Chapter 31-40

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PART 31:

Finally he made the first move and gave me a passionately kiss. ‘Feels wonderful to have

you on my side, sweetie!’ ‘Feels wonderful to have you back, without all this stress!’

He hugged me tied from the side and kissed my cheek. ‘You don’t know how much I

missed you!!! It feels like it is weeks ago when I saw you the last time, even though it’s just

a few days ago … but I didn’t had you by my side like this!’, he smiled with his shiny white

teeth and continued ‘Was a wonderful idea! Can’t wait to spend the time with you … feels

good to have a day off! I guess we both really need this!’ He stroked my cheek and kissed

it softly.

20 minutes were over so I left him and told him to get ready! With the cake and something

to drink and the blanket we went to the car.

It was a 30 minutes ride … Bruno was driving and I showed him the way. ‘Tell me tell me

where are we going to?? This is so far of the city!’, Bruno asked excited. ‘Stop right here at

the roadside!’ ‘What?? Here?? Why?’ I grabbed his chin and turned it to the right side.

‘Look out of the window, hun!’ ‘Wooow this is … wow!’ ‘50 m forward is a small drive!’ ‘OK

there we go!’

We arrived in the car drive and Bruno parked next to a big weeping willow!

‘So where are we here? What are we doing here?’ ‘Wait babe wait!’

We grabbed all the things and went on and said: ‘Now Bruno close your eyes!’ ‘What? I

can’t! Who shall protect you?’ ‘Bruno … cutie come just for a few seconds!’ ‘OK … I give

up!’, he giggled. I grabbed his right hand and guided him to a big lake behind the house on

the estate we where. A big lake with a small private beach. And directly from the house

goes a long runway into the water. At the end of the runway was a little, small, cute boat.

‘OK open your eyes!’ SILENCE and Brunos eyes were wide open! ‘Woooow Baby this is

more than wonderful! But how can you get here??’ ‘Cool huh? And the whole beach for us

alone!’, I smiled. ‘This … this is my childhood!’, I answered shiny.

‘WOW lucky girl!’ ‘Said the one who was grown on Hawaii!’, I laughed. Suddenly Bruno

hugged me tight tight tight and spun me around. ‘I love love love you!! You don’t know how

much!’, he said a little screaming while still spinning me around. Then we fell both down

into the sand, still hugging.

He looked at me, stroking my hair out of my face and said: ‘You’re so beautiful!’ I blushed

and tried to get out of this situation. I don’t know why I’m doing this all the time, but I still

can’t handle all the compliments from Bruno … He is so wonderful.

I got up from the sand and walked down to the water and played a little with my feet in it.

Was a perfect temperature!

‘Heeey you’re leaving me here??’, he screamed from behind. I turned and winked at him,

the sign for him to come over. Just felt suddenly his arms around my waist and his chin on

my shoulder.

‘OK tell me everything about this all here! I want to know it!!’ He followed me back to our

things and we put the blanket down and sat on it. Bruno laid down and I laid across to him,

with my head on his chest.

‘My grandparents lived here! And I was all the summer long here. This was such a

wonderful time … I guess I was one of the happiest girls all over the world. This all means

so much to me! … All the little adventures …’

‘Uhhh adventures??? That sounds interesting!’, he winked. ‘Tell me about it!’ I giggled,

turned around and fold my arms on his chest. ‘Uhhhmmm well … let me think about it! …

Does first kisses also count?’ ‘Woooah what?? For real! Yeees tell me about it!!!’ ‘OK OK

OK … but don’t laugh!’ ‘I promise!’ ‘We were 4 or 5 I don’t really remember … and his

name was Peter!’ He snort with laughter. ‘Really???’ Me was laughing either! ‘Man Bruno

you promised not to laugh!’ ‘I’m so sorry baby … but this has to be our destiny!’, he

giggled. ‘Well maybe … OK further … so … he was our neighbor, well the neighbor of my

grandparents … but it was like my home, too. And we were the whole days always

together … we made so much things …’, I giggled ‘This were great times …’ ‘OK and the


kiss??’ ‘Well … this happened … hmmm awww this was wonderful! One of the sweetest

kisses I’ve ever got’ Softly he pushed my arm, ‘Heeey you’re mean! You just saying this

cause you didn’t knew the right Peter at that time!’

I laughed. ‘We sat at the end of the runway over there and I don’t know why but suddenly

he kissed me!’ ‘Wuuhhh a real wild man … OK he deserves the name Peter!’

We both laughed so much.

‘And what is with him today?’ ‘I don’t know … the last time when I saw him he was 12 or

13?! They moved away from here but I don’t know where to … What a pity! Would love to

know what he’s doing now …’

‘So this was your first kiss, right?! With PEEEETEEER!’ ‘Yes it was! Jealous, huh?!’

‘Hmmmm a little … that a Peter could get you before me!’ ‘Nahhh don’t worry! He was the

first one, but you’ll hopefully be the last one I’ll kiss here!’ With this words I crawled closer

to him and gave him a long wonderful kiss.

‘Wonderful!’, he smiled totally flashed.

PART 32:

‘Thanks for this wonderful surprise! Can’t be any better!’

I laid back on his chest with my head and he started playing with my hair. ‘And why is this

wonderful house now empty? Isn’t there someone who could use it?’ ‘My grannie died two

years ago and my grandpa is now in a nursing home … he couldn’t handle that all. So at

the moment me and my family, we don’t know what to do with it. At the moment I’m the

only one who’s using it for some free days … just to get out of the city … to break free …

clear thoughts and all this … But someday I guess I would love to live here … It’s my

home!’ ‘Yeah I understand it! It’s amazing here!’

Suddenly my stomach snarled … ‘Well time for the cake, huh?!’, Bruno laughed. ‘YAAAY

that’s what I waited the whole time for!’, I giggled.

When we finished, I just lay back again and closed my eyes … just relaxing feeling the sun

on my skin, having Bruno next to me!

‘You’re the best thing that ever happened to me!’, I whispered with still closed eyes, while

taking his hand. He came closer kissed my shoulder and laid his head on it.

A few minutes later I felt how Bruno got up from the blanket but I didn’t really cared

because I knew he wont leave or something so I stayed closed eye!

Suddenly I felt how he lift me up from the blanket! He didn’t wore a shirt anymore … just

his trunks! Open eyes! ‘Bruno!!! What the heck are you doing??’, I screamed.

He started running down the beach with me to the water! ‘Well … you’ll take a bath now!!’,

he said with his childish evil smile. ‘Wooo Bruno NOOO!! Please don’t do it!! Ahhhhh

Noooo!!!!’ I was just screaming with laughter cause he was already in the water, ready to

throw me into it. ‘BruUHHUUUNOO when you’re doing this!!!! Then …’ ‘Then what??’, he

laughed. ‘Then you won’t … uhhhmmm’ ‘Haa that’s what I thought’, he said still laughing.

While wrapping my legs around his back he lent more and more forward, my back faced

the water. I clutched at his neck. ‘Bruno don’t dare you to!!!’ The end of my hair was

already touching the water. ‘BRUNO!!! Stop it!’

All the time Bruno didn’t stopped laughing. Suddenly he lost the balance, me clutching on

him, and we both fell forward in the water. I screamed ‘BRUUUNOOOO!!!’ He plunged,

hiding of my screaming.


A few seconds he emerged from the water. Right in front of me, facing me just a few

centimeter distance. A big smirk on his face. ‘Hehe oopsie! I’m sorry!’ ‘Brunooo!

Seriously!!! I swear! This is the last time that I talk to you!!!’

Ashamed he looked down and said: ‘Sorry!’ With his puppy dog face he looked at me and

tried to catch my look. I was really mad and tried to yield to his look.

He tried to grab my hands. ‘I’m really sorry babe!! Common! Please forgive me!’ ‘Bruno! I

told you to stop! You should have gave me a chance to get out of my dress! Why do you

think I told you to take your trunks with you, huh?!’ ‘… Yeah you’re right! … I’m sorry! … Do

you still love me?’ ‘Are you kidding me?’ ‘Huh?! Why?’ ‘You know exactly that I can’t stop

loving you! Not even cause of those stupid little things!’

He bent forward and kissed my neck. ‘So you forgive me?’ ‘Do I have an other chance?’

‘Ehhm NOPE!’ ‘OK … then I guess I do!’ ‘Thank you sweetie!’, a kiss on my lips. Another

kiss and another and another … I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck. His

arms turned to my back and slowed down to my bud. He squeezed it a little and lifted me

up so that I could wrap my legs around his back. We went out of the water and he laid me

softly down on the blanket and kneed over me. ‘What we doing now?’, he asked with a

smirk. ‘Hmmm don’t know … surprise me!’, I smiled. ‘I think … maybe you should get out

of your dress … to dry!’ He came again closer and began to kiss my neck, down to my

shoulders. I felt that he wanted to go more down, but not yet! I grabbed his cheeks and

turned his head to my face again and looked deep in his eyes. He knew exactly what I was

thinking and it was OK for him. So he continued kissing me on my lips … long passionately



PART 33:

After a few minutes just kissing I stopped him and said: ‘You know what?! Getting out of

this dress would be a great idea! It’s getting icky … the wet, clammy cloth on my skin!’

He got off from me and helped me up!

‘I’ll give you the honor!’, I laughed and lifted my arms up. ‘You know exactly how you get

me, huh?!’, he answered flirty. ‘YES! … No it’s just easier for me though.’, I giggled.

He did what he had to do and wrapped after that quick a towel around me. ‘Huh?! What

are you doing?’ ‘I just don’t want to let other people having a look at you!’, he giggled. ‘You

lil jerk! Where do you see other people???’ ‘Hmmm I don’t know … they can be

everywhere!’ He grabbed the towel and pulled me close to his body and I opended the

towel and put it also around him. ‘Or maybe it’s just a excuse that I can be so close to you!’

He kissed me again and put his hands around my waste. Slowly we began to move from

side to side and I laid my head on his chest and felt his heartbeat. ‘I love this moments …’,

he whispered in my ear and bites a little in it. ‘And I love you!’, I answered. ‘I wish this

would never end!’ ‘Don’t think about it! Today is Thursday, right?! Soo … tomorrow is

Friday … do you think you can also get a day off for tomorrow?’ ‘You know what?! Doesn’t

matter if I can or not … I do it! In the next days are no concerts or interviews … so no

things I couldn’t do next week!’ ‘Do you mean the whole weekend for …’ ‘YES the whole

weekend for us both!’ ‘Awwww wonderful! Really??’ ‘Yes … just we two! Nothing else!

Here … I mean if you wanna stay here … I don’t know if you have other plans?!’ ‘No no

here is wonderful!’ I gave him a pack on his mouth and wrapped my arms around his back.

‘I love your skin …’ I fondled over his back and kissed his chest . It felt so warm and so

soft, like a little baby tushy. So good.

Somehow we laid back on the blanket, cuddled and talked about everything. I missed this

long talks with him. ‘I know I repeat myself … but arrrrg I love you!’, he said to me. ‘I can’t

hear it enough, you know?!’, I answered and looked deep in his eyes. ‘And I love how you

always say what I’m thinking!, I grinned.

We laid there arm in arm until it turned dark and proposed to get into the house. We

grabbed all our things and went in. At first I showed him the house … the big living room

with the huge fire place. How much I missed this all. I love how old this house was!

Then I leaded him upstairs into my old room. I had the whole truss what my grandparents

expanded. It was huge. But the best was, that I had a wonderful view over the lake and

above a huge field next to the house. OK a field is nothing special but I loved to see the

mist of the night and when the stars reflected in it. I also had a huge window board where I

sat every night and watched the stars. Was so romantic. And now this all to share with

Bruno. Did I say that my bed was directly in front of the window? So we also could just lay

there and watch the stars.

I stood in front of the window and looked outside. Bruno came from behind and hugged

me. ‘Woow! You promised not to much! This day is getting better and better! Every second

… every second I can be with you and enjoy those wonderful things.’ ‘Those things are

always so naturally for us … I mean … you live your life in the city, all the stress. You have

to work, run from appointment to appointment and have no time to enjoy those beautiful

things. And the best thing is … this is better than cinema or everything else … and you

haven’t to pay money for that. Look how wonderful this is … I could stare for hours in the

sky … it’s so huge and complex that you can’t conceive it. Millions of stars … all the

planets … and every little piece is on the right place. They work hand in hand …

everything is perfect! I can’t understand that some people really think … that they really

think this all came into existence through nothing. How could this all come into existence

by itself? I’m so thankfully for this all … that we can enjoy this all! And especially now with

you …’ ‘… You’re so right … you got not even the time to think about the fact that you

should think about this all … it’s such a pitty. You know what I love?!’ ‘What?’, I asked while

he spun me around. ‘I know I told you so many times now, but I love that you’re not like so

many other girls … that all the materiel things are not everything for you. That you take

your time to have those deep thoughts.’ ‘It’s just what my parents taught me … don’t live

just for the material things. This all can’t make you happy … all the money is fading! But

not those things. For me just things like this can bring you true contentedness.’ ‘Also things

like what’s between us?’ ‘Yes! I said things what aren’t fading!’, I smiled.

PART 34:

I’ve never seen such a huge smile on Brunos face but it was wonderful. We just stand

there and hugged each other for a long time in the bright shine of the moonlight and the


The next morning I woke up early. The sun tickled in my face and I felt never better than

this morning. So I decided to get up. Bruno was still sleeping. I love to see him sleeping …

to see how relaxed he was. Finally! Was a long time ago that I saw him like this … No

hype no action! Just a few days off. I hope he enjoyed the time like me, but it looked like


I really felt the need to kiss him, but I didn’t wanted to wake him up. He should get the

sleep he deserved.

So I sneaked out if the room and walked downstairs. Was a long time ago that someone of

my family came in here. Even though it’s usually just me. So no food in the house. I hadn’t

planned that we’ll stay that long here.

I grabbed my purse and got out of the house into the next store at the next corner of the

street and bought some fresh rolls, coffee and other things you need for a breakfast.

When I got home Bruno was still not awake. So I took the chance and finished the

breakfast in the outside on the terrace, with the look on the sea and the wonderful morning

sun. The fresh coffee smelled so good. Exactly what I needed at that moment but I wanted

to wait for Bruno. So I took my time and walked down the runway to the little boat at the

end and sat down. With my feet in the water I sat there and enjoyed the sun. Suddenly I

remembered the key. The key right under the end of the runway. I wondered if it was still

there so I laid on my tummy on the runway and tried to look under it.

‘Uhmmm babe?!’ ‘Huuu?? Bruno! Why you have to spook me so?’ ‘I’m sorry … just saw

you from the window here sitting and now when I’m here you doing so strange moves!’, he

giggled. ‘Uhh ehhmm I was looking for this!’ I hold the key in the air, reached for his hands

and he helped me to get up.

‘Good morning honey! I missed you next to me!’ He pulled me close and kissed me a long

sweet kiss. ‘Good morning’, I smiled a little shy and said: ‘I was just so early awake and I

didn’t wanted to wake you up so I decided to make the breakfast.’ ‘Is this the key to it?’, he

laughed. ‘Huh?! Ahh no … this is something else!’ ‘Are you going to tell me what it is for or

do I have to tickle it out of you?’ ‘Uhmm first breakfast! I need COFFEE!! I feel right now

like a junkie!’, I laughed.

He took my hand and we walked back together. While the breakfast I told him bout the key.

‘It is the key for a box … something like a time capsule. I buried it once with Peter … we

promised to dig it out when we’ll move away from the place. Just to see if our wishes came

true. To see where we were. Now he’s away … and we never did!’ ‘Cool what did you put

in into it?’ ‘I can’t really remember what it was … only thing I remember is that we broth

wrote some things down, but no one knows what the other wrote.’ ‘How old were you?’ ‘I


think we were something between 11 … or 12 … don’t really know.’ ‘Do you wanna dig it

out today?’ ‘Hmm I think about it … I don’t really know if I should do it alone … without him.

I mean we promised that we’ll do it together, but on the other hand he’s now away …’ ‘You

should do it! I wanna see what you wrote down.’, he grinned. ‘Who says that I’ll show

you?’, I teased him. ‘OK … you’re right! I’ll dig it out! I wanna know it, too!’

At this time I grabbed his hand and pulled him with me, took a little blade and walked with

him over to the weeping willow. ‘So here it is!’ ‘I love this tree!’ ‘Me, too! My dad and I

planted it when I was three! I can imagine it like it was yesterday!’ ‘This here is really a

meaningful place for you! I can understand when you wanna live here in future! I mean

who wants not in such a peaceful place …’

I kneed down and started to dig. ‘I can’t remember that it was so deep!’, I laughed. ‘Uhh

wait, there is something!’ The last moves and I got the box. I put the key in but waited a

little moment before I opened it. ‘I don’t know why but I’m a little scared!’ ‘Why?’ ‘I don’t

know maybe about the things we both wrote?!’ ‘Common! Do it!’, he winked.

I opened it! The first thing I saw was a picture of me and Peter sitting in our boat next to

the runway! ‘Aww you were so cute!’ ‘Were?’ ‘You ARE but this was a girlie cuteness and

now I mean … you know what I mean!’ ‘Yes I know!’, and kissed his cheek.

‘OK what do we have here? … Awwww hahaha some of our favourite sweets … uhh man I

guess you can’t eat it anymore!’, I laughed. ‘And ohh my god!!!’ ‘Wow! What is it??’ ‘This is

the necklace from his grandma! He knew how much I liked it … I loved it when she wore it.

But then an half year before we buried the box she died.’

Then I grabbed his letter:

“Dear Nila … I don’t want to write that much. I know we wanted to write here something

about our wishes and dreams and where we see us in the future. But the only thing I

wanted you to know is, that I always loved you and I guess I always will. In an half year we

have to move away from here. I spend such a wonderful time with you and I’ll never forget

you! Thank you for all this. The only thing I wish, is that, even if I won’t get you, you’ll find

the man of your dreams and that he’ll treat you like a princess. Hopefully you’ll be happy!

This is all I wish!

In love, your Peter

PS: The necklace is for you! I know it is in the best hands now!”

PART 35:

A single tear rolled down my face. ‘He knew it the whole time! He knew it the damn whole

time! Why he didn’t tell me about it? I know he couldn’t handle farewells … but this?’

‘Maybe he didn’t want to hurt you!’ ‘Wasn’t really a better way, huh?!’ ‘But good that you

opened it … so finally you know the truth! And the reason for the kiss …’, he said a little

sad. ‘Did you love him, too?’ ‘We were kids … how should we have know what love is? I

mean, I didn’t know that! He was just always my best friend … nothing else … I didn’t

waste any thoughts about something like this! … This is so weird, when he would have tell

me about it, maybe I would know now what he’s doing now?!’ ‘Maybe this was exactly this

what he didn’t wanted, that you wonder about him, that you live your life like you always


‘OK let’s see what I wrote!’, I answered like nothing happened and ignored a little what

Bruno was saying.

‘Hello future :)


I hope, the next time when I’m reading this again I found the man of my dreams and live

still here in this beautiful place. And I hope that I’ll have with this prince two little children …

the best thing would be when it is a boy ad a girl. xD

I don’t wanna get a lot of money or something, this is making you just sick! To have my

wonderful, bearing family and my best friend next to me, is all I need. :)

See you later alligator (Like Peter would say xD)


Another teardrop rolled my face down, and another, and another …

‘Heeey sweetie! Why are you crying???’ ‘Cause I don’t know … This letter looks so selfish

next to Peters!’ ‘Heey!’ he grabbed my cheeks, ‘This is not a bit selfish! I know you and you

are anything else than this! You couldn’t know that he’ll move away! That are just wishes of

a lucky girl! And you have the damn right to be lucky!’ He whipped some of the tears from

my face and grabbed my hands. ‘And I hope you are!’, he whispered. ‘I am!’ I chortled, ‘I

mean every single word I wrote in this letter was about you, huh?! How could I be not

happy with the man of my dreams by my side?’ He smiled his huge smile and stroked the

hair out of my face and kissed me the softest but one one of the most intensive kisses he

ever gave me.

I looked down to my hands and the necklace. ‘I think the past should be the past! As long

this house belongs to my family, he will also belong to it. But he wanted to go, so I’ll let him

go.’ I put the necklace, the letters and the picture back into the box and put the box back

into the whole. ‘Good bye’, I whispered. ‘This time I had the chance to say this!’

Bruno helped me to get up and we walked slowly arm in arm back to the house. ‘I love you

Bruno!’ ‘I love you, too my little princess!’ He stopped me, smiled and lifted me up. ‘Bruno,

you’re so …!’ ‘So what?’ ‘So wonderful!’

On his arms he brought me back to the terrace and laid me down on a canvas chair. He

lent over to me very close to my face and asked: ‘Is it OK when I’ll take a quick shower?’

‘Sure! As long I don’t have to wait to long til my prince will come back?!’ ‘I swear only a few

minutes!’, he gave me a peck on my lips and went into the house.

I laid there in the canvas chair for something like a minute. Then I walked also in the

house, into the living room. Next to the old piano I starred on the floor and began to count

the planks. ‘Was it eight or nine? Hmmmm … trying eight … ahh no … so it has to be

nine!’ I kneed on the floor and try to take one of the planks off and voila! Under plank

number nine was my little secret whole with all the lyrics. Grabbing some of them I sat

down on the little stool at the piano and paged through them. Some of them were already

done, some of the already songs and some just ideas. Was a long time ago that I hold

them in my hands. But I took one of the finished lyrics and began to thrum on the piano.

While trying to find a good melody I sang quietly:

You’ve been on my mind

I grow fonder every day loose myself in time

Just thinking of your face God only knows

Why it’s taking me so long to let my doubts go

You’re the only one that I want

I don’t know why I’m scared, I’ve been here before

Every feeling every word, I’ve imagined it all,

You never know if you never tried to forgive your past

And simply be mine

I dare you to let me be all, the one and only


Promise I’m worthy to hold in your arms

So come on and give me the chance

To prove up I’m the one who can

Walk them miles

Until the air starts

Warping on your mind

You hang on every word I say, lose yourself in time

At the mention of my name, will I ever love

How it feels to hold you close

And have you tell me which ever road I chose you’ll go

I don’t know why I’m scared, I’ve been here before

Every feeling every word, I’ve imagined it all,

You never know if you never tried to forgive your past

And simply be mine

Nobody’s perfect, it ain’t easy, trust me I’ve given up your heart

Nobody’s perfect, it ain’t easy, …

Suddenly I heard a noise and I looked up. BRUNO!! Leaning in the door with a surprised

smile. Wincing at this moment I grabbed all the lyrics together as fast as I could and closed

the keys of the piano!


‘Hey why did you stop?’ ‘Cause this is, this is nothing!’ ‘Seriously?! This sounded not like

nothing!’ ‘Well, but it is!’ ‘Do you really think?’, he asked while he walked over to me. He

sat down next to me, on the stool. He had a towel in his hands, was still a little wet and

was just in his boxers. I starred. But he looked so damn sexy. Wasn’t the first time that I

saw him like this, but today he made me melting away in a special way. I guess I starred a

little too much, cause he said smiling: ‘Isn’t that you see me the first time like this, huh?!’ I

snapped out of my world. Funny how he’s always saying what I’m thinking.

‘Huh?!’ ‘Everything OK with you?!’, he asked confused a put one arm around my shoulder.

‘Yes yes sure. Why? Everything’s fine … sooo fine!’, I smiled. ‘OK and why you starred

than like this at me? … OK OK stupid question. We both know exactly why you starred like

this!’, he laughed. ‘But why you closed everything when I came in, huh?! You looked so

shocked.’ ‘It’s just, just that no one has heard me singing before or read my lyrics and

stuff.’ ‘Am I no one?’ ‘No, you know what I mean. I just write for myself, not for the world.

And I don’t really wanna sing … it’s just that I sat once here and then came the idea to

make a song of it. But I made just two or three. And they aren’t really good. I concentrated

more in writing. And it’s now a long time ago that I wrote something … Just for me,

something like my diary. The piano was just a try out of boredom!’, I answered.

‘Hmmm OK. Doesn’t change my mind that I wanna hear something!’ ‘No Bruno! Forget it! It

sounds terrible!’ ‘Are you kidding? I heard a small part and you sound everything else than

terrible!’ ‘Yeah right, you heard a small part … so this is enough!’ ‘Common!!!

Pleeeeeaaaaseee!!!’, he looked to me with his puppy dog face. ‘Damn Bruno! This is so

mean! OK … wait!’ He laughed: ‘That isn’t mean! I just know my weapons!, and winked.

‘OK but this is a long time ago that I played this song … or better wrote it … it is …’ ‘Just

play it! I’m listening!’

Whenever I’m alone with you

You make me feel like I am home again

Whenever I’m alone with you


You make me feel like I am whole again

Whenever I’m alone with you

You make me feel like I am fun again

However far away, I will always love you

However long I stay, I will always love you

Whatever word I say, I will always love you

I will always love you

Whenever I’m alone with you

You make me feel like I am free again

Whenever I’m alone with you

You make me feel like I am clean again

However far away, I will always love you

However long I stay, I will always love you

Whatever word I say, I will always love you

I will always love you

However far away, I will always love you

However long I stay, I will always love you

Whatever word I say, I will always love you

I will always love you

‘How long is it ago that you wrote it, for real?!’, he asked smiling. I looked down and said

shy: ‘Not more than a half year!’

We both knew what it was all about.

All he did was, turning my head to him and gave me a sweet sweet kiss. Our foreheads

touched. ‘This was wonderful! You don’t know how much I love YOU!’

A few seconds of silence. Then he asked me: ‘Where the heck did you get that this is

terrible?’ ‘I don’t know … I’m just not a musician! … just a writer … that’s all!’ ‘That’s not all!

That’s amazing! … Why you didn’t show me that earlier?? I’m sure I passed a lot of great

things!’ ‘Don’t know … maybe I didn’t wanted to overstrain you?!’

I stood up from the stool and walked back to the hole in the floor and wanted to put the

lyrics back in it. ‘What do you mean with overstrain?’ But then I hold off for a few seconds,

turned around and went back to Bruno, who was still sitting speechless on the stool. I put

all the lyrics in his hands: ‘I think there is no reason anymore to hide anything from you!’ I

kissed his forehead, smiled and went out of the room.

When I came back, I was just dressed in my bikini and had a towel over my arm. He

looked up to me with a smile but tears in his eyes. No words, just reaching one hand to

me. I walked toward him and stood in front of him grabbing his hand. He pulled me close

and made me sitting on his lap.

‘I can’t believe that I shall be the man who deserves all the love of such a wonderful

woman! I love you every second more and more and I didn’t know that this is possible!!’

‘So I guess you liked the lyrics?’ He cuddled his head on my shoulder in my hair and said:

‘I love them! … and you didn’t overstrain me with that!’ ‘No … I guess it was now the right

time … now were i could be sure that you feel thereabout the same.’ ‘Not just thereabout!

EXACTLY the same!’ He rubbed with his nose softly on my shoulder and kissed it than. ‘…

You smell so damn good!’ I giggled. ‘It’s the body lotion! … I wanted to go to the beach.

You wanna join me?!’ ‘Sure give me just a second!’ We got up and Bruno slipped into his

trunks. Then we walked hand in hand down to the beach.


PART 37:

Bruno looked over to the runway and saw the little boat. ‘Hey babe?! What about a little

tour with this boat?’ I looked at him, started grinning and got those shiny eyes. ‘Fantastic!’,

I answered.

So we walked together over to the runway and went into the boat. It hadn’t and engine or

something so my strong Bruno had to work. And I laid relaxed back. It’s not that I’m to lazy!

I really wanted to help him but he didn’t let me!

In the middle of the lake he stopped suddenly and crawled over to me. I laid on a small

platform and he kneed over me and starred in my eyes. ‘I think I need to see someone

smile!’, he said and started tickling me! ‘Bruuunoo! Nooo! Please! Stop it! Bruuhnooohh!

Ihhihhihihihihi pleeease!’, I screamed while laughing.

I laughed so hard that I couldn’t really breath anymore. So I pushed Bruno a little away, but

forgot that behind him was directly the water. All I heard was a loud


Now I laughed even harder. But when Bruno emerged I try to stop it. I COULDN’T! I tried

to hide my laugh with my hands but he saw it. ‘You really wanna fight, huh?! WAIT! I’ll get

you!’ ‘Bruno! Bruno please not! I’m so sorry!! I didn’t want to push you into the water!

Please! I’m to young to die!’, I screamed while he was getting back into the boat. ‘Haha! To

late my honey boo!’ HE WAS IN THE BOAT!!!

Let the battle begin!

He grabbed my arms and tried to pull me into the water. But I was stronger than he

thought! I tried to hold on as tight as I could on the boat. I was already on the edge of the

boat but in the last moment I pushed him again and he was again in the water.

I laughed again but in this moment he grabbed one of my legs and pulled me also in the

water! I screamed like a little girl.

When I emerged I said: ‘OK I had already won! This wasn’t a fair game!’ ‘I know!’, he

laughed teasing and swam over to me while I tried to hold on the boat with one arm. He

reached the boat and hold also with one arm on the boat and came then closer. He

wrapped one arm around my back and gave me the feeling that he hold me, so I could

loose my hold on the boat and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his

back. Like I sat on his lap. He came closer and closer until he reached my lips. He had this

alluring look on. First he kissed me softly and than it became rougher. It felt like he wanted

to devour me! It felt amazing! I wanted to last this forever!

Then I pulled away and said: ‘Wait … wait Bruno … I need air! First the tickle attack, and

now this?! My lungs can’t brave that!’, I giggled. ‘Uhhh what? Then we definitely need to

train more babe!’, he grinned. ‘Would be an honor but please help me back into the boat

first!’ ‘Sure! Lean on my shoulder!’ ‘OK!’

I lent on his shoulder but suddenly he began to sink. I got off of his shoulder: ‘Bruno what

the heck!?’ He came back. ‘Sorry babe … I just love to see …!’ ‘Just don’t do it again!! It’s

not funny!’, I said a little pissed off. ‘Sorry! Really sorry! I’m begging on my knees!! Please

forgive me!!!’, he acted with this typical Bruno drama. I couldn’t help but laugh again.

‘Damn … you little jerk!’ ‘But don’t forget that you love this little jerk and you really need to

forgive him cause otherwise you can’t go back into the boat and you need to kiss him here

all the time in the water until it’s getting cold and dark and all the little monster come and

want to eat you and your little jerk has to fight for you! And then you remember: Damn I

should have forgive him, than I would be now in this boat!’ I laughed just more … ‘OK OK!

You won my lil jerk!’

I felt that he was behind me. I had both of my arms on the boat and Bruno was in the same

position. He started kissing my neck up to my ears. I turned around looked deep in his

brown eyes and wrapped again my arms around his neck and kissed his nose … his

cheeks … every place, expect from his mouth, teasing him. He tried to reach my lips but I

avoided him always. I loved to play this game. And some little moans told me that he did,

too. When it seemed that he finally could reach me. I turned around and he face my back


‘I’ll help you and you’ll give me more of it!’, he whispered in my ear. ‘Deal!’, I whispered


PART 38:

He got off of the boat and his hands slid soft and slowly down my arms. I felt his warms

breath on my shoulder, almost touching with his lips. His hands moved down on the sides

of my body. Slowly! Softly! I thought if he’ll go on like this, I’ll completely lose the control

about myself.

Finally he stopped at my waist. He wrapped his hands around it and whispered: ‘Ready?’ I

nodded and then he lifted me up like he wanted to do this dirty dancing scene. Leaning on

the edge of the boat I could get finally back into it.

When I sat there I closed my eyes for a few seconds and tried to find back to myself after

he was doing this to me. Now Bruno was also back in the boat. He didn’t say anything. He

just smiled at me, grabbed the towel, came over and wrapped it around me! ‘Thanks!’, I

said looking up to him with dreamy eyes. He lent down to me and kissed my lips and said:

‘This was where we stopped, huh?!’, he smiled and pulled me up to him. We stood now

both in the boat and it was a little waggly but we had everything under control.

‘If you’re correct, we stopped here!’ I continued kissing his neck and his shoulders. He

enjoyed it again but then he stopped me with wrapping his hands around my neck and

said: ‘But right before we wanted to do this! … I’m pretty sure!’ . And now it was his turn to

make me feel good. He looked deep in my eyes, licked and then bit his bottom lip.

This kiss brought the losing self control feeling back and it was hard to hide it from Bruno.

Suddenly he pulled a little off, but our nosetips were still touching. ‘You like it, huh?!’ ‘For

my taste you talk today to much! You should better continue with this!’ I kissed him again

… a little rough. He pulled off again. ‘Woo so stormy today, huh?!’ ‘You were the one who

wanted to train more!’ I moved again closer and bit his bottom lip softly. Moving over to

another passionately kiss.

Bruno pulled again off. ‘You’re right! You did a good job so now you deserve to relax a

little!’ With this words his mouth moved down to my neck and I felt how he licked it a little. I

grabbed with one hand the back of his head and went trough his hair while I felt that he

made me a hickey. ‘Bruno …!’ I whispered, enjoying every move he made with his lips.

‘You can’t do this! It’s summer … I can’t … I can’t wear turtleneck pullovers!’ … ‘Then don’t

do it!’, he said while he came back to my face. ‘It’s OK when the whole world knows that I

love you! And that I can’t get enough of you! And that you taste wonderful to me!’ ‘But it is

much more fun when I can taste you, too!’ ‘Uhh I didn’t knew that site!’ ‘I’m pretty sure

you’ll like it!’ ‘Show me!’ ‘Are you sure?! Yeah? OK! You get the show!’

While putting all I got in the next kiss his hands moved down my back and they reached

my bud. ‘Uhh yeah! I love this site!’, he said against my lips. ‘Uhlalalaaa!’, I giggled when

he squeezed it a little and lifted me up, so that I could wrap my legs around him. His smile

grew and he turned us around to lay me down on the floor of the boat. Then he laid right

next to me, with one leg half above me! His kisses were getting more and more intensive

again. One hand he put on my tummy and with the other hand he hold my back, I laid half


in his arms.

Suddenly I felt how his hand was moving down. He started to play with the waistband of

my bikini slip.

WHAT WAS HE DOING??? I mean I knew exactly what he was doing! But was I ready for

that next step between us? We were now a long time together but up to now I wasn’t ready

to give him all of me … especially cause he was the first one … maybe this was the fact

what scared me even more!

I tried not to show him that I was scared and grabbed the hand which was still on my

waistband and stopped his fingers. I put the whole hand on his hand. At this moment when

he pulled off of my lips I closed my eyes. To see his disappointed face was not the best

feeling. But instead of this he whispered: ‘It’s OK Nila … I’m sorry … I’m waiting for you!’

‘No I’m sorry. It wasn’t your fault! I should have seen where it will end up! I’m sorry that I’m

doing this to you! It’s not fair to be like this and then to say NO!’ ‘Heey shhht … it’s OK …

Just take your time!’, he stroked my hair with the waistband hand and kissed me softly.

This made me smile, shy!

So we laid there in the boat a pretty long time without saying anything. He just hold me

tight in his arms, made me feeling safe, feeling that I could trust him.

‘Hey Bruno?!’ I said after a time ‘Hmmm? Yes?’ ‘What are you thinking right now?’ ‘Right

now? That it would be pretty stupid to leave you alone!’ ‘What? You think about to leave

me??’, I asked a little shocked. He laughed. ‘Hell no! I was just thinking that I never wanna

leave you! Or lose you! And if I would do I would be pretty stupid! That’s why I said it!’ ‘Ahh

OK … pwuuh! … Thank you … that’s really cute!’ I kissed just once his chest. Not that it

could remind him about the thing before, again. For a few seconds I really thought he

would leave me for this.

PART 39:

‘Wooow look at the stars!’ ‘Yeah soo beautiful … wow wait! The stars! What do you think

what time it is?? Did we really spend the whole day on water?’, I asked. ‘Yes we did! And it

was wonderful!’ I got up and sat on the floor of the boat, still next to Bruno and turned my

face to him smiling. Then I looked in the direction of the house.

‘Haaa!’, I screamed a little. Now Bruno sat also! ‘What is hun? What’s up?’, he asked.

‘There is light in the house! Someone is in the house!’ ‘SHIT! OK then let’s get back!’ We

weren’t to far away from the runway because the lake wasn’t that big.

Soon we were back on the runway and Bruno helped me to get out. I was scared. Bruno

took my hand and leaded me back to the house. We saw the shadows of two persons. I

was getting more and more scared. Then we stood in front of the door, undecided if we

should go in or not.

‘Wait here! I’ll go in and see what’s up there…’ ‘But promise to take care of you!’ Bruno

was almost opening the door then I said: ‘STOP! WAIT!’ He looked confused at me! I

looked trough the window and recognized now who they were. My parents!

‘Bruno! Look trough the window! My parents!’, I said shocked. ‘What are they doing here?

Especially what the heck are the doing here right now??? HUH?! …. Awww please don’t

tell me! Ohhh no! Common mum and dad! Don’t tell me that it will end up in this!’ … I

looked at Bruno, searching for help. He came back over to me holding my hand. ‘Shit what

day is today Bruno?’ ‘… Uhm think it’s the 18. July! Why?’ ‘SHIT! Their wedding

anniversary is today! And I totally forget about it!’ ‘Oopsy! And what are we going to do

now?’ ‘I don’t really know … I mean it’s not too late! We could still stop them … but it’s their


anniversary!’ ‘But babe … I guess we need to! Our clothes are still in the house and it’s

getting more and more cold!’ ‘Do you really think we should?’ ‘Well, I have no other idea!’

I grabbed his hand a little tighter and started to open the door really carefully. We walked

into the living room. When we were in the door I said quietly: ‘Hi mum, hi dad!’ Bruno was

a little behind me and tried to hide his self a little. This situation was for us all a little


‘NILA !!!… Bruno?! … what are you kids doing here??’ ‘Hehe happy wedding anniversary

you two!’, I tried to overplay this situation. My mum began to check us. First she looked at

me up and down and then she looked at Bruno. Again to me. She painted her own pictures

and said to my dad with a winking eye to me: ‘Thank you!’

My dad starred the whole time at Bruno and said: ‘What what is up here??’ ‘I think it’s time

to leave, huh?! Frank I’m getting tired!’ ‘But we just came…’, my mum stopped him with a

little push with her elbow in his side and she smiled. ‘Wait what is this on your neck Nila??’

Suddenly my mum grabbed his arm and starred to pull him out of the house.

‘Bye kids!’, she whispered while she passed me and Bruno and winked again at us.

‘Naomi?! What is he doing to my little girl? We can’t leave them…!’ ‘Psssht Frank! Let

them alone!’ ‘But he can’t make my little girl a hickey! Who knows what else he’s doing to

her! They both are naked! I don’t wanna let him see her like this!’ ‘Pshhhht Frank!!! They

are old enough! She isn’t anymore your little girl! And they weren’t naked!’, we heard my

mum whispering and my dad clearly saying.

The door clapped. Seemingly they left. Suddenly we snorted with laughter!

We laughed so hard! ‘I can’t believe my dad said this!’ ‘I think he hates me!’ ‘Ohhh nooo

my my little boy!’, I said winking and walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his

back. ‘He just wanna see me lucky! … And … He can’t really let me go … or cares me for

me cause my sister had so much trouble cause of her ex husband and stuff! He said he

likes you, when I was once at their home …’ ‘Hmmm … still … I still wonder what he’s

thinking bout me for real! … Really just once?’ ‘Yes once … I didn’t saw my parents that

much since we’re together … he said it seems like you’re a good boy’, I said looking up to

him with a bright grinning. ‘Well … OK … I guess I destroyed this … with the hickey!’

I laughed about how much he worried. So cute! ‘Ohh Bruno … I think he’ll get over it!’, I

smiled. ‘But your mum is pretty cool!’ ‘Yes! She is! I could tell her everything without

freaking out! And I’m sure she’s already loving you!’ ‘Hmmm do you think?’ ‘HELLO!!!???

You are BRUNO MARS!!! Show me one girl who could resist your charm!’, I grinned and

waited for a kiss. ‘Uhhhmm she’s right in front of me …!’ ‘Ohh!’, I answered disappointed.

He was still thinking about the thing that happened earlier in the boat … and I was sure he

was disappointed. He said he’ll wait for me. Why is it seemingly a problem for him when he

said it is none??? I don’t wanna see him like this … after all … maybe we should do it.

I pulled away from him and turned around. A few seconds past before I began with a

shaking voice: ‘Bruno … if it’s really just that what you want … then … then let’s do it right

now, right here!!! I don’t wanna see you like that!’ I stopped while a single tear rolled down

my face and then I continued. ‘Or … or better you look for a girl who can give … who can

give you what you want and what you need … Think there is a better one for you out there

… I’m not the right one!’

PART 40:

He didn’t say anything, about a few minutes. That scared me even more. I didn’t wanted to

lose him, but at this point I saw no other solution.


Say something Bruno, say something.

‘Seriously??’, he broke the silence. ‘Great! Cool! So finally I can go my own ways again!

That’s awesome! You make this all much easier for me! Thank you!’

I was shocked about what he was saying. I turned around and looked into his face.

‘You’re fucking kidding me, right? You really think like this about it? You really think like this

about ME??? Why the hell do you think like this about me??? I thought you know me!! I

thought I said it clear enough that I’ll wait for you!!! I’m serious!!! I’LL FUCKING WAIT FOR

YOU! After all we went through?? You really wanna leave me cause of this??? I can’t

believe it! I’ll wait for you even when it takes a lifetime for me! You wanna leave me? Than

OK I’ll go, but don’t think that I’ll take the next girl I’ll see. I want you and only you!!! And no

one else in my whole life! I always wanted to be you my last girl!! You should be the girl I

wanted to spend my whole life with! If you really wanna leave me, I swear I’ll never touch

an other girl! Cause I would never forget you! I would always think that this should be you!

That you should be the girl I spend the night with. That you should be the girl …!’ He didn’t

spoke the last sentence cause the tears started to roll down his face. He took a deep

breath and continued. ‘That you should be the last girl I feel in heaven with. Even if you

would never do it with me … this would never change anything about my feelings for you!

This would never change that you are everything to me! This would just be like the dot on

the i for our love … but this wouldn’t make me love you less than I do right now!!! No one

else could give me better what I want and need like you, cause YOU ARE everything what

I want and need!!! I love you! And I always will! No matter what is!’ He looked down to the

floor and said: ‘OK … that’s all I got to say! Tell me if you still want me to leave you!’

I couldn’t answer! I was still in shock about all the sweet things he told me! He was just

perfect. But not to answer was the wrong decision! ‘I guess no answer is an answer, too!

… Nila … I … I’ll always love you!’, he whispered and went out of the living room. He

caught his clothes and I watched him leaving the house. HE WAS LEAVING ME! I just

starred at him leaving me. What was I doing?? Why I didn’t answer??? How could I let go

the love of my life??

Every thought every word he said raced trough my head!

It hit me like a flashlight! I ran to the door, opened it and ran out of the house. ‘Bruno!!!

Bruuuuunooo!’, I scream with a desperate voice. He was behind the car on his way to the

street. ‘Bruuuuuuhnooooo!!! Waaaaaaaaaaiiiitttttt!!!!!!!!!’ I ran and ran and ran as fast as I


Slowly he stopped and turned around! I saw that he cried more than he did in the house.

He thought he could let it out all now!

Finally I arrived at him! My tears were also streaming down the face. I didn’t make any

sounds of crying, they were just running and running!

I couldn’t say anything. Just hugging him as tight as I could. We held each other a long

time! I had my head on his heart and heard how his heart was racing and still the tears

were falling down on my head, down to my cheeks.

‘Bruno!!! Please don’t leave me!!! I can’t let you go!!!’, I drummed softly but desperate with

my both fists on his chest. ‘I’m so sorry Bruno!!! Don’t go away!!! Please stay!! Bruno!!! I

can’t be without you!!!’ He stopped me with pulling me much closer to his body. We both

were crying a little louder.

‘You know I didn’t wanted to leave you! You know that I couldn’t do that! You would always

be in my mind! I never let you go!’ He pushed my head even more on his body and kissed

the top op it. ‘I love you Bruno! I should have known you better! I don’t know what I was

thinking! I love you! I just can’t stand the feeling that you miss something with me!’ ‘Shhhht


don’t say it! I miss nothing as long I’m with you!’

Suddenly I felt a big water drop on my face. It wasn’t Bruno, he already stopped crying.

We both looked in the sky and it started to rain. We looked at each other and smiled. He

came closer and gave me a soft but intensive kiss. He made me feel so good and I put my

hands around his neck. To feel his warm breath on the cold rainy skin was like I found

back to life. Finally my heart started beating again.

I pulled a little away looked deep in his eyes and put my right hand on his cheek and

rubbed it a little with my thumb: ‘I was so stupid that I wanted to let you go! I love you!’ And

then he kissed me without any words again. I felt his huge smile on my lips.

He lifted me up and spun me around, still in the rain. ‘Nila! You can do what ever you want!

I’ll never let you go! I swear one day …’ He stopped spinning me and looked deep in my

eyes and whispered: ‘One day I want you to be my wife!’

I kissed him: ‘Would it be OK for you to be also the dad of my children?’, I whispered. ‘One

day?!’, I continued with a little pause. ‘Maybe … after the wife thing?!’ He smiled to me.

‘Step by step … like we want to be it … our decisions!’