Chapter 8

18/04/2011 21:35

I woke up to the smell of something burning. I look over and he wasn't in the bed. I hop out, put on my robe and run downstairs. It was Bruno trying to burn the house down.

“what are you doing”

“i was trying to make you breakfast didn't work out”

“aw thank you but I rather live in a burnt free house, sit down babe I got it”

He gave me a quick peck and sat on the table. I scraped out the burnt eggs and started over. I grabbed everything I needed from the icebox and began making breakfast. When I got done I realized I make a feast, damn you could tell I was happy, I haven't make a big breakfast like this since I lived with mama. I made Spanish Omelets, Sausage patties, Home fries, Bacon, Homemade french toast with bananas and strawberry pancakes. I made him a plate of everything and me one too.

“damn babe, I didn't know you could throw down like this” he said as he scarfed down his omelet

“ yeah, well is that a thank you?” I asked.

“yes this is a thank you.”

He finished his plate and got up for seconds. I just smiled at him while he ate his food. I was barely finished with my first pate. When I looked at my french toast, I thought of mama. I haven't seen her in a while. I stared to remember when she taught me how to make the french toast...

now baby, you've got to always remember the vanilla or the whole thing is ruined.”

yes mam” I said

now add the milk and cinnamon, and don't forget the special ingredient”

i know mama I know”

don't you I know mama me, you don't know. That's why i'm teaching you child” she said smacking my hands.

Mama was very strict. I was only allowed to wear skirts and button up shirts with sweaters. No matter the weather I had to bring one, just in case it got cold, she would always say. When I was living with her, I didn't have my first date till I was 18 and it was only because I lied to go to that date. When I got home, that was my ass. My ass was fire cracker red when she got done whooping me. I remember running up stairs to my dad. His picture always comforted me.

Snapping me out of my flashback, Bruno was massaging my shoulders.

“you ok?, you were kind of out of it” he said

“yeah i'm good”

“ok but wholly geeze oh man that was good, I'm so full”

“well i'm glad for that” I said with a smile”

The phone rang and I got up to go get it. When I answered it, I knew who it was by the hello.

“Hello mama.”

“Hi baby, how are you?”

“I'm very well mama, I was just thinking about you”

“i was thinking of you too, daughter of mine. I miss you”

“i miss you to mama”

“So baby, are you married yet?”

“No mama I...”

“So your just out here being a flapper. No daughter of mine is a sinner...”

“Mama, I have a boyfriend.”

“Don''t you dare cut me out of my speaking”

“I'm sorry mama”

“Don't do it again, you have manners”

“Yes mam”

“This boyfriend of yours better be at my house in 2 days, dressed nice for dinner talking about marriage, you are 22 years old with no children and not married. Women around here are playin with their grand babies and I have none and that boyfriend of your better be house trained miss lady...”


I put the phone away from my ear. This is exactly why I moved out, all mama every thinks about is marriage and babies. She scared my first boyfriend away because of all that talk. Mama believes you should be a wife by time your 20 just because she was married to my father when she was 18 but that was 23 years ago.

“Child do you here me?”

“i hear you mama”

“Alright now, I hope he can eat because i'm making the works”

“alright mama, I got to go”

“Alright now, you know all I want is the best for my baby.”

“ yes mama, I understand. I'll see you.”

“OK now. Love?”

“Always love”


I hung up the phone rubbing my head. I did not want him to meet my demanding mama. She was all about respect and manners and if he slipped up, that was it. I wouldn't hear the end of it until we broke it off.

“So i'm guessing that was your mother”

I sigh “yes that was the mother of mine”

“she seems....nice”

I just looked at him and he smiled.

“it'll be ok, mama's love me” he said

“Not this one, shes the mean green green evil lean”

“is that what you call her?” he said with a laugh

“We call her. Me and....someone else did”


I stood up and walked over to my window.

“No one important”

He wrapped his arms around me. His smell of Cinnamon over powered my nose. God I loved the smell of him. It was like his voice, sweet with a spicy kick to it.

“Would you mind singing to me?”

“ok what do you want to hear?”

“can you sing earth angel”


“yeah my dad used to sing that to me, when I was upset”

He sang that sweet song in my ear and I began to cry. Thinking of the day my father left. I remember it so clearly. It was my 18th birthday and my mom was working at the sewing shop so I had to make my cake myself. I remember it was a cheese cake, cake with strawberries on top, maria and Alisia was there with me. Dad came home first and was a little drunk.

hey birthday girl!”

hey daddy”

i got this for you, I hope you like it”

I opened the box and it was a silver locket. On the inside it said “daddy's baby always, love daddy”

ay o mios, que linda!” maria said

what did she say?” Alisia asked

she said oh my god how beautiful and shes right. Daddy I love it”

I ran over to hug him and mama came busting in the door. With tears running down her face.

you bastard, you bastard!”

I can explain baby” dad said

don't to baby me john”

let's talk about this upstairs, it's more private” dad said as he reached for mamas hand

No, I want her to hear who her father really is”

She turned towards me and she told me that my father was a cheater. He's been sleeping with my teacher and that's why she's been so nice to me and that was why dad always wanted to take me to school. I looked at my father with sad eyes. He just walked up stairs and came back down with his suitcase. As my mom pointed to the door, he gave me a kiss and a hug good bye. As I was about to follow him mama ripped the locket out of my hand and threw it on the floor.

we don't except gifts from strangers”

Mama ran upstairs and I picked up the locket and put it in my pocket. As Alisia and Maria hugged me, we all cried together because my birthday was ruined . As I came back I looked at Bruno who was wiping every tear that fell from my eyes.

“baby it's ok” he said while hugging me from behind still.

“lets go out”

“what was wrong Alicia?”

“it's better if you don't understand right now, OK”

“alright, where to do want to go?”

“i'm dying for a milkshake”

He smiled at me “ I know just the pace”

We went to take a shower together, I got dressed and he pulled out a suitcase full of clothes and got dressed. His black and green plaid shirt with his white tee and his dark blue jeans and his loafers. I put on my black skin tight jeans with a green shirt and my green flats. We were both in the mirror, I was curling my hair and he was combing his. He kind of pushed me out the way, playfully and I pushed him back. We smiled at each other and kissed, I swear I’ve kissed anyone as much as I did until I meet him. We went outside, hopped on his bike and was on our way.

We got there, got off and went into the diner. We took a booth when I seen a head full of curly hair and Phil.


the girl turned around

“hey chica”

“you look good” I said as we hugged

“Gracias chica, que pasa?

“muy bien y tu?”

“very good, I'm uh better now”

“that's good”

“sit with us”

Bruno was already on his way over there. I sat next to him and Maria sat next to Phil. They looked good together. I liked the way Phil had his arm around her like he was protecting her. The waiter came over and she already knew what I wanted but I told her extra thick, Bruno ordered the fish with fries, Phil and Maria ordered the bacon burger n fries with the chocolate shake. They both stared at each other with the love I knew was there.


I turned around “oh hey girl” I said

“hey Alicia, maria, Bruno and you are?” Alisia said

“Phil and you?”

“ that's Alisia” maria said

“oh” Phil said

She narrowed her eyes at maria

“hey where's paul?” I said breaking up the tension

“oh him, he's snooze news girl, i'm laundry” Alisia said

I scooted over to make room for her and maria was looking at her.

“i didn't ask you to sit here” maria said

“it's a free country Chica” Alisia said

“girls don't start ok, not right now”

“mind if I sit here”

I turned around to see Eric. He smiled at me but then Seen bruno

“Oh I see how it is now Alicia” Eric said

“Didn't I tell you to stay away from her” Bruno said

“Bro get out of here man”Phil said

“Alicia you choose him over me, after how he left you, don't you know he'll do it again”

Bruno got up and I held on to his arm

“Didn't you hear me punk?” Bruno said

“what are you going to do Hernandez?” Eric said

“man just leave your causing problems” Phil said

“Phil I just seen your mom and I think she still want's her job” Eric said

I looked at Phil who shut right up but I knew what was coming because Maria was shaking

“Listen here estupido, he said leave” maria said

“oh Phil is this your current girlfriend? I wonder does she know...” Eric said

“yes I know idioto and that was none of your damn business!” Maria said

“I’m ma give you one more chance to leave” Bruno

Next thing I knew Eric had his lips planted on mine. I pushed him away, screaming.


That's when Bruno lost it, he dived on Eric and slammed his head onto the counter, punched him in his face then tossed him out the diner. He pounced on Eric and started to punch his face in. I’ve never seen him like this. I ran over and pulled him off of Eric, Phil helped me.


Eric jumped in his car “you'll be begging me to come back once you find out who he really is!”

He drove off. Bruno was about to hop on his bike when i grabbed him. He looked at me, bit his lip, hopped on his bike and drove off.


I fell to my knees with that pounding in my head, once again.