Chapter 15-19

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Chapter 15: New Arrival!!!

Next thing I know his whole family came walking through the door and I became paralyzed. bruno could sense it and told me to relax when his brother whom I remembered from the picture came and gave bruno a hug


Bruno: "hey bro umm this is my lovely girfriend karri...karri eric....eric karri"


Eric: came to me with open arms: "hello karri, so how did you become the twin maker?"


Bruno: shrugged his shoulders "I don't have thee slightest idea. lets ask pops"


Eric: turned to his mom and dad "yall come over"


Bruno's mom: walking over "hello" she said with a smile "I was wondering when somebody was gonna invite me over to meet this lovely young lady, hi I'm bruno's mom bernadette but everyone calls me bernie"


Bruno's dad: "and I'm his father peter it's really nice to meet you"


Karri: smiling but nervous "It's nice to meet you both. I can see where bruno gets his boyish good looks from"


Bruno: popped his collar "well you know I was the lucky one the rest of them I don't know what happened" he jokingly said


It is now 5:30pm and the nurse comes in with an IV bag of pitocin (they use it to induce your labor) and hooked it up to me. after about an ten and a half


Karri: breathing heavy and moaning "Oh Godddddddd!!!! I can't do this" gripping the bed rails


Bruno: feeding her some ice "yes you can baby it'll be ok"


Karri: crying "you don't know if it's gonna be ok I'm so scared" yelled "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"


Bernie: wiping the sweat from her forehead "just calm down sweety and just breathe deeply but slow ok just breathe sweetie"


Karri: "ok ok. OH!! felt a hard contraction "jeez that hurt" grabbing bruno's shirt


finally the the doctor comes in and check to see how far along she has come along and luckily she's all the way dilated so it was time to have some babies. after they prepared everything it was time to push


the doctor: positioning his hands like he about to play football " ok karri push"


Karri: pushing "ok"


the nurse: holdong her legs back "ok now breathe"


the doctor: "you're doing great karri"


the nurse: "ok now push"


Karri: yelling "OMG!!! why does it feel like freddie kruger is playing with my butt whole? Oh that burns"


the doctor: "hear comes the head and wow he has a lot of hair" carefully pulling him out


the nurse: "ok karri one more push and baby #1 will be out"


Bruno: cheesing hard "he's almost here you can do it baby"


Karri: looking at bruno and grabbed his shirt with both of her hands and yelled "YOU DID THIS TO ME YOU BASTARD YOU DI...." yelling "Ohhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!"


Bruno: struggling to talk because she was slightly choking him with his shirt "I...can't...breathe" eyes turning red trying to gasp for air




the doctor: "heyyy baby boy one" clamping the umbilical cord "would you like to cut the cord" handing bruno the scissors


Bruno: smiling "yeah"


Karri: "oh no no no he don't even comb his hair let alone he don't have any grooming skills, you better not do anything wrong bruno"


Bruno: about to cut "stop your whining woman" cutting the cord


the doctor: "ok" handing the baby over to the nurse so that she could clean him up "ok karri the next contraction we are gonna get this other baby out of there"


Karri: "ok"


while the nurse had the other baby bruno stepped over there for a hot second because the baby was screaming hella loud and so when bruno put his finger in the baby hand the baby stared at him and stopped crying, Awwwww!!! :') It is now time for baby number two


the nurse: "ok there is the contraction you ready karri?"


Karri: "yes, lets get this over with I'm exhausted"


the doctor: "ok push"


karri pushed about 3 times with this one because he came out rather quicker than the other. so karri thought to herself about each one of them she thought "so the first one was very slow coming out that means he's gonna be stubborn like me and the second one is going to be hyper like his father" oh jesus we got a hand full. so after evrything was over I told bruno and his family to spend time with the babies I have already held them and I wanted to got to sleep.


Bernie: "Aww peter they are beautiful"


Bruno: turning red looking at karri "thanks mum"


Bernie: "why the red face?"


Bruno: "It's because I never told her my real name"


Peter: "why not" looking at the babies then at him


Bruno: "I don't know" caressing the baby face with his thumb


Eric: playfully punched bruno in the arm but soft "I'm so proud of you bro"


Bruno: " thanks bro"


Peter: "yes son I'm proud of you too welcome to fatherhood so good luck cause you gone need it" he laughed


Bruno: worried look "why you say that dad?"


Peter: "you're raising two babies at one time that's gonna be a challenge but you're are a strong boy you can handle it"


phil and alyssa walk in


Alyssa: "omg!! bruno they're so cute"


phil: "yeah man they are very handsome. have you named them yet?"


Bruno: "naw we haven't gotten to that yet. oh dad and mom this Alyssa, alyssa my dad peter and my mom bernie"


Alyssa: "hello nice to meet you" holding baby #1


Phil: holding baby #2 "So how does it feel? you're a fajha now"


Everybody: laughing except phil


Phil: "what?"


Bruno: "you stupid dog but you my boy"


After everybody stop doing their drooling over the babies bruno invited his family over to stay at our house for the night of course he asked me first to make sure it was ok while I was in the hospital. Oh I know you're wondering how much they weighed well baby #1 was 5lbs 9oz and baby #2 was 4lbs 8oz we haven't came up with the names yet but we will. it's now three days later and me and the babies get to come home, but as soon as we were about to leave I end up getting sick and the doctors said that I would have to stay behind because I have an infection in my blood, damn man If it aint one thing it's another luckily bruno won't have to take care of the babies alone because his family decided to stay until I come home and then he has Phil and alyssa so he's good. I've been in the hospital for two weeks and I was so missing my babies and oh we finally came up with the names for them Jayden & Jaylen (hope you like it hoolies) we also was in for a surprise because over the two weeks since I've been in the hospital the babies started to fill out there features and we found out that they are identical, Woah!!! I'm finally home and I was so happy to see my babies and my big baby lol!! he wouldn't let me do anything I guess cause he had everything under control


Karri: "Baby you're so amazing taking care of the boys while I was gone" holding jayden


which is the stubborn one he just won't let you get away with nothing he has to have everything right now and then I look at jaylen who is in bruno's arms who is always moving and can't be still just like his daddy. I sit there and laugh at bruno trying to handle him so I asked him to switch with me and to our surprise jaylon is way more calmer with me then he is with him and jayden feels better with bruno so now we no, but yet sometimes we still get them mixed up because they look exactly alike. they both have bruno's hair, big eyes, his nose, and small lips, but they have my ears and bruno this man has some strong genes because he took over every feature lol.


Bruno: smiling and playing with jaydens finger " yeah I try they weren't that bad....well jayden atleast jaylen on the other hand is a hand full" he laughed


Karri: "well I will handle jaylen he seems to be a little more calmer with me" tapped his nose "Omg!! baby he just smiled"


Bruno: "yeah just saw that"


Karri: "he has your smile....damn they're just you all the way I don't come in nowhere"


Bruno: "maybe not now but I bet when they get older you are gonna come out some where you'll see"


Karri: *sighed* "we'll see"


Bruno: "you know what's strange?"


Karri: rocking jaylon to sleep "what?"


Bruno: "I haven't seen or met your family yet and you never called them to come see the babies, why?"


just when I was about to say something the doorbell rings


Karri: "you'll get that baby"


Bruno: put jayden in the bassinet "sure"


bruno went to the door and opened it to a women he didn't recognize


Bruno: "Hello and you are"


Lady: "I'm................



Chapter 16: How Dare You!!!


Lady: "Im Milani karri's mother is she here?"


Bruno: staring her up and down "yeah she's in the living room"


They heard one of the babies crying


Milani: "Am I hearing a baby?"


Bruno: "yes we just had twins"


Milani: "Twi......."


Karri: holding jayden "Baby who's at the doo....." shocked "why are you here? bruno closed the door now I don't want her here"


Bruno: confused "but why she jus.........."


Karri: upset "now bruno I want you to leave now milani you're not welcome here"


Milani: begging her to let her explain "please karri I know you're upset with me an......."


Karri: angry " upset? pshh!! I'm furious milani I mean you figure you could walk up in here like I am supposed to forgive you for what you did to me Aha! I don't think so and no need to say sorry because and you both know that's your middle name so take your sorry and get to steppin" walking away


Milani: crying "I don't understand"


Bruno: "I'm sorry I will try to talk to her so that she can atleast hear your side of the story but after that you're on your own"


Milani: "thank you...."


Bruno: "oh I'm bruno karri's boyfriend and the father of those handsome twins in there"


Milani: smiled "I'm a grandma and my baby girl is a mother now" she smiled at the thought


Bruno: "yeah well I have to get going and it was nice to meet you milani hopefully be able to get to know you better than this"


Milani: "yeah it was nice meeting you too bye"


Bruno: closing the door "bye" walking in to the living room to a crying karri


she had put the boys in their individual bassinets and was crying while bruno comforted her


Karri: how dare her to just come here unannounced?"


Bruno: rubbing her back "what exaclty happened that makes you hate her that much?"


Karri: sat up "I don't want to talk about it. lets take them to their room"


Bruno: "okay, but karri I'm here whenever you want to talk"


Karri: kissed him " I know. I love you"


Bruno: "I love you too"


It's been three weeks since karri seen her mom and at that point she had forgotten about it. bruno and karri decide to take jayden & jaylen for a walk when they walked pass the rehab and saw milani sitting on a bench inside the gate at the rehab she looked so lost and sick


Bruno: "she's in a rehab?"


Karri: had her head down "yeah lets just go it's what's best for her"


Bruno: "No"


Karri: got mad "No, what do you mean no? I'm ready to leave"


Bruno: grabbed her hands gently into his "Baby I know you hate her for whatever it is she has done to you but from the looks of it she just might need you now"


Karri: frowned "need me? need me? what about when I needed her? she's the one that left me in the house all by myself for hours at the age of 4 just so that she could get a hit and damn there sold me out for a hit until my sister came along and took me away from her and you expect me to just go falling into her arms and forgive her I just can't do that right now bruno" crying "just please understand I can't do it right now"


Bruno: pulled her close and kissed her forehead "I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you. lets just go enjoy our day ok? how bout we go eat your favorite maybe that will cheer you up"


Karri: smiled "Mochi Ice cream"


Bruno: giggled "yes mochi ice cream"


Karri: kissed him "you always new how to cheer me up"


Bruno: "I can do a whole lot more than just cheering you up" squeeze her butt and bit his lip


Karri: nervously looking around "Bruno not here people are staring at us"


Bruno: pulled her close holding her butt with both hands "So!!" he passionately kissed her


a kiss like that karri didn't fight it lol!! so they finally made it to the chinese restaurant and got some mochi ice cream


Karri: "man this is awesome I love this stuff"


Bruno: smiling and staring at her


karri: noticed him staring "what?"


Bruno: have I told you how beautiful look today well you look beautiful everyday but have I told you today?"


Karri: chuckled "yes you have"


Bruno: " that outfit got me thinking sexually about you"


Karri: almost choking on her soda "are you serious?" 


Bruno: bit his lip "MmHmm" licked his lips


this is what she had on:


Karri: put her elbows on the table with her hands under her chin " Like what" in a seductive voice


Bruno: leaned over the table and whispered in her ear " I can show you better than I can tell you" placed a butterfly kiss to her ear


Karri: giggled " you're so naughty.....but I love it"


Bruno: "how much do you love it?" raised his eyebrow


Karri: leaned in "this much" and kissed him with tongue 


but not for long because the boys started crying


Bruno: getting jayden or was it jaylen " uh baby which one is which? I can't tell when they are both being still" confused


Karri: laughing " let me show you" she picked up one of the boys and it turned out to be jayden the stubborn one "here this is jayden"


Bruno: "How do you do that I'm still having trouble telling them apart"


Karri: " well jayden tends to scream a little louder than jaylen and jaylen is the busy body when you pick him up see watch"


she picked up jaylen and he started moving around kicking his little legs and feet mind you that they are only a month old


Karri: giggled " see this is jaylen" bouncing him in her arms a little to quiet him down " jayden is hungry"


Bruno: "but he just ate 2hrs ago"


Karri: laughed " and you also have to remember that he was the biggest baby bigger apetite and he's the oldest"


Bruno: reaching for his pre-made bottle " dang lil dude you can eat" put the bottle in his mouth


Karri: " yeah he can" changing jaylen "there you go all clean" putting him back in the car seat


Bruno: finished burping jayden " you ready?" kissed jayden and put him back in his car seat


Karri: "yeah lets go home the boys are geting a little anti"


We finally made it home and me andbruno washed them up and put them on there nighties: (Jayden in black and Jaylen in the blue)  






After we finished we both went into the room and I plopped down on the bed


Karri: "man I'm pooped"


Bruno: taking her shoes off "yeah it has been a long day" massaging her feet


Karri: moaned "damn that right now"


Bruno: giggled "you was in need of one"


Karri: layed back "Shh!! don't talk I'm having a moment" 


Bruno just smiled he loved it when he could make her happy but then he decided he wanted to make her even more happier


Bruno: "Baby?"


Karri: eyes closed still laying down "Hmm"


Bruno: "I think it's time we settle down and I mean settle down, settle down" 


Karri: sat up 


Bruno: put her foot down "We've been togather for a year now and then got blessed with those beautiful handsome baby boys in there I want to make it official" getting on one knee


Karri: shocked and put her hands up to her mouth "Omg!! baby"


Bruno: pulling out a white velvet ring box "Every since the day I met you I knew right then that you were the one for me and everything we have been through we have gotten through together as you can see nothing or no one can pull us apart. so I'm asking karri lenae johnson, will you marry me?" opening the box


karri: still have her hand over her mouth crying and knodded her head "yes I'll marry you" holding her left hand out 


bruno placed this ring on her finger:




I just couldn't believe that this was actually happening. I have been alone and miserable thinking that I was never gonna be happy and thought this must be a punishment from god, but I guess I was wrong I am marrying thee most wonderfulist, sexiest, greatest and father of my two beautiful little boys I couldn't be more happier. we decided to get married in 6 monthes just to give us enough time to plan and he already told me get exactly what I wanted because he wants my wedding day to be perfect. me and alyssa have been run around like chickens with their head cut off getting it together and so far I think we are doing pretty good and now we are at the bridal shop


Karri: came out of the dressing room "what about this one?" twirling around


Alyssa: stood up "that one definitely the one" 


Karri: "really not the last one or the one before that, but this one?"


Alyssa: "yes that's the one that is gorgeous bruno is going to die when he sees you"


Karri: giggled "well I don't wanna give my fiance a heart attack whil I'm walking down the isle"


Alyssa: laughed "you won't he's gonna be so happy and when you see his smile when they open the door it's like you get this feeling like nothing matters anymore and the only thing that is in that room is just you and him it's your moment not anyone elses *crying* and you look into his eyes and they tell you that they want to spend forever with you and nothing but you" wiping her tears away


karri: wiping her tears "gamnit alyssa you can't be having me crying before my wedding day" (and yes I meant gamnit it's got damn it put together for those who don't know lol!!)


Alyssa: giggled "I'm sorry I was having a moment"


Karri: "I can see that" she laughed "ok so lets get this dress and on to the next thing"


Both: "cake time"


Karri: "yeah bruno supposed to be meeting us there in 5 so gotta hurry up so help me get out of this dress"


Alyssa: "ok"


they both left the store and once they got to the bakery bruno was just pulling up


Karri: walked up to him and gave him a kiss "hey baby you ready to get a sugar rush?"


Bruno: "yes I am" getting the twins out of the back seat


Karri: " there's my little munchkins I miss you guys"


Bruno: chuckled "it's only been an hour"


Karri: "yeah but it seemed like forever"


Bruno: "come on"


they tasted about 4 different cakes until they got to one they really love:


after we were finished we went out to eat 


Bruno: so is there anything special that you've always wanted at your dream wedding?"


Karri: "yeah I always dreamed of the rascal flatts singing my favorite song for the bride and groom dance"


Bruno: "and what song is that?"


karri: ............ ( haha not gonna tell ya gotta wait until the wedding :D)


after we finished we wre walking back to the car when milani walked up to us


Karri: putting jaylen in he car "what do you want milani?" turned around and squinted her eyes


Milani: "karri please jus hear me out. please?"


karri: looked at bruno


Bruno: "just this once hear what she has to say ok baby?"


Karri: turned back around "you go 5 minutes"


Milani: "thank you"


Karri: rolled her eyes "you're waisting time milani"


Milani: "look I know you're upse with me for what I did to you in the past but it wasn't my fault you father was making me do thi....."


Karri: " no no I don't wna tto hear anymore minai"


Milani: "it's true karri I wouldn't lie to you your father was in a debt with some loan sharks and so he made me sleep around so that I could make the money he owed to them back and I was doing it for so long I turned to drugs because I was so depressed and stressed out and when I tried to sell you out for drugs I wasn't thinking straight I was high then but you know karri I would have never done that to you if Iwasn't on them you're my baby girl and I loved you and you know that *crying* I've been in rehab getting myself together and I have been clean for a year and a half now no cravings or anything I did this for you but more for myself I want to make things right again I've lost you once I don't want to lose you again I want to be apart of your life my grandbabies life I want to be there just please give me a chance and I know it's gonna take time with you but I'm willing to take it one day at a time just please karri give me another chance"


Karri: tears forming in her eyes "I don't know"


Milani: "you don't have to forgive me all in one day I know it's hard just take your time"


Karri: "ok well you you can start by" looked at bruno and the twins "getting to know my family" motioned for bruno to come stand next to her "milani this is my fiance bruno..bruno my mom milani"


Bruno: "Hi 


Milani: "hello"


Karri: opening the car door "these are your grandbabies jayden & jaylen"


Milani: smiled "omg you had twins? they are so handsome wow they are identical and they look just their father"


Karri: gigled "yeah I know. um would you like o come over to the house so that you could spend time with them grandma?"


Milani: "yeah if it's ok I'd love too"


she cot in the car with them and they drove to the house and milani had a ball with her grandkids, but then the doorbell rings again damn more trouble in the neighbor hood who could it be............ :O



Chapter 17: He's Here!!! :O


This time I answered the door and to my surprise it was my sister mariyah


Karri: excited "mariyah what are you doing here" giving her a hug


Mariyah: "I haven't seen you in a long time I needed to see you" heard the babies "do I hear babies?"


Karri: "yes you do my babies"


Mariyah: shocked "wait, WHAT? omg who done knocked up the shrew up or the question would be who was allowed to do it? he must be da bomb if you know what I mean" making her eyebrows go up and down multiple times


Karri: blushing "Mariyah!! shut up actually my fiance did"


Mariyah: "fiance?"


Bruno: put his arm around her waiste and kissed her cheek "who is this baby?"


Karri: "this is my sister Mariyah


Mariyah: "damn sis this your fiance and the babies father? ooh girl he is fine"


Bruno: blushing "thank you and it's nice to meet you mariyah. I'm gonna go back in here with the babies and milani" kissed her but a quick one


Karri: "ok baby"


Mariyah: "did he just say milani?"


Karri: sigh "yeah she's in there but please don't start anything I don't want any arguements poppin off around the babies ok?"


Mariyah: "oh it's ok me and mom settle our differences a long time ago"


Karri: "oh I'm just beginning"


Mariyah: "it'll get better in time


Karri: "I hope so. lets go in the living room so you can se your nephews"


Mariyah: "oh ok"


we walked into the living room and milani and mariyah hugged and then mariyah picked up jaylen


Mariyah: "aww they are so adorable they look like baby dolls. can I have one? lol!! I'm just kidding but karri I can't believe you done had some kids and before me"


Karri: "well things happen for a reason it was meant for me to be with this lovely man of mine"


Mariyah: "so when is the wedding?"


Karri: "actually 4 months from today"


Milani: "have you picked out a dress yet?"


Karri: "yeah and it's beautiful"


saw that milani was sad


Karri: "mom whats wrong?"


Milani: wiping her face "oh nothing I just messed up my relationship with you so badly that if it wasn't like this I would've been there helping my baby girl pick out her wedding dress for the first time"


Karri: "it's ok mom. you know what how bout we go looking for you a dress to wear to  the wedding"


Milani: "oh no I couldn't you don't have to do that sweetheart"


Karri: "I want too I figure us shopping together like old times will help rekindle our relationship"


Milani: smiled "ok"


the rest of the day went so well I actually had to tell bruno to go to bed because he was dosing off but he whined because he wanted to wait for me but I made him go. my mom and sister left about 5 minutes ago so I'm putting the boys to bed and then sraighten up the living room when I felt arms wrapping around my waiste and kiss my neck


Karri: "why aren't you sleeping"


Bruno: still kissing her neck "I can't sleep" turned her around


Karri: "why?" breathing in his air


Bruno: shrugged his shoulders "I don't know" began kissing her passionately


He layed her on the couch and took off her clothes and at that point karri didn't question him just let nature take it's course. the next morning she woke up to get ready for work and got dressed in this:


as soon as she was about to leave she heard a knock on the door


Karri: yelled "I got it" opened the door but no one was there 


she looked around but didn't see anyone so she closed the door. she gave the twins one good kiss on the cheek and then bruno and left. when she got to work alyssa was already there but she wasn't looking like herself


Karri: "hey ally are you ok? you don't look so hot"


Alyssa: holding on to the counter "I don't feel so good"


Karri: "do you have a fever? have you been to the doctor or anything I mean it could be something bad"


Alyssa: fustrated "No!! but i've been to the doctor already"


Karri: "then what is it ally? you're scaring me"


Alyssa: sat in the seat and sighed "I'm pregnant karri'


Karri: shocked "Omg!! ally that's great aww a little smeezington"


Alyssa: laughed a bit "really karri smeezington?"


Karri: "yeah now jayden & jaylen will have a little god brother"


Alyssa: "yeah. by the way how my little Brunzies doing anyway?"


Karri: giggled "Really ally Brunzies? anyway they are fine bruno still have a hard time telling his own kids apart I be feeling so bad for him but I showed him the difference between them and I think he got the hang of it now"


*Bruno P.O.V*


ok so now here I am with boys and I am about to give them a bath. first I do jayden and I took his pamper off and put him in the baby tub I washed him up and put on his clothes. and hen it was jaylen turn I took off his pamper and he literally started peeing on me I mean it got on my face then my shirt while I was trying to block it I finallly got the pamper I took off and held it to him but the messed up thing about it was that he was finished *sigh* damn. I looked at him and he looked at me and smiled 


Bruno: "why are you smiling? I don't understand" I smiled at him and he smiled that big smile back 


damn he do look just like me how can a 3 month old be so cruel but these my boys and I love them to death. I finally got him out and put his clothes on and I take them both downstairs now we are just chillin watching "the sandlot" got jayden on one side and jaylen on the other with their binkies in there mouth. while I was drinking my bottled water my phone rings and I was smiling hard when I saw who it was


Me: "Hey baby"


Karri: "hey love how ya holding up? jaylen aint being mean to you is he?"


Me: looked at jaylen whom I think knows I'm on the phone with his mother because he started pouting "no he was good I think he knows I'm talking to you he's pouting"


Karri: "Aww put the phone to his ear" as I begin to talk all I know he started crying he sounded so cute


Me: picking him up "aww what did you do? he was perfectly fine a moment ago we were watching the sandlot"


Karri: "oh i'm sorry I didn't know you were having daddy and twin time I'll will see you in a hour love you baby"


Me: "love you too, bye"


man I get chills when I hear her voice I guess it has the same affect on jaylen too. I finally got him to calm down and sat him back into his bouncer seat and he started watching tv again I looked over to jayden and he was asleep and an hour later all three of us was knocked out on the couch until I felt those sweet soft lips touch mine I woke up and smiled at her 


Karri: sat on his lap "you guys looked so cute sleeping but I was paying attention to you and jaylen you two sleep just alike with both of your mouths open and both of your heads were tilted to the side exactly alike he is you all the way"


Me: "yeah except the peeing on someone isn't me" whining "I mean it was all over my face and shirt and all he could do was smile at me he's so cruel"


Karri: laughing hard "that is just too funny but you told me that he wasn't being bad"


Me: "I lied, but jayden for some reason he's calm cool and collect once you give him what he wants you don't have to worry about him to much now he is you all the way


Karri: folded her arms "and what are you trying to say peter"


Me: "how did you know my name was peter?"


Karri: "I might have been sleep when you was talking to your parents at the hospital but I heard everything"


Me: "oh so you being sneeky again we gone have to do something about that but any way you two are alike because you both don't stop until you get what you want now am I right?"


Karri: turned her head "I guess"


Me: pinched her butt "you no I'm right now give daddy some suga" closed his eyes and puckered his lips


Karri: leaned over and and picked up jaylen because he heard her voice and started crying "aww what's the matter with mommy baby'


Me: "I can't get no kiss" pouting 


Karri: "sure"


I closed my eyes once again and puckered my lips and that's when I felt tiny soft lips and a big glob of cold slob running down my lips


Me: frowning "Eww!! that's just great" wiping his mouth off


Karri: dying of laughter and wasn't holding either baby


Me: "oh so you think thats funny huh" picked her up and threw her on the other couch and started tickling her "I won't stop until you say sorry"


Karri: laughing "over my dead body"


Me: "you aint dead yet so say it"


Karri: couldn't take it anymore "ok ok I'm sorry" still laughing


Me: leaned down "that's what I thought now can I get that kiss please"


Karri: trying to catch her breathe and knodded her head yes


As I kissed her I began to put my hand up her shirt and she stopped me


Me: "what's wrong"


Karri: "we can't do this in here there are babies in here" looked at the babies who were both just staring but jaylen smiled when bruno looked at him


Me:  "So we can teach them about the birds and the bees early" kissing on her neck


Karri: "No we can't now sto........." breathing heavy "baby stop" trying to catch her breathe but bruno was kissing on her spot on her neck and then started biting her in that spot "Omg!! baby don't do that sweet jesus omg!! baby please" he bit a little harder and made her moan loud "baby baby baby sh**" he started sucking on her neck so hard she could feel it in her Ehm "Ooh baby stop please" grabbed the back of his shirt and the hair on the back of his head "omg omg omg omg got damn it" she gasped "Ohhhh sh**!!"


Me: staring at her "I kow you did not just......"


Karri: had her eyes closed but had opened only one and bit her lip and humped her shoulders "MmHmm" sounding like a little kid


Me: looked at her like she was crazy then started cheesing "Let's do that again" about to kiss her on her neck


karri: pushed him over "oh no you don't I am about to put the boys to bed and then I'm going to go take that cold shower that is calling me thank you now move"


Me: laughed at her "okay"


Karri: "oh baby guess who's pregnant?"


Bruno: "oh no don't tell me you?"


Karri: "no bone head alyssa"


Bruno: "whaaa my boy about to be a daddy Aha!! gotta call him now


Karri: "oh lord" about to pick up jaylen


but right when she was about to pick up jaylen she heard a glass break in the kitchen. they both looked at each other and bruno picked up jayden while karri had jaylen and they walked into the kitchen and saw that the cabinet was open and the glass was on the floor. karri then handed me jaylen and told me to put them to bed so that she could clean the glass up.




As I was cleaning the glass up I kept hearing footsteps and I yelled to bruno


Karri: baby are you back down here"


Bruno: yelled back "no I'm upstairs you need me?"


Karri: confused "no just thought I heard something" threw the glass away


when I finished I went upstairs and peeked in on the twins who were fast asleep and then walked into my room and to my surprise so was bruno........or is he? so I decided to go get in the shower and when I got out I put on my pj's and his favorite perfume and got in the bed facing my back towards him after 10 minutes of laying there I guess he was sleep because I heard him snoring they must've wore him out. In the middle of the night I heard something fall on the floor and so I tried to wake bruno but all he did was groan and whine so I got up and opened the door and as I was inching my way down the steps I hear it again I began to get scared so I walked back up the stairs but when I was rushing to get back in the room I felt a cold breeze that when I opened my mouth and exhaled I saw the cold air come from my mouth I ran into the room and jumped under the cover. as I slowy took the cover from over my eyes I see a dark mass standing in the corner of my room my eyes get wide as I closed them and then opened them back up I see him he was white and pale with grey evil eyes hoovering over me and that's when I felt an arm on me and I screamed so loud but thank god I didn't wake the twins


Bruno: shaking her "baby baby what's wrong it's me" holding her next to him


Karri: scared and trimbling "Did you see that"


Bruno: confused "No I didn't baby you're trimbling, what's wrong?"


Karri: "he's the house"


Bruno: "baby who's in the house?" 


Karri: still shaking ".............................My father"



Chapter 18: Why Him??


Bruno: confused "your father?"


Karri: "yes, see I never really talked about my father because after he died I never wanted to remember him"


Bruno: "so you think that his spirit is in the house?"


Karri: "yes, I mean I know it sounds crazy but I saw him he was standing right over me" starting to cry


Bruno: holding her tighter "Shhh baby it's ok come on lay down with me"


she got under the covers with bruno and layed on his chest as he played with her hair which helped her fall asleep. the next morning she got up and gave the boys there bath and put their clothes on while bruno was in the shower. she took the boys downstairs and sat them on the table while she got breakfast ready cooking bisquits and gravy, eggs, bacon and fresh squeezed orange juice chilled. I sat the twins inbetween the chairs where me and bruno was going to sit while I fixed the table


Bruno: gave her a kiss "goodmorning baby" picked up jayden "hey daddy's big boy you want to eat some bisquits and gravy with daddy?" kissed his cheek and then put him down and picked up jaylen "what's up mini me" smiled at him while jaylen returned the smile


Karri: "Aww that's so cute I think i'm gonna cry" fake crying


Bruno: "shut up I think me and jaylen are getting along pretty well now"


Karri: smiled at him "really? don't let the cuteness fool ya I'm just sayn" eating "that's jaylen we talkin about"


Bruno: still holding him and eating "we good now" jaylen smiled at me and then started pooping "Oh no omg jaylen" frowning his face "ok it's time for you to be changed" trying to hand him to her 


Karri: put her hand up "uh uh your turn I bathed them this morning" laughing 


Bruno: whining "but baby please" still trying to hand him to her


Karri: still eating "nope it's daddy turn aint it yes it is" talkin to jaylen "you can go now he want that off"


Bruno: "you make me sick" walkin towards the stairs


Karri: "Aww well nurse karri will make you feel all better if you be good" laughing


Bruno: snarled at her without growling "Haha funny" walking up the stairs"


Karri: "I love you baby" she yelled


Bruno: yelled back "LIARRRR!!!"


Karri: talking to jayden "we love daddy don't we?" taking him out the bouncer "let's go check up on him" heard him yell


Bruno: yelling "OMG!!! JAYLEN how could do this to me again, urghhh!!" throwing the wipe away in the trash


Karri: "baby what's wro......" eyes wide when he turned around to look at her "omg baby he did it again?"


Bruno: putting his pamper on "yes he did this is just wrong karri I feel so violated right now" getting jayden and putting him in the crib "you deal with him while I go change"


Karri: "Ok grouchy" 


Bruno: talking very angrily to her "I'm not fu**in grouchy I'm just getting tired of this sh** karri" pointing to his face and shirt


Karri: getting upset back "they're just babies bruno they don't know any better.....DAMN!!" putting jaylen in his crib for a nap and pushing pass bruno 


Bruno: *sighs* "Baby I'm sor....."


Karri: "save it" walking down the stairs


Bruno went into the bedroom and took another shower and put on just a white T and shorts and wlaked downstairs into the living room where karri was watching tv


Bruno: layed his head in her lap looking up at her which he could see she was still upset "I love you" 


Karri: still looking at the tv "liar" 


Bruno: "I love you" got up and picked her up and put her on his lap


Karri: trying to have a straight face "liar" she smirked but ended up laughing "ughh!! why can't I ever stay mad at you?"


Bruno: playing with her zipper on her jacket "because I'm sexy *kiss* fine *kiss* sexy *kiss* and sexy" kissing her with tongue then layed her down on the couch


Karri: "Baby um I seriously want to do this some where else than the couch"


Bruno: picked her up "alright" walking into the game room


Karri: "why are we in the game room?"


Bruno: sitting her on the pool table "because I want to play a game" undressing her


karri: confused "what kind of game?" 


Bruno: "human pool" kissing her on the neck


Karri: giggled "human pool? how do you play that?"


Bruno: bit his lip "It's easy I'm gonna be the pool stick and you" kissed her spot "are gonna be the balls and I'm not gonna stop until I win"


Karri: started feeling hot "Oh wow" felt herself being pulled to the edge of the table


Bruno: "let's play"


And you know what happened O_O XD anyway after they finished karri couldn't move


Karri: struggling to move laying on her back "Omg!! baby that was AMAZING!! Wow!!"


Bruno: cheesing "yeah I'm the man" laying on his back placing his hands behind his head


Karri: raised her head and eyebrow "Is that right" raising up "well you done had your moment now it's my turn" got on top of him "hold on tight because this ride may take you some where you haven't been"


Bruno: smiling "Is that right? well no need for me to hold on I got this"


Karri: smiled devilishly "alright but don't say I didn't warn ya"


And off to mars he went LMAO!! later on that day they decided to take the boys over to phil and alyssa's to visit and wow alyssa is starting to show but she looked so pretty she was wearing this:


Alyssa: "heyyy karri" giving her a hug 


Karri: "woah girl you starting to fill out aint you? well atleast you having just one somebody" looked bruno up and down "decided he wanted to knock me up with a gang"


Bruno: kissed her cheek "and still aint done" 


Phil: giggled "you two is still a mess, but anyway give me jaylen that's my boy I mean jayden is my baby too but me and jaylen be having a time" picking him up


Bruno: "easy for you to say he always being so cruel to me"


Phil: laughed "yeah I heard he always jackin you up when you take his pamper pn I know"


Bruno: looked at karri who looked away and smiled "really you old phil?"


Karri: "not quite actually I told ally but ally told him so I partially told him" 


Bruno: "you gone pay when we get home" smacked her on the butt and went into the man cave with phil and the babies


Karri: "heyy my joints are still sore you know"


Alyssa: "I don't even want to ask why, but anyway girl I am lovin what you have on"


karri had on this:


Karri: "well thank you, but you just took the show you look so pretty I go to say this is really different from the ally I first met"


Alyssa: put hand on her stomach "yeah I figure it's time to dress like a woman from time to time but it's not gonna take the kid out of me"


Karri: "right lol!! you know I wanted to talk to you about what happened to me last night it was crazy you probably won't believe me"


Alyssa: sat on the couch "Shoot"


Karri: "I think my fathers ghost is in the house"


Alyssa: "I believe you my aunt says there is a such thing as afterlife maybe his showing up to check on you now that the babies are here"


Karri: "I don't know this was different he seemed a bit evil and angry or something it's the way his eyes look"


Alyssa: shocked "wait, you seen him?"


Karri: "yeah he was in our room standing in the corner then he got closer but i didn't notice until I took the cover off my face and he was right there standing over me he didn't look to happy ally"


Alyssa: "oh wow you know I can get my aunt who's into the whole paranormal type stuff to come over and check it out"


Karri: "really I would love that I mean I loved my father but I want him out"


Alyssa: "yeah I will give her a call and she will come out"


Karri: "omg!! thanks ally"


Alyssa: "you're welcome"


So it was getting late and alyssa called her aunt and she came right over because she would rather do it at night bruno thought it was a crazy idea until he got to witness it. then the doorbell rings


Karri: "I got it" opened the door "Oh hi you must be alyssa's mom?"


Alyssa mom: "yes I'm carol" extending her arm out for her to shake it


Karri: shook it "nice to meet you carol come on in"


Bruno had already took the babies upstairs while we did this. as soon as carol stepped through the door she had scard look on her face


Carol: "He's here I can feel him. he's not angry but he wants to tell you something"


Karri: "tell me what?"


Carol: got silent "he wants to say that he's sorry for wha he's done and what he is about to do"


Karri: scared "do what? what is he about to do?"


Carol: "he won't the door"


Karri: confused "What? open the door"


Carol: "just open it now"


she opened the door like she was told and that's when sha felt that same cold breeze she felt last night and then the front door closed on it's on


Karri: shaking "what just happened? where did he go?


Carol: "he's gone 


karri: sighed "omg!! I'm free no more being scared at night. thank you so much carol"


Carol: "you're welcome" looking down "But....."


Karri: "but what? whats wrong carol?"


Carol: "He's coming back karri"


Karri: scared "coming back, coming back for what?"


Carol: silent


Karri: "coming back for what carol? what is he coming back for?"


Carol: took a deep breathe "he's coming back for bruno"


Karri: tears forming in her eyes "WHAT? why? why does he want him?"


Carol: "you were only six when he died so in his mind you're still a little girl and he still feels protective over you. karri you need to get your family out of here before it's to late or he's gonna kill bruno...........



Chapter 19: My Life Begins!!!!


Bruno walked up behind me 


Bruno: "who's gonna kill me karri"


Karri: put her head down "my father"


Bruno: getting upset "jesus karri see I told you to just leave this bullshit alone your father is gone remember?" 


after he spoke the last word I see him gasp and his eyes wide and blood dripping from his mouth and chest he dropped to the floor and I saw my father standing there I screamed.........


Carol: "karri are you ok?"


Karri: snapped back to reality "yeah I just had thee most scariest vision just now"


Carol: eyes got wide "like right now? what happened"


karri told her and carol began to panic


Karri: "what did I say something wrong?"


Carol: "no karri he's showing you whats going to happen you need to get your family out of here NOW" running out the door


At that point I didn't know what to do next because bruno is gonna get upset at me for this because he don't believe in this stuff and I don't want him to think I have went crazy and then I end up in someones phsychiatric hospital and never be able to see my babies again damn what am I gone do. I walked uopstairs and peeked in the twins room and they were sleeping and then to our room and bruno was sleeping so peaceful I just stood in the door way and smiled but then tears begin to all down my face as I cry silently. I go into the bathroom and lock the door and got on my knees and begin to pray beggin god to show me a way out of this and then it clicked my mom always told me "if you don't want to remember the past throw away it's memories" I got up and opened the door and I looked at bruno he was still sleeping so I ran into my closet and grabbed the shoe box that I had hidden deep inside of it. I opened it up and begin searching until I see the neckalce my father got me for my sixth bday the day he died and I took one last look at it and quietly walked out the room and then downstairs grabbing my keys and out the door. I walked to the shed and grabbed a crowbar got in the car looked back at the house and drove off headed to the cemetery. I was praying and hoping on the way there that this will work and me and my family could live our lives the way we dreamed it would be. I fanlly make it there and parked right in front of his tombstone I got out and stared at it taking a deep breathe and walked in. it was so dark and cold with spider webs everywhere but as I got closer to his coffin it got even colder only a spec of light was shining on his coffin as I took the crowbar and started prying it open. I then hesitate to open it but I knew I had to do this in order to try to save bruno and then I cry at the thought of me and the twins losing him I just cant let that happen, but just when I was about to open it I hear his voice saying my name.....


Father: "karri"


Karri: still had her back turned "why are you doing this daddy?" 


Father: "you're my little girl I don't want anything to happen to you he's to old for you"


Karri: frowned at what he just said "too old for me? little girl? daddy I'm 24 years old" still had her back facing him


Father: he laughed "No baby girl you are only six"


Karri: eyes got wide and said to herself "six? omg he still thinks I'm a little girl thats why he's doing this"


Father: "karri honey you ok?"


Karri: "yes daddy I am, but javier I'm not a little girl anymore I'm about to be married and I have two beautiful boys at home you have to let me go"


Javier: "baby girl it's ok you will get to have a family when you get older no need to rush"


Karri: turned around but had her eyes closed "It's time I help you let me go and I let you go too" holding up the necklace


Javier: "karri you still have the necklace I gave you"


Karri: "yes javier but I can't keep holding on to the past especially because it's trying to destroy my family. I love bruno so much and I want to be able to wake up to him everyday for the rest of my life. he's my everything my bestfriend,lover,provider and my soldier because he would protect me and his sons from anything but I figure this was my battle and I'm going to fight for him and I'm not going to let you take him away from me not today not ever you gotta try to get past me to get to him and I'll be damned if that happens"


Javier: getting upset "you don't use that language around me child I am your fath...."


Karri: cut him off striking a match "used to be my father" throwing the match over into his coffin (I now I watch way to many horror movies lol!!)


Javier started yelling as I saw him starting to fade but I knew that there was one thing that I had to do to finish this and that's the necklace so I held it up and looked at it one last time and then looked at javier


Karri: crying "I love you daddy but he's mine and you need to go back to where you came from" throwing the necklace in the fire


I began to walk out back to my car without looking back and got in my car putting my head on the steering wheel after about 3 minutes I see my phone lit up so grabbed it and seen that bruno was calling me I looked at the time it was 2:30am so I answered it


Karri: voice dry from crying "hello"


Bruno: yelling "Karri where are you? I have been looking all over this house for you are you ok are you hurt?"


Karri: crying "I'm ok I was at the cemetery"


Bruno: yelled louder "CEMETERY? why the hell are you at the cemetery at....two fu**in thirty in the damn morning, huh?


Karri: crying "I'm sorry" she said as her voice squeeked


Bruno: very mad "just bring your a** home right NOW!! and I'm not playin cause you got a whole lot of explaining to do"


Karri: "ok"


I drove right home and soon as I walked through the door bruno was sitting on the edge of the couch wearing his white v neck t shirt and some sweats and a very pissed off face...Oh sh**!!


Bruno: pointing to the couch "sit...yo..a**..right here"


I sit down and next thing you know he was yelling his behind off at me and I'm sitting there crying like a baby because I have never seen him this angry. I had my face in my hands crying hard as ever like I was at a funeral and then I feel arms around me I then look up and everything was a blur because my eyes were filled with tears until I blinked and the tears fell down my soaked face and looked into his worried eyes


Karri: sad low voice "I'm sorry" crying


Bruno: pulled me closer into his chest and rested his chin on my head and sighed " I know baby I was so worried about you I mean you scared me I started to panic I don't want to lose you karri I don't know what I would do baby you have to promise me that you wont do that again"


Karri: sniffed "I promise"


Bruno: raised her head up and stared into her eyes wiping her tears away "I love you so much karri"


Karri: "I love you too" she kissed him


Bruno: "I got something that will help you feel better" 


Karri: frowned "what is that?"


Bruno: got up and then helped her up "I'll show you"


we were walking towards the game room


Karri: stopped walking "uh uh no bruno I am not playing human pool with you again not tonight"


Bruno: laughing "no silly I'm going into the kitchen but that would have been a great idea" pulled her against him biting his lip and then kissed her


Karri: lightly pushed him "I bet it would horn dog"


he smiled and they went into the kitchen and karri sat at the table while bruno went into the freezer and pulled out.......


Karri: gasped "Mochi Ice Cream"


Bruno: laughed at her "yes I got you some mochi ice cream I'm surprised you didn't notice it in there" taking to of them out


Karri: "I hardly ever go in the freezer"


Bruno: "why? I mean you buy food to go in it why hardly ever go in it?"


Karri: "yeah I buy food to put in it but I only go in there when I'm cooking a really big meal or something speaking of big meal we should invite phil an alyssa to dinner tomorrow"


Bruno: eating "yeah we can, but karri?"


Karri: eating "yeah"


Bruno: "what were you doing at the cemetery?"


Karri: started chewing and fidgeting "uhm, I was visiting javier's grave"


Bruno: confused "who is javier?"


Karri: "my father"


Bruno: "why?"


Karri: "I needed to let go of the past. my mom always told me that if you don't want to remember the past then throw away it's memories and so I took the necklace that he gave on my sixth bday and the night he died and I left it in his coffin with him well actually burned them"


Bruno: almost choking "YOU WHAT? karri?"


Karri: "I know I know but I feel way better than I did before I left here"


Bruno: "Pfft! I bet omg baby you can't be going around burning peoples coffins"


Karri: "he's not just people he's my father and I needed to help him let me go"


Bruno: put his hand to his forehead "you know what the good thing is that you're ok and so now we can go upstairs so you and I can go to bed but first you need to go wash that death off of you cause I smell dead people"


Karri: laughed "shut up!! but I have to admit that you turn me on when you get mad I have never seen that side of you"


Bruno: "is that right? well you aint seen mad sweetheart that right there was just a baby attitude It gets worse"


Karri: "you just better not let him out on me cause then I would have to whoop that a** pimp"


Bruno: "right whatever"


karri: rubbing her stomach "man that was good thank you baby" gave him a kiss


Bruno: licked his lips "Mm another one your lips taste so good"


Karri: kissed him again "happy now?"


Bruno: biting his lip "MmMm I want another one but longer"


Karri: chuckled "you're crazy" gave him another kiss with tongue "uh uh playboy I'm about to get in the shower remember?"


Bruno: "ok ok you know what?


Karri: 'what?


Bruno: I know that we only have like two weeks to get married but my patience is wearing out and" pulling her close to him "I'm tired of waiting I want to make you mine now"


Karri: "Now? like when bruno?"


Bruno: "this saturday"


Karri: O_O are you serious? baby that's like in three days that's not enough time to get decorations and wedd......"


Bruno: put his finger to her lips "Shhh don't wreck your pretty little brain about it I got it under control you just worry about you and alyssa your mom and sister and my sisters tahiti and presley I know you haven't met them yet but they've already agreed to be in the wedding oh and eric, preesh you remember him don't you and dre and so on"


Karri: "yeah I remember preesh where has he been all this time?"


Bruno: "he had moved out of town temporarily but he's back now so what do you think? you ready to become Mr. and Mrs. bruno Hernandez?"


Karri: kissed him "more than ever"


So the next few days it has been hectic it's now saturday and we have like 5 hours before the wedding start so me and me Alyssa (maid of honor) Mariyah, Tahiti and Presley (bridesmaid) were at the salon getting medi's and pedi's and getting our hair done luckily we are almost done and we still have 3 hours to get ready for the wedding 


Alyssa: "I can't believe this finally happening"


Karri: "I know I'm about to be married with children oh god I hope it don't turn out like that tv show"


Tahiti: giggled "no it won't bruno is a sweetheart this marriage is gonna last forever"


Karri: "Aww thanks tahiti"


Presley: "do you guys plan on having any more children?"


Karri: "yeah I just hope that he's not just spitting out twins woo that would be horrible having two kids at a time"


Mariyah: "yeah because then your boobs are gonna be hanging like christmas stocking socks"


Karri: "MARIYAH!!" putting both of her hands on her boobs "you foreal?"


Mariyah: laughing "No!! I'm just playing girl"


Karri: sighed "don't say that then you scared me"


Mariyah: "I'm sorry"


after we got finished we headed to the venue were the wedding will be held and got dressed:












they all had there own different styles


after we got finished my mom and bruno's mom came in and they each had the twins


Bernie: holding jayden "Oh my god you girls look so gorgeous but karri sweetheart bruno is gonna be the happiest man when you walk down that aisle you look so beautiful"


jayden and jaylen do a little baby giggle for the first time


Karri: gasped "Aww did you guys hear that? mommy little munchkins just laughed" gave each one of them a kiss on the cheek and they both smiled at her


Milani: "yes baby girl you look so beautiful I'm just so happy to be able to see you walk down the aisle for the first time


Karri: about to cry "Moooom don't make me cry" grabbing a kleenex "I'm happy that you're here too


Milani: "ok ok enough of this you have a handsome young man out there waiting for you"


So we all left out the room and everybody got into position and eric, preesh and dre took the bridesmaid arms and that's when the music started playing: (Mariah Carey- I want to know what love is)


and they begin walking out one couple at a time the grooms wearing this:


as they begin walking I close my eyes and begin to cry in my mind at the thought of not having anyone to give me away until I felt someone place there hand on my arm I open my eyes and see that it's my mother


Milani: "My I have the honors of giving my beautiful baby girl away?"


Karri: crying and knodded her head yes and hugged her


Milani: "Aww sweety don't ruin your makeup" wiping her tears with a tissue and then it was time for me to come down same music still playing I took a deep breathe and the doors open and the first thing I saw was bruno smiling so hard and he looked so goooooood:


then my attention went to phil who was standing there laughing he was wearing the same suit as bruno because they decide they wanted to be dressed alike. I started walking down the aisle and once I finally got to bruno I seen a tear drop and I caught it with my thumb


Karri: whispered "no crying" I smiled at him and he smiled back


he mouthed to me that I was beautiful and then priest begin to speak and then it was time for our vowels but bruno song me his vowels: (Bruno-Rest of my life)


It was so beautiful I couldn't help but cry his voice is so amazing it just pierce my soul pulling at my heart with every note I was truly in love with this man I was getting nervous because it was time for me to say my vowels I hope I don't choke while saying this to him:


Karri: "The first time I saw you walk through the door my heart stopped beating but once you said hello it began to beat again I knew then you were the one for me. I know I was playing hard to get but I was only fighting my true feelings for you and when you asked me to let you in I was afraid to say yes but my heart told me diffrent and when I did I never felt so good in my life I knew I was making the right choice. you showed me what love looked like, feeled like and....." eyes started to water " whoo uhm *fanning my eyes* I never thought that I was ever gonna love someone again but then you came along and loved me and only me and then gave me two beautiful little angels that I adore even more because they have so much of you in them so sweet and lovable. so I say to you today that I am yours and I want to share forever with you and only you I love you" crying


Bruno: wiping her tears away "heyyy! no crying" he giggled


the priest then asked for the rings and we both placed the rings on and then it was official 


Priest: "I now pronounce you husband and wife you may now kiss your bride


and out of no where bruno grabbed me and dipped and kissed me when I finally got up everybody was laughing and so it was finally time for the reception and bruno told me to brace myself for what I am about to see and so when we got to the door two hostesses opened the door and my eyes were opened wide:


Karri: "OMG!! baby it's beautiful these are the decorations but it's put together so beautifully. did you have this done?"


Bruno: "Eh, I pulled a few strings I wanted to make sure it was perfect and by the looks of it and seeing your face and smile my job is complete"


Karri: kissed him "I love you so much"


Bruno: "I love you too but the day isn't over lets go enjoy it"


and the announcer guy yelled throught the mic "everybody Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Hernandez" and everybody was clapping and cheering us on as we made our way to our seat but as soon as I was about to sit down bruno stopped me


Karri: "what?'


Bruno: "don't sit down yet I have another surprise for you close your eyes"


Karri: closed them as he lead me somewhere in the room I guessed and he whispered in my ear "I love you" and I heard this:  (Rascal Flatts-blees the broken road)


she then quickly opened up her eyes and screamed jumping up and down


Karri: yelling "OMG, THE RASCAL FLATTS AHHHHHHHH!!" turned to bruno "baby how did you....."


Bruno: "don't worry about it just enjoy it's all for you"


she kissed him and turned her attention back to them as she held her hands up to her mouth swaying from side to side while bruno stood behind her with his arms wrapped around her waiste. she cried through the whole song and then when it was over she clapped with excitement and they congratulated karri and bruno and they left and me and bruno went over to cut the cake:


and then it was time to get our dance on bruno went to the dj and told him to play something and everybody went crazy when the dj started playing LMFAO-Party Rock Anthem and we were having a good time especially when me, bruno, phil and eric started shuffling lol!! everybody was laughing at us then I stopped and walked over to alyssa who was sitting down watching


Karri: hugged her "hey mommas how you feelin?"


Alyssa: "full" we laughed "I can't believe you're married now but it's crazy that I get married before you and you have kids before me then me and then you get married so crazy"


Karri: "I knoooo! but you only have two months left and I can't wait Imma be right there cause I want to see how you gone be acting in there"


Alyssa: "A fool"


Karri: "well Imma get back over here to my husband damn that sounds weird you want or need anything?"


Alyssa: "no I'm fine go enjoy your day girl"


Karri: "Aww I love you girl you're my new found sister you have been there for me since day one and I thank you for that"


Alyssa: "KARRI!! don't start you are about to have me crying up in here now get over there with bruno" she laughed


Karri: "ok ok love ya" walked away


Alyssa: "love ya too"


the sun was finally setting and bruno grabbed my hand and led me outside when everyone else followed and told me to look up and when I did fireworks came from out of nowhere and it was amazing


Bruno: "I love you" looking into her eyes


Karri: "365 days is not enough to tell you how much I love you everyday nor is there enough time but I love you today and more than yesterday"


he smiled at her and they share a deep passionate kiss while the fireworks continue the rest walked back in and enjoyed the rest of the party. this has been the best day ever in my entire life and I'm going to be spending it with the man that I love. What more could I ask for?? XD