Chapter 4-6

01/11/2011 19:01

Chapter 4 

I see Bruno lounging on the couch in the exact same position that we were in earlier. But this time he’s with a girl and she’s all over him. I knew it, he has a girlfriend. And why shouldn’t he, everyone deserves to be happy, even if he’s not happy with me, he deserves to be happy, nothing was going on between us anyway. I repeat that over and over in my head. Take a deep breath and walk in. “Lexii!!” they all scream at me again, I just roll my eyes. “Must you guys do that ALL the time?” They all reply in unison “Yes” I turn to look at Bruno; he looks at the floor whilst speaking to me, which is odd, and says “Lex, this is Emma. My girlfriend” I knew it. “Pleasure to meet you Emma” “Call me Em, I hate the name Emma” I decided right then and there to always refer to her as Emma. Emma wasn’t THE most attractive person in the world, but if Bruno liked her, then I’m sure she’s perfect.

All throughout the rest of our studio session I was quiet which isn’t like me at all, I just wanted to get out of there, looking at the both of them together was making me feel sick. Even though she wasn’t doing much, what she was doing really got on my nerves. She would whisper in his ear, hold his hand, play with his fingers, throw her legs over him and she would often grab him and start to kiss him deeply until Bruno stopped her. I wanted that to be me. On some level I think she knew I was watching and I think she was doing it on purpose. I felt like slapping her because Bruno looked genuinely uncomfortable.

I get up to go outside for another cigarette; Bruno asks “Are you going for a smoke?” I reply with a single “No” even though I am, I just need some time to myself. I need to clear my head and stop thinking about him. When I go back in Phred says “Hey Lex, pool party at yours tonight?” I reply “Even if I said no, you’d still all show up right?” They all reply in unison again “Yes”. Damn them. But a party sounds amazing right now. I feel obliged to invite them; I don’t mind if they come, in fact, I want Bruno to come the most. It’s just Emma that I don’t want their. “Are you four gonna come too?” Bruno, Phil and Ari all agree until Emma interrupts “Babe, you can’t go, think about your voice. I don’t think it’s a good idea to go, no offence Lex, but you understand” Fuck you, if Bruno wants to come then let him! How bossy. “Of course I understand, but I still think its Bruno’s decision” Come on Bruno, take my side, I know there’s a slim chance that he will, but still. Bruno turns to Emma and says “we’ll talk about it later, ok?” He goes in for a kiss but she completely disregards it. I could just strangle her “And no one mentions this to Jacques either, I don’t want that pervert coming, he didn’t even bother to turn up today. Idiot”. Bruno spends the rest of the day next to me working on this new song and Emma just sits texting on her phone, not showing any interest in what he’s doing. About an hour later I see Emma go over to where Bruno is in the corner of the room. I can just about make out what they’re saying. “Bruno, I forbid you to go to that party tonight, I don’t trust that girl” What a bitch, but it’s true, I wouldn’t trust me either. “Em, nothing is going on between us, and I’m going tonight” YES! She leans in close and pushes her hips up against him “Babe, if you go, I’ll never forgive you” She kisses his lips and continues. “If you love me then you won’t go” Bitch. I see her hand start to play with his buttons and she slowly moves it down to his…… I gasp. Loud. Bruno notices and pushes her off him. She turned him on, I can see. How I wish it was me who did that to him. Enough is enough and I say my goodbyes and tell everyone I’ll see them later. Except Bruno, I’ll have to wait to see him tomorrow. The car ride home makes me feel better, I put the top down and just go, I’ve always enjoyed driving and I like to drive fast.

When I get home all the lights are on and the music is blaring. My house isn’t empty as per usual, it’s actually never empty, there’s always someone there which I don’t mind. My girls mean the world to me. I walk in and it’s empty. They must be outside in the pool, I make my way outside and sure enough I see four girls in their bikini’s doing tequila shots already drunk. “Lex!!” I’m really getting sick of people doing that. I tell them I’m just gonna take a shower before I join them. There’s something therapeutic about taking showers I find, it always helps me to relax and forget about what happened in the day. Sarah runs up and hands me a shot. I feel much better after I do one. After unwinding in the shower I put my bikini on and hear that the guys have already arrived. My heart sinks at the thought that Bruno won’t be coming tonight. But I put a smile on and make my way down regardless. When I get outside I see all the guys in the pool, Ari and Phil are here too which makes me happy, they’re nice guys. “Lex your house is amazing!” shouts Phil over the music “My house is ok” I say with a smile, everyone loves my house.  “No, seriously Lex, it’s like a motherfucking mansion! You must be loaded” Ari says. “She really is loaded! Nothing but the best for our Lex” I choose to ignore Ray’s comment. I go over to where the girls are and start pounding down the tequila shots and anything else we can get out hands on. Slightly drunk, I say “Phred! I bet you $40 you can’t down 5 shots before me!” “You’re on!! What’s in them” “No fucking idea! On the count of three, one, two, THREE! I win. But I’m still not completely drunk yet. It takes allot for me to get drunk.

The night goes on and we spend the whole night drinking and dancing. I see Phil on his phone and it sounds like he’s giving someone directions to my house, maybe it’s his girlfriend he’s inviting round, I hear she’s nice. I wonder if she’s nicer than Emma. “Hey Mid! Another $40 to you if you can down 5 shots faster than me!!” “Bitch please! You’re on!” I win again and made an easy $80 within the space of two hours. “And the champion is undefeated! Who’s next!?” Jessie yells. “I’ll have a go” That voice. I’m pretty sure I’m drunk by now. I look up and see Bruno staring at me with a huge smile on his face.


Chapter 5 

“Ok Bruno, Lexii, first person to down 3 shots of patron wins. And seen as it looks like Lex is pretty hammered already, Bruno you should win this one” Phred says. I line my three shots up in front of me, Bruno does the same and we just stare at each other intensely. How I just want to jump on him and kiss him and tell him how I feel. The alcohol in my system is already making me feel loose. In the back of my mind I hear everyone chanting back from three. I snap back. “THREE, TWO……ONE!!” I down the shots as fast as I can; man I hate the taste of Patron, when I look up Bruno’s already finished. DAMN! Everyone cheers for Bruno and he does a little dance. What a fool he is, what a sexy, sweet, good looking, handsome, smelling good, mouth watering guy. The alcohol is getting to me. Mid pulls me to the side and I try with all my might to listen but I can’t even stand up anymore. Someone is supporting me but I have no idea who it is, I think it’s Phred. It’s defiantly Phred; he just whacked me with his dread lock. She takes me inside and sits me down on the sofa away from Bruno. That bitch. She sits with me for a good half hour giving me plenty of water and trying to sober me up. “Lex, I don’t want you to make a fool of yourself tonight, at least you look more sobered up now” “Yeah I feel more in control of what I’m doing now, thank you sweetie” and I genuinely do feel better. “You’re welcome, now you go out there and you steal him away! Or at least have sex with him to get back at his mean sick girlfriend” “If I have sex with him, which I’m not! I wouldn’t be doing it to get back at his girlfriend. He doesn’t even like me anyway so stop encouraging me” “Oh jeeez Lex, are you fucking blind!? What the fuck is wrong with you?” “He doesn’t like me so stop it!” “Lex, you obviously didn’t see what I saw when you and Bruno came back inside from the rain did you?” “What? You mean when Emma was groping Bruno and turned him on? Yeah. I saw that” “You’re such a fucking idiot! She didn’t do that to him! YOU DID!” “The fuck Mid!?” “When Bruno came back inside, he was using his checked shirt to cover himself. THERE. When I looked closer, he was hard. Very VERY hard.” The thought of that made me smile “really? You think I did that to him?” “YES! And I bet you another $80 that he’s hard now too, especially with the way that you’re walking around in this tiny bikini of yours” “I really do love you Mid” and I mean that “Whatever bitch, now go!”

When I get outside I see Bruno and he’s drunk. FUCK YES! I scream in my mind. Drunk Bruno, even thinking about it turns me on, but I keep my cool. I go and sit by the pool and dip my feet in. Like I hoped, Bruno comes and sits next to me and dips his feet in too. “Greeeat party Lex!! Your house is just awesome; I’ve never seen anything like it before. And this song, this song is my favourite, it’s like you knew”. He just starts to ramble on and on which is so hilarious. After a while of talking about nothingness I finally decide to ask “Your girlfriend let you come tonight then?” he starts to hesitate and runs his fingers through his hair, takes a deep breath and says “She doesn’t know I’m here, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her” “you must have had a good reason to have come then” I say in almost a whisper. He mumbles “I did” but I heard it. Before I have a chance to say anything else Bruno stands and just when I think he’s about to leave. He removes his shirt in slow motion. I see his beautiful sculpted god like chest. The way the moonlight is glistening over his body is just mesmerising. I have the urge to touch him. I just want to place my hands on him starting from his beautiful neck, running my hands down his pecks, over his defined abs and continuing further down. But then I realise that I’m still slightly drunk so I refrain from making a fool of myself. I realise I’m staring so I look away and he jumps in and completely soaks me! When he resurfaces he says “Join me for a swim?” “I’m afraid that if I get in I won’t be able to hold myself above water, that patron really did it for me” and also at the fact that my bikini isn’t the most securest thing in the world. “I’ll keep you safe, now come on” Next thing I know, Bruno grabs me by my legs and pulls me in! I cling to him out of the shock “You jerk!!” But he didn’t hear that over his loud laughter. I wonder if Midey’s theory is right, while he’s still laughing I look down at him. Oh my, he’s definately hard, I wonder if I “What are you so quiet?” Oh shit, was I really staring at it for that long? “Nothing” I say with a sly smile “Wow, you really must be drunk” He swims off with me still clinging to him, he hasn’t objected, so I haven’t let go.

After a good half hour of playing with Bruno in the pool, he gets out to go and answer his phone so I go over and talk to Mid. “Now Lex, don’t tell me that you haven’t noticed what I can clearly see!” “Stop looking their!! And maybe I have…” “Told you bitch!” “At least I’m not sex crazed like you” “And so wha-“In mid sentence Phred puts his head through Mid’s legs so she’s now sitting on his shoulders. Whilst I’m in hysterics while Mid is screaming the next thing I know, I’m on someone’s shoulders. I look down and I see black curly hair. Oh my God it’s Bruno!!! I start smiling and laughing like mad. I can’t believe he just did that! This is so fucking sexy. As if being wet from the pool wasn’t enough. His hands are on my thighs and it feels so good, is it me or is he stroking them, I don’t care; at least he’s touching me. Whilst on top of their shoulders me and Mid start to play fight, I realise I haven’t been this happy in a while, how can this be possible? I don’t even know him and instantly my life is getting better. But is he as genuine as he seems?


Chapter 6

After almost everyone has passed out from the alcohol and exhaustion, me and Bruno sit outside on the grass talking, I don’t know how long we’ve been here for, but the sun is starting to rise, have we really been talking all night? Bruno tells me what it’s like growing up in Hawaii, his family including his sisters and brother, how much of a terrible cook he is, who his musical influences are and more about his struggle to make it. I just watch and listen to him, I could watch him for hours, and it’s weird to think I met him less than 24 hours ago but something just feels right. He finally asks me a question, I hate talking about myself. “So you know about mine, tell me about your childhood Lexii” “Nothing special, I grew up with my mom, never really knew my father but I never felt like I needed him in my life and neither did my mom” “what’s your mom like?” “She’s amazing, she’s such an independent strong women, but she’s never acted in the typical mom way, she acts more like my best friend and in allot of ways she is, she had me young but she’s never said she regretted having me” was I really telling him this much? I’ve never gone in to this much detail to anyone, I feel like I can tell Bruno anything and he’s just listen. I need someone like him in my life. Unfortunately he then asks “What was your dad like?” I despise, no I thoroughly hated that man. “My father was abusive to both me and my mom, we never did anything to him, yet he felt the need to take his anger out on us. This went on until I was six; because my mom was young too she couldn’t leave. One day my mom finally gathered enough strength to leave him. We never told him where we went. I haven’t heard from him since” I haven’t thought about this in forever, sometimes I have flashbacks to when he used to abuse us. I don’t understand how one man could be so cruel to his only child. I try to hold back the tears and Bruno notices, instantly he puts his arm around me. We sit there in silence while he comforts me; it’s not an awkward silence. He leans his head on mine and starts to hum that tune we both were playing in the studio earlier. It really is a beautiful tune. “I’m fine now, thank you” I say and give him a proper hug, I don’t want to let go and I feel like he could hug me for longer to, but I let go. He looks in to my eyes and replies “You’re welcome” we stare in to each other’s eyes before he says “your eyes really are beautiful, the most beautiful shade of brown I’ve ever seen” My heart stops, did he really just say that to me? It’s not true; HE has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. “Your eyes are beautiful too, kinda bug eyed, but I like them” I say and he rolls back laughing pulling me with him. I lay on top of him and decide to ask “So how long have you been with Emma then?” “You know she doesn’t like the name Emma” “I know, now don’t dodge questions” He smiles and says “Two years” my heart sinks, it must be serious. I get up off him, this is wrong, even drunk I know that doing this is wrong. “It’s not serious though” “But two years, Bruno, that’s a long time” “I know, but like I said, it’s not serious” This lack of sleep is starting to get to me, I feel like I could just pass out here. “Lex, you do realise it’s started to rain right?” I look up and a droplet of rain falls on my face, I really needed to get some sleep. Bruno helps me up and we run back inside before we get completely soaked. Bruno says “You need to stop getting to wet around me” I smile and reply “I was gonna say the same thing to you” Before I know it, we make our way over to the couch and I fall asleep in Bruno’s arms. Where I belong.

Even though I slept on the couch that was one of the best sleeps of my life. I wake up to realise that I fell asleep in Bruno’s arms. I feel like I could lie here forever minus this damn hangover. It takes me a while to realise where Bruno’s right hand is placed. It’s draping directly over my left breast. I hardly mind, although it does make me laugh, in fact I laugh so much that I wake Bruno up “What in the world are you laughing at *He cups my breast before he realises* OH SHIT! Sorry Lexi!!!” Whilst i’m in hysterics I manage to reply with “It’s fine!” He just smiles, puts his head back and falls back asleep. I need to take something for my splitting headache, and I wonder where everyone else crashed. I get up to find Phred in the chair opposite us, Ray on the floor and I bet any money that all the girls are in my bed and Phil and Ari are probably in a bed upstairs too. After I take my aspirin and Yasmin (contraceptive) tablets, I decide to take a shower and freshen up. Like I said, I see all the girls asleep on my bed but I creep in to the shower. When I get out, no one is in my room and I smell pancakes.