Chapter 7

23/04/2011 22:52

"That girl's one heck of a player." Phil said, holding the fan book that Alegria made.

"No, she isn't." Bruno answered, raising his voice.

"Then why would she leave you after you guys both fucked each other? She That's shit man." Phredley said, shaking his head.

"I.. I don't know.." Bruno said as he put his head on his hands.

"And I thought that it was gonna be your lucky night. Tsk tsk tsk.." Jamareo said, disappointed.

"Maybe she had some problems and had to leave immediately and she didn't have time to leave a message or somethin'. I don't think she's that kind of woman to just leave without having any reasons." Eric said, defending Alegria.

"What's more is, she loves Bruno. She's his fan, she can't just leave like that. Maybe she just had reasons." Kenji added, siding with Eric.

"She didn't tell you her address or somethin'? Telephone number, facebook, twitter... You know, anything that you can use to contact her?" Phil said.

"She didn't." Bruno answered softly.

"Hey, didn't she write some info about herself on the last page of this fan book?" Kenji said as he took the fan book from Phil.

"Ohh.. Yeah, I remember now. We didn't read all of the stuff that she wrote there." Phredley said.

"Aight, let's check it." Phil said. Kenji turned to the last page of the fan book. They all looked at the fan book, except Bruno. He can't make everything sink in. He's trying, but he can't. He just can't understand. 'Why?'

"Here it is." Jamareo showed Bruno the address.

"Wait a minute.. Her house is just near our old studio!" Phil said.

"That's great, you can visit her anytime." Eric said, as he smiled and looked at Bruno.

"Eric, just remindin' you, we still have to tour for one month." Phredley said.

"Then we'll just wait after our tour is finished then he can visit her already. There wouldn't be any problem from then on." Kenji said.

"I can't do that.. I can't just visit her like that. I mean, why would I visit her? If I came to see her, what would be my reason?" Bruno said.

"What do you mean you can't? Come on bro.. It's not like we don't know anything. You like her right? And that's the reason why you want to see her." Eric said.

Bruno didn't say a word. His mind went blank when that question came into his mind. He looked at Eric. 'I like her?'

"Bruno, don't act like you don't know anything. You had your eye on her from the start. You can't deny that, it's obvious."

'I do like her..' Bruno thought.

"Dang.. You like her that much huh? No wonder, 'cause Alegria? She's damn beautiful, she's talented, and she has a nice attitude. She looks smart, too." Phil said.

"That's not it, Phil. I like her. I mean, we have just known each other for one day, but I don't know.. I felt different from the moment that I saw her. I.. I love her." Bruno said, pouring his heart out to the boys. They all went silent for a moment.

"Man.. Are you serious?" Jamareo asked, astounded by what Bruno had revealed.

"Of course I am." Bruno answered and looked straight into Jamareo's eyes.

"Oh.." Jamareo was speechless. They were all speechless. They just can't believe that Bruno fell in love at first sight.

But even though Bruno knew how to reach Alegria, Bruno was worried. He was worried that he might not be there when she needed comfort. He was worried that he might lose her. He was worried that he didn't have enough time, that one month away from her might become a lifetime. He felt deep pain in his chest.

Bruno looked at the bus window. Why did she leave? He just didn't understand.



"Alegria, breakfast is ready." Calyx said, knocking on Alegria's door.

"I'm coming..." Alegria yawns as she rubs her eyes. She still felt sleepy. She combed her hair and went straight to the dining table.

"Here." Calyx said as he put the plate of pancakes that he made for Alegria. "Careful, they're hot." He said, then faced the mirror to comb his hair.

"Thanks.." Alegria said. She then started eating. "'Want me to fix your hair for you?" Alegria offered. Calyx has a blind date set by one of his close friends.

"Uh, yes, please." Calyx said, as he turned to face Alegria. Alegria stood up and combed his hair.

"Here you go." Alegria said. "Aww.. Look at you. You look great! I'm sure that whoever your blind date is, she's definitely gonna like you. One look, and she'll say 'I love you!'" Alegria said, trying to make his brother feel confident.

"Don't flatter me, I don't wanna expect anything from this blind date." Calyx said as he smiled at his sister.

"Okay okay.. But you do look great." Alegria smiled. "Hey, aren't you a bit too early to be leaving? I don't even know if you ate your breakfast."

"Of course not. It's a lunch date, so I should be leaving now. I don't wanna be late." Calyx answered, clearly excited.

"Alright, but don't get nervous. Just act naturally. Got that?" Alegria said.

"Okay.. Well then, I better get going. Oh, wash the dished after you eat, 'kay?" Calyx said as he opened the door. "Wish me luck! Bye."

"Good luck on your blind date!" Alegria answered, as he watched his brother walk away. She sighed. It's his brother's first blind date. Since their parents died, her brother spent his whole life taking care of his younger sister. He was responsible, and felt that didn't have time for love. 'Good thing his friends set him a blind date..' She thought.

Alegria looked at the calendar. 'Saturday.' She looked at the hat the Bruno gave him and sighed. It has been exactly one month since that day, but she still can't forget about it. She can remember everything clearly.


Alegria woke up in Bruno's arms. She looked at his face and caressed it. 'Why?' Alegria thought. 'Is it because I'm dying and you pity on me? Or because you just felt like doing it? If that's it, why me?' She couldn't find a good reason. 'I have to stop this.' Alegria got out from bed and dressed up immediately. She picked up the hat that Bruno gave him and stared at it then at Bruno. She put the hat inside her bag and sat beside Bruno. "I'm sorry.." She said, and kissed Bruno's forehead. She stood up and left. She just can't understand everything. 'It was okay at the beginning.. Why did it turn out like this? Why the fuck didn't I control myself?' She thought to herself, her hands on her face.


'Stop thinking about it, Alegria. Just eat.' She thought, shaking her head. After she ate, she washed the dishes and went straight to the bathroom. "Stop thinking about it. Focus." She said as she started to bath. As soon as she got finished, she dressed up, blow dried her hair and braided it. She wanted to go around the town, shop, and just do whatever she likes. She wants to forget about Bruno, even just for one day. She applied make up, grabbed her bag, went outside and locked the door.

She was walking towards the bus stop when she heard someone honking behind her. She turned around and saw a red car. 'What the heck? I  didn't do anything, you jerk!' Alegria raised her eyebrow, irritated. She walked towards the red car and the car window opened. Alegria's jaws dropped as she saw the face of the man sitting on the driver's seat.

"I finally found you." Bruno smiled as he took his shades off.

"You gotta be kidding me.." Alegria said as she ran away from the car. Suddenly, someone grabbed her arms. She looked at her right. "Eric.." She looked at her left. "Phil.."

They forcefully dragged Alegria inside the car. "Heyy! Let me go!" Aegria shouted, trying to resist.

"See, I told 'ya she'd run." Eric chuckled. "We knew you'd try to run away, so we came with Bruno." Eric said, smiling to Alegria.

"Oh God.. Please, let me go.." Alegria pleaded.

"We can't, he' our boss." Phil said as he and Eric both looked at Bruno.

Alegria sighed. 'A boss and his bodyguards.. Oh great..' She thought.

"Okay, boss, you can now start the car." Eric said.

"Where the fuck are you going to take me?!" Alegria said, angry at the boys.

"Whoa, whoa.. Relax.. You'll know when we get there." Bruno answered as he started the car. Alegria can see Bruno's sweet smile on the rear mirror. Her heart thumped faster and her face turned red.


'Why do you always make me feel this way?'