Chapter 54+55

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Chapter 54

“Look how big you’re getting!” I said as I scooped Devin in for a hug. I closed my eyes and squeezed him close to me. As I sat him back down he grabbed my hand, “Wait look I gotta show you something!” he said pulling me away. I smiled up to Michelle as he pulled me down the hall. We got into his room and he took me over to a part of the wall that had markings on it. He stood in front of it on his tippy toes, I laughed, “You can’t cheat!” He giggled and laid his feet down flat, “Look.. I’m growing.” I smiled and shook my head, “You sure are.. but, you can’t get taller than me okay?” “I’m gonna be as tall as a dinosaur.” he said standing on his toes again. I laughed, “You know what.. everyone loves dinosaurs so I’m fine with that..” He smiled and came in and hugged me, “Thank you..” I hugged him again and closed my eyes. He made me think about having kids again, and before I knew it I was thinking about Bruno.

April was in a couple of days already and last time I talked to Bruno he said that was on his way to Asia. He was really excited when he told me that he was going to see some of his family in the Philippines. I was just so proud of him and everything he had been doing up to now. I still couldn’t believe that it had already been a month, and time was actually flying. There we’re only about 3 weeks that separated us from each other now. As long as I kept myself busy like I have been doing, I’m sure it’ll go by quickly. I picked the perfect time to get myself back on my birth control because I was pretty sure it would be no more worries when he got back. I tried my best to push the kids subject to the back of my mind, because it just couldn’t happen right now. As bad as I wanted it, it just couldn’t happen. The nights seemed so lonely and I felt myself crying at damn TV shows. Everything just affected me a lot differently when he wasn’t around.

It was Friday and I was looking forward to this weekend. Some shopping today and a nice night with the girls tomorrow. I only bought a couple of outfits for I don’t know what, I just knew that I wanted a couple of nice shirts. Michelle would pick something up and put it against me, and I would answer with ‘are you serious?’ every time. I swear she would try to get me to wear the most craziest things. But, I really didn’t think Bruno liked all of that, so I kept it just as casual as he did. Since Cary was out of town for the weekend, I spent a lot of time at Michelle’s house with her and Devin. We sat on the couch that night having a drink waiting for him to pass out. He sat there on the floor in front of us crashing his cars together yelling boom and crash over and over. It was really cute, but it was getting late and he still wasn’t sleeping yet. “So.. when was the last time you talked to Bruno?” she said hitting me with her shoulder softly. I took a deep breath as I looked over to her, “Well.. a couple of hours ago he was getting ready for bed.” “The time difference sucks doesn’t it?” “Yeah.. when it’s dinner time for us, it’s like midnight there…” “Well.. I think you guys are doing great though..” I nodded, “Yep..” “I almost can’t handle Cary leaving for one weekend..” I laughed, “Stop it..” She looked back down to Devin, “Really.. Cary has done so much for me..” “I know.. I wish he would come around more often though!” I teased. “He’s just really quiet you know.. and he likes to keep to himself and just watch his sports sometimes..” I laughed. “Why are you laughing?” she said seriously. “Na.. it’s just Bruno is the exact opposite of that..” She laughed too, “You’re right..”

Bruno was calling me a lot more often now since he had this week and a half stretch in between the start of his shows in Asia. Each time, he tried his best to get me to talk dirty for him, but last time I tried I was terrible. It was one of the most awkward situations of my life. His random calls we’re so cute though because he would ask me what I’m doing, I would tell him then he would say he would call me later. Not even 3 minutes later, I would get a phone call with him and his seducing voice. It was starting to become a everyday thing, but I loved each second of it. After waking up on Sunday with a horrible hangover from the night before I decided I would stay in. I made myself some tea and bundled up in blankets watching TV for a couple of hours. I took a well needed nap and woke up to my phone ringing. “Hello?” I said a bit groggy. “What ya doing babyyy?” he said cheerfully. I smiled, “Well.. I was kind of sleeping?” “Shit.. I’m sorry..” “No it’s okay Bru.. what’s up?” I said sitting up. “Oh nothing sitting here kicking Phil and Phred’s ass in basketball.” All I heard was them talking shit in the background. I laughed, “Sounds fun..” “Are you okay?” he said softly. “I got a hangover..” I said grabbing my stomach. “Oh.. I guess someone had a good night.. you ain’t let no one touch you did you?” he joked. “No.. you know I only want you’re hands touching me..” I said smiling a bit. “Yeah.. okay..” he said and I knew exactly what face he had.

“So where is your next show at?” “In Jakarta, Indonesia.” he said stuttering a bit. I held in my laugh. “Don’t laugh.. you wouldn’t be able to pronounce it either.” “I’m not laughing..” I lied. “But, what you doing later on?” “What? Are you taking me on a date Mr.Mars?” He giggled, “Maybe..” I sighed, “I really wish though..” “I know babe me too..” he said softly. I shook my head a bit just wishing he could come home tomorrow. He yelled really loud my ear and I moved the phone away quickly. “What the hell?” “I’m sorry jump shot.. I’ll call you later alright?” I laughed, “Bye Bru.” I hung up the phone and sat it back on the coffee table. I laid back down on the couch sinking my head into the pillow I had brought out of the bedroom. Before I knew it, I was out like a light again. The next day I hung out with Leiyah and Carla. We got to decorating the nursery because the twins we’re set to be here at the beginning of next month. “I might have to kidnap your kids sometimes..” I said as I fluffed a small pillow in the crib. Carla laughed, “You can anytime.. don’t worry..” “I kind of wanna see how Bruno acts around babies..” I said honestly. I had seen him around toddlers, and a little bit older kids, but not around babies. “Oh god.. I can see him now.. Diamond I can’t make her stop crying.. I can’t change these diapers..” she said talking like him. I shot her a look, “Really?” She just shrugged and we ended the nursery after talking shit about the guys for a little over an hour.

I dropped my bag of leftovers from the resturant on the bar and went straight into the bathroom. I used it and felt completely better after I came out. I had drank a little bit too much soda tonight. As soon as I went to the turn the TV on my phone started to ring, ”Hello?” “What’s good baby..” I sat back smiling, “Nothing much just got in from dinnerrr..” “What did ya’ eat?” he said as I heard rattling in his background. “No the question is what are you eating at like midnight..” “What?” he said with a mouthful of food. I laughed, “What time is there?” I waited as he swallowed whatever he was eating, “Almost 1..” “I guess that’s why it’s like almost quiet there..” “Yep.. I’m just sitting here.. wishing you we’re here..” “Stop it..” I said throwing my head back. “No I really do..” “Why aren’t you sleeping..?” I said trying to change the subject. “Because.. I’m not sleepy..” “Oh so what does that mean?” I said playing like I was confused. “It means.. we’re going to have some fun tonight..” “Oh my god.. no Bruno.. I tell you this everyday..” “Baby please.. just for me.. just this one time.. I’ll leave you alone about it afterwards.. please..” I took a deep breath, “No..” “Fine.” he said before he hung up. I looked at the phone confused. I knew he was playing so I found it funny.

About 30 minutes later he called back, ”Hey babe..” he said whispering. “Why are you whispering?” I whispered. “Because everyone is sleep..” I frowned, “And why aren’t you?” “Because I can’t sleep.. I just told you that..” “What’s keeping you from sleeping?” I said shaking my head. “You want the truth..” “Straight up..” I said mocking him. “I’m horny as hell..” I rolled my eyes, “Oh my god..” “But, I’m over here a million miles away.. and my fiancée can’t even talk dirty for me.. this shit is crazy..” I just sat there listening to him. “As much as I do for her.. and make her feel good when I’m there.. and give her all that damn pleasure she can’t even do this one thing for me..” I got up and started for the bedroom, “Why make me feel bad?” “I’m not trying to baby.. I’m trying to make you feel good..” he said sexually. “Well.. I’m gonna take a bath okay? Okay, love you too.. bye.” I said hanging up on him this time. I laughed as I tossed my phone on the bed, payback. I stripped down and grabbed my towel and my phone just in case he called back. I knew he would anyway. I went in the bathroom and started my bath water and set on my phone on the toilet. I went into a whole new level of relaxation as soon as I got in…..


Chapter 55

This chapter is VERY dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

I laid my head back as I let the warm water move up to my neck. I really hadn’t taken a bath in awhile. I really needed this since I had been stressing myself out over Bruno lately. After almost falling asleep in there, I quickly started to wash myself. I didn’t want to end up dead in here. As I laid my head back again my phone started to ring and I looked over to it. I reached over and dried my hand quickly on my towel. I grabbed it just before it could stop ringing. I laughed as I answered it, “Hi Bruno.. once again..” He laughed, “Babe why are you being so difficult..” I shrugged even though I knew he couldn’t see me, “It’s awkward.. as hell.” “It’s not for me..” he said almost at a whisper. I took a deep breath, “Do you really need it that bad?” “That bad.” I rolled my eyes to myself, “Aren’t the guys there.. and shit..” “Yeah.. but, so what.. I’m downstairs in the back by myself.. ” “Hold on a second.” I said laying my phone on the toilet. I slowly got up and stepped out of the tub, wrapping my towel around me. I took a deep breath as I picked up the phone again, “Alright..” “Just at least talk dirty to me..” he said at a whisper. “Ugh.. alright..” I said frowning a bit. I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to do this. He had been begging for over a month now, and I just wanted to get it over with. I walked into the room, grabbing my body lotion from off the dresser. “I wish you we’re here.. to rub this lotion on me Bru..” “Me too..” he said quietly. I smiled as I held the phone against my shoulder and started rubbing lotion up my legs. “All on my stomach.. and then up to my breasts..” I said putting on a seduction voice. He didn’t say anything so I kept talking. I guess I was doing okay.

“I wish I could just feel you on top of me..” she whispered. I got up and started shuffling around the room, closing the door. I hurried back over to the couch and sat back down. “Uh huh..” I said as I reached for my jeans unbuttoning them. I looked around me even though I knew there was no one was in here, and that everyone was sleeping upstairs. “I wanna feel you all inside me.. rubbing up against me..” I held my breath a bit as I pulled my jeans down to my knees. “I really wanna be inside you baby..” I whispered back unbuttoning my boxers. “I went you deep inside me hitting my spot..” I quickly grabbed myself without much thought and started stroking as I threw my head back into the couch. “Can I just tell you.. that you’re doing a really good job right now..” I said honestly. She laughed a bit, “Are you doing it?” “Yes…” I said nodding a bit. “You should be doing it too.” I said as I licked my lips. “Bruno.. I’m not doing that..” she said sternly. I let myself go for a second, “Okay.. just keep talking then..” I took a deep breath and started again. “I want you grabbing my hips as I ride you..” My breathing started to increase and I sped up a bit. She put perfect pictures in my brain. “I want you so deep.. that I’m screaming your name..”..

All of a sudden, he let out a small moan that made my stomach tingle. It was so soft and I felt like he was right by my side. It really turned me on. “Wow..” I whispered. “What..?” he said quickly. “Nothing… uhh..” I paused and thought for a moment. “Bruno.. if I was to do this… would you talk for me?” He laughed, “Of course babe..” I took a deep breath, I really never had to do this since I was always with him. “Help me get started?” I said as I sat on the bed. I could hear him moving around, “Alright.. touch your breasts..” he whispered. “Bruno.. I..” “Just do it..” he said cutting me off. I took a deep breath and undid my towel from around me, I moved my hand to my chest and squeezing them a bit. I closed my eyes, “Just imagine I’m doing it baby..” he whispered. “Okay..” I said biting my lip. “Now move further down..” I started inching my hand down until I was at my stomach. “Keep going..” he whispered. It was like he knew exactly how I was moving. “Go right in babe.. it’s me..” he said softly. I inched my fingers down until I was inside myself. “Okay.. I’m in Bru..” “Don’t stop now..” he said his voice a bit shaky. “I won’t baby..” “Go deeper.. I wanna hear you moan please..” I moved moved in deeper, letting out a soft moan.

I bit my lip and stroked myself a little faster, “Yes baby.. keep going..” “Bruno.. I really wish this was you..” she moaned. “It is me..” I whispered. “Go faster..” I said quickly. She let out a couple more moans and I threw my head back, I couldn’t believe that I had finally got her to do this, but I was so excited about it. “Can you feel me in you baby.. are you picturing it?” “Yes..” she moaned back. “I’d love to be kissing you right now.. tasting you..” She kept moaning, and my name slipped out. I paused a bit and tried to calm my breathing. “Fuck baby.. I love it when you moan like that..” I said softly. “Bruno.. I think I’m gonna cum..” she said whispered. My eyes widened a bit and I sat up some, “Do it.. let it all out..” I listened to her breathe deeply and let out short moans, “I’m almost there..” “I know baby.. it feels so good..” I responded. “I love it when you hit that spot..” she whispered. “I’m hitting it right now..” I said holding in a moan. I listened as she let out a deep moan and I knew she was cuming. I closed my eyes tight and started going at it as she did. “Oh my god..” she whispered after a couple of seconds. “Shit.. that was music to my ears baby..” I said smiling a bit. “I swear you get me to do some crazy shit Bruno..” “Shh shh.. come on I need to finish..” I said smiling.

I heard her take a deep breath, “Alright.. well.. how far are you?” I closed my eyes, “Don’t ask that.. just talk!” She laughed, “Okay.. well imagine me licking the tip.. and moving down slowly..” “Wow you just went right into it..” I said choking on my words. She laughed, “Just listen..” I didn’t say a word. “Imagine me.. taking you in my mouth inch.. by inch..” “Mhmm..” I whispered. “Sucking you slowly.. taking it as far back as I can..” I felt that familiar tingle in my stomach and I knew I was close. “Now.. I want you on top of me.. slipping yourself inside me.. me moaning right into your ear..” she said slowly. “Fuck..” I whispered. “What?..” I looked around, “Hold on really quick.” I took the phone off my shoulder and set it on the couch. I pushed myself up and walked over to the side of the bar, I grabbed a towel and made my way back. I almost fell as bit with my jeans and boxers at my knees. I quickly sunk back into the couch and grabbed my phone. “Alright baby..” I said smiling and putting the towel around me. I started going at it again, starting off fast, I was so close. “Now you’re hitting me from the back..” I raised a eyebrow with my eyes still closed, “Yeah baby..” “Watching yourself go in and out of me..” I clenched a part of the towel with my other hand, I was right on the edge.

“Making me scream your name in the pillow..” “Moan my name right now.. hurry.” I said shot back. She moaned out my name so good that it sounded real. “Here it comes..” I said my voice a bit shaky. “Give it to me Bru..” she moaned. “Fuck..” I whispered as I quickly moved the towel over myself. I threw my head back all the way and let all the moans I had been holding in out as I came.

“Wow Bruno..” I whispered after I felt like he was done. “Oh my god baby..” he whispered back. “We’re you that horny..?” I said smiling. “Don’t tease me.. you did it too.. and you did a damn good job..” I laughed, “Thanks?” “That just made it a bit easier on you when I get home..” he said strongly. “Oh..” I said not knowing what to say. “I love you babe.. now I can sleep good.” I giggled, “I love you more Bruno..” “Goodnight sweetie.” he whispered as hang up the phone. I took a deep breath and looked at it as it went back to my home screen. I still couldn’t believe that, that had just happened. But, I have to say that it was really fun and sexy. If it kept him from being with any other girl across seas, then I would just have to do that. I finished getting dressed in some comfortable clothes and lounged around for a bit. He’ll be home soon I kept telling myself in my mind. Very very soon. Soon I would be able to count down the days till’ he was home….