Chapter 20-25

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Chapter 20: Not Ready!! :(

It's been a wonderful day for me and my new husband bruno oh I just love saying that but the wedding was finally over and just made it home


Bruno: closing the car door then came to open mine "I'd sweep you off your feet right now but the twins might get jealous" grabbing jayden in his carseat


Karri: grabbing jaylen doing the same "it's ok lets just get in this house looks like it's about to be a storm"


Bruno: "well if it is one thank goodness it waited til now"


Karri: waiting for bruno to open the front door "yeah that would have been horrible but It wouldn've mattered because while it was raining and when it stopped I was still gonna be Mrs. Hernandez"


Bruno: smiled opening the door "Ah home sweet home" sitting on the couch putting jayden on the floor in front of him"


Karri: did the same with jaylen and sat next to bruno resting her head on his chest "yes we are finally here and I'm laying on the most sexiest husband, father and my bestfriend I love you"


Bruno: "I love you too"


they share a passionate kiss and once they pulled away they saw that the twins were sleeping so they put them to bed and went into the room


Karri: went into her closet "man I'm so tired" talking from the closet "it has been a very long day but worth remembering" taking off her wedding dress


Bruno: in his closet "yeah it was, but I wanted to ask you where do you want to go for our honeymoon?" undoing his tie


Karri: putting on her black short silk robe "Uhm I really haven't thought about that" walking out of the closet


Bruno: sitting on the bed "you never dreamed of going somewhere you haven't been?"


Karri: "well I've always wanted to go to Maui I heard it's beautiful"


Bruno: stood up and pulled her close to him "well you wont have to hear about it anymore because maui it is"


Karri: got excited "omg baby you foreal?"


Bruno: tucked her hair behind her ear "yes Baby I told you that I was going to make sure you get whatever you want all I want in return is that you continuue to love me the same"


Karri: "And I will I could never let material things and trips overseas change me I love you too much to lose you because of it" kissed him


Bruno: "so when do you want to go?"


Karri: "I don't know whenever I guess" getting ready to get in the shower


Bruno: "well we can talk to the travel agents 2morrow and go from there" walking to the bathroom with her


Karri: stopped him "uh uh what do you think you're doing?"


Bruno: "I'm about to get in the shower"


Karri: "I don't thi......" staring at him drooling


Bruno: took his shirt off showing all them muscles, biceps, triceps and abs oh my "what was you about to say?" untieng her robe


Karri: still staring at his body "damn you uhm have gotten buff you been working out?"


Bruno: "yeah I finally put the gym you have that's collecting dust to use" walking her to the shower


Karri: "it's not collecting dust and I use it......well maybe not all the time.......ok I don't use it"


Bruno: chuckled "you're a mess but I love the way you look don't change anything especially that" turned her around looking at her butt "woo yes and it's all mine FOREVER!!


Karri: laughed "you're so crazy let's get out of here before I end up falling asleep on this shower floor"


they washed up and put on there pj's and once they got in the bed they were out. the next morning karri decided to get dressed and take the twins over to ally's house because she knew she was there home alone because phil and bruno had to take care of something so she loaded the twins up abd drove over there. once she got there ally was at the door waving at karri


Karri: getting the twins "hey mommas" walking into the house sat the twins down and gave ally a hug


Alyssa: "hey" pulling the covers from over the twins face "Omg!! girl these boys are looking more and more like bruno but I'm starting to see you too I see that in jayden but jaylen that's lil bruno right there aint no denieing that sweetheart"


Karri: "yeah I know" picking up jaylen who was whining for her to pick him up 


Alyssa: "how many months are they now?" holding jayden


Karri: "they are four monthes but they will be 5 monthes next week my babies is getting so big time sure do fly"


Alyssa: staring at karri:........


Karri: noticed her staring "what?"


Alyssa: "you ready for another one aren't you?"


Karri: "what? girl I atleast want to wait until they get about 1 or 2 before I have anymore" feeding jaylen "ok I do but I will wait until bruno is ready though


Alyssa: "you don't think he's ready?"


Karri: "No! I mean he gets mad because jaylen keeps hittin him up every time he changes his diaper"


Alyssa: laughed "Awww that's no reason to get mad I mean Jaylen is just like bruno. he's always smiling, joking, playing around I mean it's hard for him to be serious and that's the way jaylen is gonna be. now far as jayden......hmmph"


Karri: giggled "what is that supposed to mean?"


Alyssa: "he is gonna be stubborn but sweet just like you. you can be so stubborn sometimes all I can do is smh but I love you no less you're like a sister to me"


Karri: put her hand across her heart "Aww ally that is so sweet you're are my sister we may not share the same blood but I'm gonna always treat you like you are"


Alyssa: "yeah but you know I wish we were cause then we would be even closer"


Karri: "yeah we would"


Alyssa: "OMG!! whooo that hurted"


Karri: "yeah it's about that time for them braxton hicks huh? I tell you she's a bi*ch"


Alyssa: holding her stomach "yesss she is" her phone rings and she answers it "hello, oh hey baby what's up?' ............"yeah she's here, why?"............ "Oh ok I sure will" ......." ok baby love you see ya soon, bye"


Karri: curious "who was that phil?"


Alyssa: "yeah he said to tell you that bruno wants you to stay here for a few more hours and so phil is on his way here to cook dinner for us"


Karri: "oh ok I wonder what he's up to but anyway phil is such a gentlemen I wish bruno could cook for me but we would be out of a home if even tried"


Alyssa: laughed "well have you tried to teach him?"


Karri: "no but I guess that would be a good idea I hope, that's kinda risky"


Alyssa: laughing "that is just sad poor bruno but he will get it"


a few minutes later phil walks in with grocery bags and I help him to bring them in


Karri: grabbing some bags "hey phil let me help you"


Phil: stopped and looked at me "Karri put them bags down I got this you go sit down and let a man handle this please thank you Mrs. Hernandez"


Karri: smiled "ok incredible hulk do you" siiting back down


Alyssa: "he does me the same way even before I got pregnant"


Karri: "thats a man for ya well a real man like the ones we have I think we hit the jackpot for our first time"


Alyssa: "hells yeah"


they share a laugh. a couple of hours later phil was done with dinner and bruno finally showed up


Karri: stood up to hug him "hey baby I missed you" gave him a kiss


Bruno: smiled "I miss you too" squeezed her tight "and I miss my little munchkins" playing with the twins and they are laughing and smiling at him


Phil: talking baby talk to the twins "yeah yall laughing cause daddy look funny don't he yes he do" the twins laugh louder


Bruno: glared at him jokingly "naw they laughin at you Mr. Magoo" 


Phil: "haha funny you hungry moi goi?


Bruno: taking his jacket off "and you know it I assume it's ok my wife still alive so yeah i'm ready"


Alyssa and Karri laugh until phil came with a comback


Phil: "I just know you aint trying to get on my cookin when you don't even know how without burning the house down"


Bruno: "my wife aint complaining so whats it to you pimpin and I can cook"


Phil: "yeah as long as it says instant on the box yeah you right you can cook" bust out laughing


they started wrestling while me and ally was laughing so hard but my attention was on bruno wooo, for someone his height he is a strong man I sat there watching his muscles in his arms like as if he was lifting weights and his muscles in his back and the muscles in his legs stiffin up just....damn I felt myself feeling a little awkward because of how hot I was getting and ally noticed it


Ayssa: "KARRI!!"


Karri: snapping back to reality "Huh?"


Alyssa: "I saw how you was lookin at him you lookin at him like he's dinner"


Karri: still staring at him "I...wish...he ...was" biting her lip and crossed her legs


Alyssa: laughing "KARRI!! girl snap out of it" saying it loud enough for me to hear and making bruno and phil stop wrestling


Karri: "Shhh! dang"


Bruno: behind her wrapping his arms slightly around her neck and then kissed it " what's wrong ladies?"


Karri: "nothing baby nothing ahem"


Alyssa: ratted her out "she lyin she was over her gettin all hot in the pants watching you wrestle"


Karri: jaw dropped 


Bruno: "Is that true baby?" laughing


Karri: studdering "wwwell...Iiiii...uhm..Ahem yeah you can say that" glaring at ally


Bruno: giggled "yall are a mess, anyway lets eat so we can go home"


Karri: "ok"


after we finished eating we left and went home and put the twins to bed and went into our room


Bruno: behind me wrapping his arms around my waiste "So you was gettin all hot and bothered for me over there huh?" kissing her neck


Karri: "yeah but thats done and over with you are not wrestling anymore and your muscles aint flexin so that image is gone from my mind" taking her shoes off


Bruno: stood directly in front of her "Is that right"


Karri: "what are you doing?" giggled at him


Bruno: Took his shirt off "you talkin about like this" making his chest move




Bruno: making a muscle in his arm "or talking about this? grab it"


Karri: grabbed it


Bruno: making his abs and cuts show more "or this" 


Karri: O_O


Bruno: bit his lip "you know you wanna run your hand down these abs go ahead"


Karri: she did it bit her lip and moaned "daaaayyyyyuuumm.......omg bruno stop it XD"


Bruno: laughing


all she knew was her back quickly ended up on the bed because he had grabbed her by her thighs yanked them and got in between her legs supporting himself with his hands while still standing leaning over her as she supported herself with her elbows. they stare each other in the eyes while they were only inches from each others lips that they are breathing in each others air and karri broke the silence


Karri: playing with his hair with one hand "Have your way with me"


bruno smiled and they began to kiss passionately but yet kinda rough bruno made his way to her spot on her neck kissed, licked and bit her on her spot as she moaned and holding onto him tighter not wanting him to stop. while he continued he put his hand under her shirt removing her arms up out of it and pulling it over her head and they begin kissing on the lips again he reaches in the back of her and undo her bra making her moan in his mouth and he smiled as he kissed her from her lips down to her pants unbottoning them revealing her red underwear he looked up at her and smiled as he begin to kiss her bikini line to her thigh all the way down to her ankle and proceeded to the other leg doing the same but started with the ankle and up. it was then karri's turn so she flipped him over kissing him and gently bit his lip and mad her way to his ear down to his neck and then to his chest finally to his stomach as she traced the lines on his abs with her tongue leaving a butterfly kiss on each one. after awhile they couldn't take it anymore and he got right to it making love to her like never before both of there bodies felt like it was on fire. when they were done karri layed on his chest while they tried to catch their breathe.


Bruno: breathing hard "Woah!! that was awesome"


Karri: chuckled "yeah where did that come from loverboy?"


Bruno: "It just comes naturally I'm quit the romantic"


Karri: "yes you're and we have just consummated our marriage"


Bruno: "oh yeah we did didn't we? alright"


Karri: "Bruno?" laying her head back on his chest playing with his fingers


Bruno: eyes closed "Hmm"


Karri: when do you think it will be a perfect time to have another baby?"


Bruno: opened his eyes and looked into hers confused "Huh?"


Karri: "you heard me"


Bruno: "well uhm I don't know I'm not ready for another one yet. what you want another one?"


was hurt by what he said so she just told a quick lie 


Karri: "No just asked" rolling over making her back face him


Bruno could sense that she was sad about the whole thing and he scooted over to her and put his arm around her kissed her shoulder


Bruno: "I love you" 


Karri: closed her eyes letting the tear fall down her face "I love you too" crying silently




I knew I shouldn't have brought that up but I was surprised to hear him say he wasn't ready for anymore. I just don't get it he said he would give me anything I wanted but I guess I can't have everything huh?



Chapter 21: What is going on???


It was Morning and I didn't bother to wake bruno up being that I was a little upset at him, hey life goes on. I get into the shower and just let the water run down my face I then started washing my hair and body and got walking to my closet still seeing a sleeping bruno I rolled my eyes and got dressed: 


I flat ironed my hair applying very little make up grabbed my hanbag and walked out of the closet to an awake bruno who was sitting on the edge of the bed staring at me as I walked over to my nightstand to grab my keys


Bruno: "where you going?"


Karri: "me and ally have a lunch meeting with my lawyer, why?"


Bruno: looked down "I just asked"


I was about to walk out the door when he stopped me in my tracks


Bruno: standing there with just his boxers on "I can't get a goodbye kiss?"


Karri: walked over to him "Sorry I'm in a hurry" kissed him on his cheek knowing he was expecting it on his lips and walked away


Bruno: frowned "It's like that? I got you" he giggled


Karri: frowned and rolled her eyes "whatever" about to walk away but bruno gentley grabbed her arm


Bruno: pulling her close to him "We will talk about it when you get back" kissed her softly on the lips


Karri: knodded her head 


I walked out and went into the twins room and they were still sleeping and I gave them both a kiss and I was off to the meeting. it was a very long and dreadful meeting but we got through it and once it was over me and ally stayed and finished our food 


Alyssa: "So why the long face?" rubbing her belly


Karri: sigh "bruno said that he's not ready for another baby I told you he was gonna say that"


Alyssa: "what I can't believe that. he actually said that?"


Karri: whispering "yeah right aftr weee you know and I was so hurt to hear those words but I guess if he's not ready then I'm gonna have to live with that we're married now and we have to make decisions together so I have to agree with him" taking a bite of her salad


Alyssa: "that's bullshit karri that's not right at all. he expects you to open your legs every time he gets a hard on but he can't give you what you want in return? Pfft!! ok"



Karri: laughing "you are crazy girl for that one, but you're right though it's not right" looks at her phone "oh god it's almost 3:00pm I ahve to get home the twins have a doctors appt. at 4:30pm I gotta get going"


Alyssa: "ok call me when you get back ok?"


Karri: kissed her on the cheek "will do luv ya girl"


Alyssa: "luv ya too"


I get in the car and drove as quick as I could home which was a 45 min drive (we stay in a sub area) and once I got there bruno was in the living room with the babies all waiting on me


Bruno: "Hey Love" stood up to give her a kiss


Karri: putting her handbag down "hey. let me get changed and thn we can go" walking up the stairs


Bruno: "ok" sitting back down


I ran upstairs and got dressed:


I pulled my hair back into mid-pony and went back downstairs walking into the living room


Karri: "you guys ready?"


Bruno: walking up to her and wrapping his arms around her "Ooh!  you look HOT baby can we reschedule" started kissing on her neck


She almost gave into him, BUT she thought about what ally said and rejected him quickly but kind


Karri: pushed him away playfully but yet somewhat agrressive "uh uh baby we gotta get jayden and jaylen to the doctor ok so lets go we only have 30min. to get there"


Bruno: making a sad face and putting his head down "Okay" sounding like a child


I just giggled at his slick ways of trying to get me to give in but it's not working. we load up in the car and bruno drove off staring out the windshield with a blank stare like he's thinking really hard about something


Karri: "Baby you ok?"


Bruno: snapped out of his deep thought "Huh?...Uh yeah..I'm fine baby" he smiled at her


But I knew there was something on his mind but he was trying to keep himself from telling me, but I brushed it off and finally we made it to the doctors which we there on time still having 15mins to spare so we each grab a twin and walk in and from the time we walked in till we left he was still quiet the whole time so I thought when we got home I was gonna get to the bottom of it. we fed and bathed the twins and put them to bed and I followed bruno down the steps into the kitchen


Karri: standing up against the wall "are you gonna tell me what's on your mind?"


Bruno: opening a beer and sat at the table "ain't nothin on my mind" taking a sip from his beer


I had to control myself at this point because just looking at the way his lips are pressed against the bottle whooo man ok anyway


Karri: walked over to him and sat on his lap "that's not the answer I was looking for" playing with his ear


Bruno: staring into her eyes then looked her up and down "there isn't anything on my mind baby just leave it alone I don't feel like argueing tonight ok?" kissed her shoulder


Karri: "then why won......"


Bruno: got irritated because he knew what she was about to ask "Come on karri please leave it alone. lets just enjoy the rest of the day with no aguements just relax ok?"


Karri: rolled her eyes "Fine I will leave it alone" got up 


Bruno: grabbed her wrist quickly but gently "where you going?" had a concerned look on his face


Karri: "I'm going to take a shower if you don't mind"


Bruno: took another sip from his beer still holding her wriste "MmMm sit down. you think I don't know you by now" grabbing her waiste sitting her back on his lap


Karri: "what are you talking about?"


Bruno: moving her ponytail back "every time you get upset you walk off and to be honest that is so annoying"


Karri: gasped "Is that right? look at the pot calling the kettle black. you did it all the time before we got married and had babies tell me you don't remember that drama queen"


Bruno: chuckled "ok ok you got me but have I done it lately? no! because you're my wife and there ain't no need for me to up and walk out we gone sort this sh** out together" looking at her with droopy eyes but yet looked so sexy "I love you karri and I'm here I'm not going anywhere" kissded her softly barely touching her lips giving her chills down her spine


Karri: playing with his ear again "I know, and I love you too always"


Bruno: stared even more deeply into her eyes "I know that you want another baby karri and I know I told you I wasn't ready for one, but If I told you that we could have another one but just wait till the boys get atleast 1 or 2 before we try again and hopefully it'll be a little girl that have the features of one the most beautiful woman I know running up to me screaming "daddy" in excitement because she's daddy's little girl even though she is gonna be protected always because she's got her two big brothers and her daddy and of course the boys are gonna be well over protective over you just like me would that be ok for you?


Karri: smiled and knodded her head yes


Bruno: smiled back "ok now you can get your "Big Ass" off me my legs are numb"


Karri: playfully slapped his arm (Saying it like bruno) Shut up!! since when did you start complaining about my ass being big? you ain't saying nothing when I'm on top of you for hours *wink* "


Bruno: cleared his throat "That's different" taking the last drink from his beer


Karri: laughing playfully punched him in the shoulder "Ah whatever you're full of it you know that?"


Bruno: feeling on her thighs "yeah they tell me that all the time" he winked at her biting his lip


Karri: rolled her eyes "Ugghh!! you perv" walking away


Bruno: got up quick grabbing her from behind and kissed her neck "you love this perv and this perv loves you"


Karri: " I love you too my little squirrel'


Bruno: raised his eyebrow "Squirrel? wth!! why I gotta be a squirrel?"


Karri: "because you're always trying to get a nut slow down loverboy"


Bruno: stood there thinking about what she said


Karri: put her hand up to her forehead "omg!! you're even dunce like a squirrel if you didn't understand what I just said"


Bruno: "Huh? what are you talking about? and why are you talking about squirrels?"


Karri: confused "What? bruno you ok?"


Bruno: "you're beautiful what is your name?"


karri: looking at him in disbelief "bruno stop playing come on lets go to bed it's late" grabbing his hand but he just stood there


Bruno: "where am I? this is not hawaii"


Karri: had a concerned look on her face "baby come on lets go lay down I think you're just a little tired" he then followed but heard a baby cry


Bruno: "I hear a baby" he followed the sound and went into the twins room and walked over to jaylen "Aww he's so cute damn he looks just like me


Karri: "that's because he's your son bruno, what is wrong with you?"


Bruno: he laughed "I don't have any kids I'm to young to have kids my mom wouldn't approve" looked at jayden "wow he looks like me too. this is wicked"


Karri: got curious "What is your name?"


Bruno: smiled "oh I'm sorry it's peter, peter hernandez and you?"


Karri: "Karri Hernandez"


Peter/bruno: shocked "really? are we like related or something?"


Karri: "I'm your wife bruno"


Peter/bruno: frowned "I don't have a wife, but don't get me wrong I would love to have you as my wife you're beautiful. and how did you know my name was bruno too?"


Karri: "beacuse you hate your real name bruno I never call you peter. lets go lay down it's late"


Peter/bruno: "where am I sleeping"


Karri: getting irritated "with me duh"


Peter/bruno: "are you ok with that? I mean I don't want it to be awkward at all for you"


Karri: looked at him like he was crazy "No! no it wont be"


I couldn't believe this I didn't know what to do with this situation. i don't know whether he's joking with me or he's foreal I put on my pj's:


and once I walked out bruno was laying down in the bed with a t-shirt and his boxers on bruno never sleeps with a shirt on wth!! I walked to my side of the bed and noticed he was watching my every move 


Peter/bruno: looking like a kid who saw boobs for the first time "wow this is awesome. I mean I'm gonna be sleeping in the bed with thee most hottest girl that I don't even know my friends are gonna be so jealy"


Karri: giggled "Yeah they are" as she went along with it but got even more curious "bru- I mean peter?"


Peter/bruno: Cheesing "yeah" turning onto his side to face me


Karri: bit her lip "have you ever uhm..." trying to think carefully "been to third base with a girl


Peter/bruno: snickering like a virgin "No!" sounding like a kid as he blushed


Karri: squinted her eyes "are you sure?" scooting close to him


Peter/bruno: tensing up "Uh yeah I'm sure" Eyes wide watching her get on top of him


Karri: "do you know how to kiss?" staring into his wondering eyes


Peter/bruno: voice a little squeaky "yeah I guess"


Karri: "kiss me then"


Peter/bruno: eyes got bigger "ok" he kissed her 


Something was definitely wrong with him this kiss felt like it was his first time and I would know because bruno is a great kisser I just don't get it I couldn't take it anymore so I pulled away and got back on my side of the bed leaving a shocked bruno up. things just wasn't adding up so the next day I woke up and I turned over to see that his shirt was off and he was still sleeping so I scooted next to him and kissed his lips and he must have been half way sleep cause he started kissing me back but this kiss was all bruno it was what I remembered and I really got confused as I pulled away


Bruno: confused "baby what's wrong?" moving the strand of hair away from my face


Karri: "you don't remember anything from last night do you?"


Bruno: "remember what? I mean I remember you calling me a squirrel and saying that I was a perv and I'm always trying to get a nut which was quit funny, why you ask?"


Karri: bit her lip "no reason, but can we finish where we left off that kiss was getting good"


Bruno: flipped her over staring her body up and down "Damn you so beautiful"


Karri: smiled "kiss me already"


he begin kissing her and they make out without making love even though we wanted to but the twins started crying


Karri: sigh "well that's my cue' getting up


Bruno: getting up with her "No, that's our cue"


I smiled and we both went into the room and tended to the babies needs then we both took turns getting dressed I was first and so I was wearing this:


I comb my hair to one side loosely curling the ends and walked back into the twins room which they both were sleeping again and bruno just staring me up and down


Karri: put them eyes back in ya head and go get dressed pampin"


Bruno: poked his lip out "ok" 


as soon as I turned around he slapped me on the butt


Karri: gasped "Owwwwwah!!"


Bruno: just laughed walking out


he went and got in the shower and got dressed wearing this:


after he finished we decided to go out for breakfast and take the twins for a walk in the park


Karri:  "It's so nice out we needed to get out of the house"


Bruno: laying a blanket down in the grass "yeah we did" getting jayden out of the stroller and sitting down


Karri: taking off her shoes "are you hot? cause you look like you are"


Bruno: "and you know it" tilting his hat to the front from the back biting his lip


Karri: chuckled "retard. I was talking about temperature wise jack ass"


Bruno: "you gone stop calling me names or else" putting jayden back in the stroller taking off his jacket


Karri: seductive voice " or else what?"


Bruno: "don't tempt me karri" 


Karri: raised her eyebrow "since when did you decide to be on first name bases peter?" crossing her arms


Bruno: "don't go there Ne'Karri" pointing his finger at her


Karri: knocked his hand out her face "oh so you wanna go there Peter Gene Hernandez"


Bruno: jaw dropped "yes I went there now I'm coming back Ne'Karri Geneisha Hernandez....wait our middle name is creepy because we both in way have the same middle name it's just yours have isha on the end.....WOW!!!"


Karri: "yeah that is.....but don't be trying to get off the hook pampin"


Bruno: "I never said that you was off the hook either"


Karri: " oh so you fishing for a reason to mess with me?"


Bruno: "you already know and see now I'm about to reel that a** in so I can watch you wriggle your way up out this"


And with that he tackled her and started tickling her as she screamed and laughed trying to get him to stop


Karri: "STOP IT!!"


Bruno: "NEVER!! say my name"


Karri: "gilipollas"


Bruno: tickling her more "Ehhh!! Wrong what's my name"


Karri: crying and laughing "burro"


Bruno: laughing "I'm not gonna stop until you say it"


Karri: screaming "gamberro"


Bruno: "MmMm Imma give you one more try what's my name?" tickling her body and her feet too


Karri: screaming and laughing louder "sexo del dragón"


Bruno: cheesing "I like that where did that come from" stopped tickiling her


Karri: trying to catch her breathe "I don't know I just figured if I said something with the word sex in it you would stop"


Bruno: "Aha!! that only made me anxious, excited and horny" (no need for nervous)


Karri: "oh god get off me prev" had turned in front of him but was on all fours about to ge up but bruno grabbed her waiste keeping her in a doggystyle position 


Bruno: smacked her on the butt "ooh getting a lil kinky in the park are we?"


Karri: eyes wide looking around "omg bruno" laughing "you need some prayer there is people out here"


Bruno: flipped her on her back and layed on top of her "so" kissing her passoinately w/ tongue in public 


at that point she didn't care cause the kiss was getting good the twins are asleep so no worries atleast that's what she thought until the kiss became very immature for her taste and she pulled away


Karri: she stared him in the eyes hesitating before speaking "Peter"


Petr/Bruno: smiled "that's me! hello beautiful"


OMG!! what is going on here?????



Chapter 22: Two Sides To A Story!! 


It's two weeks and bruno is still having these freak episodes so I decided to wait until he zones out again to take him to the doctor because if the real bruno would never agree to go. I agreed for the twins to go to hawaii and spend some time with there family I explained why and they told me to get on it asap because they want to know what's going on too, but I'm going to miss my little munchkins but first things first and here we go.......


Peter/bruno: "so why do I have to go to the docs?"


karri: "just a yearly check up that's all. you ready?"


Peter/bruno: "yeah"


as soon as we got to the doctor they saw him right away and then we wait for the test results and a hour later the doctor asked me to step outinto the hallway I mean what is it that he couldn't just say it in front of bruno.


the doctor: looking at his chart "we have a serious problem mrs hernandez"


and that's when I felt that huge knot in my throat and my heart falling to the floor


Karri: "what is it?"


the doctor: sigh "he has a brain tumor and it was caused form the accident he had a while back it's just now starting it's stages we need to act now before it gets worse"


Karri: serious look on her face "how serious doc?"


the doctor: "this is just the beginning I mean brain tumors are very serious it could lead to abusiveness or even wanting to hurt other people including you possibly wanting to hurt himself that'ts why we need to act now before it's to late, but......."


Karri: eyes wide "why the but? but what?"


the doctor: "the tumor is in the back of his head surrounded by the nerves that are around the spine one simple mistake could paralyze him or kill him but the decision is up to you and we can't do anything without your consent" he put his hand on her shoulder and walked away


I just stood there looking dumbfounded as I turned around and looked in the room where bruno was and begin to cry. how do I tell my husband that he's in danger and tell this other side of him even though he wouldn't understand *sigh* I'm so lost right now. I didn't realize how long I was standing there until I hear bruno walking up to me


Bruno: "baby can you tell me why we are at the doctors office is something wrong with the twins, you my family what? whats going on? baby"


I just enhaled and told him the hold story no need to hold it in and it made me cry even more looking at his blank face like someone had died


Karri: crying "I'm so scared bruno what are we supposed to do?"


Bruno: I don't know I don't know. uhm lets go home and call my family and let them know what's up and check on the twins ok"


Karri: still crying "ok"


Bruno: holding her close "Shh stop crying baby it's gonna be ok I'm gonna be ok" kissed her forehead


we walked out the doctors office and head home I had a really bad headache and just wanted to lay down so bruno handled calling his family while I layed down for a few hours. it was noon when I layed down and it is now 3pm man I slept for along time but my headache was gone and then I felt warm soft hands touching my face as I turned to him and looked into his eyes and kissed him I don't understand why this is happening to him but god will find a way to sort this out all I need is faith. we finally pull away and i scooted over so that he could lay next to me


Karri: "how you feeling?" playing with his hair


Bruno: "I feel fine now that I'm laying next to you how about you?"


Karri: playing with his necklace rubbing the cross between her fingers "I'm fine and I know sooner or later you are gonna be gone and the young teenage peter is going to be showing up anytime soon"


Bruno: giggled "it sounds funny to hear that you're talking to my past.....don't let me find out you done been intimate with him behind my back" he laughed


Karri: laughed "you're so crazy it's not cheating if it's the same person but younger and besides I'm thinking about trying out young peter he's unexperienced I need to teach him a few thangs"


Bruno: " it ain't gone be the same cause it ain't me"


Karri: "uh yeah he is you same body same ahem just different personalities


Bruno: "did you kiss him?"


Karri: looked away and cleared her throat "yeah"


Bruno: "KARRI! how could you? is he better than me?"


Karri: "he's an amateur, but when I'm done with him......." scooted down in the bed squirming around "WHOOOOO!! that boy gone be a grown man" she smiled and looked at bruno from the corner of her eye who had a str8 face "hahaha I'm just kidding well maybe a little bit" she straddled him and started kissing him passionately


I just loved the way his lips taste so sweet like fresh sugar from a sugar cane. we were deep into the kiss and 2 minutes in the kiss became a little freakier than normal and I pulled away and stared peter in the eyes but something was different about him this time I just didn't know what it was until he spoke 


Peter/bruno:  "wadduup up sexy" carressing my thighs "damn you look so good right now"


I was wearing this:



Karri: gave him the suspiciuos look "Thank you" got curious again "so....can we finished where we left off or what?"


I needed to see what was so different and to figure out if this is one those changes that the doctor was talking about so he placed both of his hand up under the back of my thighs and pulled me closer to an erect bruno who began kissing me way sexier and freakier than bruno would. bruno was always sensual and romantic when we kissed this was like high school making out so I'm assuming he's in the older teenage days now cause he was feeling all over me I was trying to control my feelings but he was way more in control then I was and all I know is that my clothes are off and he's touching and doing things to me that bruno don't usually do to me I was speechless.......he was a little more aggressive than bruno there was no making love right now just straight sex. part of me was feeling guilty but the other part I knew it was still bruno he's in there some where. he thrusted harder as I grabbed the sheets turning my head biting at my wriste trying not to scream with pleasure as he went deeper inside me and then something changed he begin kissing, licking and biting my spot on my neck and I clearly knew that I didn't tell him where it was only bruno knew and then he said my name


Bruno: moaned "karri"


He was back but finishing where his other side left off making love to me like he normally do. I held him close as he slowed down swimming in my ocean of love taking me to this wonderful world of exctasy as I kiss his ear and slightly bit it making him go deeper making me dig my nails in his back as I moaned but yet still grinding slow feeling his warm sweat fall unto my chest. I never seen bruno like this since we've been together there was something different about him too I just couldn't put my finger on it. as we both reached our peek he collapse onto me as I run my fingers through his hair feeling our hearts beating at the same rhythm while we try to catch our breathe.


Karri: "baby you ok?"


Bruno: looked into my eyes and yes there was something truly different about him "I'm fine" he kissed me again and rolled out of bed walking to the bathroom


I layed back down and stared at the ceiling trying to put two and two together I then hear the shower running 


Bruno: yelling from the bathroom "Baby why don't you come join me"


Karri: "ok" getting out the bed


I got in and we started making out again but no making love then we bathed and dried each other off. I walked into the closet and put on my pj's:


I walked out and bruno was sitting up in the bed on the phone talking to phil so I got in the bed and bruno patted his chest telling me to lay there and so I did while he played in my hair I could hear his voice echo through his chest as it moved up and down on beat with his heart It puts me to sleep. I am still trying to figure out what to do , but my mind is blank only thing I can do is pray about it. his family will be here bringing the twins back ah man I miss my babies and they already told me that have gotten big I can't wait. it's going to be a long road ahead of us but I'm willing to take that ride no shortcuts I want things to be right for him I can't even imagine being without him.......... And I won't!!



Chapter 23: The Wait!!!


It was 5:00am and buno wakes me out of my sleep saying that his head was hurting so I hurried up and got dressed took him to the emergency room to get checked out and after they got finished seeing him they told us that he has to be admitted and at that moment we both were petrified and clueless of what's gonna be the next move so we headed up to the floor were they put him on his hospital clothing (I can't stand to say gown, ughhh!!) and put his I.V. in which I held his hand because he was scared of needles


Bruno: squeezing his eyes together facing me "Omg, I hate needles" holding my hand


Karri: giggled "But baby how you gone be scared of needles and got 4 tattoos? I mean hello they use needles for that" 


Bruno: biting his lip while his eyes are still closed "that's differrrrrrrrrennnnnt, Shitttttttt that fuckin hurted Ooooh!! dammit" eyes wide looking at the nurse tape the I.V down


Karri: str8 face "you're a drama queen my love I mean the babies don't even do all that potty mouth"


Bruno: looking around noticing the nurse was gone "come here" he said with a seductive voice"


Karri: "what?' I walked over to him


Bruno: running his hand up between my thigh "I'm like naked under this fine wadrobe and you're standing there looking so sexy with no make up your hair curly and you got a dress on that's turning me on" carressing my thigh


Karri: "you freaky horn dog do you once in your life not think about sex?"


Bruno: thinking face "Uhm...No, No I don't now commere" pulling me by my dress:


Karri: "Bruno...? stop it we might get caught"


Bruno: "damn man oh well better luck next time. anyway call my mom and tell everybody I'm at the hospital and to hurry up I miss my boys my babies"


I got my phone out and called everybody and they said they will be out as soon as possible and so in the meanwhile the doctor comes in to talk to us


The Doctor: "Hello mr. hernandez Mrs. Hernandez I was coming in to tell you about his condition and what's going on back there"


Bruno: got worried "Is there something wrong doc?"


The Doctor: "well from what it looks like is it's triyng to get bigger and I hate to tell you this we need to get this out or you're not gonna make it"


Karri: started crying "Why is this happening? everything I loved is always tookin from me" 


Bruno: wrapped his arms around her "Baby please don't cry" started crying and rubbing her back "baby I'm gonna be fine lets just get this over with ok?"


Karri: jumped up "Baby no you can't go through with this surgery. what if something happen to you while you're under the knife?"


The Doctor: "We would be very careful when it comes to surgerys like this but he's right he's gonna be fine you just gotta have faith, trust, strength and Love. understanding  those are the key ingredients to a happy life


Wow a doctor that not only tries to save someones life but also gives words of encouragement which is something that I needed. before the doctor left He told us that he's going to do the surgery tomorrow just so that he could spend quality time with his family when they get here because he wanted them to be here and he especially wanted to see his baby boys I have never seen a man who was just so happy to see his kids well atleast not all of them anyway. six hours later we hear a bunch of people walking down the hallway and there everybody was walking through the door with smiles and ready to give hugs


Bernie: hugging me "omg hello sweetie, how are you?" 


Karri: "Uhhh I'm trying to hang in there" 


Bernie: hugging bruno "Aww!! how's my baby doing?" kissing his head


Bruno: smiled but blushing "I'm doing fine mum"


Eric brought in the twins one on each hip and all three of them were smiling, but me and bruno were both staring at jayden because for some apparent reason he started looking like eric and we both looked at each other


Bruno: getting excited "There go my angels" eric sat both of them down on him and jaylen was the first to crawl to him "omg, baby they crawling" excited


Karri: "yes they are" jayden crawled over to me "hey baby, you guys miss mommy and daddy?"


Eric: "they are like the sweetest babies in the world, but jaylen......"


Bruno & Karri: at the same time "Oh God"


we share a laugh


Karri: "what did he do?"


Eric: giggled "nothing at all it's just that I was sitting there playing with him and the way he moves, act, and his attitudes towards things just took me back to bruno. that little boy is like bruno being born again and then he looks just like bruno when he was born I was blown away so me and him got along the same way me and bruno did.


Bruno: "you really think so?" bouncing jaylen up and down


Eric: "yeah that is your twin bro"


Bruno smiled and continued to play with jaylen while pete asked karri if he could talk to her for a minute she agrred and handed jayden to eric and they walked to the waiting room


Peter: smiling "So how is my new daughter-in-law doing?"


Karri: "if you want the honest truth then not to good. I'm so scared pete"


Peter: "and that's what I wanted to talk to you about because I feel that vibe from you. sweetheart there is nothing to be afraid of bruno is a strong young man an there ain't nothing he can't fight. I want you to have faith in him and to love, trust and be honest with him at all times and be understanding that is the best way to keep a marriage alive ok?"


Damn the doctor just said thee exact same thing to me maybe this isn't so bad after all


Karri: crying "yes I understand thanks pete"


Peter: hugging her "aww, no problem sweetie that's what dads here for"


I looked up at him and smiled because that's what my dad used to say. while I was wiping my tears away with the kleenex bruno came walking through the door


Bruno: "pops you in here making my wife cry?" pulling me close to him


Peter: "I wasn't trying to make her cry my son just giving her some words of encouragement I will leave you to alone" he smiled and walked out


Karri: "baby what are you doing out of the bed?"


Bruno: "I needed to move around I was getting a bit stiff" bumped his pelvic up against hers


Karri: rolled her eyes and laughed "you're a mess boy"


Bruno: giggled "I'm just kidding my body was so what was you and me pops talking about?"


Karri: "it's a daughter-in-law and pops first talk so none of your biznazz sexy boy" kissed him on the lips


Bruno: pushing her up against the wall "Ooh, see now you about to get something started" kissing her passionately


while we were kissing I felt like someone was watching us and so I just happened to open my eyes and jaylen was right there in the door way looking at both of us smiling 


Karri: still kissing bruno "baby look" tapping him on the arm


Bruno: opened his eyes "Whaaa....jaylen what are you doing out here by yourself" walking over to him and picked him up


I laughed when he bent over because I saw a butt cheek so I walked over there quickly and lightly smacked him on it


Karri: walking pass him "woo nice ass" winking my eye at him and then I see eric laughing his ass off "you let jaylen crawl over here didn't you?"


Eric: "yeah I seen you two making out and so i backed up a little and let him crawl to where you were" laughing


Karri: "you're something else yep you're bruno's brother" patted him on the back


Eric: laughing


Bruno: walking down the hall with jaylen holding jaylen in the air "hey mini me how you been" jaylen smiling hard at him 


they both walked back into the room and bruno got back in the bed still holding jaylen and sat him on his lap facing him and jalyen started having a baby conversation with bruno


Bruno: "aww they messing with daddy baby, huh?"


jaylen continued to do baby talk and bruno made a sad face


Bruno: "they been messing with you" still making the sad face and jaylen and jayden looked at bruno and made a sad face and started crying at the same time it was so cute jaylen reached for bruno to pick him up we all was just Awwww'n and then we laughed. jaylen had a death grip on bruno he wouldn't let go no matter how many times bruno tried to pull him away all he could do was smile. after about 15 minutes jaylen had fallen asleep on bruno and so he layed down and layed jaylen in the front of him and kissed him on the head while jayden was sleep in my arms


Bernie: "me and pete is gonna go and get some coffee will be right back ok?"


Karri & Bruno: "Ok"


me, bruno and eric were still in the room but bruno had fell asleep and 5 minutes later presley, jaime, tahiti and tiara walk in and greeted me and they each gave bruno a kiss on his forehead but it didn't wake him up. it was like he was at peace with jaylen right there laying with him it was kinda scary lookin at him cause I started thinking about what eric said about them looking just alike and man they look exactly alike wow!! mouth open and all lol!! so we all were talking and laughing when the doctor cam in and told us that they were start the surgery tomorrow @8:00am sharp. Whooo!! I was so nervous and everybody could sense that and told me it was gonna be alright. I told everybody that they could sleep at my house until tomorrow and that I was gonna stay up here with bruno and they agreed and they took the twins with them so that they could sleep in there own beds. it was one long dreadful night until 7:30am came and then we all just watched the nurses prep him for surgery all I could do was cry I couldn't watch them do it I just nestled my head into eric's chest until I heard bruno's voice calling me


Bruno: "baby commere" he motioned


Karri: walking over to him and he layed my head on his chest still crying


Bruno: rubbing my back resting his cheek on my head "you hear this heart beating?"


Karri: "MmHmm"


Bruno: "well I'm not gonna allow it to stop beating for you. baby everything is gonna be ok. you know what here I want you to hold on to this and promise to pray until I come out but don't put that down hold on to it tight" handing her his cross necklace


Karri: knodded her head she then took off her heart necklace that he got her and place it in his hand "this is to let you know that you will always have my heart, I love you bruno" crying


Bruno: let a tear fall "I love you too just remember to do what I told you ok?'


I watched them roll him out the room crying frantically bernie was holding me telling me it's gonna be ok while they all were crying just as well. I don't know whats gonna happened he was now under someone elses care and there was nothing I could do but just..........Wait -_-



Chapter 24:Why Me!!


I paced back and forth in the waiting room looking at the clock numerous times waiting for the doctor to come out but my patients is wearing thing. I continue to pace until eric came up to me 


Eric: are you ok? would you like something to eat or drink?"


Karri: shook her head no "No I'm ok, but thanks for asking" I looked at the clock


Bernie: "Sweetheart you need to eat bruno wouldn't want you to not eat so please eat something"


Jaime: "I'll go with you and we can talk about whats on your mind if that helps"


Bernie: gave her the It's ok look


I looked at bernie and jaime and decided to go I mean they were right bruno wouldn't allow me to stress myself like this so we went down to eat and jaime was so fun to talk to and then my stomach started hurting I felt something was wrong and jaime could tell there was something wrong with me 


Jaime: "are you ok?"


Karri: holding my stomach "No, somethings wrong I can feel it i wanna go back to the room"


Jaime: "ok" 


So the closer we got to the waiting room the stonger my pain was and that's when the doctor came in with a straight face and that's when I flt a burning sensation throughout my body and then he speaks


The Doctor: "I'm sorry......


All hell broke loose and I just stood there eyes and mouth wide without a single tear forming everything in the room went blank I didn't see noone else in the room but me and white walls covered with mirrors. I looked at myself into the mirros and he walked up behind me wrapping his arms around my waiste and begin to whisper in my ear


Bruno: "I love you"


Karri: "I love you too, but wha....."


Bruno: put his finger to her lips "Shhh, Don't stress that pretty little mind I'm just believe that I'm still here I'm still here" taking the cross and the hear necklace putting them both on my neck  "you will find me as long as you have faith" kissed her lips one last time and vanished


Karri: "bruno wait" as I was distracted from my thoughts


Eric: callimg my name multiple times "Karri come sit down"


Karri: walked up to the doctor "Where is he?"


The doctor: hesitated to speak "he;s in the morgue" pager goes off "I'm sorry I have to go"


somehting was just not right. later on that evening everyone cme to our house while I took jaylen to me and bruno's room and presley had jayden and I layed in the bed. I stared at jaylen while he played with his fingers and talking and then he we made eye contact and jeez it was creeping me out how much he looked like bruno he crawled over to me and and started playing with my nose as I smiled at him he then leaned down and kissed me on the lips which was very wet but cute and placed his little hand on my cheek. I continued to stare into his eyes while he looked in mine like he was trying to tell me something like how I say bruno's does butI just couldn't get it, but then he started crying and I knew that cry it was I want daddy cry. he wouldn't stop for nothing until I layed him on bruno's pillow he stopped and just layed there and fell asleep so I layed next to him and I knew that it was bruno's scent that calmed him down it was so sweet but masculine at that point I could no longer hold in my tears. as I cried I walked over to his closet and just stared at it until I found something unfamiliar so I grabbed it and it was a long white envelope with no writing on it so I opened it to find it was our tickets to bali for our honeymoon and they were dated for tomorrow. I burst out into overflowing tears balled up on the floor trembling at the thought of knowing my husband was no longer I just couldn't take it. It's now the funeral and I was in no shape to even go but I knew I had to be there but me and the family decided to not have an open casket we just couldn't take seeing him in there so I get dressed:


An dthen it was time. I was just sitting there like a zombie looking at his casket wondering was this all a dream, but reality started to kick in when they stared lowering him in the ground and that's when bernie and pete walked over to comfort me and just when they were about to turn me around to leave I saw a familiar face watching us and I got heated up inside and walked over to them.


Karri: Angry "What the hell are you doing here bitch!!"


Girl: "if I were you I would be extremly nice to me"


Karri: "me be nice to you after waht you had done I don't think so"


Girl: "Aww!! I was just having a little fun"


Karri: "get the fuck away from here or I will call the police" I yelled


Girl: got in my face "I wouldn't do that if I were you especially when it has something to do with your precious little husband. I would be very careful"


Karri: "what the hell are you talking about and don't speaking of my husband bitch"


Girl: "you bitches never learn you better be nice to me or he won't see daylight" walking away then stopped in her tracks "Oh and you forgot? the names Chelsy Bitch" ran into the woods


Karri: "Chelsey wait what do you mean? give me back my husband" I collasped on the grown


I was crying so hard till I felt strong arms and hands lift me up it was eric and took me to the car and then home. I sat there puzzled about what she was tslking about but then again she is a liar......or is she?



Chapter 25: Could it be or Not??


It's been 2 years since we burried bruno and I haven't seen chelsey since then and things haven't been the same around here the babies are now 2 years old. I miss my hubby so much his eyes, humor, personality and that smile is something you will never forget anytime or place but I managed to get up and actually do some cleaning just to keep my mind off of it. It wasn't doing any good because I kept running across things that reminded me of him so I decided to call Alyssa and see how she and phil were doing now that they have a a baby girl now she is so beautiful they named her Alani.......


Alyssa: "hey girl how are you doing?"


Karr: sighed "ok I guess" starrted crying "I miss him so much ally what am I going to do? I'm so lost right now"


Alyssa: "I know sweetheart I know how you feel It can be pretty ruff in the beginning but things will get better"


Karri: sobbing and heeving "I don't know ally I feel like a big part of me has been ripped away from me"


Alyssa: "why don't you bring the twins over here and me and phil will watch them while you go take a nice walk you need a little time to yourself. would that be ok?"


Karri: sniffed "yeah I guess. I will bring them in a few"


Alyssa: "ok sweetie see you then"


Karri: "ok bye"


I actually decided to do it maybe this is what I needed so I went upstairs to get dressed:


and I put my hair into a mid pony and then got the twins ready. I dropped them off and they wanted to keep them over night so they could spend some time with them so I let them even though it's going to be hard to sleep in an empty home alone. I drive to the park where me and bruno where last and walked around and stopped and looked at the pond the sky was so gray I guess it was just as sad as I was until I looked down and looked across the pond I saw a man who looked just like bruno, but I started to get curious as always and try my best to get a better look and that's when he said I love you in sign language and then pointed to me and then blew me a kiss I couldn't believe what I was seeing I didn't know whether to think it was real or fake but I needed to know so I ran around the pond towards him and then I see him running off into the woods and once I got there he was gone. I yelled his name multiple times but no answer until I look off a little deeper into the woods I see some one shoving someone in a car like they were in a hurry and that's when they turned around and my eyes grew bigger it was jazmine. she looked at me and smiled and got in the car and sped off while I chased after the car yelling her name I stopped and then I see the same man look back out of the window and I begin crying falling unto my knees. I didn't know what to do at that point so I get the energy to get up and walk to the car and once I get there it was a note on my windshield so I grabbed it and got in the car and I begin to read it. 


Karr: "If you want him alive meet me at the boardwalk at midnight with $100,000 cash no checks you screw this up you're gonna be burying him foreal it's your choice"


OMG!! BRUNO IS ALIVE. MY BABY IS ALIVE......wait how do I know he isn't just a look alike? I mean there is plenty around here so I'm not going to assume anything right now until that time comes, but dang $100,000 dollars what do she need that kind of money for jeez. but I didn't care so it was now 3:30pm and I had enough time to go to my store and go into the safe and get the money placing it into a mini duffle bag and heading back home. I begin to get nervous, anxious, some what excited and impatient so I decided to take a nap I set my alarm on my phone for 11:00pm because it's going to take me 45 minutes to get there so I finally fall asleep. the alarm goes off and I jump up and grab the duffle bag and drove as fast as I could to the boardwalk , but when I got there no one was there I was getting really scared and upset until my phone rang.........


Karr: "hello"


Voice: "there has been a change of plans"


Karri: getting upset "WHAT? no you can't do this you told me here at the boardwalk"


Voice: "I know that but listen or else"


they put the phone up to the mans mouth and that's when I heard that sweet familiar voice yell into the phone


Man: "Baby I'm ok don't be scared this will be over soon baby, "please don't hurt her" baby I love yo......"


Voice: "bing the money to the blue lantern and make sure you are dressed for the occassion you want to look nice when you get your hubby back don't you? don't be late" hung up


Karri: "wait...." 


I am really scared now wha if she's playing around with my emotions or is she foreal but that sounded like bruno. so I get home and got dressed:


I applied my makeup just a natural look and a nude lip and headed out the door. I make it to the club and it was very nice I was dressed perfect for this club and it didn't have that many people in there so I made my way in looking around when I saw some big buff guy motioned for me to come to him an so I did and he had me to follow him up som stairs and down this hallway which the lights were flickering and rooms full of baseheads where in the world was I? we make it to these double doors and he opened them and told me to go in and that she would be in here shortly. I started to get really nervous my hands sweating my throat feels like it's closing up on me as I here heels clicking down the hallway to my left and there she was smoking a cigarette looking me up and down. she blew the smoke my way as I fanned it away from my face she begin to speak......


Jazmine: "well hello there. Hmph I see why he's begging me to let him go you're so sexy" she tried carressing my face


Karri: moved her hand away "where is my husband jazmine?"


Jazmine: "Awww, little man is fine you will see him I'm just conversating with you right now" sitting next to me "you're so beautiful" moving my hair away from my face


I moved her hand again


Karri: "I have the money I just want my husband so we can go home"


Jazmine: "and you will, just be patient I'm just sitting here admiring your beauty. look just go with the flow and you will have your husband alive, but you have to do as I say" running her hand up my thigh


Karri: felt violated "and what's that"


Jazmine: "just let me do what I want and after that you can have your husband back....maybe"


Karri: "No, what do you mean maybe? you said you wanted money I have that. why are you doing this jazmine?"


Jazmine: "DON'T worry about it ok? would it help if I let you see him for a minute and then you give me what I want"


Karri: "Let me see him"


she got up and held her hand out but I rejected it and she shrugged her shoulders and walked back down the hallway she came from while I followed we get to this big white door that was locked up and she opened it. I was trembling so hard I just didn't know what to expect at this moment but when she opened the door it was dark and cold as we walked in I couldn't see anything until I was walking and my foot kicked something soft and something yelled "Ahhh!!" but it was muffled. I reached down to see what or who it was and my hand touched a head full of hair which was curly and soft I ran my hand down to the ears and they felt just like bruno's but then I felt tape over the persons mouth and removed it they didn't say anything so I felt there lips which were soft just like his but I wasn't sure so there was only one way I was gonna know if it was bruno and that's tell the person to sing. they didn't say anything so I asked again and they finally started to sing and they were HORRIBLE!!! x( this is not bruno so I walked out the door and walked right up to jazmine with anger in my eyes 




Jazmine: "that is your husband sweetheart"




Jazmine: "look I had to make sure you followed the instructions as planned or he would have killed us all"


Karri: "He? who the hell is he jazmine? are you telling me someone else has bruno?"


Jazmine: knodded her head yes


Karri: "Who jazmine?"


Jazmine: "I can't tell you that or else he will have my head"


Karri: "TELL ME!! NOW!!"


Jazmine: "No!! look just get out and now that we have the money we can clear it with him and then we will see about giving you your husband back" she walked away


I couldn't believe this had me thinking that I was gonna see bruno and it wasn't even him I am so hurt right now Is he alive or is he not?



He P.O.V


as I sat there looking at the surveillance camera I see bruno's wife standing there looking lost and hurt I look back at him who is staring also with tears in his eyes I walked over to him and snatched the tape away from his mouth as he yelled in pain...


Bruno: "why are you doing this man? I want to go home and be with my wife and see my boys I know they miss missing me like crazy"


He: "In due time once they bring me the money and we count it and it's all there you can go home to that fine sexy a** wife of yours man if she was here I would have...."




He: laughing "how did you end up with a fine girl like her? I mean did you see how she was dressed? that dress was hugging every curve with them sexy ankle straps nice a** perfect skin...."


Bruno: pissed "I SAID KNOCK IT OFF"


He begin to laugh at how bruno was so defensive over me and put the tape back over bruno's mouth


He: "you know what? I got mad respect for you and how you take up for your wife, you alright!"




he walked out of the room leaving bruno in there locking the door behind him while bruno got to glance at karri while she was still sitting in the room and then that's when he noticed that she was walking up to the camera but she must have not noticed that it was a camera there but he thought wrong because she spoke into the camera hearing everything she said.....


Karri: carefully watching her surroundings "hey baby I hope you can here me but I'm going to find you and the boys miss you so much they have grown to be some little men and jaylen ah man everyday it looks like you are walking around the house lol!! I haven't told your family about this until I know for sure that you're alive and at home safe.......I love you baby" tears falling down her face


bruno begin to cry silently as the camera went off he just knew the "He" did that on person and knew that karri was gonna want to talk to him so he allowed it that time. bruno layed his head back up against the chair and karri layed her head back up against the driver seat. I'm still having a hard time believing anyone this is nothing I want to play any games If bruno is alive I want him home with us. I drive off and I finally made it home as I walked in I begin taking off my shoes and making my way up to our room I put on my pj's and then lay down in this cold bed. I stare at the ceiling then at the moon which was full next thing I know I had fallin asleep, but before I fell asleep I rolled over to bruno's side of the bed and slept on his pillow it was aromatherapy for my soul I lay there content but then begin to cry praying silently.....


Karri: "Oh God if my husband is still alive just give me a sign and to know that he's ok please god that's all I'm asking"


I finally fall asleep........


I feel someone getting in the bed with me of course I'm scared I couldn't even move until they wrapped there arms around me and kiss me on my neck on my favorite spot and that's when I turned around and there he was staring at me with those big beautiful eyes sweet lips and a body of a god. of course I was trying to firgure out what was going on was I dreaming?


Bruno: "Can I make love to you?"


Karri: "yes"


It felt so real while we were making love and I mean truly foreal I couldn't believe what was going on and really didn't care I continue to indulge into his fantasy world and then we were fnished. I layed on his chest....


Bruno: "I love you so much karri"


Karri: "I love you too"


And with that we fall asleep, but when I woke up bruno wasn't beside me so I searched the house and I realize it was all a dream...........