Chapter 66+67

10/02/2012 17:17
Chapter 66

Evie sat next to David during another court hearing looking at her phone seeing that Bruno had landed in Minnesota.

”You get really happy when you look at your phone. That guy must be really good in bed.” David told her. She nodded her head ignoring his statement putting her phone away scribbling down notes about the case.

”I don’t know what your deal is David…but if you get any closer to me you’d be in my pants.” Evie said rudely.

”Geezus, Geneva. Whatever. I’m just being nice.” he checked his phone sending a text message.

They sat in the courtroom for another two hours being dismissed at 5pm. She grabbed her purse putting on sunglasses seeing a hoard of cameramen again.Lindsay wasn’t here today…she thought to herself as they started snapping pictures at her. I don’t understand. She heard her name being called making her feel even more uncomfortable she started to walk more quickly to her car. David touched her hand reassuring her. ”It’ll be okay Geneva.” he whispered to her. She quickly moved her body away from him walking in front of him.

”My boyfriend has a body guard that would be more than happy to kick your ass, David.” Evie snapped opening the door to her car locking it quickly. She grabbed her phone pleading into it. Please don’t be busy, please don’t be busy, please answer the phone. ”Answer the phone, Bru…please…” she said to herself.

”Heeeyyoooo Evie.” she heard Ryan answer the phone.

”Can I talk to my boyfriend or is he busy?” she didn’t bother answering his happy voice.

”Give me a sec, girl.” he said as he walked through a crowded room. ”She sounds bad dude…” she heard Ryan’s muffled voice.

”Eve? What’s wrong baby?” he asked her walking away from the crowd.

”They were there again…I think…I think…Bruno…the other intern is telling them.” she said in a scared tone.

”Evie….quit being paranoid. They’re always there.” he tried to calm her down.

”No, Bru..there’s usually like one..there were like 10 today..” she responded in a short tone.

”Babyyyy…it will be okay. Give them a while. You’re hot..and I’m hotter…” he started making her laugh.

”Oh, so you’re hotter than me?” she asked him.

”Pfft…baby..I make you hot.” he laughed at her trying to make her feel better.

”Oh god. Shut up, Bruno.” she laughed at him.

”They’ll stop following you in a few weeks, baby. It’s just that you’re all new and not a Kardashian.” he reassured her. ”Go home, put on your sexy sweat pants, watch tv with Lucy and do your homework. Everything will be better tomorrow…okay?” he tried to calm her down.

”Okay…okay…I guess I’ll just have to get used to it.” she sighed starting to drive away from the courthouse. ”I just don’t get this guy. I don’t know what his deal is.”

”Ignore him. Your internship is almost over.” Bruno answered her.

”I guess you’re right. You’ve been counting down the days for me.” she smiled into the phone.

”25 more days baby. You can do it.” he replied.

”You’re right…I can hear Eric in the background…you need to go. I’ll talk to you later. Thank you, Bruno.” she responded.

”You’re welcome. Tell Lucy I said hi, Eve.” he said as they ended their conversation. ”I love you.”

”I love you too, good luck tonight.” she answered as the call ended.


Chapter 67 

Evie laid down on the couch after putting Lucy to bed trying to decide whether she was going to read for school or if she was going to just watch Jersey Shore. As she grabbed the remote her phone started ringing. She glanced at the number seeing it was her sister Samantha who was in town for a few weeks taking a break from her PhD program in Boston.

”Sissy!” Evie exclaimed into the phone.

”Evie! I can’t wait to seeee yooou!” her sister exclaimed.

”When do I get to see you?” Evie asked her sister.

”Tomorrow! But, Sissy..I have something I need to talk to you about before then. It’s really important.” Sammie told her sister.

”What? You’re not dying are you?” she asked concerned.

”No. Dad called me.” she responded.

”Dad? I would hope so. You’re staying at his house.” Evie answered sarcastically trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle.

”No, Geneva…our father.” she replied.

”What the hell are you talking about?” Evie asked.

”That guy…that guy….David…” Samantha started.

”What about him? He’s a fucking asshole.” she told her sister. ” do you know about him?”

”Evie…he’s your half brother.” Samantha answered hearing silence on the other end of the phone.

”God damnit. Can I ever catch a fucking break?” Evie yelled into the phone trying not to cry. ”But why was he doing that shit to me?”

”I don’t know…Evie…our father has 3 other kids and is a police officer in San Diego. He said he saw you and Lucy and almost went up to you….”  Samantha answered.

”No…….no….Sammie…I can’t handle this. Where was he before? Why did he leave us? A police officer? How do you go from getting a woman prgant not once but 4 times and leaving the kids? I don’t want to see him. And I definitely don’t want to ever speak to David ever again.” Evie replied in a shaky emotional tone.

”Evie..I know…I know it’s hard to deal with. He just called out of the blue after David told him he thought that you looked a lot like him and laughed like him. He said it was really hard to tell his family about his past…”

”That was hard for him? What the fuck, Sam! That was hard? Try dealing with not having him…ever…and then all the sudden…and I’m working with his son for fucks sake.”

”Evie..I didn’t say I wanted to meet him or anything. I just wanted to tell you..and you need to tell Harry…I don’t know where he is…maybe it would help him…” Samantha told her sister.

”You really think that would help? I hardly doubt that. He would kill him…whatever the fuck his name is….Joshua….whateverthefuck…” she replied.  ”And I’m not going to be responsible for whatever he does after he finds out…I’ll go with you…I’ll give you his phone number…”

”Tomorrow. ” Samantha answered decisively.

”You want me to talk to him tomorrow?” Evie asked.

”Yes. Please. This is really fucking with my head too, Evie. I don’t even know what to do. I mean..he didn’t call would have hung up. He called me while I was in the library tutoring some students…I didn’t recognize the number…Evie…I’ve been shaking. I told mom and dad and they were flipping out too…at least they were able to meet mom…but all they have is the paperwork that says that he left whenever she got sick…” Samantha told her. ”And aren’t you the one that said

 everyone deserves a second chance?”

”Yeah…but….Sissy…this is different. He just left. Just left…he didn’t even say good bye.” Evie said starting to cry.

”Eve…we can talk about it tomorrow…” Samantha said.

”Sammie….I don’t know…” Evie said turning around to see Lucy walking toward her mother. ”Hang on…”

”Mommy…were you crying?” Lucy asked jumping on the couch next to her mother.

”No, Lucy. I’m fine.” she answered her daughter.

”I can’t sleep, mom.” she told her mother.

”Go lay down while I finish talking to Auntie Sam, okay? I’ll be there in a second.” Evie replied seeing Lucy lay her head on her mother’s lap. ”Okay..or you could just stay there…” she laughed picking up the phone to finish talking to her sister.

”I’m gonna steal her when I see her tomorrow, Evie.” Samantha laughed.

”You can’t have her. I think Bruo stays with me because of her some days.”  Evie answered.

”Is he really good with her?” Sammie asked.

”He is seriously…I don’t know how I would have gotten through the last year without him. He’s everything and more that she never had before.” Evie told her sister.

”Mom…when is Bruno going to be home? I could sleep if he was here…” Lucy interrupted the conversation.”

”In a few days. You can make it, Lucy.” Evie answered. ”I’ll text you his phone number. You can call him, Sammie.” Evie finished talking to her sister.

”Okay, Sissy. I will talk to you tomorrow. Please try to sleep. I know you.” Sammie answered her sister.

”I know. I’ll call Bru and he’ll make me fall asleep.” Evie replied.

”Okay, Evie. Good night.” Samantha said to her sister. ”I love you.”

”I love you too, Sammie. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Evie said ending the phone call hearing her daughter sound asleep. Evie picked Lucy up trying not to wake her placing her in her bed. ”Lucy…I’ll never leave you…ever…” Evie whispered to her daughter kissing her on the cheek leaving the room holding her phone shaking as she called Bruno not sure if he would answered.

”Evvveeee….” Bruno answered half drunk. He heard the silence on the other end. ”…what’s wrong?”

”My father….”