Chapter 7+8

19/04/2011 18:40

Chapter 7

'please don't be mad'

'i'm not mad'

yes, you are'

we went on like this for what seemed like hours after michael had gone to sleep. bruno's friend phil called and told him that his time in new york had long past expired; he was due back in L.A. the next morning...

'you knew you were leaving'

'i'm sorry'

and now, i would be left alone with my son, exactly as he promised he wouldn't do. he was breaking his promise and my fragile heart.

'it doesn't matter,' i said quietly; i walked over to the window and looked over the skyline. he came over and tried to put his arms around me, but i jerked away defensivley and folded my arms across my chest. how could he leave me? didn't he know what he meant to me at all? wasn't this hurting him too? maybe we weren't as right for each other as i thought....


'no! no more danielle! no more danielle and bruno, anymore! you knew you were leaving the moment we met and yet you wouldn't leave me alone! i  gave so much of myself to you and yet you treat it like- trash! all i ever was to you was another girl whose pants you were lucky enough to get into, right? then you just hit the road just like that! and i thought you were different, that i was special to you, that-'

'stop it, danielle! do you really think i ever meant it to be like this; that i ever meant to hurt you? that i was just here for sex? what, am i no better than any of those other men that used you? it hurts me too, thinking that after all you've done to change for me and you think i haven't change at all? you have no idea how hard this is on me danielle, you just don't know...' he came over to me and held me close. i couldn't refuse. i knew that he meant every word and that he was hurting just as bad as i was.

'so, what do we do now?' i draped my arms around his neck and lazily played with his hair with my finger. he looked at me and smiled.

'come with me' What?leave new york and everything that i've worked for to go to some place that i've never even visited? how could i...

bruno huffed at my hesitation.'look, i know L.A. isn't crawling with the opprotunites you may be looking for, but it's a fresh start. no more running away, no more being someone you're not. c'mon danielle.' he gently placed his forehead against mine. and looked into my eyes with a pleading look. i didn't know what i coould do.

'what about-?'

'who would you miss here? what else can you do here with michael around? please danielle, just try it, for me?.he broke me down. i was defenseless against those begging eyes.

'i guess i could stay for a few weeks just to get the feel of things...' i said slowly. his eyes lit up and he spun me around the room. what was i getting myself into? i guess i would soon find out...


Chapter 8

'he's a sweet kid'

'i know'

bruno and i stood watching michael as he turned in his sleep to now face us. i smiled as i brushed a few stray strands of jet black curly hair away from his eyes. the rosy red patches that bloomed under his light brown cheeks shone beautifly in the moonlight. he was my little angel. i was glad to have been reunited with my sweet child now than later when that innocence would be gone...when it didn't matter to himwhat he discovered in the world around him... maybe L.A. would be good for him...

'what about his dad?' bruno asked. i shrugged.

'he was a college student from chicago. he was traveling in the country side of the state when his car broke down. my father offered him a room to stay in while he waited for someone to get him. he sat next to me at the dinner table and wouldn't stop staring. we were alone and it was late when he told me how beautiful he thought i was. i couldn't resist and we were alone in our family's barn and...'

'along came little michael' bruno finished

'yup' i glanced over at bruno and saw how he was watching my michael. i couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if me and bruno had a little bruno of our own. talented and wild, like his father, but clever and careful, like his mother. no, the child would simply be an exact replica of their father. this thought made me giggle aloud.

'what?' bruno asked.

'nothing.' i said, not letting him know about our imaginary baby.

he smiled and picked me up. he spun me around in circles down the hallway and into the bedroom, where he tossed me onto the bed. i landed in a fit of giggles. he threw himself on top of me, which led to more giggles and slight weezing in between. then, bruno carefuly shifted himself on top of me and kissed my lips, then the base of my neck. before things could go too far, i reminded him of the child that was sleeping just down the hall.

'we'll be quiet' bruno managed between kisses

'speak for yourself' i retorted, being all too aware of my 'habits' in the bedroom when he was around. he laughed and then held me in his arms. we fell asleep in each others' arms, anticipating the next morning.