Chapter 6

06/04/2012 16:20

I decide to go into the studio earlier then what I normally do since i’m still mad and just want to get out the house and to speak to Bruno too. The studio is the one place where I can clear my mind and re-think things. I quickly shower, put on my velour tracksuit with my hair in a messy bun and no make up on my face. Yeah I look dead but i’m not going anywhere fancy. I pick my things up and see Joe is still sleeping on the sofa, I shake my head and slam the door as I head out. I get in my car and turn the radio right up and drive to the studio. Having the radio on loud helps me clear my mind in a wierd way. Takes me about 15 minutes to get to the studio and it looks like i’m the first one here. At least i’ll get some more time to myself. I park up and walk to the studio door, I go to unlock it but it’s already open. I think to myself ‘What the fu…’ Before I go in I check the car park again. I don’t see Dan’s car and i’m not quite sure what car Bruno or the guys have so I assume they can’t be here. OH NO! Please don’t tell me we’ve been robbed. I feel a little anxious at this thought and walk in quite slowly. I get to the hall way and here singing. I KNOW this voice i’ve heard it before, he used to sing to me ALL the time. It’s Bruno. But wait, how did he get in here? I straighten myself up and just casually walk into the main room.

Bruno has got his back to me and while he’s singing he is messing around with the studio buttons. DAAAMN he has got his hat off and his curls are set free. He is wearing a checked shirt with a vest top underneath with black jeans and converse shoes. Oh course he is wearing this, this is his signature look. I decide to take this moment to scare him. I carefully put my bag down and stand with my arms crossed. I take a deep breath in then exhale quietly. I silently laugh then say “‘ELLO BRUNO! How did you get in here?” He jumps like a little bitch and suddenly turns around to face me with one hand on his heart. “Jeeze Laila! You tryna give me a heart attack? Whoa!” I just laugh at him and watch him calm down. “I’m sorry Bruno, i just had to yanno.” I wink at him. “Dan gave us the keys last night. MAN does he know how to party.” “I know, Dans pretty hardcore right?” Bruno goes quiet for a moment. Still with a hand on his heart, Bruno just looks at me. I pull a confused face then have an idea why he is speechless. I pick up my bag and walk to the office while speaking to Bruno still, “Yes Bruno, I know I look dead and not dressed to impress. I understand why you can’t talk. Damn, why you gotta make it obvious?” I sarcastically say. He soon follows me into the office. “LAILA!” He shouts at me which makes me jump and look straight at him. Bruno laughs and then carries on speaking. “You look fine. So what you got no make up on, so what you’re not dressed up, SO WHAT! I see nothing but beauty still.” Bruno gives off that to die for half smile. Still makes me melt to this day. I smile back at him. “Always were the crooner wasn’t you Mr Hernan… Mars.” “Well you know, I don’t mean to brag.”Bruno pops his collar. Always the joker. I start looking around the office for something to eat. I can’t find nothing. I ask Bruno. “Bruno, you don’t happen to have anything to eat?” He raises his eyebrow. “DUUUDE! Too early for that talk and NO i don’t mean that.” “Whaaat? I didnt say anything. Girl, what did you think I meant?” “I KNOW what YOU meant and i KNOW how you think.” Bruno laughs. I go up to him and punch his arm. “No seriously. Did you bring any food or?” “Well my boys went out to get some food if that helps.” Ooh i see, that explains why Bruno is here alone. He sits on the sofa and pats the space next to him for me to sit down. I do as he says. Bruno sits up and looks at me. “So Laila, what happened last night? Are you okay now?” Bruno remembered. Damn I forgot all about that until he said. I guess Bruno IS the only guy who makes me forget bad feelings. My face drops and I begin to tell Bruno what happened.

“Well just after we left you guys to go home, me and Joe had an argument. You know, same old couple thing.” “What was it over?”

I hesitate. “Umm, You.” Bruno’s eyes widen. “ME?!” “Yes you. Joe seems to think its ‘Funny’ how you came to the studio I work at. He can’t except the fact that we are just friends. Joe was making it into a big deal and was all up in my face when we got home like, *I quote Joe and put on a voice* ‘Bit of a Coincidence he came to the studio YOU’RE at huh?’ ‘So i’m being stupid in thinking that your ex is here and you’re suddenly working with him.’ “Blah blah blah, he just went on and on till in the end I couldn’t be bothered talking to him. He made me so annoyed that I wish I came to the club with you guys. Sometimes he can be a right idiot.” Bruno shakes his head. “All of that, arguing ‘cuz of me? Damn! If its causing that much trouble i’ll leave, i-i’ll go to another studio and…” I interrupt him. “Bruno Shh! Just shh. It’s okay. Joe will just have to deal with you being here.” I put my hand on Bruno’s cheek. “I’m not gonna sit here and lie and say that we are just friends because we’re not. I don’t know about you but I have ALWAYS loved you and still have a soft spot for you. Sure you did me wrong, but that’s in the past and we are now in the future. We’ve talked it out and forgiven each other. Honestly, i’m glad you are at this studio. I get to spend time with you again, like old times.” I smile at him and Bruno smiles back putting his hand on top of my hand now. “Laila, I feel the same as you. I too, am glad our paths have met again. Yeah i feel bad that I’m the one making you and Joe argue but at the same time i’m happy that i get to see you. It’s been a good 3 years since I last see yo’ pretty face and pretty smile. I just wish things weren’t different.” Bruno just looks at me. “What makes you think things are different. I don’t see any difference.” And without even thinking of what I said and what i’m doing, I lean in to kiss Bruno and Bruno doesn’t refuse or pulls away. Our lips are inches away from touching untill I hear Phil and Ari’s voice down the hallway and that’s when I open my eyes and realise what I am doing. I look at Bruno shocked for a minute, I whisper “I’m so sorry” to him and run straight into the office…