Chapter 31

24/03/2012 19:30

We remain like that for a while until he stands straight again and rubs over his face and through his hair. "It's ok. At least she was honest right? I really can't even blame her. I was more than 4 months away, so she met this guy..." 

I shake my head. "No Kenji if she really loved you she could wait for you coming back. See you didn't cheat, did you?" He shakes his head. "Yeah because you love her."

"But she said she loves me too that was just... physical." He gulps when he says the last word. It must be terrible for him imagine she had sex with another guy and on top of that obviously unprotected.

"And when was the last time? I mean you're back now for 3 weeks and I assume you guys slept with each other right when you came back. So if she don't know who's the father, she probably fucked with him only couple of days before you came back." I really get angry now this bitch cheats and now he blames himself?

"I know Caro!" He spits out.

I bit my lip. "Sorry." I hate seeing him hurt like that. He probably can't think of anything else and all this thoughts run through his mind since he knows it.

"It's ok. I know you just want me to be okay."

I nod and hug him. "If you want I'll kill that bitch."

He smirks a bit. "Don't name her like that."

I sigh. I can tell he still loves her endlessly and stays with her. "And what are you doing now?"

He leans on the wooden beam again and looks to the ocean. I do so too right next to him. "I don't know... I won't leave her alone now when she's pregnant. Actually I already applied for a job as a music teacher at some schools before I knew about the baby. I don't wanna do all this touring anymore." He looks at me. "I love her and I'm sure we can do that. Although the baby shouldn't be mine." He looks over to the ocean again. "I truly believe we can work that out. There's nothing more I want than being with her and with this child. I'm gonna fight for it. I'll do anything for it to work." He says strongly.

I admire his will but I doubt that this really gonna make him happy. I nod silently and look over to the ocean too. Life really can be a bitch sometimes. 


The rest of the day Isa really turns out to be the perfect accompany to light up Kenji's mood. They both take some amazing pics at the beach and later at the Hollywood Boulevard. Isa poses like a model and Kenji seems to forget all his problems while photographing her. She surprises me every day more and more. She's not this little girl anymore, she's a young woman with her own strong personality. My sister really did a good job with raising her.

In the evening we drive to the studio and Isa runs to Bruno and shows him all the pics of her. I smile and sit down at the couch exhausted. 10 hours only walking around in the heat really worked me out. I'm so tired I could sleep. I was just about to lay down on the couch when the door opens and Kalman steps in. I freeze when I see him and swallow but I try to not show my feelings.

"Oh hey, Caroline you're here too. Nice to see you!" He walks over to me and holds out his hand. I take it to shake it when he pulls it to his lips and handkiss me. I quickly pull it back.

"What do you want here?" Bruno says a little bit too unfriendly while he walks up next to me.

"Well since you work for ME I would like to check what you guys are doing. And like I expected I see you're not working."

Phil steps closer too. "We worked the whole day. If you want you can listen to the newest tracks we came up with the last 2 weeks..."

"Hm okay." He turns to Phil. "I mean that's what I pay you for right?! And not for having fun." He sees Isabella and raises his eyebrow. "Speaking of fun, who's this young lady?"

Oh god did he really just looks like a horny motherfucker at Isabella. Is he mad? I quickly stand up and walk over to Isa. "She's my niece." I say strongly.

"Oh really? The beauty lies in the family right?" He continues to smile at her with this turned on look. He's so disgusting.  

"So you wanna listen to the tracks now or keep on staring at a 16-old?" Phil throws in. Thank god for him. He's never shy to say what's on his mind. Kalman looks at him pissed but then walks over to him. Phil hands him headphones and he puts them on.

While he listens to the music, Bruno steps towards me and whispers. "You're ok?"

I nod. "Yeah. It's just I really would love to kick in his balls right now."

"I know. Me too!" He looks at him disgusted.

Phil waves towards Bruno and he walks over to them. This can take a while until they played everything to him and talk about it. So I decide to show Isabella in the meantime the park near the studio. I can't stand being in one room with this man. The park always cheers me up, it's like everytime I come here it becomes more and more beautiful. I love it and I'm way more relaxed when we heading back to the studio.

Right when we're crossing the parking lot Kalman just walks out of the studio and to his car. Great! Perfect timing. Of course he sees us and stops waiting until we're close to him.

"There comes the beautiful lady with her niece. Don't come to often here. You only distract the guys to much." He says half laughing. 

I could throw up. Can he please just stop these comments?! "Not funny, Kalman!" I say back snippy.

"As if you don't like that." He grins at me.

I send Isa inside. I think I have to talk with him and make clear that he should stop trying to hit on me.

"See I don't know why you're doing this, cause it's clear I never gave you signs that I like you, but all your attempts hitting on me can you please stop it?!" I say the most politely way I can.

"Oh wow. Now you really hurt my feelings, Caroline! I thought there was something special between us?!" He replies slimy stepping closer to me.

I step back a bit. "Yeah right as..." I start when he interrupts me.

"I mean what do you want from all these losers?" He takes my hand. I try to pull it back but his grip ist too strong. "First Tony this dumbass and now Bruno Saturn or whatever his name is. I know you like me! Just don't fight it..."

"Let my hand go." I say when he steps closer and pulls my hand on his back grabbing my head with his other hand. "What..." I try to back away but he holds my head so strong and his lips come closer and closer to mine. Oh no! He doesn't dare... Before I could think I feel his gross hard lips on mine, any tries to push him away with my one free hand are helpless. Suddenly I feel his hand letting my head go.

"Damn take your shitty hands from her." I hear Bruno yell at him. Both me and Kalman look shocked at him. Then everything goes so fast. Kalman losens up his grip and I pull back my hand as quickly as I can and stumble back. In the same time I see Bruno pushing Kalman and lifting his hand which is clenched in a fist. Before I can hold him back he punched Kalman directly on his nose which starts to bleed instantly. Oh no! Shit!

"Oh god my nose, my nose. You broke my nose!" Kalman shouts in pain. He glares at Bruno and then at me. Then I see Phil, Ari and Isa running towards us.

"What the hell did you do?" Phil yells at Bruno who still stands there with his fist ready to punch him again.

"He laid his fucking hands on Caro and forced to kissed him!" He yells back staring at Kalman's moves. I never saw him so angry. I go to him and take his hand. He let me do it and calms down.

"You just digged your own grave idiot! You're fired! And all of your fucking friends as well!" Kalman screams while he opens his car door still holding his nose and gets inside.

Oh no! I step to him. "You can't do that! He's too good. You know that!"

"Fuck you!" He yells back and shuts the door, starts the engine and drives off.

"Shit. I can't believe that!" I look after the car and shake my head, my eyes start to tear up. That's all because of me! I feel so guilty.

"Babe don't cry." Bruno steps to me and wipe away my tears. "We don't need him. We already have a name now in this business and other offers where we can get signed. They don't pay as much Atlantic does but..."

I interrupt him. "Bruno don't you understand?! He just has to call them once and they gonna drop you too..." I shake my head. Why was I so stupid and wanted to sort this out on my own? "It's all my fault. I'm so dumb."

Then Phil's phone rings...