Chapter 79-83

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I squeezed her hand tight as we slowly walked out and I looked both ways. I could hear someone faintly talking from the background but, I wouldn’t dare go in that direction. We slowly went up the stairs trying to be as quiet as possible. To our benefit there was no one in their beds yet. I quickly changed into a t-shirt and sweats as Diamond went to the bathroom. She came back with her hair all tied up, looking super tired. I smiled as moved my back against the wall of the bunk. She winced a bit as she hopped up into it with me. “You alright?” I asked as I wrapped my arms around her. She nodded, “I’m fine.. for right now..” I laughed and shook my head, “That was amazing..” She rolled her eyes, “I bet it was..” I closed my eyes smiling, “I’m just gonna let you know baby.. I’m gonna fall asleep at any second here..” I said dragging out my words. I felt her pull me in closer to her, “Goodnight Bru..” “Goodnight babe.” I whispered as I finally let my mind focus on sleeping. With all that happened today, I wouldn’t be surprised if I slept all day long tomorrow. I had the perfect day to do it tomorrow before having my next show in Italy. Not to mention that huge party being thrown for me by Dolce & Gabbana. So many things we’re happening so fast and all I can do is sit back saying that this is only beginning. Because in reality it is, this is only just the beginning.

As soon as I got up, I dragged myself into the bathroom. Sadly, I was sore just like I knew I would be. I looked at myself closing as I let my hair down. I took a deep breath trying to get my thoughts together before I handled my business and I was out of there.  I went into the living area and went to the kitchen trying my best not to make eye contact with Phil was sitting at the table on his laptop. “Well.. goodmorning to you too..” he said as I opened the mini fridge. I turned to him and gave him a nervous smile, “Morning Phil.” “You know.. you guys sure know how to make some noise..” “What do you mean?” I asked stupidly taking out the orange juice. He gave me a look, “You know exactly what the hell I mean.” I swallowed a bit and felt my heartbeat start to speed up, I hated being told to by Phil. He was just always like a daddy figure. “Phil.. I swear I’m sorry..” I admitted as I poured my juice, trying my best not to spill it everywhere. “Na man.. but, I understand it was his birthday and all.. But, damn you guys we’re really loud.. like ya’ll really didn’t give a fuck.” I laughed a bit when I didn’t mean too. “And ya’ll think it’s funny..” he said shaking his head with a smirk himself. “Good morning sunshines.” Ryan said sarcastically as he came into the room. I rolled my eyes as I put the bottle back into the fridge.

“Well Diamond.. I’m surprised to see you here..” he said as I turned around. I gave him a look, “What?” He looked me up and down, “I thought you may have died after last night..” I felt my face turn red a bit and I quickly lifted my glass to my lips, drinking nervously. Ryan laughed at me and then shook his head, “Fun times.. fun times.” I looked up to the doorway as I seen Bruno walk past going towards the bathroom. My heart beat sped up again knowing that when he came in here I would really start hearing about last night. Without looking dumb I tried to down the rest of my juice before he walked in. I gently sat my glass in the sink and started to hurry out of the room. As soon as I got to the doorway I damn near ran into him. He quickly moved his hand from his hair down to my arms, “Damn babe.. you alright?” I looked up to him as Ryan started talking. “That’s the same thing I asked man.. cause with those noises she was making last night.. I thought we’d be planning a funeral this morning.”

I shot Ryan a look as I slid my hand down from her, “Come on man..” “That’s why..” Diamond said threw her teeth as she pushed past me. I watched her walk towards the bunks and I turned to Ryan, “Come on with the jokes dumb ass.” He threw his hands up, “Hey I’m sorry… you guys brung it on yourselves.” “Yeah alright..” I said walking into the kitchen instantly going threw the cabinets. “And you we’re just as loud..” Phil said from his laptop. “Come on with that..” I said with a smile. “Brunz it isn’t funny man..” I looked over to him as I closed the cabinet, “Calm down man.. damn..” “Na.. don’t give me that shit.. you guys need to know that there is a time and place for everything..” I looked around with a confused look on my face, “Are you serious right now?” “Do I look like I’m joking?” he said closing his laptop. I put my hand on my chest, “So you’re telling me when I should be intimate with my finacee’?” “I’m not telling you when.. I’m saying you need to show some respect to the people around you.” “Respect? What does that got to do with this, it was my birthday..” “There’s always a excuse..” “You know.. you making this into a much bigger problem then it needs to be right now..” “You’re making something huge seem small.” he said flipping my words around.

“Seriously Phil.. does it really bother you that much?” “Oh it doesn’t just bother me.. it bothers everyone else too..” I shook my head and just stared at him. “You know Bruno.. I’ve been sitting back for years not saying anything to you.. but, it’s time for you to grow up a bit. You need to learn how to separate your personal life from your business life. It’s not fair to anyone else sometimes and I know you’re better than that.” “What?” “You heard me.. you need to think about some things before you bring her with you on tour.. you are both starting to cross the line..” “Her name is Diamond.” I said correcting him. “Just grow the fuck up Brunz.. that’s all I’m saying.” “Alright Phil..” I said quickly as I started to walk away. I wasn’t going to sit and I just needed to remove myself from the conversation.I hated being talked to like that and coming from Phil it made it even worst. I felt a bit bad but, at the same time I felt like it wasn’t that huge of a deal. I made my way to my bunk and grabbed my cigarettes from out of my jeans’ pocket. “Bruno?” Diamond said turning around. “Not right babe..” I said softly. “No Bruno.. come here..” “Diamond.. I said not right now..” I said raising my voice and giving her a deep look into the eyes. She shook her head and took a deep breath, “Alright.” I let the jeans’ fall back down to the floor from my hands before walking out of the room.

I closed my eyes and shook my head I heard everything and for the most part Phil was right. I knew that he would regret making all that noise last night. I just wished that they hadn’t of argued about it though. I flipped back over onto my other side and sunk my head down into the pillow. I was still so tired and I shouldn’t have even got up in the first place. I laid there just staring at the wall thinking for a little while as I tried to drift off to sleep. I felt like I was part of the reason for this and I was starting to feel like I should have just stayed home anyway. After forcing these thoughts from my head I closed my eyes tight and put the pillow over my head making myself take a well needed nap.

The next morning I woke up to Bruno attempting to crawl over me. When I opened my eyes he looked down to me for a couple of seconds before putting on a huge smile. I laughed, “What are you doing?” “I swear baby.. I’ve been holding it for like 30 minutes.” I moved out of his way, “Oh my god.. you could have just woke me up.” “Nope.. you looked too good sleeping..” he said as he hopped down and rushed to the bathroom. I smiled as I turned over looking out to the bunk in front of me. “You guys are too much..” Dwayne said staring at me and shaking his head a bit. I laughed before I pulled the shade down in front of my face. After getting all dressed we all went out and ventured around Milan before it was time for Bruno to get ready for his show tonight. There was supposed to be a lot of people there plus, there was his party tonight. Throughout the day Bruno and Phil talked little with each other and I hated it. I kind of wanted to just grab the both of them and pull them to the side and let us all talk but, I felt like that would only make things worst. They both had been friends even before I came along so I knew that they could get pass something as little as this.

“Yeah yeah.. I’ll be out there in 5 minutes..” I told Dre as he gave me a look from the door. “5 minutes.. I’m counting..” he said as he closed the door. I looked back down to Diamond and pushed her against the wall with a sly smile on my face, “So… you gonna wear that dress I told you to wear tonight?” She looked away shyly, “Sure Bru..” “No seriously.. please wear it..” I said dropping my smile. She laughed, “Okay.. I will oh my god.” I tilted my head a bit and kissed her trying not to hit her with my hat in the process. “I love you..” I said an inch from her lips. “I love you too..” she said with a smile. “We gotta sit down and talk tonight you know..” I said taking a deep breath. She frowned, “Oh talk?” “Yeah.. you know.. we might as well get it over with..” She laughed and I gave her a look, “Why are you laughing?” “Because you’re not going to be in any shape to talk tonight..” I pushed her a bit, “You don’t know that..” “But, I know you..” she said giving me a sexy smirk. “Okay.. you win we’ll talk when we get a chance.. how about that?” “Sounds good.” she said nodding a bit. He kissed me again and I opened my eyes slowly as we unlocked.

“I’ll see you later alright?” “Alright you know—” before I could finish my sentence my phone started vibrating in my pocket completely taking me out of the moment. I pulled it out of the pocket to see Leon’s name across my screen. My eyes widened a bit and I hesitated on if I should answer or not. Bruno looked down to my phone and then back up to me, “Who’s Leon?” I opened my mouth but, no words came out, I didn’t even know what to call him. He wasn’t my friend, and he wasn’t anything more. So exactly what was he. “Answer it.” he said strongly. I shook my head and quickly hit the ignore button. “What the hell?” he said backing away. I took a deep breath, “Bruno.. before you get all upset.. just let me tell you..” The horn started to blow outside and I stopped what I was about to say. My eyes went from the door back to his face. He shook his head, “They can wait, I need to hear this.” And this is why you should tell someone something beforehand….




I stared at him for a few seconds longer before I started to talk. “Well.. you know a while back.. when we weren’t together..” “Yeah..” he said seriously as he nodded and came towards me again. I swallowed a bit and looked away, “Well.. I kind of..” I stopped mid-sentence. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. “What happened?” he whispered. “We messed around alright…” I said shaking my head. “But, why?” I looked back up to him, “I don’t know.. I just wanted to forget about you at that point okay.” “I guess..” he said backing away. “Bruno.. don’t be like that..” He put his hands out, “No.. it’s alright.. don’t be upset.. I’m fine.” I shook my head, “You don’t look fine..” “Come here..” he said looking away. I walked towards him slowly and he put his arms around me, “I’m sorry..” he whispered. “But, why are you sorry?” I said into his neck. “Because I don’t ever want to make you feel like that.. I don’t want you to ever forget about me.. please.” he said softly. I squeezed him and smiled a bit, “I won’t.. ever…” I said honestly. No matter how hard I tried by doing anything, I could never forget him. We stood there for a couple of seconds just holding each other, the horn blaring outside. “Alright.. I gotta go..” he said as we unlocked. I smiled a bit, “See ya later.” This time we didn’t make it a huge goodbye, he left without looking back.

I got up on that stage and gave it all to the people there. There was a lot more important people than fans there tonight, so I kept it clean. I couldn’t get pass the excitement that I had for tonight. I sure that I would get pass all that had happen today and the day before in order to have a good time. After showering I made my way back to the bus to get dressed. “Hey babe.” I said with a smile as I kissed Diamond. “How was the show?” “Awesome.” I said as I looked her up and down. “What?” she said staring at me. “Why aren’t you dressed?” “We still got almost 3 hours Bruno.. don’t rush me..” she said playfully. “I’m not rushing.. I’m just.. ready.” I said breathing out the last part. “What? Ready for what?” she said looking at me like I was crazy. “You to get in that dress..” She rolled her eyes and pushed at my shoulder gently. “Na I’m playing but, I just really wanna have a good time tonight..” I said nodding. “Okay.. well go start getting dressed you know you’re going to take longer then me..” she said sarcastically. I smiled at her as I walked towards the back. I got out of my suit and shirt and started to strip down.

“Everything is going great..” I said nodding as I sat on the couch waiting on everyone. “Are you sure? Is everything all good with you and Bruno again..?” “Yeah.. everything is back to normal..” I said nodding and actually thinking about it. Things we’re back right with us, but I knew that there was just something missing. “Well that’s good to hear, I miss you so much sweetie.” “Aww.. I miss you more mommy.” I said smiling. I looked up to see Bruno walk in the room with his grey suit on and I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. He came over to me and bent down, his cologne quickly filling my nose. “Who ya’ talking too?” he said looking at me in the eyes. “My mother..” I said with a smile observing his lips. “Aww.. can I speak to her?” I laughed, “Hold up mom..” He took the phone from my hand quickly standing up, “Hey hey mom how goes it?” I could hear her laugh from the phone, she loved Bruno so much and he never failed to make her laugh. “Yeah? Well.. you know I keep having to tell your daughter about somethings..” he said his voice growing quiet as he started to walk away. I looked at him in mock horror, I had no idea what the hell he was talking about but, I knew he wouldn’t say anything crazy. I looked around with a sly smile and tried to listen to what he was saying but, I couldn’t hear not one thing. I sat there for the next 30 seconds as they talked, still confused as ever. He finally turned around, “I will.. yes ma’am.. everyday.. Yes, I promise.. I love you.” I smiled at him as last words. He nodded as he took the phone from his ear and handed it back to me.

I watched the sly smile she had on her face as she put the phone back to her ear. I danced around a bit fixing my suit as I waited for them to finish up their conversation, only trying to distract her. I was glad I had got a chance to talk to her because I really didn’t get to often. I would make sure that I found time to go out with her and Diamond to catch up. I looked up to the ceiling still just waiting. “What was all of that about?” she asked as she hung up making me look back down. I smiled, “None of your business… nosey.” She rolled her eyes, “Come on..” “We we’re having a conversation alright?” I said putting my hand out. “Okay..” she said getting up. I instantly looked her up and down, I loved that dress more than anything she ever wore. “You about ready?” I said as I looked back to up her face. “You’re sick..” she said laughing. “What?” I said smiling. “Let’s go Bru..” she said shaking her head and coming under my arm. We went out and grabbed our seats in the van while we waited for everyone else. Dre looked at his watch, “I hate being late..” he said sternly. I looked out the window back to the bus just waiting for Kameron to come out, he could be really slow sometimes for no reason at all. After another minute, he finally came out.

“Sorry about that ya’ll had to talk to the wifey..” All of the guys let our swoons and he waved all of them off as he pulled the van door shut. “Is that everyone?” Dre said looking in the rear-view mirror. I looked over to Bruno who had the cutest smile on his face. They all yelled out and he started the car. I looked out the window to all of the buildings and lights around me and I just couldn’t help but be fascinated with those types of things. I felt Bruno’s hand on my thigh and I quickly looked over to his face in the shadows. “You alright?” I smiled, “I’m fine.. how about you?” “I’m making it.” I just observed him and the way that I could see his face threw the shadows just made me think about a lot of things. I always found myself sitting back and thinking about how I am here today. It’s always funny because I could have not paid attention to him so long ago and I wouldn’t be blessed with all that he has given me. It hasn’t been perfect but, it’s been better than what I was probably going to end up with. It felt as if our days would never get shorter together and I knew that if I had him in my life, then it would be nothing but fun. We pulled up and I could see huge crowds of people in every general direction. Of course the paprazzi we’re there in their groups ready to jump out at any given moment. I quickly looked over to Bruno and he looked nervous as ever.

I took a deep breath as I looked from outside of the window back to Diamond’s face. “It’s cool.. we’re good.” I said trying to reassure myself. The guys started pouring out of the van and I waited until Dre came around before I started to get out. I got butterflies and my heartbeat sped up as I helped Diamond down. As soon as we got around the van people we’re coming at us with video cameras and taking pictures left and right. It was a time when I really wished that I had some sunglasses on me. I squeezed Diamond’s hand tight as we moved threw the crowds of people Dre making the way in front of us. We finally got up to the entire where the men themselves stood greeting all of us. I let go of Diamond’s hand to shake hands and hug them. “Glad to be here sir.” I said with a smile as I gave him a proper hug. We all got into a huddle and turned back to the crowd who took so many pictures of us that I was surprised that I didn’t go blind. I ran into several more familiar faces and chatted it up with Diamond, Dre, and the guys close by my side. It was a bit overwhelming but, I made the most of it. I finally made it to the bar where I got me a well deserved drink. “Doing it big Mr.Mars..” Diamond joked as she took the chair next to mine. I laughed, “Stop it..” “I’m proud of you Bru.. so proud.” “Stop it..” I said again in the same tone making her laugh. A bartender came back to us and asked us if we needed anything. Diamond looked from the bartender to me and I raised an eyebrow.

I really didn’t know if drinking was the best idea right now since this was a pretty bigger party than I thought it was. It was also a lot more important too, I just really didn’t want to afford falling over in front of everyone making him a lot more nervous then he already was. “She’ll have margarita.. light ice..” he said to my surprise before me. The bartender smiled as he took it in and then looked back to me, “And what kind ma’am?” I quickly looked over to Bruno, I had no idea why he was trying to get any alcohol in my system but, if he ordered it for me then what the hell. “Mango is fine.” I said with a smile as I looked back to the him. “Coming right up..” he said leaving from in front of us. “Seems like you trying to take me home..” I joked. “That’s not the only thing I’m trying to do..” he said quickly before sipping on his drink again. “Oh god..” I said as I let out a laugh. He just shifted his eyes around acting all innocent and I just shook my head at him. My drink came within a couple of minutes and it was delicious. “If I had one of these everyday.. then oh my god..” I said as I got done taking a sip. “Then you’d be an alcoholic.” “Oh please… let’s not get into that..” I said rolling my eyes. He laughed, “Diamond.. I love you.” I looked at him crazy and giggled, “I love you too Bruno.” “Na.. like I love you a lot.” I could tell his drinks we’re starting to get the best of him already. I laughed, “Same here buddy.. same here.”

I got a tap on the shoulder as I finished up my second drink. It was a guy that I had seen earlier letting me know that they we’re ready to present my cake to me. I slid down from the chair fixing my suit as I followed him over to everyone. I looked down on the table to this beautiful cake and all it’s colors. It was damn near bigger then me but, I knew that it wouldn’t take long to eat. We all gathered around and they took countless pictures again this time they made me a bit dizzy. They sang and I cut the part of the cake that I wanted most and got a bunch of hugs again. It was all so surreal to even be in this spot that I was in. Things weren’t perfect right now but, they we’re damn near close to it. After talking my ass off some more I finally made it back over to Phred and Diamond. “Birthday all over again huh?” he said with a smile. “Hell yeah man.. it feels great.” I said looking around again. “Glad you’re having a good time Bru..” Diamond said putting her arm around my lower back. I looked down to her and smiled, “I’m having an fantastic time.” I put my arm around her neck and playfully pulled her head into my neck making her laugh. Sometimes I didn’t think she understood that a lot of this wouldn’t be happening without her. After all was said and done all I got a couple of more drinks in my system, it was finally time to blow the joint.

“Oh god..” I said as I put my hand on my face. “Come on man.. it doesn’t take that long..” “I don’t wanna fall alright..” Bruno said looking back to Dwayne as he took his time stepping up into the bus. I had no idea why I let this man drink as much as he did. I grabbed his arm as he finally got up here and pulled him close to me supporting him as much as I could. “I gotta pee.” he whispered into my ear like it was a huge secret. “Okay..” I said threw my laughter as I helped him walk to the bathroom. I let him go as we got to the door and he just stood there. “Umm.. you can go now..” I said looking back and forth. “You’re not going to help me?” “What?” He grabbed the knob, “Come on I need your help please…” “Okay..” I said as he opened the door. He smiled as he turned around and I followed him in. It was so hard for the both of us to fit into that small as bathroom but, we managed. “Come on help me..” he said looking down to himself. “What?” “Can you unzip me please?” he said with a cute smile. “Oh my god Bruno.. what the hell.. ” I said as I grabbed at his suit pants unzipping them. He moved over to the toilet and I moved pass him to start to leave and he grabbed my arm, “Where are you going?” “Come on now.. what are you doing?” “You’re not gonna hold it?” “What?” I said looking at him in mock horror. “It isn’t like you haven’t before…” He is really out of his mind right now…




“You’re kidding right now right?” I said as I looked from down back up to his face. He used his elbow and pushed my over a bit, “I’m kidding.. jeeze..” I rolled my eyes as I listened to him start to pee. “This is so pointless right now..” He just laughed as he finished up. After he got his pants back up and washed his hands we finally made it back out into the main room where I could breathe. “It’s good to know you’ll be able to take care of me when I get all old and wrinkly.” he whispered before we got back to the bunks. I just smiled and shook my head. Of course I had to help him get into another change of clothes before we made our way down to the lounge with everyone else. We all started talking for the most part, and playing a couple of hands of cards. I have to say that I loved my sober Bruno, but him drunk was just too fun sometimes. I could tell everyone else enjoyed him like that sometimes too. I got tired of listening to them argue over nothing so, I decided that I was going to head to bed. “Goodnight guys..” I said softly as I stood up. Bruno quickly grabbed my arm, “Don’t go..” he said under his breath. I smiled a bit, “Bru.. I’m tired..” He stood up with me and got behind me walking us out of the room. He closed the door to the lounge back and then turned to me with a smile.

I shook my head and laughed a bit, “What are you doing?” He put his arms around me and pulled me close to him, “I just wanted to have a little bit of time with you before you left..” I laughed again, “I’m not dying..” “I know.. but, still..” he said squeezing me. I closed my eyes and swayed back and forth with him a bit rubbing his back. He took a deep breath as we unlocked. “You alright?” I asked with a smirk. He nodded and looked down and the back up smiling. I leaned in and pecked him on the lips, “Goodnight Bru..” “Goodnight babe..” I heard him say softly as I walked up the stairs. I listened to the door the lounge open and the guys voices before it faded away again. I made my way to my bunk smiling as I was able to lay across it fully and sink my head into the pillow. It was so peaceful and quiet and I fell asleep with tomorrow on my mind.

Another week of touring was just another week of fun. Show after show the guys did better and better and I couldn’t believe how well they topped the previous show. He had been getting business together to make the video for his new song that broke my heart all over again every time I heard it but, it was still so addicting. He had begun to sing this song live, and he just never messed up not once. The day after his party, he’s lucky he didn’t have a show. He had a hangover like no other and barely even left the main room of the bus. However, I was there at his side helping him out, telling him how much of a fool he was the night before. He always laughed everything off when I knew deep down that he regretted it. Everything with him and Phil had gotten better, and I was just glad that I hadn’t added any of my words. I knew that they both we’re friends for a reason and they wouldn’t let something as small as that get in between them. The night before last me and Bruno had our ‘talk’. We both agreed that we would wait until a better time to be intimate with each other and that we both needed to try to control ourselves better. When I thought about it, I was more worried for him than I was for myself.

When me and Bruno just spent time away on the bus, which was a smart thing if we didn’t want anything crazy happening, I started playing this adventure game on my phone. I would find him on his computer, surfing away on the internet. Surprisingly, he was starting to not be so bad with the whole technology thing. He called me over almost every 10 minutes showing me some video that only he found to be hilarious. I laughed at a video him and the guys had made to celebrate his new amount of followers on his website that he had been using all the time. It was one of the things that I actually did find pretty funny. After finishing our line of shows in Germany we hit up Belgium where Bruno gave a little bit extra love to the fans during the show. We got back over to Paris that brung me back to the last time we we’re here. Sadly, we didn’t have time to try again on our date but, he reassured me that we would come back. Time started to move really fast as it was already almost the end of the month. He had a huge day to get ready for tomorrow. He had a TV performance and a full concert right afterwards. The whole bus was silent by the time 11 came around and I knew that it was going to be one long day.

I sat backstage as I listened to the guys get ready in the room next door. Of course they we’re being ridiculously louder than they needed to be. I looked up to Phred walking past the doorway in a bright red suit. I giggled a bit unsure if I liked it or not. After a couple of more minutes Bruno walked in giving me a show of what he had on. “You guys are going crazy with this suit thing..” I said as I looked him up and down. “That’s how they used to do it back in the day.” I smiled, “Come here.” He looked down to his shoes and then back up to my face, “What?” I reached out grabbing at his pants, “These are mighty tight..” He moved away quickly, “Don’t do that..” I looked up to him and held in my laugh, “I’m sorry.” He pulled them down a bit adjusting himself in front of me. “Well.. do that right in my face then..” “You lucky I don’t make you do it for me..” he said sternly. I raised my eyebrow as I moved my attention back up to his face, “Yeah let’s not get carried away..” “Alright.. well you know that soon as I run off this stage you gotta be ready to get out of here.” “I’ll keep everything close dad..” I joked. He gave me a look, “Diamond I’m serious.” “Okay Bruno.. damn..” I said putting my hands out. He smiled lightening up the moment and I smiled back. He turned around as the guys started to fill the room.

I put my hands up blocking my eyes, “Shit.. you guys are blinding me!” They all let out moans and I heard some ‘shutups’ in between them. “I’m playing you guys..” I said with a smile as I put my hands down. We all sat around expect for Bruno who paced around a bit, I knew that he was trying to prepare his self a lot better since this would be on live TV. But, I knew that he would do just fine. The time came and they all started leaving the room before just me and Bruno was left like always. This time I got up and went over to him. I took him in my arms giving him a kiss, “You’ll do great.” “I’m gonna try..” he breathed out. “Don’t say that, just get out there and do it.” I said as I grabbed at his butt a bit. He quickly moved from my grip with a huge smile on his face. “Don’t be touching my goodies.” he joked. I laughed as he left the room. He was something else.

As soon as they got off the stage after performing Runaway Baby we we’re in the van rushing over to the venue. He got changed and threw on his fedora before he raced off onto the stage again. For some reason he seemed to have so much energy tonight and I loved it. I watched the show from my corner and he added a little bit extra everything to each song. I finally got a chance to sit down and talk to Skylar who had been tagging behind us here and there throughout the tour after the show while the guys showered. She told me countless times how lucky I was to have Bruno in my life because he was indeed something special. I sometimes didn’t know if Bruno even realized this himself. The van was quiet as we made our way back to the tour bus. He had his head leaned on my shoulder and I didn’t know if he was sleeping or not but, I knew that he was really tired. I watched the lights go by in the window as I went into deep thought about nothing. When we finally got back to the bus, everyone was just so tired and immediately headed to the bunks. Even though I wasn’t as tired I changed into my PJs, and joined Bruno in our bunk. I observed him closely staring at different parts of his face, loving every second. I tried to close my eyes and fall asleep but, it didn’t work. The more I observed him and held him closer to me, the farther my thoughts got. After awhile I could hear the faint snores of the guys but, not his. I knew that he wasn’t quite sleep yet so I decided I would say something now….




This chapter is dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

“Bruno..” I whispered in the darkness. “Yes baby..” he whispered back. I smiled I knew that he was still woke, “What are you doing?” I could see him open his eyes, “What? What kind of question is that..” I took a deep breath, I really hated admitting things like this to him but, I almost had no choice. “I’m horny..” I said in the most low tone I could. I saw him smile before he closed his eyes again. “No Bru.. I’m serious right now.” “Tomorrow alright babe..” “Tomorrow?” I said quickly. “Yes tomorrow.. I swear I’m so tired..” “But.. Bruno..” I said in a baby voice. He laughed, “You aren’t joking right now are you?” “No.” I said sternly. “Tomorrow.” “Oh my god.” I closed my eyes and tried to get my mind off of it, but of course it didn’t work. “I’ll do the work.. you can just relax..” He raised his eyebrow and opened one eye, “Don’t play with me..” I smiled and laughed a bit, “I’m not..” He sat up a bit, “Come on.. let’s go.” I laughed at how fast he got energy to get up. I slowly slid down from the bunk and navigated my way to the stairs with him right behind me. I made my way down them and into the back room. He closed the door behind him and then turned back to me with a smirk on his face. “But, Bruno.. you gotta be quiet okay..” I said as I went over to the couch. He laughed, “You’re telling me to be quiet..?” I ignored his comment as we both got to the couch. He would know why I said that in a just a few minutes.

I was so surprised that she actually wanted to do it right now. But, I had to give it to her if she wanted it. As I sat on the couch she jumped on top of me making me bite my lip. I kept my hands on the couch as she leaned in kissing me softly on the lips. I closed my eyes and instantly felt myself starting to get turned on. We made out to the max before she moved down to my ear kissing it gently. She went from my ear down to my neck leaving plenty of kisses. It was so quiet and the only thing I could hear was her kisses and my own breathing. I felt her move her hands into my shirt going for my lower back. She knew just what that did to me. I held in moans as she started to massage her finger tips into it gently. “Diamond..” I moaned. “Yes Bru..” she said in between her kisses on my neck. I didn’t say anything and she started to suck and I instantly moved my hands to her thighs finding it hard to be still any longer. I bit my lips trying not to moan out too loud. She got down to my shoulders moving my shirt out the way as she kept kissing. I was past ready now. “Alright.. babe.. stop teasing now..” I breathed out with a smile. She smiled at me in the darkness as she got off of my lap. Before she could tell me what to do I laid back on the couch and to my surprise she started for my sweatpants.

I got between his legs and put my knees into the couch as I hovered over him. He lifted up a bit as I helped him pull everything off. Of course he stood there at full attention. I bit my lip as I grabbed him and started stroking. I looked up to him and he just stared at me biting his lip. We kept our eye contact until I finally went down and lick the top of him slowly. I listened to his breathing increase again before I felt his hands on my head gently pushing me down. I took as much of him in my mouth as I could listening to his breathing get even louder. I kept at it, adding the strokes with my hand. I looked up to him and he had his mouth wide open, his eyes closed. I closed my eyes and took in a little bit more making him moan out. He grabbed at my head a bit tighter tangling his fingers in my hair. I sped up and he quickly let my head go moving his hands up to his face. I kept my pace doing the best I could. I stopped and licked around it making him push his face into his hands and moan out. “How do you feel Bru?” I whispered as I stopped for a second. Before he could say something I started again. “Don’t stop..” he moaned. I took a breath and smiled as I went the fastest that I could possibly go. “Ah.. Diamond..” he moaned threw his hands and it just made me want to jump on him even more.

I pressed my hands against my face even harder as I felt my stomach start to tingle. I couldn’t even find the time to tell her to stop because I honestly just didn’t want her too right now. Every time I opened my mouth to say something I ended up moaning into my hands. She suddenly stopped and I quickly moved my hands from my face to look at her. She got up from the couch and started getting undressed slowly. I sat up watching her every move trying to keep myself from getting too excited. I started taking my shirt off when she did, and when I finally got it from over my head she was coming at me. She crawled onto my lap grabbing me and slowly pushing me inside her. I closed my eyes and moved my hands to her hips as she started to ride me. “Ahh.. Bruno..” she moaned quietly right into my ear making my whole body tingle. She started to speed up and I grabbed her wrists and started thrusting with her movements. I closed my eyes tight and let her soft moans fill my ears. She went down on me hard making me go even deeper. I ended up letting out a huge moan and she quickly gave me a look. “Be quiet Bru..” she whispered with a smile. I could barely look at her and I just nodded my head. I stopped my movements as she moved her hips in all the right ways, making me slide in and out of her.

After each passing second, I started to moan out again. “Shh..” she whispered by my ear. I didn’t want to admit that I couldn’t so I once again nodded my head. She was going to have to do this more often. The more time passed the better it started to feel. I started to let out a loud moan again before I felt her lips on mine. She kissed me as hard as she could trying to conceal my moans that now went right into her mouth. I kissed her back moving my hands to her ass, grabbing it tightly. I was feeling so good that, I couldn’t tell when I was going to cum or not. She threw her head back as she stopped kissing me and began riding me wildly. She reached back and pushed her hands into my knees and I watched myself go in and out of her. I hung my head a bit trying to hold in my loud moans again. “Bruno.. I’m gonna cum..” she moaned. I quickly looked up to her as she closed her eyes tight letting out the most soft and quiet moans I had ever heard come out of her mouth as she came. They we’re so beautiful that I had to moan with her. When she was done, I could feel it all on me and it made me even more excited. The self control that she had right now took me by surprise and made me want way more nights like this.

I grabbed at her hips pulling her close to me again as I sat up some. I pushed my face into her shoulder as she kept riding me slowly. “You gonna cum for Bru..” she whispered into my ear making my stomach tingle uncontrollably. “Yes baby..” I moaned in shoulder. I felt so vulnerable right now, but there was nothing I could do about it anymore. I pressed my fingers into her back as I tried to hold in my moans. She kept moaning my name softly into my ear not because of what she was feeling but, because she knew how it made me feel. “I’m so close..” I whispered as I moved up to the edge of the couch. I wanted to get into control right now but, she moved her hands to my chest pushing me back into the couch. I moved my hands to my face again as she moved her hips into the perfect motion again. “Oh god Diamond..” I moaned as I started getting unrealistic pleasure again. “Tell me what you’re feeling..” she whispered. I shook my head, there was no way I could even get out words right now. She started to speed up and I covered my entire face so that she couldn’t see just what this was doing to me right now, “I’m gonna cum..” I said my voice shaky. “Shhh.. let it out.” she whispered. I started letting out moans that I knew I shouldn’t make into my hands again but, I knew that I couldn’t keep them in. As soon as I hit my peak I took my hands down and moved them to her hips stopping movements. I thursted a couple of times before I started to moan out. She quickly came down to me kissing me so that I could be quieter.

I kissed him as much as I could making his moans not so noticeable. It was so funny to hear him being the one not in control of his moans. As I leaned out he quickly covered his face again. “Wow.. Bruno..” I said with a smile. “What the fuck..” he said into his hands. “That face you just made.. glued in my head forever.” “Diamond don’t say that..” “Why not Bru.. can’t handle it?” I whispered as I went to his ear. “I don’t know..” he said his voice still muffled. I laughed as I got up from him. He still sat there as I started to get dressed. “Are you gonna make it or?..” I teased. He exhaled as he moved his hands from his face, “I’m not letting you do that anymore.” I laughed, “Why?” He shook his head as he got up, “I don’t wanna talk about it..” “Right.” I said under my breath. I wouldn’t call this pay back because I know that I could do a lot better, but it was good to show him that he didn’t have to be in control all of the time. “I’m not gonna wake up until the day after tomorrow..” he said as he opened the door. I laughed as I fixed the things on the couch, proud wasn’t even the word right now..




The next morning, I woke up to Bruno’s face right in mine. I smiled a bit, replaying last nights events in my mind. I was pretty sure I took him completely by surprise with everything. I inched my way from out of his grip, sliding myself down to the floor. He tossed and turned a bit before I made my way to the bathroom. The next couple of days would be what the guys named ‘rest week’. We had this small little break before we hit up a couple more cities in Europe and then it was off the award shows. The more things Bruno told me about the future the more excited I got about being here with him. Sometimes as much as I wanted to be home sleeping in my own bed, sharing the small twin with Bruno visiting all these cities we’re worth it. I still couldn’t believe that November was just in a week. I always think that time is flying, but I literally feel like it has. I hate thinking that a couple of months ago, I didn’t even want to see Bruno’s face but, I knew that he would never make me feel like that again. This new song of his just spoke to me like no other. I could hardly listen to the first verse without wanting to break down into tears. It hurt knowing that I was the reason for that song but, if it wasn’t for it then maybe we wouldn’t even be where we are today.

“I love you..” I whispered into Diamond’s ear as I put my arms around her from behind. She quickly moved her hands from out of the sink and pushed them into the counter and I could see her smile from the side of her face. “Bruno.. don’t you start..” she said with a small laugh. “But, mostly everyone is gone.. and… we got about an hour..” I said spreading my words out as I started kissing her ear softly. I watched her as she bit her lip and held back her breaths. “I can take my time..” I whispered into her ear again moving down to her neck. “But, what about Kenji..” she whispered. “I’ll keep you quiet..” I said moving my hands into her tank top. I grinded against her, moving my hands further up her body. She quickly grabbed my hands before I got up to her breasts, “Please Bru.. we can’t..” I pressed my lips together and let out a disappointed sigh, “Alright..” I slowly moved my hands out of her shirt and backed away from her. She turned around as I adjusted myself. She shook her head, “You move really fast..” I raised an eyebrow, “You made me like this.” She waved me off and turned back around finishing up the dishes that she was doing. I looked around a bit trying to find something to take my mind off of sex. I thought I could make the hour before the rest of the band came back be a little bit fun. “You look bored..” she said snapping me from my daydream. I quickly looked to her with a grin, “Yeah.. I am.” I said with a little laugh.

“Why aren’t you on your laptop?” “I mean.. it can’t make me feel the way you make me feel..” She giggled as she looked down to the floor and then back up to me. “I’m serious.” “I know you are..” He put his arm out, “Let’s just go down and watch a movie.” I smiled as I went under his arm putting my arm around his back. He led us downstairs into the lounge where he threw in a comedy as he always did. We spent the next hour laughing our asses off and getting into small arguments about shit that was irrelevant to the movie that reminded of the past. It was a pretty nice time together without the guys. A time that we really didn’t get too much often in the last month. “So.. how do you feel about everything?” he said as he switched the movie off. “What do you mean?” I asked keeping eye contact with him as I stretched. “You know.. about this whole tour music thing.” I shrugged and looked around a bit, “I mean I love it Bruno.” He shook his head and looked off into the distance like he was thinking. I frowned, “I guess I don’t get what you’re saying..” He put his hand out and looked over to me again before looking away, “No, no it’s not that.. it’s just..” he stopped mid sentence and then shrugged. “Nevermind..” he said waving me off and continuing on taking the movie out of the player. “Bruno… what’s on your mind..” I said softly. He stood up and stood there for a couple of seconds before he adjusted his hat and then shook his head. “Bruno..” I said raising my voice a bit.

“Are you happy with me?” I asked looking over to her. “Of course I am.. why wouldn’t I be..” “No.. I mean like really baby.. are you happy to be here on tour with me in the middle of all this music stuff..” She stared at me for a bit with a confused look on her face, “Why wouldn’t I be happy..?” I shrugged again feeling like I had said the wrong thing, “I don’t know.. it’s not that you aren’t showing it.. I just want..” I paused for a second collecting my thoughts. I looked over to her, “I want you to be happy more then anything in the world.” A small smile came across her lips and she shook her head, “Bru.. I am happy.. what do you need me to do to show you that..” “You don’t have to do anything.. I just want to make sure.” She smirked, “I love you.” I smiled a bit nodding my head, “I love you too.” She held out her arms for a hug and I walked over and leaned down to her. She put her arms around my neck and I grabbed her hips pulling her up to me. I put my face into neck taking in her scent, “I just wanted to know.” She squeezed me a bit tighter, “I know..” We held each other for a bit before we unlocked. I took a small breath and looked down to the floor before looking back up to her eyes. She smiled and shook her head, “You have such a way with words..” I laughed a bit, “You know..” I said out the side of my mouth. “Can I just ask one thing..” she said making her face serious again. “Of course.. ” I said nodding.

“Why did you ask that?” I brung my hand up and rubbed the back of my neck a bit shaking my head, “Phil has just been getting on me lately.. and I’ve just been questioning a lot of things..” “Aww Bru..” I said tilting my head a bit. “I don’t know it’s complicated for me to think about, it just makes me go nuts sometimes.” “Well.. I would never stand in the way of what Phil says because at the end of the day, he’s Phil and he’s been the right one on more than one occasion and.. he just wants the best for you..” “Yeah I know.. but, it just makes me feel bad sometimes..” he said out the side of his mouth not making eye contact with me. I could tell that had really been sitting down and thinking about everything. He had just told me a couple of days ago that him and Phil had sat down and talked but, he never told me exactly what was said. I was guessing now that it was some serious shit. “But, don’t you worry about it baby..” he said looking down to my lips as he leaned in and kissed me softly. I kissed him a few more times after that making him smile against my lips. He bit his as he pulled away, “Alright.”

After a week of what I wouldn’t call rest we we’re back on the road on our way to Glasgow. Tomorrow was Halloween and every year Bruno and Phil would always did unnecessary shit that would leave me embarrassed like no other. I had told that I wasn’t going to deal with it this year and Bruno told me I had nothing to worry about. When I tried to make him him promise, he wouldn’t so I knew that there was something going on.

“What is that..?” I asked looking down to the bag in Bruno’s arms. He looked down to the bag and then back up to my face like he was trying to figure out the same thing. “These are wigs..” he said softly holding them closer to him. “What?” “Wigs.” he said again in a lower tone. He had the most innocent look on his face and I so badly wanted to bust out into laughter but, I knew that I had to be serious right now. “What are they for Bruno…” I said seriously. “The show tonight.” he said in the same tone not taking eye contact with me. I rolled my eyes, “You are not wearing a wig on stage..” “But, baby we’re gonna be a 80’s rock band.” “A what?” “Please don’t be mad.” I took a deep breath, I honestly couldn’t actually be mad, this was way too funny. “Diamond.. I just wanna have fun alright.” “Just please don’t wear the brightest one..” I said shaking my head and holding in a laugh. He smiled from ear to ear as he moved around me holding the bag of wigs close to him. He raised his eyebrow and gave me a cute smile as he walked down the stairs. I shook my head, I had no idea what I was going to do with these guys.

I took a deep breath as I stood outside of the dressing room. “Diamond.” I called out. “Yes?” she answered from inside the room. “Don’t kill me okay..” I said with a smile as I looked down to the floor. “Oh god..” she sighed. I smiled as big as I could and strutted into the room with my wig on. Her jaw dropped and she looked me up and down. “Ta dahh..” I said cheerfully holding out my arms. She bust out into laughter that I couldn’t help but laugh with. “Oh my god.. this is priceless..” she said pulling her phone out of her pocket. I quickly dropped my smile and put my hands up in front of my face, “No.. no baby don’t do that..” She got up as she went through her phone finding her camera, “Oh you’re taking a picture.” I put my arms around my head covering my face as she walked towards me grabbing at them. “Nooo..” I said struggling away. She hit me softly, “You’re a big baby..” I watched out of one of my eyes, “You’re not gonna get me.. put you’re damn phone up.” She laughed and shoved it back into her pocket before putting her hands up, “Clean.” I slowly took my arms down and fixed my tank top and jeans. She shook her head with a funny smile, “You are strange as hell.” “I don’t know how I should take that..” I said raising an eyebrow. She laughed, “Take it as I said it..” I walked towards her, “You would still fuck me in this wig right..?” She looked away, “Probably not..” I put my arms around her, “What if I kissed you like this..” I said before I kissed her passionately taking her breath away. She smiled and looked to the floor before looking back up to me, “I don’t know..” I laughed and started tickling her side wildly, “You would!” “Maybe.. just one time!” she said threw her laughter as she pulled away from me. “Yeah alright.” “Group photooo.” Kam said in a funny voice as he came to the doorway. I turned to him giving him a nod before turning back to her, “Come on you gotta see the guys..” I said out the side of my mouth. “Okay Bruno..” she said with the cute smile that I loved.

We walked into the room and she stopped at the door laughing her ass off. “Come on Diamond it ain’t that damn funny.” Dwayne said. She put her hand out, “No.. you guys don’t understand.” Everyone let out sighs and I just quieted them. After she got all of her laughs out, she managed to take a picture of us that I shared with my fans online. It was finally showtime and I went out and let my inner rockstar out. It was surely something I would laugh about later but, nothing compared to being out there with my band having fun like that. After the show I took a towel to my face and slid down into the couch. I felt someone taking my hat off and I instinctively moved my hand up to stop them. I quickly moved the towel from my face seeing Diamond standing in front of me. “Whoa there.. don’t take my arm off.” she joked. I let her hand go and giggled a bit. She took my hat off and I kept pushing the towel against my face. “Good to see that your hair is back.” she said running her fingers threw it. She started to massage along and it felt incredible. “Keep it up..” I said into the towel not knowing if it was a joke or if I was serious myself. By the time she was done, I felt like so much had been lifted from my shoulders. She touched my ears as she moved her hands away from my head. “I think I needed that..” I said taking the towel down and looking up to her. “I could tell..” she said nodding. I smiled up to her and she smiled back. I looked away still keeping my smile. “What?” she said threw a giggle. I took a deep breath, “I fall a little bit more in love with you every single day..” I said softly as I looked back up to her. I honestly couldn’t wait for the day that I would officially spend the rest of my life with this girl…..