, to see someone you cared for in the condition Phred was in, is very painful. He ran his fingers through is hair and sighed a lot. I'm worried that this will take a tole on him for a while. So I guess I have to watch what I say because I don't want to be the one causing him more stress.

“Babe?” I said

“Yeah?” he said

“everything will be OK.”

“yeah I guess so”

“you guess so?”


“you not sure about Phred”

“No, i'm afraid if he goes back to that warehouse, who ever beat him up will kill him next time.”

“I know babe, I know”

“Well what do you think I should do?”

“just ask him if you guys could be outside when he get's Alisia”

“Now, you know Phred isn't going to allow that. His ego will get hurt”

“Not if you give him a good reasoning”

“Nah, not Phred.”

“Maybe, it never hurts to try”

“When Phred has his mind set on something, it's set”

“Well then, what are you going to do then Bruno?”

“I don't know, maybe jam could talk to him or something”

He stood up and rubbed his neck. I love my fathers Gold necklace against his Skin, it made his skin look even more golden than it already is. I could see the stiffness and tension all in his back, I feel so bad because I couldn't really help him or Phred.

“Well babe?” Bru said

“Yeah?” I said

“There is something else”

“Something else with Phred?”


“With what I don't understand”

“With me.”

“With you? What?”

“When I came, home I was planning on telling you but...”

“But what Bruno”

He turned around and looked at me with pleading eyes. Oh no, please don't tell me there is someone else. I will die if he cheated on me with someone else, please GOD don't let it be that. He walked over and got on his knees and grabbed my hands, kissing them over and over then looking at me.

“Bruno, spit it out” I said

“Well you know, that I came home early.”

“No, I thought you were done with the tour”

“Well we are...technically”



“Bruno stop beating around the bush”

“Well, after like what seemed like 50 shows, the guys and I came to an conclusion”

“Ok? About what”

“Well, I came to an conclusion but the guys helped me out on making my decision”


“I quit Em Records”

I dropped his hands but he held onto mine. I took a deep breath from stopping myself from screaming. I wanted to yell at him, so bad but I held it in. he looked at me once again with pleading eyes but I wasn't trying to buy. After all of this, he up and quits, after all the bull shit we went through, they help him decide that it's OK to cal it quits.

“Babe, hear me out. I did it because if I quit, Adele wouldn't have to do anything else with me so that Em wouldn't drop her from the label” Bru said

“Oh for fucks sake!!” I said

“Don't talk to me like that”

“like what? An idiot because that's what you are?”

“Oh i'm an idiot?”

“Yes Bruno!”

“How am I an idiot?!”

“Because you didn't think!”

“Think about what? I was trying to help her!”






“NO IT'S NOT, Alicia I'M KNOWN NOW...”

He took a breath and balled his fist. I closed my eyes, calming myself because I just said that I wasn't going to cause any more stress but, he's so fucking stupid. He wasn't thinking about the real life, we don't own thousands of dollars.

“Alicia, how come you never trust me” Bruno asked

“I can trust you but, it's just so hard to” I said

“How? I'm your husband”

“That don't mean anything”

“...that don't mean anything to you Alicia?”

“Nope, trust has to be earned not a piece of paper”

“If you don't trust me, then why are you with me?”

“Because I love you & I do trust you it's just hard to trust some one like you...”

“Like Me...well since you feel that way, let me make your life easier”

Bruno started grabbing his jacket and his fedora. He walked out the room and I followed him, i'm so tired of this.

“This is exactly what I mean! You're always running away instead of talking about it! I don't have time for this Bruno!...Bruno, i'm talking to you” I said

“Well you better get used to talking to the wall” Bru said

He turned around but I grabbed him by his arm and pulled him towards me. He yanked his hand away and looked at me like I was a total stranger.

“ugh GOD Peter, Stop This! This is why I can't trust you, you are always running away! How can I talk to someone who's not here! How can I trust someone to where if I say something wrong you're gonna walk away! How can I trust you! YOU GIVE ME NO REASON TO!”

“& you always give me reason to leave”

He Grabbed his keys off the table & walked out the house. I ran after him, as he got on his bike, he looked straight a head. Not even a glance towards me, I felt the tears well up unto my eyes. Never had he ever been so cold towards me. We just made up and now he wants to be this way towards me

“Bruno, don't you leave” I said

“I'll be back in a couple of days” He said


He drove off, I watched him disappear and went back into the house. My head is pounding from holding back the tears, I go in the living room and grab the Vase on the coffee table and throw it across the room. I let out a scream and flopp on the couch, and that's when I let it all out, What kind of a marriage was this? Or is it just a relationship with rings. Who. the Fuck. Knows.