Chapter 39-42

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Chapter 39

I softly smiled as he moved his head over a bit giving me more room on the pillow. Even though the bed had two, we always shared just one. I leaned over and kissed him softly. “I love you.” I whispered. He put his arms around me as he took a deep breath, “I love you too.” I laid there just breathing in his scent from the shower he had just had. I couldn’t help but flashback to the show that I had just came from. Besides the day Bruno proposed to me, and a couple of other things, this was one of the best days of my life. I admired him as he fell into a deep sleep. I did small things like unfold the little part on the sleeve of his t-shirt and move curls to their right places on his head. He usually would keep me up for awhile talking about some random topic that he had just thought about. But, tonight I could tell he was really tired, and he had a good reason for it. I gave up on any more thoughts and finally closed my eyes.

I looked at myself in the huge mirror and pulled my black blazer down a bit, tonight was going to be a really amazing night. “Be home by 10.” I heard Phil say from behind me. I laughed as I turned to him, “Get out of here..” He smiled, “Na man.. you look nice.” I nodded, “Thanks Phil.” I looked down to the floor as it got silent. “You know.. I had been meaning to say..” He put his hand up before I could finish my sentence, “It’s good B.. I’m ya homie remember?” I smiled and nodded as I looked back to up him, “Homies for life.” I looked to my right as the bathroom door opened and Diamond walked out in a black fitted dress. Her hair was down and she had on just the right amount of makeup. I bit my lip as she put her hands behind her back and looked between me and Phil. I loved when we dressed up because each time she looked absolutely gorgeous. “Mmm.. somebody gonna have babies tonight.” he said as he got up and walked past her going into the bathroom. We walked towards each other as he closed the door. I reached up and moved a piece of hair from her face, “You look beautiful babe..” I said softly. She tried her best not to smile ear to ear, “Thanks Bru.. you do too.”

I looked him up and down, and I loved the way his white dress shirt was unbuttoned just a few ones shy from being able to see too much. As I looked back up to his face he swallowed hard, “You ready to go?” he said pointing to the door. “Just let me get my things.” I walking over to get my purse. I put a few things into it and then put it up on my shoulder. He moved back a bit and then put his hand out like a gentleman, “After you.” I blushed a bit as I walked towards the door, I felt like he was going to spoil me tonight. “I’m out!” he called out to Phil as he closed the door behind us. As we got down to the lobby I looked over to the scenery they had on display as if it was a museum. I wasn’t a artsy girl, but I loved nature things. Bruno reached down and grabbed my hand as we walked out the double doors of the hotel out into the evening sky. The sun was no longer there and there we’re hints of night off into the distance. “So where are we off to first Mr.Mars?” I said swinging his hand as we walked down the street. “You’ll see..” he said out the side of his mouth. I laughed, “Oh alright..” I looked at him out the corner of my eye as he raised a eyebrow at me, “Just relax.” “I got this..” I said as we hit a corner. I could see a line of people gathering in front of a building a couple of blocks away.

“I wonder what’s going on down there..” she said as we walked across a street. “You’re about to find out.” I said smiling. As we got closer we got in line behind a couple of people. I watched her as she looked up to the marquee and tried read the words to herself. She quickly looked to me, “So I can’t read that.. but I can tell we’re seeing a movie?” “In French.” I said smirking. She looked at me in mock horror, “You don’t know a lick of French and neither do I..” “I know… ‘we’.” I said smiling. She started laughing as we moved up a bit in line, “You are crazy I swear.” I nodded, “But you love me..” She leaned her head over into my shoulder, “You’re right.” I put my hands into my pockets and waited patiently until we got up to the booth. I reached into my back pocket for my wallet as I asked for our tickets. The lady behind the glass looked at me weird, but I tried not to pay it too much attention. I got our tickets and we made our way into the theater. I got us a big ol’ bag of popcorn and a drink that we could share. We squeezed past a couple of people as we got into perfect seats right in the middle of the theater. I started stuffing my face with the popcorn, and taking sips of the drink whenever I took time out to breathe.

I looked over to him and smiled as I shook my head, “Slow down.. the movie hasn’t even started..” He laughed as he ate more, “Do you remember the last time I ate movie theater popcorn?” I smirked, “Uhh no..” “Right, me either.” I laughed a bit, and looked out to the huge screen. I watched the older previews and titled my head a bit admiring the fact that I was ever here in this place right now. I felt Bruno tapping the cup against my arm. I turned to him and he had a kiddish smile on his face, “Get some more please?” he said putting the cut in front of me. “Oh my god.” I said as I took it from him smiling. I couldn’t believe he had drank it that fast. I got up, went and got the refill without any problems. I made it back to my seat with him smiling like a fool. He put his arm around me and kissed my cheek, “Thank ya’ babyy.” I handed it to him, “You’re welcome.” I looked up as the lights started to dim. I honestly hadn’t remembered the last time I had been to the movies either.

I inched my arm around her as the movie began to start. Classical music filled my ears and I just smiled, I was happy to be here with her right now. They zoomed in on a guy with not much hair and he opened his mouth to talk. As soon as he started talking I leaned my head down a bit, trying to stop myself from laughing. I even turned my head a little so that she wouldn’t see my face. When I finally got myself together to look back at the screen a woman came on and started singing the shit out of a song out of nowhere. I held in my laughs again but, this time I looked over to Diamond and she was doing the same. When our eyes met we both bust out into soft laughter that made the people a couple of seats down from us look our way. She leaned over to my ear, “Bruno.. what is this shit..” I laughed, “Babe.. I do not know..” “So.. we gonna sit threw this whole movie like this?” I laughed as the lady that was singing got louder, “WE?” I said in my french accent. I watched her as she put her hand over her mouth and then on her face as she held in her loud laughs. I didn’t know what I was coming to see here, I knew I just wanted to get out and go to the movies.

I thought it was so funny that he had brought me here even though he had no idea what was happening. After 15 minutes of trying to hold in laughs, we both finally gave up. As we got back outside all the lights around the city we’re starting to sparkle but, night hadn’t quite hit yet. He put his arm around me as we walked, “That.. was funny.” I laughed and shook my head, “Yeah it really was.. next time we have to go to see an American movie alright.” “Alright babe you got it.” It got quiet for a bit and we both just walked and held each other close, just happy to be in each others presence. “I know you’re hungry.” he said suddenly. “Yeah.. I really am, since you ate all of the popcorn!” I joked. He pushed me a bit, “If you wanted some all you had to do was ask!” I laughed, “Just take me to eat Bru..” We got to this small restaurant and it just perfect. I ordered a salad while he of course had spaghetti. He had tried to feed me some of it but ended up getting it all over my face, I knew he did it on purpose. We finally had our talk about the wedding and all. We decided that this next month just wasn’t the right time, and that waiting a little longer wouldn’t kill us. The day when we finally did get married was going to be a beautiful one, so it was worth the wait.

The waiter handed me my card back as I got up and fixed myself. “You two both have a amazing night here in Paris.” I nodded to the man, “Thank you sir.” I took Diamond’s hand as we walked out and darkness had finally over took the city. I pointed over to the Eiffel Tower that was around 7 blocks in the distance. It stood tall and honestly lit up the night, they really didn’t need anything else to do it. “We going up there?” she said looking me into the eyes. “You want too?” I smiling. “It would mean a lot..” she said almost at a whisper. “Okay.. I might be be able to make it happen.. you know I’m all about making the dreams come true..” She laughed a bit, “Come on Bru..” “Okay.. but, first we gotta get dessert!” “Oh god..” she said smiling. “I know.. I don’t need anything else.. but my figure will have to wait.. I can’t leave Paris without having ice cream!” “Now.. I could eat some ice cream..” I looked over to her as we walked, “Oh I know you can.. if you wanna be with me.. then you have to eat it!” I joked. “Oh Bru.. what am I gonna do with you..” she said like she always did when I made jokes.

I knew I looked like a little kid at a candy store as I looked up to all the different flavors of ice cream they had. Bruno got something double scooped, I really couldn’t hear him because he said it so fast. If I didn’t know anything else, I knew that he loved himself some ice cream. We both got ours and grabbed a small booth up against a window that we could just see a piece of the tower from. We both shared a spoonful of each other’s cup and the face he made was priceless. “What’s that?” he said as he held out his tongue. I frowned, “It’s mint chocolate chip.” “More like mint chocolate shit.” he quickly shot back. I laughed so hard, “Stop it!” He grabbed a napkin and wiped his tongue, “Never again..” “Alright let’s taste yours..” I said opening my mouth. He looked down and scooped some up and slowly put it into my mouth. Of course he bit his lip and gave me a sexual look almost making me spit it out. I quickly put my hand up to my mouth and held it in. I slowly swallowed it and nodded my head. “Now that right there is real ice cream..” he said proudly. I just rolled my eyes, “If you say so.” I got so full with not too much left in my cup.

“You gonna eat that?” I said as I swallowed the last bit of mine. “I can’t eat anymore.. I’m gonna get a brain freeze!” she said touching her head. “Aww.. stop it.. waisting my damn money.” She laughed, “You eat it then!” I looked at her in mock horror this time, “You think I’m gonna eat that bullshit?” She scooped some up in the spoon, “You know you want ittt.” she said holding it out into my face. I quickly got up, “Time to go.” She laughed and got up as well, we threw away our things and went back out into the night. I put my arm around her again as we started making the journey towards the tower. I could feel her shivering a bit. “You cold?” I said softly. She rubbed her arms, “Yeah a lot more now that I’ve ate that ice cream.” I stopped in stride and unbuttoned my blazer. I slid it off of my arms and helped her put it on. “There..” I said rubbing her arms. “Thanks Bru..” she said as we started walking again. When we got within 2 blocks from the tower I looked down to her and she was just in awe. I have to say that I was too, it was an amazing sight to see. Some people just dreamed of even being here. My music had taken me a long way.

We finally made our way to it and I let her go and ran up under it like a little kid. The few people that we’re there looked at me like I was crazy, but I really didn’t care. As I turned around she was at my side again smiling ear to ear. “Bruno.. this is fucking amazing.” she said looking up. I looked up as well, “I know man.. but, you wanna see something even more amazing.” We both looked at each other at the same time but she spoke first, “What?” “Let’s go to the top, I bet the view is fantastic from up there.” “You don’t even have to ask.” she said walking around looking for the way up. We finally found it and took the painfully slow ride up to the top. It was a bit awkward since other people we’re in there, when we’re elevator rides not awkward? As the doors opened I held my breath with excitement. I grabbed her hand as we looked out into the city with all the different colored lights and noises. I closed my eyes for a few seconds just taking it all in. We walked over to a railing and I got behind her putting my hands on the bars. I put my head into hers, “Holy shit.” “I know..” she said looking around.

I put my arms around her and she grabbed my hands and intertwined our fingers. I swayed us back and forth a bit just trying to be romantic. I bent down and gave her neck a quick kiss, “I love you..” “I love you too.” she whispered back. It got quiet and I stood there holding her tight to me, honestly never wanting to let go. These we’re the times that I would remember the most, the little things. They mean’t so much to me, I loved that I had someone that I could share that with. “Babe.. can I tell you something?” I said as I started flashing back. “Let’s hear it..” she said softly. I took a deep breath as the wind made both of our hair fly a bit. This was another thing I had been meaning to tell her for a very long time….

Chapter 40

This chapter is dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

“You know 8 years ago.. I would have never pictured myself upon the top of the Eiffel Tower holding my gorgeous fiancee’ with thousands of fans, and a new album out that’s making top hits left and right.” I smiled from ear to ear, “I know Bru.. and thanks.” “No.. I don’t think you understand.. you made all of this happen for me.” I frowned a bit as I still kept my focus on the city ahead of me, “I didn’t do all of this Bruno.. you have the talent and everything.. it’s all you and your guys.” “Okay.. but, you know that I was gonna give up on this.. I was really going to quit.” I didn’t say anything, so he kept talking. “Yeah my Uncle.. and Phil and some others told me to stay and keep at it.. But, you.. you gave me the inspiration to write these songs on my album now.. Nothin’ On You.. Just The Way You Are.. that’s all you baby..” I shook my head and smiled, I really had no words. I knew these things, but things are just different when someone actually says them to your own ears. He bent down to my ear, “And you.. you we’re the last person who gave me a speech on why I shouldn’t give up.. you made me stay..” he whispered. I closed my eyes, “I don’t know if I’m supposed to say thank you.. or say I love you right now..” I said honestly. “You’re not supposed to say either..” he said letting me go.

She turned to me with a sad look on her face but, I smiled on. “What am I supposed to say then?” I leaned into her face and whispered, “You’re supposed to let your lips do the talking..” I closed my eyes, leaned in and kissed her with all the passion I had had built up throughout the day. As we unlocked we shared a few more soft kisses before fully leaning out. She smiled, “That was one good convo I have to say..” “Taste good too.” I said licking my lips. She laughed and tilted her head a bit, “You know what I just thought about?” I smirked, “What?” She nodded slowly and looked around, “We can’t have sex…” I took a deep breath, “I know..” She groaned, “You did all of this.. and now we have to wait till’ we get home the day after tomorrow..” “Calm down babe..” I whispered. “I am calm..” she whispered back. “You know ya’ boy always got some kind of trick up his slevee.” I said out the side of my mouth. “Oh.. what’s up?” she said smirking. “Of course I can’t tell you.. I gotta show it. I’m all about the action baby.. you know this.” She laughed, “Show it to me then.”

As soon as we stepped off the elevator onto our floor in the hotel. I reached down and slipped off my heels and sunk my feet into the soft carpet. I let out a small moan of satisfaction. He smiled, “Come onnn.” He put his finger up to his mouth as he slowly unlocked the door and opened it. Of course the room was pitch black and the only sounds we’re Phil’s faint snores. I bent down and slowly put my heels in front of the bed. I shot back up and followed Bruno into the bathroom, I slowly closed the door behind us. As I turned he bit his lip and had his arms open wide. I walked over and fell into them. He leaned down and started kissing me wildly slipping the blazer off my arms in the process. “Now.. as bad as I wanna do you right.. I can’t.. because you’re way too loud.. so you just gonna sit back and let me do this..” I nodded kind of unsure of what to say. “And you have.. to be.. quiet.” he said strongly. “Okay..” I whispered. I really wanted this so bad, so I was going to try my very best to hold in every single moan. He leaned in and kissed me again backing me up to the bathroom counter at the same time.

I started at her ear kissing it softly as I grabbed her hips. I really didn’t care if I didn’t get off tonight, I wanted to to be all about her anyway. The lower I got with my kisses, the lower my hands got until they we’re at her thighs. I moved them to the outside and slowly slipped her dress up. She threw head back a bit as I roamed my hands all around her and kissed on her shoulders. I reached up on the side and unzipped her dress slowly as she went for the buttons of my shirt. As I slipped her dress off I went back to her mouth making our tongues dance together, it turned me on so much. When her dress dropped to the floor I reached down and grabbed her thighs pulling her up on the counter. I watched her as I got down to my knees and kissed from the side of her knee all the way down into her inner thighs. I could hear breathing increase and her clenching at the edge of the counter out the corner of my eye. As I got all the way there I leaned out and grabbed the sides of her underwear, “Aright babe.. keep yourself together.” I said with a sexy smirk. She bit her lip and nodded as she lifted herself up a bit as I pulled her underwear off. 

I held my breath and looked down to him as he raised an eyebrow and put his finger up to this mouth. I nodded as he put his hands on my knees and spread my legs apart. He pulled me towards him and went down making me almost choke on air. He started slow I leaned back a bit pressing my back against the cold mirror. I wanted to moan so loud with each passing second. I closed my eyes and pressed my lips together as he started getting lower and lower. He rubbed my thighs as he started moving his tongue all around. “Bruno..” I said trying to whisper but ended up moaning. He ignored me and went farther down until he went inside me. I opened my eyes and looked down to him and he was looking at me. I tried my best not to make faces, but I knew that I did anyway. He pulled me closer again, making his tongue go deeper. I started letting small moans escape, but they weren’t loud enough to wake Phil I was pretty sure. I threw my head back again as I felt myself getting closer and closer.

I looked up to her as I pleased her. I loved making her feel good and ever since I did this the first time and I seen her faces I couldn’t stop. I closed my eyes and started going at it. “Right there, don’t move.” she moaned. I opened my eyes and looked up her, I could tell she was really close and I wanted it. She moved her hands to my head and started playing in my hair as I felt her tighten up. She pulled some of it, but I didn’t mind not one bit. I stared her down and moved my hands to the inside of her thighs. She let out a line of soft moans as she came. I leaned out smiling, “Damn.. I wanna be inside you so bad..” “Well do it then please..” she begged. As bad as I wanted too, I couldn’t she would be way too loud and I really didn’t want to upset Phil anymore. She reached down and pulled me up by the collar of her shirt, “Just do it.. please..” I looked her in the eyes deeply, she was tempting me so hard right. How could I not give it to her. I looked down, “Babe.. just let me finish..” Before she could even respond, I went down again but, this time I went right inside her making her moan out again.

I felt my moans starting to get louder and louder, and I wanted him inside me so bad. He grabbed at my thighs and put his face into me more. He was moving so fast and the pleasure was almost making my head spin. He started to moan with me a bit making me want to cum again already. I looked down and I just wanted to jump on him. No matter what he did, he made me feel like I was flying. I started lightly moaning his name while his tongue softly swam around in me. I couldn’t believe how much self control he had right now, if I had ever begged him he wouldn’t think about it twice.  ”Do it baby..” he said stopping for a quick second. I threw my head back as came again for the second time in just a few minutes. I smiled as I looked down to him, and he was smiling as well. “Can we just do it please?” I said as he came up. He rubbed up my thighs making me bite my lip, “No.. you’re too loud..” he whispered. I reached down and touched him and of course he was hard as ever. I slid myself down from the counter making him back up.

I looked down as she started to undo my belt. “Babe.. we can’t..” I said softly. “Yes you can..” she said back. I looked up to her face and she looked so determined. She just didn’t understand how hard this was. She grabbed me a bit as my pants fell to the floor. She went to my ear and whispered, “I need you..” I closed my eyes and bit my lip, as she started to pull my briefs down. I put my hands down to myself and back up a bit, “We gotta wait please.” She took a deep breath, “Alright Bru..” “I swear I would just hate for Phil to wake up.” I said honestly. Without saying a word she went down to her knees and started stroking me. I closed my eyes and balled my fists up as she took me in her mouth. She left me with my mouth wide open as she moved quickly not even stopping for air. I reached out and grabbed her head, guiding her a bit and trying to keep my balance at the same time. I could tell that she way past turned on at this point. I looked down to her going at it and it only brung me closer to being done. “Shitt.” I whispered as my stomach started to tingle.

“Let it go Bru.” she whispered at she stopped for a second. I started playing in her hair as I felt myself about to explode. I made her stop, “No babe.. I can’t do that on this night..” She stood up a bit disappointed, “You sure do have a lot more control then I thought you did.” I smiled, “It’s just this night.. it’s not right you know..” As bad as I wanted too, I would have to take one for the team tonight. It hurt like hell but, I was just trying to be a gentle man. I slowly reached down and pulled up my underwear, “When we get home alright?” I said trying to reassure myself more then her. She started slipping her underwear on as well as I tightened my face trying to put myself back into my briefs. I hated the feeling so much and I almost wanted to throw a temper tantrum. I smiled to her as she turned for the door, I took a deep breath as we walked back out into the pitch black room. She was right I did have a lot more self control tonight then I usually did. But, at the same time I also had common sense, and respect. I did know one thing, and that was that she had it coming for her as soon as we got back to L.A…..

Chapter 41

“Morning Bru..” I said smiling to him as he started opening his eyes. I had been watching him for a little over five minutes as he had started to stir. I knew it took him a little while to fully wake up. He smiled as he opened his eyes all the way, his dimples fully extended, “Morning babe.” “We’re going home today..” I said looking up to his morning hair. He reached over and ruffled mine around, “Now you look just like me.” I laughed as I rolled away, almost falling out of the bed. I caught my balance and sat up looking over to the opposite bed, I had heard Phil leave 10 minutes earlier. I got up and stretched as I went over to my suitcase. I kneeled down to it, unzipping it with no struggle this time. I began searching for my comfortable outfit for today’s flight while Bruno went into the bathroom. I frowned as I stopped rustling around clothes, I turned my head a bit and heard what sounded like him pissing. I quickly turned all the way around to see him standing at the toilet threw the doorway. “Bruno what the fuck!” I yelled out turning back around. He laughed, “Im sorry.. almost didn’t make it.” I shook my head and kept going threw my clothes trying to block the sound out. He didn’t even leave the door opened when we we’re at home by ourselves. I heard the toilet flush and the sink come on. I took a deep breath as I finally gave up and just pulled a t-shirt and skinny jeans out.

I heard him walk back into the room, “Where’s Phil?” I shrugged as I stood back up holding my clothes close to me, “Left earlier.” He looked around the room running his fingers threw his messed up hair. As he turned to me he smiled, “I wish I had of known he wasn’t going to be here..” I smirked, “I bet you do.” Before he could get any slick ideas I started for the bathroom. “Oh don’t worry I’ll wait!” he called out as I closed the door. I smiled as I started my water for a shower. As I stood there letting the warm water hit my skin, I started to think about the future. The Grammys we’re in a couple of weeks, and then his real touring would begin. I frowned a bit at this thought, every time I would think about it, I would make it worst on myself. After a night as amazing as last night, I really never wanted to be without him. I threw the thoughts out of my mind as I forced myself to think about being home in my own bed. I stepped out the shower and dried myself. I took my time putting on my clothes and my charm bracelet he had got me for Christmas. I played with the charms and smiled to myself.

This plane was a lot different then the ones we had been on in the past, a lot bigger as well. I started looking around. Instead of seats together we we’re all forced into single ones. I guess this is what you called, ‘first class’. But, as long as I got to my destination it didn’t matter where I was. I looked over to Diamond as she looked through that journal thing she always had with her. I looked back up to the small TV in front of me and adjusted my black hat on my head. All of a sudden Phil raised down a window that separated the seats between us. I tilted my head to my shoulder and began laughing, his face was priceless. “Man what are you doing?” I said threw my laughter. “This thing is pretty cool.” he said lifting the window back up. I watched closely as it went back to the top and then came down quickly again, this time he had a different face. I bust out into laughter again, “That’s a damn shame..” I looked up to see Jam coming towards us his phone’s light signaling that he was recording. Phil went into his acting mode, “You know what I’m saying.. the whole idea of the situation is.. but, nigga I’ma get at you real soon.. I’m gon’ call you..” he said motioning his hands around. I held in my laughter as he started to raise the window up again. I put my hands out, “You sure dog?” I said playing along.

I waited anxiously as the window got to the top and then I looked around a bit confused. It quickly came down and he yelled out, “I’m just fuckin’ with ya!” We all bust out into laughter, and I couldn’t get over how easily he made me laugh. He went on and on as me and Jam laughed continuously. He reached out for the lever again making the window go up, “I’ll be right back..” I sat there like a little kid excited even though I knew what was going to happen. The window quickly came down again with his lips bent back, “Aww I’m just fuckin’ with ya!” he said again. I bust out into laughter again, finding it hard not to stop. He started ranting on and I put my hands up in confusion, all I knew was that I was laughing too hard to stop now. “You know what I’m saying!” he said as he started to raise the window again. He made a weird ass noise as he let it down this time and we both bust out into laughter again, this guy was too much. He never failed to make my day.

I sat there my fist over my mouth hiding my smile as I watched Bruno and Phil joke around with the windows. I shook my head and laughed a bit finding it hard not to because of Bruno’s contagious laugh. I took my focus off of them looking back down to my notebook. I had been surfing threw past ones just reminiscing on all that we had been threw since I had started to write. I have to say that it has been one emotional roller coaster. At least now, I knew for sure I had good things to write. I was startled again by Bruno’s extreme laughing. They both we’re just too goofy beyond words, but I loved it. His sense of humor was one of the things about him that I was just a sucker for. I loved to laugh and each and everyday he gave me a lot of laughs. I pulled my pen out of the sprail of the notebook and clicked it. Time to write.


January 26th, 2011

I am on my way back to L.A.! I am eagar to get home and bring on the excitement that February has in store for me and Bruno. I remembered when he had told his mom unexpadantly that we were getting married in this month, and boy did that backfire. But, I’m not gonna stay on that topic for too long. All that matters is that he has changed, and he has done every single thing right since New Years’. No arguments, fights, or even disagreements. In a way I didn’t want things to get perfect, because when relationships did get perfect things started to get fake. But, at the same time I thought that we had, had enough heartbreak and struggle in the years before this. Maybe it was actually time for us to just be happy, finally. No more tears, and no more pain. That sounded good enough to me.

Last night was indeed one of he best nights of my life. However, it’s still mind boggling that Bruno had so much self control not to even let me do anything to him. I mean come on Bruno.. come onnn… But, I understood his respect for Phil and for some reason his ability to control his self like that turned me on a bit. I loved he knew exactly what he wanted to happen before it happened. He knew when it was time to make love, and when it was time to get dirty. I guess you could say that we’re even about now. Sometimes I’m the one in pain while other days I’m getting pleased by him from every angle. All I know is that we have good sex and I hope that never changes. Or I’ll get him viagra. I really couldn’t wait till’ tonight, hopefully we wouldn’t be too jetlagged.

This 11 hour fight is already kicking my ass. I’m only a hour in and I’m already starting to go crazy. I would try my best to sleep it away or watch some TV even though it really didn’t entertain me much nowadays. I was just ready to be home home home laying across my bed. With Bruno on top of me. <—- Way too horny.


“These flights are just getting longer and longer..” I said as I put my arm around Diamond. I pulled my shades off of my shirt as the bright lights of LAX hit me in the face. She yawned, “And I even slept and I’m still tired..” I giggled, “Oh you’re not tired..” She looked at me her eyebrow raised, “I’m not?” I shot her a sexy look, “I’m pretty sure you’re not..” She bit her lip, “Oh I guess I’m supposed to just say I’m not sleepy when I really am..” “You already know we got business so you can quit your shit.” I joked. She tipped my hat over my face as we walked outside and she quickly moved from me. I raised my hat back up with a smile on my face. I knew she wasn’t tired and she wanted this just as bad as I did. There was no way nothing wasn’t going to happen tonight. Not after I had to force myself to back away last night. She gave me a sly look as we all piled into the van. I nodded and gave her the you-know-what-you-got-coming-look. I was feeling pretty kinky tonight for some reason. I didn’t know if it was because of last night, or if I just knew I could make her be as loud as I wanted. Either way, I was turned on, a lot.

I played with my rings as we got 5 minutes away from being home. I looked over to her and she nodding her head listening to the almost quiet radio that Dre had playing. I knew what was on her mind, I could see right threw her little half smile. I knew that she had no idea what she was in store for tonight. I wasn’t out to hurt her in anyway, but sometimes you just had to let it all out and hold nothing back. I swallowed hard as we pulled up into our driveway. I didn’t dare look at her, if our eyes met I was sure to smile at her giving away my seriousness. “Goodbye see you tomorrow, no I’m not coming out the house tomorrow so don’t call asking for me to chaperone.” Dre said all in one sentence as I pulled the van door back. I laughed as I stepped out the way for Diamond to get out, “Yeah yeah I hear you.” I moved quickly closing the door and going to the back of the van all in a couple of seconds. Diamond came and helped me take our light luggage up the pathway to the front door. Luckily we didn’t have nearly as much as we did when we came from Hawaii. I fidgeted around in my pockets looking for my keys. I finally found them and anxiously unlocked the door as Dre blowed signaling that he was leaving. I threw my hand up and walked into the house flicking the light on.

I took a deep breath as I leaned my luggage against the wall and turned to Bruno. He slowly took his hat off and set it on the bar. “Soo…” I said before he could speak. “Just go and ahead and get ready for me..” he said strongly. I sucked in air as I turned from him going towards the bedroom. I had been so turned on ever since last night and his words put the icing on the cake for me. I turned on the light in the room and smiled as I looked at my bed. I just wanted to jump into it and melt away. I heard his footsteps coming towards the room and I raised my eyebrows, here we go…


Chapter 42

This chapter is VERY dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

I closed my eyes as I felt him move my hair from the right side of my neck. He pushed himself against me and started kissing it softly. “You love me right?” he whispered as he moved up to my ear. “You know the answer to that question..” I whispered back as he started nibbling on my ear. “Just making sure.” he whispered directly into my ear. I had no idea what he had planned, but I knew that I was so ready to do anything. He kept nibbling on my ear as he moved his hands up the front of my thighs. “You don’t have to tease me you know.. I’m already ready..” I said softly. “Na.. I like this..” he shot back. He moved his hands up my jeans until he got to the buttons. He unbuttoned and unzipped them with no problem, right then I got a bit nervous and I had no idea why. He moved his hands into my pants and rubbed at my thighs softly. “Just stop teasing Bru..” I whispered. He didn’t say a word I felt the determination in his breath right behind my ear. I felt him take a deep breath as he backed away. I turned to him as he pulled his shirt over his head, “Strip for me..” he said as he got his shirt over his head. I bit my lip as I slowly reached for my shirt looking him in the eyes the entire time.

I watched her closely as I went down and started unbuttoning my pants, I was already ready but, I didn’t want to get too excited though. She raised her shirt over her head slowly her breast bouncing a bit as she did. Looking down she slowly moved her jeans down over her hips and then down her thighs leaving her in her sexy boy shorts. She stepped out of her jeans with a proud look on her face. She turned around slowly and moved her hair to the front of her shoulders. She reached back and undid her bra, letting it drop to the floor. I knew that she could be sexy, but this was more then I expected. She bent over a bit and started pulling her underwear down, painfully slow. I instinctively started to bite my lip, I wanted to waste no time anymore. “Show me what you got Bru..” she said as her underwear hit the floor. I took a anxious breath and pushed my jeans down my legs. I realized that I had been staring really hard. I walked towards her as she turned around, but before I could go in to kiss her she kissed me, wildly. She pushed my up against the bed forcing me to sit down, “But babe..” She put her finger to my mouth quieting me. She grabbed my briefs at the waistline and pulled them down violently. I looked back up to her eyes, a little turned on by it and a little scared at the same time.

I looked down to his friend who was now laying against his stomach. I smiled a bit as I pushed my hand into his chest making him lay back on the bed. He used his elbows and moved back a bit as I crawled on top of him. He edgarly grabbed himself ready to be inside me. However, I took my time kissing at his neck making him wait precious seconds longer. He moved his free hand to my hip pushing me down but, I didn’t let him. I went to his ear, “How bad do you want this?..” I whispered. “Bad baby.. please.” he whispered back. I smiled a bit as I took his ear lobe in my mouth and sucked on it slowly. I felt his breathing increase and his hands push farther down on my hip. “Show me you’re ready..” I whispered just wanting to make him wait as long as possible. He moved his free hand to my other hip and pushed me down on him. I let out a deep moan as he went all the way inside me. Before he could start anything I put my hands into his chest and started riding him wildly. I looked him in the eyes as he pressed his lips together focusing on the movement of my body. I let myself go and threw my head back letting all the moans I had been concealing for days come out. “Fuck..” he whispered. It only let me know that I was doing my job, and I wanted to finish.. hard.

I kept pushing her down against me as I started to thrust my body against hers. This felt damn good, but I wanted to hear her scream. I moved my hand to her back putting it around her as I pushed her up. I held her close to me and got up to my knees pushing her back against the headboard. I guided myself into her pressing her harder against the headboard with my chest. “Bruno.. don’t..” she said as I started to go deeper inside her. I reached down and pulled her legs around my hips as she started to moan out my name. I moved my hands onto the headboard and clenched it as I hit her countless times in just one minute. “Oh my godd..” she screamed her voice shaky. I felt her tighten up around me and I closed my eyes. I wanted her to cum as many times as she could. I went right to her ear whispering into it, almost out of breath, “Do it..” She screamed out my name loud as she came and I felt all of it. I moved my hands down to her ass and kept going, I felt myself climbing closer to cumming as well. I closed my eyes trying to keep the sweat from running into them. I put my face into her neck and started moaning a bit. She put her arms around me digging her nails into my back.

I moaned his name right into his ear and felt him slowing down his thrust. He let out a soft moan as I felt him cum inside me. He stood there on his knees still inside me as he let his breathing settle. “We can’t keep doing this..” I said as I took a deep breath. He came up and looked me in the eyes, “What?” I smiled, “You’re gonna get me pregnant..” He kissed me, “I kinda don’t care anymore..” I widened my eyes, “Oh.. okay.” I started to let my legs slide off of him and I loosened my grip on his back. He moved his arms to my lower back and flipped me over to my back on the opposite end of the bed. I looked at him like he was crazy, “What are you doing?” He lifted my legs up to his chest, “I got more for you..” I sucked in air as pushed against me putting his self deep inside me. I held my breath a bit as pain started to come. “Bruno.. that’s too deep.” I said wincing in pain. He ignored my words and started stroking me in a regular tempo. He pushed his fist into the bed as he closed his eyes and started to speed up. I started screaming out his name as I watched his face. Sweat was running down his face down to his chest. He was loving every second of it and I was trying to figure out how he was still going.

I clenched my teeth together and started pounding her as hard as I could. I watched her face and I knew she was in pain, but she would be just fine. “Bruno please!” she screamed. “Your fine.” I said in a deep tone. I tiled my head over to her ankle and put my face into it. I closed my eyes as my whole body started to tingle, the pleasure I was getting right now was almost unrealistic. “You should cum… like right now….” I whispered my voice shaky. “It fucking hurts.” she shot back. “Just do it!” I said frowning my eyes still closed. She screamed out my name and I was unsure if it was because she was mad or she was getting into it. Either way, I needed her to cum again. I pushed myself into her as much as I could, trying to find her spot. “Please baby.. please..” I whispered into her leg. I was somewhere else right now, I felt like I was almost watching myself. I looked down to her with one eye as I felt her tighten around me again. I bit my lip as she moaned out my name in the most sexiest tone ever. “Shit baby..” I whispered as I watched her body move as she came again. I didn’t know how she did it, but she did and I fucking loved it.

I clenched the covers as my heartbeat was out of fucking control. I needed him to hurry up, I was starting to almost get dizzy from all of this. He face was almost covered in sweat by this point, and his hair had began to curl again. He moved one of his hands up to my thigh and gripped it tightly. I watched him as he put his head into my ankle again. His face grew tight, “I love you.. I love.. you..” he whispered, I could hear that he was on the edge of cuming again in his voice. “I love you too!” I said throwing my head back from the pain. He opened his mouth wide and started panting as he sped even more. I felt him cumming inside me again as he let out long deep moans that I couldn’t help but moan with. I had never heard these moans from him before, but they made my stomach tingle. “Oh my godddddddddd..” he whispered into my leg. I just stared at him, unable to even form words at this point. That had to be some of the craziest sex we had ever had. “Bruno.. you can do that twice?” I finally said after moments of silence. “When I want too..” he said raising his eyebrows. “What the fuck..” I said under my breath as he pushed his self off of me. 

I shook my head and smiled, “You’re the fucking best..” She laughed a bit, “Just remember that..” I crawled over to the edge of the bed and put my hands on my knees, I was beyond tired now. I tilted my head over and wiped some of the sweat off of my face with my shoulder. I felt her moving around in the bed and I turned to her getting underneath the blankets. I reached over into the nightstand and grabbed a cigarette out of the box. “Ughh.. Bruno please don’t..” she said her voice a bit muffled from the pillow. I put in in my mouth as I searched for the lighter, “It just calms me okay..” I heard her sigh. It was going to be hard for me to stop smoking now that I was going to be stressed out from all ends with this tour. “I’ll quit.. eventually..” I said as I lit it. “I love you Bruno Mars..” she said suddenly. I looked over to her with a smirk, “I love you too.”….