Chapter 5

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Alegria saw herself when she was only seven years old.

"Mama!" Alegria said as she was running inside their house. She was from school with her brother.

"What is it, honey?" Her mother said, facing Alegria.

"My classmates were talking about the meaning of their names. Their names had cool meaning! Mama, what does my name mean?" Alegria curiously asked her mother.

"Well, dear, your Dada named you after his Grandma that he loved so much. I remember a time when you were still inside my tummy, he said that Alegria means joy or happiness."

"Oooohhh.. Mama, do I make you and Dada and Calyx happy?" Alegria said, while trying removing her cute little bag.

"Of course, honey. You and calyx, you both make Mama and Dada happy." Her mother said, smiling as she stroked Alegria's hair. "Now, Calyx, Alegria, your dad will take us tonight to a restaurant. It's our wedding anniversary, so we'll celebrate there. Now, you both take a bath and I'll prepare your clothes for you."




Alegria saw herself again, but this time, she's with her whole family, riding their car. They were all laughing. They were happy. A truck was approaching towards the intersection, but his dad didn't see.

"A truck.. Look at the truck! The truck!!" Alegria said, trying to catch their attention. "Please, look at the truck!" It was too late. "No.. No!" She woke up.

"Alegria.. Thank God.." Bruno said, relieved that he had woken up Alegria. "You were crying while you were asleep. And you kept talking about.. 'the car'.. and your family."

"The car.. I... I didn't save them..." Alegria said as her tears run down her cheeks.

"No, no.. It was just a dream. It's okay now." Bruno said as he hugged Alegria tightly, trying to make her feel better.

"I.. I'm sorry.." Alegria said, wiping her tears. She felt that she was weak, fragile, in front of Bruno so she smiled at him. "I'm okay. I'm okay now. Thanks for waking me up."

Bruno kissed Alegria's forehead and smiled. "You're always welcome. We still haven't arrived at the hotel yet. Wanna sleep some more?" Bruno said, as he stroked Alegria's hair.

"No, I'm okay." Alegria sais as she smiled to Bruno.

"Eric and the others are still sleeping, so I thought you should sleep some more." Bruno said.

"Wait, you didn't sleep? Aren't you tired?" Alegria asked Bruno, worried.

"No, I'm fine. I can't sleep." Bruno told Alegria.

"Oh.. Okay. But you better sleep. You still have tours, you know. They don't wanna see you tired." Alegria smiled at Bruno.

The truth is, he was looking at Alegria's angelic face while she was sleeping. He couldn't take his eyes off her. She was beautiful. But he was worried. What if he wasn't there if she needed him most?

"We're here." The bus driver said. Everybody woke up and got off of the bus. They went straight to the hotel's restaurant. Everybody started ordering food.

"What would you like to eat?" Bruno asked Alegria.

"I'm not hungry, really. Besides, I'm allergic almost all of the food listen in the menu.. I'll just have a glass of water." Alegria answered.

"You can have chicken or steak, ma'am. It's our specialty." The waiter said, talking to Alegria.

"Uhh.. She's allergic to steak and chicken." Bruno said.

"Heyy... When did you know things like that about Alegria? Hmm.. I wonder.." Phil said, teasing Bruno. Bruno just smiled.

"Oh.. How about you order vegetable salad? You're not allergic to vegetables, aren't ya?" Phredley said.

"Thank God, I'm not. But really, I'm not hungry. You know what, I'll just walk around the hotel while you guys eat here." Alegria said.

"Aww, no fair. You should at least eat something." Phil said.

"How about.. hmm.. just a desert. Ice cream. How 'bout that?" Kenji said.

Alegria sighed. 'Oh well..' she thought. "Okay. I'll eat ice cream then." She said.

"Well, that is all, Mr. Waiter." Jamareo said.

"You really sure you're just gonna eat ice cream?" Bruno said.

"Yep." Alegria smiled. "Don't worry, I won't die just because I only ate ice cream."

Bruno sighed. 'You really don't want other people to worry about you. Responsible.' He thought. "Okay then."

Alegria suddenly felt awkward for being the only girl in the table. "Uhm.. I'll just go to the comfort room." Alegria took her bag, stood up and asked the waiter. "Where's the comfort room?"

"This way ma'am." The waiter pointed the way to the comfort room.

"Thanks." Alegria said. She went inside and looked at the mirror, then sighed. 'Is it just because I'm dying? Or is he just playing with my feelings?' Alegria thought. She felt pain in her chest. 'What if.. he didn't really like me? But.. After all.. I'm just his fan. No, it's impossible. He doesn't like me. He just wants to make me feel better.' She thought. She suddenly remembered the kiss and touched her lips. 'But... Why?' She sighed and shook her head. Alegria decided to come out. She thought it would be weird if she stayed too long inside the comfort room. When was surprised when she opened the door. Bruno was waiting for her outside.

"What, you wanna use the ladies' room?" Alegria jokingly told Bruno.

"Haha.. 'Course not. I was just worried." Bruno said.

"Worried? Why?" Alegria asked, curious.

"You might collapse or have a head ache or somethin'... So waited here." Bruno shyly said.

Alegria chuckled. "You know, if you worry too much, you'll have lots of wrinkles on your face."

Bruno smiled at her. "Wanna go to the pool side? You know.. just.. wait 'til the food is ready."

"Uhm.. Okay." Alegria said. They walked towards the pool side and sat down on the pool side loungers.

"Your flight will be tomorrow morning. Aren't you at least gonna get some rest?" Alegria said. "You'll look like a zombie on your next concert. Aren't worried about that?"

"I'll make one hot zombie, don't you think?" Bruno told Alegria as he lay down on the lounger, trying to look sexy and all. Alegria just chuckled. "You know, We've only known each other for one day. But I feel like I've known you for years. Even Phil thinks that, too. We're really comfortable with you." Bruno looked at Alegria's eyes.

"Really?" Alegria said, flattered. "I didn't notice that. I just.. chill and talk with you. That's all." Alegria said, shrugging her shoulders.

"That's why we're comfortable being with you. You don't panic when you're with us. Which makes the fan-artist thing disappear. We feel so close to you." Bruno said as he got up and sat beside Alegria. "You know, you're unique." He looked at her beautiful, sparkling eyes.

"You think so? I mean, everybody's unique in their own way.. Not that I'm being humble, but it's true." Alegria answered, avoiding Bruno's eyes. "You know, we should go inside. It's... cold." Alegria stood up.

"Wait, just.. Stay here longer.. Please?" Bruno held Alegria's wrist, and pulled Alegria to sit beside him.

"You know, you should stop doing that." Alegria told Bruno.

"Doing what?"

"....Nevermind." Alegria said, shaking her head.


"Hey, what are you looking at the pool side?" Eric asked Phil, Phredley and Jamaero who were looking all sneaky.

"Shhh, keep it down!" Phil said, whispering.

"What is it?" Eric looked at the pool side and saw Bruno and Alegria. "Ohh.. I see.." Eric said, nodding.

"I noticed it earlier, she's wearing Bruno's jacket." Phredley said.

"Yeah, me too." Eric said.

"You really think Bruno likes her?" Jamareo asked Phil.

"You can tell he likes her with just one look." Phil said, then continued spying on Bruno and Alegria.

The waiter have already served the food, but Kenji was the only one left in the table and so he got curious and went where the others are. "Guys, the food is ready." Kenji spoke so loud that Bruno and Alegria heard it and looked around to see who spoke.

"Oh shit.. Tsk. Man.. He heard you." Phil said.

"What?" Kenji said, curious.

"Go back, go back, he still didn't see us!" Phredley said, and they ran towards their table.


"Who was that?" Alegria asked Bruno, looking around.

"I'm guessing it's Kenji." Bruno answered.

"Ohh.. I see. I think we should go back." Alegria said as she stood up.

"Well.. Okay." Bruno said and followed Alegria. They walked towards the table.

"Uhh.. Food's ready! Let's eat!" Phil said. Bruno and Alegria sat down and they all ate their food. After they ate their food, they decided to play truth or dare using the bottle of water that Alegria has in her bag.

"Okay, who's gonna spin the bottle?" Eric said.

"Ladies first." Kenji said, as he smiled and looked at Alegria.

"Well.. Okay." Alegria began to spin the bottle. Everybody god nervous as the bottle turned. Then it turned slower... then slower.. slower.. and stop. The bottle stopped at Phil.

"Truth or dare?" Eric said.

"Dare." Phil said.

"Okay, kiss the floor 3 times then bark like a dog." Eric ordered Phil. Phil did it immediately and sat down again.

"Man, that was easy." Phil bragged.

"I'll spin the bottle." Jamareo took the bottle and made it spin. It turned fast. Then it became slow.. slower.. slower.. stop. The bottle stopped at Kenji.

"Truth or dare?" Phredley asked.

"Dare." Kenji answered.

"Pick your nose for 3 minutes." Bruno said, smiling.

"What?! No, man. That's so gross." Kenji said.

"That's easier than Phil's. You can just wash your finger after you do it." Jamareo said.

"Well.. Okay." Kenji did it and everybody laughed. They did a couple more spins on the bottle and finally, it stopped at Alegria.

"Truth or dare?" Eric said.

"Dare." Alegria said.

"Sleep at Bruno's hotel room." Phil said.

"Wait, what did you say? No way, I'm going home. My brother would be worried sick if I didn't go home." Alegria said as she stood up and took her bag.

"Aww, she's one scaredy cat." Phil said, teasing Alegria.

"I'm not scared! I'm just.. worried about my brother." Alegria answered.

"Come on, Bruno won't eat ya. Or is he..." Phil jokingly said, teasing Alegria. Alegria's face turned red.

"Phil, come on. Let her go home." Bruno said, protecting Alegria.

"Okay.. I'm just.. gonna sleep there anyway. Come on Bruno, let's go to your hotel room." Alegria took Bruno's wrist and dragged him to the elevator.

"Hohoho, would you look at that.. This is Bruno's lucky night!" Phredley said.

"He was even acting that he didn't like it. Haha! He has to thank me after tonight!" Phil said, laughing with the boys.