Chapter 3

19/04/2011 18:49

Having Bruno over for lunch really brought lights into our little home.Granny can’t stop smiling coz he kept on telling all these hilarious jokes.

‘So,you’re not busy in the studio today?’I asked.

‘Nope.I just finished my world tour.Yesterday at the airport?Just got back from Brazil.Well,this probably be my lazy week so you know?I just want to chill.But Phil has a little studio in his house so maybe we’ll discuss about my next album or something’.

‘Cool.Btw,your first album was amazing’.

‘You like it?’

I smiled.’Yeah’.

Granny looked at both of us and finally took our plates. ‘That’s it,lunch is over.Why don’t you guys get up so that I can clean up the table’.

‘You want my help?I’m pretty good at house chores’, Bruno offered.

‘No no no.You’re a guest here so let me do it’.Granny went into the kitchen and left me and Bruno alone at the dining table.

‘So,what do u usually do on a Sunday?’

‘hmmmmm....Usually I hang out with Lisa or stay at home with gran.I’m pretty boring’.

‘I don’t think so’.

‘Hey,you want to get out of here?’I whispered to him.

‘She’s okay with that?’pointing to the direction of the kitchen.

‘Yeahhh......tell her that you’re leaving’.

Bruno got up and walked into the kitchen holding my hand.

‘Granny,thanks for the lunch.It was delicious but I have to go now.Mind if I take Cat out for a while?I’m not from here so maybe she could show me around or something’.

Granny looked at Bruno and then she looked at me.At last,she smiled.

‘Sure.But Katy,don’t be home late.Your date with Edward tonight remember?’

I sighed.Not now,granny.

‘Yeah,sure.How can I forget.We’ll probably just drive around town.That’s all.

Bruno drove the car to town and finally stopped at our local park.I used to come here when I was little with my mum.It was just perfect.We flied our kites,have picnics and just spending our times together.Back when she’s still alive,everything was so easy and not complicated.

‘So,what’s tonight?’he asked turning his head to me.

‘What do you mean?’

‘You’re going on a date with your boyfriend?....Is he the special someone yesterday?’


‘What’s wrong?’ he looked at me,concerned.

‘Nothing’s wrong’.

‘Well,looks like you’re having problems with your guy.Err,....what’s his name again?’


‘Yes.Edward.What’s up?’

Who is this guy?I just met him yesterday and now he’s asking me about my personal issues.Can he be trusted?

‘Come on.Tell me.I don’t bite’.

I chuckled. ‘Yeah right’.

‘Wanna try?’

‘Okay okay okay.I’ll tell you’. Deep breath. ‘So,Edward and I became best buds since we were ten.Our family were pretty close so that’s why.I’ve always love him coz he’s my best friend but then the feelings got deeper when we started high school.I met Lisa in high school and told her about my feelings for Ed.She swore not to tell him.Then,when I was 16, my mum died because of breast cancer and It was a tough moment for me since I was pretty close to her.During those moments,Edward stay beside me and help me go through it.That’s when Lisa told him about my feelings.Guess what?he felt the same way too’.

I stopped and looked at Bruno.He seems to get the story. ‘Go on’.

‘Well,we started dating but then he had to go because his grades were failing and his dad wants him to focus on his studies.You see,Edward’s not that bright so........

‘I’m not that bright either’.

Haha.But your smile is bright.Ahh...those dimples....

‘Cat?’ he touched my hands.

I jumped. ‘Yeah?’

‘What’s next?’

‘Oh yeah...My story....Again,so after he left me like,2 years ago,we only talked on the phone,we Skype, and I went there to visit him during the hols but yeah,It’s hard coz he’s there.I’m here.Just complicated’.

‘Okay.I get it.Now you guys have this awkward moment coz you guys haven’t been spending times together for a long time’.

‘Yep.But there’s more’.


My face changed.This is it.

‘3 months ago I found out that he’s been cheating behind me with another girl’.


‘Yeah,Awful right?’ then out of nowhere tears were covering my eyes.Why am i crying?

‘That is awful’.He wiped my tears. ‘Hey hey,don’t cry.I understands it.But what I don’t get is why are u still with him?’

Me,sobbing. ‘I don’t know.I really don’t.You know?He’s my best friend and although there’s a part of me wanting to hate him so badly but I just can’t.There’s too much memories and he’s been a part of my life for so long.I just can’t let him go’.

‘I know but....................he’s a cheater.He lied to you,his bestfriend AND girlfriend.

He wrapped his arms  around me and it made me feel safe.I don’t know this guy and he know nothing about me but when I’m with him, it’s not complicated.

‘You’re an amazing girl,Cat.He hurted you and you still want to be with him?You deserve someone that’s better than him’.

I looked into his brown eyes.Like you?

He brushed his hand through my hair and we kissed.His kiss was soft and so different from Edward.I want this guy.God!I’m crazy.Help me!

As we were making out,my phone buzzed....



‘Yeah,granny?what’s up?’.Bruno let go of me.

‘Edward’s here.He wants to see you’.

‘Edward’s there?’.I looked at Bruno.He was staring at the steering wheel.

‘Yeah yeah.I’ll be there in a few minutes.Bye granny’.

I put down the phone and turned to Bruno. ‘I have to go’.

‘Yeah.Your cheater’s waiting for you’. He started the car.

‘Don’t be mean.Although he cheats,he’s still my best friend,okay?’

‘Fine.Then what am I?’

I don’t know.

‘Bruno,i’m sorry.I shoildn’t have said that to you.I’m so sorry.Everything’s just so mess up.I’m still someone’s girlfriend and by kissing you just now,it makes me a cheater too!’.

‘No,Cat.It was not your fault.I’m the one who shouldn’t have kissed you in the first place but i can’t help it.To be honest, i like you’. He holds my face,wanting to kiss me again.

‘But you don’t know me,Bruno.We just met yesterday’.

‘That’s why I want to get to know you’

Get to know me?My heart was racing.Damn.Me too!

As we reached the house,I noticed Edward’s car at my porch and there he was,standing,waiting for me.

‘Hey Ed’ I got out.He grabbed me and kissed me in front of Bruno.I know it was on purpose.

‘Err..this is Bruno’.

Edward looked at Bruno. ‘I know you.I went to one of your show few months back in London’.

‘Really?’  Bruno  and I said at once.

Edward looked annoys. ‘Anyways,thanks for sending my girl home. I don’t want her to be the next hot topic one E!News’

Bruno just smiled ‘No problems...Guess I probably go now’.

Before Bruno left,I caught a smile from him.Will i ever see him again?

‘So,since when your friend’s a celebrity?’

‘I met him at the airport yesterday,Ed’ I pulled him into the house.

‘Really?and now he drives you around?’

‘Look,he’s nice okay’.

‘nice?What do you mean?’

‘Nice means..............nice.You want me to get you a dictionary or something?’ I sat on the couch next to granny.

‘Katy,don’t talk to Edward like that’.

‘Well granny,Edward didn’t get it’.

Granny turned to Edward. ‘I think this Bruno guy is a nice guy too,Edward’.

‘Wow.Now hold on a sec!Granny knows him too?What???did he spend the night here?’

‘Edward!!!!!’ I screamed at him.

I ran into my room.How could he talk like that?

‘Cat’ he barged in.

‘I covered my face with a pillow, ‘Just go,Ed!’.

‘But Cat................

‘I said,get the hell out of here!!!!!I’m tired of all this!’

‘Can we just talk and work this out?I’m sorry about what happened just now’.

I looked at him.‘Sorry?Now let me many times have I heard that word....a thousand?probably millions?

‘What do you want me to do?’

‘I want you to act like you used to.Back then,we had no probs...

‘Back then we were best buds.Now you are my girlfriend’.

‘Well......’ Oh no.Not the word. ‘Maybe I don’t feel like being your girlfriend anymore’.


‘Yeah,Ed.It’s over’.