Chapter 76-78

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Chapter 76

After watching yet another amazing show by the guys, I waited backstage while everyone showered. I wasn’t too excited to be going back on the tour bus but, Bruno had told me that this bus was a lot better than the one we had back home. As I waited, I thought about all the things that I could get him for his birthday. It really wasn’t a hard choice since he was always grateful for anything, but I just wanted it to be perfect. I love bringing out that huge smile of his in any way possible. “Babe.. you ready?” I heard him say from the door. I looked up to him running his fingers threw his wet hair. “Yep.” I said pushing myself up from the couch. He held out his arm as I walked over to him and he put it around me. “You enjoy the show?” he asked pulling me closer. He smelled almost too good for words. I nodded and smiled as I looked over to him, “Amazing as always Bru.” He smiled as he reached over and touched my nose gently. “Stop it..” I said smiling like a fool. When he did little things like that it just made my heart feel so good. We got out and we all pilled into the van. We got back to the hotel and packed all of our things up before heading out to the bus that was now out back. “Wow.. this is a whole lot bigger..” I said looking around as I hopped up into the bus. “I told you..” Bruno said walking past me and touching my back gently. “But, that don’t mean ya’ll can be all laid out around here..” Phil said pointing to the both of us.

Me and Bruno looked at each other and then looked back at Phil. “Shutup.” we both said in unison making everyone else laugh. Of course Bruno gave me a tour of the bus and I felt like I was going to love the next month on here. The beds we’re still the same size, but everything else was bigger and better. We all sat around cracking jokes, playing cards, and talking for the next hour and half before we we’re all ready to pass out. I held my clothes that I had changed out of close to me as I walked back to the bunks. I stuffed them into my suitcase and crawled into the bed with Bruno intertwining our legs together trying to make more room. I got really close to his face and kissed him softly. He smiled his eyes still closed. “Bru.. what do you want for your birthday?” He put his arm around me pulling me closer, “You.” he whispered. I laughed lightly, “No seriously..” He finally opened his eyes, “Baby.. I don’t know.. I don’t really want anything.” I sighed, “Nothing?” “Nothing.. I have absolutely everything I could have ever wanted right now.” I smiled and nodded, “Okay.” I just observed him as he started to fall asleep. I played around in his mess of hair that had dried up and got harder throughout the hours. I ran my thumb across his eyebrow just before I finally felt relaxed enough to fall asleep.

I sat on the couch doing any and everything on my laptop. Everything was looking great and I just tried to keep my focus on finishing up this tour. I really enjoyed checking out things people we’re saying about me. A lot of it was too funny and it could keep me and Phil entertained for hours. “Good afternoon buddy..” Diamond said walking in the room. “Hey hey.” I said smiling to her as she came over and took a seat next to me. “Where is everyone?” she said looking around. “Downstairs in the back going at it on the video games.” She rolled her eyes, “Of course.” I closed my laptop and sat it down on the table to the left of me. “What we’re you doing?” I leaned in to kiss her, “Nothing..” She scooted back on the couch and I took over pushing her down, “Stop it.” she whispered as she looked around. I got between her legs putting all my body weigh on her so that she couldn’t move. I went in and started kissing on her neck. “Bruno seriously.” she said strongly. “I hear you..” I said as I kept going rubbing my hands up and down her thighs. She pushed at my chest, “What are you doing?” I held myself over her just smiling, “You look nice today..” “What? Thank you.” she said confused. I giggled at her face, “I love you.” She sighed, “Bruno.. I love you too okay.” I leaned down and kissed her again and she grabbed my face as we started to make out. “Oh god.. there they go..” Ryan said walking in the room. I quickly stopped kissing and looked over to him. He shook his head as he went into the fridge. Diamond pushed at my chest, “Get off..” she said quietly through her teeth. I smiled softly as I moved off of her.

“What’s good man.” I said trying to change the subject. He laughed as he closed the fridge, “It look like you guys are good..” “Don’t be jealous.” I said giving him a look. He walked over to the middle of the room and opened his bottle of water, “Of what?” “Exactly.” I said out the side of my mouth. “I’m tired of you talking shit man..” he said setting his water on the table after taking a chugg. “What you trying to do then?” I said holding out my arms. He laughed, “Push-ups.. let’s go.” I frowned a bit but, I wasn’t going to give in. I looked over to Diamond and she just looked at me like I was crazy. We both moved down and I held my chin to the floor, I really hated losing and it was almost a fact that I would lose to Ryan in a push-up battle. “Alright go.” he said and I started rising myself. I kept my focus doing as many as I could. I counted in my head slowly and paced out my breathing just trying not to give up. When I hit 26 my arms started to get weak. “Giving up there..” Ryan said breathing hard. I bit my lip and used all my strength to keep pushing my self up again. I held myself up and clenched my teeth together, my body twitching. “Just let it go.” he said taunting me. I closed my eyes just trying to block out his comments. I slowly let myself down to the floor and counted out 34. When I tried to raise back up my arms gave up on me. I let out a huge breath as I collapsed back down to the floor. Ryan jumped up like he had just did nothing. “Fuck you.” I spit out at him. He laughed as he grabbed his water and started down the stairs. I didn’t even want to look over to Diamond, I felt so embarrassed.

I just stared at him laying down on the floor for a few seconds. “You alright..?” I said softly. He pushed himself up to his knees and then slowly got back up to his feet. He started wiping off his t-shirt and jeans, “I’m fine.” “Bruno..—” “Diamond don’t..” he said not even looking over to me. “What.. I wasn’t even going to say anything?” He shook his head as he stood there still trying to catch his breath. I laughed, “Do you think I care about push-ups or something? Because I don’t..” “I know babe.. but it’s just a—” “No come here.. right now..” I said cutting him off before he could go any further about something so stupid. I knew exactly what he was thinking. He came over and flopped back down next to me. I turned to him and put his face in my hands. He looked at me with those puppy dog eyes. “I’d still love you if you could only do half of a push up okay.. fuck Ryan and his body building ass.” He laughed at my comment and then looked back up to me. “I mean that… and to be honest… watching you do all of those turned me on.” He raised an eyebrow, “Really now?” “Really..” “You know if it’s that bad then we—” “I didn’t say all of that.” I said cutting him off and shaking my head. He laughed, “I know babe.. I know.” “So stop it.” I said in a baby voice as I let my hands fall from his face. He pulled me in for a hug and it made me feel so proud.

“Did the t-shirts come already?” I asked Phil as I looked around. “Yep.. everything is set.” “Oh my god.. I’m so excited!” I said still trying to keep my voice down. He laughed, “Yeah we all are too.. Brunz deserves something like that..” “You just make sure he doesn’t find out though Phil.” I said pointing to him trying to be serious. He waved me off, “He won’t find out.. he gets distracted too easily.” I laughed, “Right.” After doing two more shows in Hamburg and Berlin we we’re on our way to Munich. We had all planned something special for Bruno during the show tomorrow for his birthday. I knew that his face would be priceless. That night just a couple of hours till’ his birthday some of us sat downstairs watching something on TV that I wasn’t paying too much attention to. I was busy surfing the internet on my phone. “Wanna have a drink with me?” Bruno whispered close by my ear. I looked up slowly and smiled, “Sure.” He got up grabbing my hand and pulling me behind him until we got to the back room with the bar in it. He went around behind it and started pulling up a couple of bottles. “You sure you don’t like.. wanna wait another hour?” I said watching him as he took out two glasses. He laughed, “In another hour.. I wanna be drunk… drunk as I can be.” I widened my eyes, “Oh.” I knew that I would most likely have to deal with a really drunk Bruno for the next three days, but there was no doubt that he was extremely sexy and funny when he was.

“You gonna get drunk with me?” he said looking up to me as he mixed our drinks together. Even if I said no, he was already making me one anyway. I watched his hands, “I mean.. the both of us drunk don’t do well..” He pushed my drink out in front of me as he picked up his, “So what.” I held up my glass as I looked him in the eyes, “Don’t you try no shit with me Bruno Mars.” “Oh baby.. I got you.” he said as we toasted and drank. Of course I made a terrible face because he had made my drink a bit too strong. I sat it down slowly holding my nose trying to catch my breath, “You trying to get me fucked up.” He laughed, “Na.. I’m just trying to get you feeling good.” “Yeah right..” “Come on rookie.. grow some balls.” I looked at him in mock horror, “Really?” He laughed, “Calm down.. it’s a joke.” he said as he leaned down into the bar moving closer to me. We started talking about so many things and in between each conversation he was pouring us another drink. “Alright.. I’m done.” I said as I sat my glass down on the bar. “Awww, come on..” I pointed to the glass, “It’s empty alright.. that’s it..” He just gave me a look. “And I’m not even drunk…” He laughed, “You sure?” I crossed my arms, “I’m fine.” He leaned up and slowly walked around the bar and stood in front of me. He held out his arms, “Come on stand up.” I frowned a bit as I slowly pushed myself down from the stool. I would have probably fell if his arms weren’t right there.” “Not drunk right?” he said pulling me closer to him.

She laughed, “Maybe a little.” I laughed as I locked my fingers together on her back, “Maybe a lot..” I said softly. She looked back to me and I could tell that she was pretty drunk in her eyes. The longer that we looked at each other the more turned on I got. “Baby..” I whispered before she leaned in and kissed me. I unlocked my fingers and started moving my hands down to her hips as we made out. I slowly moved my hands to the front of her jeans and started unbuttoning them. “Bruno..” she whispered as she stopped kissing. I let out a breath, “Baby.. I got it.” “I told you..” she said blinking slowly. “I don’t care..” I whispered as I moved one of my hands down into them. “Birthday boy you back here!” Kam yelled out as he busted into the room. We both quickly looked at him and he gave us a get-some-look. “Aww shit.. I’m sorry..” he said backing up. Diamond moved my hands away from her, “I’m sorry Kam.” “Oh na.. it’s all good..” he said closing the door as he backed up. She started buttoning her pants back up. “Aww come on baby..” She shook her head, “No.. I knew you would try to do this..” “But..” “Seriously Bru.. not now.” she said smiling a bit. I shrugged, “We we’re about too anyway..” “No.. I hate being caught by the guys okay..” she said as she turned to leave. “Alright..” I said giving up. I went to the bar and downed the rest of my drink before leaving the room. I took a quick trip to the bathroom before going back into the lounge. As soon as I walked in they all yelled Happy Birthday to me and I stood there smiling like a fool…

Chapter 77

“Happy Birthday Bru..” I whispered as we laid there in the bunks. “Thanks baby..” he said with a soft smile. “You know.. I’m sorry that I got a show and shit so we won’t be able to spend that much time together..” I shook my head the best I could, “Don’t worry.. it’s YOUR birthday, everything will be fine.” He pulled my closer and wrapped his arms around me tightly, “Girl.. you just don’t know how much I love you.” I took a deep breath, “I think I do..” I felt him settle down his breathing and so did I. I was able to sleep well even though I was a bit drunk.

“Everything is good ma..” I said nodding as I paced a bit. “I can’t wait to see you all again.” “Yes.” “Tell her, it’s only a couple of months now.” I laughed, “And you better believe it.” “I miss you even more.” “I love you too sweetie.” “Thanks again, talk to you later.” I hung up my phone and tossed it onto the couch as I went into the kitchen area whipping myself up something to eat.It would have been nice to go be out all day adventuring and going out but, the next best spot was being on stage and sharing it with my guys and fans. “Bruno.. what time are you leaving?” Diamond asked peeking her head around the wall. I looked at my watch, “About an hour why?” She smiled and then took her head away. I just smiled from ear to ear. I had no idea what she was up to but, I was going to leave it at that. I ended up back on my laptop again before Diamond came out in this shirt and jeans that she knew I loved. I bit my lip a bit as I looked her up and down. “You like?” she said walking towards me. I quickly closed my laptop and moved it to the side as I stood up, “Na.. I love..” I took her in my arms and went to her ear, “And I can’t wait to take it off..” “And I can’t wait for you to do it..” she whispered back making my stomach tingle. “Oh god..” I said closing my eyes. She leaned out, “What’s wrong?” “I want you now..” I said honestly. She laughed, “Just wait..” I went to her neck and squeezed her tighter, “Done waiting..” She pushed me away, “You gotta go..” “Alright alright…”

We both sat around talking about honestly nothing until Dre came up almost literally pushing Bruno out the door. “I love you baby.. see you later.” he said as he gave me a quick kiss. “Bye Bru.” I said with a huge smile. I watched them all quickly get into the van and head off before I finished getting everything set for tonight. I made sure that I had the t-shirts ready by the door as I waited for Dre to come back around a pick me up. He got there after about 30 minutes and I spent my time just being a little too anxious as if it was my birthday. “Got everything miss lady?” he asked as I jumped up into the van. “Yep.” I said holding the bag of shirts close to me. “Alright.” he said with a slight smile as he drove off. “You got your vocals ready?” I joked to him as we drove. “Girl.. been ready okay.” he said in a funny voice. I laughed so hard, I loved Dre he was one funny guy but, was not one to be fucked with. When we arrive to the venue I was bomb rushed by all of the guys, grabbing their shirts from the bag and quickly changing before Bruno came from off the stage. “Hey hey chill!” I said as they swarmed me. They all talked a bunch of shit as they changed. I went and took a seat on the couch taking a deep breath as I laid my head back. 

I took a moment to catch my breath and sip on my water as the crowd still roared in front of me. I moved back to the microphone my ukulele in hand, “Who came with their friends tonight? Who came with their amigos, their buddies?” Everyone cheered as I raised the strap up and put it over my head. Suddenly Phil broke out into words. “Before we go into this next song..” I put my hand on my face, I knew that he was either going to embarrass me or himself. “As you all know.. this is a very special day..” I looked out to the crowd and they cheered. I looked back to Phil and he pointed at me, “It’s the big homies birthday!” I pushed my towel against my face smiling from ear to ear as the crowd cheered for me. I quickly looked around me as Phil continued talking. All the guys walked out onto the stage with the same shirts on that had my face on it. I looked around to all of their faces and some out in the crowd and I felt on top of the world. I quickly looked behind me as Phil announced Dre’s name. “Yes.. yes!” I yelled as I threw my fists into the air. I couldn’t control myself as Dre cleared his throat. I felt like I was going to fall on the floor laughing. I really lost it when he started singing. He walked funny as he sang and it only brought me closer to tears.

I waved my hands in the air as the entire venue sang the last part of Happy Birthday to me. I exchanged handshakes and hugs with my band mates and I just loved special things like this. When I turned around a cake was brought to me and I slowly leaned down and blew the candles out. I shook my head just taking in the moment as I went back to the mic, “Yo give it up for the best friends in the world ya’ll right here!” I said holding my arms out wide. I laughed as I looked back to Dre over in the corner. “And my creepy head of security..Give it up for Dre Bone!” I said into the mic. The crowd continued to cheer and I looked around to all the guys again. “Are ya’ll gonna wear those shirts for the rest of the show?” “Yeah..” Phil said into the mic as he looked over to me. I took a deep breath, “Alright you know what..” I said as I threw my towel down to the ground. “This next song I’m gonna dedicate to my pals, the Hooligans…” “This next song is called Count On Me..” I said as I started strumming my ukulele. I looked out to the crowd again as they cheered on. I lived for moments like these, because these we’re the ones that mean’t the most.

I stepped down from off of a step as I wiped my face. I don’t know why but, seeing Bruno smile like that got me all emotional. I leaned up against a wall and just took a deep breath as I listened to his voice fill my ears. The crowd singing along only made it even better. When the show was finally over and Bruno said his goodbyes to the crowd I pushed myself back into a corner hiding from him. He quickly jogged off stage and started looking in rooms for me. I held in laughs as he stopped and looked around. He was so confused. “Diamond… don’t fuck with me right now..” he said turning around with a smile on his face. I ran up on him and jumped on his back. He grabbed my legs and laughed like a fool, “Get off of me!” He let me lose and then took me in his arms squeezing me almost too tight but, I didn’t mind. He kissed me, “Did you have something to do with that?” I shook my head, “Na.. all of your amigos plans.” “Aww..” he said as he tilted his head a bit. “Well.. that was pretty damn amazing.” “But, you deserve it!” I said in a funny voice. He squeezed me even harder against him and I realized that he was starting to get his sweat all over me. “Ewww..” I said pushing him away. He laughed as he let me go, “I’ll be back babe..” He reached up and took his fedora off, “Hold this for me?” I gently took it from him and held it tight in my hands. I followed him into the the back room he grabbed his change of clothes before heading to the showers. Luckily I had got my chance to take one earlier while the guys we’re doing the intro of the show.

We all sat on the tour bus having drinks as we told stories. Most of the ones we’re from Phil telling mainly me about things Bruno used to do before he even met me. I have to say some of them we’re pretty funny considering that Bruno gave him a look before he started them but, he continued on anyway. I stopped myself at a couple of drinks while Bruno kept throwing them back like it was nothing. He took a breath from laughing as he went to get up. He stumbled over a bit and everyone let out a noise. “Whoa.. you alright there..?” I asked a bit worried. “I got it ya’ll chill out..” he said out the side of his mouth as he grabbed the edge of the door stumbling out. I set the pillow I was holding down and got up following him, I would hate for him to fall down the stairs or something. I watched him walk in the bathroom failing to close the door all the way. He pushed his hand on the wall as he started to pee. “Oh my god Bruno..” I said looking away. “You’ve seen every inch of it.. don’t be ashamed.” I rolled my eyes. “And had it in you too..” he said flushing the toilet. I laughed, “You’re sick.. as hell..” He washed his hands before opening the door back up. He looked at me up and down, “You got a problem with me?” he said in his fake Mexican accent. I laughed, “Umm.. no.” He was too drunk right now, and I wanted to enjoy it.

He wiped his hands on his t-shirt before he started to walk away. “Bru.. come back..” I whispered. He turned around, “What’s up?” “Come here..” I said holding my arms out. He smiled as he came in holding me close to him, kissing my neck. I closed my eyes, “I gotta tell you a secret…” “Talk to me..” he whispered just a inch from my neck. I tried to keep my composure because of course he was turning me on by the second. I went as close to ear as I could, “I wanna fuck you..” I whispered lightly. He laughed as I moved away. “Why are you laughing?” I said laughing myself as I looked down to him. He shook his head, “That ain’t no damn secret..” “Oh right..” I said rolling my eyes. “But.. instead..” he whispered as he ran his hands down my back. “I think you ready to out do last year..” I bit my lip as he moved his hands down to my butt, “You remember that?” He moved his head up to mine and looked me right in the eyes, “I remember everything.” he whispered sending chills down my spine. I kissed him, “I think I’m ready..” he let me go and grabbed my hand pulling me towards the room where the bar was. After we we’re in he closed the door behind us. He went for his pants, “Don’t you worry about making noise, be as loud as you want.. it’s my fucking birthday..” he said sternly. I raised my eyebrow, “You got it Mr.Mars.”…..


Chapter 78 (Part 1)

This chapter is VERY dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

He came at me still struggling to unbutton his jeans. I was so nervous knowing that the guys we’re damn near right outside the door and they would hear everything. However, I past wanted this right now. “These fucking jeans..” he said still trying to unbutton them with one hand as he kissed on my neck. I tried not to laugh as I bit my lip, “Just let me do it Bru..” I whispered. He moved his hand away and of course I unbuttoned them with ease. I reached my hands up to the side of them pulling them down over his thighs. I gently moved my hand down grabbing him through his briefs as we made out, breathing heavily into each others mouths. I loved how hard he was getting by the second in my hand. He moved his hands down from my face to my shoulders and started pushing me down. I stopped kissing him looking him in his drunken eyes, “What are you doing?” “Go down for me..” he whispered sexually. I moved my hands up to his chest pushing him against the wall gently. He grabbed the edge of the wall holding himself up as I went down to my knees. I grabbed the end of his briefs pulling them down to his ankles. He put his hands on his hips as he waited anxiously for me to start. I took a deep breath and slowly put him into my mouth. When I found my limit I start going at it watching his hands as they slowly moved from his hips down to his thighs. “Just like that baby..” he moaned. I kept going at it, adding as much speed as I could. I closed my eyes until I felt his hands on my head pushing me farther down. I widened my eyes and quickly moved my hands to his thighs pushing away. “What are you doing?” I said stopping and looking up to him.

I smiled, “Come on baby.. you can go farther than that..” “Umm…” “I got you alright..” I said softly. She took a deep breath before she started again and closed my eyes and let some moans escape before I grabbed her head again pushing myself farther in. “Shit..” I whispered as I felt myself go farther in her mouth then I had ever been. I felt her start to gag so I moved out a bit. “Come on baby.. work with me..” I whispered closing my eyes. She moved her hand up to me and started stroking me as she went at it. “Oh baby..” I moaned out as she took me all in and out of her mouth each time. She started to moan onto me and it only turned me on even more. I started getting the familiar tingle in my stomach but, there was no way in hell I was going to let myself cum now. “Come on get up..” I said grabbing her arm. She stood up and I grabbed myself as I pushed her over to the bar. She started unbuttoning her jeans and I quickly helped her pull them and her panties down. I wrapped my left arm around her stomach pulling her close to me and moved my other hand between her legs. I slowly pushed my fingers inside her as I held her close to me. “Bruno.. don’t..” she moaned. “Why not..” I breathed onto her neck as I kissed it. “You like it..” I said threw my teeth as I pushed my fingers deeper into her making her let out a loud moan. I started quickly moving my fingers in and out of here as she moaned out. She kept squeezing her thighs against my wrist but, I never slowed down.

I went to her ear, “You gonna cum for me baby..” I whispered. “Yes Bruno..” she moaned back. “You gotta show me you ready..” I said teasing her. She threw her head back and I kept kissing on her neck feeling her get tighter and tighter each time my fingers went in and out of her. She let out the moan that I was familiar with as she started to cum. She was so loud but, I didn’t give not one fuck. “Yess baby…” I said slipping my fingers from out of her. “Oh my god Bruno.. I was so loud..” I frowned and shrugged as I pushed her down onto the bar, “I don’t care.” I grabbed and stroked a few times before I guided myself into her. I slowly eased as far as I could until her face told me that I was far enough. I reached up and grabbed the counter as I started to hit her over and over. The noises of our bodies hitting each other started to fill the room. She put her head down and I listened to her moan into the counter. I bit my lip and bent my knees going into the strokes that she loved. I watched her as she grabbed onto the other side of the bar holding in her screams. “I fucking love you baby..” I moaned. “I love you more Bruno..” she moaned back. “Show me.. show me how much more..” I said closing my eyes. She started moving her hips against mine as I thrusted into her and it took me to a whole another level of pleasure. I kept getting to a point where I thought that I was gonna cum but, I didn’t. I threw my head back and slowed down my thurst as she kept moving her hips on me taking me in and out of her. “Diamond.. please..” I moaned.

I bit my lip and kept my eyes closed as I focused on my movements on him. I could tell in his voice that he was loving it so much. “You gonna cum Bru..” I whispered as I started to speed up. “I don’t know..” he moaned back. I smiled, even though it was kind of wrong for me to love fucking him when he was drunk I did. He was so much more open and honest. “Can I go all the way.. please?” he whispered. I widened my eyes and reached up for the counter again grabbing the edge of it with all the strength I had. I suddenly felt him reach between my legs and start to rub me as he stroked in and out of me. “What the fuck..” I said under my breath as I closed my eyes. He had never done this before, but it felt like heaven. The faster he went the more his fingers pressed up against me. I started moaning out in a bunch of different tones as I found it hard to control myself anymore. “I wanna hear you scream louder baby..” he said as he started pounding me even harder. I screamed out his name as he pushed me right in line for another climax. “Louder.. let them know..” he moaned. “Keep going Bru.. here it comes..” I moaned back. He let out grunts that made my body shiver. I threw my head back as I hit my peak moaning louder then I had in months. “Oh my god..” I whispered after I gained control of myself again. “Damn.. you cumming hard ain’t you..” he said as he back away from me. I smiled as I turned to him, “You’re doing all of this..” He laughed, “It’s your turn to show me what you got now..” I raised a eyebrow as he turned and waddled over to the couch sinking down into it. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and threw it across the room before he rubbed his thighs down welcoming me a seat. I bit my lip as I kicked my flats off and took my feet threw my jeans and underwear. I looked down to his friend sitting against his stomach as I walked over to him.

I grabbed myself as she put her knees into the couch and slowly went down on me. As soon as I went back inside I reached up and grabbed her hips. She put her arms around my neck as she started to ride me. I slid my hands under her shirt moving up to her breasts, I quickly moved her bra out of the way taking her breasts in my hands. She threw her head back and I looked down to her hips as they grinded on me. “Keep it up baby..” I moaned out. She dug her nails into shoulders as I slid in and out of her with ease. I started rubbing her body down before I moved them down to her thighs gripping them as tight as I could. I seen her face grown tight before I threw my head back. I pulled at her thighs, spreading them and making myself go deeper inside her. “Fuck..” I moaned. She moved her face down to mine, “Do you love it..” I nodded, “Yes.. yes..” She grabbed my face and started kissing me and I moaned right into her mouth. I was sure that I was going to cum if she kept this up for just a few more minutes. I let one of my hands go as she kept at it and I closed my eyes and started letting all of my really loud moans out. “Oh Bruno..” she moaned inches from my face. “Baby…. I’m gonna cum..” I breathed out. “I wanna feel it all in me Bru..” “Ah… baby yes..” I moaned closing my eyes tight. I reached my peak and threw my head back opening my mouth wide just waiting for to hit me.

He quickly put both of his hands on my hips pushing me all the way onto him as he looked me right in the eyes. The face that he made as he started to cum was one that I would never forget for the rest of my life. His grunts following his moans we’re even sexier. He moved his hands down to my ass gripping it as he fell back into the couch. “Oh my god..” he whispered as I observed all the sweat he had on him. “Bruno.. I don’t think you realize how loud we’ve been..” I said trying to get myself back to reality. He shrugged as he opened his eyes looking to me. He was saying that he didn’t care right now but, when he was sober tomorrow he would regret it. “But.. you know what..” “What?” “We’re going to really give them something to talk about..” “What?” I said a bit confused. He wrapped his arms around my back and pushed the both of us up, “I’m not done with you yet..” I widened my eyes, holy shit again…..


Chapter 78 (Part 2)

This chapter is VERY dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

One thousands things ran threw my head as he took me over to a stool at the bar, setting me down softly. He immediately went down to his knees spreading my thighs and pulling me out towards him. He gave me a sexy smirk and licked his lips before going down. He started slow licking up top. I threw my head back as he took his time using all of his mouth. I started to moan softly gripping onto my shirt. He let out a small moan as he moved further down moving his tongue inside me. I instinctively moved my hands to his hair, getting my fingers knotted in his curls. After each passing second the pleasure grew stronger and stronger. I had no idea why I was still trying to keep my moans quiet, there was really no point anymore. I made my grip tighter on his hair as I felt a climax near. I moaned out his name trying to let him know but, I couldn’t control what I wanted to say. He stopped suddenly and pushed his fingers inside me again. I dropped my hands from his head and looked down at him as he looked up at me. I widened my eyes as he started to stand up still pushing them deeper in. “What are.. you doing..” I said out of breath. “Cum..” he whispered as he went in kissing on my neck. He knew exactly what he was doing, and I loved it. He moved his other hand down to my ass squeezing it as he kept going to work.

Right when I felt like she was close I went to her face looking her right in the eyes. I bit my lip and stared her down still pushing my fingers in and out of her. “Oh god Bruno..” “Diamond..” I moaned back. Her face grew tight and I got even closer to her, “Do you like..” I said just a inch away from her face. She nodded looking me straight into the eyes, her face telling me just how close she was. “Show me how much you want it..” I whispered. “I want it Bruno..” she moaned loudly. “I said show me..” I said threw my teeth moving my fingers even deeper. She quickly grabbed onto my arm before closing her eyes. I moaned with her as she started to cum and got me right back to where I wanted to be again. Before she could say anything I pulled her thighs close to me again and pushed myself into her. I moved my hands down to her ass grabbing it as I started to go deep. She wrapped her arms around me and her moans went directly into my ear. The faster I went the tighter her legs went around me. “I love it when you get this tight..” I whispered into her ear. The more I went, the deeper her nails went into my back. It was going to take some work from here on out to make me cum. Her moans started to increase and she moved her head into my shoulder. “Don’t you dare cum until I say you can..” I said sternly. “What?” she said confused. “I wanna see how long you can hold it..” I said softly. “Oh my god..” she said into my chest.

I had no idea where he was suddenly getting these fantasies from but, I really couldn’t say anything considering how good he was making me feel right now. We we’re all the way beyond being better then last year already. I felt my stomach starting to tingle again and I knew that I would cum again at any minute. “Bruno.. I can’t hold it..” I said into his neck gripping tightly on his back. “Yes you can.. do it for me.” he said his voice shaky. “I seriously can’t!” I said moving my head up to his. I looked from his lips up to his eyes and as some sweat rolled down from his forehead to his cheek. “You can do it..” he whispered blinking slowly trying to reassure me. I felt him move his hands to my lower back as he pushed on it moving his self all the way in. I immediately moved my teeth to his lip bitting it as pain hit me. I screamed out his name as I let go of it. “You gotta take it if you want more baby..” he whispered. I pushed my forehead harder into his taking it with each stroke. He started moaning lightly, as his hands moved up to my hips. The more minutes that passed the more I just wanted to give up. “It hurts so bad..” I whispered closing my eyes. “You got this..” he moaned back. I threw my head back just screaming out trying to take my mind off of it. “I hear you baby.. I hear you..” “Hurry up.. please..” I said closing my eyes tightly. “I’m trying.. it feels so good right now.. please don’t make me stop.” I looked back to him and he had his eyes closed so into it. He was so lucky that it was his birthday right now.

Every time I went in and out I felt a tingle throughout my whole body. I hadn’t felt this good in so long and I really didn’t want this to be over. I wanted to be on top so bad but, I knew that would only be more pain for her. “Shit..” I whispered as I felt myself moving closer. I looked down to myself going in and out of her and it made and it turned me on even more. As soon as I thought I was close again, it didn’t happen. I stopped and slowly slide myself out of her. “Baby.. I’m gonna have to get on top..” I finally admitted. She shook her head, “Oh my god.. no..” I shrugged, “I’m not gonna cum like this..” I admitted. “I’ll go slow.. I promise.” “You fucking better..” she said as she slowly slid down from the stool. “My legs.. oh my god..” she said as she moved over to the couch. I smirked, “I’m sorry..” She slowly laid back on the couch as I crawled on top of her moving my hands up to the arm rest of the couch. I looked down to her, “You ready?” She held her breath and nodded as I slowly slipped myself into her again. She started to wince in pain. “Just a little bit farther..” I whispered going deeper. When I felt like I was far enough I let myself down on her, making our foreheads touch again. I moved my hips slowly against hers, making her close her eyes. “Better?” I whispered. “Yes..” she whispered. I closed my eyes and focused hard trying to find my peak.

I opened my eyes to his face, so focused on what he was doing. I could see his hips moving slowly out the corner of my eye and it turned me on even more. “Bru.. that feels so good..” I admitted. “Don’t cum..” he whispered his eyes still closed. I shook my head trying not to think about it. He started to make his strokes longer, pushing his self so close to my spot. I knew that if he hit it, there was no way I would be able to not cum. “Baby.. not too much longer okay..” he whispered. I nodded slowly as I kept moaning softly inches away from his face. He moved his hips at an angle stroking his self right into my spot and I quickly threw my head back. “There is that it..?” he asked. I bit my lip, “Yes.. there don’t move..” I brung my head back down looking at him as he looked down, studying where he was. “I’m gonna cum..” I said nodding slowly. He quickly looked up to me giving me a sly look with his eyes, “No please.. not yet..” “I can’t not Bruno!” I said raising my voice. “Then I’m gonna have to speed up..” he said shaking his head. I moved my hand up to my face, “Just do it oh my god.” He moved his hand down to my thigh lifting it up as he started to speed up. I listened to his breathing increase as he tried his best to keep hitting my spot as he did it. “Oh shit.. I’m close..” he said staring at me. “Please.. Bru.. please..” I begged. He nodded as he closed his eyes. After another minute he let his grip of my thigh moving his hands into the couch on top of my shoulders.

A smile came across his lips as he looked down to my face. I smiled back a bit before I started to moan again. “Are you ready to cum?” he asked looking down. I nodded as he moved his hips right into my spot again. This time instead of going slow he went as fast as he could the front of his thigh hitting mine. I threw my head back as the pleasure basically took over my body. “Yes baby.. here it comes..” he moaned. I grabbed onto his arms and sunk my nails into them, as he started to moan loudly as well. “You can cum now..” he said threw one of them. I closed my eyes and let everything that I had been holding in for the past 30 minutes out. “I’m cumming baby..” he grunted as he kept pushing himself in and out. We both moaned out together, making it echo all around. The pleasure that I had got in those 15 seconds topped every other. He collapsed on top of me breathing right onto my neck. “How’d that feel?” he said with a giggle. “Um.. fucking incredible.” He kissed my neck, “That’s why I told you to hold it.. good shit comes to those who wait… literally.” I laughed as I pushed him a bit, “You are way too much..” “Just think.. we get to have fantastic birthday sex like this for the rest of our lives..” I shook my head smiling like a fool, “Yeah.. but, next year.. we are going to have to be somewhere more private okay..” He laughed as he pushed himself up, “Don’t worry about all of that.. Now the guys will know that I don’t fuck around..” I shook my head, “Why do you all compete in the dumbest things….”

I shrugged as I searched for my briefs, “You’ll never understand.” She started to sit up, “Maybe it’s better if I don’t..” I laughed, “I see what you did there..” “Oh god..” she said as I slipped them on. “Come on babe.. don’t sit there.. get dressed..” I said looking over to her as I picked up my jeans. She looked up to me, “Do you know how fucking tired I am right now?” “I know come on we’ll go lay down..” I said with a smile. I felt a lot lighter then I did before and I was guessing that I had sweated all of my alcohol off. She struggled a bit but, she finally got her clothes on not bothering to even button up her jeans. I took a deep breath as I stood in front of her. I reached up and fixed her hair a bit moving some of it from her face, “You alright?” I said out the side of my mouth. “For right now..” I smiled as I looked down and grabbed her hand, “You’re perfect..” “Bruno.. come on..” “No seriously.. you are.. so perfect for me..” “And I’ll keep trying to be more perfect..” she said with a smirk. I intertwined our fingers together as we walked to the door. I grabbed the doorknob and slowly turned it making the door creak. What an amazing birthday I thought to myself….