Chapter 51-60

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Chapter 51

Ha. You should just save it bud, I got the love of my life. “Oh no, I’m fine. I’m here with my boyfriend, he just performed.” I loved that, my boyfriend I realized I never got to say to anyone before. “Oh I see, Bruno guy?” “Yup.” “I see, he seems real dope though.” Yeah he is fucking dope. “Thanks.” I smiled. “Well, I don’t want to seem like I’m hitting on you or anything like that. But, I’m Kameron you’ll prob see me around I play trombone for different people here and there.” I played trombone in high school. It was such a lame instrument and people never realized how important it was to a song. “I used to play trombone.” “Really? No one knows how important we are ya’ know!” “Same thing I was just thinking!” We both started laughing and Bruno walked up.

He put his hand on my back and nodded at Kameron, “What’s up?” He was trying to be protective. So cute. “Nothing much ready to get up on stage, and do my thang.” “Oh yeah, what you do?” “Trombone.” “Good instrument, that’s one I can’t play.” Whew, glad they we’re relating I didn’t need any problems. “Who do you play for?” Bruno asked sitting down. Kameron sat down too. “This junk ass band that argues all the time. We don’t get nothing done.” Bruno laughed, “Aw, I’m still trying to my band together too. We doing good so far though.” Someone called over for Kameron. “Alright well it was nice talking to you folks, but I gotta split. My name is Kam by the way, and you Bruno right?” They shook hands, “Yeah man we’ll keep in touch.” I watched him walk over and disappear in the crowd of people.

Bruno turned in his chair so that all his attention was on me. “So…” he said putting on his seducing face. Ugh, here he goes. “So…” I mocked him. “We got about 4 more bands to listen to, then we’ll be leaving here.” I already knew what he had in mind, but I liked messing with him, so I played dumb. “Do we really? Time is flying.” He scooted closer, “Yeah.. so you want to spend the night with me?” “Spend the night, your a boy! That’s gross.” He laughed, “Okay Diamond. You can stop now.” I laughed, I couldn’t keep messing with him. “We’ll see.” He just smiled and we both looked up to the stage to watch the next performers. Kam was up with this band. Bruno paid really close attention to him. The music honestly wasn’t that bad. “He’s a good player.” Bruno said to me still looking at the stage. “I know.” I said nodding.

We sat there for the next 45 minutes, listening and observing. There we’re good and band bands. But, I was pretty sure Bruno and the guys would stand out. Phil came over and pulled up a chair. “Guess who’s been selling some demos?” He said flashing some cash. Bruno sat up in this chair, “Damn! We in business.” “How many you sell?” “About fifteen so far. I’m working my black ass.” We both started laughing. “We’re thankful for your black working ass.” I said. “Yeah man, you know it.” Bruno added. “You guys about ready to leave though?” He asked seriously. “I really am.” Bruno said looking straight at me. Oh god, this boy is just constantly horny. When does it stop! I just looked at him and shook my head. “You guys get ready I’ll be right back I’m gonna go talk to Kam.”

I got up and put my jacket on and went and used the bathroom. When I came out Bruno, Phil, and Eric we’re standing by the door. I walked over and Bruno put his arm around me. We all started walking out the door. “What you wanna eat tonight?” I shrugged, “I don’t know surprise me.” “Are you saying surprise you as in you think I’m cooking dinner?” I didn’t think of it that way, but that sounded interesting. “Sure. What you going to make?” “Well. I can make you cereal, or pop tarts.” I laughed. “That’s not dinner! It’s 8:30!” “I’m sorry, but if you want to be with me, that’s all I can make.” “Bruno, I want to be with you because of you. I don’t care about food. I’ll cook for you.” He smiled, “I love you.” “I love you too.” We waved goodbye to Eric and told him that we would see him Wednesday. We all got into Bruno’s car. Phil complained that he didn’t want to drive us everywhere. We stopped at McDonalds. Who didn’t love McDonalds?

We got back to campus and I decided that I would eat with them at their place. We got there and we all ate barely stopping to breathe. It was good as usual. “I wish tomorrow was Friday.” Phil said. Me and Bruno nodded, “Me too.” we said in unison. We sat there for awhile talking about school and music, the usual. I went over and sat on the couch and turned the TV on. A lady on the commercial was talking about birth control. I honestly should be on it, and now that I’m messing around with Bruno and having this constant sex, I might as well. I came to the conclusion that tomorrow, I would make a appointment with my doctor.

Bruno came from out of his room and sat next next to me. “You wanna watch a movie?” “Yeah. It just depends on what kind.” I said seriously. I was terrified of scary movies. “You can pick it out.” he said pointing to the stack of movies next to the TV. I went over and picked out Jumanji. I’ve loved this movie forever. I showed it to him and he shrugged and I put it in. I went back over and cuddled up next to him. “Wait really quick.” He got up and went to his room and brung out a blanket. He turned out the light and came on and plopped back next to me. “There.” he said putting the blanket over me.

I knew I would fall asleep here so I told him to wake me up at around 12 so that I could go home. I wish I didn’t have classes tomorrow. Halfway through the movie I was surprised I was still woke. I looked up to him. He was fast asleep. I smiled, he was too cute when he was sleeping. I tried moving his arm from around me. “No.” he moaned in his sleeping voice. I giggled, “Bruno I have to go.”

He opened his eyes, “No you don’t it’s not 12 yet.” “Okay, but you’re sleeping.” He put on his puppy dog face. “I’ll wake up now, please don’t leave yet.” I sighed, “Okay.” “I haven’t got to kiss you enough anyway.” he said kissing my neck. I knew where this would lead…


Chapter 52

This chapter is dirty. o.O You have been warned. Enjoy!

I kissed her in all the right spots. She turned me on all the time. I loved making her feel good. She let out a small moan I knew she was holding in. I kind of wanted to try something different today. Well, I guess I always did. But, it’s fun exploring. “Diamond.” “Why do you always talk Bruno.. just-” I put my finger on her mouth, “Shh.. I wanna do something for you.” Her eyes got big, “Huh?” she whispered. I looked down and back up to her face. I didn’t want to say it. It was sometimes weird saying those things out loud. She looked at me in mock horror. “I’ve never had that done before.” she whispered. I shrugged, “Okay just let me try then.” She hesitated. “I don’t know Bruno.” “Please.” I begged. I honestly wanted to do it. I was just that type of guy. She sighed.

I just started kissing and sucking on her neck again. She loved that. I started tugging at her shirt. She slowly took it off. I kissed her all over her breasts and down by her stomach. She laughed, “That tickles.” I just smiled and unbuttoned her pants. I had no shame in my game. I wanted to get it going. I loved taking it slow, but sometimes things needed to move fast. I helped her slide her pants off I could tell she was really nervous. “Babe, I got you.” I told her moving down to the floor. She took a deep breath. I grabbed her hips and moved them towards me. I kissed her inner thigh and made my way up. “You sure?” I asked one last time.

She just nodded Her face was priceless. I slowly took her underwear off. I looked at her one last time and did my thing. I felt her tense all the way up but I never stopped. It didn’t take her long to start moaning. I just hopped she wouldn’t wake Phil. I grabbed her thighs and moved my tongue ever faster inside her. She kept moaning my name and I knew she was almost there. She ran her fingers threw my hair. I was glad she liked it. I loved doing it. I rubbed my hands all over her thighs. When she finally was done she basically screamed. Damn, Phil had to be woke now. I came up and smiled at her. “Your always so loud.” I whispered.

She just looked at me opened her mouth but no words came out. I chuckled. I sat back up on the couch and covered both of us up. Phil walked out of his room. Shit. “Really guys?” “I’m sorry… she’s so loud.” She looked at me in mock horror. I shrugged. “I’m sorry Phil.” she said not looking him in the face. She was so embarrassed but I thought this was hilarious. It just means I was doing my job. Phil shook his head and went back in his room. She punched me, “Ow, that’s how you repay me for my good deeds?” I whispered. She smiled, “No but..” she paused and just shook her head. I laughed, “Don’t know what to say?” I said moving in to kiss her.

She stopped me, “No but I know what to do.” she whispered grabbing me down there. My eyes got big but I smiled. I liked when she was aggressive it was such a turn on. She started for my pants. “Let’s see how loud you can be.” She said biting her lip. Shit. I didn’t know she could be like this. I helped her pull my pants off. She got down on her knees in front of me. She started rubbing me and I moaned a bit. She pulled me out threw the cut in my boxers and started kissing it. Damn this is such a tease. I waited anxiously for her to start. Then she did it when I wasn’t expecting it.

I instantly threw my head back and bit my lip. Damn how lucky was I. I didn’t have to tell her anything. I watched her it lick all over it. Everytime she went down and back up I gruntef. I couldn’t contain myself. I know I was breathing hard enough for her to hear me. I moved her hair out of her face. She was going at it. I grabbed her head, I hope she didn’t mind. I guided her a little bit better and she kept taking more and more. I kept running my fingers threw her hair. I was about to be done. “Baby.” I moaned. She looked up at me but never stopped. I couldn’t hold it in even longer after that.

I closed my eyes and let go. I can’t believe I just did that. I didn’t even get a chance to ask her if I was aloud to do that. I opened one eye and perked at her. She wiped her mouth and stood up. “I’m so sor—” “It’s okay Bru.” She said cutting me off. I smiled. Thank god I thought she was gonna kick ass. “I’ll be back.” She said smiling. While she was gone I put my pants back on. I couldn’t believe that had just happened. I smiled to myself. Was it bad to like someone even more after they gave you head? I don’t know but that’s how I felt.

After about 7 minutes she still hadn’t come back. What the hell. I got up and went towards the bathroom. I heard the shower running. I peeked in, “Diamond?” I was unsure of what was going on….

Chapter 53

“What the hell, why does everyone think it’s okay to walk in on me in the shower! I know I’m sexy but damn!” Phil yelled from the shower. “Fuck I’m sorry! Did Diamond come in here?!” I asked covering my eyes. “NO! If she had of she would have left you for me!” I shut the door. Where the hell is she? I heard giggling. I turned around “Diamond. Stop playing around.” I said walking slowly down the hall. She didn’t respond. “Seriously, stop playing!” She jumped from out of my room and scared the shit out of me. I jumped like a little bitch. She started laughing so hard. “Not funny..” I said shaking my head. “Admit it, it was funny.” she said still laughing at me. “Nah.” I was really mad I hate being scared like that. Phil and E would always do shit like that to me and I would fall for it every time. “Awww is my Bru Bru mad?” she said hugging me. I just looked at her, “Kind of.” “Awww come on I was kidding.” How could I be mad at her after what had just happened. She made me feel special in every way. I held her tighter, “I love you.” she she said. “I love you too.” “It’s late babe, you need to get home.” I told her.

She nodded and went and gathered her things. “You want me to walk you home?” I asked her. “That would be nice.” We walked out into the night and it was lightly foggy. Not my type of weather. When we we’re almost to her hall I realized that I had left my keys. “Fuck.” I said to myself. What’s wrong?” “Left my keys. Hopefully Phil’s out the shower.” I saw her holding in a laugh. I put on my serious face. “Okay I’m sorry baby. Your whole conversation with Phil earlier was too funny!” I nodded and smiled, “I guess so.” We hugged again I kissed her on the cheek. I thought it would be awkward to make out after all that we just did.

I walked up to my room and Bruno was on my mind the whole time. I still couldn’t believe all that happened had just really happened. I’m so glad we we’re through that awkward phase in our relationship. I walked in and threw my stuff down. “Hey hey. How was the first rehearsal?” Michelle asked me from her desk. “It was awesome. Can’t wait till Friday.” I said taking off my shoes. I can’t wait to go.” she said focusing back on her work. “You won’t believe what just happened.” She turned around quickly, “What?” “Me and Bruno just.. did some different things.” She turned her chair around towards me, “I’m listening.” I started telling her the story from the beginning.

I got up to my door and knocked. “Phil!” I yelled after 20 seconds. Fuck. I hope he wasn’t sleeping already. “Philip!” I yelled again. He finally answered the door. “What the hell is up Brunz, where did you go.” I walked in and grabbed a bottle of water. “I walked Diamond home, I’m sorry if you we’re sleep.” “Na I wasn’t.” I just nodded. “Bruno.” I looked up at him confused, “What?” “You alright?” I looked around, “I’m fine?” He laughed, “Alright.” He went and sat down in the chair and turned on the TV. I felt like he was about to start his drama queen ranting. I was right. “Even after my damn shower that you walked in on I still can’t sleep!” he said flipping through TV channels. “I’m sorry. What the hell else do you want me to say.” I chuckled. “Nothing, what I want you to do is not have sex when I’m in the same house as you!” I tried holding in a laugh. “I didn’t think it would get like that man. Honestly.” “I didn’t think it would get like that my ass. I don’t want to hear all that shit. You knew where it was going. You probably initiated it.” He was right, I actually did. I finally let out my laugh. “Na Brunz, it ain’t funny.” “Okay you’re right. I won’t do it anymore.” I said sounding like a kid in school.

“Yeah yeah.” “So are you sure you’re ready for this, this Friday?” I asked him changing the subject. “You know I’m ready, I need to be worrying about you.” I took a deep breath, “Yeah I am.” “Good.” I loved Phil man. He did take care of me. He was the reason I was who I was. He motivated me and helped me reach my goals. “Brunz, I need to talk to you.” I snapped out of my thinking. “Alright.” I said sitting straight up.

“Serious talk here.” “Okay…” “Do you love Diamond?” I frowned, “Yeah. I love her. A lot.” “You sure?” Why was he doubting my love. “Yeah.” “She’s the one?” “The one.” “The one and only.” “One and only.” “Don’t play with me man.” “I’m not she’s the one. I love her. I won’t play games. I’m not going to cheat. I’m done with that life.” “I hope so.” Phil knew just how I was in the past, and I could easily be persudaded into cheating, especially if drinking was involved. I’m a very vulnerable guy, but I would never tell anyone that. Would kind of hurt my pride. But Diamond, I can’t do this shit to her. She doesn’t deserve it at all.

“Well I’ve been deciding hard if I should give you this or not. Some chick gave it to me in class, said she knew you. I can’t remember her name at this moment. I was going to just throw it away, but maybe you need to read it and take care of it before it gets out of hand.” I looked at him crazy, “Huh?” He handed me a letter…

Chapter 54

I opened it and started reading.

*Dear Bruno, I’m sure you already knew how I felt about you. But, I’m just trying to figure out what’s taking you so long to dump that slut you’re with and get with a real woman. I’m sure I could make you feel way better then she does. I feel like your wasting your time, and I know you know it too. Come on, you know how you used to be in Hawaii, you had all the ladies drooling over you, especially me. I’ve seen you around campus but, I’ve never said anything to you. I saw you and that girl aruging in the food court and I thought it was so funny. She left you sitting there, and you still went back to her. How sad. I tell you what, if you dump her and come and be with me then I won’t make your life a living hell. It’s your choice. Love, Amber*

I looked up at Phil, “What the fuck.”I know man, same thing I thought.” Everything started racing threw my mind. This was why she did what she did on Saturday night and Sunday. What made her think I would choose Diamond over her. I told her countless times that I didn’t like her. “How long have you had this letter?” “Uhh, I think since last Wednesday.” “I knew it.” “What happened?” I had been meaning to tell Phil about Amber and all that she did, but I had pushed it to the back of my mind. “Damn that’s deep.” he said. I nodded, “I don’t need her trying shit.” He nodded in argreement. “Just keep your eyes open Brunz, and don’t get drunk around her. If she knows you she’ll take advantage of you in that time.” I didn’t plan on ever being around her, but if she was trying to make my life a living hell like she said, she was going to try to be around. How was I going to tell Diamond all of this. I felt like she would throw punches first and ask questions later.

I woke up feeling well rested. I showered and decided to let my hair down today. I went to my classes and got my first homework assignments. How fun. At around noon, I called Bruno. “Hey hey Bru, what’s shakin?” “My carrot.” “Really..” He laughed, I loved his laugh on the phone. “No, I’m kidding. But, nothing I’m in the library.” “Want some company?” “Yeah please, this girl sitting a couple tables down from me is creeping me the hell out.” I laughed, “Okay on my way.”

I went to the library and me and Bruno spent our time surfing the internet, laughing at YouTube videos and playing games. We didn’t get any work done, shame on us. The rest of the day was not too exciting like some of our others. Mostly TV and talking with Phil. I played scrabble with them for the first time. Phil had always told me to play so I could see how mad Bruno got when he lost. He was right, one of the most funniest things ever. He was so fucking cute when he was mad. At around 8 I decided to go home and do homework. I ended up falling asleep before it was completely finished.

Two days later, it was finally Friday. The last two rehersals went okay, each day Bruno and the guys got better. We also talked with Kam more and met his friend Carla. She was going to be at the party tonight. She seemed cool, I couldn’t wait to dance my ass off. I was just glad it was Friday, this party tonight, and the weekend. Another weekend filled with the guys and Bruno.

I was honestly in zombie mode through all my classes today. I just couldn’t wait till tonight. When lunch time rolled around, we had all said we would meet at the food court and eat pizza. I loved pizza. When I got there I saw Bruno sitting at a table with 6 other chairs. “Expecting a lot of people?” I said smiling. “I don’t care if no one else comes now that you’re here.” he said standing up to hug me. I kissed him passiontely, I didn’t care who was looking. He made me feel so special with his words and actions.

I glanced up for a second. And who do I see, fucking Amber. If she comes over here I swear. She walked up to our table, “Well hello there love birds.”…..

Chapter 55

I frowned and stood up in front of Bruno. “What do you want?” “Whoa, I just came to see how you guys were doing, no harm intended.” Yeah right bitch, all your harm is intended. Bruno held one of my arms, “We’re good. You need anything else?” “No, not really.” she said looking me up and down. I dare her, I want her to try me. “I was just simply looking for someone to hang out with.” she said shifting her weight to one side. Before I could say anything, Bruno did. “We don’t want to be around you.” I had never seen Bruno be this rude before, I was unsure of why he had so much hate for her all of a sudden but, I thought it was cute. She started walking away, “Your lost.” She turned around, “Oh yeah, see you guys tonight.” Tonight, what the hell. I started walking after her but Bruno grabbed me. “Just let her go.” he whispered to me. I wanted to go up and kick her right in her ass. When she was out of sight Bruno let me go and I grabbed my head in frustration. I slammed down in my chair. I don’t know why she gets me so upset.

I sat down across from her. I felt bad because in a way Amber was my fault. It’s sad how people change, she used to be a real good friend of mine. Diamond put her head down on the table. I reached out and stroked her hair, “You okay?” “Bruno, I swear if she does anything to you, I’m going to.. hurt her!” she said against the table.  I sat back in my chair. Why is she doing this, it’s so unreal. Today was a big day for me, and I can’t fuck this up. I sat back up and got close to her. “Babe, we can’t worry about her we got bigger and better things to be thinking about.” I was trying my best to cheer her up. When she was smiling, I was too. She sat up in her chair and slid her arms on the table. We both took a deep breath. I rubbed her hands, “Better?” she nodded. “Good now let’s eat.”

7:30 rolled around quickly and I was standing in front of my closet in a towel. “Fuck! I hate that I never know what to wear to anything!” “Calm down bitch, let me help you.” Michelle said moving me out the way. She pulled out a long black dress shirt, “With tights, yes?” “Negative.” She rolled her eyes and put it back. “How come you never wear this?” she said pulling out a tight off the shoulder black dress. “You don’t think that’s too much?” I asked seriously. “Girl! Put this damn dress on so we can get out of here!” she said shoving it into my arms. I slipped it on and looked at myself in the mirror on the door. Not bad. “Bruno is gonna fuck the shit of you if you wear that!” I turned to her in mock horror. “Don’t give me that face, you know it too.” I shook my head. I added some curls to my hair and she did my make-up. I looked at myself again. Wow, Bruno is going to freak out.

I sat on the couch with my head back. I kept looking at my watch, 8:03. For some reason I was nervous. I usually don’t get nervous. “Aye B, you seen my other dress shoe?” Phil yelled from his room. “Nope!” I responded. “Damnit!” 10 seconds later, I heard a loud crash, a bunch of stuff falling. “Ow! Fuck!” he yelled. I laughed and shook my head. I was so anxious to see Diamond. I got up and started pacing. There was a knock at the door and I went and answered it. Kam and Carla walked in. “Who’s that in my house!?” Phil yelled. “Don’t mind him he’s on his drama queen shit right now.” I whispered to them. Carla giggled and Kam smirked.

“So we taking some shots or what?” Kam asked rubbing his hands together. “Yeah ya’ll are just waiting on my brother. But, I’m not drinking yet. I gotta perform.” “I feel you.” he said nodding. “Where’s Diamond?” Carla asked looking around. I looked at my watch again, “She should be on her way” I hope she was, I was missing her. I needed her touch to calm me down. I was a nervous wreck.

I walked out into the night and of course I looked up at the stars. They were beautiful as ususal. These heels felt great, I’m lucky. “Girl I am so excited to see them preform!” “Me too.” I said walking over a puddle. “You drinking?” she said me seriously. “Hell yeah.” I was all about drinking tonight, I wanted to have a really good time.

We got up to the door and it was already cracked open. Michelle went in first, and I followed her. I closed the door behind me and turned to Bruno. Our eyes locked onto each other…

Chapter 56

I walked up to him slowly, “Bruno…” “You look amazing.” he said looking me up and down. “You too…” He wore a black button down and blazer with a tie. All topped off with his grey and black fedora. I wanted to just jump on him. I never imagined someone could look so good in black. “Eww, get a room.” Michelle said. I shot a her a look. Bruno hugged me and gave me a peck on the cheek. I wondered why he didn’t kiss me, but I dropped it. I went over and greeted Kam and Carla. “Hey look at you girl!” she said looking at me. “No look at you!” I said poking her. I felt like Carla was going to become a good friend of mine. Kam patted me on the back and just nodded. I nodded back, he acted so tough, but I thought it was funny.

Phil hopped out into the living area with one shoe on and one in his hand. “Found it.” We all started laughing at him. Eric walked in with a brown paper bag. “Eric!” everyone said in unison. He just smiled. He was dressed all spiffy too. Everyone looked nice. I knew tonight was going to be a great night. “Let’s get this party started!” he said putting the bag on the counter and pulling the bottles out.

I went over to the cabinet and pulled out he biggest bottle I had. I was going to make my dancing juice now, and drink it after my performance. By the time I was done, Diamond had already took two shots. That was odd, she never really liked getting drunk. I didn’t want her to get too bad. I went over to her, “Babe, you alright?” I laughed. “Yeah, I’m okay.” I nodded. “What’s wrong Bru?” she asked me. I shook my head, “Nothing.” “Please don’t worry about me, you got more important stuff to think about k?” “K.” I went over and sat on the couch and got things together in my head. I hummed a bit and made the beat with my hand on the couch.

After around 20 minutes of laughing, and watching everyone else get hammered it was time go, finally. Diamond was sitting in a chair next to the counter talking with Carla and Michelle who we’re standing next to her. She seemed out of it. I frowned, I tried to help her up, but she almost stumbled over. She laughed, “Oops, sorryyyy.” This was not going to be good. “How many shots did she take?” I asked the other two. Michelle shrugged, she was pretty drunk already too. “Like 8.” Carla said. My eyes got big, “8? She can’t even handle 4!” I looked back down to her in the chair and she looked back up at me. “I lovee you Bruuu.” she said making a kissing face signalling for me to kiss her. I helped her up and kissed her. What was I thinking, I should have been watching over her at least. I didn’t want anything to happen to her. I grabbed my bottle of dancing juice and told everyone that we’d meet them outside. I grabbed her hand and helped her out the door.

I moved us over to the railing.”Babe, you’re drunk as hell, already.” she put her finger up to my mouth. “Shhh.. don’t tell everyone.” I hugged her and rocked back and forth. “I wish you hadn’t of drank so much.” “I’m fine I promise. We’re going to have so much fun..” I looked at her in the eyes, it just wasn’t her. She was completely out of it. I wondered what made her want to drink so much. “Why you looking at me like that?” she said frowning. I adjusted my hat, “I’m worried about you.” She took her finger and ran it down my chest, “Don’t worry about me baby.” she said looking at me all over. I guess this is what it was like be sober and see someone else drunk, I was always on the other side.

Everyone started pouring out of the house. The girls and Kam we’re hammered. I guess Kam dropped out of his show, cause’ I know he wasn’t going to preform like that. Phil locked the door and mouthed, “Is she okay?” to me. All I could do is shrug my shoulders. I helped Diamond down the stairs. She almost fell more then twice. We we’re all so loud walking down to the parking lot. I held Diamond in front of me and bascially kept her from falling.

It was a struggle, but we finally got down to the lot and everyone hopped in the van. Diamond and I took our same seat all the way in the back. Eric drove, and Phil was in the passenger seat. When we started to drive off, I looked at Diamond. She was way out of it, staring out the window. I grabbed her hand and squeezed it. “Diamond.” I whispered. She turned around quickly and smiled at me. She raised my hand up and kissed it. “Bruno, I love you like so much.” I giggled, “I love you too.”

I felt her hand reaching towards my pants. I instantly tensed up and looked around to make sure no one saw. She started rubbing it and biting her lip. Fuck. This is too much.

Chapter 57

She leaned over closer to me, “I can’t wait to have you tonight.” she whispered still rubbing me down there. I nervously laughed, “Well you can’t get me all excited now.” I whispered back. If I did get excited now, I would be up for awhile and I really didn’t want that. I didn’t want to have sex with her while she was drunk, that wasn’t right at all. Maybe by later on tonight she would be sobered up a bit or I would be feeling my dancing juice. I grabbed her hand, “Baby.. not now please..” I pleaded. She just looked at me and nodded. I shook my head, I should have been watching over her. I kept beating myself up about it.

We pulled up at the venue and there we’re crowds of people, paparazzi, and limos everywhere. Our crew went towards the side entrance, we we’re lucky we didn’t have to stand in the line that looked like it was down two blocks. I held Diamond close to me, “Listen can you stand up on you’re own, I need to get my stuff out.” I said reaching for my wallet. I handed my bottle to Eric and I let her go. She stumbled over a bit but regained her balance. The guy checking us in looked at her and then back to me. “Is she okay?” I nodded and handed him my I.D. and card letting him know we we’re performing. He looked up from it, “Who’s all with you.” I pointed everyone out to him, 1 Diamond, 2 Eric, 3 Phil, 4 Carla, 5 Michelle, 6 Kam. “Alright send them up.” He put lime green wrist bands on everyone that said V.I.P. He also marked X’s on all of our hands, that meant we we’re under 21.

I walked into the side door and the music instantly filled my ears. Bruno was standing behind me holding me up. Everything was spinning and it was hard to think of one thing at a time. He helped me to a table and I slumped down in the chair. I put my head on the table and realized how drunk I was. “Is she alright?” I heard Phil ask someone. “I don’t know, I’m going to get her some water.” I heard Bruno say. I felt  a hand on my back so I looked up to see who it was. “You gonna make it?” Phil asked me. I honestly didn’t know how to answer that, so I just nodded. I don’t know how I was even in here, I was so drunk. I turned to see Carla sitting next to me, I grabbed her arm and startled her.”Where’s Michelle?” She shrugged, “I don’t know.” “Fuck.” She frowned, “What’s wrong?’ “I can’t leave her alone.” I tried to get up but, I fell back down. “Maybe you should sit for a while.” she said grabbing my shoulder. No maybe I should go and look for my friend, I knew how she was. My mind quickly forgot about that when I saw Bruno coming towards me again.

I walked up to the table with a paper towel and a bottle of water. I pulled up a chair next to her, “Drink this.” I said giving it to her. She pushed it away, “I’m not thirsty.” “It’s not about that, I need you to sober up some, please.” She grabbed it and took tiny sips. “Carla, please watch over her, I go on in literally 10 minutes.” “I got you buddy.” She scooted closer to her and patted her on the back. “Thank you…” Okay now she’s fine, I need to find everyone and get everything set up.

There were 20 things running threw my mind at once. I walked backstage and grabbed my guitar that I had left here from rehearsals yesterday. I started tuning it. Phil walked over, “Aye man, you good? You look terrified.” I was terrified, there we’re so many people. And Diamond was so drunk, I just wanted to be with her to make sure she was okay. I took a deep breath, “I’m cool.” He gave me a worry look and went over and fixed his suit in the mirror. I got up and threw my guitar on and started pacing. I grabbed a towel and wiped my forehead, I was sweating already. I fixed my hat and a guy directed us to come over to where he was standing.

*Good evening everyone, and I first off want to say thanks for coming. The crowed roared. First up, we got a young talented man by the name of Bruno Mars and he’s here to share his oh so unique voice with you! The crowed roared again.*

Phil grabbed my shoulders and I took a deep breath and looked out to the lights on the stage. Here we go…

Chapter 58

I walked out onto the stage and the crowd cheered. The lights we’re so bright, I only saw the first two rows of people. I looked at Phil and then Eric and they both nodded. “Good Evening everyone, my name is Bruno Mars, and this is my brother Eric, and my friend Phil, and we’re going to play you a song off my demo.” They cheered again. “This song is called, Top of The World.” I started strumming my guitar and hopping around. I needed to enjoy this.

I listened harder. Sounded like Bruno, I quickly turned around. I didn’t even know he was going up to preform. I felt bad. They started playing and I recognized the song well. I started moving in my seat. I closed my eyes and his voice blew me way once again. I wanted to just go up on stage with him. I got up, “Where are you going?” Carla asked me. “To get closer, come with me.” She nodded and got up and held my hand. We dived through crowds and crowds of people and I could just hear Bruno’s voice in the background. We got close as we could get and I started dancing to the beat of his guitar. The more I stood the more dizzy I got, I started dancing even wilder and wilder.

When his song and dance we’re over I screamed and cheered, now I just wanted to hug him. He looked so damn sexy on that stage. He walked up to the mic again, “Thank you.” and they bowed. I cheered all the way till he left the stage. I wanted to go and be with him. I started walking but someone grabbed me. “Come on Carla we have to go and congratulate them!” I said without looking, they still didn’t let go. I turned around. Some hispanic guy was holding my arm, “You should give me a dance.” “Not right now, I got to do something.” He made his grip on me even stronger, he was really strong. I looked around, where the hell was Carla, and Michelle. I got dizzy again. “Come on just one dance.” “I just told you—” before I could finish, he grabbed my arms and held them at my waist and rocked me back and forth. It literally took the wind out of me. What the hell did he think he was doing. “Let me go please.” “What are you going to do if I don’t.” I looked away, “Just please let me go.” He pulled me closer, “I said dance with me.”

I ran off stage and grabbed a towel and wiped my face. “Hell yeah!” Phil yelled. “We rocked the house!” Eric added. I couldn’t stop smiling. I took off my guitar and set it against the wall. I was glad everything turned out good. I grabbed a bottle of water and downed it. Now to go and check on Diamond. I walked out back into the party, the music was so loud. I went back to the table where I had left Diamond, Carla, and Kam. He was the only one sitting there. I got worried, “Where are they?” He shrugged. Fuck, there we’re so many people here I would never be able to find her. “You have no idea where they went?” I asked him again looking him in the face. He waved me off, “Na Brunz, I’m chillin man!” I grabbed my head. Dammit! I started going threw crowds of people. I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. This is why I didn’t want to leave her.

I tried struggling from him, but he grabbed me even tighter. “Let me go, or my boyfriend is going to hurt you.” “Boyfriend huh? I’m not scared of him. Why wasn’t he already with you?” “I don’t know.” Wait, what. What do I mean I don’t know, he was here. I couldn’t control my words. “That’s what I thought, now come with me.” He started pushing me threw people.” I had no idea why I hadn’t tried to run away yet. I felt weighed down. I was so scared. He took me over to a corner of the venue. He turned me towards him, “Have a drink with me.” “No, I don’t even know you.” “Do it, or I’ll never let you go.” I swallowed hard, I was really scared now. Why am I not yelling and screaming for help. What the fuck is wrong with me. Why am I letting this happen.

I looked around frantically. “Please please.” I kept whispering to myself. I saw Michelle dancing with some guy, I ran up to her. “Michelle please tell me where Diamond is?” She looked at me seriously, “I don’t know I thought she was with you.” I hit myself in the head, “How the fuck can she be with me, and I was just up on stage?!” I asked her. I didn’t mean to sound rude, but I was getting pissed. “Bruno, what the fuck! I don’t know…” “Your no help right now!” I said walking away. This was a time where I honestly needed to be taller, I couldn’t see shit.

He handed me a drink. But I shook my head. “Please no, I’m not even old enough to drink.” “You’re already drunk, what is one more drink going to do?” Hmm, he was right. One more drink, that’s nothing. I took the drink from him and started drinking. I drank almost half of it in one swallow. “Ew, this is terrible.” I said. He just smiled and pulled me closer again. Everything started to move in slow motion, I am really fucked up….


Chapter 59

“You know you got some really pretty eyes.” I didn’t want him saying things like that to me. I just nodded. “You should give me a kiss.” “No, what is wrong with you.” “What did I tell you…” he said moving in to kiss me. I squirmed away but, he pulled me closer. Why was I so weak.. He kissed me and I didn’t reject it, I kissed back.

I finally got up towards the front, I kept looking to my left and right. I was so upset, I needed to find her now. I kept walking and running into people. I turned one last time, and my heart dropped. She was kissing another guy. I ran up to them, “Hey, what the fuck!” He let her go and pushed her behind him. “Bruno!” She yelled. “What are you doing to her?!” “Oh so this is your boyfriend?” he said laughing. She tried run past him but he pushed her and she fell. Everyone around gasped and stood up. I balled up my fist and frowned at him. “What you gonna do hit me? I dare you, try it you little bitch.” he said rolling up his sleeves. I swear I wanted to knock this guys lights out. But, I was sure I would get put out and how many opportunities could this fuck up for me. I was way smaller then him. I looked down, I felt defeated and weak. He laughed at me, “That’s what I thought you’re nothing but a little singing bitch.” I tried blocking him out. Music or love flashed through my head over 10 times. Music or love….

I laid there motionless for a couple seconds. I was stunned and dizzy. I grabbed my head, I had the biggest headache of my life. “Are you okay?” a lady asked helping me up. “I don’t know.” I said barely standing. I turned and saw Bruno looking down to the ground his fists balled. The guy was just laughing at him. I couldn’t comprehend shit, this fucking alcohol!

I looked up and a police officer walked up. “Is there a problem over here?” “No not at all officer. Maybe he has a small problem.” he said looking at me. The officer shifted his attention to me, “What seems to be the problem?”  I shook my head, “Nothing.” “Okay then… I don’t want to have to come back over here, or someones going to jail.” I knew if I told him what was going on it would make things worst. “I was just leaving.” I said walking away. I can’t believe I just walked away. I can’t even protect my own girlfriend, I felt like a failure.

He’s just going to walk away like that. That’s it? I felt myself start to tear up. The guy grabbed me again, “Your dumbass boyfriend almost his head knocked off.” I pushed him away. “Why are you touching me, why are you doing this to me!” I cried. “Shutup bitch. You’re with me now.” he whispered pulling me close. This was something out of a horror movie. A wave of fatigue hit me all at once. What was happening to me..

I stormed backstage and started pacing. I was so fucking mad, I hadn’t been this mad in a long time. I punched a wall. Phil walked in, “Whoa! Brunz, what the fuck is going on?” I took my hat off and threw it on the nearby couch. “I don’t know Phil! I have no fucking idea what was going on!” I yelled back to him. “You gotta chill man.” he said grabbing me on the shoulders. I was getting out of control, I was honestly so mad that I could cry. I felt humiliated, heartbroken, and scared. “Where’s Diamond at?” he asked me. “I left her, I couldn’t protect her, how did I fucking leave her…” I said. I felt myself begin to cry. I can’t cry man. I just needed Diamond right now.

I felt myself drift off. How could I be sleepy? I felt myself being moved, but I didn’t know to where. “Diamond, where are you going?!” I heard someone yell at me. But, for some reason, I didn’t have the strength to respond. I felt the night air hit my face..

Chapter 60

I wanted to drink my life away. I was so down, it was all my fault. He grabbed me, “Come on we going to find her!” I followed him back out into the main room. Kam ran up to us, “Bruno what the fuck is going on, Diamond just left!” I began to panic, “Left, what do you mean left?!” I can’t fucking deal with this. If I lost her, I would never be the same. “Fuck!” I screamed. This can’t be happening. ”Listen you go find Carla and Michelle and me and him are going to go and look for her.” he said to Kam. Kam nodded and raced off.

I felt myself being dragged into a car. I fully opened my eyes when I heard the car door slam. I looked and saw Amber sitting next to me, “Well well well, look who’s down in the dumps.” I instantly frowned, “You bitch..” I tried to swing at her, but I had no strength. “This is what happens to bitches who get in front of what I want.” she said mugging me in the head. I was so upset, I began to cry again. I tried to lift my arms, but I couldn’t. “Oh and by the way what you’re feeling is a nice little drug my friend Carlos here gave to you.”..

Phil and I ran outside looking around fratically. I went to the middle of the parking lot, I yelled Diamond from the top of my lungs. There was no response. Phil came and stood next to me. I closed my eyes and started praying. God, I need you right now. If I’ve ever asked you for money, fame, or anything else, I don’t want it. Just please give me my baby back, please. I want her back in my arms, I’ll do anything.

“Are you that petty..” I whispered. “Don’t play the victim you brung this all on yourself.” I heard my name being yelled. Amber started looking around. It was Bruno. With all the strength I had, I yelled back. Amber punched me in the stomach, “Shut up or I swear you’ll never get to speak again.” I closed my eyes and started to cry even harder, I was hopeless. I was going to die, right here in this car and for the most stupidest reasons ever.

I was on the verge of breaking down. How could this be happening. It was a nightmare. I need to wake up. Then just when I was giving up hope, I heard my name. I ran towards where I thought it came from. Please be her, please. I ran until I was in the middle of a asile of cars.

“Come on Carlos let’s go.” I heard the car starting. I couldn’t let them take me, I had to be stronger. If I died like this, then so be it, at least I tried to get away. “HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!” I yelled. “What the hell did I tell you!” Amber yelled at me. He started speeding off. “Fuck, this guy is standing in the middle of the lot!” I heard him yell. I looked up and saw Bruno standing right in front of the car.

I heard sceaming and I turned around, a car was speeding towards me. The lights blinded me. I knew it was them. I didn’t care at this point, I wasn’t going to move. If this fucker hit me, then I was going to be hit. I’d do anything for her, she was my second chance. “Bruno what the fuck are you doing!” I heard Phil yell at me. I ignored him. They would have to take me before I let them take her…