Chapter 81-90

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Chapter 81

Phil stood there impatiently as Bruno ordered food. I held in a laugh as much as I could. Bruno finally hung up the phone, “What the hell is going on?” “I asked you not to wake me up like that..” He quickly looked to me and smirked, “It was her.” I quickly looked around, “Me? Why would I do something like that?” Bruno walked over to us, “Phil, just please stay up. We gotta get out of here soon.” “Man, alright.” Phil said closing the door. As soon as the door closed Bruno tackled me onto the bed. “Didn’t I tell you to stop doing that.” “I must didn’t hear you loud enough.” I whispered. “Oh, I can make things get loud.” he said rubbing up my thigh. “Try me.” He raised a eyebrow and we started making out. I had to take these special moments with him as much as I could now since we really didn’t get to have time to ourselves anymore. Right as we we’re about to start up there was a knock on the door. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” he said into my ear. I smiled, “Just go get it.” He stood up shaking his head. He walked over to the peephole and looked out.

A man with a cart stood there, I had totally forgot I ordered room service. I covered myself all the way up with my robe and opened the door. “Good afternoon.” I said smiling to him. He smiled, “Good afternoon Mr.Mars.” He wheeled the cart in, and left. I closed the door behind him and looked back to Diamond, “You’re lucky.” She smiled, “I wouldn’t call it lucky.” It had been over two weeks since we had last had sex. We we’re used to doing it a lot, but lately we never had the time or I was always tired. Each time we would start off and be interrupted, it never failed. We spent the next hour and a half eating and getting dressed. I had to make it to a radio station for a interview and then be off to soundcheck. I kissed Diamond goodbye as I left the room. At least I would get to see her at the party tonight.

I sat back on the bed and wondered what I could do most of the day. I decided that I would go and have a day to myself. I went shopping and sightseeing since I hadn’t really been to Las Vegas in a really long time. I went back to the hotel to drop my things off and get ready for the party tonight. I stood in the bathroom fixing my hair when my phone rang. I went and grabbed it from off the bed. “Hey babe.” I said smiling to myself. “Hey baby, how was your day?” “Actually pretty good.” “Good, good.” “So what you up too?” “Well, we just got out of sound check and I was hoping you could come a little earlier so we could spend some time before the show.” “Well, that sounds like a def.” I could feel his smile threw the phone, “Alright babe, see you when you get here.” I hung up the phone and tossed it back onto the bed. I went back to the bathroom and finished getting dressed.

I got a taxi down to the venue where Bruno was set to perform. I got in and went backstage and found his dressing room. I walked in to find all the guys laughing and talking. “What’s up guys?” I said smiling as I walked in the room. They all said hi, but Bruno got up and hugged me tight. “I missed you..” I kissed him deeply, “I missed you too.” All the guys made noises as we looked at each other. “Hey hey, stop it.” Bruno said looking around to them. He grabbed my hand, “We’ll be right back.” I had no idea where we we’re going but, I followed him anyway. He took me out into the hallway and we turned a corner. We walked a little bit further down a hallway and then he stopped walking.

He looked both ways and then looked back to me. He put his hands on my hips and kissed me until I backed up against the wall. “Bruno..” I whispered. “Hmm..” I pushed him away a bit, “What are you doing?” He looked me in the eyes, “I’m gonna be truthful, I need you right now.” I giggled, “We can’t do this here.” He shrugged, “Why not?” “Me and you both know how things can get..” He put a sly smile, “Quickie?” I pushed him and laughed, “No, you’re so nasty.”  He leaned in to kiss me again, “Come on I promise I’ll be quick.” I let him kiss me again, but I pushed him back up again. “Bruno, please tonight alright?” He took a deep breath, “I guess.” We both knew that it most likely wouldn’t happen tonight. “I’m sorry Bru.” He shook his head, “Na babe, it’s alright.” I could tell by the expression on his face that it really wasn’t alright.

“Come on let’s go back.” he said grabbing my hand. He lead me back to the dressing room and we went in and I could just feel the awkwardness. “That was fast.” Kam said breaking the silence. Everyone laughed expect for me and Bruno. “Haha real cute.” Bruno said sarcastically. I looked over to him and I could tell that he was pretty aggravated. I pulled out my phone and texted the girls back home in the meantime.

After spending another hour strumming my guitar, and making jokes with the guys it was finally time to go on and have a good time. I pushed any troubling thoughts I had about certain things to the back of my mind, I was sure things would get better. I went up there and had me a really good time. We did a new cover of Nothin’ On You, Billionaire and of course I performed Just The Way You Are to end the show. I loved the energy that the small crowd gave me tonight. I felt so good that we all had to go out and celebrate. It was my last night in Las Vegas anyway, so why not.

I met back up with Diamond again backstage. “You did a great job.” she said hugging me. “Thank you babe, I had a really good crowd tonight.” I said as we unlocked. “You know earlier when I said that I missed you, I really do miss you still.” I frowned a bit, “I really miss you too.” “Hey Brunz man you coming?” Jam said poking his head around the corner. Diamond looked back to him and then to me, “Where are you going?” I rubbed the back of my neck, “I mean… I was just going out.. with the guys..” I ended up studdering. She frowned, “In Vegas?” “Yeah, I’ll be fine. You know I’m with Phil.” She took a deep breath and shook her head, I knew she really didn’t want me to go. “Look babe, I’ll be home before you know it.” I said grabbing her hands. “Just be careful please.” I kissed her, “I will.” “Call me.” she said as I walked away. “I love you!” she yelled out as I got down the hallway. I looked back to her and blew a kiss, “Love you too.” I went and jumped into the limo with the guys, “Damn Brunz we we’re gonna leave yo ass.” Phil said as I got into the car. “Yeah yeah then ya’ll asses would have been coming right back. Now let’s get out here and live it up!” I yelled.

I made my way back to the hotel and collapsed onto the bed. I really hated these nights, but it seemed that they we’re getting worst. But, I had to let him be him. By the time 11 P.M. rolled around I still hadn’t talked to him, and I didn’t call him because I didn’t want it to seem liked I was pushing up on him. I clicked the TV off, changed into my night dress, and crawled into bed. I didn’t realize how tired I was until I laid my head down on my pillow. I was out like a light in 10 minutes.

My phone rang waking me up. I moaned as I reached out to get it on nightstand. The light from my phone blinded me in the pitch black room. I didn’t even have time to look at the caller I.D. I just answered. “Hello?” “Diamond.” “Wait, Bruno? What time is it.” I looked to my phone and realized that it was damn near 2 A.M. “It’s almost 2, where the hell are you?” He started to say something and then stopped. “Bruno?!” “Diamond, I’m in jail.” I quickly sat up in the bed, “What the fuck? What happened?” He hesitated again and I listened to him breathe deeply on the phone. I couldn’t even imagine what dumb thing he could have done to end up in jail. “Just tell me..” I whispered……



Chapter 82

“If I tell you this, you have to promise you won’t be mad at me.” I shook my head, “No, I am not going to promise that. Because by the looks of it, it sounds like you’ve done something really horrible.” He sighed. “Oh my god Bruno, just fucking say it!” “I got caught with drugs.” My stomach went into knots, “Drugs?!” “I know I’m so—” I cut him off, “Drugs… what we’re you thinking?” “I don’t know.. it was a horrible mistake.” “Please tell me you’re joking with me right now?” “Baby I wish I was but, sadly I’m not.” I took the phone away from my ear and looked at it, this really couldn’t be happening. I slouched down and put my hand on my face. “Are they keeping you?” “No.. they’re giving me a court date.” “Well, how are you getting back here?” “Erics bringing me.” “I’ll see you when you get here.” I said hanging up. I tossed my phone somewhere on the bed and laid back down.

I was happy that he called me before he came home because if he had of came back and just told me, I don’t know what would have happened. I had been around him for more than 8 years now, and I knew for a fact that he had never done drugs. I had no understanding of anything. I didn’t know if I was angry, or sad for him or exactly what I was feeling. I didn’t even know what I would say to him when he finally got here. I closed my eyes and let out a deep breath, god this man is taking me threw it.

I heard the cell open and I looked up to see a officer looking at me. “Come on you’re free to go.” I quickly got up and walked back out into the lobby. A lady handed me my wallet and I seen Eric from a distance, I could tell he was pissed. I looked down the entire time walking to him. When I got over there he didn’t say a word he just turned to leave out the door. We got into the car and I put my hands together. “Now… how the fuck did this happen?” he said starting the car. I shook my head, “E.. I don’t know man… I don’t know what I was thinking.. or trying to do.. I didn’t even know what I was doing.” “That’s the worst answer ever.” I wiped my face with the sleeve of my shirt, I felt terrible right now inside and out. I knew this would be over every headline in the world tomorrow morning. “You’d be lucky if Diamond dosen’t leave you.” I quickly looked at him, but I had no words. He was right, I would be lucky. There was nothing I could say to her to make this situation any better.

We pulled up to the hotel and I slowly got out. I slowly made my way up to our floor with Eric by my side. When we got to our doors he shook his head, “Goodnight and good luck.” I went to the front of the door and took a deep breath. I got my key card out of my wallet and opened the door slowly. I moved around in the darkness and finally put my things down on the table. “Bru..” I heard Diamond say. “Yes?” “Turn on the light please.” I went over and flicked on the light and we both stared at each other. “Just let me first say it was a mistake.” I said breaking the silence. “A really dumb one.” I started walking towards her. “Don’t come over here!” she said making me stop in my tracks. “Baby please don’t do this..” I pleaded. She looked away from me, “This is why.. I didn’t want you to go out.. especially in Vegas.. there is way to much shit you can get into.” I shook my head, I would never forgive myself for this. “Can I get a hug please?” She looked at me in mock horror, “A hug? No.” I couldn’t be mad at her for being mad at me. I dropped my arms to my side.

I couldn’t even look at him, he was way to smart to have done something as stupid as this. “Where we’re you where you could have just been out smoking pot?” I said raising my voice. He didn’t answer and I finally looked back to him and he looked really scared. He slowly shook his head, “It wasn’t pot.” “No fucking way Bruno, really? Oh my god.” I said laying back down. I started to think of all the attention he would be getting from the media now for the wrong reasons. This was going to be really hard to bounce back from considering he was still a new artist. It was sad to know that he most likely would never be forgiven by a lot of people. “You know I’ve never done this before.” “Oh I know you haven’t..” I said looking up to the celling. I heard him breathe deeply. “I’m sorry.” “I’m not the one you have to apologize to, you’ve got the world to deal with now.”

Her comment echoed in my head as I took off my clothes. I was hoping I could be forigven for all of this. I was just lucky I wasn’t still in jail right about now. I went over and turned the light back off and craweled into bed. I reached out for Diamond. “Don’t touch me.” she said moving away. I grabbed her anyway. She tried to struggle away but I held her. “What the fuck.. just please don’t touch me.” I pulled her closer, “Baby please don’t do this to me… I need you right now.” “No you don’t.. you could have just came back Bruno… you could have just came back..” she whispered. I could tell she was going to start crying soon. “I promise it’ll all be okay.” “No, it won’t be okay. When you go threw something I go threw it.” she cried. I just shook my head, I just could never get things right. I listened as she began to cry. “Please don’t cry..” I whispered. She struggled out of my grip. “I can’t even be with you right now.” she said getting out of the bed. I sat up on my elbows and watched her move to the couch in the darkness.

I laid down on the couch and wiped my face. I couldn’t lay with him because we would end up having sex and I didn’t want that. I couldn’t even look at him. He was right he made a mistake, but some mistakes you just don’t make. I flashed back to the time when we we’re teenagers. Even though this mistake now was a whole lot worst then that one, they seemed similar. “Diamond, I love you.” he said. I didn’t say anything, of course I loved him but, he couldn’t hear that from me right now. “I understand.” he said after a couple more seconds. I hated hurting his feelings, it was one of the worst feelings in the world for me, but he really needed to understand. I can’t just keep giving him chance after chance. When was I going to stop giving him chances, after he was dead? When I thought things couldn’t get worst they did.

I stared up at the celling. I felt empty and cold without her laying next to me. I had already missed her and now I was going to miss her even more. I couldn’t force her into wanting to be around me, because honestly things could be worst. She could have broke up with me, and been on the next flight back to L.A. I was just lucky man, too lucky for words. My feelings we’re hurt, and I needed her love me to make me feel better. After tossing and turning for an hour, I finally fell asleep.

I woke up and turned over on my side. I knew Diamond wouldn’t be there, but it really hurted to see it. I sat up on my elbows and looked over to the couch, she wasn’t there. “Diamond.” I got no response. I got up and looked in the bathroom and she wasn’t there. I got an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Her suitcase was still here, but it all just didn’t feel right. I instantly went and got my phone off the table. I dialed her number and listened to it ring. She answered on the last one, “What do you want Bruno?” “Where are you?” “Why.. it dosen’t matter..” “Yes.. it really does..” “I might be back.” she said hanging up. I took the phone off of my ear and set it back down. I went over to the bed and slammed back down into it. I really hated myself right now……


Chapter 83

I put my head in my hands. I had no idea what I was going to do with myself. I didn’t even want to be around Bruno, but I needed him so much. I simply went out to have breakfast to get my thoughts together and I got swarmed by paparazzis. In the past they acted like they had no idea who I was, but today it was different. It still seemed like a sick joke that was being played on me, but it was all realiity and nothing could change that. I was tired of giving him chances after chances, but there was no one in the world that I would love like I loved him. It would kill me to leave him at a time like this, where I knew for a fact that he really needed me. But, sometimes I had to think for myself and not him.

I stepped out the shower and wiped the steam off the mirror. I looked at myself and wondered why I was so stupid last night. I hated having that empty and cold feeling. I had idea where Diamond was but, I was just hoping she was okay. I would do anything right now to change back what had happened. I’m only human, and everybody makes mistakes right? I dried myself and went into the room and got dressed. I really didn’t want to go anywhere today. I knew soon as I set foot outside that I would be interrogated. I went and sat on the couch and looked around the room. I looked to the TV but, I wouldn’t dare turn it on. I threw my head back and closed my eyes. I wished I was home.

I stepped out the elevator and wiped my tears away. I couldn’t let him see me cry right now. I hated how vuluerable I was when it came to him. He just had some kind of control on my heart that I didn’t understand. When he was happy, I was happy. When his feelings we’re hurt, mine we’re also. I pulled my key card from my purse and swiped it. I walked in and Bruno’s head quickly lifted up to look at me. I just stood there and we stared at each other. It was like we both had so many things to say, but we didn’t know how to say it.

“I need you.” he whispered. I shook my head, “No you don’t.” He stood up, “I don’t think you heard me.. I NEED you.” I felt tears coming again, “No.. you couldn’t possibly need me.. You make mistake after mistake and I continue to just let them happen. I’m starting to feel really stupid for being here anymore.” He started to walk towards me and I shook my head, “Please not now.” He came over and grabbed my arms. “Please just stop doing this to me..” “You did this to yourself.” I cried. “Something is wrong with you… what happened?” he said rasing his voice. I looked up to him, “What do you mean?” “Something is wrong with you… I feel it.” I shook my head. It really was something wrong, the paparazzi really got to me this morning, more than they had ever. I had never felt so embarssed in my entire life. He took a deep breath and took me in his arms. I really didn’t need to be there right now, but I didn’t feel right anywhere else.

I slowly raised my hands and rubbed his back. “I need you to understand that I made a mistake and that mistake will be with me for the rest of my life. Not a day will go by where I won’t think about it or think about all the people that this affected. I am so so sorry.” I started to cry even more, I had been holding most of them in since last night. “Can you please forgive me..” he whispered. “I can’t Bruno, I can’t keep forgiving you!” I said unlocking from him. He dropped his arms to his side, “I’m sorry.. I know I keep fucking up.” I backed up away from him, “When does it end?” Why was so hard for us to just love each other? Why did everything always have to be so hard? He grabbed his head, “Diamond I’m trying so hard!” “You’re not trying hard enough!” I yelled at him. “Do you see what I do everyday? Giving up my life for music?” he said walking towards me again. “I see that, but how about you give up some of that for me sometimes..” I whispered. He shook his head, “What are you saying?” I looked at him crazy, “I’m saying I’m done.. I can’t do this anymore.” I said walking towards the closet. “No… no please.” he pleaded.

“I’m done.” I said taking things out of the closet. He grabbed my arm and I snatched it away, “I’m not going threw this again.” I said threw my teeth.” “You’re just going to be done… just like that?” I turned to him to say something and he grabbed my face and kissed me. As we unlocked I just looked at him in the eyes. They we’re just too much for me to handle. “We are going to get threw this together..” he whispered. He wiped my tears away with his thumbs. “I can’t afford to lose you please.” I slowly nodded. As much as I didn’t want to give in, I couldn’t get past the power that he had on me. He kissed me again and then made his way down to my neck. I closed my eyes and took all that was happening in. The last thing I needed to do was have sex with him, but thats where all our arguements and disscussions leaded too.

I rubbed my hands up the sides of his body and rubbed into his back. I massaged a bit as I got up to his neck. He threw his head back and let out a moan. He looked back to me and smiled, “Can I make up for what I’ve done?” “I guess so.” I said smiling a bit. He grabbed my hand and lead me into the bathroom. He closed the door behind us. “Bruno.. don’t you have a interview.” He started unbuttoning his shirt, “That fucking interview can wait.”…..



Chapter 84

This chapter is VERY DIRTY. o.O You have been warned, enjoy!

I raised my eyebrow, “Okay.” He quickly unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and I pulled mine off. He watched me the whole time as he undid his belt. We’re both anxious and even before this our bodies we’re yearning for each other. “Don’t hold anything back.” he whispered as he pulled his jeans down. “Alright.” I said watching him. He stepped out of his jeans as I pulled mine down. “Because I’m not.” he said coming towards me. He picked me up and set me on the counter. He grabbed my face with one hand and kissed me with such ferocity it was hard for me to catch my breath afterwards. He pulled my underwear off with his other hand and threw them across the room. He grabbed my thighs tightly and quickly pulled me towards him. Before I could say take it easy he crammed his self into me. I let out a huge moan as he pulled me closer to him. He didn’t even start off slow, he went right his fast thursts making me scream his name. I put my legs around him as he went deeper and deeper.

I put my arms around him and he kept getting faster and faster as each minute passed. I would try to sit up more and he would push me back down. “Bruno… you’re starting to hurt me..” I finally was able to say. “Shhh…” he whispered. I shifted my whole attention to his face, he looked so determined. I moved my hands up to his hair and ran my fingers threw his curls that we’re starting to get into knots. He stared me down and started biting his lip. I did the same and he went harder. I screamed his name more as I started to pull at his hair. He quickly stopped and grabbed me and slammed me against the wall. I looked at him like he was crazy. He held me up aginast the wall with his chest and lifted my legs and shoved his self in again. I winced in pain and tried to hold in my screams.

He stared me right in my face and started pounding me so hard that the sounds our bodies made as they collided we’re almost louder than my screams. I felt like I would pass out soon if he didn’t calm down. He put his head into mine and spread my legs farther apart causing him to go deeper. I could barely put a sentence together to tell him to take it easy. I had never been this loud before. I dug my nails into his back but, it didn’t slow him down one bit. I watched as sweat poured down his face. I put held him tighter and put my head on his shoulder. I watched our reflection in the mirror. I could barely focus on the mirror. “Bruno… please.” I said before I closed my eyes I couldn’t even finish my sentence. “Just let me do this, please.” he whispered. He moved my head back and looked me right into the eyes again. He clenched his teeth together and made his strokes longer.

He stopped and let my legs go and I slid down to the floor. He grabbed my hips and forced me back over to the counter. He reached over me and wiped the mirror a bit making it easier to see in. He gave me a sly smile as he bent me over. I already knew what was coming so I grabbed the counter. He grabbed my hips and went right in. I closed my eyes and just let him go. He put his arms around me and I moved my body with his. It was a bit more pleasureable like this, but the pain was still there. He leaned down on top of me and sped up. He moved my head up and made me watch ourselves in the mirror. He smiled and bit his lip and I did the same. No matter what, he was still always sexy. He kissed me on my neck but, never took his eyes off of the mirror. I watched him closely and I loved the way our bodies we’re moving together. He moved his finger up to my mouth. I guess he was trying to be kinky today so I grabbed his finger with my lips. I sucked on it slowly. He smiled, I knew it would love it.

I watched his face as it started getting tight, I knew he was getting close. He leaned out and put his hands on my shoulders. He began going in and out and I threw my head back in pleasure. He knew how much I loved this. “Now cum for me.” he whispered. I closed my eyes and focused. He kept taking those strokes until I finally climaxed. He bent down and looked at me in the mirror and smiled. He stopped and I began to wonder how long we we’re going to be going in here. I was pretty sure the guys heard all of this next door as thin as the walls we’re. “You know the drill.” he said nodding down to the floor.

I took a deep breath and laid down on top of the rug on the bathroom floor. He smiled at me as he got down with me. He kissed me, “Don’t worry I’m almost done. But, this might hurt again..” I widened my eyes and he reached down to put him self inside me, never taking his eyes off of me. I sucked in air as he went in. He licked his lips and blinked slowly as he thursted. I could tell he really missed sex, a lot more than I thought he did. He leaned down all the way back on top of me and started to speed up. The pain hit me like no other. “Ahh Bruno!” I screamed right into his ear. “I’m almost there..” he whispered. I held my breath and he went harder and harder. Without thinking I opened up my mouth and bit his shoulder. “Oww shit!” he screamed. “Well hurry up then!” I screamed back. He opened my legs more and went at a steady pace. His breathing increased and I held in my screams. He lifted his self up with his arms and threw his head back. He let out a huge moan as he exploded. I watched him closely as his thrusting slowed down. I had never been so happy sex was over in my entire life.

When he was finally done he smiled at me. “Don’t fucking smile at me.” I said trying to get out from underneath him. He just laughed. He stood up faster than I did of course. I grabbed the counter and tried to help myself up and I almost fell. “Whoa be careful there.” he said reaching out to grab me. He helped me up to my feet and my legs felt weak. I pushed him, “What the fuck was that for?” He rubbed his chest where I pushed him, “I’m sorry… I can’t be rough with you now?” “I never said that, but don’t you think you we’re being a little too rough?” He shrugged, “I told you not to make me wait that long.” I looked at him in mock horror, “What the fuc—.” Banging on the door interrupted my sentence. Both of our eyes widened, oh no not again….



Chapter 85

“I am not getting that.” I said shaking my head. “Why not?” he whispered. “Because I don’t like answering doors after we have sex! It’s your turn to feel how awkward it is!” I whispered back. He opened his mouth to say something and there was another bang on the door. I pointed, “Go!” “Fuck.” he whispered as he opened the bathroom door. I quickly started the shower.

I walked into the bedroom and looked around for my robe. “Hold on!” I finally found it and threw it on. I went to the peephole and looked out. It was Dre, shit. I cracked the door open and looked up at him. He frowned, “What the fuck man, it sounds like a cat is dying in here.” I held in a laugh as much as possible, “Na man… I’m not killing no cats.” He smirked, “You sure?” I winked at him. He pointed to me, “Aha!” I started laughing and his face went serious again, “Wait, you’re suppoused to be at a interview right now. I’ve been looking for yo’ ass.” I shrugged, “I’ve been here the whole time.” “Well hurry up and get dressed so we can get down here man, I gotta escort yo punk ass down here and make sure no paparazzi doesn’t take you home.” I laughed, “Alright.” “I’ll be over in Phil’s.” he said nodding over to the right. “Alright prechiate you!” I said closing the door. I took a deep breath, that could have gone a lot worst if it was anyone else.

I went back in the bathroom, “Diamonddd.” “Don’t call me…. I need rest..” she said. I laughed as I opened the shower curtain. She was sitting down in the tub letting the water run on her. I laughed again, “What are you doing?” She slowly looked up to me, “My legs hurt..” “Aww baby, I’m sorry.” I said taking off my robe. She frowned, “You are not sorry…” “I am.. now get up so I can get in with you.” I said reaching out for her hand.  She let me help her up and I got in the shower behind her, and held her up. “Bruno.. never again I swear.” she whispered. I kissed her back slowly, “I’m sorry..” I massaged down her back until I got to the bottom. She yelled out in pain. “What’s wrong?” I said looking over her shoulder. “That fucking hurts.” she said reaching for her back. I looked down to the bottom and she had a red rash. My eye widened, “Babe. I think you got  a rug burn.” She turned around to me, “What?” I shook my head slowly, “Yeah…” “See Bruno.. like you gotta calm down with all of that.” I smiled and kissed her back again, “I was excited..” She laughed, “Okay we’ll blame it on that. Who was that at the door?” “It was actually Dre.” “Oh my god.” she whispered.

I laughed, “It’s alright babe, he didn’t say anything. But, I do gotta get going for this interview soon I’m already late.” “Bruno.” she said in a low voice. “Yeah?” I said reaching for a wash cloth. “You know what they are going to ask you about right…” I took a deep breath, “Yeah…” Those troubles had lingered in the back of my head, but when I was with Diamond I could forget about all my problems. “I wish I could hold your hand throughout the whole thing.” I nodded, “Me too.” She sighed, “Bru promise me you’ll never do anything like this again.” I put my arms around her neck, “I promise.” And I was going to keep that promise.

As bad as it sounded, I did forgive Bruno. In a way he was right, people do make mistakes, but at least he tried to learn from them. I loved him, and he wanted me to be his wife in the future. I feel like if he didn’t love me, than he would have let me walk out the door a long time ago. “What’s wrong?” I shook my head, “Nothing babe.” “Let’s wash up so I can get you into the bed.” I smiled, “Thanks.” He helped me wash up as much as possible and then he washed him self. I honestly felt like a kid, but I was pretty weak. He helped me out of the shower and got me into bed. He got dressed really quickly and came and laid down next to me. He moved a piece of hair from my face, “You gonna be okay?” I nodded, “I think I can manage.” He always took good care of me when I didn’t fell well. About 4 years ago, I got the flu really bad and he stayed at home with me the whole two weeks until I got better. He kissed me softly, “Alright, well I’ll be back as soon as I can. I love you.” “I love you too Bru.” I said touching his nose. He got up and pulled a cover over me before he left the room. I took a deep breath, today had been such a emotional roller coaster. Even though I would sleep mostly the whole time on the flight tonight back to L.A. I needed this nap just as much.

I knocked on Phil’s room door. Dre answered, “About damn time.” I waved him off and looked over to Phil, he was on the phone. He looked like he was being serious with whoever he was talking too. I looked over to Dre and whispered, “Who’s that?” He shrugged, “I don’t know some Lana, Lena, Leiyah I don’t know.” I looked back over to him and gave me a sly look. Leiyah huh, I knew it was something going on between them. “We need to be getting out of here soon, do this interview, and then be on our flight back to L.A.” I nodded still looking at Phil, “Alright I hear you.” He tapped me throwing off my thoughts, “That means let’s go. Come on time is money.”  I threw my hands up, “Alright alright but, we gotta wait for drama queen here.” Phil shot us both a look, “Look babe I’ll call you back later, I gotta run.” He hung up his phone and stood up, “I’m sorry! I was having a conversation.” I smirked, “With who?” “Uh you know… people.” I elbowed Dre and looked up to him, “People?” “Why you all up in my business?” I threw my hands up, “I mean you know, I thought we we’re all friends here, you the one keeping secrets.” He waved me off, “Fuck a secret. I wanna know why you and Diamond always gotta sound like animals when yall have sex and I’m in the same building.” I felt my face turn red, “Uh..” Dre shook his head and opened the door, “Killing them cats Bruno.” I popped the collar of my shirt and walked out the door, “At least I’m getting me some.” They both laughed.

We got down to the lobby and I walked in between Phil and Dre. I tipped my fedora down a little over my face. I felt like somebody was gonna jump out at me at any minute. Whatever happened, I was just going to keep walking. As we got to the glass double doors of the hotel I could see camera men standing out in front of our truck. “Shit.” I whispered to myself…..


Chapter 86

I walked out into the sun, reached down and pulled my ray bans off my shirt. I quickly threw them on and clenched my teeth together. I knew what was coming. “There he is!” one of them yelled. I tried to walk a little bit faster without looking stupid. Cameras flashed and I got bombarded with questions.

“Hey Bruno what we’re you doing with drugs?”

“Where are you on you’re way too?”

“Did you know that you now have a felony?” 

“What kind of role model are you!”

I jumped into the truck without answering not one question. Phil jumped in the passenger seat and Dre sat next to me. I put my face in my hands, I felt so embarssed. I sat back and looked out the window as we drove off. People we’re asking me questions that I honestly didn’t have answers to. I had no idea what I was doing last night, I was so dumb. I sat in silence the entire ride to the interview. I got there and luckily for me the interview only asked me what happened and I told her that I really had no idea, and that it was just a big mistake. She took that and continued talking about my album. I knew she would be one of the only jouralists to actually do that, so I made sure I told her the truth about everything else she asked. The interview went well, I was just ready to get back home to L.A. to work on finalizing my album and spend some well needed time with Diamond.

I tossed and turned a few time before finally giving up on trying to go back to sleep. I reached out for my phone on the nightstand and I had a couple of text messages and a call from Carla. I sat up on the edge of the bed and dialed her back. “Hey girl, you call me?” I said rubbing my eyes. “Yeah.. guess what?” I sighed, “Wait. Don’t tell me you got a new tatto?” “No… I..” “No, no don’t tell me.. You got the pictures back from the wedding?! Or did..” “Diamond!” she yelled cutting me off. “What?” “I’m pregnant.” My mouth dropped, “NO?” “Yes..” I smiled ear to ear, “Awww shit!” She lightly laughed and I could feel her smile threw the phone. “Well, I’m happy for you. And I’m glad you waited until you got married. That means a lot.” “Thanks Diamond, when is it time for you and Bruno to have some little curly headed babies?” I got butterflies, just thinking about having kids with Bruno was so beautiful. “Aah… you know Bruno and his music… so it’ll most likely be awhile.” “I understand.. I’m excited for you though.” “Don’t be excited for me, be excited for you! I can’t wait to find out what you’re having.” I said smiling. “Me too, of course Kam wants a boy.” I rolled my eyes, “Typical.” She laughed, “A boy doesn’t sound to bad though.” I listened as I heard Bruno’s laughter. “Little boys are a lot of work though, look at Devin.” She laughed, “Devin is adorable.” “Adorable, but a boy at the end of the day.” She laughed again. “Look, Bruno is about to walk in here, and we’re gonna get ready to get on this flight back home, so I’ll see you then alright?” “Alright girly, have a safe flight.” “Thank you!” I said as I hung up the phone.

As soon as I sat my phone on the bed, he walked in. He instantly started smiling ear to ear and came over to hug me. I got up and he hugged me tight, “How’d you sleep?” “Beautiful.” I said as we unlocked. He kissed me, “Good.” “What time do we have to leave for the airport?” He looked at his watch, “In about 45 minutes.” “Alright, just enough time to pack everything up.” “And maybe have a quickie..” he threw in. I looked at him in mock horror, “You’re kidding right?” He looked around, “Maybe.” I just smiled and walked towards the closet. “You know everybody heard us right?” he said making up the bed. I quickly looked to him, “Everybody?” He smirked, “Yup.” “Why do you look happy?” I said putting on a fake frown. “It means I’m putting that work in.” he said looking me up and down. I threw a t-shirt at him, “Stop it!” He laughed, and I had missed this laugh from him.

We spent the next 30 minutes packing up our things and cleaning up the room. While Diamond was reaching up to get her last pair of shoes out the top of the closet and went and got behind her, “Guess who has 15 minutes left.” She sighed, “Bru…” I rubbed her hips and then her lower back. She quickly jumped away and I threw my hands up, “What?” She frowned, “My back..” “Shit, I’m sorry.” I whispered. “And that’s another reason why we are not about to have sex right now.” I shrugged, “Alright.. just don’t make me wait more than a week..” She mocked me, “Or you won’t hold anything back.. yeah yeah I know.” I laughed as I sat on the couch. I turned on the TV and clicked to MTV without thinking. A commerical was on and I watched a couple until a jouralist popped on the screen.

“We’ve got breaking news out of Las Vegas. Singer and songwriter Bruno Mars has—.”

I quickly cut the TV off. “Bruno.” Diamond said turning to me. “Huh?” She frowned, “What’s wrong?” I shook my head, “Nothing.. what we’re you going to say?” I lied. “Oh.. well I got a phone call today.. from a good friend of ours.” I slowly nodded, “Yeah..?” “Carla’s pregnant.” I smiled from ear to ear, “Ahh shit Kameron..” She shot me a look. “I mean.. that’s really nice.” She shook her head. “No really, that’s good news. I’m happy for them.” She nodded slowly. I knew exactly what was on her mind. I put my hands together, “You want kids don’t you?” She quickly looked to me, “Yes.” I smiled and opened my mouth to say something but, she cut me off. “I know Bru, you do too. But, not right now you have to go on tour and you want to raise you’re kids right. And you want to spend time with them and guide them the right way. I know.” she said mocking me and looking away. I just closed my mouth back, she had took the words right out of my mouth. I stood up and walked towards her. I lifted her face up to mine, “Look all that you just said is true. But, I want you to have my kids, no one else. We will have our time, I promise. I just need you to work with me.” I said honestly. She shook her head slowly, “Alright Bruno…” I raised my eyebrows and looked her deep in the eyes, “I love you.” She smiled, “I love you too.”

There was a knock on the door and I went to look threw the peephole, it was Dre. I smiled as I opened the door. “We ain’t smiling, let’s go let’s go. We need to be at this airport in the next 15 minutes.” I laughed, “Alright we’re ready.”

I looked around the room one more time before I started to wheel my suitcase out of the room. Dre put on a huge smile, “Hi Diamond.” I laughed and shook my head, “Hi Dre.” I loved Dre, he would talk to the guys like shit but, when it came to girls he was always so sweet. He took care of my Bruno really well I have to say. We considered him part of the group. I was kind of looking forward to this flight, me and Bruno had good conversations when we we’re on planes for some reason. Like if we didn’t know enough about each other.

“Home here we come!” Bruno said putting his arm around me. I smiled from ear to ear, I really was looking forward to sleeping in my bed….



Chapter 87

We all went down and loaded our things into the truck. We we’re lucky enough not to have any paparazzi approach us because I was pretty sure they we’re in the area. Bruno held my hand the entire way to the airport. I looked out the window and watched as the sun set. I felt like I shouldn’t have took that nap earlier considering that I would probably be up the entire flight now. We arrived at the airport right on time and went to the desk to grab our tickets. We stopped a couple of times before getting to our terminal, a couple of Bruno’s fans noticed him and he signed a couple of autographs, and took pictures. I loved how sweet he was to his fans, he would always tell me how much they mean’t to him, without them he was nothing.

He grabbed my hand as we went into the terminal, Eric and Phil in front of us, and Dre close behind us. We had gotten first class this time and I couldn’t wait to get into one of those soft seats. We got on and a flight attendant guided us up a flight of stairs. We walked past a bar and went threw a curtain until we we’re at the back. “I’m right here!” Phil said jumping into the first seat. We all laughed at him and started putting our carry-on bags into the latches. “I’ll sit with you.” Eric said plopping down in the seat next to him. He reached under and pulled the leg rest up. Me and Bruno found a seat together a few seats behind Phil. Dre sat in front of us and immediately put his headphones in. As we got settled in a fight attendant came and asked us if we needed anything.

“A cover would be nice.” Bruno said smiling. She nodded, “Be right back.” I rubbed his arm, “You cold?” He nodded, “Kinda.” He was so cute, I leaned over and kissed him. The lady came back with a huge cover, she handed it to him. “Thank you.” “No thank you, if you need anything just press the button.” she said pointing up to the button on the arm rest of our seats. We both nodded and she walked away. Bruno unfolded the cover and threw it over the both of us. I looked out the window and watched as the sun said it’s goodbyes. The pilot’s voice came across the intercom and he said his announcements. We both did what we we’re told and secruied our seat belts. Bruno squeezed my hand, and I knew it mean’t that he was excited. We would be home in the next 4 hours. I turned back around to Bruno and he looked at me and stretched, “You alright?” I smiled, “Of course.” He leaned his head into mine and we looked each other in the eyes. As the plane took off I rested my head on his shoulder. In a little I knew that we we’re both going to be sleep. Even though I thought I wouldn’t sleep the movement, noise, and his breathing put me to sleep.

I woke up and looked down to Diamond and then to my watch. I had only been sleeping for an hour. I threw my head back and took a deep breath, it seemed much longer than that. I glanced over to the window and it was pitch black outside. I sat up as slowly as I could and peeked over the seat. Dre had his sunglasses on and music blaring, but I knew he was sleep. I looked around the plane, after 5 minutes I was really bored. I started playing with strands of Diamond’s hair, separating parts of them. She started to stir, and I quickly stopped. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I went into deep thought about my album and how anxious I was to put it out there. Me and the guys had put a lot of love into each and every song, and after 7 years of struggling things we’re finally making sense. I thought about my mom and family and how much they missed me in Hawaii. I really couldn’t wait to go back and see everyone.

“Bruno.” Diamond whispered startling me. I looked down to her, “Yeah babe?” She sat up and looked me right into the eyes, “When am I going to meet your mom.” My eyes widened, “How? Wait, what?” She rolled her eyes, “Nevermind.” “No, babe. I was saying that because I was just thinking about my family.” She smiled, “Get out of my brain.” I shook my head and poked her forehead, “No you get out of mine. How long have you been woke?” She sighed, “About 20 minutes, I really can’t sleep.” I had thought she was sleep this entire time, “I really can’t either.” “How many more hours we got?” I looked at my watched and threw my head back into the headrest, “About 3 hours.” “Ughh!” she said laying back on my chest. “I mean, we can make the 3 hours pass by quickly.” I whispered. She looked back up at me, “What do you mean?” I gave her the sly eyes, “You know.” She rolled her eyes, “No, we are not joining the mile high club.”

I laughed, “Babe, I didn’t say all of that.. but, we can do something a little like that.” “Like what?” she whispered. I leaned in and kissed her deeply. As we unlocked we just looked at each other and I could tell she got my point. As I leaned in to kiss her again I rubbed up her thigh. We started making out and I kept inching my way up. She quickly leaned out, “Bruno..” “What?” I whispered. “This isn’t right…” I sighed, “Come on babe, let’s live a little.” “Alright but, Dre is right there.” she whispered pointing to the seat in front of us. I sat up and looked at him again, “He’s sleep I promise.” I whispered back. She took a deep breath. “Come on babe pleaseee.” I said putting on a big smile. “But..” I interrupted her with a soft kiss. “Stop with the excuses.. let’s just have a little fun. I can’t fuck you…” Her eyes widened, “Alright Bru.” I smiled and looked over the seat to Dre again and then down the aisle. “No one in sight.” She nodded slowly and I went and unbuttoned her jeans.

I was pretty nervous about this, and I knew it was hard for me to be quiet with him. But, how could I tell him that he couldn’t pleasure me? I couldn’t help myself sometimes, his faces just spoke sex. He leaned up and turned off the light above us….



Chapter 88

This chapter is dirty. o.O You have been warned, but enjoy!

I pulled the cover up on us so no one could see. I kissed her as I slid my hand down into her underwear. She tensed up but I used my other hand to spread her legs more, “I got you.” I whispered. I slid my fingers inside her and slowly moved them around. She let out a moan and I stopped. “Shhh…” “I can’t..” she whispered back. “Just try this one time..” She took a deep breath and put her hand over her mouth. I looked at her and she nodded giving me the confirmation to go again. I bit my lip and slid my fingers a little more deeper inside her. I watched her closely as her eyes widened. I leaned in and kissed her ear softly. Little by little I started licking it still making sure to move fingers in and out slowly. She let out moans from behind her hand. I took the lobe of her ear in my mouth and sucked on it. I felt her getting tighter and I leaned out and looked her in the face. She was loving it, she squirmed in her seat.

I put my mouth right by her ear and whispered, “How many times you gonna cum for me?” She quickly uncovered her mouth and whispered, “Oh my god Bruno.” I smiled and she covered her mouth back up. I stared her down and bit my lip again, she kept her eyes locked on my face. Her facial expressions turned me on like no other. I felt myself getting harder. She started nodding quickly and I knew she was about to climax. I pushed my arm down a little bit deeper into her pants and sped up. She threw her head back and let out a deep moan threw her hand as she came. I was pretty sure at least Dre heard it. I shot her a look. She uncovered her mouth and whispered, “I fucking told you.” I shook my head, “It’s alright.”

I started moving my fingers inside her again and whispered, “Owwhh I like.” She shot me a look and I dropped my smile. I stuck my tongue out the side of my mouth as I tried to find her spot again. She put her hand back over her mouth as she moaned. I went even faster than I did the first time and softly squeezed at her breats with my other hand. She started to get louder again and shushed her.

“Bruno…” I heard Dre say. I stopped and we both quickly looked at each other. I cleared my thorat, “Uh yeah..” “Really man… on the plane..” I held in a laugh, “I mean.. uhh…” “Poor cats.” he said. I looked over to Diamond and she was staring at me in confusion her hand still over her mouth. “It’s alright.” I whispered to her. She grabbed my hand and took it out of her pants. She finally took her hand from over her mouth and whispered, “No more.” I laughed as she buttoned her pants. “Aww come on…” I pleaded. “You’re too much.” she said smiling. I took my hands and pressed the cover against myself. “Diamond.” I whispered nodding down to myself. She looked down and quickly back up to my face, “Really?” “It isn’t like you haven’t done it before!” I whispered. “But, Dre….” “I won’t be nearly as loud as you.. matter of fact, I won’t even make noise.” She rolled her eyes and I gave her a sly smile, “You know you want too.”

She threw her hands up, “Okay! Damn.” “Yesss.” I whispered unbuttoning my pants. I looked back down the asile again and didn’t see anyone. I pulled more of the cover over to my side since I was on the outside. I leaned in to kiss her and she reached across my thigh. I smiled against her lips as she reached into my boxers and pulled me out.. We made out as she stroked me slowly and it felt incredible. I stopped kissing her and threw my head back into the seat. I breathed deeply as she sped up.

I reached down and moved my jeans out of the way so she could get a better grip on me. I closed my eyes and slowly thrusted into her hand. I couldn’t believe that we we’re doing this, but I love it. “Yeah… you love this don’t you..” she whispered to me. I turned to look at her, but could barely focus on her face. I felt myself getting there and I stopped her. “I need something.” I whispered. “What?” she said confused. “You know… it’s gonna get messy.” She laughed, “Oh my god.” I pointed down to her bag, “Don’t you got tissue in there or something?”  She laughed, “Yes!” She reached down into her purse to get the tissue and I looked back down the asile again. I still didn’t see anyone and looked back to her. She handed me the tissue and I put it in my left hand and motioned for her to start again. She softly grabbed me again and proceeded with her same strokes. I was honestly surprised at how good this felt. I sat up a bit as I felt myself about to explode. I quickly moved my left hand with the tissue over myself. She took a couple more strokes and I let a moan escape as I came. I closed my eyes and she slowly let go. “Ewww…” she said as she put her hands on top of the covers. “Don’t ew me.” I whispered my eyes still closed.

I opened my eyes, wiped myself off and balled the tissue up in my hand. I looked over to her and she had a disgusted look on her face. I smiled, “Stop it you act like a little kid!” “I’m sorry…. I just feel dirty.” I laughed, “We’ve done worst.. trust me..” “I guess..” she said waving me off. “I’ll be right back.” I said unbuckling my seatbelt. I got up and went and slid the bathroom door open. I closed it threw the tissue away and washed my hands. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that my hair was getting pretty long.

I went back out and plopped back in my seat. “I think I can sleep now.” I whispered to Diamond. “I bet you can.” she said laughing. I put my arm around her and wrestled her down to my chest. I threw my head back and looked up to the celling. I was a pretty lucky guy. I had a girl who could keep up with me and my sex drive. I still had no idea why I as always horny, but it wasn’t like it was a huge problem. It was apart of that hooligan side to me. I felt a lot better after all of that and sleep hit me quickly…..


Chapter 89

“Babe..” I heard Bruno whisper. I slowly opened my eyes, “Hmm?” “We got about 30 more minutes.” I slowly leaned up and looked over to him. He flashed his beautiful smile, “Sleep okay?” I smiled, “Yup.” He grabbed my hand, “Have any special dreams?” I smirked, “Like what?” “Oh you know.. those one kind of dreams.” he said talking out the side of his mouth. I laughed, “No.. I don’t even remember my dream.” “You know, I don’t even remember mine either.” I shook my head and laughed again, “You’re saying that like it’s not normal.” He shrugged and looked away. I was getting this weird vibe off of him, I knew this mean’t something was on his mind. I shifted my position in my seat so that I was mostly facing him, “Bru.. what’s on your mind?” He quickly looked back to me, “What?” I knew it. “First you wake me up 30 minutes before we are going to land, and you’re acting all weird. Talk.” I said poking him in the stomach. He smiled and blocked me from tickling him, “Alright alright.”

I gave him the face telling him that I was listening. He took a deep breath, “Well.. I need you to be completely honest with me on something..” I frowned, “Alright.” “Do you really think we’re ready to get married?” “Uh.. yeah.. I’m pretty sure I am.” “I mean.. do you really want to marry me?” I squeezed his hand, “Of course I do. Why are you saying this?” He shook his head, “I feel like if I make any more mistakes that you’ll leave me.” I looked away, I had said to myself that if he messed up again, that I wouldn’t be able to stay with him anymore. “See that’s what I’m saying..” he whispered. “But, why do you feel like you will make another mistake?” “Because Diamond, I’m not perfect. I’m a human being and I can’t control everything that happens.” he said in almost a stern tone. I looked down to his hand in mine, it was hard for me to look him in the eyes right now, I had no words. “I know you believe in me, but I need you to promise me you’ll be here for me.”

I let go of his hand and finally looked up to him, “You know what Bruno, I’m not going to say that. Just like you said, you can’t control everything that happens, I can’t either. You can’t just expect me to be here after you turn around and fuck up. That’s one thing you are going to have to deal with. I’m going to be here for you as long as you need me too. But, once you threaten that with some dumb mistake of yours I won’t be. I understand you’re not perfect, neither am I but, that doesn’t mean I can just sit here and continue to be played with. I got to stand up for myself sometimes.” He slowly looked down. I loved Bruno to death, the world knows that. I’ve been there to catch him when he fell, and for him to think that I would promise to be here no matter what is crazy. I watched him and he slowly started to nod as if he understood. He finally looked up me, “I respect you for that.” I smiled, “Good. Don’t ever think that I don’t want to marry you Bru. You’re amazing and I’m blessed to have you in my life.” He grabbed my hand again and kissed it, “Same to you babe.”

I leaned my head back into the seat. I was glad I was finally able to say that, and I’m even more happy that he took it the right way. We sat in silence the last 15 minutes of the flight. I hated silence, but I thought it was a good silence. We both needed that time to think. As we got up to unload our things from the latches Dre stared at the both of us. I looked to Bruno and he shot Dre a look. I just shook my head and didn’t say anything. I couldn’t keep with all their weird insiders. “That flight was quick.” Eric said as we all walked into the terminal. “Yeah… because you slept the whole time..” Bruno said. “Na.. maybe I could of slept the whole time if you and Diamond weren’t making so much noise.” I felt my face turn red and my stomach go into knots. Bruno quickly looked at me and I looked away. They always managed to hear us no matter how hard I tried to be quiet.

Everyone burst out into laughter except for me and him. Surprisingly I didn’t feel as awkward as I usually did. Maybe I was finally getting used to them and all of their sex jokes. We finally made it out of the airport after we stopped five times because of Bruno’s fans and got our luggage which really wasn’t much.. I was even noticed by one of them this time, and it warmed my heart. After making a couple stops at a couple different places, we finally made it home.

I moved Diamond’s hand, “Na babe I got it. Go unlock the door.” I pulled our luggage out of the truck and wheeled the first one up to the door. I walked back to the truck and stood on my tiptoes a bit to the window. “See yall tomorrow.” I said smiling. They all laughed at me because they could barely see my neck. “Not funny..” Dre quickly stopped laughing, “Oh right right. Sorry.” I just shook my head and went to grab the other suitcase. Dre leaned his head out the window, “Don’t kill too many cats tonight!” I shot him a look, “Come on man.” They all laughed as they pulled out of the driveway. I shook my head and waved as I kind of struggled with the suitcase. Diamond came up and gave me a hand, “Dosen’t look like you got it.” I laughed, “I can have my off times.” She laughed as we finally got it into the house, “Right.”

I looked around, “Home sweet home!” She hugged me, “I’m so happy to be here..” I looked over and kissed her, “Very happy.” I went to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water, “So you want to unpack tonight… or unpack tomorrow your choice?” She pondered a bit, “I’m not really tired but, at the same time I don’t really feel like it.” I shrugged, “Alright.. well I guess we can go and spend some time.” She smiled as she walked towards me, I put my arm around her and we walked into the bedroom. I looked over to the alarm clock and it was already after midnight. I watched her as she crawled into bed and laid across it all. “Did you really miss the bed that much?” I said jumping into it with her. “Uh.. yes! What girl doesn’t miss her bed.” she said laughing. I kissed her, “Well.. maybe not because you’re not just a girl..” She smirked, “What else am I?” “You’re a really beautiful and special girl that I’m proud to call mine.” She shook her head slowly and smiled, “Bruno… I don’t know what I’m going to do with you and your sweet comments.”

I looked deep into her eyes, “You don’t have to do anything baby. I say it because I mean it.” “I love you.. so much… I don’t think you understand how much though.” I nodded and smiled, “Oh I think I know.” “Really how?” I looked up and bit my lip as I thought. “This is one of the reasons why..” I said getting out of the bed. I went over to the corner and grabbed my acoustic guitar. I smiled as I went and sat in the bed with it, she sat up as well. “You give me insprirations to write songs like this..” I said tuning my guitar. I started strumming the tune to a song that I had never let her hear before. It seemed that they always came at a perfect time. She watched me close and I began to sing..

It’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do..

Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you..

Is it the look in your eyes, or is it this dancing juice..

Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you..

After he was done, I sat there staring at him with tears in my eyes. I felt like if I opened my mouth to say something I would stutter like crazy. “So.. I guess that means you like it?” he said laughing. I nodded slowly, “No.. I love it.” He leaned over and kissed me again, “Just for you babe.” I watched him as he got up to put his guitar back up. I laid back down and shook my head slowly to myself. I just couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have someone like him in my life. It had never been about the fame or money with us, it was just love. I closed my eyes and thanked god for him…..


Chapter 90

He crawled back into bed with me and took me in his arms. I was once again staring right at his chin, I had missed this a lot. I started playing with the collar of his shirt, “So, what’s on our schedule for tomorrow?” He sighed, “I don’t know.. go to the studio I guess.” “Oh sounds fun.” I said sarcastically. I actually wanted to go, I always had fun. I had no idea what I was expecting him to say. “You sound like you don’t want to go..” “Oh no, I do..” “We’ll have a good time, you know that. We don’t have too much to work on either so we’ll really have some fun.” I nodded slowly, “Alright.” He let me go for a second and peered over to the alarm clock, “It’s almost 12:30 now.. let’s just go to bed.” I was quite surprised that he wasn’t trying to have sex tonight but, I wasn’t going to say anything about it. “Alright.” I said climbing out the bed and stripping my clothes off. He did the same, and we got back in our same position in the bed. He reached down and pulled the cover over the both of us. I closed my eyes and let sleep take me away.

I slowly opened one eye and looked over to the alarm clock. It was 10:25 A.M. I closed my eye back and tried to sleep. I started thinking about other things besides sleeping. I slowly moved my arm from around Diamond and flipped over onto my back. I got up, used the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and decided I would watch some TV. I looked around for the remote and flopped down onto the couch. I flipped threw channels until I came across some cartoons. I really didn’t want to turn to MTV or any news channel because it would be all the same thing. Even though it always sat in the back of my head, I hated actually being reminded of it. I quietly laughed at the cartoons as I waited for Diamond to wake up.

After 15 minutes, she did and I listened as she went into the bathroom. After a couple of minutes she walked into the living room, “Good morning beautiful.” I said smiling to her. She smiled as she came and sat on the edge of the couch, “Good morning Bru.” I sat up on the couch, “I’m hungry.” She laughed, “Alright… I’ll make you a good breakfast today.” I smiled and grabbed her leg and pulled her onto the couch with me. “Hey!” I kissed her, “You we’re suppoused to kiss me first.” She shook her head slowly and smirked, “I’m sorry. I’ll work on getting that right.” “Better.” I said slowly rubbing up her thigh. She quickly jumped up and before I could grab her, “Nope.. I gotta make breakfast remember.” “Damnit.” I laughed. She shook her head as she walked into the kitchen.

I started making a nice breakfast for the two of us. It made me think of the time I would start making breakfast for our kids. I smiled to myself at this thought. Me and him ate and then took our normal shower together. Of course his hands we’re all over me, but I didn’t let him get me to far. I had something planned for him tonight, it was my turn to tease and please. I didn’t want him to think he was always in control of everything. We both got dressed and he wore a beanie today, he hadn’t wore it in a while. “What made you wear that beanie today?” I said pulling my gym shoes on. He shrugged, “I don’t know.. I just don’t feel like fooling around with my hair honestly.” I shook my head, “Me either.” His hair was starting to get really long and those curls we’re hard to keep under control. It was quite a lot compared to his fade when we we’re in college. But, I did like him more with hair. “You ready?” he said turning to me. “Yep.” I said getting up and grabbing my purse.

We went out and got into Bruno’s car. He felt like he should always drive even though I still had my car just sitting in the driveway. After the 8 minute drive we arrived at the studio. There we’re no cars here yet, but I was pretty sure someone would be here soon. “Phil coming?” I said getting out the car. “Yeah Ari said he’ll be here around 2.” I nodded and followed him into the studio. He threw his keys on the table, “Now babe, I know you just like to watch.. But, I really need your help today.” I raised an eyebrow, “Alright.. I’ll help.” “Okay. Come over here.” he said going over to the computer. “Okay.. when I give you the signal I need you to press this button right here.” he said pointing to a thing for me to click on the screen. I nodded and sat down in the chair, for some reason I felt pretty nervous. I had never even touched most of this equipment and I had been coming to the studio for years. I watched him closely as he went over and turned on a few more things.

He grabbed a set of headphones and went behind a microphone. He pulled his beanie above his ears and put the headphones on. He cleared his throat and then gave me a thumbs up. I quickly clicked the button and music started to play. He shot me a look, “Whoa wait.” I clicked the button again, “Huh?” He laughed and shook his head, “That wasn’t the signal babe..” “Oh..” I said looking stupid. “Calm down, you don’t have to be nervous..” he said giving me a reasuring look. I took a deep breath, “Alright.” I had no idea how he always seen right threw me. He focused back on the mic and then nodded to me. I nodded back, and pressed the button again. A sound came on that filtered into beats and he started to sing..

Easy come, easy go.. That’s just how you live oh..

Take take take it all, but you never give..

Should of known you was trouble from the first kiss,

Had you’re eyes wide open why we’re they open..

I watched him closely as he sang this song with such passion. This was the song that he kept telling me about. I was so fascinated at how much power he put into it. However, I didn’t really understand where he got the inspiration for it from. Catching grenades? It kind of sounded crazy but, I really loved it. After he was done I clapped. He smiled and took the headphones back off, “I think that one might be the keeper.” “You haven’t finalized it yet?” He shook his head, “Yeah.. but, no. This is the only song that’s not done. I just don’t ever feel like it’s right.” I shrugged, “Well that sounded pretty good to me..” “Yeah.. maybe I’ll let the guys hear it first.” Him and guys had spent a lot of time on this song and now that I’ve heard it I knew exactly what they mean’t when they said it was special. Bruno could never make up his mind on things, so I could see why it was taking so long.

There was a knock at the door. “Probably Phil.” Diamond said. “I’ll get it.” I said walking to the door. I went to the door and answered it to see Phil and Leiyah. He had his arm around her. “Whatttt? Look at ya’ll!” I said teasing them. Leiyah laughed and Phil waved me off. I smiled from ear to ear and moved to the side to let them in. “So when we’re you guys going to share that ya’ll we’re dating.” “They’re dating?!” Diamond said turning around in the chair. “No actually… we’re engaged.” Leiyah said holding out her hand with a ring on it. I quickly looked to Phil, “Damn man.. what kind of homie are you?!” He kissed Leiyah, “We we’re just waiting for the right time to tell everyone..” I nodded slowly, “I respect that.” “Well congratulations.” Diamond said. They both said thank you in unison. I had always had a feeling that Jasmine and Phil never worked out. Everyday I seen that they didn’t talk more and more.

“So damn.. we’re both engaged Phil..” I said looking to Diamond. She smirked. “Yeah man.. that’s what love will do to you!” Phil said sitting on the couch. “Don’t try to act like ya’ll ain’t happy! Someone had to keep ya’ll from getting with some random girl.” Leiyah said making Diamond laugh. Me and Phil both laughed and shook our heads. “You know what.. I think we should celebrate tonight.. us four.. have a couple of drinks.. you know.” I said looking around to everyone. “You know what.. that sounds like a really good plan.” Diamond said first. She was usually not the one to answer to anything alcohol related ever since the whole deal years ago, she seemed edgar about it all. That made me uncomfortable for some reason, I felt like she had something planned….