Chapter 8

21/04/2011 13:24

I woke up. It was just a dream. I had been having these dreams more and more lately. Maybe it was a sign Bruno was gonna wake up. Later that morning everyone who was closesets to Bruno came to visit me.

"Whats this about" I said.

"Were...Gonna pull the plug"Eric said

"Wa-wa-WHAT" "You can't do that no you just can't he's gonna come back for me"

"I'm sorry hun but we can't keep paying for his bills anymore or we will end up homeless" Bruno's mom said

"Were gonna wait another week and see what happens" Eric said

I just sat there bawling my eyes out , not knowing what to say.

Eric gave me a kiss on my forhead and said I'm sorry. I looked up into all there faces. All there eyes were blood shot red. Soon mine would be too. I gave them all the biggest hugs then they left. I just sat there. The guard came over and told me to leave but I didn't budge. I looked him in the eye and he knew right away this wasn't a time to be messed with.

That night I prayed to God to bring Bruno back. It was a restless night for me. All I had were nightmares of that night. The night that ruined my life forever. It was a sleepless night. As I saw the light from the sun coming in i felt the slightest bit of happiness. I was just imagining a life without that ball full of energy with a pretty smile. If only I could hold him one for time. one more.


"Wh where am i" bruno said "what happened to me""who are u ppl"

"OH MY GOD NURSE HE IS AWAKE" bruno's mom said

"what do you mean i'm awake" he said

"Wow this is truely a miricle"the doctar gasped"he defintely has amnesa"(idk if i spelled that right lol)

"how did i get here who are you people" bru said

"Oh my God will he ever remeber anything" Bruno's mom said

"I dont know people who stay in comas for this long usually don't wake up" "he must have really bad brain damage" the doc said

"I think I know something that will jog his memory" "His girlfriend Tiffany they had been with each other for quite sometime and he was gonna purpose""will this help"

"yes anything pictures family members"the doctor said

Bruno's mom got bruno wallet with the picture of us togther and gave it to bruno.

"Oh My God where is she" he said.