Chapter 33

21/03/2012 19:57

“Baby, turn around, I’m gonna walk in with my back to you so I don’t see you ok?” “Ok” I say scared, what could he want? I turn around and wait as I hear the door opening and closing, I hear his footsteps as he gets closer to me. “Uhh I don’t know where you are…” he says “I’m in the middle of the room” “Ok stick your arms out behind you, God this is so stupid!” “You wanted to speak to me, is texting me not suitable?” “No, I need to speak with you face to face, well, you know what I mean” I gently feel his hands graze my arms and go lower to my palms as he links our fingers. He pulls one of my hands up to his lips and slowly kisses it. “Baby, what’s wrong?” I ask scared. He exhales and replies “I was talking with Ryan yesterday, and he said something to me that made me think. Lex, you still wanna marry me right?” “WHAT!?” “I mean, urgh, it’s just that I don’t know, it seems that with all that happened last night, I don’t know, it just felt that you said you’d still marry me because you had to, baby you know that you don’t have to right?” “Bruno, I can’t believe you’re actually saying this to me” “Well it’s just that everyone’s said to me *Oh you should be lucky that she’s still marrying you because she really shouldn’t* and it’s true! You shouldn’t marry me, what I did was an awful thing, especially the night before our wedding! I just fuck everything up” he says as he lets go of my hand and sits leaning against my legs on the floor. “Shit! Get up off the floor!! You’ll ruin your tux!!” “Sorry…” he says as he gets up and holds my hands again.”Look, I am going to say this once because frankly Bruno, you’re ruining our wedding day by doing this. Of course what you did was bad, but I suppose you did it for a right reason as opposed to last time when it was for a bad reason…. and everyone else that you’ve been speaking too isn’t getting married. We are, just us two, and I think it’s my fucking decision if I wanna marry you or not” “Baby, just tell me you wanna marry me and I’ll leave you alone until tonight” I laugh at how stupid he is. “Bruno, of course I still wanna marry you, I love you. And that is all I’m saying” He pulls my hand again and kisses it. “I love you too Mrs Future Hernandez….” he says as he walks away. I smile like a fool and fall back on the bed. “BITCH GET UP! You’ll crease your dress!!” Mid says as she walks in. I jump up. “So what? I can’t sit at all today?” “No, you gotta be uncomfortable the whole day, that’s the rule, you hungry? You haven’t eaten all day” I just shake my head. “Wow, you must be excited, that’s the first I’ve ever heard of you saying no to food! Hey, if it was a choice between sex, Bruno or food, which one would you choose?” I smile because I don’t even need to think about this “Bruno, always Bruno” “Really? I’d pick food…” She says as she looks at herself in the mirror. I get up and start to walk around because I can’t just sit around anymore, fuck, I hate this feeling, I don’t know if I’m excited or nervous or what. Shit shit shit shit shit. “Lex, calm down” Mid says. “Mid, I really can’t I just. God I fucking hate this, it’s like I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m not with him, you know? It’s fucking weird how I actually miss him now, I mean I’ve just seen him and I actually miss him” “Well GOOD! You should feel like that on your wedding day, you should wanna spend every single moment with him, if you didn’t, then that’s when you should start to have doubts. And anyway I bet he’s driving Ryan insane. Lemme call and ask” “No don’t!” “Too late…” and she dials. I hate her sometimes. She puts it on speaker. “Hello?” “Hey, what you doing?” “Oh my God I can’t take him anymore, the faster they’re married then the faster he’ll shut the fuck up! He’s annoying the shit outta me right now *I am not!! Leave me alone ok!?*” I hear Bruno yell in the back, my heart starts to beat faster as I hear his voice. “Stop smiling” she whispers to me. Ooops. “Yeah Lex is doing the same to me” “Are we on speaker?” Bruno asks. “Yeah” “Lex, I love you” Bruno says to me, and I feel like I could cry. “I love you too” I reply. “Oh God… let’s get them off the phone now, bye” and Ryan puts the phone down. “Well speaking to Bruno didn’t help” “Yeah but I told you Bruno’s feeling the exact same way!” I ignore her and go downstairs to try and find something to do. The house is empty. Why is the house empty!? Fuck and I’m so tired and bored. Maybe I could have a small nap….

“LEX WAKE UP!” “Huh, what?” “Sweetheart, wake up or you’re gonna miss your own wedding” As my mom says this my heart stops. Shit, I look at the time, 4pm. I get married in an hour. “Get up get up get up” I sit up and feel everyone pull me left and right trying to fix my hair and touch up my makeup. “Lex, where did you get that necklace from?” Bernie asks “This one?” “Yeah” “Bruno bought it for me, and ever since he gave it to me over a year ago I haven’t taken it off” “Really? You never took it off?” I shake my head “Nope, never, I know how much it meant to him to buy it for me, I know it’s expensive and he didn’t have very much money, but he still thought I was special enough and got it for me, I love that about him, the only thing on his mind is to make me happy” “It’s beautiful” she replies. “Lex, you ready to go?” my mom says. I slowly nod, fuck. I feel dizzy.