Chapter 71-75

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Chapter 71

I stood there and the seconds moved by so slowly. “Please Diamond.. please..” I said moving closer to the door. “I just can’t.. I don’t know..” I put my head into the door, “I know you heard that song, I can hear it in you’re voice.. I put heart and everything into it.. just for you..” “I know.. and it hurts for me to hear you like that..” “Then open the door.. please..” There was another silence and I felt like I could hear my own heartbeat. I took my head off of the door as I heard her starting to unlock it. She slowly pulled it open and I looked her in the eyes for the first time in months, and it almost made me want to breakdown. I closed the door behind me quickly moved inside taking her in my arms even though she struggled a bit. “Please.. I can’t do this anymore..” I whispered into her hair. She just cried out into my chest and I squeezed her even tighter. “I love you so much..” I whispered. She just kept crying and it was only upsetting me even more. “Please say it back… I need to hear it again..” “I love you too Bruno.” I smiled a bit but, I felt like I wanted to cry. I felt her start to put her arms around me and that did it. “I’ve needed this for so long..” I cried. “I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry.. I didn’t mean to make you feel like that..” she said grabbing at the back of my shirt. “We’re gonna fix this..” I said softly. She just held me and I bent down to her ear and kissed it gently.

I moved all the way down to her jaw, leaving kisses on each little part of her skin. When I got to her lips she leaned out and looked me in the eyes. Before she could say anything, I closed my eyes and kissed her as deeply as I could. I reached up and grabbed her face tilting it up a bit more, kissing her even stronger. As we unlocked I kept my eyes closed and leaned my head into hers. I hadn’t had this feeling for so long. We both just breathed sighs of what I felt like was relief. “I need you.. right now..” I said under my breath. She didn’t say anything and I leaned in and started kissing her again, backing her up as I did. As we got to the bedroom I reached down and started to unbutton my pants. I let my them fall to the floor as we kept kissing each other not bothering to stop for air. I leaned out from her lips and stepped out of my jeans as she started to strip down. She sat down on the bed as I came at her still trying to finish unbuttoning my shirt. She laid back and I gave up on the shirt, I was far too into this right now to care. I reached down and quickly pulled her underwear down as we continued to make out. I pulled my briefs down to my ankles and looked at her once more before I reached down.

I opened my mouth wide as I gently slid myself into her. She let out a moan that I  had never thought I would hear again. I laid down on top of her as she wrapped her legs around my thighs. I started to stroke deep inside her unable to keep my eyes open for too long. I put my head into her and kept pushing myself deeper inside her. “Bruno..” she moaned softly as I stared her in the eyes. “Yes baby..” I said under my breath. She looked away without even saying anything and I could tell by her face that I was doing the right thing right now. I moved my hands down to her thighs and gripped them tightly as I kept hitting her over and over again, neither speeding up or slowing down. I was going at such a perfect pace right now, and I was giving her as much of my love that I could. I started letting moans go right into her ear, and she would moan back. These noises we’re honestly like a song to me, a song that was one of my favorites. I looked down and then back up to her face as I felt her starting to get tight around me. She started to moan my name out countless times and I just said yes after each one. I had never wanted her to cum more than I did right now in my entire life.

I put my face into her neck and her moans vibrated my face as she started too. I tightened my face, her noises pushed me so close to my climax as well. But, I didn’t want this to stop anytime soon. I was going to go at it twice if I could. “Look at me..” I whispered as I kept going. She turned her head back towards mine and I kissed her passionately and she started to moan into my mouth. “Oh god Bru..” she whispered as we unlocked. “I know..” I whispered back. I knew that she was feeling so good right now, and that’s what I wanted. I loved when I could read the pleasure on her face. Sweat started to drip down the sides of my face and I knew it I would start to sweat even more since I had this shirt on, but I couldn’t stop now. She started to throw her head back and moan even louder as I sped up. “Don’t fucking move..” she just about screamed. I opened my eyes wide and looked back and forth from her face to down below. When I didn’t expect it she reached up and put her arms around my neck pulling me farther down onto her. I struggled a bit to keep my balance as I kept going but, it was getting harder with each thrust. I clenched my teeth together and just tried to focus on her as much as I could. The farther she pulled me down the more I realized what she wanted.

I stopped for a second and crawled all the way onto the bed as she scooted back more. She rested her head on a pillow and I held her legs up farther as I went back inside. I let out a moan myself, this felt a lot better than what our rushed attempt. She put arms around me and with each stroke I started going even deeper. I knew that I had to be close to her spot and I wanted to find it as quickly as possible. I put my face into the side of hers, breathing deeply right into her ear. “I love you..” she moaned right into my ear and I breathed it right back to her. I moved my knees up a bit and pushed myself right onto her spot and she let out a deep moan. “Fuck yes..” I whispered as I pushed in and out of her. I could feel her digging her nails into my back through my shirt. “I need you forever you hear me..” I said into her ear. “Forever Bruno..” “I fucking mean it..” I said as I started to speed up. I moved my face up to hers and I looked her deep into the eyes as I moved closer to being done. “I’m gonna cum..” I whispered as I kissed her. “Me too..” “Don’t ever leave me… ever again please..” I said looking her right in the eyes. “I won’t..” she said her words breaking up. “Promise me..” I moaned. “I promise..” she said whispered back as I hit my peak. I closed my eyes and put my forehead into hers as she started to arch her back.

She moaned out my name deeply as she started to cum and it started me off. “Ahh fuck baby..” I moaned as I came. She gripped at my shirt and I bit down gently on her lip. The pleasure that I got from this made my body tingle from head to toe. I hung my head down and collapsed as I stopped thrusting. I hadn’t came that hard in forever. We both laid there catching our breaths and I was just waiting for my heart rate to slow down. I didn’t even know what I wanted to say. “Bruno..” I smiled as I looked up to her, “Yes?” “I’m sorry..” I shook my head and smiled even bigger, “Don’t be sorry.. we we’re both wrong.. but, we’re going to make this right.. I just want you to know.. that I don’t even feel like a person without you..” She smiled and I had missed that smile more than anything. I turned my head a bit and felt some tears coming. “What’s wrong…?” she whispered. I turned back to her and shook my head, “That smile of yours.. it does wonders for me..” “Aww Bruno..” she said observing my face. She was the only person in the world that made me feel like myself. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be who I am today, she would always tell me that she had nothing to do with it. But, little did she know that she was the reason for it. She kept me grounded, and she made me smile, she did everything for me I could ever ask for. I needed her in my life every day up until I went to a better place…

Chapter 72

I laid there in his arms, a place that I was familiar of that I never should have left in the first place. It felt so good to be here that I was surprised that I wasn’t sleeping yet. I had an eight hour shift tomorrow and I was supposed to have gone to bed over an hour ago. I would usually be upset with myself that I had let Bruno get me back once again with his make-up sex. But, I couldn’t stop him when he made me feel good like that. “Go to sleep..” he whispered. I widened my eyes quickly, “I thought you we’re sleep..” “Nope.. just sitting here thinking… about you..” he said throwing in the last part. “Yeah?” I said smirking. “Diamond.” he said as if he was going to ask me a question. I waited for a couple of seconds and when he didn’t say anything I did. “Yes?” “I’m sorry.. but, I tried to have sex with someone else.” “What?” I said without thinking. “I didn’t like it.. I couldn’t even get hard..” I smiled a bit, he was confessing to me like I would be upset or something. I wasn’t that shelfish minded to think that someone like him would go months without sex like that. But, I decided that I would have myself some fun. I made sure he couldn’t see my face, “But.. you still fucked her right..” “I mean yeah.. but, it was nothing..” he said jumbling his words around.

I wanted to laugh so hard but, I could tell he was nervous. “I promise you.. I really didn’t like it.. I even made a huge mistake that was just flat out embarrassing.” “What was it?” “No.. no.. I’ll never tell anyone..” “But, Bruno… ” I said in a baby voice. “No.. seriously.. It hurts..” “Oh it’s alright.. don’t tell me..” I said actually getting serious. “I’m sorry..” “Yep.. goodnight.” I said closing my eyes with a smile. He didn’t say anything and I just listened to him breathe in and out. I slowly started to open my eyes as I felt his hands starting to wander. Before I could catch him he dug his fingers into my hips, making me start to buck around. “Oh my god not right now!” I said threw my laughter. “It gotta happen sorry..” he said in the darkness. I laughed harder than I had in months and we struggled around in the darkness until he was on top of me still tickling me to death. “Please Bruno.. oh my god..” I said trying to push him away. “Say I love Bruno and he loves me..” “What?” I said confused. He bit his lip and tickled me even harder. “Okay okay.. Bruno loves me and I love him whatever!” I yelled trying to move his hands from my stomach. “Alright..” he said releasing. I exhaled, “You know you —” “But, you didn’t say it right!” he said going back in to tickle me. I couldn’t help but, smile like a fool.

“I.. love Bruno.. and he loves me!” I screamed threw my laughter. He stopped and leaned down and kissed me softly. “Better..” he whispered as our lips separated. We both just looked at each other and I felt myself falling for him all over again. He went down to my ear, “Is it okay.. if we go again..” he whispered. I closed my eyes  and bit my lip, I loved it when he whispered to me like that. I just nodded and he started kissing all on my neck taking me to the top again. It didn’t take long for us to be back at it.

The next day at work was my first bad day. Because of my lack of sleep from messing around with Bruno, it made everything a lot more slower. I still hadn’t even got a chance to tell anyone that we we’re back together. Shit, we hadn’t even confirmed it ourselves. As I pulled up to the house I was surprised to see that his car was still in the driveway. I grabbed my things out of the passenger seat and dug around in my purse looking for my other set of keys as I walked up the driveway. I finally found them after looking threw almost everything and I made a note to myself that I would clean out this thing as soon as I could. As I unlocked the door I could hear Bruno singing and playing the piano from the backroom. I smiled from ear to ear and took a deep breath just listening to his voice echo around in the house made it really feel like home again. As I walked closer I started to make out his words. My heart dropped a bit when I realized that it was that song from last night.

There’ll be no clear skies,

If I lose you baby..

Just like the clouds my eyes will do the same..

If you walk away.. Everyday it’ll rain..

Rain.. rain.. rain..

I closed my eyes tight and listened to him hit those last line of beautiful notes. I backed up to the wall and leaned my head back. This song was honestly too much for my heart. “Oh shit!” he yelled jumping as he walked out of the room. He grabbed at his chest, “Don’t scare me like that..” “I’m sorry.. I didn’t want to disturb you.” He shook his head and looked me up and down, “Na.. it’s cool.. you alright?” I nodded, “I’m fine.. why are you still here?” He looked at me like I had gone crazy and then stepped back and looked around to each of the rooms, “This girl just asked me why am I still here?” he said announcing it as if someone else was here. I smiled a bit. He looked back to me and tilted his head, “I live here don’t I?” I shrugged, “I mean—” He came in hugging me, “Na babe.. I’m playing.. but, I do wanna come back home.” I ran my fingers down his t-shirt as I hugged him, “Okay.”   “I missed all of this.. every single second of it..” he said softly. I held him a bit tighter to me, “Me too.” That night I made Bruno one of his favorites that his mom had taught me back when we visited Hawaii. Of course he started eating so fast that he gave himself the hiccups. “Fuck..” he said putting his fork down. I held in my laughter as I went and poured him a glass of water.

“Thank—” a hiccup interrupted him and he shook his head as I smiled. He took a deep breath as he took the water from me, “You..” I watched him as he downed the water and I once again got lost in the way his neck moved while he drank. I leaned against the counter as he ate, “So what’s in ahead for Bruno Mars?” He smirked as he put a pile of food in his mouth, “You know.. that thing called touring..” “Oh..” I said shrugging a bit. “I know.. but it’s not till’ another week or so.. We got time to get it in baby don’t you worry..” “What?” I said looking at him in mock horror. He laughed and pointed to me, “You we’re thinking it too.” I just shook my head, “How long is this one..” “A little bit under a month..” he said after he was done chewing. “Not too bad..” I said nodding my head to the side. “I hate to say this but, shit if you can be without me, without me for as long as we we’re just not together then you can do any amount of time with me while I’m on tour..” I thought about it for a second and then looked back to him, “I guess so?” He just shook his head with a sly smile on his face and continued on eating. I sat there playing around with my bracelet. “Diamond.. can seriously please not leave me anymore..” he said suddenly.

I looked up to his eyes and they once again looked right threw me, “I already promised you..” “No.. promise me again.” “Okay.. Bruno..” “Waittt!” he said getting down from the stool. I watched him closely as he walked around the bar coming in the front of me. “Now.. I’m gonna try this again.” I just stood there looking at him confused. He reached into his pocket and pulled out my engagement ring and went to one knee. I closed my eyes and put my hand up to my mouth. “Come on baby.. you know you wanna marry this..” he said playfully. I looked down to him and he bit his lip and gave me a wink. I laughed and shook my head, “Really Bruno..” “Hell yeah really.” he said out the side of his mouth. I laughed, “Okay.. Bruno.. I’ll marry you..” “Say it right…” he said giving me a look. “But you didn’t—” he shot me another look and I rolled my eyes. “Yes.” I said with a cute smile. I put my hand out and he slowly slipped my engagement ring back onto my finger, where it should have never left. He came up grabbing me by my hips and kissing me passionately. As we leaned out I just stared into his eyes, “You know.. you didn’t have to do all of that..” He shook his head, “Yeah I did.. I wanted to renew it you know..” “What do you mean?” He looked away, “You know it really hurts to know that you won’t be able to have my children but..” He took a deep breath and then looked back to me, “I still love you.. and I’m here for you.. and we’re gonna ride this thing on out.. me and you..”I smiled from ear to ear, “Thank you Bruno..” He pulled me into a hug, “You deserve it..”


Chapter 73

“It feels good to just relax man.. just let these songs take their course..” I said stretching my arms out before I fell back into the couch. “Yeah but, we about to be on every TV screen everywhere..” Phil said shrugging and smiling. “Worldwide.” I said out the side of my mouth. He laughed, “We in there Brunz.” I just smiled from ear to ear. “I know Diamond can’t walk straight..” he said shaking his head. “What?” I said acting like I didn’t hear him. He gave me a look and I laughed. “Come on I know you better than anyone else.. ya’ll have been getting it IN!” “Na, I’m just happy to be back..” I gave him a sly smile, “In there if you know what I mean..” I said out the side of my mouth. He laughed and waved me off as he walked out of the room. I got up and made my way over to the keyboard. I played around on it, familiarizing myself with certain keys from my new song. If I was ready I planned on playing it a few times during this tour. I just wanted to pass the time until Diamond got off of work. I wished that she had waited to get another job. But, I knew that she was always going to be independent. All I wanted to do was take care of her. I took time out yesterday and moved all of my things back in, wasting no time. I knew that I would never move my shit again unless we we’re moving somewhere new together.

I flipped threw TV channels as I halfway listened to Bruno talk business on the phone. He sounded like he was trying to keep himself from getting upset. I frowned a bit as he started to raise his voice. “Do I really have to go threw this again?” “No, no it’s alright man.. nothing but business.” “It’s cool… I’m cool.. we’re good.” “Alright.” I turned my attention back to the TV as I heard him walk back into the room. He let out a frustrated sigh as he sat down next to me, putting his arm around me. I looked over to him as he looked off into the distance, his eyes in deep thought. “Bruno..” He reached up and ran his fingers threw his hair, “Yeah babe..” “What’s going on?” He looked over to me and put on a soft smile, “Nothing.” I titled my head, “Come on now..” “Just some shit with the company.. nothing major.” I raised a eyebrow, “Yeah sure..” “Oh, I forgot to tell you.. you’re going to Europe with me.” I looked at him funny, “And when did this happen?” He leaned into me looking down to my lips and then my eyes, “Just now.” he whispered. I looked him right in the eyes, “And what about my job..” “Fuck that job..” he said as we started to have a staring contest. “I’m sorry.. I can only fuck you..” He raised a eyebrow, “Good comeback..” “Oh yeah.. I’ve been working on some shit..” I said shrugging a bit. “Don’t change the subject, cause’ you’re going with me..” I leaned out, “Seriously.. I can’t..”

“Babe.. I’m going to be out there too long for you to not come with me..” “Bruno.. it’s a month..” she said frowning. “No.. it’s not JUST a month.. it’s my birthday month.. and I got an awards show to go too right after I’m done with the tour.” “Oh my god..” I leaned into her putting my lip out, “Please baby.. please, please, please..” I begged. She looked away smiling, “I don’t know..” I leaned in to her ear, “Come on.. I gotta make up for you’re birthday from this year..” I whispered. “You know.. like this..” I kissed her ear softly. “And like this..” I said moving down to her neck kissing it too. “But.. I gotta.. job..” she said quietly. “Oh I know you do.. we both do..” I said moving down the side of her neck. “No.. I’m serious..” she said holding in a moan. I moved right down to there her neck and shoulder met. I opened my mouth and started sucking on it. “Oh my god.. don’t do that!” she screamed trying to pull away. But, I grabbed her by her shirt and kept sucking as hard as I could. By the time she pulled away I had already done the damage. She stood up rubbing where I had just sucked on her at while I wiped my mouth. “Really?.. Don’t you know.. I gotta go to work tomorrow..” “Wear more clothes..” I said smiling. She shook her head as she walked around the coffee table, “I am going to get you’re ass back so bad.. I swear.” She started for the bathroom, “Oh I’m ready baby!” I said biting my lip.

I sat backstage flipping threw apps on my phone thinking about a lot. We we’re in San Francisco and Bruno had a show here for Macey’s and a charity. I still hadn’t decided if I would be leaving with him the day after tomorrow to Europe. I guessed that in his mind he just assumed that I was going but, I couldn’t just quit this job already. I hadn’t even left a two week notice, shit I hadn’t even been there a good two weeks. “Yo!” Bruno said coming in the room. I looked up to him in his black and white suit and smiled. “Love the hair..” I said observing him. He stopped in his stride and pulled at his blazer and then went up to his hair, smoothing down the sides. “All natural baby.. all natural.” I laughed and shook my head. He smiled as he came over and bent down in front of me. “You know.. I feel really good tonight..” “You do?” I said trying not to fall into his little spell right now. “Mhmm..” he said nodding. I looked from his eyes to his lips and then back up, “I love you Bru..” He tilted his head, “Awww stop it!” I laughed, “No.. I really do..” He kissed me, “And I love you way more.” I just let all the love set in. He leaned out and pulled up his sleeve looking at his watch, “Almost showtime.” “I’ll be watching.” “Closely..” I said raising a eyebrow and looking down there. He covered his self, “Sick..” I laughed, “I’m playing..” “Yeah whatever..” he said out the side of his mouth.

After my show I headed home and showered before throwing on some clothes for the evening. “Babe.. you sure you don’t wanna go..” I said looking at myself in the mirror. “Na Bru.. you go out and have a good time..” I adjusted my fedora, “Nope.. get up.” She laughed and I turned to her. She pulled the blanket over her head and I walked towards her, “Babyy, come onn..” “I’m tired..” she said her voice muffled by the blanket. When I got to the bedside I slid my hands underneath it and pushed myself into the bed and under it with her. She laughed as I went in tickling her, “Put. Some. Clothes. On.” She fought me as much as she could and I felt myself starting to sweat under this hot ass blanket. “Stop it.” she said sternly. We struggled around a bit before, making my hat fall off. I took it and put it over her head making her laugh even more. We both just laughed until we couldn’t anymore as we played around with each other. “Don’t you got somewhere to go!” she said giving me a final push almost knocking me out of the bed. “Whoa.. damn.. you almost murdered me just now..” She shook her head, “No I didn’t..” I rested my head on the pillow with hers and intertwined our legs together, “I guess I’m staying then..” She rolled her eyes, “Come on.. you don’t have to do this..” “You’re right.. I don’t have too.. but, I am.” She just smiled and I pulled her into my arms. I rubbed her back gently, just being grateful that I was even with her at this moment. I started to hum a song as I played in her hair, I was just so relaxed right now and I really didn’t want to go out anymore. I would get into nothing but trouble anyway.

I took in his scent from his shower and his soft voice right in my ear. I loved how gentle he was when it came to stuff like this. After laying there just relaxing and talking a bit after awhile, we actually fell asleep. The next morning I woke up to Bruno still fully clothed. He rarely slept like that so I knew that must have been real relaxed last night for that to have happened. I felt a bit sweaty from sleeping under the blanket and all the heat from his clothes. I peeled his arms from around me and rolled out of the bed heading for the bathroom. I took my time, washing my hair also before heading back into the room. I smiled to Bruno still laying there across the bed his arms stretched out wide. I observed him as I dried my hair, he had lost quite a bit of weight in the time we weren’t together. He moved his hand up to his face rubbing it a bit as he started to stir. He left his arm flexed and I could see that he was really starting to get muscles. I bit my lip, I loved it. I tried not to stare at him too hard because I knew he would wake up. After throwing on some house clothes and pulling my hair up I went into the kitchen. I got a glass of milk and put some pop tarts into the toaster. I was defiantly being lazy today, but it was my day too anyway. I grabbed one of the magazines from off the counter and flipped threw it as I waited.

I looked up when I heard Bruno walking across the hall into the bathroom. He closed the door behind him and I smiled as I looked back down to my magazine. I had missed seeing him just walk threw the house. He came out grabbing at his graphic t-shirt, “Why’d you let me sleep in clothes?” I looked at him crazy, “Why did I let you?” “Yeah..” he said out the side of his mouth as he walked into the kitchen. “That’s you’re own fault.” I said with a smile. He sniffed at the air, “I know you’re making me some right?” “Well.. I didn’t know you we’re woke so….” He went over to the toaster and popped them up, “Soo.. these are mine now..” I grabbed his arm, “Oh hell nah.. they are not..” He held me back with his arm and grabbed a napkin, picking up the pop tarts. “Seriously Bruno oh my god!” I yelled. He looked back to me with a sly smile as he held them up. I gave him the you-better-stop-playing-look and he opened his mouth towards them still looking at me. He stuffed one of them in his mouth and I gave up struggling. “That’s so fucking rude..” I said seriously. He laughed with his mouth full, “It’s another one.” He held out the other pop tart to me and I snatched it away, “Greedy ass.” He made a face at me his cheeks still full. I shook my head as I bit into the other one.

I took a deep breath as he swallowed, “So you got you’re bags packed?” “What bags?” I said after biting it again. “You know.. Europe tomorrow.. hello?” “I told you I’m not going..” “You’re playing right?” I put my arms out, “No I’m not playing.. I got a job Bruno..” “I said fuck that job..” he said raising his voice a bit. I looked at him like he was crazy, “Seriously Bruno?” He looked around and then back to me, “Hell yeah.. you’re quitting.. and I mean it.” When did he become the decision maker all of a sudden…..


Chapter 74

This chapter is VERY dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

“But.. I’m not going to quit..” “Why not?” I said getting upset. “Because it’s my life Bruno.. I can’t have a job now?” “I don’t want you to have one..” I said honestly. “Well.. I’m sorry too bad because I do.. it’s not my fault.. I had to start taking care of myself..” “You know it’s real fucked up that you won’t even do this.. it isn’t like I’m making you work, I’m asking you not to work..” “Well you know.. I’m not sure when you’ll just up and be out of my life again so I have to be able to take care of myself..” “What do you mean up and out of your life again?!” I said raising my voice. “You know what, I don’t know.. I don’t know if I’ll be here forever I just don’t.. life is crazy alright..” I put my hand on my chest, “You promised me.. that you would be here forever..” “Oh here we go again.. you know how many times you promised me that you wouldn’t cheat on me? And what did you do.. you cheated.. and you didn’t even think twice about it..” “Why do you have to bring that up? I told you that I wouldn’t do it anymore damnit.” She waved me off, “I’m done talking..” She started for the bedroom and I followed behind her. “Don’t walk away Diamond.” “I can’t have a job.. and I can’t walk either huh?” she said raising her voice as she walked in the room.

I went up to her and grabbed her arm turning her around to me, “Tell me how you really feel, because you must have some shit on you’re mind..” “Let me go..” she said pulling her arm away. “Talk to me.. why is it so hard to just talk to me.. tell me how you feel..” She shrugged and started breaking her words up, “Bruno.. I love you okay, but I feel like there’s something there that’s stopping me from loving you as much as I could.. I want it to go away but, it won’t..” I didn’t know what she was saying, but it upset me even more. I let her go, “You know what.. I’m done..” She grabbed me by my shirt as I started to walk away, “No.. you’re not done.. you made me talk so you’re going to fucking hear it.” I quickly turned around grabbed her by her tank top, “Stop talking to me like that Diamond..You keep telling me this shit and it hurts.You make me feel hopeless..” “I can’t help what I feel!” she yelled. I looked from her angry eyes down to her lips and I just leaned in and kissed her not even understanding why I did it myself. As we unlocked she just stared at me, still frowned up. I slowly let her go and backed away, I started for my jeans, “I know exactly how we can sort this out..” She looked down and then back up to me, “NO… we’re not..” I stopped unbuttoning my jeans and grabbed her by her neck kissing her fiercely. I went from her lips to her neck down to her shoulders. She held her grip on my shirt and I continued on kissing her all over wildly.

I bit my lip a bit harder than I should, I was so upset right now but, I still couldn’t control how I felt. I felt him move his hands down to my shorts as he unbuttoned violently. I opened my mouth to say something but, I didn’t know exactly what to say. He put his arms around my back and held me up until I was pushed up against a wall. He pulled my underwear down violently with one hand and his jeans down with the other. There was so many things running threw my head right now, and I could tell by his eyes that he was a lot more upset than I thought. Things started moving quickly as he pulled his boxers down to his knees and lifted my legs around him. I put my hands on his shoulders as he guided himself into me. He immediately started going at it, not giving me a chance to say a word. “Bruno.. no don’t—” He shook his head, “Shhh.. don’t do that..” I swallowed back my words and held onto him a bit tighter. He started to speed up and I turned my head but, I could still feel him watching me. I closed my eyes tight and couldn’t fight the urge anymore to not scream out his name. He pushed his self into me more and I finally started to let out my screams. He put his face into my neck and kept thursting quickly inside me, bringing more and more pain by the minute. “Oh my god, don’t!” I screamed. “Are you gonna quit?” he grunted. “No!” I said still trying to hold my ground. He grabbed my face and turned it towards him staring me right into the eyes, “No?”

I just stared at him as he started to kiss me, making me moan into his mouth. I threw my head back as he let me go. I don’t know how but, I felt a climax coming. He was putting me on a roller coaster right now, and I knew that it was going to only get wilder. I held bunches of his t-shirt in my fist as I got closer and closer. He started letting his own moans escape and it only brung me even closer. I felt his grip on my face as he went to my ear, “Feels good dosen’t it..” “Yes..” I said the best way I could without moaning. He made his grip tighter on my face as I started to cum. I let out a scream that I hadn’t done in awhile. I hated how oddly horny he made me, it’s like I had no self control. He stopped suddenly and stepped out of his jeans and boxers. He grabbed me by my hips kissing me as he turned me around. He pushed me over to the bed and I fell into it on my stomach. I looked back to him as he pulled his t-shirt off and got behind me. He put his arm on my hip pulling my ass up to him as he pushed himself into me again. I put my hands into the bed grabbing at sheets as he hit me over and over. He bent down over my back until he was at my ear breathing deeply right into it. I threw my head back as he started to get closer to my spot. “Fuck Bruno..” I moaned. He brung his hand up to my mouth as he started to pound me. The noises out bodies made as they collided each time we’re almost unreal. I screamed out into his hand as he moaning softly into my ear. He moved his hand from over my mouth but, still held on to my face by my chin. “Tell me you love me..” he moaned. I closed my eyes tight, “I love you Bruno..” I moaned back.

I put my chin into her shoulder and wrapped my arms around her stomach as I kept hitting her as fast as I could. I knew that I wasn’t going to go too far but, I wanted to get as far as I could. I watched her hands as she clenched at the sheets and it made me feel even better. I stopped for a second and started hitting her with huge thrusts making her scream out my name. I opened my mouth wide as I watched her face, I knew she liked it. I moved one of my hands up to her head as I gripped on her ponytail gently. I started pounding her again as she screamed out into the bed. “Are you gonna quit now?” I said watching her. She just shook her head and I looked down to myself going in and out of her. I bit my lip and started going at it again making her fall into the bed. She put her face into the bed, “Okay Bruno.. I’ll quit!” she screamed. “You’ll what?” “I’ll quit okay!” she said throwing her fists into the bed. I smiled as I kept at it making her continue to moan. I let her hair go and moved my hands down to her hips grabbing them tightly. I went into a steady pace making her make noises that I hadn’t heard in awhile. I loved the control that I had over her, I would never hurt her but, this was damn good right now. Surprisingly I was no where near being done. I needed her to cum again.

I stopped and helped her onto her back, I kept the most serious look on my face that I could as I grabbed her hands and put them above her head. She looked at me like I was crazy but I kept my focus spreading her legs with my other hand. I pushed myself into her again making her arch her back. I bit my lip and as I laid on top of her starting in steady strokes. She would try to move her hands from above her head but, I would make my grip stronger. “Oh my god Bruno..” she moaned. “I can’t hear you baby..” I said threw my teeth as I hit her even harder. She threw her head back screaming out my name. I watched her body move against mine and I loved the noises our thighs we’re making. I decided that I would just take her now. I let her hands go and she quickly put them on my back as I put my arms under hers. I gripped onto her shoulders as I laid down on top of her pushing myself into her as much as I could. She moaned out into my ear and started to dig her nails into my back. She wasn’t telling me to stop, so I knew she was loving it. She squeezed her thighs against me and I leaned down and kissed her as much as I could without moaning. “Will you cum already!” she yelled as we unlocked. I smiled a little trying not to let her get out of my mindset.

“I’ll do it when you do..” he said in between his strokes. “But, I alre—-” before I could finish my sentence he grabbed one of my thighs pulling it up and slipping himself right into my spot. I instinctively dug my nails deeper into his back, “Shit!” I yelled out. He knew my body almost more than I did. He kept stroking deep inside me hitting my spot continuously. He had made up for all the pain that he had just took me threw in just two minutes. I moaned out in so many different tones that I didn’t even know I could make. He held my thigh up coming down to neck kissing it and taking me to a whole another level. I reached my peak and I hadn’t felt pleasure like this from him in so long. I just wanted to stay in this moment that I was in forever. “Bruno I love you so much..” I moaned. “I know you do baby.. I know..” he moaned back. I gripped onto his sweaty back as much as I could as I reached my climax. I screamed out as I came hard and I loved the noises that he made into my ear. “Oh my god..” I whispered as my body tingled like no other. He let my thigh go but, kept at it, his breathing getting faster. He came up putting his forehead into mine making me look him right in the eyes. He had his determined face on and some of his sweat was getting on me but, I was far too gone off pleasure to even worry about it. “Oh baby..” he moaned closing his eyes.

I kissed him as much as I could and he started to really get into it. “I’m gonna..” he whispered not finishing his sentence. He opened his mouth to kiss me but, ended up not doing it. His moans hit me right in the face and those noises coming from him alone made my stomach tingle even more. He gripped onto my shoulders pressing his fingers down harder. He face grew tighter and I just loved when he was feeling like this. He brung his face all the way down onto mine moaning out into it as he started to cum. I moaned with him as he let my name slip at the end of it. He slowed down his thrust and let his head fall from my face down to my neck. I just laid there blinking slowly trying to take in what just happened. “Now.. I need another shower..” I finally said. I pushed at him signalling for him to move but, he didn’t. “Bruno.. seriously..” “No baby.. just let me hold you please..” he whispered. I let my hands fall and I moved them to his back. “I’m sorry for everything I’ve ever done to you.. and everyday I wanna continue to make up for all of that shit.. There is no one in this world for me but, you.. no one. I just hope you feel the same way..” “Of course I do..” I hated when I said shit wrong when I was angry. I had already forgave him for everything. I still didn’t understand how sex helped us overcome our problems, but it did. We both could share our feelings threw it, especially him. It kind of made me realize that he only did the things he did because he loved me and wanted to take care of me. I needed to work on making him more happier, because he deserved as much love as he could get…


Chapter 75

After a shower together we both sat down and actually talked about some things. I had never thought that she would actually quit her job but, she said she just would. I was glad she would be able to come with me because there was just to much happening in this month for her not to be by my side. We stayed in the house the rest of the day, watching TV and on our laptops. I found myself checking out how the world was feeling about It Will Rain. There was some criticism here and there but, for the most part it was all good. We both crawled into bed just a couple of hours earlier then we usually did. I smiled as she put her head on my arm looking up to me. I put my arms around her and kissed her forehead softly. I closed my eyes and just tried to get some rest. “Bru..” “Yeah babe?” “Are you ready to get married yet?” She caught me by surprise with this question, I looked down to her, “Absolutely.” “I mean.. let’s plan it then, let’s make it a date.” “Alright, what you got in mind?” “When are you done touring?” I thought for a second, “I don’t mean to disappoint you but, I really don’t know. I might have some dates being added.” “Oh” she said quietly as she looked away. “But, we’re going to find time, we will. I promise.” I said trying to reassure her. “Alright Bru..” she said with a soft smile. I pulled her in close to me never wanting to let go, “I can’t wait.” I whispered as I closed my eyes again.

“I didn’t think you would sleep on me the entire time.” Bruno said grabbing me around my neck and pulling me closer to him as we walked out into the airport. I shrugged and put my arm around his back, “I wasn’t planning on it.. and I wasn’t tired so I’m pretty surprised myself my friend.” He smiled and looked back ahead as we walked close behind Dre the guys close behind us. I could hear them laughing and cracking jokes about what I don’t know. I turned to Phred and stuck my tongue out at him and he looked at me like I had gone crazy. He looked a lot different now that he had cut his dreads but, he had always said he was going to do it. We all picked up our luggage and made our way outside. I loved how different other countries looked. Bruno had so many great fans over here and I could tell it really made him happy. His first show starting off the last leg of his European tour was tomorrow night and I was actually pretty excited. Every second that passed I was even happier that I had came. It was pretty hard letting my job go, but I could tell that they really didn’t need me there anyway. I felt like they we’re planning on not giving me that huge promotion. I mean I was only there for a couple of weeks. “You hungry?” Bruno said to me randomly as we made our way to the hotel. I quickly looked over to him, “I mean.. sure?” He made a face and looked me up and down, “You know you hungry..” I laughed, “Okay Bruno?” “Thanks.” he said looking the ahead again.

I looked back out the window as I looked at different buildings and sights here in Denmark. I was always so amazed at how different it was from America. There was only a week that separated me from my birthday now and I was past excited. I was having a huge party threw for me by the one and only Dolce & Gabbana and it couldn’t get any better than that. We all got checked into our hotel that we would be only staying in for one night before we got our tour bus back tomorrow. “We better make this night good..” I said closing the door after Diamond walked in. She quickly turned to me, “What?” “You know we go back on the bus tomorrow..”  I said walking towards her my arms open wide. She laughed and looked away as I put my arms around her. “Na babe.. I’m playing but, I do wanna spend some good time with you..” I said softly as we swayed back and forth a bit in the middle of the room. “That can be arranged.” she said and I could tell by her voice that she was smiling. We ordered some room service and actually got threw a whole movie without falling asleep on one another. Maybe it was because we we’re laughing the entire time. It took us forever to just get the movie to put english captions at the bottom. I played in her hair as she laid on my lap feeling myself start to drift off. I watched her breathe in and out deeply and I was really fascinated with those little things about her. I yawned a bit interrupting my thoughts.

She turned back and looked at me, “Look whose sleepy now..” I smiled pushing her off of me, “Up, up!” She laughed and pushed me as she sat up. I pressed the off button on the TV as I got to it. “Umm.. I was watching that..” “No you weren’t..” I said in darkness. “I can see you..” she said with a smile I could see from the small light coming from the window. “Can you see me now?” I said moving behind the TV stand. She laughed, “Yes.. you’re not that small..” I came from behind it pointing my finger to her, “Hey hey, don’t use that small word.” She put her hands up, “Oh I’m sorry FUN SIZED.”  I laughed still trying to be serious, “And you better remember it!” “Right..” she said under her breath. I walked towards her and sat on her lap grabbing her wrists. I held them down as I tried to kiss her but, she kept dodging them. “Nope..” she said her voice muffled since she had her mouth closed. “No seriously though.. give me a kiss..” She moved her head away as far as she could and I went in and start tickling her right in her ribs. “Oh my god, not right now!” she said swinging her head back to me almost head butting me. We struggled around on the couch laughing our asses off until I was even more tired than I already was. “Alright.. I give up..” I said out of breath as I got off of her. “Oh now you give up.. wimp.” she said rolling her eyes. I got up with a sly smile on my face, “Couldn’t say that the day before yesterday..” I said under my breath as I made my way over to the bed.

I laughed, “Fuck you Bruno..” “Come do it then baby..” he said unbuttoning his pants. “Oh my god stop!” I said as I got up. He let out his cute little laugh as he took his shirt off. I also stripped down and didn’t bother putting on PJs since it was a little hotter in this hotel then I would have liked for it to have been. He grabbed me by my hips under the sheets and pulled me closer to him. “Bruno it’s too hot to be that close!” I said pushing him away. “Ain’t nothing wrong with a little bit of sweat baby!” he said out the side of his mouth. I rolled my eyes and I couldn’t help but smile. He leaned in and kissed me and the kiss was so good that we had to have another. Before I knew it we we’re making out. “Damn..” he said as we unlocked. I bit my lip, “I know..” “I kinda wanna….” he said looking away. I laughed, “When do you not…” “You’re right..” he said crawling on top of me. It didn’t take long for him to take me to the top again and again. It was bound to happen anyway. The next morning I woke up to the sound of running water. I opened my eyes and peered into the bathroom. He was standing at the sink brushing his teeth. I smiled a bit and just watched him as he made sure that he got every single tooth. “I think you got them all..” I said in my sleepy voice. He leaned back a bit and looked at me holding his tooth brush in his mouth. He gave me a sexy smirk and leaned back up and finished. He came out stretching, “I gotta get going in a bit..” “Where ya’ going?” I said as I sat up. “You know.. music stuff..” he said waving me off. “Right..” I said getting up and going for the bathroom.

I just let her comment pass me by as I went into my suitcase taking out my outfit for today. I started to get dress as Diamond walked in. “So how do you think the show gonna be tonight?” “What do you mean?” I said as I sat down on the couch my shoes in my hand. “Like.. how are you feeling?” I started to put my shoes on, “Babe.. I feel fine.. especially since you gave me some last night..” I said saying the last part under my breath. “You’re so sick.. oh my god..” “But, you love it!” I said pointing to her. She just shook her head in a childish way and I just smiled. I finally got out and about while Diamond decided she would stay back until the show tonight. I was really pumped about getting this part of the tour started. The shows here we’re going to be constant and with all the things I had to do, it was going to move even quicker. I wanted to give my all in each and every one of these shows because they deserved it. I was living the dream and now I had no place to go but up. When I was done with all of my business I got to the venue where they we’re setting up for the show in a couple of hours. We got threw soundcheck without a problem and it only hyped me even more for the show. I  sat on the couch surfing away on the internet waiting for Diamond to arrive. I watched a couple of more videos before she walked in smiling. Everyone made noises at us of course when she came over to kiss me. “Hey baby..” I said biting my lip. I was loving what she was wearing.

“Stop don’t look at me like that..” I said smiling. “I can look at you whatever way I want to..” he said quietly so that no one else could hear. I just smiled like a fool as I sat down next to him. The next 30 minutes went by quickly as we looked up stuff online about him just seeing how big his name was getting, and it was starting to appear everywhere. It was now just a couple of minutes till’ the show was about to start and Bruno took a deep breath as he got up. “Alright guys.. come around.” Everyone got up and they put their arms around each other. I smiled softly and tilted my head as Bruno started to pray. “God we are here today, another show, another city. Guys, don’t forgot these people have been waiting in line all day to see a show tonight. Lets give it to em’, let’s connect like a band, everybody watch each other. You guys.. I love you all.. Lets do what we only know how to do and that is MUSIC. Amen.” Everyone said amen and we all clapped. They all started to leave the room and Bruno jogged back over to me and leaned down kissing me, “Good luck kiss..” “You’re welcome.” I said as he stood back up. He turned and walked out the door and I just shook my head at how amazing he was. It was sometimes unreal that I was his girl.