Chapter 26-31

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Chapter 26: Home Sweet Home


I called alyssa and told her that I was coming to get the twins so I get dressed and drove over there and got them. 


Jaylen: "I want ice cweam mommy"


Jayden" I want ice cweam too mommy"


Karri: "ok ice cweam it is" I smiled


they both laughed 


we make it to the ice cream shop and I was really enjoying my day out with them except it would have been even better if bruno was here. we stay there for about thiry minutes until they were finshed.....


Jaylen: "Mommy where's daddy?"


damn I knew this day was gonna come. I started sweating and my throat was closing up again as I stuttered


Karri: " baby he's gone but just for a little while he will be back ok sweetie"


Both: O' tay mommy


Jaylen: I jwew a picha fo daddy"


Karri: "really? when we get home can I see it"


Jaylen: giggled "Nooo it's fo daddy mommy"


Karri: chuckled "ok, who want's to go shopping" I said excitedly


Both: "Meeeee"


Karri: "ok let's go me little moi goi's"


I put them in the car and buckled them in and we drove to the mall. we walked in and I bought them an outfit he wanted:






as we where walking jaylen stopped me in my tracks and pulled me in to a hat store


Jaylen: "Mommy mommy let's get a new hat fo daddy so we can supwise him when he get home"


Karri: I smiled at the idea and I agreed "ok is that what you want to do too jayden?"


Jayden: "No I want to go ova deaw" pointing to a instrument shop


Karri: "ok"


we walked in to the hat store and jaylen picked out this for bruno:


and jayden picked this out for bruno:


and we were off. when we got home we wrapped the gifts up and put them in the living room and then I put the tv on cartoons and went in the kitchen and prepared dinner. after we ate the boys wanted to watch a movie so we couldn't figure out what to watch so I took them to see "The Smurfs" in 3D and I tell you we had a ball but on the inside pain was eating away at me. we get home and I give them a bath and put them into bed:



and then off to my bedroom:


Man here we go again in an empty room *Sigh* I felt like taking a hot bubble bath so I ran my water demmed the lights and lit my candles:,550x550,075,f.candlelight-bath.jpg


I got in and started listening to some music from the I home and one song came on that I didn't even know was on there: (Bruno Mars: Nothing on you remix)


and I knew exactly who it was that I had tears in my eyes smiling at his charming ways I just love this man he is so good to me we just want him home. it's the weekend and I asked ally to keep an eye out on the twins for me while I go out it's been a long time since i've done that so I get dressed:


and headed to the club. when I got there it was qui crowded so I make my way to the bar when there was this girl who was laughing and giggling over the music she glanced and walked over to me


Girl: "Hi, I'm Olivia" she said yelling over the music


Karri: "Hi, I'm Karri" 


Olivia: "are you from around here?" she said to me in an foreign accent


Karri: "yeah, what bout you?"


Olivia: "I'm from Franfurt"


Karri: "Germany?"


Olivia: "yeah! would you like something to drink?"


Karri: "uhm no thank you I'm driving"


Olivia: "oh just one it wouldn't hurt I want you to try's called honolulu juice it's really good" she said with a smile


Karri: "ok, but just one"


Olivia: "ok" 


she asked the bartender for two and we guzzled them down and yes it was good (from what I hear lol!!) we ended up getting on the dance floor and dancing our butts off then she asked me if I was seeing anyone


Karri: "yeah I'm married and I have two little twin boys. what about you?"


Olivia: "no I'm single guys are such douche bags I can never fine the right guy"


I stared at her and I thought to myself "I know the perfect person" so I tell her that I know someone who would be interested if she want to give it a try?


Olivia: "really? is he hot?"


Karri: "he's a very handsome young man. you know what I'm gonna call him up and you can talk to him if you like"


Olivia: "sure" 


I dialed it and explained to him the deal and they started talking and she was giggling and told him her phone number and then gave me back my phone


Olivia: "yes he sounds sexy as hell"


Karri: giggled "he's gonna be a keeper"


Olivia: "you know what? the amount time we just spent together at this club and I didn't even know you nor did you know me, but I like you you're very cool we should hang out more often"


Karri: "I'd like that"


So we exchange numbers and I headed over to ally's and picked up the boys and then back home. Hmm, I gained a new friend but still no husband damn why is it taking so long he should have counted it by now. I take my jacket off and lay it across the arm of the couch taking the boys upstairs and put them to bed then I walked back dowstairs and walked into the kitchen when I got in there I heard a strange noise upstairs so I walked slowly to the stairs asking if anyone was there and noone said anything and then I hear the noise again so I run up the stairs and follow the noise and it was coming from our bedroom so I slowly opened the door and I didn't see anything so I walked further into the room and then into the one I hear something fall and it was coming from his closet so I walked to his closed closet and open the door it was dark but I see something moving and I get really scared that I didn't want to turn on the light, but I got the guts to do it and when I did my eyes grew wide with tears welding up in my eyes staring at the thing that I wanted to see most.........


Karri: running in the closet "Omg!! bruno"


He was sitting in the corner up against the wall with his arms tied behind him with duct tape over his mouth and blind folded. I got on my knees and put my hand on him and he jumped and I slowly went up to his face and kissed his lips softly and he immediately calmed down as I pulled away and removed the blind fold and he was in total shock and then he smiled that big million dollar smile I untied his hands and he hurriedly grabbed me hugging me so tight while I was in tears and then he kissed me with so much passion I was in heaven. 


Bruno: holding her face "Omg!! baby I'm so happy to see you, omg!! baby I'm home"


Karri: "yes baby you're I missed you so much you just don't know what I've been through the past couple of years"


Bruno: "Shhh, don't worry about the past I'm here now and I'm not going any where. where's jayden and jaylen?"


Karri: "they're in there room"


Bruno took my hand and walked to there room and he went up to there bed and I could see tears forming in his eyes


Bruno: "they have gotten so big and I wasn't even here for here first walk or there first word"


Karri: pulled him into a hug "Baby it's ok it's not your fault"


Jaylen: rubbing his eyes "mommy is daddy home yet"


Bruno: smiling "yes baby daddy is home" picking him up sitting him in his lap hugging him and crying


Jaylen: put his had on his face "daddy why awe you cwying"


Bruno: wiping his tears away "I'm just happy to you guys daddy miss you"


jayden woke up and jumped out of the bed in excitement


Jayden: jumping on him hugging him "Daddyyyyyyy!!!"


Bruno: "hey sport yu miss me?"


Jayden: "yeah me and jaylen got you gifts, come on we want to show you" they each grabbed a hand and dragged him downstairs


they ran to there gifts and jaylen told jayden that he can save the best for last and gave him his gift


Jaylen: "I picked it all by myself"


Bruno: smiled "Really? is it a squirrel?"


Jaylen: giggled "No, silly just open it"


bruno opened it and his got big


Bruno: "did mommy help you pick this out?"


Karri: "Nope he picked it out himself"


Bruno: "I love this thanks lil man"


Jaylen: "you welcome daddy"


Jayden: "ok my tuwn" giving bruno his gift"


Bruno: "wow what do we have here" opening the gift. his face was blank but you can tell that he was in shock and excited "Omg!! jayden you picked this out for me?"


Jayden: "yep"


Karri: "yeah he did we looked all over the store and that was the one he wanted bcause he said that it looked like something daddy would want"


Bruno: put the guitar down "commere you two" putting them both on his lap "and you" talking to me as I sat next to him "I am so happy to be home with you guys but can we promise to stick together so that we won't ever have to go through this anymore?"


Jaylen and Jayden: "we pwomise"


Karri: "I promise"


Bruno: "I love you"


Twins: "we wove you too daddy"


Karri: "I wove you too"


Bruno: chuckled "we learned toddler slang while I was gone?"


Karri: "you have no idea" we share a laugh 


then he leaned in and kissed me and the boys were snickering


Bruno: "oh trust me you two are gonna be doing this one day"


Jaylen: "no I won't guls have the cooties"


jayden: "yeah I don't want the cooties


Bruno: "well lookes like I got the cooties cause I  ahve been kissing mommy so now I guessss........I gotta give you mommy cooties he attacked them tickling jayden while jaylen was on top of his back I just sat there and smiled the moment I have been waiting for has finally come.



Chapter 27: "I Love My Life"


We all finally got in bed and it felt so good to have bruno back home and to feel his warm embrace again


Bruno: "Man I missed holding you at night I just missed you and the twins like crazy"


Karri: "yeah same here" laying on his chest "Oh!! sit up"


Bruno: "for what? I'm comfortable" 


Karri: "just do it. I see that haven't changed since you have been gone"


Bruno: sat up and looked at me "and what's that?"


Karri: "your laziness now turn around" 


Bruno: "what are you about to do?" 


Karri: "come on baby just turn around don't you trust me?"


Bruno: turned around "yes I do, but what are you about to do?" felt something cold around his neck "Oh my necklace, man I was missing this too" felt a soft kiss on his neck "I really missed that" pulling her gently around him to the front of him 


karri: "what exactly do you miss?"


Bruno: "this" kissed her lips "and this "kissed her spot making her lightly moan "and this "kissing her passionately 


I was missing this too it felt so right. I could tell that he was wanting me because he made love to me all together different from any other times this felt like we were glued together nothing could seperate us he was holding me so tight but gentle I was so happy to have my family together again, but the hard part is telling his family that he is alive *sigh* this is gonna be hard. after we were finished we cuddled and and fell asleep the next day it was halloween and we decided to take the twins trick-or-treating so I got dressed:


I put my hair to the side and applied my make-up and lipgloss. I walked out of the closet and bruno was about to laugh


Karri: put her hand on her hip and pointed her finger "DON'T even think about it" 


Bruno: laughning silently "wasn't gonna, but really?"


Karri: sat next to him whinning "they wanted me to dwess up" poking her lip out


Bruno: "they have set you up for failure" started laughing


Karri: pushed him from the side "Shut up!! what's that supposed to mean?"


Bruno: "I'm feeling some role play come on later" he bit his lip coming towards me


he attacked me and started nibbling on my neck while I laughed and screamed for him to stop and the twins came in in there costumes


Jayden&Jaylen: (In that order)


and they looked so cute. jaylen walked up to bruno and asked....


Jaylen: "daddy why awe you not weawing a tostume?"


Bruno: blank face and looked at me


Karri: smiled "don't look at me"


Bruno: studdered " well *sigh* you want daddy to put on a costume?"


twins: "yeahhhhh"


Bruno: dragged to the closet but then stopped in his tracks "but I don't have one"


Karri: we can go get you one"


he wasn't up for it cause he don't dress up for halloween but we got him one anyway:


He got dressed and came out spinning around 


Bruno: "wadda ya think"


Karri: "I think we are the most cutest sexiest vampires there is out there"


Jayden: "yeah mommy you awe a pwetty vampiaw"


Karri: picked him up and hugged him "Awww, thank you baby"


Jaylen: "I tink you awe pwetty too"


Karri: bent down to his level "and thank you sweetheart"


Bruno: pulling her close to him "and I tink you awe a sexy vampiaw"


Karri: "very good you catchin on huh?"


Bruno: "you have no idea"


we laugh and head out jayden and jaylen were getting hungry so we went back home after an hour of getting candy and they got a lot. I took off my costume and put on some lounge wear and went downstairs which bruno had already took there costumes off and I asked the boys what they wanted


Karri: "ok my little munchkins what do you want for dinner"


jayden and jaylen: pusghetti and gawlic bwead"


Bruno: "sounds good to me"


Karri: "ok spaghetti and garlic bread it is"


I cook and they smashed it especially bruno greedy ass lol!!. we all cuddled up on the oversized couch and watched spongebob when from time to time be and bruno would sneak in kisses when they're not looking. it was bed time and we put the twins to bed then we got in bed and that's when the questions started rolling in.....


Karri: "Bruno?"


Bruno: "yeah"


Karri: "what happened when they kidnapped you?"


Bruno: enhaled/exhaled "uh...I don't remember when they first took me. but about I would say 2 months I recovered from the surgery and realized that I wasn't at home and that I was with jazmine"


Karri: "why did she kidnap you? why did "he" need so much money?"


Bruno: " He, was your ex's brother"


Karri: eyes got wide "What? are you serious?"


Bruno: "yeah he needed the money for brian to put on his books being that he's going to be serving life in prison"


Karri: "that muthafuc......"


Bruno: "but I'm ok now so you don't have to worry about that anymore ok?" kissed her forehead


Karri: "yeah, and stop cutting me off. it's like everytime I'm about to say that word yall cut me off"


Bruno: "hahaha yeah I know. so......"


Karri: "So.....what?"


Bruno: "I was thinking...the boys are 2 now and are getting bigger I was thinking we could start on trying to make that third addition I promised you"


Karri: got extremely excited and jumped on him "Omg baby are you foreal?"


Bruno: giggled "yes I am you ready?"


Karri: "yes I am ready what kind of question is that? omg baby I love you"


Bruno: "I love you too"


he kissed me passionately and heaven here we come. after we finished we both got in the shower and started splashing water slipping and falling just acting like some hooligans lol!! after we got out we went downstairs and had some cookies and milk went back upstairs and sat on the balcony and I sat and layed on bruno looking at the stars


Karri: "I never did this before not until now"


Bruno: frowned "Really?"


Karri: "yeah I mean I just never sat out here just worked, showered, and went to bed"


Bruno: "wow your life was boring"


Karri: knudged him "shut up" she giggled "it's like I'm free with you unlike before when I just felt trapped and alone keeping my feelings bottled up inside and taking my frustrations out on everybody.


Bruno: mumbled "tell me about it"


Karri: "what did you say?" squinting her eyes at him


Bruno: trying to play dumb "what? I didn't say anything"


Karri: "Yes you did too liar"


Bruno: "I don't know what you're talking about"


Karri: "turned around to sit on his lap and face him "so you gone lie to me now?"


Bruno: laughed "I didn't say anything"


Karri: "still lying" started tickling him"


I just loved to hear him laugh it was so cut. I tickled him until he got up and was holding on to me and boom I hit the bed as he jumped on me and started tickling me


Bruno: "tell me what I want to hear"


Karri: "Nope!!"


Bruno: poking his lip out frowning up crossing his arms like a child "well I not pway wit you anymowa"


Karri: laughing "big jaylen you can stop anytime now, and I love you big daddy" I said with a smile


Bruno: cheesing "that's what I thought now come over here and let me snog on you right quick"


Karri: O.o "what the hell!! Snog? really?"


Bruno: laughing "just give me a kiss woman"


Karri: "O'Tay daddy"


we laughed kissed and cuddled and finally fell asleep. I woke up to see bruno not next to me and so I got up and to see where he was and checked the twins room and they weren't there either so I ran downstairs and no one I started to panic until I saw a note on the fridge saying..... "Hey baby, me and the twins are at the park I didn't want to wake you because you were sleeping so peacefully I thought you could use that rest. but when we get back we are gonna go out for lunch so be ready. luv ya xoxo!!" Awe, He so sweet and caring but anyway I go into the closet and try to find something to wear hmm, bruno likes it when I dress a little sexy he haven't seen that in a while so I get dressed in this:


I flat ironed my hair and apllied my makeup I sprayed on the perfume that brun likes the best it's called "Shhhhh: for women lol!!" and I walked out of the closet and I here bruno calling for me coming towards the room


Bruno: "Karri baby where are you?" walking in the room "Oh therrrrrre you....are got damn girl what is your name?"


Karri: giggled "Ne'Karri and yours?"


Bruno: "I'm Bruno" bit his lip


Karri: "nice to meet you bruno. you know you're so sexy" putting her arms around his neck


Bruno: "well thank you, but I don't think my wife would like you all up on me like this"


Karri: "Awww she is a very lucky woman to have someone like you"


Bruno: "I'm very lucky to have a woman like her" kissed her lightly on the lips "I'm sorry I couldn't help myself you're just so sexy"


Karri: "well thank you" kissed him


Bruno: moaned pulling away "I think you should go my wife will be home soon"


Karri: "alright but it was nice meeting you bruno" did her model walk to the door


Bruno: ran up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist "commere" 


Karri: laughing "I love you so much" turning to face him


Bruno: "I love you so much too" he smiled and kissed her


after a minute during the kiss we hear snickering and we both turned our head and jayden and jaylen were peeking from behind the wall


Bruno: "see now I'm about to give you mommies cooties, Ahhhhhh!!!" running after them


jayden and jaylen struck off down the hallway screaming and bruno yelling I just laugh he done caught jaylen and got him over his shoulder and jayden is wrapped around his ankle the sight was just to cute........I love My Life!! :D



Chapter 28


We go to eat lunch and I had to bring it up or else it would have not got don


Karri: stopped eating "Bruno?"


Bruno: chewing with a mouth full "Hmm"


Karri: "when are you gonna tell your know, that you're alive?"


Bruno: wiped his mouth with the napkin "I was hinking about that too. man that is gonna be hard"


Karri: held his hand "I know. I can tell her if you want me too. I mean I feel like it's my fault you were in this mess" tearing up


Bruno: got up to sit next to her "No No baby it wasn't your fault you didn't know they were going to do this so stop blaming yourself" turned her head around "if it helps we don't even have to add the part in where ex's brother had to do something with it I can just say I don't know who it was why they did it ok?"


Karri: knodded her head


Bruno: taking a napkin and wiping her tears away (thank god for waterproof mascara lol!) and kissed her on her forhead "alrght now lets finish lunch and then we can go to the aquarium how about that? sounds fun?


twins: yayyyyy!!


Jayden: daddy I have to go potty


me and bruno looked at each other because the twins were being potty trained and they usually go in there training pants


Bruno: taking him out of the high chair "ok lil man potty time"


Jaylen: "I gotta go to daddy"


Bruno: "ok, you too" took both of them to the restroom


as I was waiting for them to comeback my phone rings and it's alyssa


Karri: "hey momas"


Alyssa: "hey girl whatcha doing?'


Karri: "out having lunch with the family. what about you?"


Alyssa: "I'm fine, but...."


Karri: "oh god not the "but" what happened?"


Alyssa: "nothings happened but me and phil are moving"


Karri: "moving where?"


Alyssa: "Florida"


Karri: "omg ally why?"


Alyssa: "well we just want to get a new start in life try something new. we are ready for some new scenery that's all"


Karri: "Awww I'm gonna miss you guys"


Alyssa: " why don't you guys come over phil has been asking about yall and especially jayden and jaylen he just love them"


Karri: "ok as soon as we finish we will"


Alyssa: "ok see ya later"


Karri: "ok bye"


wow I can't believe my friends are moving away and yet so far, but I can understand because I know it's going to get like that with us someday he's gonna want to change the scenery. finally bruno came back with the boys putting them back in the high chair


Bruno: 'wow that was rather interesting. they both used the restroom in the toilet without messing up ther training pants I am really proud of my boys"


Karri: "Aww mommy lilttle munchkins used the potty? well I guess that means they should be rewarded what do you think daddy?"


Bruno: "I think so too"


so I called the waiter over and ordered 4 fudge sundays and man when they got there the twins was so happy 


Jayden and jaylen: Ice Cweam!!!! :D


bruno was stting next to me and we fed eachother ice cream until he dipped his finger in his and wiped it on my nose and jeez the twins are dying of laughter kids laugh at the most craziest things. so after we were finished I told him that alyssa and phil want us to come over so we grabbed the boys and headed over and phil was at the door waiting on us and once we took the twins out they ran up to phil just as happy to see him


jayden and jaylen: phiawl!!!


Phil: picking up jayden and took jaylens hand "ok yall can go home I got my homies here now"


Bruno: "shut up man waddup!!" gave him the manly hug


Phil: "nottin chillin. hey karri it's been a long time since I've seen you bruno been holding you hostage? or confined you to the bedroom?" he laughed


Bruno: "hey there's children out here" covering up jaylens ears


Jaylen: rubbing his eyes "daddy would you pick me up" holding his hands up


Bruno: picked him up "Aww daddy baby getting tired?"


Jaylen: rested his head on his shoulder "I'm shweepy daddy"


Karri: "yeah it is close to nap time"


Phil: "they can go into the guest room"


Bruno: "ok"


phil and bruno took them to the guest room and layed them down while me and alyssa talked


karri: quietly speaking "hey momas how are you" giving her a hug "Aww look at her she is so adorable. wow she has the dimples"


Alyssa: "yes I know. so how are things with you and bruno?"


Karri: "never been better" looked around to see phil and bruno were in sight "he agreed to try for a third edition"


Alyssa: gasp "omg karri awww that is so sweet you need a girl now"


Karri: "yeah that's what he wants. he is going to spoil the crap out of her just like he doing the twins but worst"


Alyssa: "Pfft!! tell me about it. phil goes out his way with her she has clothes shoes etc. she got it all"


Karri: "wow" 


Bruno: "Oh lil PHILesia Aha!!"


karri: "Aint she beautiful?"


Bruno: "yeah she is , but we gone have our little girl one day" kissed her cheek


Alyssa: "Aww you guys are like the curtest couple I know"


Bruno: "well thank you"


So we all talked and alyssa an dphil finall y told us why they are moving and vruno was a bit sad because his bestfriend was leaving and I felt the same so we said our goodbyes and went home. we let the twins stay over to alyssa and phils because were still sleeping so me and bruno are home alonnnnah ;)


Bruno: "wow I can't believe they are leaving us"


karri: undressing him but he's not payinf any attention "I know"


Bruno: "it's not gonna be the same without them here"


Karri: still undressing him "no, it wont"


Bruno: "well I guess it's just us" got pushed up against the wall "Damn, baby what has gotten into you? so fiesty and touchy.....I love it"


I don't know what has come over me. my horomones are in rage my sex drive is at an all time high jeez this is not like me and everytime bruno touches me it makes me want him even more, Hmm I don't know 


Karri: kissed him a little rough but sensual 


Bruno: moaned "Damn baby"


Karri: stepped back taking her clothes off in front of him and then crawled into the bed "why are you still standing there?"


Bruno: bit his lip "no reason at all" jumping in the bed and then on her "you're so beautiful"


Karri: smiled 


And here we go. man I couldn't believe how I was acting while we were making love I truly don't know what has gotten into me


Bruno: out of breathe  "Woah, baby that was out of this world I've never seen you like this before. Is my mouth bleeding you hit me in it?"


Karri: "No, sorry, but I don't know where that came from"


Bruno: "I don't either but we need to do that more often I like this side of you"


Karri: "MmHmm"


Bruno: "let's go to hawaii this weekend to see my  family and the boys can see where daddy was born, whatcha think?"


Karri: dozing off "okay" fell asleep


Bruno: "karri?" 




Bruno just smiled at her


Bruno's POV


Man I knew that going to hawaii be the perfect time to let my family know that I was alive but the reaction is what's going to be the hard part *sigh* 



Chapter 29 "The Truth"


It's now friday and we decided to go to hawaii monday and spend the whole week up there so bruno thought that I needed to get out for awhile and have some fun so I thought to myself there's only one person I know that would want to have some fun "Olivia" I called her up


Olivia: "hello"


Karri: "hey hunz it's me karri"


Olivia: "oh hey girl whatcha been up too?"


Karri: "nothing much but just spending time with my family and you?"


Olivia: "Not a thing but working"


Karri: "well that's why I called. how bout we go clubbin tonight?"


Olivia: "oh hell yeah I can't say no to that"


Karri: "I'm renting a driver because I plan on having a VERY nice time tonight"


Olivia: "oh yes I will be ready, bout what time it will be here?"


Karri: "we will be there at 11:30pm it is now 9:45pm so I bets be getting dressed"


Olivia:  "yeah me too"


Karri: "see you then....and oh don't be scared to live a little where your sexiest girly I hear phred is going to be there"


Olivia: "ok can't wait see ya"


Karri: "ok bye"


I get off the phone and ran upstairs to get showered and get dressed:


I put loose curles on the end I did a smokey eye and a nude lip. I looked at the clock and it said 11:00pm so I went downstairs to see that bruno was on the couch knocked out he must've already put the boys to bed and so I walk over to him and kissed him on the lips he slowly opened his eyes but then they got wide when seen how I was dressed


Bruno: "Ahem, and where are you going dressed like that?"


Karri: "going out with a friend of mine that I met she's from germany"


Bruno: "Is that right? well good for you, but I can't let you walk out of here looking like that especially since I'm not with you. there is all kinds of pervs out there baby I don't want anything to happen to you"


karri: sat down next to him "baby it's ok and besides phred is going to be there he knows imma be there and you know that he won't let anything happen to me"


Bruno: *sigh* alright but baby please be careful I wouldn't be able to breathe if something ever happens to you"


Karri: "Aww baby don't worry I will be alright ok?" grabbed his ears and kissed his lips softly


Bruno: "Yeah, but I admit this look is extremely sexy I have never seen you dress like this before"


Karri: crossed her legs seductively "well there's a first time for everything my love" 


He then kissed me with passion and once again there's that feeling again my body was so sensitive to his touch and he noticed that


Bruno: "Baby you ok?"


Karri: "yeah, why you ask that?"


Bruno: rubbing on her thigh "I don't know you just been a lil know"


Karri: "No I don't know why don't you tell me" begin kissing him 


Bruno: placed his hands on my waiste "U...uhm a lil freaky lately every time I touch you, you get a lil hot and bothered"


Karri: "Is that right?" lightly bit his earlobe and nicked it with the tip of my tongue 


Bruno: jumped "Oh Shiiit!! do you even plan on going out tonight?" trying to distract me


Karri: getting irritated "Since when do you complain when we make out?"


Bruno: "I'm not. it's just that I've never seen you like this before"


Karri: got up "What You don't like it now? you don't want me anymore is that it?"


Bruno: frowned at her and stood up "yes I like it baby and yes I want you don't ever ask that again I'm not going any where"


Karri: fixed her dress and hair "Whatever bruno 


 we hear a horn outside it was the chauffer


Karri: "I'm bout to go don't wait up"


Bruno: "what that supposed to mean?"


Karri: "i'm saying you don't have to stay awake until I comeback"


Bruno: had the what are you up to look on his face "ok, well see you later" walking up the stairs


Karri: had her hand on her hip "so no see you later kiss?" 


Bruno: blew her a kiss "there, now go have fun"


Karri: mumbled "Asshole" 


Bruno: kept walking "I heard that yelling from the top of the stairs


I get in the car and we are off to olivia's when we made it there he blew the horn and she came out 


Karri: "OMG!! wow look at her she look so pretty"


she was dressed ln this:


she had a short hairstyle loosley curled and her bang was just up over her eyebrows with silver and glitter eyeshadow and a peachy lip


Olivia: hugging her "hey girl! look at you I know your husband didn't want to let you out the house dressed like that?"


Karri: *sigh* "yes, but enough about me look at you. that outfit is hot girl phred is going to love that"


Olivia: "you think so?"


Karri: "yes, I know so"


We make it to the club and it was crankin dj was playing Ke$ha "Blow" and olivia grabbed my hand and raised it while we danced our way to the bar she was about to order but I stopped her


karri: "it's my turn missy. two dragon punch's please"


Olivia: raised an eyebrow "Dragon Punch?'


Karri: "yes, my husband introduced it to me well he calls it dancin Juice but in puerto rico they call it dragon punch (true fact)


Olivia: "Oh okay got it"


the bartender handed us our drinks and we headed to the dance floor the dj was now playing Trey Songz "Bottoms Up"  we were having a blast and this guy kept trying to hit on me but I kept rejecting him and he kept trying until he pulled me closed to him and tried to kiss me and I tried to push him off but he wouldn't let up and at that critical moment I saw bruno standing in the crowd staring at me he was looking so good but pissed at the same time He then walks away through the crowd


Karri: "Omg, bruno wait" grabbed his arm


Bruno: yanked his arm out of my grip "what karri?"


Karri: 'It's not what it looks like baby I swear"


Bruno: "you could've fooled me" walking away


Karri: ran in front of him "bruno please don't do this. I wouldn't ever try to hurt you and you know that"


Bruno: then why was he all up on you?"


Karri: I tried to get him off but he wouldn't stop"


Bruno: well It didn't look like you were trying hard enough" about to walk away "oh and don't wait up Imma be over to phils with the jaylen and jayden until you calm yo hot ass down"


Karri: "What? and how long you gonna be over there?"


Bruno: "I don't know but the boys will be with me"


Karri: "oh so because of this simple ass mistake you feel like you can take "OUR" kids away from me? Is that what you're telling me bruno? after all THE SHIT YOU HAVE PUT ME THROUGH AND I FORGAVE YOU BUT AS SOON AS I GET ACCUSED OF SOMETHING YOU WANT TO GET ALL BRAND NEW WITH IT.....FUCK YOU!!!" I walked off and got in the car and told him to take me home and told him to come back so that olicia could have a way home but she didn't need it because phrd was tsking her home. I get to th house snd strip out my dress putting on my black short silk robe and ran me a hot bubble bath, but I hear footsteps coming towards the room and they are walking kinda slow but I stand there at the foot of the bed waiting but also scared to see who it is and then there he was


Karri: "Bruno!!! what are you doi......"


he says nothing but just stares me in the eyes yanking my body towards him by my waiste being only inches away from each others lips he stares at my lips and started teasing me only slightly touching my lips he then grazed his warm sweet lips across my neck I could feel the warm air from his mouth as he bit my neck but yet gentle while he dug his fingers into my waiste I moan breathing in his air. he took the string to my robe pulled me even closer aggresively pulling it off of me leaving it around my waiste exposing my erect breast he hooves one into his mouth as he performed numerous acivities on them he then picks me up and throws me on the bed....yes throws me I watch him strip down to nothing he crawled into the bed kissing my spot all the way down to my ocean of love I can feel him circling his tongue around my arousal button i begin to wriggle my body around but he pins my legs down holding them and my hands together so that I couldn't move he continues making me moan and scream cause I could feel it coming he took his finger while still circling my arousal button and entered it slowly inside me stroking my g-spot my body begins to shake begging him not to stop he lets go of my hands and pin my legs back further as I let my hand get intangled in his hair not pulling hard I begin to moan louder and louder it was like the louder I got the harder he presses my g-spot I climax. he came back up staring me right in the eyes we begin to have a stare down but the silence was broken when he entered filling every inch of me arching my back as he thrust harder digging my nails in his back making him groan and he thrust harder. He interlace our fingers and place them above my head moving his body up over mine making my knees meet my elbows making him go deeper. He then comes up to my and whispered....


Bruno: "I'm Sorry"


Karri: "I'm sorry too"


Bruno: moaned "I love you"


Karri: "I love you too"


I then reach my peak I moaned and yelled his name while I could tell he was well on his way and sure nough He pushed himself deeper inside me letting his love potion go inside me he then collapse onto me we're both breathing heavy and sweating he raises up and stares into my eyes again....


Bruno: "please forgive me for being such an....."


Karri: "Ass, yes I forgive you" I smiled


Bruno: "I deserved that. *sigh* then rolls over and lay back as I lay my head on his chest "I admit I was jealous because clearly in my opinion I don't deserve a beautiful woman like you, you can have any one you want"


Karri: placed my hand on his cheek turning his face towards me "And I choose you, yes I could've had any man I wanted but you're the one I want and nothings going to change that I mean come on look at me I'm kinda a big deal" I giggle


Bruno: "yes you're and you're all mine and I love you"


Karri: "I know that and I love you more.....Period"


Bruno: "yeah I swear 365ays is not enough time for me to tell you how much I love you"


Karri: "well to be honest just hearing you say it once lasts a lifetime"


Bruno: "I love you babygirl"


Karri: laughed "I love TOO babyboy"


We share a kiss and off to sleep we went. the next morning i got up feeling a bit nautious and lightheaded I looked over the possibilities and thought that I had caught a bug or something. so I showered and put on some clothes:


I let my hair go natural and applied no make up but just some mascara and lip gloss. I just wasn't feeling to well today I'm always tired and moody and this whole sensitive to bruno's touch is well over-rated because one time last night just wasn't enough and poor thing he is worn out I need to figure out whats wrong with me so I decide to go to my ob/gyn doctor and well, well, well.....


The doctor: well congrats you're pregnant


Karri: O.O


The doctor: you're 4 weeks along so I'm going to schedule you for an ultrasound for next week ok?"


Karri: *speechless*


The doctor: "well do yopu have any questions?"


Karri: "are you sure?"


The doctor: "yes I'm positive and so are you mrs. hernandez by he way how are those handsome young fellows doing?"


Karri: they are wonderful they are like little men and is so sweet I love my babies"


The doctor: "that's great well I will see you in a month and you go on and tell your husband the great news"


karri: "ok"


I leave the doctors office and sat in the car and dazed off until my phone rang


Karri: low voice "hello"


Bruno: "baby where are you?"


Karri: "I'm at the doctors office"


Bruno: worried tone "what's wrong? are you sick?"


Karri: "No"


Bruno: "then what is it baby please what's wrong"


Karri: "that third addition is pending until 8 months from now"


Bruno: confused "O.o Huh??"


I didn't say anything it got quiet and then I hear him yelling 


Bruno: Excited "OMG!!! baby are you serious?"


Karri: giggled "yes, we are pregnant"


Bruno: "omg baby come home I need to see this beautiful woman thats bearing my unborn child"


Karri: "ok"


I make it home and as soon as I get in the door I am welcomed with open arms and a kiss


Bruno: putting his hand on my stomach "ah man baby I am so happy all that hard work payed off huh?"


Karri: "fortunately it did"


Bruno: "I wonder what it's going to be"


Karri: "in due time my love in due time"


so it has been 4 months since I found out and now the ultrasond where I can know what the sex is we are so excited


UT: ok here we go you guys ready know what you have?"


It was strange because it was the same UT that did us the last time and told us we were having twins


Karri and bruno: yep


UT: "ok lets see well looks like you're having a girl"


Karri: "Awww!! that's what we wanted a girl"


Bruno: Excited "REALLY"


UT: I'm sorry to tell you this but there is another baby I'm getting to heart beats where are you little one oh there you are and lets see oop it's another girl


Karri and Bruno: O.O WHAT?????..............



Chapter 30


Karri: in shocked "are you sure?"


Bruno: "I mean positive positive?"


UT: "just as serious from the last time you had twins there are two little baby girls"


I looked at bruno shocked but my facial expression changed to serious and I punched him in the arm


Bruno: rubbing his arm "Ouch!! what you do that for?"


Karri: pulling my shirt down "Really? Really? again bruno? WTF?"


I started mumbling all kinds of curse words walking fast holding my stomach underneath with one hand to the car while bruno was trying to catch up with me until we get half way to the car and bruno caught up with me and wrapped his arms around my waiste from behind


Bruno: "I thought this was what you wanted?" had asad voice


Karri: *sighed* and turned to face him "Baby of course this is what I wanted but didn't think I would get TWO of them AGAIN!!"


Bruno: smiled at me "well I guess thats all I have in these baby chambers of mine no single babies"


Karri: rolled her eyes walking to the car "yeah I guess so" 


Bruno opened my door and before I was about to get in he stopped me and gave me the most sweetest kiss. and I know you're probably thinking what happened in hawaii with his family him telling and showing that he was alive.....




(3 months ago in hawaii)


Bruno: "man I'm so nervous I cant stop shaking"


KarrI: grabbed his hand and held it in her own "It's gonna be ok me and the boys will be there with It's not like you're doing this alone"


Bruno: kissed my forhead "I know"


the plain takes off and jayden and jaylen were looking out the window just amazed that they were going up in the sky


Jaylen: sitting next to bruno "daddy look we goin awe da way up"


Bruno: "yes and you're gonna get to see the clouds,. remember when you asked me what they looked like well today is your day lil man"


Jayden: sitting next to me "Mommy wheraw we going?"


Karri: "we awe going to weaw daddy was born and a liddle boy just like you" tapped his nose


Jayden: "daddy was liddle like me?"


Bruno: "yeah I was little just like you two. when we get to hawaii we are gonna show you ok?"


Jayden and Jaylen: "O'Tay"


It wasn't a long ride we got off the plane grabbed our luggage and got in the car he had rented for us and headed over to his moms. I had already called and told them all to gather over to his moms because I had a surprise for them so they should all be there and jaime has already text me to see if we were here yet and told her that we just landed and that we are on our way there. I look over to bruno which I was driving and he has his fedora over his face with his eyes closed shaking his leg. I placed my hand gently but firm onto his knee so that he could stop he lifted his hat up and looked at me


Karri: It's gonna be ok sweetie I mean yes its going to get very emotional but we have to face it and besides once we tell her that we are having another baby its going to turn into excitement"


Bruno: *sigh* "I know I just dont want to see the reaction my mom is going to get when she see me it's going to be hard, Damn man"


Karri: stopped at a stop light "commere" I motioned with my finger


Bruno: leaned over to me "what?"


Karri: "I love you"


Bruno: smiled "I love you too"


I planted a sweet kiss on his lips and pulled away seeing that he had a smile from ear to ear. we make it to his moms house and he took a really deep breath and as soon as he turned his head everybody started running out of the house I told them to stop there and I let the twins out first and they ran up to them while jaylen ran to eric and jayden ran up to papa pete. I looked at bruno and he knodded his head that he was ready


Karri: "Uhm you remember when I said I had a surprise for you?"


Everybody: yeah!!


Karri: "well I'm gonna show you but its gonna make you get very emotional"


Tahiti: "Ah come on girl what is it?"


Karri: take a deep breath and tell bruno to get out "This"


bruno go out of the car and everybody screamed and just stood there in shock. everyone was crying and yelling in disbelief but for some reason his mom was the only one not crying. she walked up to him and took his shades off stared at him for a hot second and pulled him into a deep hug and told him in his ear


Bernie: "there's no need for me to cry because I knew you were still out there and sure nuff god answered my prayers and brought my baby back to me" 


Bruno: crying "I love you mum"


Bernie: crying "I love you too baby"


everyone else came up to him and they were touching on him like he was unreal


Bruno: giggled "it's me in the flesh"


Jaime: "omg karri you have to tell us what happened"


Eric: "yes lets all go inside and talk" 


me and bruno grabbed our luggage and walked in and we were talking for hours and then the other surprise came up


Karri: "well I have something else to tell you all" I looked at bruno


Presley: "ah come on...what now?"


Bruno: laughing "it's nothing bad actually its something that will lighten the mood a bit"


Bernie: "ok lets hear it"


Karri: exhaled "well mum and pop you're gonna be grandparents again"


everybody except me and bruno: "OMG!! congratulations"


Jaime: "Awww!! you to are gonna be big brothers"


Jaylen: "yeaw if we have a sistaw den we tan potect hu fwom da mean boys"


Jayden: "Yeaw beadum up"


Bernie: "really?" lookin at bruno "and who told you that?"


Jayden and jaylen: "Daddy"


Bruno: eyes wide "ah man yall gone rat daddy out? see now you done got me in chwubble with my mommy"


everybody except bruno laughed at him


Bruno: "Why are you laughing? I don't understand"


I t turned out pretty well and ended the way we thought it would....One big happy family


End Of POV



We left the doctors office and went home. I was so tired and hunry at the same time so I walked into the kitchen and prepared some subs for us and we ate and layed on the couch until I fell asleep. the next day I woke up in my bed don't know how I got there and then I see bruno next to me still sound asleep. I shower and get dressed:



I put my hair into a messy bun and applied lip gloss. Bruno is still sleeping and here the twins are up so I go in there to see what they are doing


Karri: kind of whispering "Hi pumpkins"


Jayden and jaylen: excited "Mommyyyyyy"


Karri: Put her finger up to her mouth "Shhhh!! daddy is still sleeping. how bout we go downstairs and make daddy a special breakfast and take it to him, sounds fun"


jayden and jaylen: whisper "yeaw"


so we quietly walk downstairs into the kitchen and fixed bruno and the rest of us some breakfast. we fixed pancakes, turkey bacon, hashbrowns and fresh squeezed orange juice and we put it on a serving tray while the boys ran upstairs and waited for me to come up and once I got up there I told them


Karri: "I want you to go in there and wake up daddy ok?"


jayden and jaylen: "O'tay"


they ran in there not even hearing there little feet and got in the bed and jaylen went up to him and pinched his nose while jayden pulled his ears out making him look like a monkey and I saw a smile creep on brunos face and he opened his eyes wide and the boys instantly begin to laugh at his funny face bruno started wrestling with them and I cut them off


Karri: walking up to him with the tray "ok my little hooligans time to give daddy his breakfast"


Bruno: "Awww can we just play a little while longer mommy?" sounding like a little kid


Karri: I giggle "No, it's time for you to eat"


Bruno and the twins: Awwwww!!!


Bruno: "you awe no fun"


Karri: I smiled and place the tray over his lap "Me and the twins fix this for you"


Bruno: raping the plate with his eyes "WOW!! this looks so good" digging into the pancakes "this is so good" talking with a mouth full "looked at me "why aren't you eating?"


Karri: stood up "we about to we brought your stuff first ours is downstairs"


Bruno: stopped eating "oh well let me put on some sweats and a shir and I will come join you"


Karri: "ok come on me baby hooligans"


Jaylen: talking to jayden: I dont feawl like doin anyting today"


Jayden: "yeaw me needaw"


and they both started singing and they are only two (sounds familiar) 


jayden:  "today I don't feawl like doin anyting"


Jayden: "I just wanna lay in my bed"


me and bruno look at each and bust out laughing


Karri: "Yessss!! them are your kids foreal....Lazy just like you" laughing holding my stomach


so we finally finished breakfast and we straightened the kitchen together


Bruno: "what do you guys want to do today"


Jayden and Jaylen: "Nothing!!"


Karri: "Nothing? are you sure?"


Jaylen: "yeaw"


Bruno: "no zoo, now park, NOooo FAIRRRRRR!!!'


the twins jump up in excitement and ran over to bruno


Jayden: "a reawl faiaw?"


Jaylen: "wit a lodda totton tanny?"


Bruno: "oh yeah and more. but I guess we not going because you two don't feel like doing anything" singing the last 4 words


Jaylen: "I wanna doe"


Jayden: "yeaw me too"


we smiled at them and bruno went and showered and got dressed:


While he was getting dressed the boys sat on each side of me and started asking questions about the babies


Jayden: "Mommy is dat how you carrweed us" putting his hand on my stomach


karri: "sure did baby"


Jaylen: frowned "but how did we get in deaw?"


Damn out of all questions this one pops up


Karri: "well...uhhhh...magic" 


Jaylen: "magic? who did magic on yo tomach"


Karri: "Uhm daddy did"


Jayden: "daddy know how to do magic?"


Karri: started to feel awkward "yeah he did"


It got silent and then jaylen asked another question


Jaylen: "Mommy?"


Karri: "yes baby"


Jaylen: "if daddy did did he get us in deaw"


my eyes widen and thank god bruno came into the living room


Karri: "Omg!! our sons are playing 21 questions about how did they get in my stomach"


Bruno: bust out laughing "well boys daddy got this secret love potion that only comes when I let it"


Karri: smacked him in the back of the head 


Bruno: rubbing his head "Oww what? hey they neede my side of the story too"


Karri: put my hand on my hips "Not that type of story you horn dog"


Bruno: pulled me closed to him "yeah but you like this horn dog  don't you?" pelvic thrusting against me


Karri: shocked "bruno there are kids in here"


Bruno: "well they only finding out how they got here"


Karri: rolled her eyes "lets go sicko"


we all got in the car and rode down to the fair and jayden and jaylen was so excited bruno sat jaylen on his shoulders while holding jayden hand and I'm holding jayden's other hand. we walk pass cotton candy and of course they wanted some so we bought a jumbo bag for them to share and bruno played a few games winning them a stuffed animal and bought them blow up guitar souvenirs. after a long day at the fair we went home and gave the boys a bath and as sson as their head hit the pillow they were out like a light we then give them a kiss and bruno took my hand and walked to the bedroom


Bruno: "Now it's your turn" walking into the bathroom


I hear him running some bath water bruno walked back out and gently grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom which the lights were dimmed and the candles were lit and some calming music was playing in the background. he came up to me and started undressing me I do admit it felt really weird because he's never seen me naked and pregnant at the same time so I begin to get shy and he notices me


Bruno: "Baby it's ok you're still beautiful pregnant or not you still look the same" kissed me on the forhead


he took my shirt off revealing my basketball sized stomach and then my pants. he walked me over to the bath tub and helps me in. I sat down and sat back and sighed in relief but then I turned my head and bruno was undressing and about to join me and he did getting bhind me as I rest my head on his chest and he's rubbing my stomach so gentle but something different happened with him doing that and thats the girls kicked him well atlest one of them did


Karri: excited "omg baby did you feel that? the boys didn't even do that when you touched my stomach"


Bruno: he smiled "thats because daddy's liitle girls know its me" 


Karri: "I can just imagine that they are gonna be so spoiled and not only by you but your mom and your sisters"


Bruno: "yeah like they got jayden and kaylen"


Karri: "omg yessss" 


Bruno: "and they are gonna continue to do with everyone we have"


Karri: turned halfway around string at bruno like he done lost his mind which he have "what do you mean by "everyone we have? that's sounds like you plan on having more?"


Bruno: "well yeah we can have 6 like me mum did"


Karri: "thats because she was a strong woman. I'm taking you to get neutered"


Bruno: laughing hard "Oh so you ready get rid of my baby chambers huh?"


Karri: "Your baby chambers is giving me two kids at a time. having sex with you is like playing bingo call the number you want but you end up with a biger number and BINGO!! TWINS....AGAIN!!"


Bruno: "well just think of it like this we oth wanted a girl so we ended up with two because something we both wanted"


Karri: "yeah I guess"


Bruno: "I guess tomorrow we can go shopping for the girls room huh?"


Karri: "yeah"


we sat in the tub and just talked and then got out and went to bed. we get up in the morning we all got dressed and headed to the baby store and I'm getting overwhelmed with all this stuff again because girls seem to have a bigger selection then boys and jeez where do we begin *sigh* here we go....................



Chapter 31


Once again here we are shopping for twins again, but for girls man they have so much. we looked around and bought so much stuff more than the boys and had the truck deliver it and then had an interior decorater fix up there room which came out beautiful:


I was veru happy with the results and so was bruno speaking of bruno...omg I have never seen a man so excited he was bying up everything just like he did with the boys but more because girls have way more than boys he was like a kid at a candy store. after we left the store we went over to alyssa and phils they were moving in the morning so we were going to have our last visit before they left


Bruno: knocked on the door "open the door magoo"


phil came to the door smiling hard


Phil: "ahhh what up" stretching his arms out 


Bruno: stretching his arms out "it's ya boy waddup"


Phil: walked right pass him "man you guys are getting big" picking up jayden and jaylen "oh hey bruno" walking back into the house "come on in karri get off them pretty little feet I know you tired make yourself comfortable" 


Bruno: "what about me Im tired" 


Phil: "go to sleep dude"


Bruno: "Oooh I gotchu" 


alyssa came downstairs with alani shes 3 years old now because she had her a year before I had the boys she is so adorable. 


Alyssa: giving me a hug "hey momas you're getting out there I just can't believe you're having twins but girls"


Karri: "yeah I knooooo! I told bruno Im going to get him neutured because he aint about to keep knocking me up with twins"


they both laugh


Alyssa: "so have you came up with the names yet?"


Karri: *sigh* "man I thought it was esy just naming one baby but two wow, but no we haven't"


Alyssa: "I said that the next baby girl I have I want to name her neveah which means "heaven" backwards I want you to have it"


Karri: "no ally I couldn't take that name away from you"


Alyssa: "I want you to have it atleast I can say I helped you with one boy name and one girl name the other one is left up to you"


Karri: "omg ally thank you it's beautiful too. I think Im going to name the other one Milani"


Alyssa: "after your mother? that is so sweet"


Karri: "yeah she might have went back to drugs but as a child she was my bestfriend I loved her"


Alyssa: "Awww!! but I do like that name though"


after awhile we all said our goodbyes because this was the last time we were going to see them:



For my cryers:


For my emotional drinkers: 


Karri: hugging and crying "Omg....I can't believe you're leaving me you were my only friend"


Alyssa: crying "I know.. we had good times It all started when I became your first employee at the store"


Karri: crying and laughing " yeah and that's how we met these two nut cases"


Alyssa: crying and laughing " Ahahaha yeah cuz bruno here was the one with the cheezy pick up lines *Imitating bruno* is that the key to your heart?"


we both started laughing then started crying harder


karri: and you both were there for me when I needed you the most until he came along and brought me true happiness 4 times hahaha"


Alyssa: "yeah I truly am happy that he is not spitting out twins like that"


Karri: "I know you're"


Phil: well we don't to seem a bit rude but we need to get some rest we have a long flight ahead of us"


Karri: bust out crying harder "I'm ging to miss you ally"


Alyssa: "Imma miss you too karri"


Karri: "you're were like my sister and always will be I love you"


Alyssa: "Aww I love you too"


we hugged for which seemed like hours and we left. it was hard walking away from the only bff you've ever known, but I guess life goes on. once we got home we put the boys to bed and then our head hit the pillow and we were out, but the next day I woke up and bruno was not next to me so I showered and got dressed:


I didn't feel like dressing up like I usually do so I dressed down today and left my hair face natural well just some lipgloss and went downstairs where bruno and the twins were outside playing in the yard on the swingset


Karri: "well don't you guys look like you're having a ball?"


Bruno: walked up to me and gave me a sweet kiss "Goodmoring baby you sleep well?"


Karri: "yes I did and thanks for handling the boys while I was sleeping"


Bruno: "you're welcome, but I am supposed to help you out"


Karri: "yeah I know" 


Bruno: staring at her


Karri: "what?? why are you staring at me like that?"


Bruno: "you're so beautiful. I love it when you go natural that turns me on because I see you and you're not letting makeup hide your true beauty"


Karri: "Really? I mean I usually can't stand to go natural but today I wasn't up for dressing up"


Bruno: "I love it....A lot!!!"


Karri: giggle " have you guys eaten already?"


Jayden and Jaylen: "Yeaw"


Jayden: "we ate ceweal"


Karri: "cool, well since you guys ate Im going to fix me some breakfast since you know you guys already ate"


Bruno: "what you about to fix?"


Karri: wlaking towards the patio door "Ohh an omelet stuffed with mushrooms, green peppers, onions, tomato Mmm oh and I almost forgot some mozzarella"


Bruno: mouth open wide


Karri: chuckled close your mouth baby something might in there"


Bruno: poked his lip out "I want a omwet...pweeeez!!!"


Karri: smiled "okay"


Bruno: "you'll call me when it's done? gonna play them until it's done"


Karri: "ok baby"


Bruno: thanks!! Baby?"


Karri: turned around "yeah"


Bruno: "I love you"


Karri: laughed "I love you too"


I finally made it into the house and got started and man this omlet looked good (Yummmy)


I called him in and we devoured it following it with a big glass of fresh squeezed orange juice


Bruno: putting his plate and glass in the dishwasher "ah man baby that was delicious" gave me a cold kiss


Karri: "Thank you!! what are you about to do?"


Bruno: "uhm lay the twins down for a nap and then go watch the game are you gonna join me?"


Karri: "would you be mad if I passed? I wanted to go pull the ole violin and play for a little while"


Bruno: "ok I didn't know you could play the violin"


Karri: "yeah, I play an electric violin"


Bruno: "well ok if you're still in there when the game is over would you mind if I watched?"


Karri: "not at all"


Bruno: "alright well see you in a few" gave me another kiss


I walked into the music room and walked straight to the closet and pulled out my violin "Pink Rain" is what I called her because I always make her cry and she rains pink tears if that make since lol!!:  (I have this violin foreal)


and begin to play and I fall into a deep trance not knowing that bruno was standing there watching me but I continue to play until the song was finished and then I open my eyes to see bruno standing in front of me staring at me with those big beautiful brown eyes


Bruno: "WOW!! baby that was beautiful. when did you learn how to play?"


Karri: "since I was four my mom taught me how to play and every since then this became my first love music wise"


Bruno: helping me put the violin back in its case " I couldn't even watch the game after hearing that"


Karri: "oh baby im so sorry I should have did it somewhere else"


Bruno: pulled me close "baby it's ok I missed it on purpose because I was really liking what I was hearing you're so talented baby you're good at that"


Karri: grabbed his ears "Aww baby thank you" kissed him 


and then my phone rings


Karri: "hello"


Olivia: "hello preggo, whatcha doing? *whispering* damnit phred stop it" giggling


Karri: "I'm doing fine..did you just say phred/"


Olivia: chuckled "yessss he is here with meeeee" 


Karri: "are you guys making out?"


Olivia: let out a slight moan 


Karri: "OLIVIAAAAA!!! are you serious?"


Bruno: "wow they are actually gettin busy on the phone. we Should do that one day" yelled "getta preesh" 


Karri: looked at him out the corner of my eye "Really bruno? Olivia are you there?"


All you heard was shit being knocked over and faint moans I knew was going on over there


Bruno: feeling on me "well I mean we can still get down too you know"


Karri: " I have Cocoa butter upstairs if you need some"


Bruno: had a confused look on his face "What?" thought for a minute "Heyyyy!!! thats not even right karri" ran up to her and wrapped his arms around her


Karri: smiled "Aww my little squirrel wants a nut? well scrat you're just gonna have to work for it"


Bruno: smacked me on the but "two can play this game" walking into the living room


I just smiled at him but I know bruno he's a sneaky little brat and I had to be on my "A" game. so I walked upstairs and layed in the bed and within a matter of minutes I was asleep. I woke and I looked at the clock and it said 5pm I wasn't even rying to sleep that long but I was so tired. I make my way downstairs and bruno is nowhere to be found but then I hear strange noises I knew the boys where upstairs playing so who could this possibly be. I opened the game room door where the noises was coming from and there he was on the pool table............


Karri: eyes wide but angry "WTF!! bruno what are doing?"


Bruno: shocked " it's not what it looks like"


Karri: "who the Fu** is this bruno?"


Some randome girl I didn't know she looked lik this:


Girl: I'm Daniya and you're?"


no this bit** didn't just ask me who the fu** I was. bruno could sense that I was getting heated


Karri: "I am...well I was bruno's wife" staring at him wanting to whoop his A** and hers


Daniya: "wife? you're married"


Bruno: sitting there looking like dumb fool with his eyes out of his head


Karri: "whats wrong cat gotcha tongue? this is bullshit" walked out of the room


I could say the only thing that was saving him and that rat from getting their a** whooped was the fact that I was pregnant I wasn't about to loose them over this crap so I walked upstairs and grabbed my suitcase and just started throwing stuff in there until bruno ran into the room


Bruno: "baby please im sorry I dont know what i was thinking an....."


Karri: "obviously screwing her. is that the type of girl you like? Im just not pretty as her so you go all out and bring her here while me and the twins sleep and probably thought you weren't gonna get caught? well you can have her and this" taking my wedding rings off and threw them on the bed " the twins are coming with me....period"


Bruno: crying "baby please dont do this dont take them away from me please I dont know what I would without you and them please dont go"


Karri: "you know what you right Im not gonna leave Im gonna stay right here"


Bruno: tried to hug me "omg baby than....."


karri: "but you can adios amigos"


Bruno: "so you just gone put me out even though I have nowhere to go?"


Karri: "LA has plenty of hotels around where you can take your next round to with that whanch"


Bruno: "Im not going anywhere. I'm staying right here and raise my boys and then be here to see my baby girls born. even if that means sleeping in the guest house siense you dont want me here"


Karri: irritated "dont even try that bs with me bruno just get out of my face you disgust me"


bruno left out of the room and went into the twins room while I sat on the bed crying and could still see what was going on in that game room, ughh!! he was just about to go down on her but luckily I walked in stopping him from doing something truly stupid even though just being with her was wrong. I put everything back and layed across my bed and saw that bruno didn't get the rings maybe I over reacted just  a little bit to much well no he was actually about to cheat on me, but why? well I ahven't been paying attention to his needs I always push him away damn should I forgive him and act like it never happened or should let him go?..........