Chapter 6-10

22/03/2012 19:18

Chapter 6:

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock ruining my dreams. I just laid there until I notice that I didn't do my homework yesterday. I jumped up, grabbed a towel and took a ten minute shower. Believe it or not I usually take 30 minute showers so ten is pretty good for me. When I got out all I could think is 'Today I don't feel like doing anything. NOTHIN at all'. I put on a pair of skinny jeans and a layered pink shirt. I brush my teeth and do my hair and stuff. When I'm done I run downstairs to find my mom in the kitchen. I gave her a kiss on the cheek, grabbed a granola bar and ran out. 

"Bye mom!" I scream turning to open the door

"Abri!" -_-


"Come Here!" I walk back slowly trying to think of anything I did wrong.
"Where are you going?" Phew.

"To school."

You still have 35 minutes. The walk takes 10."

"Well I was meeting up with some friends at their houses."


"K Bye!" I turn around and start walking

"Wait!" I freeze. I close my eyes and clench my fist while slowly turning around. 


"Who's jacket was that that you were wearing yesterday?"

"Oh that? That's just Eric's. I'll return it to him." With that I run upstairs. I get the jacket, run downstairs, and leave. Once I get outside I put the jacket in my backpack. I go and knock on Eric's door. Mrs. H opens. 

"Oh hi Ay." 

"Hi Mrs. H! Is Eric here?"

"Yea, just come in. He should be down any minute."

"Thanks." she walks in the kitchen while I sit on the couch. It feels so comfy to just sleep on right now. This is like my 2nd house. I kick my feet up and stare at the fan. ' I'll be loungin on the couch...' I start to think until a familiar voice says, 

"Hey mom? Have you seen my fav-" Bruno. I pull out the jacket from my backpack and hold it up. "Nevermind!" He chimes.

He walks over and grabs it with a smirk on his face. "What are you doing here?"

"I was gonna ask you he same thing."

"Uh.. I LIVE here?" I laugh.

"Oh yea. Right!" He stares at me. I start to say "Wha-" his mom walks in 

"Bruno did you want breakfast?"

"Um heeellloooo! Who are you talking to?!" She laughs

"Oh right" he walks with his mom to the table.

"Abri if you want some you can get some."


" Hurry Bruno you gotta eat fast," she says turning to Bruno

"MOM! Do you KNOW me anymore!?" Bruno exclaims through a mouthful of eggs and bacon. Soon after we heard Eric scream from upstairs



Chapter 7:
"MOM!" is all we heard. We all look at each other then run upstairs.

"What is it Eric?!" His mom said. His room was a mess! Clothes everywhere, shoes thrown around, things toppled over and books flown around.

"I can't find my lucky necklace!"

"Eric you had us worried!" I look over to Bruno and he's holding in a laugh with his hands behind him. I wait until he moves his hands and see the necklace in his back pocket.

"I know but there's a test today and I HAVE TO HAVE IT!" I grabbed the necklace without Bruno noticing.

"Your a Drama Que-"

"FOUND IT!" I almost sing cutting Bruno off. I hold the necklace up. Eric runs up, picks me up, and spins me. When I finally get my balance I see Bruno glaring at me.

"You're the bestest!" Eric says and him and mom 2 walk downstairs. 

"What the he-" I put my finger over his lips

"Shh! Payback!" I get closer to him. "And you know what I've been wanting since last night?" I lick my lips while looking at his. Now I see the same worry in his eyes that were in mine yesterday. I get a little closer. "A cup-o k-" I make 'cup of' sound like 'couple' "coffee!" I whisper then brush past him. 

"Oh I see how you play!" He says after me. I stop and look over my shoulder.

"Oh so you wanted me to kiss you?" I say mimicking him last night, saying it low enough where Eric and 'Mom' couldn't here. I mean, since they don't know about our game.

"No!" He whispers now right behind me. "but you got game I can give you that,"
I turn back the start walking downstairs when he grabs my shoulders. He whispers in my ear, "but I'll get you back!" He lets go. I start walking again.

"Yea yea yea" I say getting to the bottom stair with pride. Bruno comes down right behind me. Eric and Mom stare at us and smirk.

"Whatcha been doin'?" Eric asks us

"Nothin'" Bruno answers sitting down.

"Hey Mrs.- um I mean mom?" I have to get used to calling her that since ' I'm family now '


"Do you have any coffee? Decaf?" I say and smirk at Bruno.


Chapter 8:
She goes in the kitchen. "Creamer?"

"Yea" I say and sit down. After I get my coffee, my phone rings. I gotta turn that on silent. I pull it out and look at it. A text from Eric. I look at him but he's still eating. 
It reads:

Do you like Bruno? No point of lying cuz 1. I'm your best friend and 2. I'm gonna find out. ~E-Panda 

I send back:

No! I thought you wanted us to be FRIENDS so we are. ~Abri

His phone rings. I look at Bruno but he's still scarfing down his food. I turn my phone on silent. New text. It reads:

Yea ok. What did you do upstairs? Shake on "being friends"? :) LOL ~E-Panda

I start to reply with: "Yes!" but I hear some laugh behind me. I turn around and see Bruno standing there.

"Do you mind?" I ask

"No go ahead!" I roll my eyes and walk in the kitchen to get a disposable cup to take with me. Bruno walks in and puts his plate in the sink. I act like I'm mad at him. "Showy" He says sorry in a baby voice with his bottom lip out and puppy eyes. I turn to him and cross my arms over my chest. 

"You can't read peoples' stuff like that! Hasn't your mother taught you better?" He nods his head. "Did you learn your lesson?" He nods again. "Now come give me a hug!" He smiles and hugs me. The first thing I though was 'He smells go-' my thoughts were cut short by Eric's voice.

"Lookey here lookey her ah what do we have?" We both jump at his words. Eric stands there smiling "Eric..."


Chapter 9:
"Lookey here lookey here! y'all been hiding it from me?"

"Eric it was just a hug"

"It's what 'friends' do." I say adding to Bruno's statement. "Panda hug?" I walk over to Eric.

"Awh!" He hugs me.

"Now lets go. We are gonna be late." I walk out the house and they follow. 5 minutes into the walk, Eric says,

"Ssoo how'd it all start?" We look at him annoyed.

"I'll tell you when it will start." I quickly turn my head to Bruno when he says that.
"In about..." He looks at his watch then at me. "How old are you?"

"15?" I say confused.

"Ok abou- wait birthday?" He says looking up at me again.

"B-December 7."

"k" He looks like he's really concentrating. I look at Eric who is smiling. Bruno finally speaks again.

"In about 30 seconds..." Eric laughs


"Shh!" Bruno cuts me off.

"It's starting" Eric sings

"Shh!" Bruno says again

"In about 30 seconds, 12 minutes, 7 days, 5 months, 2years, 8 decades, aaannd... 1 century!" He says and when he's done he looks up with a smile on his face. I bust out laughing at Eric's face which makes Bruno laugh. Our laughter gets louder by the second. After a while Eric walks away. 

"I... CAN'T....BREATH!" 

"ME.... NEITHER!" We say between laughter, trying to get air. When we did, we start walking again.

"That was hilarious!"

"I know!" Bruno says all proud. I slap him on his arm

"I was talking about Eric's face."

"Dat huwt" He says like a baby.

"Get over it! But did you see his face?"

"Yea he got mad and walked away." We walk to school. When we do finally get there of course we are late so we go to the office. The principal walks in and says 

"Oh good. Bruno, I need you in my office...."


Chapter 10:
He looks at me. I shrug "See you at lunch." and with that I leave for class. The classes seem to be longer and boring today. I would find myself in another world sometimes. But finally LUNCH TIME! I've never tried to get out of a classroom that fast in my life. I walk over by the cafeteria and see one of my friends.
"Hey Julie!"

"Hey Ay." She looked kinda down.

"Awh did John break up with you again?" She shakes her head yes. They had been having an on and off relationship for a while even though my friends and I don't like him, we support her. She looks at me teary eyed.
"It's ok it's his loss." I hug her

"Thanks. I gotta go."

"K. See ya." I see a curly dirty blonde with a hello kitty backpack. Carol. I walk up.

"Hey Kay!"

"Hey Ay!" We hug. As we pull away I say,

"Someone's in a good mood today!"

"Yea I just got a date! Friday!" I frown. Usually she would be crying over Bruno and i'm happy she's not but something's not right.

"Someone's over someone pretty fast now."

"Don't mention him!"

"Well..." I trail off. She looks at me.

"What'd you do?!" She says at me

"Nothing yet! I just want you to sit with me, Eric, and his brother."

"He only has one brother and I HATE his brother!"

"Oh- Wait. How'd you know that was his brother and I didn't?"

"How'd you NOT know? And I met his family." I smile.

"I heard but just trust me!" I push her over there. We sit down and Bruno and Carol don't talk. I decide to break to silence.

"So Bruno, what did the principal want?" I see Carol look up and raise an eyebrow at him. I knew that would interest her! I know she likes bad boys.
He looks up then back down.

"N-nothing important." He says with a shrug.

"Uh huh?" I say still confused "Well Carol, Bruno, me and Eric will be right back. He needs to help me with some math. Don't leave!" I stand up, motioning for Eric to do the same.

"What? Why don't you do it he- oh!" He gets up and follows me. We hide and watch them. They took forever but finally, it happened...