Chapter 4

23/04/2011 16:28

My eyes slowly parted then fluttered open. I squinted from the morning like hitting my face from the window. I remembered that happened last night and smiled to myself. I stretched a little and turned over expecting to see Bruno still sleepy but he wasn't there. That took a little of my happiness away from in his place I found a small note. I picked it up and read it.


To: Prefect

From: Brunito Mars

           Well G'morning mornin' sleepy head. Sorry I wasn't there to tell you in person. I had some business to take care of that I forgot about last night. Anyways, after you read this call me okay? :)

With love, Super Man.


The letter really put a smile on my face. I love how he signed it "With love, Super Man". I thought that was pretty cute. I set the piece of paper back down and yawned then got up. I took my shower, did my make up, fixed up my hair, brushed my teeth, and put on a nice outfit then called Bruno.


Bruno: Hello?

Me: Hey there.

Bruno: Hey sleepin' Beauty. Get the note?

Me: Yeah. It really made me smile. I liked how you signed off with Super Man.

Bruno: -laughs a little- I figured you would. So what are you doing today?

Me: As far as I'm concerned...nothing.

Bruno: Oh. Wanna just kick it with me today at home?

Me: Sure. I haven't been to your place yet.

Bruno: Well it ain't as cool as your place.

Me: I don't care about that.

Bruno: Well alright then. When do you think you can come?

Me: Uh, I guess in about 30 minutes.

Bruno: Okay that's good.

Me: Okay then. Bye Bruno.

Bruno: See ya later.


I got off the phone with Bruno and put some flats on then looked around for my car keys. I found them downstairs in the kitchen. How they got there...I'll never know. Well I walked out to my car and got in. I drove down my drive way and off to Bruno's I went. I was wondering if any of his friends were going to be there. It took me about 20 minutes to get to his place. Bruno was outside sitting on the front steps waiting on me. I smiles, got out the car, walked up to him, and gave him a hug. I showed me inside his home. I thought it was really nice. I liked the way it looks. I thought it fitted Bruno. I gave me a little tour of the bottom floor then took me to the top half and showed me to his room. It was a little messy. There were some shirts out along with hats, shoes, and pants. I let a laugh escape from me when I say a pair of his boxers on the ground. Bruno blushed and turned a reddish color on his cheeks then picked up the boxers and put them in his clothes hamper. I walked over to his dresser to look in the mirror over it and when I looked down I seen a picture of me. I picked it up and looked at it. I turned around and asked why he had it.


Bruno: Like I said before, I’m a fan. Would you mind givin' me your autograph? -smiles-

Me: What do you need my autograph for?

Bruno: So I can sell it on eBay. -laughes- Nah, I’m playin' with ya.


I set the picture back down and laughed. I wanted to see how his bed felt so I sat down. It was very soft. Bruno sat beside me.


Me: Thank you inviting me over.

Bruno: No problem. I wanted you to come.

Me: I like it here. It’s nice. You should invite me over more often.

Bruno: -smiles- I can do that. But Phil is here most of the time. I'd just rather have you and me here alone.

Me: Why?

Bruno: I like being alone with you. Just having that 1 on 1 time.

Me: Oh, I see. Bruno?

Bruno: Yeah?

Me: Mind if I ask you a question?

Bruno: Nah. Go for it.

Me: What do you look for in a girl?

Bruno: Personality. I'm a fan of just havin' that rhythm you know goin' back and forth with each other. Also brains, smart, beauty, and a big 'ol booty! -laughs-

Me: -laughs with him- Nice answer.

Bruno: What do you look for in a guy?

Me: Same as you. Personality. Plus I like a funny guy.

Bruno: Do you think I'm funny?

Me: Yeah! You always make me laugh. 

Bruno: Oooh so that means you like me?

Me: -smiles- I never said that. Don't get your hopes up kid.

Bruno: -smirks- I know you do.

Me: Oh yeah? How's that?

Bruno: I can just tell. It's a gift I have.

Me: Psh, whatever. You're crazy sometimes.

Bruno: Tell me somethin' I don't know.


I smiled and just looked at him. Both of our eyes seemed to lock together. I looked into his and he looked into mine. Slowly we leaned forward and closed out eyes. Our lips met. It felt like sparks were flying off into the air. There was just this connection that I've never had with any other guy. I could feel Bruno's hand take mine. The kiss became a little more passionate as I felt his tongue go past my lips. We moved closer together. While still kissing I laid back as he moved on top. Gently he pressed his body against mine. I allowed his hand to explore my body. It traveled up my shirt to my bra. Just then, Phil walked in. I jumped when I seen him and Bruno turned around quickly. Phil's eyes widened and he was at a lost for words. Bruno quickly yelled "Get out man!" Phil quickly walked backwards out the room without say a word. This was just too embarrassing. I was bright red. Almost the color of a tomato. I got up. I had to go home now. Bruno begged for me to stay but I couldn't. It was awkward. He walked me outside to my car.


Bruno: Oh come on. It wasn't that bad.

Me: I just can't stay. I'm too embarrassed.

Bruno: Aw man. I wanted to...I thought we were gonna...-sigh-

Me: I know, I know. Maybe another time.

Bruno: Wait, this does mean you're my girlfriend now right?

Me: -smiles- If you want me to be...

Bruno: Uh, duuuh.


I kissed him goodbye and got in my car. I was a little upset with Phil. He couldn't have picked a worse time to pop up. It seems like this always happens. Just when I and Bruno are about to make a break through in our relationship...something happens to mess it up.