Chapter 4

19/04/2011 21:21

‘What do you mean it’s over?’

‘Over means that i’m breaking up with you.Now,get your ass off my house!’

‘No!’ Edward holds my hand. ‘You can’t leave me.I said I was sorry.Why you want to break up with me?’

I started to cry again.


I pushed him. ‘Why?’ .Suddenly everything spill out. ‘You know how much I had suffered these past years?And when you just started to make everything okay,you left me.You fucking left me!do you know how hard’s that for me,Ed?Have you ever thought about my feelings?Then you’re cheating behind my back...

‘We’ve already talk about that’.

‘Yeah we did, but do you think I’m okay with that??Huh?’ I punched him real hard.

Edward froze.His eyes were glaring at me.

‘Are you breaking up with me because of this celebrity guy?’

‘He’s name is not ‘celebrity guy’,Edward’.

‘Fine.Whatever name he is,is he the reason why you want to break up with me?’

Seriously?He’s putting all the blames on other people?

‘Edward,just leave.Just go,okay?’

Before he walked out from my room,he turned to me.

‘You know?You can tell me everything,Cat.Before this we were okay.Remember,you just met him yesterday while we’ve been friends since primary school’.

‘Just go’.

That night,I just sat in front of the tv with granny watching some useless drama.I ditched the dinner and Edward keep on calling me.

‘Damn,can’t he just stop?’

‘He wants to talk to you,probably’.

‘Well,i know i don’t’.We’re not together anymore.Why is he even bother?’

I went into my room and laid on my bed.I can’t sleep but i need to clear my mind a bit.I want to call him but i don’t have his number.Dummy!



‘Hey Lisa’.

‘God!I haven’t talk to you in days....

‘It’s only been a day,Lisa’.

She laughed. ‘I know.So,how are you?’

‘Good.A lot of things had happened today’


‘Okay,you want the good news or the bad one?’


So,I told her everything.From the moment where Edward brought me breakfast to me making out with Bruno in the car to me and Edward breaking up.There were ‘OMG’ everywhere.

‘OMG!I can’t believe that u didn’t even bother to call and tell me all this!’.

‘Sorry..I know I should have call you but I just can’t think.My mind’s just all over the place’.

‘Girl,Edward’s a jerk,I know but you two have known each other for a long time’.

‘I know i know....

‘But and Bruno?????????Oh-my-gosh!!!!!!’

I laughed a little.Lisa is such a drama queen.

‘I know,right?It’s crazy’.

‘So,you’re a single girl now?’


‘What’s hmmmmmm?????

‘Haha.I have to go to bed now.I’m working tomorrow,remember?’

She shrugged. ‘Damn! It’s Monday already?’

‘Yep.Lucky you don’t have to work’.

‘not so lucky!you know that I keep ditching class and damn,If my dad finds out,I’m dead!’

‘Then don’t ditch’.

‘and If I got expelled,guess my dad will throw me out and ask me to get a job or something’.

‘A job?Girl,you never work even for a day in your sooo perfect life’.


I chuckled. ‘Okay,have to go now.thanks for cheering me up.You’re the best’.

‘Don’t tell me i’m the best coz I know i’m the best’.


I can’t sleep that night.I keep on thinking about what Lisa and Edward said to me.Yes.I’ve known Edward for years while I just met  Bruno yesterday.Just because he has an amazing smile and sooooooooooo hot doesn’t mean that i can trust him.He knows nothing about me neither do I.

I woke up the next day and went downstairs and saw granny was preparing breakfast.

‘Morning granny’.

‘Morning sweetie.Why didn’t you take your shower?’

‘I want to eat first.I’m so hungry I don’t know why’.

After breakfast,I rushed to my room and took my shower.I put on my uniform and grabbed my bag,headed to the door.

‘Granny,i’m leaving’.

‘Hey Cat!’

‘Lisa?What are you doing here?’

Lisa was sitting on the couch eating pancakes.What is she doing here?

‘Hey,I’m heading out so wonder if you need a ride to work’.


In the car.....

‘So,where are you going?’

‘I’m meeting Adam.He said he wanted to tell me something’.

 ‘So,you’re ditching again,today?’

She just gave me a sly look.

‘So,here it is’.

‘Thanks for the ride, Lisa’.

‘Sure. No biggie’.

I’ve already worked at Jenny’s Cupcakes for 6 months now. It’s hard when you don’t have enough money to get you to college so you have to work for a living. My dad does send money every month but, I just can’t accept it. He has his own family now and I definitely want nothing to do with it.

‘Morning Tess’.

‘Hey Cat.You’re early’.

‘Me?You’re earlier’.

Tess is my co-worker.She’s pretty wild and crazy but she’a a good friend.

‘So,what do you do on the weekends?’


‘Edward’s back,right?


‘So???How’s it like?’ She wants story.I know it. Well, I’ll give her then.


She looked at me. ‘What’s wrong?’

‘We broke up.Well,I broke up with him’.

‘You did????????Omg!What happened?’

‘Well’.I cleared my throat. ‘I’m sick of him tying to find faults with me.And,i still can’t get over about the cheating thing’.

‘This has nothing to do with a new guy,right?’

OMG!Is it too obvious?

‘No, Of-course not’.

‘Anyway,guess who I met yesterday?’


‘Bruno Mars!!!!!!!’ she screamed.

I froze. ‘You met him?’

‘Yeah.He came in here.With a girl’.

‘What girl?’

‘I don’t know.Maybe his girlfriend or something.

I froze.I can’t believe this. Why am I so stupid?

‘What’s wrong,Cat?’

‘I.......I just saw him yesterday too’.


I told her everything.

‘Man!You made out with him?’

‘Guilty’.I sighed.

‘Look,i don’t know if that girl was his girl or not,okay?Maybe a friend.We don’t know’.

‘I guess he mad at me coz of Edward yesterday.Damn,I’m soooo stupid!’

‘You’re not stupid,okay?don’t say that’.

Now it made me feel guilty about this whole Edward thing.Maybe he’s right.I shouldn’t have break up with him.No no no.He’s a jerk.He deserves that.But,he’s my best friend.I can’t stay mad at him.I should do something.

As I was cleaning up the table,someone approached me.

‘Need a help,lady?’

I looked at him.He was wearing a white t-shirt and hide those curls  under his snowcap.

‘What are you doing here?’

‘To see you.I went to your house and granny told me that you work here’.


‘I don’t know that you work’.

I smiled. ‘Grannny can’t work,you know?’

‘haha.Yeah yeah.So,are u okay?’

‘What do u mean?’

 ‘I heard that that you and Edward broke up’.


‘Yeah.We did’.

‘Are u alright?’ He holds my hand.I looked at his face.So pure so innocent.

‘I’m good.Why are u here,again?’

‘Well,I’ll be on Ellen show tonight with the band so,just wanted to let you know’

‘That’s cool’.

‘Yeah.So,guess i see you later’.He walked out.

‘Bruno,wait!!’ I ran after him.

He turned and looked at me.

‘I’m sorry.Just, I have a lot of things in my mind right now’.

He just smiled. ‘Yeah.I get it’.

I wanted to ask him about the girl but......maybe not now.

‘I promise I’ll see your show tonight’.

‘I know you will’.He gave a big hug and kissed me on the cheek.

I turned back and saw eyes were looking at me.One of them was Tess.

‘God!!!!What happens next,girl?’

I shook my head. ‘Nothing is ever going to happen,okay?’

‘Girl,he came just to see you.Doesn’t that mean something?’

Mean something?I don't know.What if i'm just another girl who got under his spell?